should i sell some on etsy

This has nothing to do with Rupert or HP but as some of you must know, I’ve got an Etsy shop and I would like to know if you like this notebook or not.

My Etsy shop is now in both French and English. I translated the descriptions or my articles, my welcome message etc… 

I added a lot countries where I can ship my products as well. So, can you please tell me if everything is understandable, if you like what I sell or if I should change anything? 


Two new plushies - Blue and Yellow Pearls.

Album with 32 pictures HERE

Those are not as big as my previously made life-sized Peridot , they are 40-45 cm high, but they’re still full wired and poseable.

I sell them on etsy, 70$ each: 

Blue here

Yellow here 

Both are limited to 10 each up to May (in other words, I will be unable to sew more Blue and Yellow Pearls up to May, due to different working plans and lack of some fabrics). Each plushie will be made to order, so if you will need customizations (different facial expression, for instance), add a note to order on etsy and send me pictures of description what should be customized. If no customization will be requested, I will sew them as pictured.

I experimented with my family’s home-produced olive oil and made a citrus-y beard oil blend (with some sweet almond oil also added as a carrier, as well as lemon and other oils for scent.)

Srsly considering selling this stuff on etsy or something soon.


I thought I should share that I have not in fact been doing nothing in that long span of time I haven’t posted any art. I’ve been drawing lots of cute stickers for the Lexington comic con I’m selling art there in march. I also got promoted to office gopher at work. (I’m being trained as a receptionist, I’ve always been the odd jobs person.) So I’m not slaking just not posting. You should also see the massive amount of buttons I’ve made. :D

You can buy the Natasha and Bucky Cap. stickers in my Etsy shop. There is some other new stuff there too.

Go have a look!

Natasha and Bucky Cap. stickers in my Etsy shop

mama-dot asked:

Hey I just bought some earrings from you on etsy! Do you make rings or like drop style earrings (fishhook instead of post basically)? Your work is really cool!

Ooh so you’re the one who scored the Sea Breeze earrings!! I have some hook earrings in the works, so if you’re following the store it should let you know when they’re ready to sell! Thanks again!! It really means a lot ❤❤❤❤