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a book about a girl who runs a little taxi business with her car but for magical beings? it’s not the most conventional or safe job, but she inherited the business from her grandmother who used to bike woodland fairies from one forest to another in the basket of her bike in exchange for little favors, and it became a family business. the main character modernized it and now she gets notes written on tree bark pinned to her front door or written in the frost on her window or sent to her phone from impossible phone numbers asking for rides.

she rarely accepts cash payments, because all to often it’ll turn into a handful of sand or gravel within a few hours. but she takes the other things they offer her and trades around. there’s a small grocery store where the owner is superstitious enough to accept her little good luck charms and pouches of healing herbs that always, somehow, work; there are pawnshops where she can sell the tarnished, ancient-looking pieces of treasure that she’s sometimes tossed like loose change by the gnarled, crumbling tree spirits that crumple up like folding chairs to fit into her small car; she has an etsy shop for the gorgeous woven flower crowns certain nymphs leave on their seats or the strange but beautiful leather shoes some elves leave on the floor

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hi! please can I ask your advice on something. I'm thinking of selling some prints of my art but I've never done it before. A friend has suggested using etsy. But what's the best way to turn trad art into a print? How do you do it? Should I buy a scanner?

sure! since i make my art traditionally, i scan it in and make a nice n clean file in photoshop. that’s what i use to make my prints.

i ended up buying an epson artisan printer because it makes high quality prints and can print on larger paper (11″x17″) as well. so i print on 80lb matte card stock, crop, and ship out myself through my online store. some people will make their prints through other manufacturers and they either send them all to you or ship them out for you, but those options are more time consuming and expensive, so i prefer to make them myself. basically, there are lots of different ways to make prints, and you should experiment to see what you like best!

Somewhere, Someday, part sixteen

Characters – Sam x Reader, OC x Reader, Dean, Cas

Summary – The boys have finally found you; now can you all get away without a fight?

Word Count – 3,435

Warnings – Some minor angst and more language than I usually have – cause sometimes “you jerk” just doesn’t cut it.  ;)

A/N – Let me know if you’d like added to either forever or the series tags list.  As always, feedback is sincerely appreciated!

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His green eyes were cloudy with anger.  “I’d love a few minutes alone with dear old Luke.  I’d love to explain to him how his treatment of my little sister makes me feel.”

You didn’t quite know what to say to that, as you were both hoping Luke came back and hoping he stayed away.  Instead of saying anything, you simply started walking toward the door to the interior elevators and made your way back to your apartment, with the guys following closely behind you.  

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I always feel like I have to be not myself when writing Etsy blurbs. I mean like… y’all know who I am. You know that I’m a person of significant attitude and that I’m passionate about what I do and that I express that in a way that is not how most people would choose to sell their stuff. But when going out into the world of selling your shit, you have to use words like ‘festive’ and ‘stunning’ to get people’s attention. 

I’m wondering if it works at all. Most of my etsy sales come from people I know from Tumblr. Maybe I should just be myself. 

“Look at this fucking flower crown, dudes. LOOK AT IT. Fucking antlers, man. I stuck some fucking antlers on this shit and now its a ritual piece- fuckin’ a.”

five stars

[This is for drunktuesdaze, who was talking bout knot cozies, and then I sent her a link to an actual cozy I found on Etsy and then she asked me to write her a thing, so.]

Stiles meant it as a joke, really, the first time he made one. The scarves and hats in his Etsy store were doing pretty well, but his little online shop had always been a more of a side-hobby and less of a business, until, well. 

So Scott complained once that his knot got cold when he was waiting for Allison to get out of the shower that one time, so Stiles knitted up a funny little garment for him as a present. He didn’t really expect the next day for Scott to clap him on the back and say, “Wow, dude, that was a great idea! You should make more, like in colors and stuff, I bet you could definitely sell ‘em." 

So here Stiles is at age twenty-three, successful entrepreneur all because of a crafting whim he had at one time, with a booming online business, three patented patterns, and five different employees to help him with the knitting. The cozies handmade by him sell out the quickest, though.

Stiles can pinpoint the exact day his Etsy store started spiraling into success with this one review: 

fUCK YEAH FIVE STARS recomend the omega cent on hte yarn makes my knot feel feel sOO0oo good U shud knit some more and get sum of ur slick on there

Stiles had rolled his eyes at whatever Alpha wrote that, and then laughs when immediately after all of the available cozies had sold out in his shop and he started receiving frantic messages requesting more.

The comment that really put his product in the market, though was this review after that first comment:

As a fellow Alpha, I would like to apologize for the previous comment and remind everyone that selling Omega bodily fluids is highly illegal and suggesting that the inventor of this "knot cozy” prostitute themselves for your enjoyment is incredibly degrading. You should be thanking them for creating this marvelous creation; without a partner, knotting alone can be extremely uncomfortable, exposing your sensitive knot to the air can result in some health problems as well. Knotting with the “knot cozy” was extremely pleasant. You should patent this design, I bet you’ll make a fortune.

Your scent is also very nice. 

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ive been making a lot of screen printed patches and shit lately (just for fun) so i have a bunch im not gonna use, should i make an etsy for them? id sell them for like a quid + postage bc even tho the patterns take ages to make im just doing it for fun & the quality isnt that great?
anyone think thats a good idea?

Etsy shop

Hey kitties, my best friend and I are opening an Etsy shop really soon ( I am gonna link it in my bio on Tumblr and Instagram) with kitten collars and some gear, some cute otaku/nerd/geek jewlery and goodies. Shop should be up tonight but we might start selling starting through out this month ( I will post everything about opening and when and how we are going to sell stuff week before)

- Lot´s of love <3

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Hi. I was looking through the cultural appropriation tag and stumbled upon a post you revlogged, saying that you didn't understand the significance of the headdress (I read this only once, so I may not be correct) it is an honorary symbol given to a chieftain/war hero. Women are not allowed to wear it and it's seen as disrespect if women do -- once again I'm not sure. I should research a bit more

Oh, fucking gods, so it’s basically like pinning a silver star on a bikini and selling it. Holy shit that’s double nasty, triple for the gendered shit. All kinds of wrong.

Thanks for educating me!

For those who’re curious, this ask re: a photo of some etsy blowbag selling a Native headdress reproduction by PUTTING IT ON A WHITE WOMAN IN LINGERIE. Aside from the inherent evil of selling a deeply cultural artifact repreduction as a fashion toy, the above makes it clear that it’s just flat out disgusting on every level

I’m wondering if i should post some pics of the doll customs i’ve done here? it does technically go in my art tag i suppose

i’ve only really been posting them to my instagram specifically for that stuff till now…


FINISHED! This thing took two weeks of my life but I’m happy with it. I ended up doing some things differently then originally planned. There were going to be boot covers but then I felt they didn’t truly add to the outfit. Everything is adjustable to some degree so it should fit just about any mature mini. I know it fits both my Resinsoul and Withdoll just fine. I really like the hood-scarf though. I think I’m going to be making more of those because I can do them quickly and sell them for a reasonable price.

This is mostly to test the waters. If this sells then I will start making more fullsets of various types.

Set includes:

- Metal shoulder pauldrons
- Metal breastplate
- Metal tassets (hip plates)
- Metal and leather vambraces
- Faux suede top with open sleeves
- Faux suede corset skirt
- Hood-scarf

Available on my Etsy. I can also take custom orders for different colors or various components by themselves. I WILL ALSO CONSIDER LAYAWAY. Please convo me to discuss.

I am seriously tempted to order a batch of 50 custom-made pins just because I couldn’t find good supercorp merch online lol

Anyone know where I can buy supergirl merch? Asking for a friend.

I am serious. Anyone interested in some L Corp pins? I might actually order them.

A person on Etsy asked a question about this one coloring book I make and sell (it’s like psychedelic art with surreal text you can also color in) and apparently someone wants a bunch of very small coloring books to give some kids at an event, and. They got me to do that. Which was initially kind of “oh my god” because I have to actually sit down and think “what do kids like and much more importantly what should I NOT give them” as I have a history of accidentally frightening children with art and text that I did that weren’t INAPPROPRIATE but that sometimes freak kids out.

I’m now waiting for the person’s response I hope she likes them and even if she doesn’t i still have some designs to sell.


These are so much fun to make. Everyone should make one. They are great.

Even though they are easy to make I think I might sell some on etsy, because I love the process and want to make more. I bought enough supplies to make ten so I hope people are interested!

I’ve been planning to do this for a while, and I think it’s finally time. Asexual Content will be a multi issue compilation zine on topics related to the asexual spectrum. While submissions from ace spectrum people will have the highest priority, non ace people are welcome to submit, particularly if the topic is relevant (ex: ace/non-ace relationships). Submissions from ace people of color, ace trans and nonbinary people, and ace people of other marginalized identities are particularly encouraged.

The way this is going to work is that I’m releasing the themes of three issues at once. If one issue idea generates enough content and the others don’t, that issue will come out first. Feel free to submit for one issue or more. Make sure to specify what issue(s) you are submitting to.

Issue Themes:

Issue 1: Things You Want to SHOUT - You know what I’m talking about. This issue is about those ace related things that you just want to shout out loud because the rest of the world doesn’t get it, believe it, or know about it.

Issue 2: Gray Areas - This issue is for anything related to gray asexuality, demisexuality, or other gray areas related to the ace spectrum.

Issue 3: Relationships - This issue is for talking about relationships, whether they be friendships, romantic relationships, queerplatonic relationships, ace/ace, ace/non-ace, polyamorous, etc.

Submission Guidelines:

  • I’m particularly looking for personal stories and essays, but will also accept poetry, comics, art, and other mediums.
  • This is not Ace 101, so please don’t send in 101-level informational pieces.
  • This probably goes without saying, but pieces should not be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, acephobic, or otherwise bigoted.
  • No copyright infringement, please.
  • 18+ material is okay as long as it’s tasteful and legal.

If a submission requires edits, I’ll work with the submitter until we have a version we’re both satisfied with.

The completed zines will be posted for free on and the Ace Zine Archive. I may sell some print copies of the zines on my Etsy, but I’m not sure yet.

Preliminary Deadline: February 29th, 2016

Email me your submissions at: metaparadox11 AT gmail DOT com

- Olivia

I know what I do isn’t exactly ground breaking, but when I opened my store three years ago, I worked really hard to do my research and design pieces that were different from anything I had seen before. It is really frustrating to see people selling my EXACT designs on Etsy for half of what I am selling them for. Look, I get when you see something online and rip off the pattern, whatever, we’ve all been there. But when you turn around and sell it when you could google “thug life cross stitch” and mine is the FIRST one to come up, or Eat a Dick which is something I’ve been selling since 2013… It’s just hurtful. It’s another artists intellectual property. And I am SUPER pro etsy store! Everyone should have one! Do what you love, profit, have a great time! But please don’t be a douchebag and copy someone else’s patterns stitch for stitch. Get some graph paper or Photoshop and draw something unique for your store. 

The above photo is from my etsy store, I’m not going to go so far as to post the knock offs cuz that’s just mean. But I have seen direct rip offs of my stuff and other similar Etsy shops and I believe I speak for all of us when I say please just don’t do this. 

so I’m having a really hard time finding work right now, and was thinking about getting art cards printed to sell on my etsy and help me afford groceries, etc until things smooth out. These three done for sure bc the colors are going to look cool af 

but idk… should I? The tarot deck’s nowhere near finished, but maybe some of those, too? take a peek and help me out–> art tag  ?


For that person who asked me about Kingdom Hearts… You kind of got me into a nostalgic mood. So I made a thing for old time’s sake!

On another note, there’s a reason I’m trying to do elaborated pieces right now. I finally got a place in the artist alley of the next convention I am going (which is at the end of January)! I’m so happy about this, I’ve been trying to get a place for 2 years now.

This means, if you have serious suggestions, things you like to see in conventions, please let me know! (I already decided I wanted to do some Zero Escape pins, just need to decide what characters, there are so much…). The second part of this news is that whatever I won’t be able to sell should go on an etsy shop I intend to open, and a part should go into a give away I’ve been wanting to do for months.