should i sell some


         life’s cruelest kindness
         —  or perhaps
         its kindest         cruelty.

         all I know is
                                it hurts,

         but it’s     the kind of hurt
         that you don’t
                         want to stop—

         which is    good,   since
         it can’t be    “ stopped. ”

         it wouldn’t be love
         if it could.

jjust doodlin my childhood

Every once in a while a tumblr follows me that is obviously a company and not a person, but sometimes….sometimes they’re so charming I kind of don’t mind?

Like, I know I should block the shed salesman, but he’s just trying to sell some sheds, man. 

My dolls have been sitting on my shelf for over a year now. I know some people who have told me I should sell them if I don’t do anything with them. But it doesn’t matter, they’re my dolls and I love them, and I know they’ll be there when I decide to be more active in the hobby again!

danceswchopstck replied to your post “ooh ooh so! They’re getting a new batch of day-old hens in October, to…”

I’d vote for the silver-laced wyandottes! To me, they look prettier than the barred rocks. The shs look gorgeously dramatic but psychopaths with claws and beaks sound like a bad plan.

The spangled homborgs aren’t like… murderous psychopaths. They’re just… really really high-strung, apparently. They scream constantly and run around and panic a lot.
But this is apparently a good idea for a free-ranging bird, and so my sister says they did very well as free-ranging birds, which was what they had at their old farm out in Illinois. (They’re basically free-range here; the electric fence is to keep other things out, not really keep them in.) 

Oh! There was a tour of the farm my first night in town this visit, and while we were all up looking at the hens, one of them called an alert and all 300 of them ran under the coops for shelter while a loose cordon of the roosters stood guard trying to spot the intruder. (We think it was that they mistook a low-flying airplane for a hawk.) I’d never seen them in full-on attack response mode before, it was really impressive– and it’s a very good illustration of why roosters are useful to have around even though they don’t lay eggs. (They do tend to die in predator attacks at a higher rate than the hens! Fingers crossed, it’s been a good year, though, with very few predator attacks– though the local harrier hawk took a turkey the other day, in a textbook vertical takeoff, very impressive.)

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Imagine Steve having been mentored by Norman Rockwell

Steve only agreed to face the storage unit because Pepper said she’d go with him.  

Steve had an appreciation for all of his teammates and Tower-mates but his affinity for and friendship with Pepper ran deep.  She reminded him of both is mother and Peggy: a calm confidence and strength that was all Peggy and a kindness that sometimes, (usually when he was very tired), made his eyes prick thinking of his mother. 

Apparently Howard had taken it upon himself to store any and all of Steve’s belongings he could get his hands on in a unit in his New York mansion. Tony had never touched it (not even out of curiosity), and it had been collecting dust for almost 80 years now. Pepper had finally convinced him to visit and sort through what was there.  

The old lighting buzzed quietly in the silence as they surveyed the space.  There was a cage in the far left packed high with boxes.  The rest was empty and mostly dusty. She took one look at the empty space in front of the unit and laid down three pieces of blue painters tape parallel to one another and eight feet apart.

“Left is keep.  Second from the left is for things you need time to think about, second from the right is donate, right side is throw away.”

You are overwhelmed and this will help you strategize, he heard her say.

He pulled her into a tight hug.  “Thank you.”


Three hours later and they’d gotten through just over half of the unit.  A majority of what had been in there, Steve decided to donate to museums or sell to antique shops (he’d balked at the idea of selling rather than donating to the shops, but Pepper pointed out he could donate the funds to charity, so selling to shops it was).   

The second-largest pile was the trash pile, mostly full of empty boxes or old, moth-eaten clothes and blankets.  

He was deciding upon whether to keep the rickety bedside table that had been his mothers when Pepper called to him rather shakily.

“You ok?”  She was standing still on solid ground and he hadn’t heard her fall.  When he approached, he noticed she was holding a yellowed sketchpad.

“Steve – what’s this? Is – it looks like something Rockwell would draw.”  She was passionate about art, something he admired in the collection in the Tower and her willingness to spend hours with him at a museum.

He glanced closer at the page and smiled, pointing to a slightly smudged signature.  “Oh – it is one of Norm’s.  Huh.  I didn’t think that’d’ve been left with me. I thought Howard would’ve donated it.”

“This is a Norman Rockwell original.”  Her voice was shaking still.

“Yeah. I mean-“ He flipped the pages in the book.  “See, there’s a bunch.  He –this must have been one of the ones he used.” 

Pepper tore her gaze away from the book to search Steve’s face. “What do you mean?”  She registered something he’d said and added, an octave higher:  “Norm?”

“Norman – he was my mentor.  Not for long – before I met Erskine, I was working as a propaganda artist. He took me under his wing.  I think he saw a little bit of himself in me –he was a skinny guy too and until he tricked the military, they wouldn’t take him either.”

Pepper was nearly trembling.  “Steve, do you have any idea what these are worth?”

He took the sketchpad from her carefully.  “There’s a bunch of them in here.  I think we should donate some, sell some others.  And I want to stop at a frame shop, on our way back to the Tower.”

Pepper furrowed her brow.  “Why?”

“I know it wasn’t Tony that curated that collection.  You’ll appreciate these more than anyone.  Pick out the ones you want.”

It wasn’t often Steve felt he could repay his friends for their support, but this time, given Pepper’s crushing hug, he felt pretty sure he was on the right track.

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Symmarah AU: Satya's a foreign princess. Pharah's the badass knight assigned to escorting her who turns into a sweaty nerd around such perfection.

“Take the princess and go, Amari! We will handle this!” the guard captain had shouted to her. Pharah didn’t have time to argue. She hoisted the protesting princess up onto her horse, quickly pulled herself up into the saddle, then spurred the horse forward. Pharah could hear the swords clanging behind them. She prayed the other guards on the caravan would hold their own against the bandits. If the guards fell, Pharah hoped the dowry would be enough to satisfy the bandits. Her worst fear was that they weren’t really bandits at all, but sent by a rival lord to interrupt the marriage and ransom the princess or worse, send her head to–No, Pharah couldn’t think of that now. She had to ride.

Pharah’s horse was swift, and the winds covered their tracks behind them as they raced across the desert. The Princess’s arms were tight around Pharah’s waist and her bangles clanged and chimed against Pharah’s armor as the horse’s hooves struck the sand. Their caravan had already been en-route to one of the desert’s oases, the last one before they reached the Princess’s new kingdom, so it was a simple matter of riding faster and harder. They reached the oasis at dusk, and Pharah swung off the horse, helped the princess down, and watered her horse at the nearby spring. The Princess herself dusted herself off and watched as Pharah dropped to her knees next to the spring. Pharah took off her helmet and found herself dripping with sweat from the ride. She splashed the springwater on her face, rapidly cooling now that the sun was setting, then found herself drinking as greedily as her horse from her hands, she caught herself as the princess knelt beside her at the edge of the spring, took her water skin, filled it and drank from it, only giving Pharah a sidelong glance here and there.

“A Lady knight, then?” said the princess at last.

“Oh–” said Pharah, taking off one of her gauntlets and wiping the droplets of sweat and water now dripping from her hair and running down her face, “Yes–I uh…I know it’s hard to tell with the armor…”

“And with your height,” said the Princess with a smile. 

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Tarot Cards

IM SO FREAKING EXCITED! I just got my first official deck of Tarot Cards. It’s The Ravens Prophecy Deck, 78 Cards, and omg they are so pretty. I went to the flea market to buy some, but alas, the lady who sold some wasn’t there today and neither was the lady I got my crystals from so we went home dropped off my friend and waited for my great uncle to leave. My mama and I had to go to the store to buy Bun(my rabbit btw) some fresh food and I was talking to her about it and she said Barnes and Nobles should sell some so we went there first and I got several Wicca and Spell Books there too. I love my mom. She’s one strong Christian but she still has her original roots. I just looked through them and I’ll be cleansing them tomorrow before I actually use them. I’ll also charge them in the sun for awhile once I clean them. ANYWAYS! I procrastinate. I have another post I meant to finish today but I decided I wanted to throughly clean my room. So that is also happening. I rambled too much. Blessed Be! ~Seb

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This may be too personal but i have no one to ask this advice i really need someones opinion or help, so recently my ex-bro in law left my sister because she apparently has seizures but she doesnt she just kept fainting due to his toxic behaviour( he would force her to lose weight) anyways her ring is 14k vera wang diamond ring, i keep telling her to sell it but she wants to give it back to him i think giving it to him is wrong and she should sell it.. so should she sell it??

Bloody sell it I would!!! Get some money and get outta there girl x

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Dude I absolutely love the way your interact with your followers your absolutely amazing but you should take commissions and the big pillow you should sell it and get some money , I hate seeing people taking advantage over your kindness 😢 I want you to make some money by doing the things you love ya know !!💜💜 please take care of your self I ♥️ U

ohhhh thanks for thinking about me and ilu too!! 💜💜💜 i was thinking about do some commission but i think i’m not good enough to do it so, when someone requesting, i will draw if i have free time or that idea is really interesting. tbh, i’m quite forget those requests lollll. for pillow, i’m still thinking about shipping fee if i want to giveaway then i want to open for auction but not sure if anyone interesting but i said i will giveaway before so……. stress to thinking about it now. anyway, thanks for your kindness (and i really have no idea who you are!!!) actually, anyone can ask me about commision but i need to improve myself than this. 😭🙏🙏

There’s this book I read in my early teens and I can never remember the title but I always remember that the last word is “star” so then I’m like “Is it The Same Stuff as Stars?” but then I’m like no, no, that’s not it, that’s a different book

So then I sit and think. What else do I associate with the cover of the book? Star…and…coffee. Coffee? There’s no way “coffee” is in the title, why do I–oh my god, the author’s name is Folger, like the coffee brand! Kristin Folger!

So then from there I look it up and learn once again that the title is The Life History of a Star. 

I don’t even want to talk about how many times I’ve gone through literally this exact process.