should i put this in my selfie tag

just so u kno, I am a dude, and when u guys put in tags or whatever on my selfies or send me asks w smth along the lines of “this is why I’m bi” in regards to how I look and I see that u r in fact a girl

just know that my brain is automatically gonna think the reason ur saying that is bc u think I’m a girl too. if that isn’t the case then ignore me but if it is pls for the love of god do not assume ppl’s gender !!!!!!! like cmon we should be past this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody should have told me that I was going too extra with this, dang it. But look at him, he looks so good in E V E R Y single selfie, like where is the respect ???

The lighting is shhhh- + my phone is literally outdated since 2013 but hey, what can you refuse to your favs right ? So yeah, finallyyy I’m doing this selfie / bias tag and whoever created it, you’re a genius cinnamon. ♡

I know I look like I’m freaking 12yo sometimes but I SWEAR I’m an adult - at least legally haha.

Yikes I don’t make you justice June, I’m sorry bb but I tried. Also the struggle it was to pick a “bias” for this tag like, I’m not faithful at all when it comes to iKON - how do you choose between 7 angels ??

Anyways I’ll shut up now haha. THANK YOU to the two cutie pies who tagged me aka @junbob and @hanbabi, love you + you’re so beautiful I choked on my water. ♡ ♡ ♡

I have zero idea who did it already but  I’m tagging some precious cuties because I could gaze at their tumblr forever : @han-bin @bi-ai @ynhg @holyfuckmark @hwan-tastic @mvssmedia @bobbykims @donghyuks-thighs @junlhoe  @bobhwa

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youre really pretty you should put more selfies in your me tag!

thanks aaa… sometimes i feel UNWORTHY of putting pictures in my me tag because im too UGLY!!! i feel like a little toad. but thank you!!! i’ll TRY!!!

got my KoC stuff today!!! LOVE IT–i’ve also been tagged in a bunch of those selfie things so this should cover that!

ALSO, for some reason the packaging for my own stuff (charms/books) is a couple days late, and i can’t figure out where it is! so i may put off orders this weekend??? or stuff will just need to be sent out pretty late. i’ll see to it!


I got tagged by @inquisitorshepardcommander, @localvenus, @thisdragonhoardsgames, @arkadycosplay, @heroofferelden, @light-scales, and… idk if there are more of you but you get the idea. I’m glad everyone tagged me to do my 10 favorite selfies from 2015 because you all know I’m selfie trash.

And gosh I’m a week behind on doing this because of FINALS, so you’ve all probably been tagged already! Ahh! Alright I’ll tag @cheekywithcullen, obviously. @falsesecuritysketches (only I know you don’t dig selfies much so you should do your 10 favorite art pieces from 2015!). And let’s do some strangers who have put their wonderful selfies on my dash recently. @manamune @vagadonb @orisoni  AND OH OH @yangswife @gonetotheoutback, @leviathansky and @paintedmaple. Plus a blanket tag that I mean in EARNEST because everyone should flaunt their fav photos for the end of the year.

i was tagged by @literaturelesbian to do top selfies of 2015 so here goes!

i tag @the-descolada, @macayhill@eysexual, @zzazztrainer@judithbutleroverdrive, @resist-rebel-rejoice, @girlcryptid, @bottomsurgery, @spectra-system, @theautotroph, @plaqueknight, @thehorribleghost@water-gem, @writeswrongs, @the-prohibitive-mind, @cybergorgon, @sheepmommy, @breastforce, @gaytranscyborg, @linawoof, @nintendette, @alienvasions, @lesbiansdotcom uhhhhh…..i should probably stop before i @ my entire follower list but if i didn’t tag u feel free to use this @[your-url-here] as a blank check!

also if i tagged u and you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable doing it thats totally okay its not required!

(gonna put this under a readmore bc its gonna be long

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