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as a (mostly) closeted lesbian i’m constantly second guessing my behaviour around straight women. is my behaviour predatory? should i offer to burn that song for her that she said can’t find anywhere? i want to ask her what perfume that is but is it creepy that i noticed? is it weird to ask to sketch her or draw/make something for her? what gifts are appropriate? what if i accidentally brush against her? did i linger too long when she asked me to fasten her necklace? should i put my arm around her for this drunk bathroom selfie? is it ok to share a blanket on movie night? should i keep my mouth shut when they’re talking about their ‘girl crushes’?
what if she finds out? will she stop being my friend? or worse will she lead me on for fun? will she think this was flirting? will she SAY this was flirting? if she has a bf how will he react? if she says she’s ok with it will she secretly be wary of me?


Bias Selca Tag ヾ(^∇^)

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My bias Coco is so cute! I needed my sister’s dog to do this though xD I do not know how Coco’s mommy does these selcas in the most awkward position but still looks cute :( Ignore me and pay more attention to Coco and Buggzie ^^ I should have put a bow on him xD if only i had some

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he put a pizza table in his mouth twice but I love him anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️💕

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Happy bellarke fam selfie night! Happy Praimfaya! Happy finale! Happy show day! OMG. I almost posted the selfie with the bags under my eyes from not sleeping over this damn show, but it turns out I’m too vain. Huge bags. HUGE. Like duffel bags. So instead, you get a photo of the library/tvroom/craft room my uncle is building in my house. He’s going to put a projection tv in there for movies. I like that it’s someone else’s project and I don’t have to do it. Just waiting to put my books up.

I have been working on my novel, as well as my bellarke fics for alpha male celebration. i thought I was falling behind, but it turns out I did post two this week, and that’s what I promised, it’s just that one of them is an extra chapter in my 90s au fic  (which someone did prompt me to continue) and then there’s a canon divergent one set after the list scene with added jobi nuts and party. I have the bellarke pregnancy one in the lighthouse that I’m having trouble with  at the moment, because, while unlikely, it’s still in the realm of possibility, so I’m going to wait until after the show has jossed it, so I can be free with my interpretation.

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I mean you can probably guess who my bias is… I was tagged by the lovely @1lsan (my fellow nam stan♥️♥️) for the bias selfie challenge(??) I’m not sure if there are any rules to this but i’m gonna assume that I should just put my selfie up there with namjoon’s hehe I’m gonna tag @yoongiitae @vtaehyung1995 @1v-rse @frankumaxidubbbz  @a-literal-ray-of-sunshine Do it if you want, don’t do it if you don’t wanna🤙


OMG WE MADE IT TO SHOW DAY!!!  This is my pregame picture. I’ll be celebrating with champagne and peach nectar bellinis for the actual show, but my icloud sucks so I had to get ready for the pic ahead of time. So I HAD to have a drink. Nothing to do with being anxious. Oh, I’ve got a new chapter in my prompt fics up. This is my last Polis prompt and I had to get it out before we saw Polis. Just finished it and I think I like it, especially the ending. 

I’m putting anon back on for my asks. Sorry about that. There were people buggng me with fake leaked scripts and I didn’t want to play. I won’t be here much until the show anyway, because I have some things to do. Partly I have to finish watching Perverse Instantiation part 2. Can you believe I didn’t finish my rewatch yet? I have 30 minutes left.  Which will take me an hour+ prob. I’ll try to get it posted so if you want a refresher on what happened, it will be both parts 1 and 2. More transcription than I should do, and a healthy dose of commentary. 


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just so u kno, I am a dude, and when u guys put in tags or whatever on my selfies or send me asks w smth along the lines of “this is why I’m bi” in regards to how I look and I see that u r in fact a girl

just know that my brain is automatically gonna think the reason ur saying that is bc u think I’m a girl too. if that isn’t the case then ignore me but if it is pls for the love of god do not assume ppl’s gender !!!!!!! like cmon we should be past this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

breadmaker2012-blog-blog said: I must confess I was a bit confused to see the photo on the page. I understand Keith wanted to post it but am I being unfair to suggest that we keep it to Castle and his work. He’s a cracking actor but boobies however artfully photographed are only going to encourage as you say the SOE’s and the less savoury characters. Just my personal view.

I do admire the sentiment though, having said that .

It’s not unfair at all of you to suggest this, but this blog isn’t just about his work, it’s also about the man behind all these characters and what makes him tick. With your definition we also should not post any of his selfies that aren’t made on a set. Or why just accept the selfies and not anything that is somewhat controversial?

The only compromise we can think of is that we put the pictures under a “Keep reading” tag, so that it isn’t in full view on the blog. Those who want to look at it, can just click “keep reading”, those who don’t, scroll past it. This does not keep the bots and less savoury people at bay but we’ll block and/or report them, and then we also did our good deed of the day.


six selfies from 2016 aka the year i got hot

unfortunately for u i should have taken some of me recently as i recently went to a party where i put together an incredible outfit that for the first time i felt like i was really reflecting my own style and got my makeup just perfect and looked so good it was true final form stuff :ppppppp ~i hide my low self-esteem through forced vanity~

i was tagged by @regular-lesbian, i think most people i know have already done it? so i tag @lezdeth, @frogmasterr @ghastlyparody, @baby-catt, @theladybluebird & @baeddel (but don’t feel pressured xx)

A safe place for LGBT members of the Studyblr community.

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  • A support group, accessible to everyone. ☺


  • To apply, you must be on the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum. We love allies, but this group is specifically for LGBT people!
  • I am not accepting applications from people who are are: truscum, TERF/TWERF, ableist, or anti-otherkin. This is a safe space for everyone.
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  • Once you’re accepted, please track the tag #lgbtstudynet ! Post your original content, selfies, whatever in that tag. Members should reblog each other’s posts!
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I got tagged by @inquisitorshepardcommander, @localvenus, @thisdragonhoardsgames, @arkadycosplay, @heroofferelden, @light-scales, and… idk if there are more of you but you get the idea. I’m glad everyone tagged me to do my 10 favorite selfies from 2015 because you all know I’m selfie trash.

And gosh I’m a week behind on doing this because of FINALS, so you’ve all probably been tagged already! Ahh! Alright I’ll tag @cheekywithcullen, obviously. @falsesecuritysketches (only I know you don’t dig selfies much so you should do your 10 favorite art pieces from 2015!). And let’s do some strangers who have put their wonderful selfies on my dash recently. @manamune @vagadonb @orisoni  AND OH OH @yangswife @gonetotheoutback, @leviathansky and @paintedmaple. Plus a blanket tag that I mean in EARNEST because everyone should flaunt their fav photos for the end of the year.