should i put these in the tag or not ah

Latley i’ve been thinking i should do something with my life, something productive and social


*Puts on headphones and starts reading fanfic* This already consunmed my life

yachi from yaboykeiji‘s dragon au?? she was just so cool and like…imagine her with a pet resurrected bird. 

kiyoko is too gay for this

Ah screw it, I’m too lazy to find another solution. I’m changing up the way we do tags.

So anything negative will now be ANTI*thing that it is referenced negatively*

for example that last dramione post. we always just tag things with what they’re talking about but putting hate in peoples tags really sucks. So imma stop doing that. instead of it being #dramione it should be #antidramione

see? okay cool. the end. i dont even know if anyone cares.