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  • Glanni: Hey, ...honey? We just got this invitation in the mail for some sort of reunion party and it's addressed to "Deepthroattaalfurrin". ...What is this?
  • Ithro: O-Oh, ...that-
  • Glanni: *Giving him a look*
  • Ithro: You see hon, ..."Deepthroattaalfurrin" was my nickname in elf college for uh, ....,,,, *fake cough* fOR reASONS,,,,- *sweats*
  • Glanni: *Quirks brow*
  • Ithro: .....byeGlanni- *PANICKED FLIPPING AWAY*
  • me: "i'm so disappointed this show was just queerbating, it could've been-"
  • Straight Person™: "wow could you stop forcing your gay agenda everywhere if you want queer romance watch movies/series with canon gays :)"
  • me: "ah, such a good idea why didn't i think of it myself! which one should i watch first - brokeback mountain, brokeback mountain, or maybe even... brokeback mountain!"

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Hold up, Sasuke did NOT put Sakura into a genjutsu that showed him "murdering" her hell we didn't even see what happened in it all we know is that he put her into the genjutsu in order to keep her from interfering in the fight between him and Naruto. When Sakura woke up it was almost like she woke up from being asleep. You can hate Sasuke all you damn well please but don't spew lies that you know good and well did not happen. Ah Sasuke haters are hilarious same with fanon Sakura "fans".

Naruto, by Masashi Kishimoto, issue 693


Ah yes, the bridging of cute and creepy- enjoy these interesting surrealist purrmaids while I pretend I know what I’m doing

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Love you guys. All two of my followers.

From @iamhope. I’d have reblogged the original, but it’s a chat post and Tumblr’s silly about letting your respond to those, of course.

Regardless, if anyone would like the unabbreviated version, the entire conversation can be read here in its unedited entirety.

It may be… a tad different than Ms. Cash characterized it above in her post, but I’ll let people read and decide for themselves.

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i dont kno if someones asked u this recently skskskslslks but i want to follow some more blogs but idk who and i was just wondering what blogs u recommend!!! maybe something of similar style to urs :') thanx!!!!!!!

ah!!!! i havent :0 ill tag some mutuals tht i lov n u should follow!!!!

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I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these before, but to celebrate the return of SKAM with season four and the first full episode tonight I thought I’d do a follow forever! I’m also about to hit 1.5K which is VERY EXCITING I honestly don’t know what you get out of following me me but hey thankyou I’m glad you’re here. ♥  

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I was tagged by @gloomybow1 @jungkookfortunekookies @philophobia999 to do the bias moodboard challenge! I was tagged quite a while ago so I’m sorry about that!! I’ve only just gotten photos to put in it 😂 I guess you could call this Travel with Jungkook? More like Travel to the Australian outback with Jungkook lmao (literally all my photos are orange, thanks Aus).
Anyway, the rule is that you make a moodboard of your bias with photos in your camera roll…
I tag: @jinssmile @jeylovestoblog @bangtannoon @fetus-jungkook @bangtan-drug @he-men-ah It’s not as hard as you might think, but you still don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :)

yachi from yaboykeiji‘s dragon au?? she was just so cool and like…imagine her with a pet resurrected bird. 

kiyoko is too gay for this

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Fam <3 ily: Who on Tumblr would you consider your closest friends?

I… I don’t really know. I don’t talk much to people because I’m so anxious about doing so. I’m a really bad long distance friend. Maybe… Oh gosh I’m nervous to say anybody. I know I’m going to forget some people and somebody will be so disappointed and someone I tag might not even consider me a friend. Oh jeez. I guess I should say someone. Maybe I’ll just tag some people I’m really fond of. That kind of counts, right? Ah, I just start crying out of fear right now. Save me the energy of fighting it.

*deep breath* @analogicalityhell @ts-sideblog @corystssides @softlogic @toxicsanders @pattonclub

I… I don’t know. I know there are more but my memory really is terrible. I’m gonna go die now. Bye.

(joke. i am not suicidal. i feel the need to put this here because internet. anyways, gonna go die now.)

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Herro! I want you to send this to 10 people that you wish you knew irl :)

Ah! Okay, um, I already know Rev irl so I can’t put them… (I was unsure if I should just tag the ten people, or actually send this to them. I decided to tag and if that’s not what you meant, I apologize.) How about…










and @lekawaiimelon

There are a lot more, but I was asked for 10 so *shrugs* You are awesome and I love you tbh

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Hey, I noticed your post and I think it's a great idea! However fan fiction is one of the things people should *not* make and *show* creators, because if they read them even on accident they can't put any of that content in the show I believe. I think you might want to add that as an important note? I.e creating it is fine but don't tag the creators (Sorry if this doesn't make sense, it's late here and I can rephrase it in the morning if you're confused)

Ah that’s a very good point

NB: please DO NOT send fanfic to the creators of the show, because reading it could cause problems for them

If a fanfic happens to contain a plot point they wanted to use in the show in the future they’d be forced to scrap it because they can’t have even the appearance of taking story ideas from fans, even if the plot point in question was in the works since long before the fic

i like that michael and gavin are the explosives guys in fake ah stuff because that seems really fitting for both of them?? 

like you have gavin who treats everything like it has to be perfect, who swats people’s hands away when they try to help (except michael, never michael), and swears up and down that yes, moving it half an inch to the right does matter (it doesn’t, michael cuts in, and then gavin gives a lecture about how his exact placement means not only will mindless destruction occur, but it will be beautiful. michael argues that it’s beautiful simply because it’s mindless destruction. explosives are forgotten. yelling is heard). he has an infuriating habit of making something that works perfectly look slapped together and last minute, of “haphazardly” arranging something that works without a hitch that he actually spent way too much time planning, of creating only orderly chaos. he has annoyingly good timing, which is also why he has a collection of pictures of ray half a second before he pulls the trigger, of michael when he pulls up on his bike and the tires are still screeching to a stop, of a helicopter right as it starts plummeting to the ground. every photographer in america is jealous.

michael clicks the detonator from a few blocks away and he flat out laughs when he hears the explosion, scrunches up his face and giggles when he feels cement rumble under his feet because two corners away, there’s a building coming down and windows being blown out and he feels like he’s ten again and sneaking out to set off fireworks he stole, he feels like he’s fifteen and breaking into his school’s chem lab to snag some sodium, just to toss it into the creek behind his house so he can watch it go off like a gunshot. except this is so, so much better.

they make it work. michael lets gavin have his over-complicated plans, gavin lets michael have his over-simplified plans, and they sit next to each other and bump shoulders and grin while watching chunks of concrete rain down on the city.

Reaction: B1A4 When It Rains And Your Shirt Is See Through

I hope you like it Anon! - Admin O

C.NU: He grasped your hand tighter as he felt soft drops of rain fall on his face. He looked up at the sky just a the drops grew larger and it began to rain really hard. He pulled you towards the underpass of a shop on the street, smiling at your luck. You sighed, shaking your fingers through your hair. He wouldn’t mean to, but he would glance down, and notice that your shirt had suddenly become see through. Without thinking, he would pull you against his chest. “Shinwoo?” He chuckled. “Your shirt is see through.” He quickly took off his jacket, still shadowing you from public view as he wrapped it around your shoulders. “Let’s go find a place to dry off.” You nodded, taking his hand and once again running through the rain.

Originally posted by shinwoos

Jinyoung: The day quickly grew dark. You were dressed for summer, your white shirt obviously a disadvantage when it began to pour. Jinyoung had taken notice of the weather and of your attire, quickly holding a jacket over your head as the rain came down hard. He pulled you into a cafe, thinking that he had escaped the shirt dilemma. However he was wrong. He quickly hugged you, smiling. “I tried, but your shirt.” You immediately understood what had happened, and hugged Jinyoung back. “What do we do?” He chuckled. “Hugging is fine with me.”

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Sandeul: He began to panic when it started to rain. He didn’t want to ruin your date, and he didn’t know where to go since there were people crowding everywhere, and it wasn’t really safe since he was a celebrity. He pulled you through the rain and into a small shop that seemed to be pretty abandoned. He smiled, thinking that he had found a safe place to hide for the moment, finally allowing himself to take notice of the fact that your shirt had gone see through. He quickly turned around. “Y/N,” He covered his eyes as he took of his jacket, holding it out to you. You looked down, grabbing his jacket and covering your chest. “I’m sorry, Y/N.” You laughed. “It’s fine, at least you won’t be found out.”

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Baro: The two of you were stuck waiting for the bus when it started to rain. You and Baro simply laughed, knowing that you had to stick it out. He poked you and kissed your cheek, excited about the atmosphere. That is, until he noticed your white shirt seemed to be changing color. He quickly pulled you into his jacket, wrapping his arms and his coat around you. “Baro,” He sighed. “I should have noticed earlier.” “What?” He kissed your forehead, placing his chin on top of your head. “That you were cold.”

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Gongchan: You held his hand as he searched for shelter. The streets were busy, and the sudden rain only added chaos. He pulled his hood over his head, trying to hide himself better. He glanced back at you as you lagged behind. He pursed his lips, noticing a major problem. He sighed, pulling you into a shop and picking up the first shirt he saw. He ripped off the tag and tried to make you put it on. “Gongchan,” You stopped him, confused. “Ah, sorry, I guess I’m a bit,” He shook his head, smiling. “Your shirt.” He nodded in your direction before looking away. “Oh,” You grabbed the shirt and put it on. “I figured since we had to keep going, you would feel more comfortable,” He took off his hoodie and handed it to you. “Put that on, and then we can head out again.” He smiled, pinching your cheek.

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Hey ive been reading luster on tumblr before qnd never saw any warnings for rape/noncon in your tags here but theyre on Ao3. Should i dip before something with that stuff happens or is it just implied

AH! Okay, I waffled really really really hard about this last night when i put the story up on AO3. I do not know if the warning actually applies but we will get very very close. The flag is up on AO3 as a “better safe than sorry” measure, but I fully intend to have individual flags on the chapters in question.

Right now, it looks like it will be chapter 6 or 7.

Because of the nature of non-con I’m going to put a chapter 6 spoiler under the read-more. (hint-hint, it’s also the dramatic irony point I’ve been arguing with myself over, because it’s really really easy to give the reader this information without informing the characters)

Let me be clear: there is no outright sexual assault scene planned or upcoming in Luster. Details below:

Keep reading

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I hope this distracts you! I JUST ordered an oracle deck. It has no guide book and im worried i may have bit off more than i can chew. Any tips on reading oracle cards or spreads to use? :)

Ah, that sounds like a lovely gift to yourself.

I have general tips in the ‘tarot’ tag, but I don’t sue tarot or oracle cards much myself.

I know, however, that first and foremost should come a bond and connection between you and your cards. This will help you learn and understand faster and also offer more accurate readings.

Try a few different beginner spreads, things you already know the answer to, and light things. Make a special place for your cards, or put them on your altar, or sleep with them. Cards can also be charged like crystals can. Using incense smoke is best.