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Ainya and Suwawa on You’s birthday

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Shuka: Once again, happy birthday to You-chan! And thanks for all the replies and tags wishing a happy birthday! I looked at all the tagged stuff! Really, congratulations You-chan! Let’s overcome many more things together from now on! Facing the future, yousorou!!

Ainya:  You made it in tiiime! Happy birthday to You-chan~~ Yousorou!!

Shuka:  Aaah!! Aina♡ Thank you! Yousorou~~ ( ´・ω・`) ♡♡

Ainya: Yaay! ♡♡  “ Aina♡ “ ← putting a heart mark after my name….hehehe (^q^) I’m imagining wild things.

Shuka: I don’t usually use hearts, but for Aina I feel like using it for some reason.😘✌️🏻

Ainya: Haaaii I’ll take that as a confession then  ( ^ω^) Thank you very much. It was a real treat. You should be able to hear it, the sound of me falling in love…(tonk)

Suwawa: Aina-chan  (。・ˇ_ˇ・。)

Ainya: (; ゚д゚) aaah! →→ [wall]≡*hides* →→ wall |ω・`) *peeks*
“I’m sorry”  →→   (´>///<`) *hugs* 

Suwawa:  (*˘ ³(・ω・๑)  ♡

Geez you two, even on someone’s birthday?! 

I just love malec like you can put our guys into whatever universe you want they’ll just fit and find the other.

007!Alec and Q!Magnus having illicit banter over the comms and Magnus being a tad too jealous of Alec flirting with his marks (spoilers, Alec can’t flirt for shit when he actually feels something, that’s why he brings back Magnus snow balls from each of his missions, because he doesn’t know how to express the gooey feelings. Also it’s against regulation).

Mechanic!Alec and richer-than-he-should!Magnus that just bought 12 old cars while knowing absolutely nothing about car repairs (spoilers: Alec can’t figure out why a multibillionaire hangs out everyday with him while he’s covered in grease and sweat… Until he does).

Detective!Alec having a crush on assistant DA!Magnus and not knowing how to approche him. The trial of the century will provide with some late night prep for Alec’s testimony… Among other things.

The inevitable coffee shop AU that everyone will inevitably read (all the coffee is fairtrade from Peru and Alec just needs his caffeine intake while he grades. This as nothing to do with the owner being CUTE AF shut up Jace).

Prince!Alec is sent to rescue a princess but falls in love with Warlock!Magnus (who did not kidnap princess!Clary at all, her mom is picking her up next Sunday when the hostile takeover of her husband’s kingdom is completed).

Wine producer!Alec hires PR!Magnus to promote his wines… But as every city boy that respects himself, Magnus can’t help but salivate at the sight of plaid on tight muscles so of course he keeps complaining about the mud.