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The Run & Go

An au where Tyler and Josh are criminals. 


The Day Of

The screams have become background noise.  I can hear them but they’re muffled and far away.  Logically, I know that I should be in pain.  But, instead, I’m staring up at the ceiling and there’s this beautiful, glass chandelier reflecting a thousand different shades of color and honestly, it’s not so bad.  There’s blues and yellows and pinks and greens, and it seems like the more commotion there is erupting in the building, the more the colors sway and jump around.  It makes me think of you, so bright and vibrant and free.  A thousand different shades and layers, each one more beautiful than the last.

I wish that I could breathe better, but the cloth from my mask was covering up my mouth and it made the air seem so hot.  I can see my chest rising and falling from the bottom of my eyes, but it’s not in rhythm, it’s choppy and shallow.  Unnatural.  Desperate.

There’s so many different noises to differentiate from.  There’s the cries for help.  Some people are sobbing.  Some are yelling.  There’s the sirens outside, growing more and more intense as the entire Boston police department shows up.  There’s a crunching sound nearby, someone stepping on shattered glass as they attempt to run.  There’s more gunshots.  More screams.  

Someone almost steps on me in all the commotion, or maybe they did.  It doesn’t matter though, I can’t really feel the rest of my body anyway.

In the heat of it all, someone’s grabbing my arm.  Their silhouette blocks my view from the chandelier and I want to protest, but then Tyler’s features come into focus and I let out a shaky sigh of relief.  

He looks worried, his mouth’s moving, forming words that I can’t understand, but he’s not hurt.  He’s here, alive and well.  Tyler’s got both hands on me, gripping my arms and pressing down on my torso, looking from my chest to my face, back and forth.  I briefly wonder why he keeps doing that.  It’s only when he raises his hands, to cover up his wide, gaping mouth, that I see the glistening, red, liquid all over his skin.  He’s covered in blood.  My blood.  

The sight of it snaps me back into reality, which, in all honesty, isn’t ideal.  That’s when the pain hits.  It’s a searing, ripping sensation in my chest.  There’s pressure and heat and it just _hurts. _I try to call out, but when I open my mouth, there’s this gurgling noise and a bitter, irony taste in my mouth.

“Oh God—“ Tyler gasps as he quickly presses down on my chest once again.  

I sputter, blood spewing in the air with each breathe I take.

Tyler’s telling me to hold on just a little longer, that the van would be here any second.  But it’s hard to listen.  Amidst it all, I suddenly think of the trip to Jamaica that I never got to take.  I think of the white, sandy beach.  The fresh ocean air.  The cool drink in my hand.  I can picture it.  Or at least everything I hoped it would be.  The pain starts to go away.  Tyler blurs out of focus, and the world around me starts to narrow in.  I think of the pizza place on fifth avenue that I never tried, or the Fenway tickets I never bought.  I think of the letter I wish I had written to my mom.  

I think of hundreds of places I never went and thousands things I didn’t do, but the last thing that pops into my head before the whole world goes dark, is you.

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ch aesthetic tutorial

yeah so i’ve gotten a lot of compliments (thanks!) and tutorial requests about my aesthetic edits lately, so i decided to make one. boom. it’s really not that hard. i use photoshop, idk if this tutorial will work with other programs but you can try it out and let me know :) 

so if you wanna know how to make these types of edits keep on reading 

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Decided to make a canon Fennekin design, to make her stand out a bit from other Fennekin, and to have something consistent, since I keep trying different things in each post. 

Meet Lily! Named after the gloriosa lily, she’s a quirky and curious little fox. She likes exploring her magical capabilities, even if they aren’t quite there yet. 

(Key differences: 3 fluffs on rear and ears, more pastel colors, brown nose and pink eyes. )

anonymous asked:

This might be something you get a lot, so I'm sorry! But I feel really bad about my own chibi style because when I first was learning how to draw chibi, I was learning it from your works. So now my style looks really really similar to yours and I'm really afraid that it's too similar. I feel really guilty because unlike you, which you probably spent a very long time developing, people might accuse me of copying, though I just took a lot of inspiration from you. So what should I do to fix this?

just continue practicing by developing your own unique style then, add aspects to it that are unique to you and different. maybe use a sketchy lineart, or bright colors, or the opposite; a simple lineart with muted pastel colors, etc. draw the eyes in a different, funky way, maybe draw in a blocky way rather than rounded. these are just a couple of things that make up a style, there’s countless more and its up to you to test different things out.

everyone at some point ends up with stuff similar to another artist, which is why its often a lot better to study from life when learning how to draw and then apply those things your own way, rather than studying another artists work and replicating it from there, if you know what i mean! i saw a post one time about this; it said to imagine that you were in a classroom and everyone is sat around a table. in the center of the table is a vase and the instructions are the draw the vase how you see it. everyone draws the vase by looking at it constantly for reference, everyone except one person who instead of looking at the physical vase, is looking at the person next to them’s drawing of it, therefore also picking up mistakes and things you mightve drawn differently if you looked at the reference itself 

 its totally ok to get inspiration from other artists, i do that all the time, but if you really want to have a unique style thats onto you to develop it so, and that just happens with time and effort


I think that this video is important for anyone to watch, but as kpop fans, I think that this is an issue that needs to be addressed more.

In Korea, and most of Asia, colorism is still prevalent. As international kpop fans, we need to be aware of this and point it out and call out our favs when they do something problematic. Making rude comments about skin tone is NOT ok. Yes, it is a cultural difference, and yes, in Western society having tanner skin is valued while in Asian cultures having lighter skin is. That doesn’t mean it’s right. Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, and supporting a system of oppression that makes it okay for powerful celebrities to say these kind of things is NOT OKAY.

As a tan Asian, I know what it’s like to have family members and people “joke” about my skin color. My grandmother has bought me skin-whitening creams before. These things already happen behind the scenes in the kpop industry, so as people who are supposed to love and support our idols, why are we making their lives worse?

Stop supporting white washing. Stop defending your favs when they mess up. Stop making rude jokes about people, even if it’s a “fandom joke”. This is serious.

I know I’m not a big blog and I know not many people care, but please. Reblog this video. There’s still so many kpop fans that don’t realize what colorism is, or how problematic it is.

Duusu Is Akumatized

I went over this a little in my Peacock!Nino theory, but I think it deserves its own post 

I think Duusu is akumatized, and I have two reasons why 

1. Her eyes 

Duusu has these strange pink (or maybe even red) and black eyes. Now it’s not the first time a kwami has had strangely colored eyes, as Plagg’s are totally green and Bee’s are blue with no pupils, but I think we should look at Duusu’s eyes differently. Unlike the other’s, who’s eyes were specifically designed to look like their real life counterparts, Duusu’s eyes do not resemble a peacock’s at all, and black sclera against a bright iris give off an eerie, discomforting appearance. It is not meant to make her appear more like a peacock, it is instead meant to show her corruption. 

2. Paon

This was the Paon we saw NYCC. Judging by Duusu’s presence on her concept art, she is a true Miraculous Holder, and not a fake like Volpina. But look at her concept, she isn’t standing in a proud heroic pose, she’s closed off, in a dark space, and hiding behind her fan. Look at her eyes, slanted, sinister, and almost red. This is NOT a hero. This Paon is a villain.

So how does a kwami even get akumatized? Well…

From her concept art, we can infer that Duusu has a habit to overreact. The exaggerated crying and flashy angry pose, she’s probably always been a bit of a drama queen, so it likely wouldn’t be hard to get her into a negative mood. But I have a feeling that for a kwami, it takes something more than just a negative mood for them to be akumatized, it has to be something crushing, something completely devastating. 

Something like…losing their previous holder? 

Mrs. Agreste’s disappearance upset Duusu so much that Hawk Moth was able to akumatize her, and save her Miraculous, maybe as a back up plan, until the proper holder came along, and have an akuma that could return again and again. 

At first I didn’t like this guy, but now I’ve started to have a crush on him (especially on his looks! he is so freaking sexy!). Also I did a different style of coloring.

So, what do you think? Should I make more drawings like this or should I give up?


Okay, so those Nendo stickers to make faces on the blank face plates right? So I’m that maniac who needs to know every possible combination and not just the suggested faces. (The colored lines separate the intended expressions from the variations.)

1. We know generally the eyes/eyebrows and mouths are two separate pieces. For the more complex ones like Ichi’s whiskers and Jyushi’s spit, I have no idea how many separate pieces the stickers will be in, so I just guessed yo. (Assuming the spiral face is one piece. Wouldn’t make sense not to be.)

2. Obv if you buy more than one Nendo that drastically changes how many combinations you can make. This is just for each boy’s individual stickers since they take their minute facial differences into account.

3. Idk why the skin tones and sizes seem to differ. The stickers should be clear so skin color shouldn’t be an issue.

4. The images are technically prototypes I think? So the final stickers may differ and render this moot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

P.S. Sorry if these look askew/wonky. This is just a general idea; it’ll probably look different when actually spaced on the face since these are 2D renderings of 3D objects.

anonymous asked:

i have an edit idea for your insta! you should make a set of little dancers playing all different disney characters (i.e. sydney mazurdak - cinderella, jadyn - colors of the wind etc)

Awww that would be super cute!!! What are some more disney solos?
I know kendyl did Cinderella too!


                         ✨ 18 icons under the cut

To celebrate this special occasion I’ve made a batch of Star Trek icons featuring the AOS triumvirate! If you want a different background, shirt color, etc, please don’t be afraid to drop me an ask. I do plan on making more of other characters in the future as well, so keep an eye out for that! Also, since I’ve drawn these myself, I do ask that you refrain from reposting them. 

Other than that, please like/reblog this post if you’re using them! And maybe give me some suggestions for the next batch, yeah?


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yendysear  asked:

Hey for a floam edible substitute, you can make kix or trix treats! Like rice krispy treats but they're round cereals! And trix is colorful and fruity while kix is more like,, idk kinda like slightly sweeter cheerios? But you could also make them with adding marshmallow fluff and it should be pretty similar!

Ohh yeah!! I love kix, I forgot about those lol! Now that you mention it, it would work with pretty much any kind of puffy cereal, you could probably even mix two or three different kinds of cereal together to make it like those floam videos with the foam beads that are a bunch of different sizes! :D


M!X: Age 2, Gen 2



Dad’s robot toy love also remains strong!!

SOMEONE hates the flower wallpaper though, since it immediately sent him into the corner sobbing.

Should I change color? Hmmm

The local park can’t seem to make up it’s mind, it switched to Flower-theme yesterday when Violetchi played with the seeds for the first time (I had used it a few times before with the other residents), I haven’t visited any other parks for residents, when suddenly today it reset back to normal after visiting Flower Hills a few more times. 

Then when Mamememe evolved, it changed to TamaTown style (I think). 

I’m more confused about why it reset back to normal earlier today? I didn’t do anything different, and my guy’s been playing exclusively with seeds and water pails.

Also discovered the Rainbow place today. Yaaay

Since I posted the photos of my Winter Soldier themed bath bombs(right hand column), I’ve had a lot of people sending asks about whether or not I’ll start selling them. I didn’t want to say yes until I got some more feedback, so if anyone would be interested, please let me know. I have a lot of fun making these and if I could share some of them with you all then I’d really love to! All of them have coconut oil and/or shea and cocoa butters mixed in. These are the ones I’ve made so far(I’ll be making more types once my new shipment of supplies arrives), but I’ll describe the scents for you.

1) Ice Cream Scoops(top left)- all colors have different scents. Blue is peppermint and tea tree. Red is lavender. Green is lemon/orange/ctirus blend.

2) Cinnamon Bombs(bottom left)- This should be obvious by the name, these smell really good and there’s a bit of cinnamon stick in the top.

3) Lemon Cupcake Bombs(top center)- just like the name, these are scented like vanilla cupcake with a hint of lemon. Tops are white, bottoms are pink, sprinkles on top!

4) Relaxation Bombs(bottom center)- Blue and green mixed in color, but they smell REALLY good. Lavender and jasmine blend with a little hint of peppermint.

5) Winter Soldier(whole right column)- The bombs and stars are essentially mixed the same, scented with peppermint and a hint of tea tree. They smell really nice. Dusted with deep red pigment!

If you’d be interested just reply to/reblog this, or feel free to send me an ask about them! If I get enough interest I might set up an etsy shop and continue to make more types(I do have a lot of new dyes/pigments/oils on their way!) Thanks everyone, I hope you’re all having a brilliant 2015 so far!

Had a really nice time yesterday hanging with tumblr pals (as if I could make friends “in real life”, ha!). I got some lotion and a bath bomb from Lush (saving it for a jacuzzi) and @sleepinthestone got 19 shirts for $3 (slight exaggeration) from Forever 21 and @abnorman had some coupons for free Auntie Anne’s pretzels for us! We got complimented on our similar hair colors by a few different people and it was nice (I should go places more?). Then we ate dinner at Electric Cheetah in Grand Rapids and it was sooo good but they ran out of all kinds of fries and I really wanted some :( Very low key evening which is great cause I like having friends that don’t expect you to be a certain way or act stupid (like this girl who made me steal hotel towels and break into a car once).

12th and 14 th March 2016

Deadpool’s love interest

When I saw the newest Captain America Civil War trailer, I simply had to draw the reaction Deadpool would have had when seeing Spiderman. I on my end have had this reaction.

I’m not happy with some of the proportions, but in overall it turned out pretty good. I’m getting more confident with the outlines. Yiiipiiihh! But still a long way to perfection and routine. And maybe I should start using some colors, that would also make a big difference.

Used the 2B pencil for sketching and 3B to fill out the “colors” and shades. For the outlines and the black sections I took the 5B pencil. The blending stump was helpful too.

so @ampharos98 showed me that awesome dress that started all the Ballgown AU thing (btw, she upgraded the original design beautifully, making it stand out much much more, both with the model and the coloring)
and looking at it i sort of came up with my own design for Tutu`s gown (i made white it`s main color cuz i really liked @trixystix`s idea of the court having a this-season-trend and Ahiru wearing different colors, unconsciously making herself even more noticeable and unique. So Tutu as more proper would probably pay more attention to her clothing choices and wear “the colors of the summer” I also wanted it to be reminiscent with Ahiru’s dress, too (two sisters wearing similar dresses ^_^) ) 


Reached the 4K followers mark, YAY! celebration, here’s some mouses and ferrets.


Swift wind, dashing and crawling, moving through the shadows, low, very low, unnoticed by the humans. The greatest small secret kept by the royal family, also the first secret a royal child must learn. 

Kings & Queens must start their training at a young age, commanding and directing, even sending a soldier into harms way. Tonight I patrol the children’s room, ready to strike spiders, kill snakes and salamanders. ~Roquefort II, Mousketeer.


So I missed the mark on several things, first the creatures look kinda dark and mean, I was looking for a more fluffy and cutesy demeanor. Second the color palette was not controlled very well, I think The materials should have different values, now all look like midtones so it’s confusing.

My initial idea was to make a bunch of these mouseketeers, but, Fuck is it hard to make a ferrets face, I had a similar challenge some images ago with a weasel, I drew and drew many times until I came to this face on the ferret, it set the tone so the mouse looks angry as well. I much prefer the mouse color callout on the bottom left.

The mouse is using a flower as a shield, half of a scissor for a blade, thread and needle for trapping any beasts.-Gabo