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Young Phoenix Wright appreciation post (ㅅ´ ˘ `) ♡

are you a shrek wlw or a bee movie wlw ?


i was just testing a few different and simpler styles bc i want to start drawing these boys more often and these happened

also … i was starting to consider making a sideblog for all my bnha-related doodles but idk if anyone would even follow it o:

so I saw mean girls the musical (2017) tonight and here are my #THOUGHTS

  • literally all of the leads were amazing actors/singers and almost everyone got a really catchy solo that showcased the essence of their character
  • the choreography was absolutely wild. like, there were several sick dance breaks in which everyone was tapping out rhythms with their cafeteria trays, break-dancing on tables and kicking cymbals by doing split jumps in the air. this was not at all what i expected from mean girls the musical but it was amazing nonetheless
  • janis and damian were basically “narrating” the story and it was great. they had a lot of funny quips and janis was an artist so she made a bunch of paintings relevant to the story
  • it reminded me a lot of heathers but with less murder and more lighthearted jokes about social media
  • i felt like each individual character was more fleshed out than they were in the movie. regina’s mom had a whole song about her internal angst and it was… surprisingly poignant??
  • also gretchen had a whole song about her feeling inadequate and it was so sad…… never in my life did i think i would want to reach out and hug a character from mean girls but here we are
  • the set was really simplistic and mostly just projections, but the way they integrated scene changes into the story was really clever and there were lots of rolling desks involved
  • “sometimes……. I feel like an iphone without a case. I mean, I know I have value…,., and I have a lot of really good functions…,,., but it feels like at any moment I could just SHATTER.“ –gretchen
  • janis had a whole song that was just, like, her telling off cady and regina and it was an absolute banger. also i’m in love with barrett wilbert weed. she has the voice of an angel and was perfectly cast in her role
  • there was a joke about trump blocking people on twitter or something and all the liberal suburban moms in the audience lost their shit
  • “🎶 i love halloweeeen… you get to pretend to be someone else… it’s like the internet, but in person, and you get candyyyyyy 🎶”
  • (there was a whole song on that theme and the girl singing it (karen?) was trying so hard to contain her laughter)
  • also there was a halloween party scene/a song about “sexy costumes” and my boy ben tyler cook was in the background wearing a giant cheese on his head
  • the ending was super sweet and probs more uplifting than the movie
  • janis, tragically, was not a lesbian, but she didn’t hook up with the guy in the end so like….. eyes emoji. but also Make Janis Gay You Cowards

in conclusion it was a Wild experience and you should def go see it if you can! i can’t wait for it to come to broadway & i hope it has a long and prosperous run

Cute Subway Boy

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language I think
REMINDER: I do not have a tags list. Please stop asking me lmao


It started when Spider-Man crash landed on your rooftop.

You were up there often, usually cause it was quiet and perfect for being alone when you needed to be. Plus, the city lights looked gorgeous at night and you loved drawing the skyline whenever you could. It had become a normalcy for you.

What was not normal, however, was Spider-Man landing face first a few feet from you, letting out a groan of pain.

“What the hell?” You blurted, half scared and half worried as he rolled over, getting up slightly on his elbows and glancing at you.

“Oh, hey,” was all he muttered, not moving another inch but holding a hand to his side. “What’s up?”

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taylor york: the glue that keeps paramore together. i’ve been saying it since the day josh and zac left and i said it when jeremy left and i’m gonna say it till the day i die.

like we all know hayley would never give up on paramore, she’s expressed that many times, but taylor, he doesnt talk about it much, and to know that each time he’s literally been like “fuck everyone else i still love being in the band I’m gonna stay” just makes me really appreciate him so much. he should be more appreciated and it makes me mad when he doesnt get that

he really is a true friend, and really is just as passionate about paramore as hayley is. i’ve seen ppl say they probs won’t last many more years but they will cause hayley has taylor and they are literally so fucking talented they’re unstoppable.

conclusion: thank you taylor york for never giving up on paramore, for never giving up on hayley, for pretty much just never giving up on it all. you’re passionate af about all this and it’s the best thing


You and me, right now, 12345

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Can you do 4B Eren and Annie? Thanks for the Eremika one btw I loved it. Thank you C-:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

This was supposed to be warm and fluffy and instead ended up as angsty vent art *sweats* Hope you still like it, I ship these two pretty hard so ill prob make a softer piece some other time.

The other thing is like….. let’s just all pretend that aphobia exists as an axis to be oppressed upon, and that all non-aces/aros (regardless of orientation) had non-ace/aro privilege and oppressed a-spec people

Why would aces/aros want to be in a community with their non-ace/aro oppressors? the LGBT+ community was formed because lgbp people and trans people had enough in common with regards to oppression that it did (and still does!) make sense for the two groups to work together. Transphobia can sometimes include misdirected homophobia (because people think trans people are “really just gay” or whatever other transphobic bullshit), and at the time the community formed society as a whole had a less nuanced and more incomplete understanding of gender, meaning the line between sexuality and gender was a lot less defined than it is today (remember the “is Marsha P Johnson a trans woman?” discourse that’s still going on? Yeah that)

But if aphobia was based off whether someone felt sexual/romantic attraction (although all evidence of “aphobia” has always been based off someone’s behavior and not their feelings, let’s continue to pretend aphobia is a distinct form of oppression that targets a-spec people) then wouldn’t non-ace/aro LGBT+ people be the oppressors of aces? And wouldn’t you want your community to be free of your oppressors with all their violent aphobia? Wouldn’t it not only be harmful to the ace community as a whole, but also to the individual aces/aros who would be victims to aphobia from non-ace LGBT+ people, to deliberately create your spaces in your oppressors’ community?

And I know everyone is going to pull the whole “transphobic gays” thing, and I really don’t mean to act like that’s not an issue or not relevant, because it is, but when the LGBT+ community was formed, our society hardly had the language to differentiate between straight trans people and cis gay people, especially if those trans people didn’t medically transition. The point is, even within LGBT+ spaces/communities, there are allowances for trans-only spaces and resources. But again, by and large, many of the issues that trans/non-cis people and lgbp people face are intrinsically linked because of society’s inability to separate sexuality and gender. (This doesn’t mean cis gay people can’t be transphobic and that their transphobia is any less harmful to trans people than that from cishets, 

So although homophobia and transphobia tend to go together (although they certainly don’t always!), aphobia would be an entirely separate thing. So why would aces want to not only have non-ace people (their “oppressors”) in their spaces, but actually create their spaces within the spaces built for their oppressors?

TL;DR If the mean alloLGs were really your oppressors you wouldn’t want to create your safe community spaces within our spaces because it would put you in danger


skam x art (pt1)

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is the girl phil collabed with against gay marriage??

yes apparently according to a few social media posts (1+2) shawna is against gay marriage. which is like,, pretty off putting but i don’t think anyone should make that big of a deal about it? it’s obvious she feels pretty secure in her choices and i doubt anyone can change that soon so i would just ignore it. no need to spread negativity about it. just a disappointing thing


Part 2 of the (mis)adventures from the late-2009 Fett gathering. Here’s Part 1, and here’s the story of Tup getting sheared earlier that year. Still more comics to come, but not til tomorrow cuz I’m super sleepy.


“When your internet runs out so you play games and then make cool fan art for it” Bastion and Transistor are both incredible games. I wish i played these a bit more earlier but what the heck.

I’d give Bastion a 9/10 for its awesome combat system, art style and story. I’d give Transistor a 9/10 as well for its incredible Art style, Visual looks, unique combat system and story.

You should probs check them out if you haven’t. I highly recommend it.

I think I might start doing more “concept art” paintings now. It’s really fun.

Singing in the Shower

Lol so I rlly wanted to write something using a prompt where someone is singing in the shower and the the person next doors shower just so happens to be on the other side of the wall.

Anyway I also wanted to try and make it as unnecessarily detailed as possible so sorry in advance.

Fandom: markiplier

Paring: Mark Fischbach / reader ( gender neutral atm but probs female if I decide to make more parts)

T/W: none as far as I’m aware or

Request: just something I came up with but feel free to send in suggestions and please let me know if you think I should make more parts to this

After a long day at school I slip into my small apartment that is just big enough for me and my adorable shiba inu puppy named basil. Petting her I set my weighty backpack, which I’m almost positive has given me some form of scoliosis, down on the table and go over to grab one of the many cans of orange soda out of the fridge.

Plopping myself down on the couch I sink into the soft coushins. As I put my feet up on the table I turn on the tv and crack open the soda. I pick up the remote off of the oak coffee table and change the channel to the news.

As I go to take a sip of my soda I hear a loud bang from the apartment next to me and spill the orange liquid all over my chest. As I let out I curse I feel the sizzling liquid seep into my shirt and start to drip down my torso.

Ever since I moved in here the people next door have been quite the disturbance. One time they threw a party and I swear they were up to at least three in the morning blasting loud music.

Setting the now almost empty can of soda down on the table I peel off the shirt, which has now practically stuck to my chest, and head towards the bathroom.

Once I close the door I turn the rusty shower nossle so it’s just in between the warm and the cool side. I discard of the rest of my clothing leaving it lying in a sad looking heap on the pale green tile floor. Pushing open the cheap plastic shower curtain I step carefully into the shower making sure I don’t accidentally slip and hurt myself.

Grabbing the soap bottle off the side of the cracked white bath tub I start to hum a tune that’s been stuck in my head. As I squirt some of the aromatic soap out of the bottle I begin to sing.

“Why do you build me up buttercup, baby just to let me down and mess me around and then worst of all you never call, baby when you say you will but I love you still.” I stop to take a deep breath and am about to resume my singing when I hear a deep voice coming through the wall of the shower.

“I need you.” and then the person stops, I am assuming, waiting for me to continue. “I need you.”

I pick up, “more than anyone, darlin’“

"You know that I have from the start” we sing together. “So build me up”

“Build me up.”

“Buttercup don’t break my heart.”

We continue for what seems like hours belting the chorus’ of a multitude of songs and before I knew it the water in the shower turned from a pleasant warm temperature to one of an icy rain.

Once we finish the chorus of the song were singing I turn off the shower and wrap myself in a fuzzy towel. Walking into my room I open the door to my small closet and grab some clean clothes before hearing a soft knock on the front door of my apartment.

Basil starts so bark as I rush to the door and peer through the peep hole. Fixed in the center of the doorway is a very attractive man with damp messy brown hair whom I have seen entering and exiting the apartment next door to me.

As I carefully swing open the door the man looks up at me with a massive grin on his face. He reaches up his hand and I reach out mine, which is quite small in comparison, to shake his.


I don’t get why current writers write Cable hating Deadpool so much. because of all the time and effort Nate put to help Wade become a better person, suddenly acting like he loathes and despises Wade makes Nate look like a hypocrite(and disturbing.. even more than the time he made Wade see dead people)

I don’t mind Wade having sketchy friendships and try to get each others throats once in a while, but because his relationship with Nate was built on helping and understanding each other when nobody did I think when they have conflict it should be more than GRRRR DEADPOOL SO ANNOYING AND CRAZY HATE YOU DIE

(and I don’t like that dp’s current angst are based on ~misunderstanding~. I’d rather see him owning up to his action and struggle from it, not from the result of doing something because he’s told. it’s just a way of the plot making excuses for him and makes all this trouble look shallow)