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Woohyun – [1000x1521]


“If I say it twice, I would call it nagging, I love you and thank you all so much. It’s not a waste to give you all my hearts!”

>> Must need items for when you go outside the country?

Notebook, my makeup. I’m a bit sensitive, so my skin’s a troublemaker.

>> A long trip to America, what do you do during the flight?

I ate food they give you and some ramen. I also listened to music. Songs I listened to were Lee Seungchul senior’s ‘No One Else’ and ‘Never Ending Story’.

>> First destination America, how do you feel?

I went near Hollywood and I feel the whole “Ah, this is America” feeling. I bought a pair of ripped jeans with my manager because when you think of America, you also think ‘Jeans’ right?

>> What did you do when you first arrived?

After cleaning up our luggage, Sungjong and I went out to eat burgers. First burger! Wow ~ the size was very big. It was big and I couldn’t eat it all. It was a very thick and a stimulating taste.

>> When you go to America again, with whom and with what purpose do you want to go?

Alone. I want to go alone and feel the culture of America. Backpack travel. I want to travel being tired and going through different things. Truthfully, I’m old enough right now, but plane tickets, hotels, everything is done by our managers, I don’t know how to do things by myself so the feeling is buried. “I might turn stupid being like this” is what I thought to myself. My future target is escaping stupidity! I’m trying to learn things by myself right now. Like how to survive by myself out in a foreign country. Beating solitude is truly having fun. I want to get inspiration from there and write songs. That’s the fun in life.

>> Do you have any places, scenes etc. that you remember well?

Hollywood and Las Vegas. Las Vegas’ night is the perfection of splendor. Here and there, I wanted to go many places but there were places that were also too new for me. It was a place for me to wonder.

>> A hero you really wanted to see in Hollywood?

This might sound really random but I really liked director Kim Cheongki’s Ureme series. Of course, it’s not from our generation. Of course Hollywood has things like this, but I would like to meet the wonderful female lead character Deily(?) from ‘Ureme’.

>> If you didn’t become a singer but took a road of a different kind of artist?

I would want to become a writer of sorts. Fantasy novels and happy storied. A writer who has mastered above all the others. I want to write something about the stories about the fresh years of the 20s or stories which view the world in a less scary way. Not too long ago, I had a very fantasy-like dream and when I woke up, I wrote it down because I thought it would make a good fantasy novel. However, when I tried to start it, my head started to hurt so I gave up, no I couldn’t even start it…I’m still trying to think if I should do it. I don’t want to think with “if”s. It’s not too late to start; all I have to do is slowly work on it.

>> If you wanted to take a memorable vacation with your members, where would you go?

I want to go to Europe with just the members and no managers. I’ve never been there before so I think we would have funny moments there. Also, I heard Hawaii is nice too. I want to go there as well.

>> Where is a place you really want to go as a vacation?

Europe. My dream is to take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. Since it’s the city of fashion, I want to look around.

>> Musical inspirations come when you’re out of the country, being a person who writes songs, what songs would you make?

I already wrote two songs in Jakarta, but when we got to America, I had no time at all to write songs. I’m not in a room by myself so making music would be rude to the other in the room. Since our CEO told me that I’m more of the ballad type, my emotions and thoughts are heading that way. One day, I got a text from our CEO saying “I’m listening to your music a lot these days. I really like it.”. He said that it would finish off well once I add in good lyrics and that he’s thinking of putting in the Infinite album. Hearing that gave me a lot of strength. It showed me a direction to head towards to, what kind of music I should make. I was feeling stuffy because I didn’t know. One day, our CEO somehow just showed me the way.

To my members who I feel like I have thorns in my eyes if I don’t see them

To our youngest, Sungjong, you must get a lot of stress but I feel relieved thinking that you got to release all that stress while we were in America. Sometimes I think “I couldn’t have done that if I was the youngest” and feel thankful. L, you’re our core, our support, and our center, you’re doing well right? Let’s keep doing well in the future! Sungyeol is a friend with lots of charm the more you know him and he’s a member we can’t be without, you know that right? I can’t hate you even if I wanted to. You sometimes lack on expressing yourself to the other members but we have a long way to go together, so let’s keep going together. Hoya’s also a member we can’t be without. He does a lot for the group. I really thank you. I’m older by a month but you treat me so well. I hope that we can go to many different trips together and laugh together. I know you have a lot in thought and I want to take some off your mind. Dongwoo, my greatest friend in Infinite, thank you for always helping me when I had worries. Sungkyu hyung, we play around a lot like little kids, but I like how you can take care of the members and lead us in the right way as a leader, you’re like a captain but also a brother. I want to call you “Ay, Kim Hyung” I hope you’re always healthy!

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