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brought to you by me spending midnight to six thirty am in the airport, the obligatory “dregs stuck overnight in an airport” post, written by me on no sleep

  • nina heads immediately for the late-night coffee shop
  • matthias is that friend who’s like “we should probably try and sleep” and insists that sleeping on seats in the departure lounge is manageable, also refuses to admit that nobody can fall asleep on them and lies there for a good three hours just to make a point
  • jesper spends a good amount of time just walking around and exploring, wandering in and out of all the shops, going up and down stairs and corridors just to see what’s there (until an irate security guard pointedly redirects him back into the central departure lounge).  he probably drags wylan with him 
  • there’s a small twenty-four hour restaurant that they both end up at and spend most of the night in.  they order full meals and drinks just because they can, and stay way past the time the staff should have made them leave.  wylan falls asleep sometime after four, lying across one of the benches with his head on jesper’s legs
  • jesper is more than alright with this arrangement.  sitting there absentmindedly running a hand through wylan’s hair and people-watching is more peaceful than you might expect a relatively crowded airport to be in the early hours of the morning
  • after a few hours, matthias finally admits defeat and joins nina at the coffee shop.  she grins and wordlessly slides a mug over to him.  they have a makeshift date in the early hours of the morning (matthias tells nina about the book he’s reading.  she makes him listen to an entire album of obnoxious pop music she stole from jesper.) and it’s actually matthias’ favourite part of the whole trip
  • kuwei’s been in the corner with his headphones and a book since they checked in, but will occasionally look up to complain about how uncomfortable the seats are or how long they’re waiting.  he’s also that asshole that can fall asleep anywhere and eventually does just that, curled up on one of the airport seats in the most uncomfortable-looking position, but he’s fine
  • nina finds out the duty free shop is open all night and almost misses boarding with how long she’s in there.  she emerges with armfuls of new purchases and has to sit on her suitcase to make them all fit
  • kaz is Not a fan of airports.  they’re too busy and bright and crowded and there’s nowhere comfortable to sit if you can even find an empty seat, there’s too many tourists, everything is overpriced,
  • he probably just sits in the least-crowded area he can find, sipping coffee and scrolling on his phone.  after a while, inej joins him.  she doesn’t sleep well in airports so they spend a couple of hours just sitting together in silence, until at one point kaz looks up and sees inej has fallen asleep, head resting on folded arms and hair falling across the table.  it doesn’t affect him in the slightest, not at all, he’s definitely not staring
  • (he certainly doesn’t drape his jacket around her shoulders before going back to his coffee and his phone.  nina didn’t see a thing.  shut up, nina.)

“What if Burrs and Hamiltons roles were reversed?”
I present you Alexander Burr, because @burr-ito made me draw the AU too, thanks for making me stick with my stupid ideas

I can’t wait to rewatch all of Rebels so I can watch Prince Zuko– I mean Agent Kallus and his journey to help the Avatar– I mean join the rebellion so that he can regain his honor– I mean find purpose in his life :)

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Rey, thank you for being so aware of and considerate of triggers. I'm relatively new on do we blacklist?

open Google Chrome and login into google if you have an account. (if u dont have an account make one)

type in “Tumblr Blacklist” into google

click on the first suggestion that looks like this

your screen should look like this

see this lil button?

click on it.

there should be a cute lil T icon in the corner of your bar

see that? that’s good. click on it.

it should look like this:

now see the icon that says black list? Put all the tags of posts you DON’T want to see (You can get rid of iPhone and iPad).

the whitelist doesn’t block anything but gives you a lil notification if the post has those words in them. I put my main fandoms so I know not to scroll past the post.

here’s an example blacklist:

if you use multipule computers or devices you can actually save you’re blacklist code onto a word document and paste it into “save/load.” this works well if your blacklist is long and annoying to type.

and that’s how you filter your dashboard!

note: If your mutuals don’t tag their posts properly, just ask them to nicely! don’t spam them with mean anons or hate mail.

you can also use xkit for a lot of different things (you install it the same way and it has step by step guides) but that took too long so i used tumblr savior for this post

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amalas!!! i love your art and you have made me fall in love with iwaoi, ahhh!!! they're a great ship! i was wondering if you have suggestions of other artists, writers, or blogs to follow that also post a lot of iwaoi? they're my fav ship now... thank you!!

HAHAHAH THIS IS THE KIND OF POWER I LOVE!! Spreading love for iwaoi :D
I’m happy I could make you fall in love heheh <33

Let’s see. I feel many blogs I still follow have moved on and draw now others things more but they still have great Iwaoi art on their blog and in their art tag.
Also I realized by going through my followed blogs I should start to follow some more blogs and delete some old ones who are not active anymore

So let’s see what I can put together for you
This got longer than planned…so more under the cut

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Remember that a friendo of mine wrote a little fanfiction about Anti blablablah?

Well, she wrote an alternative ending to that story.
And its angsty as hell

You should go check her tumblr, @super-magical-wizard , and go to the tag “not happy anymore” so you won’t get lost. The story has 8 parts, but Sam also posted it on Wattpad if that makes you more comfortable.

Sammy has been working for WEEKS to get this done, so please go check it out!!!


Also, I wasn’t going to leave it like that. I wanna get personal.

Sammy, you are really amazing. Seriously. Thank you SO, SO much. I still kind of cant believe that you made two fanfictions haha.

It turned out SO well, it was super amazing and i really enjoyed answering every single one of your questions.

So again, thank you so much. Really.

Love you ♡♡♡♡

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Hi! I love your post on gender and genesis. I was wondering, how did you come to be so knowledgeable about the Hebrew language? I want to study the bible more through that lens and was wondering if you had any resources or tips. Thanks!

Hi there! I am in seminary so I actually study Hebrew in a class! But one of these days I should make a list of resources for people who don’t have that opportunity and want to learn the language.

The first and foremost resource for learning Hebrew is this Hebrew Primer by Ethelyn Simon. It teaches everything from the alephbet (Hebrew alphabet) to vocab to verbs and nouns to all the tricks of Hebrew grammar. 

I’ll say that if you haven’t had any experience in other foreign languages, learning Hebrew is tricky. I know it’s a lot easier for me with my background in Spanish, Latin, and ancient Greek than it is for some of my classmates who’ve hardly had any contact with a language beyond English. If you are pretty solid on another foreign language, the Primer alone might well be enough for you to get an introduction to Hebrew. If you don’t have much experience with other languages, though, you’ll probably want to find an actual teacher, either online or offline, who can guide your learning. 

The other awesome resource that’s free online is the interlinear Hebrew Bible offered by Biblehub – they also have interlinear Greek. If you explore Biblehub’s various tabs, you’ll find a helpful lexicon and Strong’s concordance, two tools that you can use to get an idea of the original Hebrew even if you don’t actually know Hebrew yourself. 

Does anyone have ideas for other resources for folks who want to dive in to Hebrew? I’ll need more if I ever do make a resource post!


Naruto and Sasuke AMV ☯ オレ唯一の友よ |ナルトとサスケ |

Late… I should be more disappointed, but somehow I don’t really feel bad because of it? Haha, I’m getting used to being late to all the events, it seems. So, now that it’s 27th on the planet already, I can’t really say this is my contribution to SNS week, yet I started this AMV only because of that week and @bahare-uzuchiha, who did a great job organizing it, so I’m still tagging it as so… Sorry and thank you! I hope you’ll see it, because I wanted to make it kinda a gift to the fandom and you ‘cause you’re awesome, and no, not only because you created the week… Ily and your blog, honestly, even tho we don’t talk, and also to make everyone remember why we love these two boys. 

Happy (late) SNS week! And happy late birthday, Bahare!


Finally got it glued together! I’m going to wait till tomorrow to put grout on as it’s getting rather late here, but so far so good! Unfortunately I forgot to account for the width of the styrofoam when I cut the top, so it looks a little funky. Oh well, I’m sure apep won’t care. @wheremyscalesslither, I’m tagging you in case you’re curious as to how this is going. (Also if you’re interested in cool snake things you should check out her snake resources page, that’s where I got the idea to make this!)

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Jody would totally rise Lucifer's kid

She probably would, wouldn’t she? And yet…and yet.

Look, this probably comes from my natural ‘is it, though?’ disposition - I’m sure that if I had a dash clamouring to burn Kelly at the stake I’d be writing inches and inches of parchment about human rights and the Geneva convention and how it is not your birth (or some bullshit ‘destiny’) which determines your life, but your heart and your abilities and the choices you’ll make. And I believe all that - I do. But since my dash seems to have reached a 100% agreement that killing Lucifer’s kid would be gross and immoral, I find myself looking in that direction, inevitably wondering, ‘would it, though?’. Because lately (and by that I mean, since the early modern period or so?), fiction has been trying to teach us about choices, and the fact that we can make our own destiny, and whatever else. I don’t know how it started - I know there was already a lot of discussion on this subject in ancient Greece, but I suspect that it was Christianity, and the need to reconcile Christianity with an increasingly fast-moving world, that tilted the balance. After all, in Greece (and Rome) whatever you did in life you tended to end up in the same place afterwards, but if that is no longer a given - if, despite your humble birth, you can change your (after)life and get yourself a slice of Paradise - surely, that changes everything? I think the progressive separation of Man from Nature and the explosion of the Enlightenment just about finished the job - all of a sudden, we were no longer these creatures slaves to the gods, or our own biology, but sophisticated thinking machines capable to make our own path. It is no coincidence, really, that a movement that gave such importance to human rationality also raised, for the first time in history (those things had been discussed before, of course, but never quite so loudly), the question of crime and punishment - and planted the first seeds of non-religious human decency, such as the opposition to torture and the death penalty.

All this to say: in the real world, I think we need to stick with our values, no matter what. If something’s morally wrong, then we shouldn’t do it. There must be a line somewhere. But fiction - fiction’s got different rules. The first example that comes to mind is Mordred - a child who, in the most modern adaptation of the arthurian legends, looked like this -

- and since Merlin was both tailored to our modern sensitivies and so attentive to the original story it very nearly tore our hearts out, Arthur let him go and Merlin let him go, because no matter what he may become in the future, Mordred was a child and you don’t kill children and that’s it. The tragedy there, of course, is that killing Mordred would have changed everything. This is not reality and history - and definitely not a situation where, I don’t know, Germany’s on the brink of whatever and if Hitler had slipped on a potato peel and broke his neck, another leader would have stepped up and done more or less what he did; this is fiction, and Mordred was destined to kill Arthur, and if Merlin had had the courage (or the viciousness) to kill him first, it’s likely nothing would have happened. 

(Priam had a dream that his wife would give birth to a live torch, and that torch would burn Troy to the ground; and yet, he made the same ‘mistake’ as Merlin: he took pity on his newborn son, Paris, and paid another family to foster him instead of killing him. And Troy - Troy fell.)

So, all this to say - I don’t know what should be done with Lucifer’s kid. This is a modern story, and I applaud them for wanting to find a compromise and sticking to some kind of values despite past mistakes (because, for instance, those people Amara killed? those are on Sam’s conscience, and there’s no washing it clean). Find another way - that’s been almost a slogan for the Winchesters ever since they chose to avert the Apocalypse on a matter of principle. It’s also part of what makes them so endearing and worth siding with. But, on the other end, sometimes there is no other way. Sometimes all the choices you’ve got are shitty choices. If they allow this kid to live, and he grows up with Jody, and then gets up from the wrong side of the bed in twenty years and razes Chicago to the ground - who will stop him then? And who will talk to the survivors and tell them that sure, everything they owned is gone and everyone they loved is, like, a shadow on a wall, but at least the Winchesters made the right choice and didn’t kill a newborn baby back in 2017, because, you know, values?

As to what will actually happen - if they want to avoid a repeat of the Amara situation from last year, the kid will either die (most likely this will be what exposes the BMoL’s different priorities) or he will get to grow up at a normal speed and will become a kind of Jesse afterthought -

I’m not still bitter about that, not at all

- so it won’t even matter, in a sense, who takes care of him and where. Personally, I think they went there to explore the philosophy of the thing (is it ever okay to kill a child?) and not the outcome or the practicalities, which means we’re sort of thinking too hard about this. 

(If it were me - a Nephilim wandering around and perhaps growing up at a weird speed and in possession of random powers - that always makes for a good deus ex machina when your narrative is stuck, so I’d definitely keep him around somewhere, but I don’t know if I’d want to tie down one of my main characters to look after him. Jody seems more than ready to start on her ‘empty nest’ phase - I was kind of hoping she’d find herself a stable partner, not another kid, tbh.)

i wasn’t tagged but im bored and i really wanted to do this lol 

Rules: tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

Nickname: Nena (Neen-a)
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Height: 5′7
Last Thing You Googled: Ziam boner pics lmao 
Favourite music artist: Zayn, Liam, Rihanna, Kehlani, Tinashe
Song stuck in my head: Russ - Losin Control 
Last Movie you watched: Neerja (its on netflix yall should watch it)
What are you wearing right now: a black shirt and sweat pants
What do you post: mostly ziam, clothes, and rihanna
Why did you choose your URL: bc ziam switch it up in the bedroom their verse they both top and bottom 
Do you have any other blogs: no
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: never been in a relationship lmao
Religious Or Spiritual: neither i believe in science and facts
Favorite Color: anything black or blue 
Average Hours Of Sleep: 4 hours 
Lucky Number: 6
Favorite characters: Michael (prison break), Brian (queer as folk), Chuck (gossip girl) 
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: a comforter 
Dream Job: Paralegal or Lawyer 

i tag @diortitties, @0xyzen, @champaynezaddy, @awwwhoopsehdaiseh, @ziamgreatesthits, @zayniepaynie, @marvelsziam, @zlanet, @zaynsbambieyes, @nicki786, @befourjavadd, @rightnxt2ziam, @zayndrogynous, @brooky-916, @rindaanah, @malikzapper, @malikaesthetics, @ziamspaynus, @all4zayn, @therestoomuchstory, @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow :) 

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What inspired you to be so kind and encouraging of starting/unseen/new to Tumblr artists? You almost always leave nice little tags and reblog and/or like supper dedicatedly from the artists you follow. (I should know I'm one of them) on top of the question I just wanted to thank you for that. I always look forward to seeing you in my activity feed. Makes my day. : )

Aaa thank you so much!!

I’m not really sure where it started, I think when I started my art blog I just became more aware of artists’ struggles to be seen, and there are just so many talented people whose art deserves to be out there and I want to help when I can, though I do tend to be biased towards Pokemon and dragons xD tbh a large amount of people I follow can be traced to me finding them in tags of my favorite Pokemon xDD

But yeah thank you so much!! Honestly hearing people happy about my comments and reblogs and stuff really makes my day xD

talk to the fox

hey doods. so the mood lately to be a bit more active on here, as far as letting you all get to knw me a bit more. Part of that has been posting pics again, some of them just of little pieces of my day. I’ve also been making more posts about my life. Anyways i just want to be a bit more open, and Ihave started a tag for my asks, so you guys should talk to me! Anon is totally fine btw. Ask me whatever, i love interesting questions! i love you <3

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Dear Best friend

I am the last person to get emo and sappy over these but I guess it is time…

Dear Best Friend @summer-seoulstice

Who would have thought, back in 2005 when Avatar: The Last Airbender aired, it would eventual lead to our friendship? Who could have imagined that a pair of fictional characters that we both thought should have been together (cough zutara cough) would turn into the meme trash, kpop hell hole of a squad we’ve built? We met almost 4 years ago and we were so embarrassing wow. I remember our old, OG facebook chats and seeing how the old admin squad drifted apart slowly and yet, we never did. If anything, as the years went by, we got closer. Frick this is so gay. It’s you’re fault I’m Kpop trash. Thanks though I guess. 

Living a whole coastline apart didn’t deter this friendship. When we finally met in May of last year, after hyping it up for MONTHS, it was like we’d never even been apart (besides that first night in that shifty hotel). I remember we went to go get ice from the machine down the hall and we were both like “….Are you uncomfortable for some reason too?” and I think just knowing it was mutual made it feel less so. But that trip was one of the best weeks of my life and I can’t wait for round two in June!! 

It’s nice to have someone I can text at 2am saying I’m afraid of eternity who understands me and then ten hours late, we’re sending spogebob memes back and forth. SO ANYWAY I guess thanks for having my back. Thanks for being honest with me. Thanks for liking all of my Facebook statuses, even if you don’t think it’s funny. Thanks for reminding me always that you wAITED THREE YEARS FOR SEVENTEEN TO DEBUT AND YOU LIKED JOSHUA FIRST! Thanks for letting me have him anyway :) Thanks for keeping me accountable in my relationship with Jesus and also for telling me when the boys I like are garbage. You the real MVP. 

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Do you know if sasuke said something about having to achieve something before getting a new arm? I just want to know if my granpa!Sasuke should have one or two arms..

Hi thanks for the question!

I do not believe Sasuke has openly said why he’s declined the prosthetic made from Hashirama cells however I believe it’s because he wants to rely on his own strengths. Some people like to say he’s making himself pay for his past sins while others say it’s his way of having a drawback since he’s got such an op dojutsu. Hope this was helpful! :)

-Mod Kana