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Things Sanders Sides Never Said #41

Logan: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?

Virgil, Patton, and Roman: I don’t know, what’s the difference?

Logan: I don’t know and I don’t care.

  • The good are never easy: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • The easy never good: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Love it never happens like you think it really should: Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

Aries: Let yourself heal. Drink enough vodka to clean out the wounds they left on your insides. It’s okay to shatter sometimes and it’s okay to stand for what’s right. Even if everything hurts, just keep breathing.

Taurus: sometimes making excuses isn’t good enough, how dare you deny someone else their pain. Sometimes a situation is just fucked up and that’s all there is too it. Sometimes it can’t be fixed, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

Gemini: Think about yourself for once. Stop putting people before you, even if it’s me. Let yourself rest you can’t keep running ragged all the god damn time. I know you want to protect everyone but you cant. We love you for it, but you cant.

Cancer: Pain is going to end I swear it will. I know it feels eternal right now. If it’s all you can do to hang on then fucking hang on because you’re strong enough to beat this.

Leo:  Learn to keep your lips shut because some things aren’t meant to be shared. I know they aren’t told as secrets or at two am but they are still not to be talked about so damn casually.

Virgo: This time of year is always hard. Always scary. But you can pull through. I believe you. Believe that you’re past the hospital visits and all the scary parts of this. You are past it.

Libra: Sometimes cutting up yourself to give others isn’t the best solution. You are not always the missing puzzle piece. You don’t always belong and you won’t always be enough. That’s okay.

Scorpio: Wrap yourself up in bubble wrap if you have to. Keep yourself from getting hurt. Keep yourself from opening wounds again as hard as it is. I know you’re scared. I am too. But you’ll be okay.

Sagittarius: Sometimes recovery Isn’t linear. I know you’ve been fighting for progress but sometimes all you need is a backslide to get a little strength back. I know it’s not easy. But you’ll be okay.

Capricorn: What are you doing? Seriously. What the hell are you trying to do here? You need to say what the plan is so we can get on board. Because all we can tell right now is you’re exploding. We need to know how to pick up the pieces.

Aquarius: Stop being ashamed. Your scars, your wounds, your damage is nothing to fucking hide. If it makes them uncomfortable tell them to fuck off. This is your life and you should be proud.

Pisces: Learn to stop taking so many risks. Running right to the edge one day you won’t be able to stop. Learn how to pull back sometimes. I know it’s hard but it’s all you can do.

—  This week’s horoscope

When I first became aware of the ace discourse here on tumblr, I actually considered myself an exclusionist for the most part, but I didn’t want to visibly tale a side right away because I wanted to make sure I understood what the discourse was really about. Of course this is before I realized I was gray-ace and of course the discourse made the process of my accepting that take longer than it should have, but I understood where they were coming from.

I followed a bunch of popular exclusionist blogs (that I will not name because I don’t want to start unnecessary drama) and also followed some popular inclusionist blogs so I could keep track of what both sides arguments were. Over time I noticed that the exclusionist blogs were regularly relentlessly bullying and harassing inclusionists and aces that weren’t even part of discourse and I saw them no longer making this about cishet aces but about all aces. I saw them posting things in positivity tags that didn’t belong there (which affects all aces and not the cishet ones) and I saw them purposefully trigger nd/mentally ill aces for their own amusement and I saw how their rhetoric was taken from terfs and biphobes. I even had an exclusionist “friend” at the time that I would message when I had questions about why they were doing this stuff. They essentially said it was to weed out aces from the community by making them feel unsafe because they don’t belong even if they aren’t cishet because they are “cishet apologists” that “value the feelings of cishets over actual lgbt people’s feelings”. I never saw the inclusionist blogs I followed do any of this (not trying to say that none of them have done this, too. It just seems more prevalent on the exclusionist side because I didn’t have to do anything to see this stuff happen. It was right there on my dash just from following popular exclusionist blogs).

I realized that I was aligning myself with actual bigots and that didn’t sit right with me as a pansexual nonbinary neurodivergent poc. I can’t align myself with bigots when my whole life and every aspect of who I am are already subject to bigotry. So in a way, it’s exclusionists’ fault that I’m now an inclusionist. I saw their true colors and I was honestly disgusted. I decided that I rather be part of the side of the discourse that is calling out this behavior instead of contributing to it. I rather be part of the side that isn’t obviously full of bigots.

  • Aries: Spongegar
  • Taurus: Salt Bae
  • Gemini: Pepe the Frog
  • Cancer: liek dis if u cri evrytim
  • Virgo: *shoves breadsticks into purse*
  • Libra: Doge
  • Scorpio: Good shit
  • Sagittarius: Tag yourself pictures
  • Capricorn: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  • Aquarius: Damn Daniel
  • Pisces: Confused Mr. Krabs

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Idk if u take prompts but even thought to consider, doesnt have to be a prompt. Ok so its moxiety. Patton realises he hasnt had a hug ALL DAY and he's feeling Emotional(tm) and finds Virgil who reluctantly gives a hug and Patton discovers that Virgil is AMAZING at hugs and always comes to him for hugs when he needs them now. Virgil also loves the attention and being able to help his favourite side. ("Virge u cant have a favourite!!" "Yes i can Pat its you 💜💜💜")

A/N Don’t like the way this turned out but oh well.

Title: Favourite

Pairing: moxiety (Morality/Anxiety) - can be read as platonic

Genre: fluff, drabble

Word Count: 360

Patton didn’t feel… right. Something about his day had been off, but he couldn’t pinpoint what.

He had done his afternoon chores and Thomas was up-to-date on all his projects, so it wasn’t like he was forgetting to do something. This did nothing to make the confused ache fade away.

The side was still mulling over his predicament when he popped up in the common room. The bundle of blankets on the couch seemed to jump when he walked past, which struck Patton as odd. Reversing, he saw that it wasn’t just blankets. Virgil was curled underneath them, barely visible, focussed on whatever was on his phone.

He looked cosy, and Patton wanted to cuddle his adorable friend.

That was when he realised. Patton hadn’t been hugged all day! This was unacceptable, and, pouting, he sought to remedy it immediately.

“Virgil,” he whined, getting the side’s attention, “I haven’t been hugged all day!”

Virgil sighed. He knew there was no point in trying to continue scrolling through Tumblr peacefully now that Patton had put his mind to something, so he turned off his phone. “Why don’t you ask Roman? Didn’t you say he’s the best at hugs?”

Patton frowned. “He’s busy. And besides, we’ve never hugged before! I don’t want to make unfair judgements!”

“You spend too much time around Logan,” Virgil grumbled, untwisting himself from the blankets and sitting upright regardless. “Well, if you want a hug, you should sit on the couch ‘cause I’m not moving.”

Patton happily plonked himself next to Virgil and immediately threw his arms around him. The anxious side was surprisingly warm, but not fever-warm. It was the kind of warm Patton associated with cookies and puppies playing in the sun. It was a… safe-warm.

Virgil gathered up his courage and tentatively wrapped his arms around Patton in return.

“You know,” Patton started, head resting on Virgil’s shoulder, “I think you’re better than Roman at hugging. But don’t tell him that!”

Virge chuckled. “Don’t worry, I would never set Roman on my favourite side.”

“You can’t have favourites!” Patton tutted in mock-disapproval.

“Why not? You do,” Virgil pointed out. Patton only huffed and held Virgil tighter.

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Taehyung Your BTS Bias

If you dont already know Kim Taehyung then, honestly what are you even doing? The kid is everything you never thought you needed and more! Luckily if you didnt know or you already did know who this beaTAEful boy is you are on the good side of tumblr because I am here to give you 5 reasons why you should make Kim Taehyung your new BTS bias!


The kids super charming, and not only that he has a strange way to make you want to stare at him until your eyes give out.

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If you really are new to BTS and all of its greatness and perks you wouldnt know that this boy is a master with his tongue technology. Like not even a joke does he know what he’s doing to us with that thing anymore?

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unlike the saracasm I used with Rapmon, Taehyung really is a amazing dancer. Other than the times he is just trying to make my heart explode at a million miles per hour.

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dont get me wrong, of course he is a hot and super flustering sex machine but he is still Kim Taehyung of BTS and is the dorkiest and cutest guys in the group

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that smile…that damned smile.

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okay guys I hope I was of use to helping you find your new BTS bias because right now I’m contridicted in every way possible on my decision.

Tumblr User! Ong Seongwoo

[credit to each pic owner!]

ok so i was just eating some filipino food at a restuarant when my mind was like “YO YKNOW I WONDER WHAT WANNA ONE WAS PPL ON TUMBLR WOULD BE LIKE” so here i am BSJXNS [this is literally not proofread tbh everything i write isn’t proof read im so sorry DHFKD]


  • his username would be
  • ongtheslate95
  • 95 being the yr he was born in
  • so he’s probably one of those aesthetic tumblrs that posts aesthetic photos that everyone loves
  • like he’ll post aesthetic photos of him posing at places that look so nice and stuff 
  • honestly his photos were so pleasing that they actually ended up being used in a lot of places 
  • also being used without credit but tbh ong didn’t mind, as long as he got recognition for his photos and his artistic style through being aesthetic he was happy! 
  • so you also happened to be an aesthetic blog, people also admired you
  • you didn’t really take pictures of yourself mostly of places that looked aesthetic. 

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CgLre Kindergarten/Preschool

if you would be interested in helping to create or join a cglre friendly “kindergarten” please reblog this post!! i really really want to be a part of one (like the kid*heart kindergarten but friendly towards little space) i searched but can’t find any like it that are cglre friendly, but please correct me if i’m wrong!

to make this happen we will need at least 1 moderator to be a “teacher” and create fun activities for the regressors every week.
ideally i would like there to be 10+ age regressors to participate but there should be at least 3 to start out - including myself.
i will follow anyone who reblogs so that we can message each other about this and help make it happen! 😊

THANK YOU so much guys in advance, i think this would be an awesome addition to the cglre age regression community on tumblr.

When I follow you the username will be vvondercat, this is my side blog.
The hellhole full of idiots that is tumblr

That moment when you accidentally come upon new FBAWTFT stuff and after months and months of misery are genuinely happy because look at Johnny Depp who looks fantastic as Grindelwald and WHO SEEMS TO BE THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THIS MOVIE OMFG I CANT BELIEVE IT IM SO HAPPY…and then you go to share your happiness on tumblr and just come across bunch of assholes who are trying to ruin everything good in your life….
I just wish that these teenagers (I bet most of you are teenagers or extremely ignorant adults) would take their heads out of their arses…. For someone who grew up watching Johnny Depp who is one of the best actors to ever exist …him being a part (and such a huge part at that) of Harry Potter universe is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Also as someone who is an actual adult with enough brain power to more or less not get swept up by media bullshit I can honestly say that I’m absolutely …I don’t even know what word to use…. Weinstein and Spacey are one thing…mr. Depp is another - Spacey as far as I know said that those allegations were true so there’s nothing more to say since he confessed ..that’s why his career is basically going down the drain right now… On the other hand mr. Depp was not guilty was never found guilty even the police officers who were there said this and there was so much evidence even HARD FREAKIN EVIDENCE of his innocence but now….it’s so “in” on tumblr to be a feminist and to “show all these white privileged men their place” that they keep saying that 2+2 ain’t 4 ….. So if you are so dumb to not see what’s right in front of you you might as well be dumb enough not to know how to freakin write some hateful shit…. And btw so many of you seem to think that Depp’s acting will suck…as if he is not one of the best actors on this planet…and y'all think that he will be a bad grindelwald…as far as I can see his exactly what I wanted grindelwald to be and even more and that from several seconds that we saw in the first movie so I don’t even know where y'all are coming from saying he’s bad as grindelwald y'all haven’t even seen him…and why are y'all forgetting that we are talking about more than half a century old man ( :D ) with acting experience bigger than the amount of breaths y'all have taken your whole lives….
For Christi sake I already forgot what I even started to write this for….. Anyway haters fuck of and don’t ruin this spectacular experience for me and many others…. We should just make a teenage side of tumblr….thank god tumblr didn’t exist when I was a kid I might have killed someone for ruining my childhood like this…you kids are horrible…and dumb too…. If you have such a strong opinion about abusers instead of using all your energy in putting your hate on this site go and look up some fact and stop accusing innocent men and even worse - STOP MAKING HORRIBLE ABUSIVE WOMEN INTO IDOLS !!!!
I swear to God as an abuse victim myself if I Ever see one more post proclaimin Amber Heard as a victim and Johnny Depp as an abuser I will go mental… I can’t believe I have to go with my friend to all the DC movies and see that abusive two faced human trash on the big screen ….
Anyway….all the Johnny Depp haters fuck off and let me enjoy the magic that is Depp + anything Harry Potter related . Peace out

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any fics with taekook as a side couple? main couple doesn't matter, also, what are the admins otps aside from vkook? ~(⁰▿⁰)~

Yesyes okay, hi annoniee~~ ((I’m back from the dead yo)) Also, my other otps are Taegi and Yoonminsoek I might cry ;;__;; {and vmin but like who doesn’t ship vmin tbh}

Nothing Personal (I’ve hit an all time low)  You may be a smartass literature teacher but you sure as hell are really oblivious to these very obvious wooing attempts our coworkers are trying au

(This is a fluff and crack fic which is seriously my fav!!! {Namjin main})

Boys who Talk Shit™ When Yoongi enrolled in BTS (aka Boys who Talk Shit) Boarding School, he wasn’t really expecting to be the only ‘straight’ (to be read sarcastically) guy in a room of seven geniuses (aka children aged five to ten, honestly). Plus four pet spiders. Yes, plural.

(The main ship is Yoonmin but it is overflowing with Taekook content ngl)

First Kick Drum, Second Snare Drum  Namjoon is Taehyung’s adoptive father, and spends so long worrying about Taehyung that he forgets how to worry about himself.

(I HAV E SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS FIC {da main ship is Namjin btw})

Galaxy S♡ “We all have those memories that don’t end even when everything is over. Some call that critical error. Others call it human existence.”

(Main Seokmin. Android au. Angst. I cry)

Cocoa Puffs  Somewhere between fake basketball matches and even faker marriages, Park Jimin learns that camp is for fun, and summer is for butterflies.

(Main Yoonmin.)

Watchers of the Eternal Flame Jimin goes to Rio de Janeiro to live his passion. He leaves Rio de Janeiro having found his dream.

(Main Seokmin. This is so well written. Pls when will Mindheist notice me and my love,, I am ready to elope.)

Cupcakes of Forgiveness Jimin’s roommate likes to have loud, obnoxious, raunchy sex. So he camps out on the neighbor’s couch.

(I laugh. Main Yoonmin.)

An Aperture in Fine Balance Fake Marriage AU in which Yoongi is an up and coming rapper whose fame had blown up in Korea, traveled throughout Asia and has now landed him in the States. Meanwhile, Jimin is in America to study photography and find success in this land of freedom. Except for one problem. His school’s policy for financial aid requires him to be either over the age of 24, have a child, or be married.Considering the fact that he’s only 21 and can’t have a kid, Jimin is left with the last option.That’s where Yoongi comes in the picture.

Chasing Smoke Into Wings In which Jimin is of the rare human species and his future doctor instincts would not allow his conscience to overlook the scent of smoke that clings to the Very Attractive Barista at that café near campus.

(QUality content right here mmm. Main Yoonmin.)

I hope you have fun with these anonnie!!!

♡ Admin N(ezzie)

To comment or not to comment

I wanted to talk a bit about commenting and reblogging fics for a minute. I may sound like a whiny bitch but I feel like this needs to be said. Also, I need to put this out there. So, if you want to listen, then everything is below 

So, reblogging fics. It is very important to reblog fics for one of two reasons. One, there is a new feature on Tumblr that put the most popular things first, leaving small blogs, like myself and so many others, in the dark. 

Unless someone has, like, 5000 notes, then having that feature on is good for you since your works will get seen. But then were does that leave us? So, for that reason, please turn that off so that we all can share each other’s works and find new stuff everyday to enjoy. 

The second reason is if you reblog fics, then your followers will see out work and check us out. I reblog fics (maybe not as much as I should, but I’m working on it since my reading schedule is a bit crammed right now, but I’m trying) and that will give you more exposure to the other side of Tumblr that has yet to see your works. 

Reblogging is love. Always reblog a fic you like. 

Now, commenting, which is why I wanted to make this whole post about. Commenting is very important. Feedback is always important for writers. I know, I don’t leave as many feedback comments as I should but I’m trying as well. If I like a fic, I want to tell the writer how much I do. I put all this effort into reading what they so willingly shared for us, I can take a few more seconds or minutes to leave a nice comment. 

Now, I’m not saying your comment should be an essay, but show some love. It’s so disheartening when you put your work out there and you get a lot of hearts but no comments.

I feel this way towards my series rewrite. I don’t feel like I’m doing a good job on it. A few people do comment on them and I won’t name names but you know who you are and I thank you for doing so every single time. I don’t know how I am doing if no one tells me anything. Just liking a post doesn’t tell me anything. 

Not that I’m saying I don’t like your hearts. I do, I love every single one of them. But, I put all my time and effort into making the series rewrite and I want to know how I am doing. I don’t care if the comment is telling me how I should change something. At least it’s something to go off of, you know? 

I spent 5-7 months writing a season and I have all these plans and twists and turns but how do you like it? It doesn’t even bother me if I get less hearts than my requested fics. I know that people like it, but why?

Like I said before, I know I may sound like a whiny bitch and I may or may not get hate for this. If I do, then I do and there is nothing I can do about that but think about it the next time you read someone’s work. 

This post isn’t meant about me complaining about my work. I’m talking about every single fic writer out there who puts their time and energy into their stories/fan art/audio clips/gifs/anything that can be perceived as art. Feedback is the key to getting better. Like I said, I need to get better with leaving comments because sometimes I forgot and that’s perfectly fine if you do too.

Just a small comment can make someone’s day because it not only helps them become a better writer/singer/artist/etc, but it also helps you because we get to put out better fics for you. For free.

Confession:  Like some of the previous confessors, I am somewhat afraid of revealing all of my wardens, hawkes, inquisitors, etc because they are most of the time pale skinned.
Being mixed raced ( European-Chinese ), I myself am light skinned and identify with my characters more sometimes. I have made dark-skinned characters in the past who have my personality so I can relate to them but it’s much harder because I am too light compared to that character then.
I also don’t really make my characters too Asian unless it’s anime-style.
It’s been a dilemma for me after I have witnessed the harsh side of the internet. I still remember being into DAO long before I encountered Tumblr and things were more mellow for me.
Even if my created character isn’t dark-skinned, there is diversity among the companions and I wish people didn’t try to dictate how your character should look.

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Hello, first let let me introduce myself as an elia martell lover, and second I kinda low key ship jonerys though my two oops with Jon are Samxjon and Robbxjon, but I know you ship jonsa and that's great we should all ship and let ship, but all this fandom drama between opposite side shippers is getting to me so to feel a bit better I'm looking to just avoided tumblr for a while but before leaving I wanna ask what makes you ship jonsa? I genuinely want to know.

Hello, thanks for introducing yourself to me.

I started working on this reply then I loss it so I can’t make any promises that it will be any good.

So why do I like Jonsa?

1. They aren’t meant to be

Now I know this might seem like a weird reason to like a ship but this is one of my favorite things about Jon and Sansa. The world of GOT is gritty and cut throat. It’s a fantasy world but it’s not a fairytale world. That’s why the idea of these two people going through so much individually away from each other, being on seemingly opposite paths in life romantically, but reuniting at this crucial moment and developing genuine feelings is so appealing to me. Their love wouldn’t be fated by the universe. It wouldn’t be something that was always meant to happen, it wouldn’t be something that was inevitable. It would be something that blossoms because of who they are and what they mean to each other. It would mirror how real life love tends to happen. In real life we don’t go on parallel journeys with our great loves and then meet at a universe determined point of convergence and instantly fall in love. We exist in our worlds and sometimes it’s pretty and sometimes it’s ugly and then suddenly you’re at concert and you lock eyes with this guy and he’s handsome and you exchange numbers and you get to know him and he makes you feel respected and valued and wanted and you fall in love with him. When I think about Jon and Sansa and how their love story would be that’s what I think of. Two people who existed in a shared world but never understood each other until one day they lock eyes at castle black and relief washes over them because it’s familiar and they both really need familiar. Then one day Sansa realizes that this guy makes her feel respected and valued and safe and she loves him for it. And for Jon, he looks at her one day and she’s beautiful and she’s smart and she challenges him and she gives him a reason to fight in this brutal world again and he loves her for it. It’s not a fairytale but it’s beautiful in it’s own right because it’s organic and pure

2. They compliment each other

Sansa has been through so much and she’s rightfully hardened. She’s not a hateful Bitch by any means, but Sansa has grown used to being betrayed which is breed feelings of mistrust in her and a low tolerance for bullshit. Jon brings a necessary balance to this in sansa. He’s still very much empathetic to those he even sees as an enemy. He still has a element of idealism to him that I think Sansa will need in her life so that she doesn’t slip into the type of hardness we saw in Cersei. Jon still trusts people, he still trusts in the goodness in people and I don’t think Sansa does but I think she needs to because even tho the songs were lies, even tho she had to have her fairytales ripped away from her in the harshest of ways, there are still good people in the world, there are still trustworthy people out there. She doesn’t have to walk around with a wall of suspicion all the time, doing so will get exhausting eventually. Jon has already brought this to her life because he’s restored her faith in men and he can keep doing this for her. As for Jon, well Jon can be a dumbass sometimes let’s just be honest lol Sansa brings a necessary sense of pragmatism to Jon to balance out his impulsiveness. Sansa is very smart and well versed in this game they will have to keep playing for the rest of their lives. She’s the missing link Jon needs to make sure he doesn’t end up like his predecessors. They make the perfect team and have a mutual respect and understanding that makes them well suited to build a stable and good life together.

I also like that Jon is very passionate. I know we associate Jon with broodiness most of the time but I’ve always seen an innate passion in Jon. He’s passionate about his family, he was passionate about the watch, he was passionate about ygritte, and now he’s passionate about Sansa. Maybe it’s the targ blood or even the wolf in him but he has a fire in him that I think Sansa needs after all of her experiences. She needs a man who will bring something innately passionate to her, spark a fire in her, push her, frustrate her, arouse her. She needs someone who won’t treat her like porcelain glass and I feel like Jon can do that. Jon needs someone who will in a way dominate him and I think Sansa can do that. When I say dominate him I don’t mean someone who makes him their little pet and constantly gets him to bend to their will. I mean someone who will challenge him in a way that makes him stand back in awe. Someone who makes him feel less like a hero or a savior and more like a regular person who doesn’t know everything and doesn’t do the right thing all the time. Sansa does that, she illuminates his flaws in a way that makes him adjust, not feel inadequate, she respects his leadership but she doesn’t worship at his feet. She sees him as a good competent man but he’s not infallible, he’s not just a hero, he’s Jon and sometimes Jon is stupid, sometimes Jon is impulsive, sometimes Jon needs to be checked just like everyone else. Sansa is the best person to do this from him, she already does it. To borrow Kit’s words Sansa twists Jon in a way that no one else does and he needs that in his life after experiencing something like a death and a resurrection because without it he becomes the mythic god that all these people thinks he is, that he doesn’t want to be.

3. They make sense

Even from a nonromantic standpoint Jon and Sansa make sense. I like things that make sense, that aren’t rooted in just my emotions but also logic. I think ships where there is a rational reason why they would fall for each other or end up together in some way and Jon and Sansa have a lot of logic to back up a potential marriage. Sansa is the key to the north, she always has been. Once Jon’s parentage is revealed he will need her if he wants any claim over the north. A marriage with Jon would be politically advantageous for both of them, giving Sansa power that she needs to maintain her autonomy and giving Jon a claim over the north that he will need of if he wants to unite the 7 kingdoms. It’s hard to resist something that makes so much sense which is why once I realized how good of a match they were and that there was a precedent for cousin marriages I couldn’t resist.

I hope this answers your question. I know I rambled a lot and in my original reply my thoughts were organized but better but this is pretty much why I ship the two of them.

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Any tips on really fleshing out secondary characters or creating side characters?


Yes: write them like they think they’re the protagonist. In reality, everyone thinks they’re the protagonist of their own story, and your side characters should feel the same. Just because they’re not actually the main character of the story doesn’t mean they know that.

(However, also keep in mind that if you’re writing in first person, and if you don’t switch POVs, your side characters will be colored by your main character, so the most fleshing out you can do is through your protagonist’s eyes. In that case, just make their feelings on your side characters clear.)

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven