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Okay guys. I’m gonna be real with you for a sec. The Captain Underpants movie is coming out in June, and y'all in the LGBT community and those who support it should totally make sure you watch it!! The movie is based off a 12-book series. In the last book, one of the protagonists, Harold, is revealed to be gay. This is super huge for an elementary series of kids books!!

The movie coming out is based on the first four books (that I’m aware of), and if it does well, Dreamworks will probably finish making the series. It would be so important to have that sort of representation for young LGBT kids seeing this movie!! I’ve rarely seen movies where kids are revealed to be LGBT, and that would be such a huge stepping stone!

Anyway!! This movie looks really fun and exciting on top of having the two protagonists that are minorities (Harold’s best friend George is black, and both boys have AHHD). So support it if you can!!

Summary of Danganronpa
  • DR1: Tell em' Naegi
  • SDR2: No Komaeda, Hope is not an instrument
  • DRAE: *leans into the mic* goodbye u little shits
  • DR3Future: dear boy
  • DR3Despair: they live and die by the meme
  • DR3Hope: Being Munakata is suffering
  • DR2.5: Fucking fuckers with talent, go fucking kill urselves
  • DR0: MatsudakunmatsudakunmatsudakunmATSUDAKUNMATSUDAKUN
  • DRTogami: all my friends are dead
  • DRKirigiri: Onee-sama
  • DRIF: Junko no-
  • NDRV3: why the fuck u lyin'
  • DR School mode/island mode: meet my harem, everybody

Dan and Phil should play (2/?) : Bendy and the Ink Machine

So, apparently I am making this a series :D I’ll update it veeeeery sporadically, but it’s gonna be a series! :)
Anyway! I really hope they play this game, if not now at least when more chapters come out.
(also pls don’t repost this without asking or erase my watermark thnx)

When someone says they’re a fan of Fire Emblem Awakening...


Pat them on the back. Be happy that our fandom has a new member. Let them in through the front door with a warm handshake. Be nice. Be civil. Let them geek out about their favourite units for a bit. Make them feel like they have a place in the community.

Then, when they ask, “I found this axe called “Armads” in the DLC, what’s the significance of that?” you can tell them, “That’s from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. You should check it out, the series has a tonne of great history that you would enjoy.”  And then they might go off and play that game and come back and say, “Hey, that game was awesome!  Do you have any other recommendations?” and then you can tell them, “Sure!  Go check out Genealogy of the Holy War if you want to see a darker version of Awakening. If you want to know who this Ike guy everyone keeps going on about is, try to play Path of Radiance. I hope you have fun with them!”

Because some of those newbies want to get into our fandom. Because not all of those newcomers are obsessed with fapping/schlicking to their waifus/husbandos. And when we, the old guard, start looking down on them and demanding that they, “go pleh a reel fiya emburemu gaem FFS” that makes us look like complete dickbags and doesn’t give the newbies much incentive to discover everything we’ve always loved about the franchise and its history.

You want a better fandom, I get it. So be it.

Young Justice Batmom: Part 8

AN: It has been forever and a day since I last updated this. I love how it turned out and I’m happy this got voted number one! For those of you who don’t know I held a poll on twitter to decide which series update I should post to day and YJ Batmom won! Make sure to follow me on twitter for more polls, and previews! Click Here to go to my twitter!

This chapter is dedicated to @audreythetealovingcat she’s been working on some super top secret stuff for me, and It’ll be going live soon! Thank you again so much, you continue to astound me!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

    You complete the obstacle course without throwing up, which in your book… is a win. Especially since you’d thrown up the last two times you’d done it. If your father could see you now he’d be screaming.

           Years of physical training had gone down the drain in the years since you’d left your father’s organization and married Bruce. You’d never thought you’d have to fight again, and yet … here you were.

           “You’re getting better.”

           You crack open an eye to stare at your son, he’s balancing on his hands, on top of a ball. For a minute, you consider the possibility of him being part seal. You dismiss this as you heave your upper body into a sitting position. “I’m too old for this stuff.”

           Dick cracks a grin, “You’re in your twenties.”

           You nod, “My point exactly. That, and the fact that my husband is a task master.”

           Your eyes slide over to your husband. He’s standing in the corner writing notes on a clipboard. He glances at you for a second before writing something else down. Then without looking at you he says, “You’re the one who wanted to get back in fighting shape. I told you I wouldn’t go easy on you, and compared to Ra’s, I’m a freaking walk in the park. Now then, let’s go again.”

           You stare at him, “I want a divorce.”

           Dick slumps onto your back, and wraps his arms around your neck, before asking, “I can live with you, right? And Alfred will come with us, right?”

           Bruce smiles at the two of you before dropping the clipboard and rushing both of you. It’s instinct that has you hopping to your feet. Dick’s legs wrap around your waist, and then you’re running.

           You’re at the disadvantage, and you know it. You’re out of shape, and carrying a thirteen-year-old boy on your back. It’s honestly amazing that you last as long as you do. Bruce takes both of you down while taking the brunt of the fall.

           The three of you collapse in a laughing heap and just lay there. Dick is sandwiched in-between the two of you when he laughs, “We should do this more often.”

           You sigh, “Some families do a game night.”

           Bruce and Dick look at each other for a minute before shaking their heads and saying, “Nah.”

           You roll your eyes and hop to your feet, “Well I am going to go take a shower.”

           Bruce sits up, “What are you talking about, you still have laps to do. You didn’t beat your obstacle course time.”

           You glare at him, “You want to go back to being a billionaire playboy, don’t you?”

           “If he knows what’s good for him, he won’t even entertain that thought.” Alfred says as he enters the gym. “I worked long and hard to put the idea of lifelong companionship in his mind, and I refuse to go back to bimbos walking around in his dress shirts.”

           You glance at your husband, “When the hell did that happen? We got together when we were twenty. After you’d been training for two years.”

           Bruce winces, “I was sixteen, and he was supposed to be gone for the entire weekend.”

           Alfred rolls his eyes, “Like I was going to be that stupid.”

           You stare at your husband, and he stares back, before he says, “How about I forget about the laps, and we stay married.”

           You smile, “Okay, but only for Alfred’s sake.” You lean down and kiss your husband, when you pull back you whisper in his ear, “And maybe a bit for my own as well.”

           He pulls you back down for another kiss, before whispering, “Do you want some company?”

           You glance over at Dick who’s on the parallel bars, “Well we certainly wouldn’t be missed.”

           You grin at each other when the alarm goes off. He growls and you frown. Dick dismounts and simply says, “Let’s go guys.”

    You and Dick head straight for the Mountain while Bruce changes into his gear. You don’t bother with the mask or changing. At this point, the secret’s out, and you could not care less. You watch your son spar with Kaldur, and you find the Artemis at your side a moment later.

    “Hi Mrs. Wayne.”

    You smile at the girl, “Hello, Artemis.”

    The archer smiles back, “Why do you look like you’ve spent the morning getting your butt kicked.”

    You sigh, “Because I live with bullies, and I am waaay out of practice.”

    Artemis chuckles and takes a seat next to you, “So it’s possible to lose the skills, then?”

    You shrug, “I wish that were the case. Instead it seems to be more along the lines of they’re in hibernation. Then I find myself pinned and they seem to wake up a little at a time, and then my body just moves.”

    “Self preservation wins out.”

    You nod, “It would seem so.”

    There’s a moment of silence before she asks, “So does this mean you’re joining the Team or the League?”

    You snort out a laugh, “Neither. I’m a reserve member. I only go if they need me.”

    “Do you have a costume?”

    Your eye twitches, “I don’t do tights.”

    She laughs as Bruce enters, and you follow the kids to the command center. By the end of the briefing your eye is twitching, and you’re radiating anger. No one seems willing to approach you, with the exception of Bruce, and even he seems hesitant.

    “Y/N,” He says slowly.

    “Don’t you dare try to keep me from going, Bruce Wayne.” He winces at the use of his name.

    He tries again, “Y/N…”

    “I hate that damn clown, I hate him with everything I have. He needs to be put down, and I don’t want my kids near him.” Bruce stares at you, and your eyes narrow, “What?”

    “Two things. One we don’t kill, and two when did we get ‘kids’? Last time I checked we had a kid. Singular, not plural.”

    You roll your eyes, “The minute I became den mother those kids became ours. I’ve already dealt with the Joker hurting Dick once, I refuse to see it happen again.”

    “He knows the risk. We all do.”

    “He’s thirteen Bruce.”

    “And what could you do at thirteen?”

    “That’s a different situation.”


    “I was raised by an immortal psychopath who thought it was fun to pit his children against each other.”

    Bruce hesitates for a minute, “What would you suggest?”

    “Send two of the League with them, and I can help the League.”

    Bruce stares at you, “You’ve only been training for …”

    “My whole life Bruce. I’ve been training for my entire life. I’m rusty, I won’t deny that, but I can help take down some plants.”

    He stares at you in contemplation, before sighing. Then he lifts his finger to his earpiece and says, “There’s been a change of plans, Hell Cat and I are going with the Team.” There’s a moment of silence before he barks back, “Of course I’m sure. I’d be next to useless against giant plants. Batman out.”

    You smile at him before leaning in to kiss him, “I’ll go suit up.”

    Dick is less thrilled than you are by the news. “I can’t believe my parents are going on a mission with me! I’m thirteen, I don’t need a babysitter.

    You scoff from your seat in the bio ship, “Richard Grayson, get your temper tantrum under control now, or you can wait in the ship.”

    His head turns to stare at you with the use of his full name, “MOM!”

    You raise an eyebrow, and stare back before he relents and slumps into his seat, “Let’s get one thing straight. The minute I became den mother you all became my kids. This mission is an active fight against high level villains, and I’ll be damned if I let some stupid clown hurt my kids.”

    The kids turn to face you, a bit surprised by your declaration, but no one protests. There’s several moments of silence before Bruce says, “Looks like your days of being an only child are over kid.” There’s a stunned silence before the ship bursts out in laughter.

    The mission is hard, and by the end you want nothing to do with swamps, bugs, or plants ever again. In fact, you’re even considering sabotaging Alfred’s ficus. But you consider it worth it to see Bruce punch out the clown, especially after he went after your baby with a knife.

    “Wow those mosquitos really did a number on you.” Artemis smirks.

    You try to resist the urge to scratch one of the numerous bites on your skin, “Yeah, I can’t leave the house without being doused in bug spray during the summer. Mosquitoes flock to me.”

    “You need a better suit.”

    “Oh, I have ideas for that!” M’Gann calls from the other side of the room. And before you know it the rest of the kids are all pitching in their ideas, before Kaldur says loudly, “Perhaps we should let our mother have some say.”

    You blink owlishly for a moment before, M’Gann says, “Well, Mom?”

    Artemis nudges you with her elbow, “Aunt Y/N?”

    Wally and Dick grin at you, and then Conner too asks, “Mom?”

    You glance at Bruce over their heads and he smiles at you. Smiling you open your arms and say, “We’ll talk about it later. For now, group hug!”

    Then you’re surrounded by your kids. You glance at Dick who’s hanging off your back, and he simply smiles and says, “I guess we’re one big happy family now.”

    You smile and say, “You’re still my baby.”

    He just groans.

What should Dan and Phil play? Night in the Woods!
What are they most likely not gonna play? Night in the Woods!

(i was thinking of drawing them as other game-they-should-play characters so this might become a series. i say might ‘cause i’m a total trash mammal)

I am making this a series! Check it out!

Things I Have Been Reading... (March)

March has been absolutely EPIC for amazing fics!  I am thinking I’m gonna have to go back to posting twice a month because this list is becoming a monster BUT I still think you should go read all the stuff.  This month I have limited myself to only 10 recs for each of my fandoms but there were so many more I could have added.  So here you go, this is my much debated and agonized over list of recommendations for March 2017.

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Hard Eyes: Part 5

AN: While it isn’t first thing in the morning it is still fairly early. So here is part 5 of Hard Eyes. There’s only one part left after this!!!! I’ll be holding a poll on twitter to decide what series I should up date next, so make sure to follow me HERE

Prompt: Batmom that was former suicide squad?

Words: 1268

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4

You can’t help but think, that Dick was right. This life is addictive. It’s easy to fall back into. It’s easy to kill and forcefully move people out of your way, when it comes down to it. It’s old hat for you; the bullets flying, the crazy screams, the occasional bit of laughter. Your body moves on it’s own, somehow remembering everything it knew all those years ago.

    It takes everything you have to hold back. You don’t go after major arteries, you go for the tendons, and weak spots. Spots that will ground your  opponents, but not kill them. Then everything is quiet, with the exception of the ringing in your ears. It takes only a minute to snap out of it. Floyd’s hand lands on your shoulder and you’re back.

    “They’re still alive,” Harley complains.

    You look at your friend and shrug, “I’ve gone a bit soft.”

    She sighs, “I heard motherhood does that.”

    You smile before you move forward. You’ve dyed your hair, and donned a mask. There’s no chance of someone recognizing you, and that gives you a certain amount of freedom. You move forward in a group, toward the final door. The only thing standing between you and Thomas Elliott.

    You grip your knives a tighter, until your knuckles turn white, “We do this fast. We neutralize any traps or threats, we grab Elliott, and we make him talk.”

    There’s a murmur of agreement, as Ivy uses her plants to open the doors. Several small explosions go off as you enter. And then you’re met with more hired guns.You fall right back into the pattern.

    It takes no time for you to cut through the weeds, and that’s when you see him. He’s grinning, and staring at you. You have no doubt that he knows exactly who you are despite the disguise.

    You want to rush forward, but you know better. You know better than to give someone like him what he wants. So you stay with you team, right up until he runs. It had taken you all week to get this close to him, and you’re not about to let him go now.

    So ignoring every instinct you have, you chase him. You run him down like a cat after a mouse. It separates you from your team, but you don’t care, the rage is taking over now.

    He leads you through the twists and turns of the tunnels, until he stops in a main chamber. He stares at you with that twisted smile on his face. “Welcome Mrs. Wayne, though I suppose Hell Cat is much more appropriate in these circumstances.”

    You don’t bother responding, as you take a step forward, “Not so fast.” He holds up a device with several buttons, “It’d be a shame if not only your identity was released but that of your family.”

    That makes you stop. “Tell me, do they know that they’re helping get the Batman back on his feet? That they’re helping their number one enemy. Or are they so blinded by their loyalty to you, that they don’t even see that you’re betraying them?”

    The sound of footsteps fill your ears and he let’s out a laugh, “I know let’s ask them.”

    “I don’t think you’re going to like the answer.” You smile at the familiar voice, but you don’t turn to look. Jason’s familiar gloved hand reaches for yours, and a moment later your other children begin stepping out of the shadows.

    You squeeze Jason’s hand once before stepping forward, “Thomas Elliot, AKA Hush, AKA the bastard who betrayed my family. You should have thought twice about that.”

    You can see the nervousness in his eyes now. As he steps nervously to the side, only to be met by the sight of Damian. As your children begin to close in you explain. “I’m not stupid Thomas. It took me next to no time, to realize that it was you who had betrayed us, and thanks to Ed I already knew that you knew who we are. I also realized that I couldn’t rely just on my old team, I needed to rely on my new one as well.”

    “We hacked you, that controller you’re holding is now useless,” Tim states.

    “Our identities will stay secret, thank you very much,” Dick says, taking the controller.

    You can see that he’s nervous now, he’s fidgeting, and his eyes are darting all over the place, “You still need me. For the poison, or I’ll talk. That’s right I’ll tell the entire police precinct who you are!”

    You shake your head, “You don’t realize it do you, Thomas? That day my oldest son came to visit me he put a listening device and a tracker on me. He knew exactly what I was doing and where I was. It also gave him and my other kids a chance to look up exactly where you’ve been and examine your office.”

    Cass’ voice is cold,“We found the poison.”

    “Martian Manhunter has already worked up an antidote, and is removing the other shrapnel as we speak.”

    “Doesn’t mean I won’t talk!! And you all don’t kill!”

    You nod, “You’re right, we don’t. Unlucky for you Amanda Waller does, and you pissed her off by stealing her poison.”

    His eyes go wide right as the bullet takes him out. Your eyes flicker to the high ground, where your brother is lying down, rifle still in hand. You walk up to the body, “Even unluckier for you, I have an over protective brother, who’s a damn good shot.”

    Your children stare at you for a moment, and you open your arms to them. As they encircle you in a hug, you take comfort in your family, and a sense of relief takes over your body. Relief that you hopefully won’t ever have to pick up your blades again.

    You watch your kids disappear into the shadows as the squad comes into the chamber. There’s complaints about you having all the fun, but otherwise there’s no questions about the dead body or the bullet hole that created it.

    You head back to that run-down bar, and have one last drink. As you sip your whiskey you simply say, “I’m done.”

    Floyd nods, “We know.”

    Harley and Ivy both wrap an arm around your shoulders, Harley smiles and says, “Let those news guys get some pictures of you and the baby some time okay. We want to see what she looks like.”

    “That goes for all major events, any future kids, weddings, graduations, the works,” Ivy adds.

    You take a deep breath, “I’ll do my best.”

    Floyd smiles, “Thanks by the way. For setting up that scholarship for my girl, headed to the best high school in the area because of you.”

    You smile, “I’m ashamed to say that was Bruce’s idea.”

    Floyd just smiles, “You got a good guy there. Got good kids too.”

    Harley grins, “Your boys are real lookers.”

    You roll your eyes, “Stay away from my boys AND my girls Harley.”

    She just smirks, and shrugs. Pulling out a couple of large bills you place them on the counter and tell the bar keep, “Make sure their glasses stay full.”

    He just nods, and you down the rest of your whiskey. Without looking back you pick up your bag and make your way out to your car. You climb into the passenger seat, and stare at your brother, before handing over the keys, and simply say, “Don’t destroy my car. It was a birthday present.”

    He just scoffs and says, “Whatever you say Richie Rich.”

Dance With Me

Anon said: omgosh a taeyong au where both of you are the “leaders” of a dance crew and oo there’s such so much sexual tension 👀 a make out sesh would be great hoho thank u!!

You hate Lee Taeyong because Lee Taeyong thinks his dance crew is better than yours, and Lee Taeyong is stupidly hot when he dances, and Lee Taeyong has a face you want to kiss and Lee Taeyong stole your heart in 3 seconds and you should hate him but you don’t. You’re ridiculously in love with him.

I feel like this is not what you asked for but… here this is anyways…? this gave me so many step up vibes and now i want to go watch the whole series. Enjoy!

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Missing 1

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing // Drinking // It’s going to be sad and angsty.

Months after the split with you and Steve, you’re not as well off as you should be, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t make the right choice, right?

A/N: Mini series I am doing. Only around 500 words each, than I am adding Deleted Scenes from Steve’s POV with each part. Let me know what you think and if you want to be tagged.

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You kick your feet free from the sheet, rolling to your side, staring out the window beside your bed. He’s out there somewhere, not thinking of you like you are him. You groan loudly, rolling over to your back as the nasty thought stings in your chest. “You’re not this pathetic, get it together.” You mutter adjusting trying to get comfortable again.

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Simon and Baz chat pt. 1
  • Simon: hey were out of cherry scones im gonna head to the store.
  • Baz: oh hey can i come with you?
  • Simon: sure.
  • *walking towards car opens door*
  • simon: what are you doing?
  • Baz: getting in the car?
  • siomon: the front seats for people who haven't been kidnapped by fucking numpties
  • Baz: the fronts for people who haven't fallen down a staircase!
  • Siomon: you pushed me!!
  • baz: more like you were falling for me.
  • *car ride is silent entire way there*

anonymous asked:

I'd be so done if in Chaol's book she decides to make the main people he talks to in the Southern Continent be white. Like. No. And she may have LGBT+ rep, but it's literally one or two sentences that says someone is gay or has a lover or something. Like Enda and his mate. Or the two lovers in the Thirteen.

I can’t disagree with this. Honestly. I will finish out the series to find out what happens, and then likely move on. I feel like in Chaol’s novel, he should be the only white man so that he can experience prejudice to learn why it sucks and why he shouldn’t do it to anyone else. And I would KILL for a lesbian love scene honestly. Or just two girls kissing. Or fucking holding hands. Like I’m not gonna be picky.

Naruto Series Finale

Im just thinking out loud here. I don’t know what makes me more sad; the fact that Naruto has officially ended or the fact that the last episode did not come even remotely close to properly honouring the end of the series. It should have been an hour long, at least. It should have shown the celebration. It should have shown Naruto visiting Jiraiya’s shrine before the wedding. Even if Sasuke didn’t come to the wedding, it should have shown some pre-wedding interaction between him and Naruto or even better, some Team 7 moments.

It should have been so much more 💔 I am so mad at Studio Pierrot; I don’t hate Boruto or the next generation but I’m so mad about the fact that the hype for the Boruto series completely shadowed the occasion of the end of the original series.

I have been reading and watching the Naruto series for eleven years. Naruto is my entire childhood. I wish they did it some justice.


Dragon Age Purikura ( プリクラ) 

I have always really enjoyed taking ‘Purikura’ pictures in those Japanese photo booth sticker machines, so I thought it would be fun to draw Alistair and his Warden taking their own purikura pictures! hehehe ^.^ They are celebrating being reunited again after the events of DA:I. Obviously this technology wouldn’t exist in Thedas, but I think it’d be hilarious if it did. I can picture some pretty great antics & poses from Sera and Dorian… Bwaahahah! Hmmm, maybe this should be the beginning of a new drawing series? I ended up making a colored version of this since purikura tend to be pretty bold/colorful pictures.

*For those that aren’t familiar with ‘Purikura’, the machines usually have tons of choices of cute backdrops, borders, embellishments, etc., and then you can pose for several exposures which will get printed out after you’re finished.


The Women of Borgen

Elna Munch, Helga Larsen, Karen Ankersted, Mathilde Malling Hauschultz. I hope we all know these names. These are four women who were the first of their gender to gain a seat in Parliament in 1918, and thus ended the Parliament debate about whether women are cut out to be politicians. To all those who wish to debate whether women should enter politics on equal terms with men and ultimately make Prime Minister, I can only say: You’re 100 years behind. So many insignificant topics have been discussed. Did any of you really believe I intended to resign and become a housewife? You must not know me at all then. I very much want to end all these foolish discussions. Today, the last part of the government reform package was passed. We’ve shown you where we want to take Denmark. I’m very pleased and proud of that. That’s why I’m going to let the Danish voters decide. Not what gender the Prime Minster should be, but whom they feel is the best Prime Minister for Denmark. 

anonymous asked:

I was wondering, what are your top 15 reds? Since we had at least 41 seasons of them so far.

That’s a good question and one I’ve never really thought of before.  Red isn’t generally my favorite out of the heroes of any show.  He tends to get too much of the focus or be too perfect. Or worse, he eats up all of the screen time and makes the rest of his team suffer.  That doesn’t mean reds from these situations are necessarily bad characters, they just don’t feel right in a Sentai series where the focus should be on the team, not on any one character.

I am NOT going to include Akared because he has no out of suit form and is more of a conceptual character, being the embodiment of the the spirit of all reds.  He’s cool but doesn’t really belong on this list.

So, let’s get started.  Remembers, these are just my opinion and if you think I left someone important out or ranked someone too low, my apologies. This is a highly subjective list and all but the top spots could change daily depending on how I am feeling and what I am watching at the time.

With that said, let’s get started!

15. Daigo Kiryu/Kyoryu Red

I am putting the leader of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger this low on the list because he is the poster child for the problems I noted above. He is the focus character, the one who gets the lion’s share of the story, he gets a power up only he can use and he’s the one who gets force shipped with the team’s only main female member (and the one the other female characters seem to want to be with). This would normally disqualify him from the list but I can’t help but like him.  He’s fun, energetic and a bit dense.  I also love his series, despite myself. 

14. Ryusuke Ohwashi/Vul Eagle I

The first leader of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan, might not be the most memorable leader but his team is one of my favorites. He’s still a good leader and the balance between the sometimes overly serious Vul Shark and the goofball Vul Panther.  

13.  Hiromu Sakurada/Red Buster

Though not my favorite series, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is highly underrated among a large chunk of the fandom. I love the costumes, the designs, the mecha and the villains.  Hiromu may come across as kind of a blunt, over serious jerk but he has his reasons and it feels natural and not forced.  He also works REALLY well with his team and the core group of three feel at times more like family than teammates.

12. Sasuke/Ninja Red

The only Red on this list who is NOT the leader of his team, Sasuke makes the list for his unique position and his character growth (and because Ninja Sentai Kakuranger is my favorite series ever). He starts out as a shiftless drifter with no sense of personal responsibility who ends up releasing the Youkai Army from its centuries long sleep.  He learns though and becomes a better person, even working his way up to second in command of the team after Tsuruhime/Ninja White.  By the end, he has the makings of a capable leader.

11. Ryu Tendoh/Red Hawk

Another bird-themed Red to make the list (there will be more, trust me) Red Hawk is the leader and center of Choujin Sentai Jetman.  He is the one member of the team picked from the beginning and he brings a sense of military discipline to his rather ragtag team. He also brings a profound sense of loss, having watched his fiance get sucked into space in the initial attack only to discover later that she was turned into an enemy by the villainous Vyram. He is also, unfortunately, part of the series’ love triangle.

10.  Nobuo Akagi/Akiba Red

Wait a second, how did this guy get on my list?  This unofficial stuff has no place here!  Oh, wait, yes he does because Nobuo is an awesome Red! He uses his encyclopedic knowledge of Super Sentai to guide his team through the pitfalls of villainous plots, standard tropes and the sometimes overwhelming power of their own delusions!  That alone earns him a place on this list as one of the best and most memorable Sentai reds, official or not.

9. Takayuki Hiba/Vul Eagle II

Yep, two Reds from the same series!  The only series to ever swap Reds mis-seasons (with the joking exception of Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger) Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan made a change for the better with the second Vul Eagle. He was a colleague of the former Eagle and took his place on the team with the first went off to join NASA.  He brought with him a slightly more serious attitude and a mastery of Kendo, using a sword in combat in addition to the weapons of his predecessor.

8.  Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star/RyuuRanger

The fourth member to join Gosei Sentai Dairanger, Ryo is the first to get his Mystical Chi Beast and quickly proves himself an apt leader. He is also a cook and delivery boy for a local Chinese Restaurant and dreams of making the best gyoza in Japan!  He is awakened to his heritage as a member of the Dai tribe and uses his proficiency in Dragon Fist style martial arts to battle the Gorma.

7.  Shirō Gō/Red One

The man who was supposed to pilot Japan’s first Space Shuttle mission, his life is forever changed when the New Empire Gear attacks. Finding out he is the descendant of those bathed in Bio Particles centuries ago, Shiro becomes Red One, the leader of Choudenshi Bioman. He is a passionate leader burning with a sense of justice and feels a great sense of responsibility not only to the Earth but also to his teammates.

6. Right/ToQ 1gou

I expect this to be one of my more contentious choices, especially given how high up on the list he is.  Despite falling prey to some of my pet peeves (taking too much focus from the other characters, getting a power up for his own use) I cannot help but love Right.  He’s a great character and so much fun with his (understandably) childish nature and optimistic outlook. He might not be the most seasoned or mature leader but he’s got a vision for victory second to none!

5. Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red

If you were to look up stoic in the Sentai Dictionary, Takeru Shiba’s picture would be there. His usually cool, calm demeanor hides his overwhelming sense of responsibility not only for the fate of the world but for the secret he has to keep.  He is not entirely comfortable with others fighting and putting their lives on the line for his sake and does not hesitate to enter into battle first, no matter the risk to himself.  He grows as a leader as the series progresses to the point where any one of his teammates would willingly give their lives for him not out of a sense of duty but out of respect.

4.  Yusuke Amamiya/Red Falcon

The leader of Choujuu Sentai Liveman, Yusuke shares the sense of loss the rest of the team does because of the murder of their friends and betrayal by their fellow students. Though he is a serious leader, the loss has not made him hard but instead instilled in him a need for justice and to protect the lives and hopes of those still alive. 

3. Geki/Tyrannoranger

Prince of the Yamato Tribe and leader of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Geki is an all around great guy.  He’s a superb fighter, an expert swordsman and possessed of a sense of Justice second to none.  He cannot stand evil, those who would hurt others or anyone who puts children in danger. He may be royalty (by adoption) but he never acts like he is above anyone else. 

2.  Tsuyoshi Kaijo/Akaranger

There is NO way I could do this list without including the original Red Warrior.  Heck, I would not be able to live with myself if I didn’t have him on this list.  Just look at the name of my blog! Tsuyoshi is the standard by which all Sentai leaders should be judged.  He is a great fighter, a good leader, a selfless hero and pretty much the pinnacle of what a Sentai red should be.  There is only one who really beats him in my opinion.

1. Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red

When I think of Sentai Reds, the first person who comes to mind is this Pirate Captain from 2011.  Captain Marvelous is everything I love in a Red.  He’s a good character on his own, leads his team well and doesn’t get in the way of the personal growth of his teammates or totally dominate the narrative.  He gets enough focus to be the central character without feeling like the entire story is all about him.  That, in my opinion, makes him the best Red we’ve ever seen.  

He’s also a snappy dresser and kind of a jerk at times.

So, there you go!  My 15 favorite reds (as of this point).  As I said before, this list could change at any time and some might get themselves booted if they aren’t LUCKY!