should i make a psd


make me choose: the bus or the playground
↳ asked by @deanastie

Dropping in to let y’all know that things are in the works here. I made a post the other day updating on why I haven’t been overly active (here), along with some plots and thangs I’ve been itching to write out. 

Feeling kind of aesthetic-y this week, though? Contemplating dropping a few mood boards or compilations in-between clearing out the memes/ask box. That being said I’m looking for new PSD’s to work with, if anyone has any suggestions on a couple of rad ass screencap psd’s to check out, I’d appreciate it a ton!

So, yeah. I’m gonna hop in the shower real quick, brew a giant ass mug of coffee and then spend the entirety of the night here and on @deathmaarch - a sideblog that some of you know as the sarcastic, punkass nephew of my officer, here. Drop us some memes or plot lines?? We’ll be here. xo