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The One Where ‘Its’ Hard

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader 

Summary: Growing up together, Stiles had seen you shirtless millions of times but when he stays over one night, seeing you in your bra really does something for him.

i’m super, super sorry for not updating! i’ve been extremely busy and i also didn’t have many new ideas so i was working on all the unfinished imagines (there’s 318 by the way) but here’s some stiles fluff to make up for it! also thankyou for 1000 notes on my masterlist!

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“Stiles, you should really go talk to Scott,” you sigh, making up the couch for him. Stiles watches you, hugging his pillow against his chest, “I will, just… not yet. I’m not sure I can forgive him yet. My dad’s still very, very sick, y/n. If Scott had just listened to me about Theo – no – if he had just listened to me…”

“I know,” you mumble, turning to face him. You had never seen Stiles look so broken.

You hug him with the pillow between you two and he smiles slightly, “Thanks for letting me crash here. My house feels too empty.”

“No problem,” you smile, pulling away from him. Stiles sets his pillow down on the couch and flops onto it, “You have the comfiest couch in the world,” he sighs in satisfaction as he stares up at the ceiling.

“Well, bundle up because the heater is broken so it’s going to get a bit cold.”

“What?” he frowns. Stiles hated the cold more than anything.

“Hey, I said you could sleep up in my room – you’re the one who kept saying things would be weird and blah blah blah,” you say, making chattering motions with your hand.

You and Stiles had been best friends since you were children but things got a little weird a few months ago when he got drunk after he and Malia broke up and kissed you. Since then he had been awkward and careful from everything to sharing a bed to sharing a milkshake.

“I just – I think we need time to let things go back to normal.”

You roll your eyes, “You mean you need time – Stiles, you were upset and drunk and you kissed me and it was a mistake. I don’t see what the big deal is!”

Stiles exhales loudly and then sits upright, “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” he piles up the pillows and blankets, “Just don’t kick me in your sleep,” he frowns, “Last time I slept in your bed I got a concussion.”

The best part about Stiles kissing you? You got to tease him with suggestive comments for the rest of eternity. 

“Well, maybe you’ll get another one this time just… in a way that’s worth it,” you wink at him and he stiffens, “That’s so not funny.”

“It’s a little funny,” you laugh. Stiles follows you upstairs and dunks his stuff onto his side of the bed, “Do you have anything I can wear?”

“Do you mean like panties?” you scoff.

“No,” he deadpans, “I mean like pyjamas or at least a sweater – it’s so cold.”

“I think I have something of Scott’s,” you say, digging through your drawers, “You guys stay over way too much.”

Stiles pulls his shirt over his head as you hand him the sweater.

“Have you been working out?” you raise a brow. Stiles looks down at his body and then shrugs, “A little,” he says with a satisfied smile. Once he settles into bed you begin to get changed- that is, until you hear Stiles’ outcry.

“WHA- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” he yells with a hand over his eyes.

“What? You’ve seen me without a shirt on millions of times!”


“So what? You can walk around without a shirt on but I can’t? Plus, you’re Stiles – it’s like impossible for you to-“ you pause and your eyes widen suddenly when you notice him trying to subtly pull the sheets over his lower half – struggling to do so with one hand still over his eyes.

“Do you have a boner?” you chuckle, pulling a t-shirt over your head and walking over to the bed, yanking the sheets out of his hand.

“N-NO!” his cheeks had turned red and you were sure that were he to open his eyes, they would be filled with horror. He grabs around blindly, trying to find the sheets, “Give them back!”

“I can’t believe you got hard just from seeing me in a bra,” you laugh, doubling over.

Stiles’ eyes flutter open and he jumps out of bed, “YOU DID IT ON PURPOSE!”

He looks relieved to see you with a shirt on but still tries to look enraged.



You’re not smiling anymore and instead you can feel your heart hammering against your chest, “I – I was just teasing you because – because you get so embarrassed, I didn’t – I –“

He’s in love with you? How could he possibly be in love with you?

From peeing your pants in first grade to getting your stomach pumped after getting alcohol poisoning at your sixteenth birthday, Stiles had seen it all. He had seen you at your worst and grossest and dorkiest.

Stiles’ eyes were wide now, “Wait, you – you didn’t know?”

“NO!” you suck in a deep breath, “Stiles, we’re best friends!”

“I know,” he sighs, walking towards you and stopping inches away before taking your hands in his, “But don’t you think it’d be kind of perfect? There’d be no pretending or awkwardness because we already like everything about each other – I mean, that’s why we’ve been best friends our whole lives, right? Tell me you haven’t felt this way? Tell me it’s never crossed your mind?”

“It hasn’t! Stiles – I’ve never felt that way about you – okay, maybe once when we were six and you let me eat your lunch because I forgot mine but I was six! What did I know about love?!”

“Well, what do you want me to do?!” he asks as you pull your hands out of his, “I can’t stop feeling this way! I don’t want to,” he runs his fingers through his hair, “It would be so easy, so uncomplicated – just me and you, like it’s always been.”


“If you tell me right now that you’ll never feel the same way – that you want me to bury my feelings – I will. They won’t be gone but-“

“No,” you mumble, stepping closer to him, “I don’t want you to do that it’s just… say we do date- say we date for a long time but then something goes wrong and we break up. What then? Do we stop being best friends? Because I would never want to lose you and you know how lousy I am at relationships.”

“Hey,” he says softly, cupping your face in his hands, “We will never stop being best friends because I will never stop loving you even if we break up. It’s just, we have something great together and I just want to give us a chance.”

You both stay silent, your breathing the only sound to be heard in the room. You place a hand over his, “Okay,” you smile, “But you gotta take care of that-“ you look down at his jeans, “-yourself.”

“Wha- huh? Oh, right?” he says consciously, “Yeah, we’re not going to do that on our first date.”

“This is a first date?”

His eyes widen, “No, I – of course our first date will be much, much cooler than this – I’ll take you to-“

“I think this is a pretty good first date,” you smirk, “Us, home alone, in my bed.”

Stiles swallows hard.


“Just us under the covers with Netflix playing the back while we…” you trail a finger down his stomach and stop at the band of his jeans before pulling away and reaching past him to pick up your phone off the table “… eat pizza,” you laugh, “I’ll order. What do you want?”

“I hate you,” Stiles sighs, blush flushing his cheeks as he flops face down onto your bed.

For freshman going into art school: the bare bones recommendations

So ya chose to go to an art school… That’s great! 4 years of coffee and easy mac with a tin of paint thinner are in your future, friend! 

But what do you actually need for an art school? Do you need the master set of pastels and oils or do you just need a pencil? Honestly… It depends on the school. 

BUT!! From my own personal experience at the Kansas City Art Institute, I’m going to make a list of things to bring and what not to bring (at least on move in day). 


The dorm.

Every college is different on how their dorms work. Some are communal (like KCAI) some are single room apartments. But these basics should help you know what to buy and what to leave behind 

( NOTE: every college has a different guide on what to bring and what not to bring. Please adhere to your school’s rules to avoid fines.)

YES list–the things you absolutely should bring

-mini fridge (2.5 cubic ft is good, if you share with your roommate you can go bigger)

-microwave; you OR your roommate. no one needs 2 microwaves.

-string lights. for when ya wanna see your desk but your roommate’s asleep.

-small trashcan. bring a pack of trashbags–draw string is the best.

-shower caddy/bag with flip flops. shower shoes are expensive, flip flops work the same. 

-house shoes. for those cold days and walking to the bathroom.

-a small shelf/storage ottoman/storage seat. You want to have space to store your dry foods and textbooks, but you wanna be able to have a seat other than your desk chair. 

-shoe organizer. whether it actually holds your shoes or not, this is great or organizing things. socks, cleaning supplies, hairspray and febreeze are off your desk and out of your closet. 

-door mirror. you can get some pretty good ones for cheap at walmart or target. be sure of your door dimensions first though. 

-2nd phone charger/long phone cable. for charging your phone in bed or at your desk. you never know how far away the outlet will be. 

-fairly new power strip. just to be safe and to plug all your stuff into. 

-body pillow if you don’t like cold walls. 

-a notebook for each class that involves reading or note taking. you might think you can use a binder for all your classes, but easier organization and lighter backpacks are always good. also keep a highlighter and pen with each notebook. it’ll be well worth it, trust me. no one likes losing pens on exam days. 

-at least 2 rolls of quarters (about $20). laundry. it costs $. at KCAI my laundry usually runs at $3.25 because i add a little more drying time. 

-some sort of storage for your desk that isn’t super heavy. I’m currently using both a plastic crate from walmart for books and a cardboard box to keep stuff away from where I work. 

-water filter pitcher. water purity is different everywhere, and even though the water may be clean, a lot of people get sick their first week in a new area just because of the water difference. a filter eases that discomfort just a bit more. 

-folding laundry hamper. I say folding because it’s easier on move in day and it holds more. win win!

-basic cleaning supplies. messes happen. 

-ETHERNET Cable. the wi-fi WILL go out while you’re at school. it’s just going to. so have an ethernet cable the proper length from the plug to your desk for your computer. (Note: ethernet is only best when the wi-fi is out. it connects to main campus computers and that’s dangerous. PLEASE only use when the wi-fi is down.)


NO!! list–leave this behind.

-your massive collection of books. I have too many here myself, but you’re not gonna read or use personal reference books as much as you think. Bring only what you use more than once a month. 

-stereo system. no one likes overly noisy neighbors. 

-pots and pans. unless you live in a swanky apartment dorm with a kitchen, you’re never gonna use that stuff. a coffee mug, bowl, and a microwave are as about as 4-star restaurant as you’re gonna get.

-movies in cases/videogames WITH cases. use a cd binder. works the same and saves space. 

-a bunch of fancy clothes. you’ll really only need 2, maybe 3 nice outfits in art school. pack 2 weeks of tops with 1 week of pants. saves space and laundry you have to do if you alternate weeks. coats, jackets, and cardigans are up to your style.

-anything that takes up more floor space than your fridge or ottoman. UNLESS you know for a fact that you’re gonna set up your desk under your bed in a “T” formation, there’s not much room. so consider a floor pouf or a cushion to go behind the ottoman to make a seat with a back.

-a bunch of purses, shoes, or hats. Again, UNLESS you know exactly how the room is laid out it’s hard to figure out space. if you use a purse, 2 maybe 3 is the most you’ll need. shoes are basically this: everyday, everyday #2, shoes for rain/snow, 2 pairs of nicer shoes, and flip flops for the room if you don’t use houseshoes. 

-your vast collection of coffee/tea mugs. I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to pick favorites. at most you’ll use 2-3. I personally only have 1 here and then I have my water bottle. 


Other than those things, check with your school list when it’s available to you to see what you need and what you don’t. Once you’ve filled the checklist THEN you can start bringing other things like books, pillows, electric kettles, irons, etc.

Every school is different, and KCAI has its own guidelines on what is or isn’t allowed. See what rules you can wiggle around and disguise based on your own needs. (aka not illegal stuff. duh. but like mattress pads and extension cords. 

Now that the dorm is covered, let’s get to actual art stuff! 

The short answer: every school’s different. and KCAI’s freshman/ foundations year is unique compared to other schools’. The reason being is that aside from animation and film, foundation year is like a free sample buffet on what majors there are. We have still lifes, charcoal, woodshop, illustration, writing, sculpture, painting, and individualized work all year. 2nd semester is when classes get more focused but still. it’s kinda crazy but really nice in the long run.

The budget that’s recommended IS a bit um… well… depends on the teacher. I personally had a teacher who liked for us to do a bunch of stuff without fully using our materials or would have assignments where new materials would run out and we’d have to buy more. 

A safe budget for supplies is about $200 per semester. Now, that’s for supplies only. Take into account food and amazon shipping and emergencies for the rest of your $. 


Stuff you’ll need that they don’t tell you in the beginning of the year

KCAI offers a “FOUNDATION KIT” at the beginning of the year that is about $250 all together. The list they give you is well organized so you can buy stuff on your own to save money. See what you already have or can buy for cheaper prices before you buy the kit. 

Now, again, every teacher is different. Here’s the BASIC list based on mine and other friends’ experiences. 

-glue gun.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. usually comes with foundation kit. I got a nice Superbonder dual temp. gun at Hobby Lobby with a stand. Works great and has a long cord. 

-more hot glue sticks than you thought was possible. sold in the KCAI campus art store. sculpture and cardboard are gonna be big parts in the beginning of the year, but you’ll be thankful later on. be SURE you’re using dual temp. sticks and the proper size for your glue gun. 

-sandpaper/ sandpaper block.   sold in the KCAI campus art store. not too expensive, like $5. the sanders are gonna be busy in woodshop. 

-safety goggles. sold in the KCAI campus art store. wood dust and/chips hurt. just get some simple safety glasses.

-masks. sold in the KCAI campus art store. not too expensive. get a new one every 3 weeks. about 2 needed in total. 

-measuring tape.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. OR go to walmart/home depot for cheaper. mine is a 12 ft self-lock one. it’s pretty good. 

-painter’s tape.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. I think it comes in the foundation kit, but you’re gonna run out. get at walmart for cheaper.

-(not a need but it’s super helpful) trashbag taped to your desk. saves trips to the trashcan and helps your space stay tidier. 

-speedball carver.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. to carve screenprinting rubber stamps when you get into pattern. PERSONALLY I ordered a set of wood whittling tools on amazon that work the same, were cheaper, and work on more than just rubber stamps (pumpkin carving!!) 

-baby wipes. you don’t really NEED these, as sinks exist, but when you work with charcoal and you don’t have enough time between the next drawing or lunch, these help a bunch. 

-push pins.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. teachers recommend the metal ones, I just use the clear plastic ones. less distracting when critiquing. 

-BIG ruler, more of a yard stick.  sold in the KCAI campus art store(?) I think it comes in the foundation kit, but you can always just buy a cheaper metal yard stick or share with a friend. 

-drawing pencils.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. comes with foundation kit. I’m not talking #2 pencil you use all the time, I’m talking 4B and 6H and such. Get a decent set with a sharpener. 

-vine charcoal.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. comes with foundation kit. this charcoal goes away FAST. get an extra box before classes start. 

-white chalk.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. for when your charcoal is just not erasing. 

-X-acto knife.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. comes with foundation kit. the blade is gonna dull down eventually so get an extra for later. 

-box cutter.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. think it comes with the foundation kit. Now, I personally am terrified of box cutters because I over-think injury possibilities, so I just use my x-acto knife (hello dull blades). But unless you’re a scaredy-cat like me, a simple box cutter is needed. 

-cutting mat, self-healing. sold in the KCAI campus art store (I thiiiiink). those weird green mats you see in sewing sections or on artist speed-draws? yeah you’re gonna need one. Big is good, small is fine too. 


Other stuff depends on the teacher. Trips to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Blick, Creative Coldsnow (kansas city), or other places for supplies IS gonna happen. If you don’t drive, find friends who are doing supply runs too and carpool. 

Art school is crazy and it’s fun, but it IS college. So keep a weekly schedule, take notes, and do your homework. 

Good luck! 




Intros and conclusions are often the hardest part of essay writing! Worry not, because here I will give you some tips to start your best essay yet!

* it can be just a general idea as many people prefer to write the intro until the essay is done *

-          Start with a quote:

“The best novels should be sensational and realistic, both in the highest of levels” said Anthony Trollope. When we talk about Dickens’ novels……

-          Start with a question:

How many words does it take to know you’re talking to an adult? In “Peter Pan,” J. M. Barrie needed just five: “Do you believe in fairies?” Such belief requires magical thinking. Children suspend disbelief. They trust that events happen with no physical….. (Magic May Lurk Inside Us All by C. Nathan)

-          Start with a fact:

Our education system is in a state of crisis. Among developed countries, the United States is 55th in quality rankings of elementary math and science education, 20th in high school completion rate and 27th in the fraction of college students receiving undergraduate degrees in science or engineering. As a society, we….. (Death Knell for the Lecture: Technology as a Passport to Personalized Education by D. Coller)

-          Start with some historical background of your topic:

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries Americans developed a unique system of government with revolutionary ideals – never seen anywhere else before. Americans adopted representative governments with democratic principles that allowed…. (American Identity and Unity from A.P. Study Notes)


Develop theme 1. Finish that idea and connect it with the next one and so on. Now is when all the previous research pays off  :D Pour all your knowledge here!!

E.g.: “….but we could not give all the credit to Fielding’s plot development if we do not discuss his ability to construct realistic characters. As Gerould expresses it:  ‘Tom Jones is great because it pictures real men and women, and because its craftmanship [sic] is marvelous’”…..

Here I connected plot development [theme 1] with character development [theme 2], I inserted a quote to validate my opinion and I started to write about Fielding’s characters.


Ask yourself What is the point of all this? Why did I just wrote all the above? Basically, writing the conclusion is your ‘get to the point’ moment.

Here you should make a summary of everything you have written, mention every point you addressed in your essay with a final thought upon it. E.g.

In conclusion with (THEME 1) we can understand that ……. And with (THEME 2) the relevance of (YOUR TOPIC) is seen with a different perspective. However (THEME 3) shows that (YOUR TOPIC) is still a field that needs more analysis/investigation/understanding) but with the coming years we might hopefully find and answer to this. 

Super generic yet, somehow effective. In conclusion: SUMARIZE EVERYTHING and say goodbye. (see, that is the conclusion of the conclusion section on this post. Not so hard, right?)

Hope this helps!

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Any other ideas of studying spaces if you don't have a desk?

Oh, this is actually a great question! I mean, desk is probably ideal because it¨s ergonomic and stuff, BUT you can actually make a study space anywhere! here are some ideas:

- If you’re comfortable sitting on the floor, you can take a blanket and some cushions and make a little cozy study nook :) This probably wouldn’t be ideal for writing notes, but great if you just need to revise

- You can study in bed! I mean, it is said that your bed should be a place where you take rest so you shouldn’t work there because then you sort of connect working with your bed and might get trouble sleeping there or something but whatever, I do everything in my bed and still get sleep at night :D this might be great if you’re ill but still need to study. You just need some flat surface if you have to write notes and stuff, which can be simply a larger book

- You can use any other desk - dining table, coffee table, beside table even, if you’re desperate :D or you can simply visit a coffee shop, get some nice latte and work there :)

- If the weather’s nice, you can take your studying outside! My friend an I did that one day, we just sat on the balcony with our laptops and wrote our essays, the sun was shining, birds were signing, it was amazing! :D you can go study to a park, find some nice place in your garden if you have it, or just sit on a bench.

Is there any other great study space I left out? Library maybe? If you come up with some other spaces, add them please! ^^


Here take some sloppy edits of ballet nerds and then a bonus breakdancer outfit for ladybug (I don’t know what chat noir should look like so stand by for work on him whoops).

This is for @starrycove’s ballet/break dance au!

((Here’s a lil’ mod post just to say, firstly, sorry for lack of updates lately! Hopefully I’ll get to some more asks and drawings soon uvu 

In the meantime, I wanted to make note of some other daily pokemon blogs run by friends of mine! You should check’em out, ‘specially ‘cause they’ll probably be showing up on this blog every now and then! 

So if you want more cool artists on your dash, check out:





that’s all!))

THE WILBUR EFFECT (aka, why you should never give up on drawing ever)

Hey everybody! Jessica here, once again starting a text post with a wonky, odd title.  But it serves a purpose this time, honest!

So recently, I’ve seen a lot of people getting really discouraged about their art, both online and in real life.  On an unrelated note, I’ve also gotten a couple of requests to post some of my old art to show my progress.  So I decided I’d blend the two.

And to make things even more interesting, I’m not just going to pull out some old piece that’s semi-presentable but still flawed. No, I’m going to show you guys the oldest, most embarrassing, first-thing-I’d-ever-drawn-on-a-tablet-before disgrace:

…This is Wilbur. Whom my old roommate has since nicknamed “Urineface.”

I drew this originally in 2012 with literally no clue what I was doing.  As you can see, I got so frustrated with the piece that I never actually finished it—the lines were stiff, the colors were unnatural, and that poor kid’s hair is so jagged it’s about to gouge his eyes out.

As I cringe behind my computer with shame, I realize that one thing’s for sure: He came from a frustrated, embarrassed, and still-learning artist.  At the time, all of my best friends were astonishing visual artists, and, well, I was…kinda not. There were so many times during this period where I just wanted to give up, to stop drawing.  Heck, there were times when I’d actually cry myself to sleep over the fact that I’d never be a good artist.  I’m sure some of you have been in the same boat, and here’s what I have to say to you:


Need more proof? Alright, embarrassing drawing number two.  You guys are killing me here.

These were some characters from an animated film I wrote in 2012.  I am…not sure why the guys are giants compared to the girl, nor why half the sketch lines look like these people got electrocuted.  Also, everybody’s face seems…really stretched?  Their mouths are kind of melting off of their chins, that doesn’t sound safe.

I revisited the film for a college project in 2016, and:

I’d like to think these three look a little better.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. “2012? Alright, buddy, it’s 2016 now, of course you’re going to improve in like, 4 years—who wants to wait that long?” But rest assured, while improvement doesn’t come overnight, it doesn’t always take four years, too!

In all honesty, I know that creating art can feel really hopeless and discouraging at times.  We find ourselves comparing our work to other people’s, feeling obligated to work at a rapid-fire pace, or just plain giving up for whatever reason. But I’m here to tell you that you can do this, no matter how inexperienced you feel.  Even if you’re just picking up that tablet pen for the very first time: do not be afraid to keep going.

I’m far from perfect as an artist, and I still have a lot to learn. Maybe four years down the road I’ll be looking back at my 2016 art and having a cringe-fest. But that would just prove that I’d improved, and that things could only move forward from there!

Art is tricky, okay? Nobody expects you to master it in one night, or one month, or even one year.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t reach it someday!  Save a bunch of tutorials for reference.  Watch speedpaints.  Try the occasional drawing challenge. Even if you don’t get it right, at least you’re learning what to do and what not to do!  And in time, you’ll be looking back and going, “Wow…my younger self would be so astonished right now.”  That, my friend, is a magnificent feeling.

So, to end this behemoth of a post, I decided to redraw Wilbur again…for old times’ sake. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that time made things a whole lot better. In the end, all you have to do is be patient:

It really does pay off.

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This episode was the next stepping stone to romantic Bellarke and I couldn't be happier. I'm am satisfied with the scenes we got and to think it only gets deeper from here. On another note, I really think Jasper is done this season.

How does it get deeper?

Honestly. How? 

At this point, kissing and sex is almost a… not a step down, but like they’ve already surpassed that intimacy, you know? 

Really they should just do it so they can get some happiness from each other, some pleasure, along with all that heart ache and worry.

as for Jasper, you know what? I think he cares about other people, and I think that’s going to get him to come back to us. Will he make it out? I don’t know, but I think he’s going to be more than just nihilistic.

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Analyzing the bed her dog is in, why she does not talk to octavia, floors and and other pics on social media does make anyone an expert in a persons life. Making redic assumptions and thinking youknow what goes on in any celebrities life is nuts. Re-read some of your comments. You can't know and should not. They don't talk about eachother b/c they know peple will gossip about EVERYTHING they say and do. Just saying. Another person's opinion. I get gossip but some think leave it alone.

Okay, first of all HI FRIEND!

Originally posted by kylimakat28

So nice of you to join us here in our inbox instead of just leaving snide comments in the notes, and complaining about our blog, leaving us out of all the fun. What took you so long? 

Doesn’t matter, because you’re here now!

Originally posted by dangbenedict

We don’t need to read our own comments, because we know what we’ve said. We’ve said that we aren’t going to assume they’re not together based on some of the interesting things we’ve noticed lately with them. They’re not really compelling evidence of anything, but we can talk about it if we want to, since it’s of interest to the people who follow this blog, and who just want to shoot the breeze with us. Some people may think it means they’re over, and some people believe they’re still together. All are welcome to come in here, and express that. We can debate them, but at present moment, what is there to debate? There is nothing really solid to go on here. 

But I get it. You don’t like this blog, and never have. You’ve been complaining about us ever since we pointed out that it’s very likely that Jobby had an affair outside her marriage with Chris. You say that we can’t know, and we never claimed that we have all the answers. We go by what we do know, and what info we do have. We make our conclusions based on that, but by no means do we feel this insane need to convince everyone to think the way we think. People can come to their own conclusions. We just talk on our blog, and do our thing. We, for instance, don’t go around to other people’s blogs to argue the points post after post after post with anecdotal evidence and a bunch of “what ifs” because we can’t stand people disagreeing with us. We leave that up to you, beloved. 

We would also like to extend you the invitation to read your own comments. You’ve also made a lot of assumptions over the past months, and often with nothing more than what you think or feel or from personal experience, and you apply it to whatever we’ve said in order to disprove it. You say it’s nuts to collect receipts and talk about their relationship, and hey, we’ll cop to being a little obsessed with fact-checking, and we wouldn’t be a gossip blog if we weren’t into analyzing shit and discussing it ad nauseum. Yeah, maybe it’s a little nuts. But then again, so is making, deleting, and remaking a blog just so one can go around hate-reading, and trolling people’s blogs on a mission from God to defend one’s favorite ship though one has been ignored for months on end by said blog no matter how much effort one has put into being antagonistic. I know you love to hate this blog, and you’re not here for it, but you hate-read it like you’re gunning for a perfect attendance ribbon. 

Friend, we love you so much, and to show that we have no hard feelings, we decided to go ahead and give you one. Congratulations!

Yes, thank you for “another person’s opinion” on our opinions. Isn’t it great to start an actual dialogue? We understand that you don’t like us, our opinions, and how we do things around here because it often puts your favorite ship in an unflattering light, and that’s simply unacceptable to you, but consider this: we’ve always left our inbox open to you, never blocked you, and allowed you to call us out, tell us we’re wrong, etc. without obstructing you in any way. We’ve made way for your opinion on our space, and we hope you grant us the same courtesy in the same tradition. No? Well, keep hate-reading. Do you, boo.

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– MP

ETA: Well, now we have this Us Weekly thing…can we offer you something of comfort?

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how do you write like you’re running out of time?

So this fic idea has been poked and prodded at for a while now, but I figured I should quit hoarding this dumb little thing and share it. This is a fic for @lopoddityart — because they’re only my most favorite fan artist ever for MLP, and their characters are superb.

This drabble is nowhere near perfect, just some feels I felt for Artemis.

Here goes nothing.

(i also want to make a note i don’t speak german. i used google translate.)


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Here are some of the wonderfully memorable things my band director has said, completely out of context, just because:

  • That. Is. Terrible.
  • I am fifty-five, and I am done with generosity.
  • You think I’m being mean? You should’ve seen me fifteen years ago. People would’ve been crying.
  • If we can’t get those quarter notes locked down, then so help me God - sure as God made the sky blue - I will make you play lifted quarters until you puke.
  • There is so much slop here pigs would be in heaven.
  • We’re not gonna go out on stage and suck.
  • That got … discombobulated.
  • What is this screeching going on over here?
  • I mean, blow your face off.
  • That sounded like someone was plucking a chicken with the chicken still alive.
  • Our ratio is five to one: bad.
  • Look at those beans!
  • I mean C, as in catastrophic.
  • Make a statement! Red meat! You just gave me … porridge. Oatmeal. Without the brown sugar.
  • I might give away my truck to hear a trombone come in correctly at 29!
  • I could take that intonation and I could worm dogs. Just hold their li’l bellies up and the worms die.
  • I know, I’m just being a cranky old guy.
  • Stop. Okay, we’re gonna pretend that didn’t happen.
  • I’m done - stick a fork in me, I’m done.
  • It was better … just like 60 is a better grade than 40.
  • I use “Spawn of Satan” to describe two things, and that’s the piccolo and the saxophone.
  • I eliminated the word “guilt” from my vocabulary a long time ago.
  • I’m gonna be so jolly I’ll be delirious.
  • That’s very very tasty playing.
  • *during a Christmas piece* Trumpets, y’all are making Arbor Day my favorite holiday.
  • Every time we get to a new carol, I ask myself, “What notes will they play here?”
  • Boy, you really smacked that note there.
  • *about his Christmas spirit* It’s somewhat dented, but not killed.
  • Let’s start at 218 and put this thing out of its misery.
  • Piccolo is trilling. Yeehaw.
  • Fireball? That is not good stuff.
  • Why do I even bother?
  • And I mean … I mean … mean.
  • Let’s do that again. That was lame.
  • Four? Are we playing golf?
  • Don’t feel like everything you do is a bag of trash.
  • I’ve been working so hard up here I’ve broken out in a sweat - feel like I’ve caught malaria.
  • I’ve cancelled the call for the defibrillator.
  • It just goes all catawampus.
  • Man, sometimes I just - right in the vein.
  • That was you, clarinets - they work better when you blow air in them.
  • Oh dear Lord, I feel like I’m pulling a train!
  • Are y’all working on the mime version of clarinet playing?
  • I would much rather just kinda wave this stick and beautiful things happen.
  • I dreamed a dream, and it included correct notes.
  • Can you ever, even in an alternative universe, say that sounds good?
  • In order for us to hear that, we would need Lady Gaga’s amplification system from last night.
  • If you’re sitting there waiting for this to ooze into your brain through osmosis, you’re gonna be waiting a while.
  • Let’s be honest, it just sucks.

And my personal favorite:

  • Who laid the egg?

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Exactly! Its not some giant flaw but it could make it look a little monotonous over time. You once mentioned that you got less and less notes on your art, I kinda connect those two

I get what you mean with it being monotone but I can’t really just go and change the faces of my OCs

So really me just drawing them a lot could get monotone then ? And I usually draw those two mainly which I should change if I’m honest.
 And they are the ones who do have this exact shape pf

And the less notes thing is likely just because my timing when posting art is bad and it just consists of OC art which doesn’t get a lot of attention in the first place


Mod Caitlin here! Sooo I’m headed to a con this weekend and could use some extra cash just for coffee/emergencies/buying more comics, so I wanted to open up some quick digital sketch commissions on this blog! Also I should note: NSFW commissions are totally ok!!! 

If you would like a commission please email me at and specify what you would like, and feel free to send along any relevant references, descriptions, ref blogs, faceclaims, or what have you. Don’t worry about sending me too much, honestly the more I have to work from, the better! It helps if you title the email “<insert username here> Commission” as that helps me keep track of them a little easier. Prices are in USD and please be aware that I will require the payment up front (through Paypal) before I begin the commission!

How to get Lucid Dreams Quickly!

I’ve been getting a few questions through with people asking how to lucid dream as quickly as possible. So I’ll put my prejudices aside and go through and discuss how to get your first lucid dreams as quickly as possible!

It’s worth noting that you can try and do both, induce both lucid dreams now and prepare in the long run. Right away I’d say that DILDs are the most reliable way of inducing lucid dreams, where habit making in waking life carries over into your dreams. The problem is that this takes time (which for some people is just too long!). So I’ll go through and give you a few ideas of what you could be doing to induce lucid dreams (possibly in the next few nights) when you want to.

I should really put in a disclaimer here about that, but I’m really just throwing around ideas that you’re all more than welcome to try out! My aim here is to come up with shortcuts to get lucid dreams quickly rather than reliably.

WILD based induction

WILDs are about you getting lucid from the waking state, so theoretically you’re carrying your waking awareness directly over into your dreams without any lapse of consciousness. Because of this we have direct control from the word go.

Most WILDs have the dreamer simply lying down and going to bed as normal but maintaining their waking awareness. Because of this you can experience processes of sleep you may never knew you had before (things like sleep paralysis and hypnagogia) before you find yourself in a dream. For beginners WILDs have a notoriously bad reputation so I’d research what sleep paralysis actually is and get your head with what’s going on before making false judgements.

The reason why WILDs are great is that theoretically you can choose when you want to lucid dream. As we’re inducing dreams from when we are awake, we are in control and can decide when we want to dream. The only down side is that Wake-induce-lucid-dreams, especially for beginners, don’t have the best success rate. So it might take a few attempts to get it right. But in terms of speed, it’s possible to have a lucid dream the next time you go to sleep – if you’re lucky.

In the long term learning how to do WILDs can take a long time, but if you master it then you can pretty much lucid dream as will. In practice this is very hard to achieve and prolonged use of WILDs may disrupt your sleeping pattern.

DILD based induction

This is a bit more interesting.

With DILDs you cannot directly induce lucidity into your dreams so you have to use an indirect route and the fact that dreams mimic waking life somewhat. By doing something enough when awake will mean that such things will carry over and start popping up in your dreams. The issue is time here, reality checks are great but it’s from regular repetitions over a length of time that makes them effective. It take a while to make a habit out of something, even more so for this to then appear in your dreams.  

But there are some short cuts. The first being that dreams also strongly build themselves initially around our last thoughts before we go to sleep each night. We can use a trick called ‘Intention Setting’ whereby the dreamer thinks about everything they want to do before drifting off to sleep – and hope that some of their intentions from earlier will appear in a dream during the night. Simple mantras (or repetition of phrases) is quite effective and can be as simple as ‘I will have a lucid dream’ or something like ‘when I have a lucid dream I will…’ and so forth. Dreams will then hopefully build themselves around these thoughts.

But as an extreme step you could just get really juiced up about lucid dreaming for a couple of days. This is quite effective and basically involves you continually reading up on lucid dreaming, thinking about dreams, getting excited about dream, talking about them and…well everything. If dreams mimic waking life then completely filling your waking thoughts with the intention to get lucid should mean that it will be all over your dreams too! DILDs are all about probabilities, increasing the chances of getting lucid. Fill your thoughts utterly and you should have a lucid dream in no time. Realistically this is difficult but it’s the furthest we can push DILDs, where we have no direct control over our dreams.

When inducing lucid dreams it’s easy to get impatient but it’s important to remember these things take time. The best advice I can give is to experiment to find something that works for you! Taking a few months of very few lucid dreams only to hit upon a method that really works is time well spent. Although it can go slowly at first, once you learn how to induce lucid dreams it should be easier to do so in future. Keep trying and don’t give up!


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One of your most recent fanarts, the one with levy wearing the yellow and green outfit and the gajeel wearing the awesome armor, are you going to do a full body version of the characters? Continued in next question!

Cont: I’m really interested in cosplaying that version of Levy, with your permission of course, but wanted to know what you had in mind for her shorts, skirt, or pants and shoes. And I wanted to ask if it’s okay if I cosplay that version? Thanks!!! 

Ah, thank you! I didn’t plan to make full body version of them though because the armor took me a lot of time to finish >”< so maybe it’s once in a life time for this AU in general LOL. Anyway, since you’re interested in cosplaying Levy, I figured I should provide something like an outfit sheet for you because her pose in the picture kinda hide some parts of the designs. Here’s my original design in my sketchbook, just added some other stuff/notes for you: 

Here’s a palette/simplified sheet I shared on my twitter:

That’s all I have for now but you don’t need to make the exactly same outfit, just add your own tweaks in it if you like :) Good luck!


Hey guys. So I’ve been going through some personal stuff lately and have felt like I wasn’t caring for this blog like I should be due to new changes in my life. Especially with 1,200 of you here, I’m not doing as good as I can (woah. Das a big number). But just to help myself and hopefully you guys, I want to make a self help series based off of @jacksepticeyeistheboss (if you didn’t make these I apologize and will try to find the person who actually did it).

Note: I in no way came up with this on my own, it was their idea first but since they stopped doing the a while ago (or haven’t gotten requests) I thought maybe I could bring it to life from those ashes.

All kinds of youtubers, all kinds of words. Self harm, like this one, anxiety, eating disorders, all sorts of things. And all sorts of youtubers too. Jacksepticye, Mark (obviously), The Grumps, Dan and Phil, and a bunch of others.

I hope this can help more people and I hope I can help you all out and help myself out with these too. Hope to have one a day, and feel free to send requests!

I love you all, so, so ,so much. *blows kisses*


Level Design Notes

While writing level design guidelines for Slime Rancher I thought some of them would be worth sharing. So here are some basic level design guidelines I use, in no particular order:

If it’s not stairs (however large) don’t make it resemble stairs. A series of ascending anything looks like stairs to a player.

A platform or wall that you’re not intended to reach via a jump should obvious to the player. Just missing a jump sucks.

The density of the entire playable geometry should be roughly uniform. Don’t scale really low poly things to a size that makes them seem out of place.

Avoid pinched corners. Aim to round them out. A pinch halts action, a rounded corner redirects it.

Players will often look for level (flat) surfaces to traverse first, so you can use askew geometry to imply non-critical path.

Level navigation should pass the squint test.

It’s ok to make non-critical secrets really, really well-hidden.

Use complementary colors to subtly imply critical path. For example, an overall green forest has some kind of reddish, eye-level plants that lead the eye of the player from point to point.

Use fog.

Slight changes to the lighting (especially ambient) in your scene can completely change the tone of the scene.

If you make two ways of solving the same problem, most players will do the first thing and think nothing of it. The rest will do the second thing and think they’re geniuses. Everybody wins.

Invisible walls suck.

Play through your level backwards. Do this over and over.

Secrets are better when they feel like they were never meant to be found. They’re best when they were hiding in plain sight all along.

You don’t always need a mechanism or new feature to hide stuff. Use the space just outside the player’s typical line of sight. Dark Souls does an excellent job of this one.

Listen to music when building levels.

We’re no better than moths in dark spaces. We’ll always head toward a light.

A golden door should have a matching golden key and vice versa.

They will finish it, solve it or kill it twice as fast as you intended.

I understand you’re trying to bait me, and I know I should ignore you, but I can’t help it here.

I may have earned some “hater notes” but you’ve certainly earned a nice, sarcastic comeback.


1. Nonny #2: Tom Hiddleston would be the first person to make fun of himself because of that shirt. That is why he wore it. Not necessarily just because he is head over heels for Taylor, but because he is self-deprecating. Do you know what self-deprecating is? I’m not mocking him because he wore the shirt, but poking fun at him for not going as batshit crazy as Orlando, deciding to go nude and row Katy around. In fact, the original Tweeter of the photo is also doing the same thing. It’s all about who can get more outlandish and have it papped. This is not an indictment of them being fame hungry or calling the paps; it’s more an indictment of what paps will go through to get one of those shots. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and I think both Tom and Orlando are playing with them–as well as enjoying life. If you can’t see that, well, then, you need to stop being such a fun sucker. For the record, I enjoy both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, and none of the feud between them enters into my realm of enjoying their music or who they are. Same goes for Orlando and Tom. And frankly, bottom line, I didn’t find Orlando doing what he did as being very attractive. Tom’s shirt, I thought I was cute. But clearly you were too ready for a fight to be able to read between the lines.

2. Nonny #1: Have I got news for you!!! I’ve been in fandom–all sorts of fandoms– for a very long time and I’ve written way too much fanfic. In fact, my first major online fandom was The Lord of the Rings fandom (I wrote boyband fanfic before that, when it was still posted on 

Oh, but you guessed it, my friend, I fell hard for a pointy-eared, blond headed bastard named Legolas. I’ve written swaths of fanfiction based on his character. Not because I liked Legolas the character exactly, but because I thought Orlando Bloom was beautiful. Of course, this did lead into RP fanfiction with Orli… and the rest of the Fellowship gang because I can’t help myself. See?

This was long before we really posted that stuff on the web. Certainly long before Tumblr became a thing in 2007–between 2002-2005–when I was writing on my very first laptop. I then printed them all out and kept them in a notebook that I don’t read that often, because it was bad. And I’ve lost a lot of that early computer writing because A) My computers have died and taken files with it and B) I saved everything on floppy discs. Do you know what those are? You don’t sound old enough to know what those are?

So this is all to say, I’ve beaten you to the punch by about 14 years (god, I’m getting old), I still have a soft spot in my heart for Orlando (and the rest of the Fellowship gang), but Tom is my main fandom crush right now. He still is. I am still writing Tom fanfiction. He is my main Englishman.

In summation,


nobody said it was easy…

so while i was in los angeles, len and i spent a whole lot of time coming up with a plethora of aggressively emotionally compromising headcanons and thoughts about these two for this au. needless to say, they’ve been on my mind (and i’ve been just a smidge depressed about it) and i should start writing a fic that explores their relationship in-depth… at some point in the near-ish future, haha.

i’m thinking zack is about twelve or thirteen here (as evidenced by small hands and general tininess), which would make angeal twenty-eight/twenty-nine. please note that in this au, angeal is zack’s godfather/primary guardian – no funny business going on here.


I don’t believe this note is here in the flashback - which would mean some point in the past 5 years Hojo was like, “ugh right I should probably do something about that, i know how about a haunted mansion vampire scavenger hunt?”

A lot of things in this game are ridiculous. One of the things that makes Hojo great is how consistently ridiculous and horrifying he is in equal measure. The cavalier, slightly harassed attitude he has towards the absurdly fucked-up shit he’s always doing just puts him a cut above your garden variety mad scientist and makes him something really special.