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Our Future

Joe sat shirtless on his side of the bed, scrolling through his phone.

“Did you know Olivia almost jumped into the shower with me this morning?” He said out loud to Taylor who was in her walk-in closet finding a simple vest to wear to bed. 

“I practically had to drag her out of there. Your little felines really don’t like to move” he chuckled to himself as he put the phone on the bedside table.

“Oh gosh, she does that all the time” Taylor giggled as she walked over to her side of the bed and sat there next to Joe, wearing red underwear and a plain black vest. 

“I’ve tried to stop her many times before but what can you really do when there’s two animals in your house and neither of them behave?” They both chucked. 

“Well…” Joe said as he rolled over on top of Taylor, leaving soft kisses on her neck. 

“There’s actually more than two animals in this house that don’t like to behave much” he lifted his head up to wink at her, causing her to blush and giggle, pushing him slightly.

“Well unlike my cats, does this other animal tend to be more…….active, at night?” Taylor raised her eyebrow to tease him slightly whilst she stroked a hand through his luscious blonde hair.

“I guess we’re about to find out……” they both giggled as they continued making love. Taylor then rolled over on top of Joe so her thighs were on either side of him and she was bent down kissing his soft lips whilst cupping his face in her hands. Joe’s hands roamed up and down Taylor’s waist, tugging slightly at her vest which he was desperate to remove. Taylor released her lips from his to pull her vest over her body, throwing it on the floor, then continued desperately on his lips. The soft yet passionate kisses always got Taylor feeling sensual. Taylor then released herself again and began leaving a trail of kisses down his chest, getting lower down with each kiss. The smirk on her face had a very physical effect on Joe, which Taylor could easily see and feel. 

“Seems to be more than three animals then huh?” Joe smirked at her as she began to pull his boxers down.

“I love you” Joe whispered into her ear as he hugged her from behind whilst they both cuddled on the bed after a hot make out session that led further than either of them had planned.

“Sometimes I wonder why” Taylor began speaking, completely in her own little world whilst Joe was planting her kisses.

“Why what?” Joe mumbled into her neck.

“Why you stayed.” She said bluntly, catching Joe slightly off guard. He sat up and faced Taylor.

“What do you mean?”

“Well” Taylor started, as she turned around to face him too. His hands playing with her golden locks

“There have been so many little inconveniences, so many, how do I say, abnormal situations for you whilst you’ve been with me. So many little errors that would irk anyone ordinary like you. The jet stalking, paps outside my apartment, paps following you from airports. These things, they’re not what a normal person is used to so, why?” She looked him dead in his deep blue eyes.

“Why did you stay?”

“Tay come on….” Joe shuffled to pull her closer to him.

“Where is this coming from? Did something happen?”

“Nothing outside the ordinary, no. I’m just curious why are regular, adoring guy like you would want to put up with all of this just to be with someone”

“You’re not just someone. You’re generous, and you’re caring, and lively, and thoughtful, and you always have a smile on your face despite everything you’re going through, you’re always polite to everyone you meet, you always put others first. I could go on, but, my point is, there’s no flaws. Everything you do is pleasing. You’re never acting prestigious because of your status, you always greet people with genuine interest and love. You’re just perfect.”

Taylor was slightly tearing up at this point over Joe’s words.

“I love you, and I’ll never stop loving you Taylor, don’t forget that. I’m here to stay, no matter what obstacles are thrown at me. Nobody is going to stop me from loving you” he whispered, wiping the one tear off of Taylor’s cheek that had begun rolling down.

“I love you” Taylor’s just managed to get out, her voice cracking slightly due to a rush of emotions, mainly love.

“What about you?”

“What do you mean?” Taylor questioned.

“What did you see in me, an ordinary, nothing special lad who just left acting school? You could have gone for anyone famous but you stuck with me. Why?”

Taylor sighed as she prepared herself to explain.

“My mom always said to me, you’ll know when you’re in a genuine, stable relationship when there’s never a feeling of jealousy, or insecurity, and that you’d never sit there and question how everything happened because it was just meant to. But you can never go actively searching for the person that makes you feel loved and adored, they’ll find their way to you if it’s meant to be.” She turned to look Joe in his eyes.

“The night I met you, there was just something in my gut. Something was telling me to not ignore these signals, ya know. I couldn’t tell what it was in that moment because I was so occupied with my friends and the idea of independently partying with my girlfriends and not having to worry about guys. But in the back of my head, I kept hearing my moms voice telling me that you never know if you don’t try, and honestly, I’m so grateful that I took the chance. That I got to know you, and meet your family and friends. Hang out with you. Just the feeling of being around you felt, right. You gave me the feeling of normalcy that I had always craved without me having to go out and search for it, and for that I’m forever grateful, Joe. I love you so much. Thank you for staying” she leaned upwards slightly, planning a soft elongated kiss on Joe’s lips. Joe felt warm in that moment, the feeling of being with Taylor felt so real, like it was just the two of them and nothing else mattered. He knew he wanted more with her, but wasn’t sure when to bring up the conversation of their potential future.

The two of them cuddled together, within the radius of each other’s warmth and slept peacefully within tangled arms and legs.

“Mommy!” Diana, their adorable 4 year old baby girl ran around the kitchen table, being chased by Leo, their older 9 year old son.

“Hey kids! Be careful! You’re gonna get hurt!” Joe stood up quickly from his seat, running after the two little mischief makers. He picked Diana up as she stuck her tongue out to Leo.

“Hey! Daaaaad! Diana won’t give me my solider toy back! It’s part of my set and it all looks wrong if it’s not there!” Leo complained.

“Diana, sweetheart, come on that’s Leo’s toy” he said softly to his baby girl.

“But I wanna play with it!!” Diana began crying

“It’s mine! Pass it!” Leo screamed at her, trying to pull it out of her grip.

“Hey! Guys come on, stop fighting!” Joe demanded nicely, he could never raise his voice at his kids.

“Ugh are you two fighting over Leo’s toy again?” said a stressed Taylor, who was late to a meeting, running down the stairs and into the kitchen to make herself a quick toast.

“Morning love” Joe smiled at her and she smiled back lovingly.

“Guys come on, be reasonable” she said as she walked over to her husband and kids, picking Diana up in her arms. She ruffled Leo’s beautiful blonde hair that resembled his father’s and smiled at him.

“You can have it back when she falls asleep Leo” Taylor kissed her son’s head as she walked over to the bread that had just jumped out of the toaster.

“Dad, you know my PE teacher said I was really good at the football game yesterday and I should consider joining a team” Leo told his dad as they both sat at the kitchen table, Joe sipping some coffee whilst Leo had his Kellogg’s cereal.

“Oh that’s great buddy! You really were amazing yesterday! Your mom and I were so proud!” He smiled at his son as he ruffled his hair.

“Maybe you should sign up for a football team today” Taylor said from the kitchen fridge as she put the butter away and made her way to the table with Diana in one arm and her toast in the other.

“Yeah I will, my friend Mark said he’s gonna join too so we could go to practice together!” He spoke excitedly, as she carried on having his cereal.

Taylor and Joe both smiled at their son, completely in love his innocence. He was an exact copy of Joe, he had his fathers lips and nose, and his hair was thick and blonde.

“So where are you off to today love?” Joe asked Taylor, holding her hand from across the table.

“I have a meeting in town and I’m already running late. It was re scheduled to earlier today and I completely forgot!” Taylor spoke fast, trying to eat her toast quickly.

“Hey calm down you’re not gonna be late” Joe eased her, noticing how stressed she was. He always had a calming effect on her.

Taylor sighed.

“You’re right, sorry” she smiled at him.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Leo ran from the table to open the door and meet his friend Mark who was waiting outside.

“I’m just coming, let me get my school bag” Leo told him, then ran upstairs to grab his stuff.

“Mark, love, you can come inside” Taylor spoke out loud as she walked over to the door with Joe to greet him. He was a close trustworthy kid, and Leo always walked to school with him in the morning.

“You did really well in the game yesterday buddy, I heard you’re going to join the team?” Joe asked him as they both stood at the door.

“Yeah, our teacher said we were the best players on the field! I’m totally going to join the team today, with Leo of course” he said excitedly. They both smiled at him.

Just then Leo came running down the stairs with his school bag.

“Don’t forget your lunch buddy” Joe reminded Leo, as he quickly put his lunch box into his school bag and stepped out the house with Mark.

“Bye, you two be careful now” Taylor said as she fixed Leo’s collar and kissed his cheek.

“Love you”

“Love you too mom, oh and you too dad”

They all giggled as he left. Taylor and Joe stood cuddled together at the door watching their son walk off to school. They loved how excited he got over everything, and how adoring he was. They then shut the front door.

“You know….” Joe spoke quietly with his arms around Taylor’s waist.

“We could drop Leo off at Mark’s tonight, and Diana off at your mom’s place so we could have some alone time tonight”

“You really can’t control yourself, can you?” Taylor giggled in his arms. “We literally just did it last night”

“Yeah but we had to be quiet because of the kids, and I know how much you don’t like being quiet” he smirked at her.

“I’ll see.” Taylor smiled at him, kissing his lips softly.

“But for now, I need to get to this meeting. Where are you going today?” She asked, walking over to their baby girl who was still sat at the table, chatting to herself.

“Well I’m going to drop Diana off to school first, then I need to go meet with my agency later. Busy day. Which is why I could use some alone time later.” Joe told her as he stroked his hands through his baby girl’s beautiful golden curls. She was an exact copy of Taylor. He loved that.

“Okay well have fun then, my ride is outside so I need to go”

“You’re ride will be in the bedroom later tonig-”

“Joe!!” Taylor smacked his arm lightly, causing him to chuckle.

“Okay okay, you go off then, have a great day.” He walked over to her, his arms wrapped around her waist.

“I love you” he mumbled against her lips.

“I love you too” Taylor responded, kissing him softly, then walking over to Diana and leaving a kiss on her head too, before she left.

And just then Taylor woke up, gasping. She turned to look over her shoulder, noticing she had slightly woken Joe up too with her sudden awakening.

“You alright babe?” He mumbled into her hair, still half asleep.

There was a moment of silence before she spoke.

“Do you ever think about us? And what we could be?”

Joe sat up on the bed, looking over at Taylor.

“Like our future together?” He asked, his hands rubbing at her thighs.

“Yeah, and kids” she said quietly, unsure of how he was going to take this conversation.

“Yeah, always. I think about us getting married, living together, and having loads of beautiful little Taylor and Joe’s” he spoke, looking her deep in her blue eyes. “And then nights we’ll have to stay up looking after our babies, and watching them grow up and go off to collage. I think about that all the time.”

“Why did you never tell me?” Taylor spoke, her voice slightly breaking because of how much she loved him.

“I just, didn’t know how you would take it. Didn’t want to seem to desperate I guess” he spoke quietly.

“Joe….” she took his face in her hands.

“I always think about this stuff too, I want us to be together and have kids as much as you. I always dream about this stuff and how beautiful our future could be one day.” Joe smiled at her, completely in love with the woman sitting next to him on the bed. He knew he wanted to marry her one day and give her everything she’s ever wanted, and he would get what he wants too. A life with the woman he loves.

“I love you so much” Joe whispered to her, wiping the single tear from the cheek.

“I love you too” Taylor whispered, as they both cuddled up in each other’s arms. Content with life. In love. And most importantly, together.

The Horny Aliens from Outer Space

Coach Willis Romero was respected by his full team and he considered his students like his own sons. Without his knowing, this thought would soon be true. As he was mowing his lawn, he saw a shooting star in the sky and wished that his football team would stay united. Suddenly, he saw the star falling in his garden, during the day, and rushed to it. He admired the meteorite and wanted to call his neighbor to see this, but the space rock started to burst open as light emanated. At first, he thought that inside was a bronze flower, but then he realized that it was something else. Unfortunately, it was too late as the “flower” petals opened and launched a facehugger at him.  

“AHH!… Hrk! Argh!” Tried to scream the coach but his yelping were muffled by the creature on his face. He tried to use his strong arms to free himself but it quickly pushed something in his mouth which crawled to his brain. The facehugger finally released the Coach and died. Willis was confused but reassured as he walked inside. He lied on his cough as he started to feel a pain in his head. “Urrgh, my head!”. Soon the buzzing became harder and he writhed on the floor. The slug inside his brain soon dug his way inside and infected his whole mind. The “coach” relaxed as he opened his eyes and looked around him. Noticing a mirror, he removed his shirt and admired his body.

“Hmm. What a well-built body, a perfect meat shield for our specie.”

Flexing his biceps and touching his beard, the coach walked toward the fridge and began to eat everything in it.

“Hrrrf. Yeees. This feel so good to eat with a human body.”

All of a sudden, he heard noise from upstairs as someone went down to the kitchen. It was the coach’s adopted son, Chris.  

“ Sup, pops, my car’s dead, can you drive me to College?”

Willis, with a spoon in his mouth, looked at his son and began to lick his lips and the spoon as he answered:

“Of course, my son! You know, I have thought about something…”

“Really, what is it?”

“You could join my football team?”

“Dad, we already talked about that, I only do workout for the ladies, I hate sports.”

“Too bad, wasting such a strapping young lad body.”

“Huh… Dad, why the fridge is empty?”

“I can explain everything, but first… Give a kiss to daddy!”

Willis ran to his son as he kissed him. Chris tried to fight as he was more muscular than his father but the infant alien conceived by his possessed dad creeped to his brain and invaded it.

“Welcome to the family, son.”

“UUUNNNNGG! What is this?! Gnaaahhh!”

Chris wanted to struggle but his father was bear hugging him and soon he calmed down and grinned.

“Hey, pops.”

“Oh son, you’re so much hairy, even more than your daddy.”

“You want to sniff my armpits, having a parasite controlling me made me all sweaty.”

Chris lifted his arms as his dad smelled them before tasting them with his tongue.

“Jesus, you’re the perfect son.”

“Yeah, I smell like a real man. I should maybe join your football team after all.”

“Hell yeah! You will be my new quarterback.”

“What about the actual one?”

Coach Willis grabbed his son’s chin as his other hand caressed his beefy hairy chest.

“Don’t worry son, daddy will fix everything.”

They started to kiss and grope each other’s hunky bodies as moaning invaded the room. The coach lifted his son’s legs and thrusted his dick straight into his tight and hairy ass. The aliens inside them were slugs, so they were fond of the sensation to possess powerful muscles and hair.  

“Daaaad.” Moaned Chris. “I’m so grateful that you gave me this robust and vigorous body.”

“Oooh. Son, your ass is so much stretched. You need daddy to show you how to be a bottom slut, yeah, you need discipline.” The controlled coach groaned as he rided his son like a wheelbarrow.

“UUNG! I can feel it dad! Males human love to break the rules and being dominant. Yeeees! Does it mean that I am a female?”

“Fuck son! You’re so stupid! Of course you’re a male, but the depraved part of my host’s brain wants to call this hole a boypussy or a cunt? ARGGH! Yeah, I’m fucking ramming my son’s boycunt! UNNGGAAAAAAH!”  

After their first orgasm, the two possessed beefcakes were panting.

“Shit dad, being human is so fucking good…” His son said while his dad was caressing his hair. They were both covered in cum. “Dad… My host has to go to school.”

“Go without me, you fuckboy. I have something else to do first.”

The coach threw the car keys to his son, who was dubious.

“But dad, I don’t know how to drive.”

Grabbing the back of his son’s head, the coach forced his tongue in his lover’s mouth as a white fluid was squirted in his son’s throat.

“Now you know, go.”  

His son got dressed up and suddenly knew how to drive. Whereas, the coach was walking outside, shamelessly naked, some people scowled for being a pervert while others were drooling at the sight of such a manly specimen. The alien inside him did not care, he knew that his host was somehow modest, so it was even more exciting and entertaining to do this. Plus, why hiding a great body like this?

Using his vessel’s memory, the foreign lifeform arrived at a nearby house where he sneaked in. His host’s strength was already impressive, but with the parasite inside him, he was even more stronger. Consequently, he could easily climb the wall in the garden. Luckily, a window was opened as the coach saw his neighbor, an Art Teacher, Miles Bennell. Ironically, the Art Teacher was more larger than his jockish rival. Miles was relaxing, seemingly napping, in his bath while the coach opened wide his mouth. Then, a red slug crawled out and fell on the floor before sliding to the tub. The thing slithered in the hot water before making its way to a cylindrical flesh orifice. Sensing a source of male hormones inside the limb, the slug swam into this. Bennell felt a tickle in his foreskin but was a little aroused by it. Soon, his urethra seemed to stretch, as if he was climaxing backwards. Yawning, he opened his eyes and saw his bulge. At first, he laughed but then he noticed a black tail stuck in his tip, it was moving inside his dick! “AHH!” Miles wanted to grab his penis to stroke and cum the thing out of his cock, but someone jumped in his bath, without a warning.  

“Romero! What the fuck are you doing?!”  

“I’m just ending this stupid rivalry between us, Miles. Soon my brother will be inside you and you will love this.”

“Are you insane? UNG! Pleeease, stop thiiiiis! NOOOO!”

Miles tried to move, but the coach was restraining his arms. Consequently, he could only groan and yell as the black slug crawled through his buff physique and reached his brain.


After a few convulsions, the Art Teacher stopped fighting and grabbed the coach, kissing and hugging him.

“Brother, you old bastard! I knew you would revive our specie!” Miles shouted, with a cocky smile.

“So, this is the behavior you desire? You talk like an old frat bro.” Willis whined, yet turned on by this.

“Hey, my host’s body fits well this douchy macho attitude, don’t you think?”

The two grown men ravenously kissed each others, but Miles pushed Willis away.

“Could you wait inside my bedroom? I have something to release.”

“I could help you with that.” The coach suggested, as he groped his lover’s pecs.

“That’s the issue, my body is still kinda straight. So I’ll jerk off thinking about a hot chick getting banged by a burly guy to make him gay… Yeeaaah, I can feel my host starting to become bi.”

“Hmm, no hard feelings. I’ll be jerking off too, I guess.”

Pretty disappointed, Willis walked to the bedroom where a saw a large mirror. The coach was already toned, but his body was now infested by parasites, so he was even more gorillalike. He could hear the moaning from the bathroom as his hand travelled on his brawny torso.

“Hey, you’re starting, without me?” Miles said, leaning against the door trim.

“I thought that your host was still straight?”

“Hey, just teasing my brother. Now, let’s start some bros-bonding.”

Miles walked closer to Willis, ogling at him with a burning desire and bounced his big pecs.

“Jeez bro, you buffed up this skinny coach body.” Miles said as he pawed his brother. “I remember that my host used to be bigger than yours before we possessed them.”

“Perhaps, but now the alpha male is the coach, I’m the prime and only breeder after all.” Willis defended himself, also fondling his partner. “What’s that tattoo on your arm? It makes you look like a faggot.”

“You’re just jealous. This tattoo is the grunting maw of a pit-bull.” Miles proudly showed his tattoo as he flexed his bulky bicep.

“So you think that you’re the top dog in this town?” Willis said, as he chewed Miles’s vigorous bicep.

“Hell yeah! Bro. Like you said, you’re the breeder, you’re like the fucking main pussy of our specie.”

“You’re sure? Let’s see who’s gonna be top then.”

Showing off his pecs, Miles announced “Come baby, let’s fuck.”

Willis jumped on him and tried to shove his dick inside him, but the Art Teacher resisted. So Willis started to suck and bite his nipples, to distract him.  

“URggh! Nice, but I won’t let you touch my ass!” Miles groaned.

“You still think that you’re an alpha male? Look at your body, fucking hairless, it’s like you have no testosterone you queer.”

Miles was vexed, but then he pushed Willis and he was now on top of him.

“And? You got a fine bush but you don’t even know how to bark.”

Miles started to bark before chewing Willis’s neck who was taken by the pleasure. Accidentally, he let his butts unprotected, which allowed Miles to pushed his dick inside him.

“HMMmrgggh!” Willis groaned, trying to pull Miles’s boner out of his boycunt.

“Come on you bitch, I know you want to scream for me!”

Miles kept thrusting, faster at each minute, while Willis was beginning to concede his alpha title to him. Willis had to push Miles, if he came inside him, Miles would become the chief of the parasite colony. Coiling his thighs around Bennell, Willis began to bounce his ass on Miles’s fuckstick.

“OOhh, you slut finally understand who is the alpha…”

Close to the orgasm, Miles was lost in his lust. All of a sudden, Willis turn them over and was now on top of Miles again. Miles was forcing himself to cum, but Willis pinched his Bennell’s nipples which gave him the opportunity to free his ass, moist by some precum. Then, he twisted Miles’s nipples who yelled and unintentionally opened his boycunt for Willis. Ramming his hard staff into it, Miles tried to repel the coach, but he was taken over by the pleasure. The two former straight adults were now both reduced to panting and moaning sexual beasts. While Miles was trying to hide his enjoyment of being a bottom, Willis was obviously overexcited and cocky about being the top, as he bragged about this.

“See?*hump!* I am the fucking alpha male here! *hump!* UNNG! I can feel it coming… *hump!* AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!”

Reaching a peak of dominance and ineffable bliss, Willis finally climaxed, rocketing a humongous amount of manjuice inside Miles. Covered in sweat, the coach lifted his arm and sniffed his hairy armpit before stuffing his partner’s face in it.

“Smell it, whore, this is how a real man’s scent.”

Miles wanted to not show it, but he was indeed mesmerized by this odor. Willis forced the Art Teacher to also lift his arms. Unlike Miles, they were shaved.

“You know bitch.” Willis started. “You got a buff body, you’re a bull like me. However, you’re a bald bull, shaving yourself like a prude pussy.”

“Hey! You’re the one who gave me this shaved faggot as a host!”

“Stop whining… *Sniff* Yeah, your pits aren’t that bad, I can some masculine hormones amongst your fucking estrogen.”

“Stop it would you… *Blush*. So, there’s gotta be a reason for giving me this queer as a vessel, right?”

“Indeed. Our sons, they’re both in the same College… And I heard that they were rivals, just like our hosts.”

“Ooh. Hm. Yeah, I can now fully use my host’s memory, my son is a quarterback… For humans, quarterbacks are a symbol of masculinity.” Miles added.

“Yeesss. And my host is the coach of the College football team. So, let’s show these young pussies who are the real alpha males here, shall we?”

The two possessed men smirked maliciously at each other before making out again. The tranquil neighborhood, filled by manly roars, ignored that a foreign lifeform was now threatening its usual “straight” life.

Will the football team be safe?

Will the aliens win?

Will Miles stop being a shaved pussy?

To be continued