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and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo


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2NE1 x boastfulness


The 100 ladies 
         ↳ Superheroines team au (sort of)


It is time, my friends! We’ve got some themes ready for Fantasy Pretzel Week!

If you’re not sure what this is about, go here or read on anyway :D

So, leading up to the week OUAT comes back, I thought that we could have some fun and create some cool things.


  • Any kind of creation goes. Gifs, Graphics, Manips Aesthetic Boards, Mood Boards and ofc Fics.
  • All work created for Pretzel Week should be tagged #pretzelweek so that we can find it and share it! 
  • All work created for Pretzel Week should be a spin on a Modern AU or any popular trope in a Fantasy/Sci-Fi setting. 
  • The themes are just guidelines! Feel free to do your own thing!
  • HAVE FUN! :D

I got a few suggestions and put them on a wheel and this is what we have.

Day 1, Feb 20: Soulmates Trope in a Monster Hunters AU

Any soulmate markers like being able to see colours, tattoos, marks etc. but set in a world where Killian and Emma are Monster Hunters or employ them or just happen to meet them on the street carrying the head of a Griffin as a trophy, covered in blood and asking for a lift back to town because their horse kinda ran away when they saw the beast. :D

Day 2, Feb 21: Bed Sharing Trope in a Magical University AU 

Think Hogwarts but for college. Think huge libraries that never end, accidental spells that go wrong, maybe someone accidentally curses Emma and Killian to have their hands stuck to one another for a whole week, maybe it is a class assignment to break a spell that has one person bound to another, unable to leave their space. The possibilities go on! 

Day 3, Feb 22:  Coworkers in the Enchanted Forest AU

She is a knight and he is one too but relationships are forbidden between the ranks. He is a pirate and she is one too but he cannot stand that she is more clever and she cannot stand that she likes his smile. She owns a tavern and he is her bartender and she finds that she has begun to feel the tiniest bit jealous when people flirt with him. 

Day 4, Feb 23: Fake Dating Trope in a Shapeshifters AU

Werewolves or Swans that only change every full moon, take your pick! Perhaps one needs help pretending they are fully human or perhaps they are both werewolves who need people to get people off their backs or perhaps they are a whole different kind of shape shifter altogether!

Day 5, Feb 24: Forced Partners Trope in Sci-Fi AU

Think Firefly but rivals being forced to work with each other on a smuggling job! Think space explorers being sent out together on a long mission to find a lost planet but they don’t get along

Day 6, Feb 25: Coffee Shop/Bakery Trope in the Enchanted Forest

Because magical people need sweets too. Because maybe Princess Emma has a sweet tooth. Maybe Killian Jones finds a job at a bakery/coffee shop right after Liam joins the Navy. Maybe Pirate Killian is trying to steal something and the coffee shop is a cover. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe.

Day 7, Feb 26: Any Modern Trope in a Elves/Fae/Nymph AU

And there we go!! I think we have some great contenders here for some creative stories! I hope this gives you ideas and if you can’t think of any, hmu and we can figure something out!

I hope you guys do the thing and we get to see some cool stuff! <3

As usual, reblog to spread the word etc.

It gives me great pride to introduce the first Rainbow of Orientation Day. On the 19th of November please share your Lesbian dolls with the tags #bjdrainbow #bjdLGBT and for this particular day #resbians

I’d like to say a huge thank you to @glyndarling for helping me organise this and fleshing out the list, @rainyteapot for their list suggestions, @mirrorada for running the BJDPartDays which inspired this in part and to the amazing @mintyliciousbjd for the fantastic graphic and being an incredible sounding board. 

If you have any suggestions for things that should be on the list and aren’t, let me know and I’ll add them in. I will not be disclosing who suggested what unless they give me permission to do so. Further clarification for some of these will be put up closer to the day if needed

The Schedule:

Lesbian – 19th November

Agender/Gender Neutral -17th December

Bi/Pan – 14th January

Asexual Spectrum – 18th February

Trans – 18th March

Non-binary/Genderqueer – 22nd April

Intersex – 20th May

Aromantic – 17th June

Transvestite – 15th July

Gay – 19th August

Polyamorous – 16th September

Queer – 14th October

The Ichiruki New Years 2017 Celebration!

I’m so glad so many of you have responded to my call.😃

So here’s how we do this:

2 themes - Wedding and Confession

You can contribute fics or fan art. Can be any kind of fan art, graphic pieces, manips, colorings, sketches, (just make sure you have permission if you are using someone else’s artwork other than official artwork) and no word count minimum for fics so drabble or haiku if you want to!

Tag all “Wedding” themed stuff #wedoalwaysloveyou

Tag all “Confession” themed stuff #ichirukiforever

Secondary tag for both should be #ichiruki of course!

We want to try to get these tags trending on twitter and Tumblr so if you can’t contribute art or fics, help us by getting these tags trending!

We will begin posting our works on 1/1/17. Post all day!

As promised, I will deliver 2 fan arts (1 in each theme) and 2 fics (same, 1 in each theme)

Thanks to all of you who responded, liked, and reblogged my initial post! This fandom means a lot to me and I can’t wait to see what we do when 2017 rolls in!

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Mystery PT. 4 (Mitsuhide x Reader)

This story has gotten more response than I thought it would! I thought there were only a few super Mitsuhide fans, but I’m glad that I was wrong 😁 Slight NSFW! Nothing graphic. Just a small warning.

Also, shout out to @books-and-colours for guessing how Nobu knew correctly!

And of course, tagging @jemchew

“I apologize for Lord Nobunaga” Mitsuhide greeted when you came to his room that night. “I should have anticipated that he might have been hiding in one of those trees” He shook his head as he spoke, an incredulous laugh threatening to escape him. For once, he was not at his desk working. He lay on his bedding, dressed only in a sleeping robe, while you still wore a thin kimono.

He motioned for you to sit beside him, and when you did, without hesitation he laid his head leisurely in your lap and took one of your hands in his. He left a lingering kiss to it before moving it to his hair, shooting you a pleading smile. “If you wouldn’t mind doting on me for a bit… my darling” You eagerly complied, your heart soaring now that you no longer had to reserve your affections around him. His eyes drifted closed and you couldn’t help but notice that the peaceful smile that remained on his face made him seem much younger.

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hey i just wanted to remind everyone that if you make one piece fanart or graphics, you should totally tag it with #opgraphics or #opfanart in the first five tags so that others can find it!!  only if it’s something you made personally, of course.

it really helps get your stuff out there, especially if you’re new to the fandom, or if the fanart/graphic is of a character whose name is a commonly used word (*coughs* carrot, etc) and therefore they don’t don’t really have a tag many people track.


MULTIFANDOM CHALLENGE || (1/5) Youtubers » AmazingPhil

“So I was wondering what life would be like if I ruled the internet! First of all, I would call it the Philternet or the Interlion… THE PHILTERLION!”

Excuse the sucky graphic I don’t have time to make a real one! So I’ve finally reached 1k after deleting my blog the first time and I’m absolutely happy! Thank you all so much for following me,interacting with me,and reblogging my edits/gifs and always adding encouraging tags ❤. I love you all and you are awesome! Here is my short list of awesome mutuals who you should check out!

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Since tumblr’s new filter options regarding tags the OOR tag has become even messier than it had been before and no one ever finds pretty gifs and graphics under the amount of text posts anymore so I thought we could bring back the “ooredit” tag where one can find gifs and edits of various graphic makers then instead of having to fight their way through the mess of the actual tag. This worked out pretty well back then too so I think it should be given a try. c:

John Winchester Always Wins

Summary: John Winchester explores new territory.

Warnings: Lord where to begin: smut, oral, anal, fingering, daddy!kink, NSFW, handcuff, idk… Reader Beware.

Tagging: @ruby-loves-supernatural, @aprofoundbondwithdean

Note: So, I surprised myself with how fast and easy this was to write. That probably means its trash but I figured, I am JW Trash, so it works. Sorry if it’s too NFSW or graphic for you tagged people! I need a shower. Also, thank you @ruby-loves-supernatural for pointing out that I should never a) Write/Post whilst horny and lonely, b) post from my mobile, c) Write/Post whilst drinking.


Word Count: 1081

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Sometimes I worry about the state of my blog.  Like, it’s so… pretty art! pretty graphics! porn! pretty graphics! pretty art! let me cry about my feelings! porn! pretty graphics! anakin is 100% a cat you guys! pretty art! so anakin is totally spoiled and let me tell you about how into his favorite soaps he gets! pretty graphics!

I feel like I should apologize for the whiplash, that this isn’t what some of you signed up for, but on the other hand, no, welcome to my Star Wars experience.