should i get a cake and celebrate

Vader: [text] happy empire day!!!!! 🥂
Vader: doing anything fun today???
Obi-Wan: You cannot be serious. 
Vader: what?? 
Obi-Wan: Yes, Anakin, I celebrate the time the republic fell, and I found out that you had pledged yourself to evil. 
Vader: oh fine be a bummer about it 🙄
Obi-Wan: How should I be about it? Hmm? What would you have me do? 
Vader: i dunno, we had a sheet cake in the break room today. that was fun 
Obi-Wan: Fine. I’ll get myself a cake. I’ll have them put “Happy “Day I Cut Off All Of Anakin’s Remaining Limbs” Day” on it. 
Vader: fuck u 
Vader: FINE next year MY cake will say ‘happy obiwans biggest failure day’ 
Obi-Wan: Next year I shall send you a card with a photo of my hair THAT I STILL HAVE. 
Vader: well ill send U a shirtless pic of what i looked like before u maimed me 
Obi-Wan: And I’ll send YOU an old picture of me smiling, since you took HAPPINESS away from ME!
Vader: ill send U a picture of those pants i had that u liked because u took THOSE away from ME
Vader: u know what im talking about 😘
Obi-Wan: Kriff my life. I really am going to block your number. 
Vader: sure 😏

Tells Your Story, Part 5/5, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is asked to be a part of the Hamilton Mixtape

Words: 859

Author’s Note: Very short conclusion to this story! I didn’t really know where to go from where I last left it and I’m working on getting back into the flow of writing! Hope you enjoy! This is absolutely a celebration of this blog reaching 2,000 followers! Thank you for all the support and love!

Warnings: Lots of cursing. Like, wow, I curse a lot.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

“It’s just a birthday.” Lin pouted, completely unthrilled to be turning a year older.

“Yes! Your birthday!” You bounced excitedly, barely dodging the pillow he chucked at you, “Many years ago-” He sent you a pointed look, “A few years ago,” You corrected, “you were born! The entire world should be celebrating! It should be a national holiday! Parades and confetti and some really fucking good/ cake.”

He inspected you for a moment through groggy eyes. Squinting at your shameless bed head and your disheveled pajamas - unable to believe that you wanted to celebrate him.

“You had me at cake.”

“That was the last thing I said.”

“Then you should have led with that.” He rolled out of bed, slipping slightly on the day clothes he had carelessly tossed to the floor the night before. “I fucking love cake.”

While a normal Miranda celebration would normally be spent in his parents’ packed house, there were just too many people ready to celebrate to cramp them all in. Luis was in charge of practically everything, as he was the brains of any plan. You found yourself in a rented out club close to the Richard Rodgers, the smell of alcohol burning your nose.

Lin opted out of presents, insisting anyone who wanted to get him something should contribute to a charity from the list of organizations he publicly backed. This, of course, didn’t sway you from spoiling him rotten. Tickets to shows he never thought about seeing, the new game he had his eyes on, a tuning for the piano that had been sitting in the corner of his apartment for years.

You had rushed around the morning of his party in a panic when Lin went out to pick up breakfast to wrap your final gift. It was tucked away in the pocket of your coat, saved for later that night.

Your eyes scanned the club dance floor, expecting Lin to be at the center surrounded by tipsy friends. You squinted when he was nowhere in sight. Your eyes finally settled on the balcony door, propped open to let the cool air into the burning hot venue.

You made a beeline for it, smiling and making light conversation with anyone that stopped you on the way.

Peeking your head out, you found Lin casually leaning against the edge of the balcony, cradling his first beer of the night. He looked up when you stepped out, closing the door behind you. He instinctively held his hand out to you, tugging you close to protect you from the cold city air.

“The whole city is celebrating you tonight.” You mused, noticing the unusual commotion in the streets at the late hour. Everyone was up and just as thrilled about today as you were.

“Thank you for today. Although, these constant parties are aging me twice as fast.”

“Nights not over yet.” You reminded him, reaching into your pocket to pull his final gift out, “Happy birthday.”

He accepted the gift without argument. He had tried to fight against the ones from this morning - but now he knew better.

He placed his beer on the edge of the balcony, moving to unbox the gift.

Before you open it-” You rushed, stopping his hands, “-just know that I love you. This last year with you has been the best year of my life, it’s insane how much I fucking love you.” You fought the tears that sprang to your eyes. Lin pulled you closer, unsure of what else to do, “This doesn’t change any of that. It multiplies it by a million.”

You nodded to the box, telling him it was okay to open it now. He hesitantly cracked open the lid, tense at your tear stained face.

“Holy shit.” He breathed, pulling out the pregnancy test, the little plus sign glaring back at him, “Is this real?” He chanced a glance at you, as if looking away would make it disappear.


“I’m gonna be a-” He hesitated with the word, completely foreign on his tongue, eyes fixed on the plus sign.

“Lin.” His eyes shot up to yours, just as filled with fear and hope and love as his were. “You’re gonna be a dad.”

You were enveloped in the most complete embrace you had ever felt, Lin’s arms careful not to hold you too tight.

He rushed you into the club, storming right up to the DJ, stopping him mid-song.

“I’m gonna be a fucking dad!” He cheered into the mic, which was met by a more thunderous applause than any performance either of you had ever given.

He pulled you close again as his family bombarded the two of you in congratulations.

“I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you.” He murmured into your hair, close enough to where only you could hear in the sea of rowdy people.

“Promise?” You peered up at him under eyelashes. He grinned down at you, placing a searing kiss on your lips, the faint smell of cake frosting on your nose.

“Promise.” He answered as he pulled back, just far enough to let you breathe, “You’re stuck with me.” 

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Trucy would text Athena asking if she wants to hang out but Athena responds, “sorry, I have to go to a bird’s birthday party instead.”

Everyone definitely thinks that Simon is joking when he tells them all that Taka’s birthday is coming up and he’d like for them all to be there for his beloved hawk. And yes you’re so right Nahyuta literally cannot believe he has just been formally invited to Taka’s birthday party when he had to force Simon to have a party for himself, A PERSON WHO UNDERSTANDS THE CONCEPT OF BIRTHDAYS.

Klavier is so ready to laugh until he dies when he gets to Simon’s place, but Nahyuta sternly tells him that Simon has not treated something this seriously in a very long time. Klavier had better know how to play “Happy Birthday” on his silly guitar or else. It’s really hard to stay serious for his friend when Klavier sees them all putting on pointy party hats like how could he not be dying of laughter. But also Taka still looks weirdly threatening while wearing their own little party hat, so he shuts up and acts like a proper bird birthday party guest.

Honestly though instead of cake it’s probably just a ton of meat for Taka? (I don’t know hawk diets let’s be real.) But it’s all stuff that Taka rarely gets to eat so they got nuts when Simon brings it out. They barely get through “Happy Birthday” before big birb is squawking to be let at it. Simon takes pictures like a parent celebrating their kid’s first birthday and he doesn’t even care FIGHT HIM HE LOVES TAKA.

it’s literally so ridiculous and all of them are just so confused by what’s happening. Athena knew she should have expected Simon to do this, and Nahyuta is just mostly astounded that his brooding prosecutor bf is THAT much of a dork. Klavier is also rather surprised, but he’s so glad to know that Simon is such a proud birb dad.

I love this idea TOO MUCH

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Dark listen I am sorry this is your day. YOUR birthday,we should pay you more attention and not have mocked you. We should celebrate and have a good day with everyone, not hurt them. Do you really want to hurt the one person who brought you into this world to begin with? He let you live after all you did. You don't need to hurt your friends and family just to get attention.We will do whatever you want to just not killing people important to us. Come on we can forget this and get some cake.

Dark bites his lip and takes a step away from you. “Th-there’s no way that this ends well now. This is my game, and I designed it so I would come out on top. Stop trying to get around it!” He brushes his hair out of his face and gives you an angered look. “You have to play by my rules!”

Birthday starters!

“Happy birthday!”

“Is there birthday cake?”

“I usually spend my birthdays with pizza”

“Are this many candles a fire hazard?”

“Congratulations on being a year older”

“I think my dog ate your gift”

“Guess what I’ve bought you this year”

“It may be my birthday today”

“I’m now a year closer to death”

“I don’t want to be reminded that I’ve gotten older”

“This has to be the worst gift you’ve received”

“Are there party bags?”

“I don’t have enough candles for your cake anymore”

“I should have bought a ‘Merry Christmas’ card”

“You have to make a wish”

“What are the point of birthdays?”

“Well done on surviving another whole year”

“I hate birthdays”

“Don’t you dare wish me a happy birthday”

“I bought you a children’s cake”

“You’re getting the most expensive birthday gift this year”

“Why do we burn wax on top of a pile of sugar to celebrate existing?”

“Where’s my present?”

Stuckony AU

“Good morning.” Steve said as Bucky opened eyes.

“Mhm.” Bucky murmured as slowly awaking and comforting in Steve’s hug. “Where is our birthday boy?”

Steve just give him little piece of paper Tony left:

“I have a lot for work so I started earlier. Don’t forget about deal. Love you.”

“Who would say we would change him like that. Tony Stark was main man for party and now he doesn’t even want to celebrate his birthday.” Bucky said.

“We have to get him some present. I know he said he doesn’t want party nor presents but at least cake and some trifle, you know as a token of appreciation.” Steve said.

“Of course. I was saving money for that last two months.” Bucky said.

“So let’s get shopping.”


“We’ve been looking two hours for perfect present and still nothing…” Bucky said annoyed.

“Maybe we should get back to the first shop and buy that boots.” Steve said.

“Oh I would like to see him naked in that…” Bucky said already imagining.

Steve smiled but then suddenly grabbed Bucky’s metal arm. “Buck! I see it! I see perfect present.” he said and Bucky turned around.

Jewelry shop.

“See that beautiful sapphire ring? It looks like Tony’s arc reactor.”

“Wow.” was everything Bucky managed to say.

“Excuse me sir, how much is this ring?” Steve asked pointing on it.

“That would be 1375 $.”

“Damn. That’s more than my month salary.” Bucky muttered but Steve heard.

“But Tony is worth of that. Let’s buy it together.” Steve said.

“Okay, for Tony.” Bucky said, “He is definitely going to kill us.”

“You wouldn’t spend this much on me, right?” Steve asked.

“No, but Tony would.” Bucky laughed.

“At least someone loves me.” Steve pouted.

“Come on. I love you too.” Bucky said and hug him.


“He is coming.” Steve said.

“Where is lighter? Steve, you lose… Oh here it is.” Bucky started freaking out.

He light candle on cupcake and they started singing “Happy birthday to you…” as he enterted.

“Happy birthday sugar.” Bucky said and kissed him. So did Steve.

“Happy birthday honey. Make a wish.”

He closed eyes as he wished something and extinguish the candle.

“Thank you guys.” Tony said happily surrounded by his boyfriends in their warm hug.

“We have something for you.” Bucky said and Steve took blue box from his pocket.

“Guys you really shouldn’t spend on me. I told you already…” Tony stopped when Steve opened box. He was surprised. Really surprised.

“What do you think?” Bucky asked.

“OH. MY. GOD.” Tony went speechless.

Bucky took Tony’s hand in his and Steve put ring on his finger.

“No. I said no presents and you buy this. It must be too expensive. You spend all your savings. At least tell me how much is it I’ll give you money.” Tony started freaking out.

“Tony, Tones, look we are together now, so your money is our money. We share everything. Just enjoy beauty of it, please.” Bucky said.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Tony asked and both of them nodded. “I would give all my money for you two dumbasses.”

“Oh that’s nothing. I would sold my soul to devil for you two.” Steve said.

“Pff, I would sold you two and get rich.” Bucky said and three man laughed.

They exchanged few ‘I love you’s’ and had wild sex in every centimeter in house so if you are visiting them, you are notified.

The Terminal, Ch. VI

Heart, cover your tracks -
The blood that you spill
Will wash what you lack.

The subway was almost empty so late in the night. It rattled along like a stray dog with its rickety ribs clamouring together as it itched its way through the almost empty neighbourhoods. The city was a city of almost’s. The city was almost asleep, almost awake, almost clean, almost dirty, almost alive, almost dead, almost quiet, almost deafening. Clarke leaned her head against the window and almost felt her clinical hours ending.

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Caught Red-Handed (And Red-Faced, Red-Shirted- Food Colouring’s No Joke.)

What time is it? Time for BROTZLY BAKING PART 3 MOFOS!!

This probably isn’t my best offering ‘cause unlike the others which I wrote over a couple of days, I pretty much banged this one out in a fit of inspiration today. So apologies for any mistakes or incoherent bits- might go back and fix it later!

If you’ve missed ‘em you can read the whole series on Ao3 and maybe leave us the odd little comment if you enjoy? You’d sure make this struggling writer’s day ^_^

Right, time to get angsty and fluffy up in here- enjoy! 

Todd was puzzled. Which was pretty common, what with the kind of cases they got, but this was a very particular kind of puzzlement. From an unexpected but not unpleasant change in his life.

He was happy.

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What do you like about Korrasami?

I COULD just post a shit-ton of gifs and call it a day, but let’s dig a bit deeper.
I’m a fairly sexual person by nature. I think that sexuality is something that should be embraced and celebrated. So I’ll admit that, on the surface, two attractive lady characters who are super into each other holds a lot of inherent appeal for me.
That being said, the fact that they’re also two well-rounded, engaging characters (making them feel like real people over the course of 4 seasons) eventually getting together is also incredibly appealing. That they’re two pretty girls is icing on the cake at that point.

Anniversary | Kim Mingyu | Requested

Request: sooooo is it okay if I ask for a Mingyu angst with a happy ending? Like I prepared dinner and baked a cake for our anniversary but he didn’t Coke home yeah something like that SARANGHAE -beagle anon

Pairing: Kim Mingyu X Reader

Genre: angst/fluff

Word Count: 1,362

A/N: Can you tell I’m horrible at titles? Lolsies. Anyway, my dear beagle anon, I hope you enjoy this scenario! I totally love writing over dramatic angst. And remember kids, requests are still open! ~Jasmine

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Hi Will! Anon back with some hard hitting news! I'm graduating on Sunday!! Now I need your advice: what flavor of cake is the best for celebration? I know you like sweets, so this should be your strong suit! 😊 -R

“Hard hittiNg news, indEEd <3 GraduaTions are the best especiALLy since you get chee-red on by peOPle!!” Wilford has never attended a graduation, so he can only imagine how amazing it must be.

“VaniLLa is good, but anY chAnce to haVe choc-olate is a chance YOU should taakE!” Wilford smiled thinking about which would be best for a graduation.

“Waht if you just get half choColate?? Or haLF vAnilla??? OR marble cakE??” Wilford tapped his chin in wonderment. So many choices!!

The Love Games 2016 - Entry Four!

Title: A Gift of Love (However Small)

Rating: M

Pairing/s and Character/s: Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark, Sae

Any trigger warnings and/or spoilers: none


      Summary: Canon compliant post-Mockingjay, per-epilogue.  The Mellarks celebrate the new-old holiday of Valentine’s Day with a special little gift

A/N(s): The title comes from a cross-stitch sampler that hangs in a relative’s house, which reads “A gift of love however small, is what I cherish most of all”




It’s the warmest February in District 12 that anyone can remember. Even Sae, who has spent more than 75 winters on the planet and who has a remarkable memory, tells me she’s never seen anything like this.

“There’s a fair wind blowin’. Change is comin’, Katniss, I can feel it in my bones,” she says. We’re drinking tea on Sae’s porch, in shirtsleeves despite spring being more than a month away. The lawns all around Victor’s Village are already turning green, and a group of children play tag, shrieking joyfully under a low grey sky. 

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After their initial shock, Quinn and Caleb were thrilled to learn they were going to be grandparents. 

Quinn: I don’t want to ruin this moment but Theo are you planning on telling your parents? I know you haven’t spoken to them in some time but I think this is the kind of news that they should hear.

Theo: I understand your point Quinn but…my parents chose to not be a part of my life so I don’t really think they should get the chance to be in my child’s life.

Quinn: I understand and it’s your decision Theo it’s just something you should think about…. Back to the happy celebration! We should celebrate with dessert right? Chocolate cake right Mer?

The Perfect Coffee


Come on Minseok, just walk in there and ask her.

The oldest member of EXO had promised himself that when they next had a comeback, he would finally go into the coffee shop across from the TV studio and ask you out on a date. Ever since he walked in during promotions for Wolf, he couldn’t get you out of his head. He would stop by whenever he was in the neighbourhood. Or even when he was on the other side of the city.

It was his favourite coffee shop.

Gulping past the fear stuck in his throat, he closed his eyes and said a little prayer to himself before gathering his courage and pushing the coffee shop door open. As soon as he stepped into, the little bell ringing above his head and the smell of coffee bombarding his senses, his eyes immediately zoomed in on you, a little sigh escaping his lips.

“Oh hi Minseok,” you said softly, looking up from the coffee machine. You shot him a little smile which made his heart clench in anticipation. He watched as you artfully poured out a mug of coffee and handed it to a lady waiting. “What can I get you today then?” you asked, leaning back on the opposite counter.

Minseok ran a hand shakily through his hair and pushed past the butterflies in his stomach. “Uh, an Americano to go and your number?” he blurted out, squeezing his eyes shut immediately to hide himself from the embarrassment.

For a few agonising seconds, you said nothing and Minseok slowly peeled his eyes open to gauge your reaction. “That sounded so much better in my head,” he muttered under his breath to himself. Suddenly he wished the ground would just open up and swallow him whole.

“I’ll make you your coffee,” you replied politely, a bright blush appearing across your cheeks. Dipping your head, you shied away from the counter and busied yourself making his coffee.

Minseok knew the whole thing was a mistake. Why did he have to go and open his mouth? Now he could never come here for coffee again and it was some of the best coffee he had ever had. Kicking the air, he spun around in despair and ran his hands through his hair. Why did he have to open his mouth?

“Here you go,” you called out, telling him the price and sliding the drink across the counter.

He quickly slid his card through the reader and scribbled his signature on the pad to pay. Then he grabbed his drink and made for the door, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.

“Oh and happy birthday Minseok!” you added, leaning over the counter to give him a wave.

Nodding his head, Minseok pulled the door open and hurried out, heading across the road to the studios. He snuck through one of the back doors and made his way up to EXO’s dressing room, storming through the door.

All of the boys looked up at him expectantly, eyes wide with anticipation. “How did it go hyung?” Jongdae asked, as Minseok fell into the makeup chair beside him, placing his coffee on the bench in front. “Did you talk to her?”

“Oh yeah,” he muttered sarcastically, fixing the front of his hair in the mirror. “She probably thinks I’m a proper idiot.” He couldn’t stop beating himself up about it. Why did he even listen to Sehun and try some stupid line? He should have just been himself.

“It must have worked hyung,” Chanyeol replied, coming up behind Minseok and resting his hands on the back of the chair. He pointed to his coffee and smiled at his older member in the mirror. “She wrote her number on the cup.”

Instantly Minseok leaned forward and grabbed the cup, spinning around and seeing the numbers scribbled on in perfect handwriting. His heart instantly lifted and a wide smile pulled the corners of his lips up. It had actually worked: he got your number. “I can’t believe it,” he murmured in disbelief, staring at the numbers as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and started to save the number.

“I told you the line would work. I can’t believe you doubted it,” Sehun bragged smugly from the other side of the room, flipping his hair out of his face. “The line always works.”

Minseok ignored his little brother and took a sip of his coffee, settling back into his chair as he continued to stare at the numbers. It was the best cup of coffee he had ever bought.

Behind him, Yixing came over and patted him on the back. “I guess your birthday wish came true hyung.”

Thinking back to last night when he came home from rehearsals and found all his members crowded around a lit cake, singing ‘happy birthday’ to him, the only wish that came to mind was that he would be able to get your number today. And his wish came true.

“I should have wished for a trillion Won then,” Minseok joked in return, filling the whole dressing room with laughter.

Just a little scenario to celebrate our oldest oppa! I hope he has a lovely birthday filled with happiness and coffee :D

Jade xo


my roommate is celebrating getting her drivers license and im wondering if its an asshole move to stay in my room alone listening to the damned but also i dont really want to see ppl and be in that kinda small living room where there are probably several noisy ppl and i’ll have to come out at some point eventually to put my olive cake in the fridge and cook me dinner anyway so Yeah but im wondering if i should like… Celebrate Too but uh, i dont feel like it. and there are probably only ppl i barely know so


To Seb & Minka, @sebassstian-stan @kellyminks

Happy Wedding Day! I’m sure after weeks and weeks of planning and all the stress you’re mostly just glad to sit down, eat some cake, and watch your friends get silly drunk. You’ve earned it, no doubt. Love is always worth celebrating and when you find that truly special someone well…you have to latch onto that and keep it close.

I thought I’d get you just a few things to celebrate that bond and for you to use in your happy life together. The tea set is something I couldn’t resist. Everyone needs one, if for nothing else to say “shit, I should have brought out the set to make that pot of tea for your mum” or “darling, I’m so sorry, but I broke the tea pot.” Honestly, it’s pivotal.

The decanter and glasses are so that your drinking, whether it’s water or bourbon and wine, can always be elegant and always an occasion for celebration. I have a suspicion that at the end of today you’ll have lots of glassware, so I apologize for contributing to that.

This…novelty alligator? Seb knows what it’s about, Minka, if he hasn’t told you about his crazy gator obsession, it’s time he does that to keep the marriage successful.

Best of luck to both of you, if you need anyone to help drink a glass of wine or an excuse to have a tea party, you know where to find me.



Remember - RapMon Birthday Scenario

A/N: Just when I thought I finished everyone’s birthdays… ;-;
And I know this is a day late, but I was honestly so tired yesterday, so here it is!

Genre: Floof

Word Count: 2205

“We should throw a surprise party!”
“No way. Last time we threw a surprise party, we scared him so badly that he was too ashamed to join us”
“Free cake for us tho”


That’s right. It happened every single year to everything. The numerous ways of celebrating only getting repeated, over and over and over.
It’s tiresome if you think about how many you would go through throughout your life. But none the less, it was still fun.

“You guys are just really bad at planning things. Remember when we tried to cook for Jin’s birthday but we ended up getting take out ‘cause you guys burned everything?” You said, looking at the pathetic glares they gave you.
“Well then what do we do Y/N? Since you’re ‘Miss Know It All’” Yoongi said, throwing his hands up for quotations.

“I suggest” You cleared your throat, “Two birthday parties” You smiled.
“Two? Why?”
“Well, one to spend with just me” You said, hearing giggles and coughs amongst the group, quickly making you mad, “Not like that! Just a nice date and stuff…”
Dessert’s gonna be on Y/N” Jungkook said to Jimin, nudging his shoulder and wiggling his eyebrows
“I heard that!” You blushed furiously, “Anyways, let’s just keep it chill on the other day, just all hang out in the dorm, a couple drinks, some singing, dancing, food, the usual. He doesn’t want a big party, he just wants to be with us, okay?”
“Yes Ma’am!” Jungkook and Taehyung saluted and you laughed, saluting them back.

“Well, what are you gonna do?” Jin asked curiously
“That’s what I need your help for” you smiled widely


Later that day you went to visit Namjoon in his studio. From the outside, you could clearly hear the bass echoing against the door. You knocked on it three times –the first two were totally ignored.
“Y/N! Hi! Sorry about the mess, come in!” He happily waved. He sat back down in his seat, the space in the room quite claustrophobic if you tried fitting another person in there.
You sat down on his lap, his arms wrapping around you to embrace you while he set his head on your shoulder, “I missed you baby” He said in his deep voice.
“Joonie~ I was only with the boys for 3 hours” You giggled
“Still! You should have been spending that time with me, the love of your life” He pouted, only making you smile wider
“I would have been a distraction, you like working in peace” You said, giving him a kiss on the cheek, “Anyways, I came here to tell you that we’re gonna have two parties for your birthday”
“What? Why?”
“Because the boys want to spend the day with you” You stepped off his lap, opening the door, “And I want to spend alone time with you” you winked playfully, “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”
“Wait wait! Is that how you leave your boyfriend? Not even a kiss?”
“I gave you a kiss on the cheek” You smiled playfully, watching his face grow stern, “I’m kidding, come here” He stood up and embraced you in a tight hug, kissing your lips with passion, “I love you, have a safe trip home okay?”
“Okay” You laughed, “Love you too” You said as you waved goodbye and headed out the door.

As you stepped out, you saw the boys looking around the corner wall at you. You held both thumbs up, nodding frantically.
“It’s a go! Let’s get this plan started!”


For the rest of the night, you and the members spent time in one of the spare rooms of the company, decorating the walls. Every hour, a member would go up to Namjoon’s studio to keep him distracted from walking inside the place you were decorating, cause you knew that he liked to go there a lot.

“Shit” You said –accidentally- out loud.
“Namjoon’s done for the day in the studio and he’s going back to my place”
“That’s great! You haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together lately” Taehyung said as he hung up the last piece of string on the wall.
“No it’s not! Tae! I’m not home!”
“Oh… Right” He had a serious face for 3 seconds before bursting out into a laugh.
“Well then you better get going!” Hoseok said, giving you your bag and pushing you towards the door.
“Wha? But what about-”
“Leave it to us Y/N” Jin said comfortingly, “Go beat Namjoon home” He smiled.
“Oh my god, thanks so much guys! I love you guys so much” You said as you raced out the door, checking your phone to make sure he didn’t send anything else.

You quickly got in your car and started up the Engine, exiting the parking lot. Luckily it wasn’t too busy, you were able to get home fast and efficiently.
You unlocked your door and walked inside, instantly taking off your jacket, putting down your bag and getting things done in the kitchen. You could feel how hot you were getting from going so fast, there was probably sweat on your forehead.
You quickly microwaved food, finishing in time to hear a set of keys jingle from the door. You smiled as you set down the plates.

“I’m home!” He said, looking around for you. He didn’t see you anywhere, so he stepped inside and-

“BOO!” You yelled, making him jump back.
“Y/N! DON’T DO THAT OH MY GOD YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME” He said, just making you laugh harder, clutching your stomach, “Rude.” He said
“Sorry not sorry” you replied as you walked over, waving at him to follow you, “I just finished making dinner so eat”
“Oh wow, I haven’t had a home cooked meal in a while” he smiled happily as he sat down, digging in, “You’re not gonna eat with me?” He said, his mouth stuffed.
“I will in a bit, I’m just gonna go and change into something more comfortable” You smiled as you walked into your room.

You quickly called the guys, “Hey! Did you finish?” You whispered, not wanting Namjoon to hear anything.
“We actually just did! We’re just about to leave” Jin answered back
“I can’t thank you enough”
“It’s okay Y/N, this is for all of us!”

“Who you talking too?” Your head spins towards the door, mentally cursing yourself for forgetting to lock it. You quickly hang up, “No one” you smiled, face red. Namjoon took slow steps towards you, anxiety building up in you. He lifted your chin up with his hand, “Are you sure?” He asked, looking right into your soul.
He let go, “I’m just kidding, I saw the caller ID. You don’t need to hide Jin from me” He laughed as he walked back to the kitchen. You pouted before kicking him out so you could actually change into your pajamas.

After eating, you washed the dishes along with brushed your teeth and face before joining Namjoon –who was already fast asleep- in bed.

You kissed him goodnight and you felt as he turned over to wrap his arms around you. You smiled as you cuddled into his chest.


You got up early the next morning, making sure to give Jin a call and asking if everything was set and ready. When you got confirmation, you happily smiled before going back to Namjoon who was now rubbing his sleepy eyes awake.
“Y/N?” He said, his raspy voice alluring.
“Yes?” You replied as you dipped into his side of the bed.
“Why’d you leave the bed? I turned over and you were gone… I almost had a heart attack” He pouted as he pulled you into him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him softly, “I’m sorry. I’m here now” you smiled before kissing him again, “Come on birthday boy, let’s go out” You said as you patted his back. He only slumped more, “I don’t wanna” He pulled you in tighter before rolling you over on the bed so that he was on top of you, “I can think of a birthday present you can give me right now, and then maybe I’ll consider going out with you” He smirked mischievously as he planted kisses all over you.
You sighed, not disagreeing that you didn’t want this either, “You promise?” You said as your face filled up with heat.
“I Promise”


Later at around 4 o’clock, you got Namjoon to just wear something semi-formal while you put on a nice flowy –yet comfortable- dress.
You were just about to leave to house when Namjoon got a phone call. You tried your best not to smile, knowing your plan was coming perfectly into effect.

“What? Seriously? I-… Yes I understand… I know! Yes I’ll go in, just make it quick please” He sighed as he hung up on the phone. You cleared your throat and gave him the best “Curious” face you could put on.
“I’m really sorry Y/N…”
“Oh? How come?” You cleared your throat again when you noticed how happy the pitch came out.
“I have to drop by the studio, the manager wants me to pick something up… It’ll be quick though! In and out!”
“Oh…” You faked a small pout, “I’ll um… I can meet you at the dorm then”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes it’s fine” You smiled
“I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll be there as soon as possible!” You waved as you watched him leave the door, running to his car. You closed it when he disappeared from your sight and fist pumped the air. You quickly ran to your car and got to the dorm as soon as possible.
You knocked the ‘Secret Knock’ Jungkook and Taehyung made so that everyone knew it was you who was coming in.

“Y/N! Quick quick!” Jin shoved you inside, “He’ll be here any minute!”
“Do you have the lights set?” You asked, looking for Yoongi, aka the man who was in charge of them.
“Yes we did, don’t worry about a thing!”
“Wow, you guys really tidied up” you said as you looked around, walking to your designated spot.
“Yeah we-“
“GUYS! HE’S HERE!” Taehyung yelled but still whispering. In a blink of an eye, all the lights were shut off except for the one in the main foyer. After a few jingles of the door, it opened, revealing Namjoon behind it.
“Guys?” he said, “Y/N?”

Another light turned on and Namjoon jumped at the sudden scare. Before walking towards it, noticing there was a note on the table.

Happy Birthday Namjoon!

Happy Birthday Joonie!

Happy Birthday RapMon!

All over the paper, all written differently in various sizes and colours. He smiled as another light turned on. He steadily walked towards that one, looking inside every room, noticing no one was in it. Or so he thought.

As soon as he walked into the lit room, there was a little podium that had a picture frame on it. It was a picture of everyone, him included.
On the bottom of the frame it read, “Together, We Make a Family
Underneath the picture were scrap pieces of paper that all had writing on them. He took a closer look, each one of them were dedicated for him from all the members individually, and yours stood out in the middle.

Then the lights in the whole room turned on and when Namjoon looked up, all he saw was thousands of sticky notes covering every inch of the wall, each had a saying. He walked up to one side. He quickly gazed through them all. They were letters from ARMY’s around the world. Different languages, different sayings, but all to greet him happy birthday. He chuckled to himself and shook his head. They all did this for him.
He didn’t want too, but he felt the tears springing in his eyes. All the notes around the room was pure dedication of how much people cared for him, how far he has come.

“Happy birthday!” Everyone yelled. He quickly turned around to see all familiar faces, you were in the middle holding the cake and smiling ever so brightly. He took off his glasses to wipe away some tears as he smiled, sniffling when he blew out the candles. Everyone gave him a hug, including you, “I love you guys so much, you didn’t have to do any of this for me” He sniffled again.
“Of course we did! You’re our precious leader and we couldn’t wish for a better one!” Hoseok smiled. He leaned in to kiss you, ignoring all the ‘Aw’s’ from around him, “Thank you” he said, “I love you so much”
“No need to cry!” You spoke, “You deserve this! No, you even deserve more than this. It’s just, we can’t fit so many things in such a tiny room” You said, making him laugh, “You just need to remember that everything you do has an impact on millions of people. You aren’t bad at making music, you’re not dumb, and you’re not anything the haters say you are. We’re your family” you said, everyone smiling at Namjoon, “and don’t forget it”

~Admin Luna 

mgqr  asked:

Before the sad tears, let's throw a party and shed happy tears for Suga first for when he finally gets the Daichi dick lmao. :') Btw, Open Tab Suga is like, the best fic Suga. Ever. Ahhh your updates are the highlight of my week. What will I do when it's overrr

We should definitely throw a party! 

We– uh… I mean Suga has been waiting so long to get that dick so it’s only natural that we would celebrate for him when he gets it, right???

We can eat cake and drink liquor and do karaoke and dance on tables. 

For Suga. 

Also, thank you! Suga is definitely my favorite one to write in Open Tab. He’s so wild!

When it’s over I guess we will all just have to throw ourselves into a volcano, give our bodies back to the universe.

I guess. 

Like… that sounds like the only option to me….

imagine the car ride over to the grocery store with pearl, garnet, lapis, and peridot though

peridot: why couldn’t amethyst come with us?
garnet: the last time we brought amethyst to the grocery store she freed the lobsters from their tank and forced them to fight each other for off-brand chocolate chip cookies.
lapis: i don’t understand half of what you just said.
garnet: trust me. if we had brought amethyst with us, the possibilities would not have been… good.
pearl: alright, what are we picking up from the store again, guys?
peridot: OOH! get a cake! steven’s a human just like andy and steven loves cake, so by default andy must love it too!
lapis: that sounds right. didn’t he say something about marriage? should we get him one of those too?
pearl: that’s not how marriage works, lapis.
lapis: well then how does it work? i thought humans could buy anything with money. that’s why they all want it so bad.
garnet: marriage is an earth celebration of love.
peridot: a celebration? that must be what andy wants! i’ll look up a list of human celebrations on my tablet!
pearl: why did you bring that.
lapis: a death celebration? why would humans celebrate the deaths of other humans?
garnet: there are a few humans i’d celebrate the deaths of.
peridot: wait, do you guys hear that? … HOLY SMOKES! THE CAR IS TICKING! IT’S ABOUT TO EXPLODE, WE ALL HAVE TO GET OUT NOW!!
pearl: wait peridot that’s just the TURN SIGNAL CLOSE THE VAN DOOR WE ARE ON THE HIGHWAY
garnet: i saw all this coming.
lapis: why didn’t you stop it?
garnet: i though it would be funny. …. i was right.