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Toshiya BURRN! Interview 2/3

“It’s like a mirage, when I get close to it  the person I want to be gets away”

In the past 20 years, while pursuing music as a goal persistently, there were also adverse effects from the down tuning to get sound pressure and heaviness. He also has dealt with the difficulties of his position as bassist with an innovative playing method. However, we talk about  even now he is like “I’m not doing 100% things that I want to do” or “Maybe I should have done more things because there are many”.

Text: You Masuda

Part 1/3 here.

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Region Generator

“What, my homeland? Oh, don’t get me started! Where should I begin?”
Follow the directions below to generate the outline of a marvellous, far-away land, and interpret as you see fit.

Geography and Climate (Roll 1d12):
1. A layer of earth and moss scraped across bedrock
2. Dry soil heaped in ever shifting dunes
3. Rocky shores and chilly wind
4. Towering mountains
5. Great climbing hills and sloping valleys
6. Plains stretching beyond the horizon
7. Lowlands pocked with lakes and rivers
8. Fire spewing fissures
9. Deep canyons and deeper caves
10. Dripping forests
11. Scrubby tundra
12. Rugged, tangled evergreens

History (Roll 2d6):
2 -4. Passed from warlord to warlord
5 - 6. Total isolation
7. A slow cultural takeover
8 - 10. Unwavering religious dogmatism
11-12. An unending tug-of-war between factions

Noteworthy Animal (Roll 2d6; if either die shows 1 the creatures are especially large; a 6 means they are prolific; doubles means they are magical in some way):
2 -4. Slinking carnivores
5 - 6. Soaring creatures
7. Stampeding herds
8 - 10. Chattering, dexterous beasts
11-12. Glittering insects

Current Events (Roll 2d6; doubles means there is active conflict):
2. A very valuable natural resource has been found there recently
3-4. A new religion has taken root
5-6. Natural disasters have been common in recent years
7. A benevolent leader has united the people
8-9. A contagious disease is ravaging the population
10-11. Industry has increased recently
12. A religious crusade is beginning

Local Cultures (Roll 1d12 1d4 times):
1. A large people
2. A posh people
3. A nature loving people
4. A diminutive people
5. A warlike people
6. An industrious people
7. A water-dwelling people
8. A reclusive people
9. A festive people
10. A socialist people
11. An oppressed people
12. An ancient people

Sights Worth Seeing (roll 1d12)
1. Vampire falls
2. The Sinkhole
3. The Dead Kahn’s Temple
4. The Stepping Stones
5. The Giant’s Teapot
6. The Green Vortex
7. The Harvest Festival
8. March of the Dead
9. Sunrise Pass
10. Mushroom Hole
11. The Church Below the Earth
12. The Crimson Rain Ceremony


         life’s cruelest kindness
         —  or perhaps
         its kindest         cruelty.

         all I know is
                                it hurts,

         but it’s     the kind of hurt
         that you don’t
                         want to stop—

         which is    good,   since
         it can’t be    “ stopped. ”

         it wouldn’t be love
         if it could.

Me, the DM: The farmer thanks you all and is very grateful for your troubles, offering you to stay at their farm for over the night

Player 1: I thank the farmer

Me: The farmer thanks you back

Player 2: I also thank the farmer

Me: Alright, the farmer doesn’t respond

Player 2: I thank the farmer again

Me: Dude

Other players mumble a bunch of silly things

Player 2: I thank the farmer again

Farmer: I think you all should get some sleep

Player 2: *snickering* I thank the farmer again

Farmer: Okay, you definitely need some sleep

Player 2: I thank the farmer again

All players snicker and laugh

Player 3, OCC: So they’re basically just going “thank you, thank you thank you” over and over again to the poor farmer

DM: Yeah, pretty much, now..

Player 1: I thank the farmer again



Bioware has the worst fandom hands down lol

3 bisexual romances
2 gay romances
1 lesbian romance
2 hetero romances


yes ignore the 3 bisexual romances you’re not happy with and profile characters based on their looks who ‘should’ have been gay.

Also they can change their mind about the sexuality of their characters because its THEIR CHARACTER. You werent promised nothing.

ALSO can i get a mother fucking shout out to all the POCs in this game? Everyone is too wound up with their entitlement and 'lack of representation of sexuality’ that they forgot the POCs in the game. Like holy hell, the hyperion alone has more people of color in a single area than ive seen in the entirety of most games. Also yeah the character creation is weak but the diversity of the faces are stellar! Who cares if your character isnt a super model, the fact that you can make a believable asian or African american person is fantastic to me.

Bioware actually tries to be different but when its not enough: witch hunt.

Ya’ll are babies

anonymous asked:

I'm a new EXO stan who likes BBH too. Where should I start in getting to know him and EXO better?

Welcome to the EXO-L fandom, sweetie ♥

Well, the best way to get to know both EXO and BBH better is watching variety shows. There aren’t that many, sadly :(

I will try to list (and also link you to as many ENGSUB as possible)

EXO SHOWTIME (it is a must. The best thing to ever happen) : HERE you can download all the episodes (ENGSUB). Also, here you can watch the episodes online : 1 ;; 2 ;; 3 ;; 4 ;; 5 ;; 6 ;; 7 ;; 8 ;; 9 ;; 10 ;; 11 ;; 12

XOXO EXO : ep. 1 ;; ep. 2 ;; ep. 3 ;; ep. 4

EXO 90:2014 : HERE you have all the links you need to watch it

EXO Channel : ep. 1 ;; ep. 2 ;; ep. 3 ;; ep. 4 ;; ep. 5 ;; ep. 6 ;; ep. 7 ;; ep. 8 ;; ep. 9 ;; ep. 10 ;; ep. 11 ;; ep. 12 ;; ep. 13 ;; ep. 14 ;; ep. 15 ;; ep. 16

EXO Next Door : ep. 1 ;; ep. 2 ;; ep. 3 ;; ep. 4 ;; ep. 5 ;; ep. 6 ;; ep. 7 ;; ep. 8 ;; ep. 9 ;; ep. 10 ;; ep. 11 ;; ep. 12 ;; ep. 13 ;; ep. 14 ;; ep. 15 ;; ep. 16

EXO First Box : disc 1 ;; disc 2 ;; disc 3 ;; disc 4

EXO Second Box : disc 1 ;; disc 2 ;; disc 3 ;; disc 4

The Strongest Group : 170905

Happy Camp : 120721 ;; 130706 ;; 140705

After School Club : OT12

Weekly Idol : Wolf Era ;; Growl Era

StarShow360 : Part 1 ;; Part 2

Naver Starcast: EXO ‘A Midsummer Night’s Growl!’ : Here

A song for you : 130823 ;; 130830

EXO China Love Big Concert : Here

Running Man : Here

EXO Showcase [2012] : part 1 ;; part 2 ;; part 3 ;; part 4

KBS MV Stardust : Here

YHY Sketchbook : Here

There are some more, but i tried to choose the ones where there are all the members. There are also Radio Shows which are good to watch such as ‘Cultwo Show’, ‘Sukira Kiss The Radio’, ‘Sunny’s FM Date’ and others. Also, you should check their concerts too

As for BaekHyun, here you have :

Return Of Superman (+Chanyeol) : Here

Roommate Episode 9 : Here

Cool Kiz On The Block : Here

SM Super Celeb League (you have all the episodes with subs on SMTOWN’s official channel) : SMTOWN

Also you should watch ‘Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’ (only if you want to cry) : Here

That’s all that i can think of right now. I hope that it helped you ♥ Also,feel free to add more ^^


as a thank you for reaching 5K followers i asked you guys to send me drabble requests based on this post for 24 hours; i will be posting all of these drabbles but please bare with me as it could take me a while! also some drabbles have more than one part (so they’ve turned into a mini series) because people requested the same member and au, it’s just to make things a bit easier for me! 

PSA: please don’t ask for specific upload dates!

drabbles are not supported on the android app, please use your mobile web browser!

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⚤= smut | ♞= angst | ☁= fluff

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things about jun you might not have known before

  • he went to one of the top high schools in shenzhen (which is a major city so basically he had top grades; chinese students do a high school entry exam to see which high school they would get placed in)
  • he shot his first commercial at age 2 (literally what were the rest of us doing at 2 y/o)
  • he’s appeared in 15 dramas in total
  • he has been in 3 movies, one of which earned him 3 rookie actor awards
  • at an international kung fu competition he got 4th, 5th, and 6th places in different categories (international!!!)
  • won #1 at a piano competition
  • won #2 and #3 at art competitions
  • won #1 in my heart
  • basically the boy’s all-round talented
  • everyone should stan him. right now. stop what ur doing rn and stan wen junhui
Ouat Con Chicago 2017 - Colin’s Panel
  • The girl who asked the 1st question just started crying because she was so excited & Colin was like “we’re off to a great start!” (x)
    • This girl was crying while asking Colin a question and ran down to hug her (x)
  • Most awkward scene with Jen:When he knocks himself out. W/ his stunt dbl. He had to kiss her I had to kiss her. It was awkward lol (x)
  • If he didn’t find emma, killing rumple would be his happy ending (x)
  • At the start of the panel, someone said “hey, gorgeous!” & Colin looked around & said “who are you talking to?” (x)
  • Colin said he’d be in Les Mis if he could be in any musical (x)
  • Colin knows a few bits and pieces about s7 and wants to see his relationship with Henry (x)
    • Colin said he’s most excited to see how Killian and Henry’s relationship has developed since becoming his step dad (x)
  • Hook and belle have a good friendship, he would look out for belle (x)
  • “Gideon……he tried to kill my wife.” (x)
  • Hook and Rumple……its complicated (x)
  • If Captain Hook had a Starbucks drink, what would its name be? Colin: “pirates booty?” (x)
  • The rings he had for the wedding were more for the sincerity of the moment (x)
  • Hook would be a dog person (x)
  • Colin started talking about how much he loves Buckley and how he brings him to set (x)
  • “Have I pulled any pranks. No, I’m a consummate professional.” (x)
  • Josh Dallas is apparently a prankster according to Colin (x)
  • Colin likes the guyliner over the leather pants (x)
  • His fave scene with Josh is where josh attacked king George (x)
    • Colin’s favorite scene with Josh was when Charming tried to attack George and Hook stopped him (x)
  • “But one thing is for sure love, with you I have everything.” Is his fave line from that song (x)
  • He didn’t think he would play Hook. He sees Hook as the Peter Pan disney version (x)
  • Colin thanks us for supporting the show, what an amazing (x)
    • Colin is thanking everyone for getting Once to S7 (x)
  • Colins fave episode is his first episode (x)
  • Colin said Robert Carlyle is one of his all-time favorite actors! (x)
  • Colin was a bit shocked when he found out he killed Charmings dad (x)
    • Colin liked the killing charmings dad plot because it shows how much he changed (x)
  • Colins fave Hook to play was old fat hook (x)
  • He loves playing pirate hook and he enjoyed playing dark!hook (x)
  • He would like to be remembered as a good father and husband outside of acting (x)
  • Colin said his grandmother’s love of theater influenced him to become an actor (x)
  • Colin did his Hook voice ahhh (x)
  • Colin said he had a great time working with Jen (x)
    • He likes working with everyone on the cast (x)
    • “Who’s your favorite actor/actress to work with?” “You’re going to get me in trouble” -Colin (x)
  • Colin said no to Hook having a mustache (x)
  • Colin says he stands differently when he wears Hook’s pirate outfits because the jacket is “so bloody heavy” (x)
  • If he wasn’t an actor, he would like to he a musician or an artist/painter (x)
  • Colin sometimes forgets to take off his make-up after filming so he’ll like go to the grocery store with his eyeliner still on (x)
  • “I’ve been lucky I’m playing this hugely layered character. I’ve been blessed I’ve been able to do that.” (x)
  • “What things do you have in common with Hook?” “I look like him.” (x)
    • “I have more in common with Emmas hook.” (x)
  • Colin’s advice to his kids and younger people is to always be honest. And believe in yourself. (x)
  • Hook’s defining moment to from villain to hero was when he sacrificed himself when he was Dark One (x)
  • “I should get my own line (of eyeliner)” - Colin (x)
  • Colin sings the musical songs in the shower (x)
  • “Emma helped him most of all because he changed for her,he wanted to do everything he could so he can be a better man and husband.” (x)
  • Colin likes making people cry  speaking about acting (x)
  • He likes being able to transport people from their lives and into a completely different place (x)
  • He’s speaking french now (x) And speaking irish! (x)


(x) credits pic to @captainswansource


Masterlist for Sinners

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a masterlist -where I’ve gathered only the smut I’ve written so far, so here you go, I hope you enjoy haha x

Bucky x Reader

× Playing Dirty
× We Should Play

Steve x Reader

× That Girl
× The Birthday Present
× High for This

Steve x Reader x Bucky

× Getting Busy
 Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3

Pietro x Reader

× Unexpected Lust
  Part 1 & Part 2

Sebastian Stan x Reader

× Imagine being the reason for Sebby’s sexy hair
× Attraction


× Sex with the Avengers

Podcast Recs [2/5]

Part 2 of my horror/fantasy podcast recs is finally here! (Sorry it’s taking so long @thefestiveoctopusnods!) This is the start of all the fiction I listen to and they’re in no particular order. Part 3 should be up soonish..

Ok. So this is a new podcast (only 1 episode out right now!) And it follows the time honoured tradition of “journalist explores spooky goings on and gets in over their head”. This is based around Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest and is based on GHOST SHIPS! A lifeboat washes up with a bunch of skeletons and an antique pistol and sets the internet on fire when it’s revealed to be a lifeboat from a ship that disappeared 150 years ago. A journalist travels to Puget Sound to find why and how this happened. The first episode is 15 minutes but that may increase as the series goes on.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wake up covered in blood in an attic with no memories of what you were doing or why there’s arcane symbols painted everywhere? If so this is the podcast for you. It follows Wren as she tries to figure out what was going on and why the other people in the attic seem to have really creepy powers. There is quite a bit of body horror in this one just as a warning. Wren is trying to find her “boyfriend” and figure out what he did to them all and why all her “friends” seem to want to kill her now for what he did. Also the main character is bisexual so that’s a giant plus in my book. Each episode is about 20 minutes long so if body horror, secret societies, and creepy superpowers interest you then give this one a try.

Darkest Night
One of my favourite new podcasts! It’s narrated by Lee Pace and is another body horror podcast! This one has super secret creepy private company doing human experiments. These experiments boil down to poor lab tech gets a severed head in a box and sucks out the eyeball jelly to put in a machine that plays the last things the eye saw before it died. Each episode is a separate story but with an overarching story about the lab tech doing a casual bit of corporate espionage. Episodes are between 20-30 minutes long and have some of THE BEST 3D audio I’ve heard outside of ASMR videos so you definitely need to use headphones with this one.

The Magnus Archive
The Magnus Institute is collecting first hand accounts of the strange and unusual things that happen to normal people for their archives. It’s based around a new archivist who is replacing the last one and going through all the archives and digitising them (as much as possible). Each episode is mostly a stand alone horror story but there are a couple of overarching mysteries that link the podcast together - the three main ones are what happened to the previous archivist and where she went, a private collector’s library of books that come alive as they’re read, and the creepy worm lady. Episodes are about 25 minutes long and it’s just started it’s second season.

This one is told in a series of voicemails. The narrator, Anna, is a live-in carer for a old lady and she’s leaving messages to the lady’s granddaughter. That’s the basic premise at least. The granddaughter is the mysterious Mabel who is off doing something. Most likely avoiding the creepy house. Each episode is about 20 minutes long. It starts off with a haunted house vibe but quickly descends into something else entirely that makes you wonder if Anna is psychotic, or if the house is influencing her in some way. If Haunting of Hill House is your jam then this is definitely one to check out. I really wish I could explain more about it but you kinda need to experience it to get the full effect. But trust me, it will keep you guessing like all great haunted house stories do.

The Bridge
Ok. Ok ok ok. So. Imagine they built a giant transcontinental bridge across the ocean so you don’t have to fly. Now imagine they build hotels and water parks and sightseeing spots along this bridge and kept safe by the Watchtowers. Now imagine that everything goes horribly horribly wrong. That is the situation the guardians of Watchtower 10 find themselves in. It’s 2016 and the ocean has revealed that it’s still not ready to be tamed. Join the gang in these 25 minute episodes as they broadcast to an empty road, fight off weird cults, and struggle to keep their secrets secret. Oh yeah, and no one release the sea monster in the basement please and thank you.

Welcome to THATTOWN. Found in the deep south (Alabama) THATTOWN is filled with the normal things you’d find in any small town like bands of marauding zombies that like to whisper your deepest secrets to you, casual demon possessions, auto cults, and town mages. Not going to lie - I love this podcast and would urge everyone to check it out. Plus the creators are so nice and will put up trigger warnings for you and are writing up transcripts for free because they want everyone to be able to access it. Episode lengths vary and you need to listen to the first couple of episodes together because the first one is done in such a different style to what the show actually settled with.

The Lift
If you ever find yourself in a creepy building that no one else can see, staffed by a dead girl called Victoria who knows just that little too much about you then congratulations - you have a decision to make. Each episode is based around a new person who somehow stumbles into this liminal place. Victoria will take you to the floor that will best help you work out your issues and try and help you. If you deserve it. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to take the help. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and season 2 just started where we’re learning a lot more about Victoria’s backstory and how she ended up trapped as a guardian to that place,

Help Me
This is a short, completed podcast about one girl’s journey to find out why her best friend committed suicide. Turns out the answer is - because she didn’t. The podcast quickly takes a turn from trying to find acceptance in death to fighting for your life from the thing that stalks you and wants to steal your soul. There’s a lot more out there than people know and, if you’re unlucky, you can accidentally draw their attention. Fans of slenderman or creepypasta this 15 part miniseries is one you definitely need to listen to. And I really hope the creator decides to put something new out soon!

This is literally just Aleks fucking up an intro

Monsta X - To Watch List

Originally posted by wonhobe

Due to the increase of Monbebes’ from MonstaX latest comeback I thought I’d compile a list of things you should all watch. 


This is where it all started, the survival show that formed the group. Even though you know how it ends up, bring a box of tissues and put your seat belt on. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles. 

2. DeokspatchX 

This is their first little variety show. It’s fun to watch, you’ll laugh and you get to watch the members become more comfortable with one another. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

3. DeokspatchX²

This is ‘season 2′ of their own little variety show. They’re all adorable. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

4. Right Now! 

Their first very own variety show! It’s fun to watch, you will have most likely seen gifs, clips and other screen shots from these episodes. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

5. Monsta X-Ray 

This is a more recent broadcast that can be watched on V App. While this is funny like all their other things, it has a more ‘real’ side to it. There are sad moments, funny moments, and cute moments that make you curl into your chair a smile to yourself.  

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English) 

6. No Exit Broadcast 

Yup another one! This is still currently airing at the time that I am making this post. What can I say, part of the reason I like them is that they let the more ‘real’ side of themselves be shown to us and this program just keeps up with that theme. 

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English) 

7. CH.MX 

This is a ongoing series of videos ranging from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. They are clips from special days, behind the scenes, and other day to day things that they do. 

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English)

8. Special 

These are just other videos that you should definitely see. 

Monsta X on My Kiss…just because they are smooth AF. [X]

Monsta X on Amigo TV… they just know how to have fun and make you laugh. [X]

9. Other 

Take note that Shownu is a regular member of Lipstick Prince and Lipstick Prince 2

On top of those mention there are always the regular appearances on things like Weekly Idol, After School Club + Idol Battle Likes New Yang Nam Show etc. 

{If you are watching any of the videos in the first 4 playlists consider clicking the ‘auto-translate’ function on your desktop in order to get subtitles in a different language.}

Happy Viewing!  ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

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LWA: Years Later AU

Updated Post (4/26/2017)

Since my AU is constantly updating as little witch academia releases more episodes, characters, and info on the world building, I thought it’d be best to make a new post on this. Many people have partaken in this AU, and I appreciate every single one of you.

Those that have helped build this AU to what is it now:

@hanasaku-shijin @theaceofgays 

i am so sorry mobile users


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reasons why red by taylor swift should’ve won a grammy: 
1. state of grace
2. red
3. treacherous
4. i knew you were trouble 
5. all too well
6. 22
7. i almost do
8. we are never ever getting back together
9. stay stay stay 
10. the last time
11. holy ground
12. sad beautiful tragic 
13. the lucky one
14. everything has changed 
15. starlight
16. begin again


1. the moment i knew
2. come back, be here 
3. girl at home 
4. treacherous (original demo)
5. red (original demo)
6. state of grace (acoustic version)

Triple threat for weight loss

Here’s one way (and I believe the most effective way) to lose weight in an effective, sustainable and healthy way. Combine these three things and you should see amazing results:

1. Intermittent fasting for 16-18 hours per day. Consume all your required calories within an eating window of 8-6 hours per day.

2. Low carb diet. Get the majority of your calories from protein and fats. Don’t be afraid of fat, and don’t skimp on it!

3. 1-2 hours of low-moderate exercise per day. 80% of weight loss is attributed to diet, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore your fitness and activity levels. We all know the benefits of exercise, and given the regime of intermittent fasting and a low carb diet, it would be reckless to advise long, hard workouts that simply wouldn’t be sustainable. Walking is awesome and relaxing, give it a try :)

I hope this is helpful!

Study/Homework Tips Volume 2

1. Study with books. Avoid the computer as much as possible so that you don’t get the urge to look at social media, email, and other websites that probably won’t help with your homework/studying.

2. Try to avoid studying or working on homework in your bed. This way, you should have less of an urge to just fall back on your pillows and go to sleep when you should be studying. I recommend sitting at your desk (if you have one), on the floor, or at your dining room table.

3. In essays or informational papers, color code your dates, terms, people, words that have some sort of large connection to your topic, events, places, and quotes. Try to make sure you have some of each because these will normally help make your papers stronger.

4. When writing an essay, make sure you acknowledge the opposing side’s point of view. You shouldn’t agree with them, just make sure you acknowledge that they have reasonable feelings about this topic, too.

5. If you’re having trouble writing an interesting essay introduction, try starting your intro paragraph with a quote that relates to your topic. Even though I’m a straight A student, I had trouble with these, too. This has helped me so much in the past!

6. Use different notebooks for each class. This is another great way to help separate your notes to help prevent all of them blending together.

7. You’ve probably heard this one before, but study each subject with a different flavor of gum/hard candy. When taking your test, chew or suck on the same flavor of gum/candy that you studied with.

8. Clenching your fist helps you remember the word that’s on the tip of your tongue.

9. In class, don’t doodle all over your note papers. Instead, put some sort of little doodle by important things like maybe a little flower is a symbol for a date, or a little smiley face for a key person in an event.

10. When studying a foreign language: study with flashcards, don’t be worried about your pronunciation but try to speak your words/phrases out loud, write down that language’s grammar and conjugation rules, and PRACTICE!!

11. Study from videos if you need to. There are a lot of different YouTube channels run by people who know a lot about the subjects you are learning. This is how I learned most of my math skills ahead of my grade. It’s also helped me write essays about the ancient Roman emperors for my world history class.

12. If your friends are trying to text you about the latest gossip or whatever you like to talk about, try spinning the conversation to talking about what you’re studying. Who know, maybe they understand your homework or study topic a lot better than you?

13. Change study positions. If you’ve been sitting at your desk for the past hour, try sitting or laying on the floor.

14. When in doubt, Google it! If you forgot something that your teacher taught you in class, Google what that was or just the topic in general and go to a site you know you can trust. Please don’t use Wikipedia! Seriously, one of my old teacher’s friends was know as the inventor of haircuts for like 5 years before someone figured it out.

15. Try not to stay up super late at night or even all night studying. If you’re really that worried, study on the bus on the way to school. You can also study when you get there before your first bell rings and maybe even for the first few minutes of your class.

Good luck! I hope this helps! Follow me for more and/or comment what lists and tips you would like to see next! I love hearing from you guys!

honest mortal instruments titles for the main six


Book 1: City of This Blond Dude is Hot (Also, Who Took My Mom?)

Book 2: City of Damn It, He’s My Brother & My Best Friend is Dead

Book 3: City of I Should Probably Stop Kissing My Brother

Book 4: City of He Isn’t My Brother, But Now He Keeps Trying to Stab Me

Book 5: City of I Switched it Up and Stabbed Him

Book 6: City of I Somehow Ended up the Queen of Hell for a Few Seconds


Book 1: City of Hey, Why Can this Redhead See Me?

Book 2: City of I Fight Werewolves Because I’m in Love with My Sister

Book 3: City of I Kissed a Lesbian But It Didn’t Help (Also, I Died)

Book 4: City of Lilith Interfering with My Relationship with My Not-Sister

Book 5: City of I’m Jealous that Evil Me Fingered Clary in a Downworld Club

Book 6: City of I Finally Get Laid Because I Brought a Condom to Hell


Book 1: City of This Redhead is Ruining My Life

Book 2: City of I Do Not Have a Boyfriend & His Name is Not Magnus

Book 3: City of Just Kidding, But Why Didn’t He Call Me Back?

Book 4: City of Oh Wait, I’m Not There

Book 5: City of I Fucked Up My Relationship

Book 6: City of Too Many Heteros (Also, Izzy & Simon Need to Stop)


Book 1: City of Jace Has Feelings???

Book 2: City of Jace Should Probably Stop Kissing His Sister

Book 3: City of Everything Is Terrible

Book 4: City of Simon Cheated on Me, So What Weapon Should I Use on Him?

Book 5: City of Team Good! (Also, Should I Still Kill Simon?)

Book 6: City of Everyone Gets a Happy Ending Except Me


Book 1: City of this Blue-Eyed Boy is a Babe (Also, That Redhead Is Familiar)

Book 2: City of the Blue-Eyed Boy’s Parabatai is On My Couch

Book 3: City of Your Wards are Down So Alec Kisses Me in the Accords Hall

Book 4: City of I’m Traveling with Alec, I Guess?

Book 5: City of My Apartment is a Home for Wayward Shadowhunters

Book 6: City of I’m Locked Up in Hell


Book 1: City of I’m in Love with My Best Friend

Book 2: City of I Almost Have Sex with My Best Friend, But Then I Fall Asleep

Book 3: City of I’m a Drunk Vampire (Also, I Keep Getting Locked Up)

Book 4: City of I’m Lucky Isabelle & Maia Didn’t Kill Me

Book 5: City of My Name is Not Sherman, or Anything Else Magnus Calls Me

Book 6: City of My Name is Actually Lord Montgomery