should i get 2 and 3 or 2 and 1

Progress Note: Step 2, Day 6

Subjectively: Wow I can’t believe I’ve studied for 6 days and I don’t already know all of medicine. Jk but I’m getting frustrated. I feel like I should ramp up my UWorld

Objectively: Did neuro OME + the 109 UWorld questions, then skimmed the neuro and neurosurg sections of Step 2 Secrets and did 10 questions off an old neuro NBME 


3 things I did well today: (1) I made KILLER cous cous :)! (2) Completed all my goals in a reasonable amount of time!:) (3) Added some extra resources today like Sketchy path for the freaking goddamn nephrotic syndromes, Step 2 Secrets, and 10 Q off an old NBME! :)

3 things I could do better: (1) I continue to suck at ID, so watch more high yield sketchys …. (2) I let my anxiety get to me a little bit when I wasn’t scoring as well on UWorld and making frustrating mistakes….. (3) I could be a little better about shortening breaks


1) Shame watch high yield sketchys because aparently I don’t even know freaking disseminated histoplasma

2) Trust my preparation, avoid SDN/reddit/anything that talks about Step 2 prep that will do nothing but make me anxious

3) I dunno, will power ? start timing breaks. 

Cat GIF of the day: 

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Region Generator

“What, my homeland? Oh, don’t get me started! Where should I begin?”
Follow the directions below to generate the outline of a marvellous, far-away land, and interpret as you see fit.

Geography and Climate (Roll 1d12):
1. A layer of earth and moss scraped across bedrock
2. Dry soil heaped in ever shifting dunes
3. Rocky shores and chilly wind
4. Towering mountains
5. Great climbing hills and sloping valleys
6. Plains stretching beyond the horizon
7. Lowlands pocked with lakes and rivers
8. Fire spewing fissures
9. Deep canyons and deeper caves
10. Dripping forests
11. Scrubby tundra
12. Rugged, tangled evergreens

History (Roll 2d6):
2 -4. Passed from warlord to warlord
5 - 6. Total isolation
7. A slow cultural takeover
8 - 10. Unwavering religious dogmatism
11-12. An unending tug-of-war between factions

Noteworthy Animal (Roll 2d6; if either die shows 1 the creatures are especially large; a 6 means they are prolific; doubles means they are magical in some way):
2 -4. Slinking carnivores
5 - 6. Soaring creatures
7. Stampeding herds
8 - 10. Chattering, dexterous beasts
11-12. Glittering insects

Current Events (Roll 2d6; doubles means there is active conflict):
2. A very valuable natural resource has been found there recently
3-4. A new religion has taken root
5-6. Natural disasters have been common in recent years
7. A benevolent leader has united the people
8-9. A contagious disease is ravaging the population
10-11. Industry has increased recently
12. A religious crusade is beginning

Local Cultures (Roll 1d12 1d4 times):
1. A large people
2. A posh people
3. A nature loving people
4. A diminutive people
5. A warlike people
6. An industrious people
7. A water-dwelling people
8. A reclusive people
9. A festive people
10. A socialist people
11. An oppressed people
12. An ancient people

Sights Worth Seeing (roll 1d12)
1. Vampire falls
2. The Sinkhole
3. The Dead Kahn’s Temple
4. The Stepping Stones
5. The Giant’s Teapot
6. The Green Vortex
7. The Harvest Festival
8. March of the Dead
9. Sunrise Pass
10. Mushroom Hole
11. The Church Below the Earth
12. The Crimson Rain Ceremony


Bioware has the worst fandom hands down lol

3 bisexual romances
2 gay romances
1 lesbian romance
2 hetero romances


yes ignore the 3 bisexual romances you’re not happy with and profile characters based on their looks who ‘should’ have been gay.

Also they can change their mind about the sexuality of their characters because its THEIR CHARACTER. You werent promised nothing.

ALSO can i get a mother fucking shout out to all the POCs in this game? Everyone is too wound up with their entitlement and 'lack of representation of sexuality’ that they forgot the POCs in the game. Like holy hell, the hyperion alone has more people of color in a single area than ive seen in the entirety of most games. Also yeah the character creation is weak but the diversity of the faces are stellar! Who cares if your character isnt a super model, the fact that you can make a believable asian or African american person is fantastic to me.

Bioware actually tries to be different but when its not enough: witch hunt.

Ya’ll are babies

anonymous asked:

I'm a new EXO stan who likes BBH too. Where should I start in getting to know him and EXO better?

Welcome to the EXO-L fandom, sweetie ♥

Well, the best way to get to know both EXO and BBH better is watching variety shows. There aren’t that many, sadly :(

I will try to list (and also link you to as many ENGSUB as possible)

EXO SHOWTIME (it is a must. The best thing to ever happen) : HERE you can download all the episodes (ENGSUB). Also, here you can watch the episodes online : 1 ;; 2 ;; 3 ;; 4 ;; 5 ;; 6 ;; 7 ;; 8 ;; 9 ;; 10 ;; 11 ;; 12

XOXO EXO : ep. 1 ;; ep. 2 ;; ep. 3 ;; ep. 4

EXO 90:2014 : HERE you have all the links you need to watch it

EXO Channel : ep. 1 ;; ep. 2 ;; ep. 3 ;; ep. 4 ;; ep. 5 ;; ep. 6 ;; ep. 7 ;; ep. 8 ;; ep. 9 ;; ep. 10 ;; ep. 11 ;; ep. 12 ;; ep. 13 ;; ep. 14 ;; ep. 15 ;; ep. 16

EXO Next Door : ep. 1 ;; ep. 2 ;; ep. 3 ;; ep. 4 ;; ep. 5 ;; ep. 6 ;; ep. 7 ;; ep. 8 ;; ep. 9 ;; ep. 10 ;; ep. 11 ;; ep. 12 ;; ep. 13 ;; ep. 14 ;; ep. 15 ;; ep. 16

EXO First Box : disc 1 ;; disc 2 ;; disc 3 ;; disc 4

EXO Second Box : disc 1 ;; disc 2 ;; disc 3 ;; disc 4

The Strongest Group : 170905

Happy Camp : 120721 ;; 130706 ;; 140705

After School Club : OT12

Weekly Idol : Wolf Era ;; Growl Era

StarShow360 : Part 1 ;; Part 2

Naver Starcast: EXO ‘A Midsummer Night’s Growl!’ : Here

A song for you : 130823 ;; 130830

EXO China Love Big Concert : Here

Running Man : Here

EXO Showcase [2012] : part 1 ;; part 2 ;; part 3 ;; part 4

KBS MV Stardust : Here

YHY Sketchbook : Here

There are some more, but i tried to choose the ones where there are all the members. There are also Radio Shows which are good to watch such as ‘Cultwo Show’, ‘Sukira Kiss The Radio’, ‘Sunny’s FM Date’ and others. Also, you should check their concerts too

As for BaekHyun, here you have :

Return Of Superman (+Chanyeol) : Here

Roommate Episode 9 : Here

Cool Kiz On The Block : Here

SM Super Celeb League (you have all the episodes with subs on SMTOWN’s official channel) : SMTOWN

Also you should watch ‘Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’ (only if you want to cry) : Here

That’s all that i can think of right now. I hope that it helped you ♥ Also,feel free to add more ^^


as a thank you for reaching 5K followers i asked you guys to send me drabble requests based on this post for 24 hours; i will be posting all of these drabbles but please bare with me as it could take me a while! also some drabbles have more than one part (so they’ve turned into a mini series) because people requested the same member and au, it’s just to make things a bit easier for me! 

PSA: please don’t ask for specific upload dates!

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⚤= smut | ♞= angst | ☁= fluff

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This is literally just Aleks fucking up an intro

Monsta X - To Watch List

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Due to the increase of Monbebes’ from MonstaX latest comeback I thought I’d compile a list of things you should all watch. 


This is where it all started, the survival show that formed the group. Even though you know how it ends up, bring a box of tissues and put your seat belt on. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles. 

2. DeokspatchX 

This is their first little variety show. It’s fun to watch, you’ll laugh and you get to watch the members become more comfortable with one another. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

3. DeokspatchX²

This is ‘season 2′ of their own little variety show. They’re all adorable. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

4. Right Now! 

Their first very own variety show! It’s fun to watch, you will have most likely seen gifs, clips and other screen shots from these episodes. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

5. Monsta X-Ray 

This is a more recent broadcast that can be watched on V App. While this is funny like all their other things, it has a more ‘real’ side to it. There are sad moments, funny moments, and cute moments that make you curl into your chair a smile to yourself.  

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English) 

6. No Exit Broadcast 

Yup another one! This is still currently airing at the time that I am making this post. What can I say, part of the reason I like them is that they let the more ‘real’ side of themselves be shown to us and this program just keeps up with that theme. 

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English) 

7. CH.MX 

This is a ongoing series of videos ranging from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. They are clips from special days, behind the scenes, and other day to day things that they do. 

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English)

8. Special 

These are just other videos that you should definitely see. 

Monsta X on My Kiss…just because they are smooth AF. [X]

Monsta X on Amigo TV… they just know how to have fun and make you laugh. [X]

9. Other 

Take note that Shownu is a regular member of Lipstick Prince and Lipstick Prince 2

On top of those mention there are always the regular appearances on things like Weekly Idol, After School Club + Idol Battle Likes New Yang Nam Show etc. 

{If you are watching any of the videos in the first 4 playlists consider clicking the ‘auto-translate’ function on your desktop in order to get subtitles in a different language.}

Happy Viewing!  ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

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Masterlist for Sinners

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a masterlist -where I’ve gathered only the smut I’ve written so far, so here you go, I hope you enjoy haha x

Bucky x Reader

× Playing Dirty
× We Should Play

Steve x Reader

× That Girl
× The Birthday Present
× High for This

Steve x Reader x Bucky

× Getting Busy
 Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3

Pietro x Reader

× Unexpected Lust
  Part 1 & Part 2

Sebastian Stan x Reader

× Imagine being the reason for Sebby’s sexy hair
× Attraction


× Sex with the Avengers

Podcast Recs [2/5]

Part 2 of my horror/fantasy podcast recs is finally here! (Sorry it’s taking so long @thefestiveoctopusnods!) This is the start of all the fiction I listen to and they’re in no particular order. Part 3 should be up soonish..

Ok. So this is a new podcast (only 1 episode out right now!) And it follows the time honoured tradition of “journalist explores spooky goings on and gets in over their head”. This is based around Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest and is based on GHOST SHIPS! A lifeboat washes up with a bunch of skeletons and an antique pistol and sets the internet on fire when it’s revealed to be a lifeboat from a ship that disappeared 150 years ago. A journalist travels to Puget Sound to find why and how this happened. The first episode is 15 minutes but that may increase as the series goes on.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wake up covered in blood in an attic with no memories of what you were doing or why there’s arcane symbols painted everywhere? If so this is the podcast for you. It follows Wren as she tries to figure out what was going on and why the other people in the attic seem to have really creepy powers. There is quite a bit of body horror in this one just as a warning. Wren is trying to find her “boyfriend” and figure out what he did to them all and why all her “friends” seem to want to kill her now for what he did. Also the main character is bisexual so that’s a giant plus in my book. Each episode is about 20 minutes long so if body horror, secret societies, and creepy superpowers interest you then give this one a try.

Darkest Night
One of my favourite new podcasts! It’s narrated by Lee Pace and is another body horror podcast! This one has super secret creepy private company doing human experiments. These experiments boil down to poor lab tech gets a severed head in a box and sucks out the eyeball jelly to put in a machine that plays the last things the eye saw before it died. Each episode is a separate story but with an overarching story about the lab tech doing a casual bit of corporate espionage. Episodes are between 20-30 minutes long and have some of THE BEST 3D audio I’ve heard outside of ASMR videos so you definitely need to use headphones with this one.

The Magnus Archive
The Magnus Institute is collecting first hand accounts of the strange and unusual things that happen to normal people for their archives. It’s based around a new archivist who is replacing the last one and going through all the archives and digitising them (as much as possible). Each episode is mostly a stand alone horror story but there are a couple of overarching mysteries that link the podcast together - the three main ones are what happened to the previous archivist and where she went, a private collector’s library of books that come alive as they’re read, and the creepy worm lady. Episodes are about 25 minutes long and it’s just started it’s second season.

This one is told in a series of voicemails. The narrator, Anna, is a live-in carer for a old lady and she’s leaving messages to the lady’s granddaughter. That’s the basic premise at least. The granddaughter is the mysterious Mabel who is off doing something. Most likely avoiding the creepy house. Each episode is about 20 minutes long. It starts off with a haunted house vibe but quickly descends into something else entirely that makes you wonder if Anna is psychotic, or if the house is influencing her in some way. If Haunting of Hill House is your jam then this is definitely one to check out. I really wish I could explain more about it but you kinda need to experience it to get the full effect. But trust me, it will keep you guessing like all great haunted house stories do.

The Bridge
Ok. Ok ok ok. So. Imagine they built a giant transcontinental bridge across the ocean so you don’t have to fly. Now imagine they build hotels and water parks and sightseeing spots along this bridge and kept safe by the Watchtowers. Now imagine that everything goes horribly horribly wrong. That is the situation the guardians of Watchtower 10 find themselves in. It’s 2016 and the ocean has revealed that it’s still not ready to be tamed. Join the gang in these 25 minute episodes as they broadcast to an empty road, fight off weird cults, and struggle to keep their secrets secret. Oh yeah, and no one release the sea monster in the basement please and thank you.

Welcome to THATTOWN. Found in the deep south (Alabama) THATTOWN is filled with the normal things you’d find in any small town like bands of marauding zombies that like to whisper your deepest secrets to you, casual demon possessions, auto cults, and town mages. Not going to lie - I love this podcast and would urge everyone to check it out. Plus the creators are so nice and will put up trigger warnings for you and are writing up transcripts for free because they want everyone to be able to access it. Episode lengths vary and you need to listen to the first couple of episodes together because the first one is done in such a different style to what the show actually settled with.

The Lift
If you ever find yourself in a creepy building that no one else can see, staffed by a dead girl called Victoria who knows just that little too much about you then congratulations - you have a decision to make. Each episode is based around a new person who somehow stumbles into this liminal place. Victoria will take you to the floor that will best help you work out your issues and try and help you. If you deserve it. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to take the help. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and season 2 just started where we’re learning a lot more about Victoria’s backstory and how she ended up trapped as a guardian to that place,

Help Me
This is a short, completed podcast about one girl’s journey to find out why her best friend committed suicide. Turns out the answer is - because she didn’t. The podcast quickly takes a turn from trying to find acceptance in death to fighting for your life from the thing that stalks you and wants to steal your soul. There’s a lot more out there than people know and, if you’re unlucky, you can accidentally draw their attention. Fans of slenderman or creepypasta this 15 part miniseries is one you definitely need to listen to. And I really hope the creator decides to put something new out soon!



Doujin: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 

Fic: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX!! @right—meow Kat and I hope you enjoy your birthday gift

@konekat and I have been laying the groundwork down for this collab for a while and ahhhh!! :D It is hilarious and adorableee ~ I had to get Kat to screenshot me Snapchat stuff because I literally don’t know what it looks like. And it is affectionately nicknamed ‘Hi-QT’ for reasons that will become more obvious when Part 2 is up. (Which SHOULD BE LATER TONIGHT!!!)

Look at that beautiful filter Makki used on Kyou lol he looks super romantic ~ Happy birthday, sweet and lovely Alex. :) You are always so kind and supportive and always thinking about others u3u Enjoy your special day! Please wish some lovely wishes to precious Alex!

things about jun you might not have known before

  • he went to one of the top high schools in shenzhen (which is a major city so basically he had top grades; chinese students do a high school entry exam to see which high school they would get placed in)
  • he shot his first commercial at age 2 (literally what were the rest of us doing at 2 y/o)
  • he’s appeared in 15 dramas in total
  • he has been in 3 movies, one of which earned him 3 rookie actor awards
  • at an international kung fu competition he got 4th, 5th, and 6th places in different categories (international!!!)
  • won #1 at a piano competition
  • won #2 and #3 at art competitions
  • won #1 in my heart
  • basically the boy’s all-round talented
  • everyone should stan him. right now. stop what ur doing rn and stan wen junhui

i just witnessed something that pissed me off and if you got eyes it’s gonna piss you off too

i’ve been watching this korean variety/game show called running man and there are six male cast members, and in one ep they had a poll where fans ranked them by attractiveness. these are the results of that poll:

like.. in what universe

honest mortal instruments titles for the main six


Book 1: City of This Blond Dude is Hot (Also, Who Took My Mom?)

Book 2: City of Damn It, He’s My Brother & My Best Friend is Dead

Book 3: City of I Should Probably Stop Kissing My Brother

Book 4: City of He Isn’t My Brother, But Now He Keeps Trying to Stab Me

Book 5: City of I Switched it Up and Stabbed Him

Book 6: City of I Somehow Ended up the Queen of Hell for a Few Seconds


Book 1: City of Hey, Why Can this Redhead See Me?

Book 2: City of I Fight Werewolves Because I’m in Love with My Sister

Book 3: City of I Kissed a Lesbian But It Didn’t Help (Also, I Died)

Book 4: City of Lilith Interfering with My Relationship with My Not-Sister

Book 5: City of I’m Jealous that Evil Me Fingered Clary in a Downworld Club

Book 6: City of I Finally Get Laid Because I Brought a Condom to Hell


Book 1: City of This Redhead is Ruining My Life

Book 2: City of I Do Not Have a Boyfriend & His Name is Not Magnus

Book 3: City of Just Kidding, But Why Didn’t He Call Me Back?

Book 4: City of Oh Wait, I’m Not There

Book 5: City of I Fucked Up My Relationship

Book 6: City of Too Many Heteros (Also, Izzy & Simon Need to Stop)


Book 1: City of Jace Has Feelings???

Book 2: City of Jace Should Probably Stop Kissing His Sister

Book 3: City of Everything Is Terrible

Book 4: City of Simon Cheated on Me, So What Weapon Should I Use on Him?

Book 5: City of Team Good! (Also, Should I Still Kill Simon?)

Book 6: City of Everyone Gets a Happy Ending Except Me


Book 1: City of this Blue-Eyed Boy is a Babe (Also, That Redhead Is Familiar)

Book 2: City of the Blue-Eyed Boy’s Parabatai is On My Couch

Book 3: City of Your Wards are Down So Alec Kisses Me in the Accords Hall

Book 4: City of I’m Traveling with Alec, I Guess?

Book 5: City of My Apartment is a Home for Wayward Shadowhunters

Book 6: City of I’m Locked Up in Hell


Book 1: City of I’m in Love with My Best Friend

Book 2: City of I Almost Have Sex with My Best Friend, But Then I Fall Asleep

Book 3: City of I’m a Drunk Vampire (Also, I Keep Getting Locked Up)

Book 4: City of I’m Lucky Isabelle & Maia Didn’t Kill Me

Book 5: City of My Name is Not Sherman, or Anything Else Magnus Calls Me

Book 6: City of My Name is Actually Lord Montgomery

LWA: Years Later AU

Updated Post (4/26/2017)

Since my AU is constantly updating as little witch academia releases more episodes, characters, and info on the world building, I thought it’d be best to make a new post on this. Many people have partaken in this AU, and I appreciate every single one of you.

Those that have helped build this AU to what is it now:

@hanasaku-shijin @theaceofgays 

i am so sorry mobile users


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im bored of life and everything so i decided to make a post of everything. like a ref list of workouts, studying help, writing, drawing… etc! this will literally take me hours i s2g


  • a way to high marks and be on tumblr the same time.
  • science translated to english :)
  • collection of studying mixes
  • selfcontrol and various pomodoro method site blockers are extremely helpful when you know you need to shut down your access to distracting websites
  • simplynoise, mynoise, rainymood, coffitivity, soundrown, simplyrain,naturesoundplayer, naturesoundsforme are good background voices 
  • a site that would explain to you literally anything
  • organizing your time, studying strategies.. etc
  • study skills
  • how to google
  • learning how to revise
  • improving your revision skills
  • learn geography 
  • shop books online
  • alt. to wikipedia
  • final exams guide
  • get motivated to study
  • tips for a productive study break
  • when should I go to bed?
  • microsoft word equivalent
  • free online books
  • more free books
  • can’t do your homework?
  • “no homework” excuses
  • how to get unblocked internet in school (chrome only)
  • words to make you seem more intelligent
  • emotions vocabulary  


  • how to write a kickass essay
  • alternatives to “said”
  • alternatives to “whispered”
  • tip of my tongue
  • Read any book (apparently)
  • writing fantasy stories
  • character flaws
  • writers block (1) (2)
  • writing a death scene
  • bio help
  • degrees of emotions
  • writing ref
  • music to help you write


  • painting tutorial
  • colour palette (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  • drawing clothe folding
  • avoiding drawing the same face
  • draw ice
  • anatomy help
  • free drawing program (1) (2)
  • sai brushes (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
  • draw hair
  • drawing ref
  • dont know what to draw?
  • draw 3D room tut
  • drawing eyes
  • lip tutorial
  • how to draw jeans
  • how to draw arms
  • expression tutorial
  • drawing hair and fur
  • drawing cats
  • pose reference blog [its actually a blog full of references i-]
  • download photoshop
  • paint blood
  • color blender
  • draw hands
  • hands 2
  • photoshop help (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  • remove backgrounds from images online
  • clouds
  • brush setting ref (SAI)
  • kissing ref 
  • how to draw curls
  • realistic woman body ref
  • draw knees
  • draw feet
  • shadow help
  • male body
  • lips ref
  • contouring and highlighting
  • draw wings
  • change images using blur (PS)
  • gray
  • hat ref
  • glowing stuff
  • pastel colors
  • draw grass
  • eyeliner ref


  • eyeliner
  • punk rock makeup
  • disney eye makeup
  • coverup tattooes
  • how to apply blush
  • 6 makeup tips
  • ombre eyeliner
  • what makeup complements my complexion?
  • what makeup suits you?
  • lipstick tricks
  • how to do your makeup with a spoon


  • messy bun tutorial
  • different ways to braid
  • three-braid updo
  • waterfall braid
  • how to fishtail
  • romantic curls
  • braid + bun updo
  • how to do pastel hair
  • 8 ways to wear a bow
  • 4-strand braid
  • braided bun
  • braided headband
  • dutch braid crown
  • pin curls!
  • how to contour
  • everyday makeup routine
  • lipstick using crayons
  • eyeliner ref wow
  • filling in eyebrows
  • banana facial mask (moisturizes)
  • strawberry facial mask (acne prone skin)
  • avocado facial mask (dry skin)
  • yogurt facial mask (sensitive skin)
  • list of oils to add to your face masks
  • already made masterpost :*


  • hot chocolate using nutella -gasp-
  • 4 different smoothies
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • tastiest starbucks drinks
  • best grilled cheese
  • winter sore throat tea
  • best chocolate cake
  • apple pies (mini aw-)
  • extra fancy garlic bread
  • french bread pizza
  • pIE
  • muffin in a mug
  • how to make nutella fudge
  • lavender lemonade wow
  • 15 pound homemade snickers bar
  • make candy crystal meth
  • Macaroni and cheese in a mug
  • cheap & healthy snacks
  • Every Starbucks drink and pasty
  • deliciousfood
  • vegans


  • tv shows masterpost hola
  • movie masterpost
  • scary movies
  • movies to watch when you’re sad
  • when to pee during a movie
  • jennifer lawrence movies master list
  • glee season 1,2,3,4 + 5
  • ja’mie private school girl
  • adventure time master list
  • supernatural
  • doctor who
  • pirates of the carriben series
  • walking dead season 1,2,3 + 4
  • american horror story season 1 + 2
  • a list of over 900 movies with links


  • white noise
  • coffee shop
  • all the music you’ve reblogged
  • stay happy
  • concentrate
  • listen to the rain
  • fireplace
  • play piano


  • textbooknova
  • reddit
  • bookboon
  • textbookrevolution
  • math textbooks
  • ebookee
  • freebookspot
  • free-ebooks
  • getfreeebooks
  • bookfinder
  • oerconsortium
  • gutenberg project
  • ebook3000
  • readanybook
  • free audio books
  • masterpost of books wow


  • answer trivia questions and give people rice
  • make a a giant squid pillow!
  • make your own acapella band
  • live ocean
  • pokemon secret base
  • read creepy wikipedia articles
  • read more creepy wikipedia articles 
  • disney lies/ urban legends (probs not real like-)
  • this will take you to a cool place
  • your online garden
  • sand art online
  • wow just open it omg
  • cool websites for wasting time (1, 2, 3 )
  • how to help someone who is suicidal
  • make a blanket nest
  • click daily to give free food to an animal shelter
  • 2500 Japanese emoticons 
  • homemade wax
  • gift ideas for cat lovers
  • moss graffiti
  • make a flower crown
  • night vale monopoly
  • learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse
  • how to play ‘sherlock’
  • supernatural workout
  • learn a new language!
  • learn london slang
  • take personality tests
  • make gifs
  • see what its like to live on minimum wage
  • watch great vines
  • make glitter out of salt
  • make dip-dyed shoes
  • learn to read korean in 15 minutes
  • how to make origami
  • color matching game
  • fun sites masterpost
  • how to be an adult
  • check your postlimit
  • make a wand
  • find out if a website is safe
  • make a font from your handwriting


  • materpost
  • emergency compliment
  • cute yahoo answers
  • calming manatee
  • calming gif
  • coping skills and distractions
  • draw a stickman
  • daily puppy
  • guided relaxation
  • the thoughts room
  • go to a quiet place
  • cut something instead of yourself
  • let it out
  • self injury recovery masterpost
  • free hugs
  • coping skills & distractions
  • make a comfort box


  • 1000+ reference


  • nature/scenery
  • literally everything
  • a little from everything
  • tile/repeating/pattern background
  • gradient
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My SnowBaz Fic Masterlist

List of all of my fics!  (now also on ao3)

I Should Have Known (1.1k)

Simon gets his soulmark one night at Watford and shows it to Baz, who begins acting strangely.  Determined to see what Baz is hiding, Simon will stop at nothing to solve the mystery.

New Tradition (481 words)

Simon and Baz go camping

On the other side(2.3k)

Simon Snow is a Shadowhunter assigned to Watford. When he gets injured during an attack, his roommate Baz patches him up.

Is this real? (3.9k)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Fake Pretend Relationship AU where Simon gets the surprise of his life when his roommate, Baz, asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend. Everything is going according to plan until the line of what’s real and what isn’t starts to blur, and they both have to make a decision.

Vlogger Confessions (3k)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Youtuber AU where Simon is a daily vlogger and Baz has no idea what his roommate is always filming.

A Plate of Scones Fixes Everything (500 words)

Coffee Shop AU where they keep looking at each other, until the day that Simon decides to send Baz a little note.

Simon says Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch! (253 words)

The one where Simon calls Baz by his full name, or the one that Baz gets a bit jealous.

Invite me in (240 words)

Baz first time visiting the apartment.

Baz first time staying the night (484 words)

They just want to sleep next to each other.

Leaving the fair (202 words)

Baz and Simon being adorable after leaving the fair.

Baz has a group project (163 words)

Simon gets bored waiting for Baz so he goes look for him.

Choices a story you can play

Hello, recently I downloaded the app Choices and im really having fun with it. My current favorite story is Endless Summer. Although I have one promblem with the app. The amount of diamonds recieved. I feel that people who don’t have the money to buy more are left out of the interesting paths. Also I notice while playing “Endless Summer” the premium choices cost around 15-20 diamonds. That’s an absurd cost for the amount given after each chapter.
I think there should be more than one way to earn diamonds. Like:
1 -After each chapter players get 5 diamonds.
2 -Players can watch ads to earn diamonds. The amount is based on how long the ad is.
(ex: 0:30s ad = 2-3 diamonds and 1m ad = 5-8 diamonds)
3 -A decrease in amount of diamonds needed for premium choices.
Any of these could greatly enhance players expierience with the game. I believe option #2 would benefit both the player and Pixelberry. Players get more diamonds and Pixelberry gets more ad revenue. Win, Win.
If you’re also a player with the same conserns please reblog in hopes of Pixelberry seeing this.
If you’re Pixelberry reading this I really hope you understand and I hope you might implement one of the different ways to get diamonds.

Thank you

unpopular opinion i guess but i dont feel like part 2 was worse than part 1?? i guess I dont feel like they even should be compared bc theyre so different in tone. part 1 was all building up, psuedo fantasy, lighthearted (well…compared to part 2 lol), character establishing type of stuff. part 2 is all drama!!! and real world consequences! so of course ppl are gonna find part 2 worse bc a lot of bad things happen to characters in it, but idk i just feel that this part was more together story wise? remember how fast paced and all over the place part 1 was? part 2 didnt exactly slow down but it at least kept a focus on things, which is why imo part 2 was easier to watch all the way through in one sitting (while it took me like 3 days to watch part 1). more things happened and i was always on the edge of my seat! idk i think we should give part 2 a chance is all, and we shouldnt let it affect whether or not tgd gets a season 2!!!

(the cartoon bits gotta go tho lol. like i said before, they should be their own separate entity like a webseries between breaks)