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@Anons: holy shit it's just a drawing, can't you guys chill??? If that picture makes you feel this uncomfortable that you have to bitch about it to this extent, then maybe you should log out because there are some real gem fanarts out there that you can find in the main tag (like Johnny and his horse in the act, for example............). For real, if THIS Koichi and Jotaro drawing makes you this offended, I think you should stop looking at fanarts at all.

Okay fucked up other shit aside, araki himself draws way more intimate poses, look at anything gyro and johnny have done for cover art, look up a ton of panels of okuyasu and josuke, look up even HIMSELF AND ROHAN, so idk, its just a weird mess and its just one loud person, theyll go be mad at something else and go back to being negative and miserable somewhere else, hopefully soon.

Not that i wish them misery, i just wish they wouldnt try to infect others with that nastiness.

How to Tell if Somebody is fandom!old

- They use terms like lemons, smut, or UST to talk about the genre of their fic.

- They have squicks.

- They want you to have squicks. Which isn’t to say that they want to squick you, just that it’s a useful term.

- *glomps*

- They leave long comments on everything the read. Possibly not in the tags. They might do something super bizarre like send a message or put their thoughts on the end of your post.

- They write disclaimers on everything. Or on literally anything, since nobody does that anymore.

- They write about orbs, and those orbs are cerulean.

- Or literally anything else is cerulean. Cerulean is an outdated term. I’m calling it.

- The tongues of their characters are still battling for dominance, even though it’s 2017, and really a winner should have been declared by now.

- They have a fear of Mary Sue.

- Characters in their modern AU are chatting on AIM instant messenger, and calling each other on landlines. There are references to Ceiling Cat, because the characters are hip to meme culture. This AU is ~modern~ after all.

- Their fic is interlaced with slightly relevant song lyrics (disclaimer, they didn’t write the song.)

- They don’t do any of above, because they are New Fandom Savy, but they write or reblog nostalgic posts about these things.

- They had a livejournal.

- They still have a livejournal.

- They ended up on tumblr only after getting into a new fandom, searching livejournal for content and fellow fans, and suddenly coming to the startling realization that livejournal has become a barren wasteland of tumbleweeds and chirping crickets.

- They miss their geocities site.

- They wrote fic for the X-Files while the original nine seasons were still airing.

- Bonus, they wrote fic for the original Star Trek and published it in a zine, before the Internet was a thing. That’s like super mega fandom old.

- They might be less inclined to call themselves “trash”, but they are totally out there, reading all the things.


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

Since @fangsmagicandinspiration made me a fic for one of my sketches, I made a sketch for a different scene in their fic! Maybe were just gonna have an endless cycle of making stuff inspired by the other and end up with a weird game of art/writing telephone lol

Check out their awesome fic here

Sad and happy?

So people have been sending me a couple articles floating around that I’m featured in. It’s so kind and flattering to know that people think what I’m doing is cool, but I’m not “queen of cosplay” or innovative or even the best at it. Like I’m grateful and happy people like it but also feel guilty that people do? I just started this maybe a year ago? If even that. I don’t want anyone to think that I think I’m hot stuff. I know that my outfits could be WAY better and that there are FAR more talented people doing the same thing that should receive the attention I’m getting and then some. I know many of mine have been simple. Like I feel bad that my rag tag outfits are being shared as opposed to someone that has a completely amazing cosplay that looks way more complex and bad@ss. I just thought it would be cool to do some cosplays of people from our childhood, ya know? Bring some nostalgia to your TL I thought. I didn’t think people would really think much of it.

I also feel uneasy that ppl are getting upset bc they feel ppl would call cultural appropriation if it were someone of a different race. Which you know, maybe they would. It wouldn’t be right and I wouldn’t agree with it if they’re just dressing up as a normal character with nothing to even do or connected with the actual culture and not doing anything offensive. Idk I just feel kind of weird and bad but excited and shocked? Idk I know it’s not that serious, but I still feel uneasy :(


In which Kate is literally us, and Emily actually resorts to the “hey, what’s that over there?” diversion tactic [and I’m cackling in the distance]

I Won’t Say pt. 2 (Jughead x Reader)

-Summary: Part two of I Won’t Stay, where Jughead and Y/N go to the dance together but ditch.

-Jughead Jones x Reader

-Request? Yep.

-Word Count: 1110

-Warnings: none

-A/N: Jughead is living in the drive in still for this one, it fits better with the story.

-Tags: @multiversegalaxygirl@xbobaaa , @flowercrown-bucky ,


Jughead’s POV

If I was being honest, I was quite nervous. I was supposed to be picking up Y/N in thirty minutes for the school dance that she asked me to. Dances aren’t my thing, but I wasn’t about to say no to a chance with Y/N, even though everything in my head was telling me that I should do otherwise, that anything to do with relationships is a waste, because someone always gets hurt in the end. But I ignored it, and decided I’m gonna do what my heart wants for once. She is the one who asked me after all.  Or had I misinterpreted it? Was she asking me as a friend? I hoped not.

I shook the thoughts from my head and grabbed my phone and left the drive in, locking the door to the place behind me. After about twenty minutes I arrived at Y/N’s house; I was ten minutes early, but that didn’t matter, she usually gets ready for things super quick. I sent her a quick text telling her I was here, opting not to knock on the door and having to face her nosy mother.

I may love Y/N, but that does not mean I have to like her parents.

No, I’m still not admitting that I love her.

After a minute or two, the door opened up to a smiling Y/N. I couldn’t help but smile back, she had the most beautiful smile.

“Ready to go?” I asked her.

She nodded, “Let’s go.”

When we arrived at school, we immediately found our group of friends. They all greeted us and the evening went on with us just talking and drinking the punch that had not yet been spiked by Reggie. I was getting kind of bored after about two hours, Y/N and I just sitting down, watching everybody dancing.

Then, the slow dance came on.

I sat there for a couple of seconds, debating whether I should ask her to dance. It would be rude if I didn’t, but also risky if I did. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and finally said it:

“Do you want to dance?”

She looked at me and smiled, “Thought you’d never ask.”

I stood up and held my hand out to her, she took it and I led her to the dance floor where everyone else was dancing. She placed her arms around my neck, and I carefully placed my hands on her waist, my heart racing from how close we were in proximity. It felt like we were just stood there, staring at each other, no cares in the world. Before we knew it the song was over and we parted awkwardly, not saying a word.

She spoke up, “This dance is boring, wanna leave?”

I nodded and we left, not even telling any of our friends goodbye. We made our way to our ‘secret spot’, otherwise known as the tree house in the back yard of Y/N’s house. We hadn’t been up here in a while. We had been so wrapped up in the investigation into Jason Blossom’s murder and the Blue and Gold that we hadn’t really had time to properly hang out in our spot. We used to come here once a week, as a tradition. We’d made a silly pact when we were younger that we would only be best friends if we met there every week. We would play card games and board games to keep ourselves amused. It was what I looked forward to every week.

When she pulled out Cluedo from the stack of board games I laughed, “Hopefully we can actually solve this murder.”

She laughed, “Shut up you goof.”

Although it was dark and there was very little light in the tree house, our eyes adjusted and we sat down and set up everything and started playing. About half way into the game, I couldn’t help myself but to say, “I’ve missed this.”

She looked up from her cards, “The game or us hanging out?”

I rolled my eyes, “The second one obviously.”

She smiled, “Me too,” she said sincerely, then she went back to the game, “I think I’m gonna accuse.”

I shook my head, “You can’t possibly know who it is!”

She smirked, “Was it scarlet, with the pistol, in the bedroom?”

I looked down at my cards, knowing that I didn’t have any of those, and she had in fact won. I groaned and threw my cards down, and she laughed.

“You chose this game cause you always win at it, cheater,” I say, teasing her.

“Hey! It’s not my fault you suck at it!” She said laughing.

After we had packed the game up, too tired for another game, she sat back down next to me. It was quiet for a moment until Y/N spoke up again, “How have you been? You know, besides everything.”

I shrugged, “Fine, haven’t really had much time to think about anything else.”

Y/N nodded, “I get what you mean, I haven’t really had a moment to myself either, which made me enjoy tonight a hundred times more, because I got to spend time with you, like we used to,” she smiled fondly.

We sat there, in the dark tree house, just staring at each other. Thanks to my lack of control, my eyes flickered to her lips for a split second. I love her. I’m in love with her.

“I, uh…” I trailed off, not really knowing where I was going with my words. I didn’t really want to finish my sentence, because admitting it means being vulnerable, it means putting myself at risk for being hurt by the ones you love. I already knew how that felt. But I didn’t have to admit anything if I just showed her instead.

So I kissed her.

It was like the world stopped spinning. Her lips connected with mine in the most luxurious way that I felt like I was going dizzy. Everything made sense. I had no idea how much I had wanted this until now.

It felt like a lifetime until we pulled apart, and when we did I had to say it, “I love you.”

She inhaled a deep breath, looking like she was still recovering from what had just happened, “I-I love you too Jughead, I always have.”

“You have?” I ask, shocked.

She nods her head and places her hand on my cheek, smiling, “How could I not love you? You’ve always been here for me when no- one else was.”

I couldn’t even come up with a reply, I was just filled with relief.

So instead, I kissed her again.



Summary: For a moment, just a moment you thought the prefect life might be in your grasp.

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Warnings: angst

Word count: 1,156 (with lyrics)

Setting: The year Dean spends with Lisa so between season 5 and 6

Notes: #SPN Anti-Valentine’s Challenge by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing I chose Miranda Lambert’s song More like her.

Tag list:















She’s beautiful in her simple little way
She don’t have too much to say when she gets mad
She understands, she don’t let go of anything
Even when the pain gets really bad
I guess I should’ve been more like that

Reader POV

I should’ve held onto my pride, should’ve walked away just like he is with my head held high. But I guess stupidity runs in my veins. Stupidly thinking he’d want to settle down with me, have that white picket fence, Apple pie life we only dreamed about. He hadn’t promised forever, never knowing my true feelings, never figuring out how I felt about him, nor returning them. Ones I pushed aside to keep from getting hurt, and in the end they’re what done me in. Not watching Sam fall, Lucifer contained inside his body, into the cage, sealed away for the good of mankind. It’s not seeing Castiel’s vessel explode or Bobby’s neck snapped, both returned to normal thank God that has me wanting to curl into the fetal position and cry.

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i wanna do something really cool and fun for tiva since we haven’t had a big tiva event in a while and we didn’t do the holiday collab this year (bummer) but like

the fandom is so fragmented and like just absent anymore, with so many of my connections to tiva actually on different social media or just no longer even willing to engage with the fandom anymore

and i fucking miss it.

but is it worth it to do anything if i’ll get like 4 people to participate? like i know we’re busy and stuff and i know that mw’s departure was like our last hurrah for so many people but honestly i’m not done yet???? and if the x-files can have an active fandom after 24 years then why can’t we?

anyway if you’re interested in doing some sort of tiva fandom event type thing i’d love to re-engage the fandom


Can I just say that I’ve seen so much amazing fan art on here. And some of y'all don’t even think your art is that good, that’s the crazy part. You are all SO extremely fucking talented, and I really enjoy looking through the tags and seeing all the different styles and designs. Like damn. And I know this doesn’t mean anything coming from me, but I just wanted to say this, because these communities are damn talented and just plain awesome, and you should be so proud of the things you make, fucking hell.

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I feel like I remember you saying that in the Loverboy au Yuri had a real shit first time and he went to Beka for comforting? Can you elaborate on that time and could you also, if you're up to it, talk about what Yuri and Beka's first time was like? You might have already talked about it and I missed it but if not I'd love to hear about both. Thanks!

Yuri’s first time wasn’t like, terrifying or traumatic or anything, it just wasn’t the lovey dovey amazing thing he’d been led to believe it was by life. It was a bit rough, it hurt a lot more than he was told it would, and he didn’t like really any part of it and wondered how people could even enjoy sex if it was always like that

Also, I did already answer about what Beka and Yuri’s first time was like and it should be under the loverboy au tag with everything else :D

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your fav crack sakura pairings? (recs welcome)

Well it depends on what you define as “crack”, which can be anything from “unlikely” to “impossible” to “absurd”.

Personally I think to be cracky there has to be something a bit weird about the pairing, even if it’s not completely outside of the realm of possibility.

Madara x Sakura is definitely my favourite crack, I think I’ve read it all, I’ve done a post of fic recs for them before and now I’m actually writing a piece for them, good gravy

Indra x Sakura - “You know, I like MadaSaku, but it’s just too likely.” Well my friend have I got the ship for you. Unfortunately I can’t think of any fics though, mostly like it in art.

Kimimaro x Sakura - blame @actuallydeglace for this one, Marrow is amazing

Akatsuki x Sakura fics where every single one of them is in love with her and it’s like an otome game, can’t think of any off the top of my head though

Zabuza x Sakura - only ever read one fic, Up in Flames, basically Team 7 is aged up for the Land of Waves mission and Sakura gets taken as hostage, sloooooow burn

I think that’s about it for crack, I have lots of ships for her that aren’t crack of course.

I don’t post text posts on his blog a lot or ever rly but I was thinking abt Credence barebone n newt scamander and at first I was reluctant bc I felt like ppl were shipping them together bc they are the young pretty boys of the film but honestly the more I think about it he more I realize how innocent and healthy their relationship would be and how much they’d rly love each other like they’d be so happy to have each other and they’d rly benefit from a relationship together like……my dude ….Credence and Newt ….it’s just too good and beautiful

lmao seems everyones gonna have to wait longer to see art from me when i seriously can’t draw at all at the moment 

Lifting Attire

i’ve seen a post going around about what to wear in the summer while you’re lifting, but not one about fall/winter, so i decided to make one!!


  • pea coat - not too big to be suspicious, but when it’s getting pretty chilly in like late October/November you can wear it and take it off as needed. good to hide anything to de-tag in a dressing room or walk out with (MAKE SURE THERE’S NO TAGS!!!)
  • sweatshit - wearing a sweatshirt will look less sus in the cold months. just make sure you still look polished if you’re going to a higher end store. if you live in a college town, get one with the football team’s emblem on it. those should be easy to find, you might even be able to lift one!
  • club jacket - i love these because they’re warm and thick, so they’re good at hiding clothes in.
  • denim jacket - try to find one with inside pockets if you can. 
  • puffer jacket - use in the winter. same as the pea coat, but this is better because you can make it really poofy with what you lift and people won’t think twice. 


  • a bunchy sweater with loose sleeves - this comes in handy for concealing small items. slip them up your sleeve and then discreetely place them in your bag pretending you’re looking for your phone/lotion/chapstick (the latter two are important to have in winter months!!) 
  • a thick flannel - good for putting small items in the pockets
  • carigan - again good for concealing small items, and you can wear a t-shit/tank top underneath.
  • cami - for underneath your sweater/flannel/cardigan. ones with built in bras are extremely helpful for hiding small/flattish items.


  • jeans - always good, try to keep them looking polished. 
  • leggins - if you wear a big sweater, you can tuck things into the waistband. just make sure they don’t slip down!
  • skirt - i love those denim button-front a-line skirts that are in right now because you can shove things in your tights and it doesn’t show. if you wear a skirt, wear tights, because the waistband is always pretty snug and you can fit things in them.


  • tall boots - wrap the scarves/t-shirts you’re lifting around your calves and cover them with your boots.
  • short boots - drop little items in them. doc martens are good for this, because they look very chic when you keep them tied loose. 


  • a good bag is everything. a structured medium-sized bag is always good - MK Selma is the best, but as that is pretty pricey, any good rectangular leather bag will do. i personally use a black leather Coach tote with a solid bottom and stiff leather, so it looks pretty much the same full or empty. make sure it’s not too large and sus, but too small and you won’t be able to lift much. 


  • scarves - scarves are a GODSEND. you can put on necklaces and cover them with your scarf so they aren’t seen. you can also take your scarf off and sort of wrap it around an item you’re concealing before you stuff it in your purse. don’t do that too many times in one store, though, or they’ll start thinking. 
  • gloves - good for getting really small items like jewelry. after you conceal, put them in your gloves so they don’t rattle around in your bag.
  • coffee cup - get a coffee cup (NOT see-through) and drink all your coffee while you’re walking around the store. once you do that, go to a bathroom and rinse it out so there’s not any coffee left. place some napkins in the bottom and then walk around with it. put small things like makeup and jewelry in there. the napkins are so they don’t get gross and you can’t hear them rattling around. you could also bring a reusable coffee cup from home/lift one on your way to the store!
  • hats - same as scarves, put things in it before you tuck it into your bag.


  • same as always - don’t get greedy, don’t get dumb, if it feels wrong it probably is so leave
  • always carry some personal care items like lotion and chapstick. not only will it be an excuse to “dig around” in your bag (drop items in), but also who wants chapped lips and dry hands? nobody!!!
  • the coffee cup method is super great in fall, because you wouldn’t catch anyone in their right mind without a warm beverage!

i hope this helped! you can always message me if you have any questions :^)

p.s. - these tips work for ME at MY stores, which will most likely be different from yours - you assume all responsibility if you get caught using these tips.