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aaaah your Madison headcanons were so amazing! I would love to hear more about Neil and Andrew's parenting and how they gain Madison's trust, or some Madison POV for the first few weeks of living with them... or even Nicky and Aaron's reaction! (In other words I agree you should totally write a fic of all this)

Thanks! So, I know this has been sitting in my inbox for a while but I still love Andreil + Madison and I’m definitely going to write a fic but in the meantime, here’s a tiny little preview that I might end up putting in the fic or might end up scrapping later:

Madison’s first evening in the house was too quiet. Neil wasn’t sure what he was expecting and he knew a grand celebration would just make an already strange situation so much more uncomfortable for Madison.

Still, he had thought that there would be something more than Madison sitting in silence the entire drive to their house and holing herself up in her new bedroom with her one slightly overfilled backpack that Neil doubted she was unpacking yet the moment they showed her which room was hers. Andrew had installed locks that let her lock the room from the inside so she would feel more safe. Neil wasn’t sure if the door was locked now or just closed, but he would guess she had locked the door on impulse like he had used to lock his dorm the moment he got inside it, back when he was at PSU rooming with Matt.

She didn’t come back down until the pizzas Andrew ordered arrived. Andrew sent Neil upstairs to tell her it was there while he paid for the pizza.

The mention and smell of the pizza was enough to draw her out of her room temporarily, but she didn’t speak a word during dinner and she ate like she wasn’t sure when her next meal would be after this. When she disappeared upstairs again the moment she was finished, Neil wondered if they were making backwards progress and she already regretted being adopted by them.

The silence of the house was deafening and even the skitter of cat claws across the kitchen tile sounded too loud in comparison. Of course, Andrew picked up on Neil’s worried expression and he told him coolly, “She came down to eat. That’s more than I was willing to risk my first night in most foster homes.”

“We’re not a foster home,” Neil pointed out. “This is permanent.”

“She’s used to new houses being new threats,” Andrew said. “And we both know she doesn’t really believe this is permanent.”

Andrew was right. Even with the leap of trust she had shown them after they had told her they wanted to adopt her if she would have them, Neil knew she didn’t trust that this was real and permanent and safe. She’d been waiting for the other shoe to drop back then, he had seen it written all over her face, and it was going to take a lot for them to convince her that drop wasn’t still coming.


i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time


I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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why some teens believe everything the light of their internet-capable device touches is their kingdom

(‘what about that shadowy place over there?’

‘that’s pornhub, simba. you must never go there.’)

we all see plenty of posts about how adults on the internet need to remember that ‘kids’ (read: teens) are around and we must bear that in mind. and these posts are not entirely without merit. It’s important to keep conversations being held with teens carefully teen-friendly and appropriately distant. but the entirety of tumblr and twitter aren’t designed to cater to the safety of minors, and all the adult self-policing in the world won’t make all the kid-unfriendly content go away.

not all teens believe the internet should have gutter bumpers for them, either. but those that do have mystified me for a while … until I started to understand just how pervasive ‘helicopter parenting’ is in parts of American (and UK) culture, and how that affects the adolescents and young adults of today.

anonymous asked:

a thing worth noting re anyone who pulls the ‘you can’t blacklist on mobile, minors can still see it’ thing to say even tagged content isn’t okay: even if washboard didn’t exist, the tumblr app is rated 17/18+ in app stores. if people under that age get on the app and see things they shouldn’t, that’s on them and their parents/guardians, because they shouldn’t actually have been using the app in the first place.


Honestly, though, the argument has moved past this in some ways. It’s not so much about whether or not teenagers are allowed to see this thing or that thing; it’s a well-known fact that most teenagers will break rules if it suits them and they can get away with it, and internet time is a prime space wherein they can do so.

What’s happened is that some adolescents - teens with parents that are overly protective and crowd their schedules with supervised activities, usually - have been taught by their life experience that:

  • all adults in their vicinity are there to protect them. and no wonder: the large majority of their contact with adults will have been as supervisors. Teachers, teacher assistants, instructors, daycare employees, and coaches are all adults who are paid to watch their activity and will be held responsible for the teen’s wellbeing by their guardians. when have they ever spent time with adults who aren’t in charge of making sure they’re safe?
  • any space they are in will be designed and maintained with their safety and comfort in mind (no matter how they obtained access). all spaces they enter are specifically meant to revolve around them: schools, sports, playgrounds, etc. The few occasions that they have to enter spaces not meant specifically for them (stores, etc) they are closely watched by adults and any harm they experience will be blamed on adults as a result.
  • if they can get access, it must be a space that’s safe for them. Having spent very little of their lives unsupervised, they have always been actively prevented from entering spaces that are not meant for them. They’ve never had to learn to set boundaries for themselves, so they naturally reason that if a boundary is not actively enforced, it must actually be a space they’re meant to enter.
  • they are not responsible for themselves. adults around them are responsible for them. if they come to harm, it’s because an adult wasn’t doing their job properly.

for teens of this mindset, ‘18+ ONLY’ warnings are merely a suggestion. Nobody is stopping them, after all, and it has never been their job to stop themselves. and if they can get access, the space is now theirs - because all spaces they are in are theirs. they couldn’t get there unless it was meant for them; that’s how it works, right?

This is why some teens are utterly flabbergasted by the idea that adults on the internet want to interact with fellow adults on an adult level in a space the teen can access. They’re here! That means the space is specifically meant to cater to them! The adults are automatically tasked with their safety! If teens do get into trouble, it’s because the adults weren’t responsible enough! that’s how this has always worked.

And when adults say ‘no, I do not take responsibility for your actions, the internet is full of things that may frighten or harm you and you must set your own boundaries,’ it’s distressing and scary all at once.

(no wonder so many people in their late teens/early 20′s want to still be considered as children.)

EDIT (10/9/2017, 4 days after originally posting): if you’re seeing this post in its original form, I hope you’ll read some of the excellent reblogs disagreeing with it. I think that this post kind of misses the point, which is: some of it may be emotionally invaded teens, but some is just that teens who grew up around this kind of behavior from their parents and adults have learned that they can use their minor status as a kind of power play and thus stand up to demand coddling in fandom spaces.

the culprit that I still maintain is the heart of the problem is the structure of sites like tumblr and twitter, which knocked down all barriers and moderation in fandom and made fandom feel chaotic and uncontrollable. we’re all looking for ways to control our experience in an environment of this kind; some find it by demanding others change what they produce, and others do it by curating what what they see of the production of others. this post doesn’t reflect that well, however, and I apologize for talking down to teenagers who have the agency to think for themselves no matter how their parents behaved. 

Ok but can we leave exo and their stans alone please. I understand that ya’ll want tae to be a Gucci model but don’t go on exo’s tweets about them being models for Gucci and promote taehyung. Not only is it disrespectful but it’s pathetic and ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves for it. Either be happy for exo or stay out of exo tags or posts and promote tae all you want. And if you can’t even do that, then don’t bash exo bc your fav didn’t get a chance to do what they’re doing. It gives bts a bad name to have their fans bashing a senior group, have some respect

Attention fandom

Because this is clearly still a problem


Ship them, love them, write or draw them all you want. But do NOT start tagging them in stuff, or accusing them of hiding it, or any of this other bullshit I’m seeing.

They don’t like it! That should be enough of a reason for you to stop!!! They are trying their best to portray accurate lgbt romance on screen and trying to be polite when they say they don’t like the accusations, so how on earth can you respect and like them when you’re doing this to them???

Clearly this is not everyone, not even everyone who ships DomKat. It’s the ones who are still putting it out there and trying to get their attention on it, who are still hating on Ray, who are still trying to pressure these wonderful ladies into admitting their “hidden sexualities and feelings.”

It needs to stop. Out of respect for the show, respect for WayHaught, respect for Ray, respect for Kat and Dom, IT NEEDS TO STOP. There is no argument. There is no “But I-“ or “What if-“

Stop. Just stop. Leave them out of it. If you like them, you should be able to respect it when they ask you to stop. They are clearly uncomfortable about the questioning and it makes them feel awkward about how close of friends they are.

It’s not okay, and it’s sickening to see that some of our fandom is turning to this. It’s only been getting worse recently, not better. You do not have some divine right to dictate their personal lives, who they do or don’t love, and what their sexualities are or are not. You don’t get to say that. They do. Only they are allowed to say and feel these things. Your opinions do not dictate them.

Sorry for the rant guys but it needs to end

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Bakusquad headcanons??

bakusquad is so good for my heart……yes…. good friends……

  • one day when bakugou is fast asleep, they write “BLASTY MCSPLODE” on his forehead in permanent marker. 
    • no, none of them have a death wish, why do you ask?
      • bakugou wakes up and screams bloody murder but they aren’t even scared they’re too busy laughing really hard
  • the boys all share this unspoken, unwritten mutual promise to make sure that nobody (read: mineta) fucks around with ashido
    • she can handle herself, obviously. but they do worry from time to time
    • she’s actually fully aware of their whole deal and finds it endearing that they care lol
  • when bakugou admits to them out loud that this is the first time he’s ever had real friends, they all somehow instinctively know to tackle him. Big Friendship Group Hug
    • kirishima is actually crying. “BAKUGOUUUU THATS SO SAD”
    • kaminari and sero are mostly in disbelief that bakugou verbally acknowledged that they were friends
    • ashido just really likes hugs
  • kaminari questions why they’re called bakusquad one day. sero tells him it’s because “kamisquad” sounds like “kumquat” and would be “an ugly-ass name”
    • ashido takes to calling kaminari “kumquat” for a whole week after that conversation dfjdslakfjkdlasfj;
    • kirishima isn’t as mean about it. he outright says that it’s bc bakugou is “cool” and “leader-like” and “deserves to have it named after himself”
  • when they manage to make bakugou genuinely laugh out loud for the first time,,,,
    • it’s not evil-sounding?? it’s pure. beautiful. they’re all blessed 10/10
      • they staring at him in awe at first bc they weren’t aware that bkgo even knew how to laugh
    • it happened bc kaminari electrocuted himself. kirishima slipped on ashido’s acid and couldn’t harden fast enough so he bumped into kaminari and got electrocuted
    • then sero tried to help but his tape went out of control and all four of them ended up dangling from the ceiling caught up in knots of tape and affected by electricity
      • bakugou walks in and sees this. he couldn’t contain it. why are his friends such dumbasses. he loves them
      • when he’s done laughing at them he helps them get out
A-Typical April

Originally posted by seekingakumas

Hey guys! It is almost time to celebrate A-typical April ^_^ A chance for all of us to give some love and appreciation to the less popular and celebrated things in the ML universe! There is so much about this show that is great other than just our adorable love square, and while we are still on Hiatus I thought it would be good to take some time and focus on that. ^_^  (This does not mean no Adrien or Marinette, just that the focus of all the works should be on something other than the Love Square.) 

For A-typical April I will be providing a series of both Weekly themes and Daily prompts that you can follow. (And will even have one of those fun visual calendars as well.

Now you CAN do art or fics or gifs or anything else following the weekly or daily prompts (and you certainly don’t have to do all of them!), OR you can show support by finding and kudos and reblogging other people’s works! Take a minute to look through the tags at some Tom and Sabine art, or share a link to a great Julerose or Ninoir fic. So many great non-lovesquare works get glossed over, and this is a wonderful chance to take the time and appreciate them! This show has so many amazing aspects to it that make it what it is. 

Anyways: For now Here is a list of the weekly themes! (Daily Calendar coming soon!)

Week 1: Friendship- There are so many amazing friendships on this show we could honestly spend a whole month just talking about that. 

Week 2: Love- As much as the Love square is great, let’s take some time to appreciate some of the other pairings in this fandom, there is no small list to chose from 

Week 3: Villains- This can include all the akumas, the troublesome adults lurking around (may or may not be plotting an Andre Bourgeois drabble for this week) or even some love for our resident butterfly enthusiast. After all without the villains, we wouldn’t have much of a plot now would we? 

Week 4: Daily Life- we all love the magic and the action scenes, but part of what is fun about this show is the regular day to day interactions between the characters. We get just as excited to see Marinette win a videogame contest as we do to see her face off against an actual giant robot!

That’s it for A-Typical April part 1! Part 2 Coming soon. (AKA probably tonight) 

If you want to participate please feel free to like and reblog this post- also use the following tag-        #MLAtypical  #Atypical April

That way people can track the event! 

Why is there always an Intergalactic Alliance?

I think it’s funny that whenever anyone submits something about the greater interplanetary community, they always talk about “The Alliance” or something like that. I think that’s a very human idea, particularly modern humans. We’re a very multicultural society these days, and it’s a modern, HUMAN thing to reach out for peaceful coexistence and trade immediately. Who’s to say we aren’t the Great Uniter? That the rest of the species’ out there aren’t in stable, mutual distrust of each other, neither venturing nor attacking each other? In a state of mutual distrust, each stays within their own territory, aware of the others’ presences, and steering clear. Humans, equal parts adventurous, business savvy and greedy, are the first to actively seek out relations with the others, building trust and making money at the some time, until, before they know it, every bizarre on every planet has stalls full of extricated interplanetary goods and delicacies. Eventually a conglomerate of trading systems and species comes together, and who is at the head of this? The new superpower in the universe: Humanity. Eventually, though a combination of silver-tongues, strong arming, and the obvious advantages of being a part of such a community, almost every species is a part of this great coming-together, and when a group of non-members view this as a threat and begin aggressive counter-measures, The Alliance is formed. The humans, not the youngest species in The Alliance, but certainly not the oldest, are, as ever, at the head. To the species in The Alliance, humans are the Great Uniter, the one who taught them acceptance and strength in numbers. To those outside, they are fast-mouthed devils, vicious fighters, with powers of mind-control. To ourselves? Well, we haven’t changed since the invention of the silicone chip, have we?


Thank you for sending this in, @ freakinfishtank, it was really interesting to read! Most stories do have an Intergalactic Alliance, and I’ve never really questioned it, so I really like your take on this! It was a little difficult to read, since there’s only one large paragraph, but I really enjoyed it all the same! I’d love to see more stories by you, especially stories about how the Alliance was formed in detail, and maybe how each species ended up joining!

I’m so used to being part of big fandoms that I’m feeling really weird and not knowing what to do now that I’m in a fandom that is not that big.

I usually go to AO3 and my ships tags have at least 2k fics on them… Dark Matter doesn’t even have 250 fic in total…

Worst part is, I don’t know why that is? Dark Matter is the type of show that seems like one that would gather a pretty big fanbase?


  • It’s an AWESOME show!
  • It has an interesting plot - 6 people wake up in a space station without any memories of who they are and then find out that they were all vicious criminals with a reputation allover the galaxy. This memory loss does however not extend to knowledge that was so ingrained in them that they could not forget because it comes as instinct, for example, one character was great at hand to hand combat and had great leadership skills, that was not lost in that memory loss, another was great with technology, that was not lost in the memory loss, etc.  They have to decide if they want to go back to who they were or take the memory loss as an opportunity to become different people.
  • It has amazing characters - All characters are incredibly complex and develop all throughout the show. The characters were named in the order they woke up and realized they had lost their memory, so, there is One, a boring white guy that I don’t care for (I know that’s not the best way to start this but he stops being a problem). There’s Two, (the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen), she takes on the role as the leader, she is tough but she has a good heart and probably one of the most complex characters on the show, she is also the love of my life and can kick my butt (and everyone elses) as she pleases without much of a struggle! Three, a supposed jackass that you’ll grow to love, he is pretty funny too. Four, a quiet guy that is a master at sword fighting and that you know you shouldn’t mess with him. Five or “the kid”, she is basically a tech genius and everyone underestimates her until they learn better but also everyone loves her. Six, a big guy with a heart of gold and his relationship with Five will melt your heart. If you watch Supergirl, we call J’onn Space Dad? Six is also a Space Dad. TOO CUTE, I love him. And last but DEFINITELY not least, The Android, she is a robot but as the story progresses you see that there is more to her than that, she’s special and also the love of my life! Two kicks ass, but The Android is basically undefeatable unless someone has a taser lol
  • The female characters are kickass as fuck! Like, I’m not kidding… There are 3 main female characters, Two, Five and The Android and all of them have saved everyone’s asses multiple times (if not most of the times if I’m being honest) there is no damsel in distress trope on this show, like ever! This show is feminist through and through and I love it!

This is Two being kickass: (the fight scenes are AMAZING on this show)

Originally posted by bodennis

This is Five being a smartass:

Originally posted by littlegreenhairedgirl

This is the Android being a cutiepie: 

Originally posted by fyeahdarkmatter

If you’re gay, you have most likely watched Lost Girl and so you know that the Android is played by Zoie Palmer (Dr. Lauren Lewis/half of Doccubus) and she KILLS IT! 

If this is not enough reason to watch the show, maybe it will convince you the fact that Two is bi/pan in canon AND, without spoiling anything, Zoie does play a gay character as well later on.

AND if you still are not convinced, I know quite a few of you are Ruby Rose fans… guess what? She guest stars on Dark Matter!

Originally posted by uswntlover94

I don’t know how this post about me complaining that Dark Matter needs more fans so I can read more fics turned into a “WATCH DARK MATTER” post but here we are…

If you are still not convinced and need more convincing, please, you can message me about it.

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Regarding the ring exchange scene, apparently some leaked storyboard showed an internal monologue of Victor's. He was sad Yuuri didn't come out and say it was an engagement ring. "So this is what he means." The Japanese fanbase picked it up. Which is why he looks a tiny bit sad. I wish they hadn't cut that part, but at least Victor understands Yuuri's real intentions. Thus the "we'll get married after winning gold," comment. :') But it would have been nice with Vic's original thought. Oh well.

yep, you’re absolutely correct! if anyone’s interested, here’s a post with the storyboard and the translation and here’s another post about the rings scene! i really wish they’d kept vitya’s inner thoughts in the finished episode, it feel that it would have cleared things up for a lot of people bc it would’ve made it clear that he absolutely understood what yuuri meant, and i’m really just dying to know more about vtya’s thoughts in any scene haha ♥ sometimes i wonder how many other little things like this one didn’t make it to the final cut bc i’d love to know them all D:

oh and if this ask was inspired by my tags for this post, i feel like i should clarify that i was talking about the whole composition of that screenshot! that yuuri pov with the ring in the front and vitya in the background? i feel that the way it’s framed absolutely makes yuuri’s inner intentions clear whether he himself says it out loud (or even fully admits it to himself bc anxiety) or not ♥


Anon- A very good HC 10/10

@prettylittlepasha (Its not linking you, for some reason, sorry!)
You’re so welcome, thank you so much for the reblogs, and I’m really glad you like my style! <33

Anon- Maybe one day! I’m not great with being watched, tbh, it makes me really conscious of all the mistakes I make as I paint!

@mistye-dawne Haha! Thank you so much! I’m replying here because honestly I don’t really have much, anyone is totally welcome to build on what I post for it, or veer off and make their own stuff! (I can’t claim cafe AU’s, everyone and their mum has one ;P) I figured maybe it stays open til’ midnight (maybe ‘midnight’ cafe, since Nemuri is the manager?) Aizawa stumbles across it after a particularly long day of lecturing and grading, amazed that there’s actually somewhere to get coffee after hours. There’s also a local cat that pretty much stays there all day, which sealed the deal.

 Hizashi works the most shifts, and is obnoxious as always, Nemuri is a good boss, and an overzealous wingman, Toshi and Nao work there part-time (low key ship). And I want to get in the other characters too. But that’s literally all I got! No plans, I’m winging it :’). 

Extra notes I guess: Aizawa still teaches class 1-A, just at university age instead! And it IS set in Japan, I’m going for a more European feeling for the cafe interior because I’ve woefully never been to Japan, and I’d inevitably trip up on the food or decor. I want to try designing some of the things they sell there eventually, and I will probably research Japanese cafe food/desserts, along with having some things I’m more familiar with (pastries etc…)! I’m mostly just a hack though, sorry :P. (Maybe Nemuri visited Europe and decided to recreate the cafe feel, who knows ¬-¬)

Anon- I don’t particularly like Ochako/Deku, just because I’m way more invested in them as friends, and we need more characters that don’t get together just because they’re the opposite gender. Other than that…I love allll the teachers and adults in the show, I pretty much ship everyone if its presented well. I don’t really ship the students much, but I’m way out of school and they just feel too young to me, (even aged up to third year or whatever ppl do when they draw that stuff) I go up to hand holding and smooches before its like mmnope.

(And it kinda goes without saying that I don’t ship the teachers with the students, it might seem exciting when you’re young and at school, but its…like, its just…no teacher should do that, its wildly inappropriate, and generally emotionally manipulative. (we had a few cases in my school and its just not good) I get that its fictional when people draw/write it, and they can avoid the unhealthy parts of it, but I don’t think its a good thing to encourage, even when its not harming anyone directly.)


I’m going to try and remember to tag my sketches with ‘mal sketches’, if you don’t want to see them you can blacklist! All my chatter is tagged with ‘mal talks’.

Ultimate Victuuri FicRec List 2.0

since my first post did so well, and since my addiction to reading Victuuri fanfics has spiralled even FURTHER out of control since the original, I decided to make another of these monsters. Cinnamon rolls and sinnamon rolls are both welcome here.

I found many of these on the blog @victuurificrec and you should go follow her for even MORE recs because Hailey is a gift to this fandom. Go give her some love

original Ultimate Victuuri Fic Rec can be found here


Safety Hazards in St. Petersburg by lucycamui | 6k words | explicit

- I have NEVER seen Victor this weak. This is beautiful. This is a gift from the gods because I am weak for Victor being weak. Get rekt

The Start of Life by livixbobbiex | 20k words | explicit

- The single greatest honeymoon fic I have ever read. It’s long but it will run you through the entire emotional spectrum in the best way. Also I’m a sucker for any story where Victor has a sweet relationship with his babushka.

Warmth by SuggestiveScribe | 1k words | general

- A one shot that will give you ALL the warm fuzzies. Takes place right after The Kiss, features more kissing, and just…God. Fuck this fic, it has murdered me. Cutesy, G-rated Victuuri feels for dayssss

Security by Harlequinade13 | 5k words | explicit

- Post-canon shenanigans. Yuuri is v popular with the boys and his fiance gets jealous and then they make out at a Christmas party. It’s great. Great, I say.

UTC plus nine by anirondack | 5k words | explicit

- Don’t read this one in public, or you’ll end up like Yuuri when bae sends nudes…

Thirst by victuurikatsudon | 2k words | explicit

- DEFINITELY do not read this in public and also pray for forgiveness after you do read it, because this is nothing but sin. Sweet, sweet sin. Victor is a sex god and phone sex ensues.

Pearl of the Danube by FunnyLittleOwl | 11k words | explicit

- Some post-engagement travel shenanigans in Budapest and LOTS OF FEELS. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

The World Opened With You by DiAnna44 10k words | teen and up

- The most beautiful Musician AU in existence I s2g. Happy tears and warm fuzzy feels all around. Starts off sad, ends with Good Shit. This fic deserves so much more attention!!


The Rivals Series by Reiya/Kazliin | 268k words between 2 fics | 14 chapters and 3/8 chapters | explicit

- This series includes Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches, which is complete, and Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, which is a WIP companion fic to UMFB&MHA. Basically the biggest fics in the fandom right now, if you haven’t read them yet I STRONGLY encourage you to do so. This shit even has a TV Tropes page. (Make sure to read Until My Feet Bleed first.)

Cause I’m a Taker, ‘Cause I’m a Giver, It’s Only Nature by ken_ichijouji | 40k words | 9/? chapters | explicit

- Canon compliant, but Victor and Yuuri actually start out as fuck buddies. Then Victor catches Feelings. Wowowowow

Twenty-Five Hours by 0lizzybennet0 | 22k words | ¾ chapters | mature

- Canon divergence where Yuuri and Victor meet by sitting next to each other on a plane. Victor doesn’t recognize Yuuri but Yuuri recognizes Victor because, well, bedroom full of posters anyone? Sexual tension ensues. Bonus: Yurio and Yakov are there too. Rip them for having to deal with The Gays

Dancing Daffodils by grayclouds | 63k words | 18/? chapters | mature

- IF YOU AREN’T READING THIS WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOURSELF. Like, the fact that Vitya has long hair throughout should be enough for you but the fact that Yuuri is Eros, God of Love and all your favorite characters are gods should make this fic required reading.

Let’s Be Sinners To Be Saints by r_musings | 64k words | 8/? chapters | explicit

- Ok so here’s the thing: this is tagged as rape/non-con but I promise you there is no rape, there is one scene involving non-consensual touching but not between Victuuri, and there are warnings at the beginning of the chapter. That being said, THIS FIC IS GOLD AND DESERVES SO MUCH MORE ATTENTION, GO DO IT

More fics under the cut!

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Supporting the MLP movie and Avoiding Spoilers

As you may know, on October 6th My Little Pony: The Movie will open in theaters. I’m here to give you info on how to support the film and also how to avoid spoilers.

First off, and I must emphasize this:


I especially have to emphasize this since recently the entire movie has been leaked online.

When you pirate a movie it’s basically the same as saying you don’t care about wether the film is successful or not and several hardworking people are not getting paid for their work.

Go see the movie in the theaters. I know it might be a little expensive but nothing beats seeing a movie on the big screen in the theater, plus you’ll be supporting the movie that way.

It’s also important to see the movie on the opening weekend if you’re able to. Movie studios tend to judge a movie’s success by how well it does in the opening weekend, if the movie does well in it’s opening weekend more movies like it might be made in the future (meaning more movies made using Toon Boom Harmony to create 2D animation). However if for any reason you are unable to go see the movie on opening weekend that’s alright as long as you go to see it later on.

Now for the second part:

How to avoid Spoilers

If you’re like me, you absolutely hate it whenever someone or something spoils a movie for you (Speaking of which, if anybody reblogs this with a comment mentioning a spoiler I will end you). Here are some tips on how to avoid spoilers for the upcoming MLP movie.

First off it’s best to avoid any MLP fan sites or wikis. Those don’t always hide their spoilers, so it’s best to avoid them all together if you want to be surprised.

Try not to view any commercials, trailers, or promotional material in general. As you may know most movies these days tend to spoil the entire film’s plot in trailers and promotional material. I personally have not viewed anything besides the first trailer (which looks amazing), but I have read that one music video promoting the film reveals the movie’s ending, so yeah best to avoid all promos if possible.

Try to stay off social media sites. This one is a bit harder to do because social media sites are sometimes necessary for certain things. However if there’s nothing that you absolutely need to use social media for before you need to see the film, take a little break from it. Take some time to read a book, play a game, or watch something.

However if you need to use social media sites then just unfollow anyone who you think might spoil the film for you, then follow them again after you see the movie. Or maybe just visit certain profiles you’re 100 percent sure won’t spoil anything for you.

Thankfully for Tumblr all you got to do is get Tumblr Savior.
Tumblr Savior is an extension that can be found for most browsers and is very useful especially when avoiding spoilers for anything (or anything you just don’t want to see on your Tumblr dashboard). Just install and activate it on your browser put stuff like “My Little Pony: The Movie”, “Spoilers”, “MLP movie”, “MLP movie spoilers”, and any other variation on the movie name and spoilers that you can think of (just to be safe) and it immediately hides them from your dashboard.

Of course in order for this to work all Tumblr user must remember to


Wether it be a gifset, a text post, or even a reblog, you should remember to tag your spoilers, otherwise the spoiler posts won’t disappear from other dashboards using Tumblr Savior. Personally I would recommend not posting anything spoilery until awhile after the film is out, but if you must, tagging it as “Spoiler” or “Spoilers” will do (though also tagging it as “My Little Pony: The Movie” and any other tags I mentioned before would help also). You can also do posts that have “Spoilers after the jump”.

Oh and one more thing,
Don’t search anything MLP related on any websites for awhile (including Tumblr since Savior doesn’t always work with searches).

That’s all for now. Remember to support the movie if you wanna see it, try not to spoil it for anybody and have a nice day.

When I first became aware of the ace discourse here on tumblr, I actually considered myself an exclusionist for the most part, but I didn’t want to visibly tale a side right away because I wanted to make sure I understood what the discourse was really about. Of course this is before I realized I was gray-ace and of course the discourse made the process of my accepting that take longer than it should have, but I understood where they were coming from.

I followed a bunch of popular exclusionist blogs (that I will not name because I don’t want to start unnecessary drama) and also followed some popular inclusionist blogs so I could keep track of what both sides arguments were. Over time I noticed that the exclusionist blogs were regularly relentlessly bullying and harassing inclusionists and aces that weren’t even part of discourse and I saw them no longer making this about cishet aces but about all aces. I saw them posting things in positivity tags that didn’t belong there (which affects all aces and not the cishet ones) and I saw them purposefully trigger nd/mentally ill aces for their own amusement and I saw how their rhetoric was taken from terfs and biphobes. I even had an exclusionist “friend” at the time that I would message when I had questions about why they were doing this stuff. They essentially said it was to weed out aces from the community by making them feel unsafe because they don’t belong even if they aren’t cishet because they are “cishet apologists” that “value the feelings of cishets over actual lgbt people’s feelings”. I never saw the inclusionist blogs I followed do any of this (not trying to say that none of them have done this, too. It just seems more prevalent on the exclusionist side because I didn’t have to do anything to see this stuff happen. It was right there on my dash just from following popular exclusionist blogs).

I realized that I was aligning myself with actual bigots and that didn’t sit right with me as a pansexual nonbinary neurodivergent poc. I can’t align myself with bigots when my whole life and every aspect of who I am are already subject to bigotry. So in a way, it’s exclusionists’ fault that I’m now an inclusionist. I saw their true colors and I was honestly disgusted. I decided that I rather be part of the side of the discourse that is calling out this behavior instead of contributing to it. I rather be part of the side that isn’t obviously full of bigots.

bts: [breathes]

other group stans: they would Not have been able to get /there/ if it weren’t for other groups 😤😠😡👺

Where… my Campstuck AU?

And I don’t mean making the kids into predetermined trolls (Max as Karkat, Neil as Sollux etc) although that’s pretty awesome too. I mean starting this shit ALL OVER AGAIN AND MAKING THEM INTO TROLLS JUST AS THEY ARE

So far I’m thinking:

Max, Neil, Nikki: The Kids™

David: Troll, Rust

He knows he’ll be the first to die but that won’t stop him from being the best darn troll he can be! Decent psychic abilities, but rarely if ever uses them. Has pale feelings for Daniel

Gwen: Troll, Bronze

The next one up…she knows she’s gonna die soon and doesn’t bother fighting it. Annoyed. Depressed. Just leave her alone. Has pale feelings for David, but won’t admit it

Harrison: Troll, Gold

Awesome psychic abilities, but no one takes them seriously because he’s so low on the hemospectrum. Lives alone because he made his lusus vanish by accident. In a kismessisitude with Nerris

Space Kid: Troll, Olive

Completely clueless. Everyone lower than him is annoyed that he’ll live longer than them, everyone higher is annoyed he’s not lower. Probably needs a moirail to keep him from accidentally dying, but no one is willing to volunteer– except Nurf??

Jasper: Troll, Jade

He hangs out with David the most, not much is known about him

Preston: Troll, Teal

Not too high on the hemospectrum, but not too low either. Used to be Nurf’s matesprit, but eventually found the courage to break it off. Now is the auspistice for Nerris and Harrison. Very overdramatic, longs for revolution, has gotten warnings before to shut up

Nerris: Troll, Cobalt

Her psychic powers are not as good as Harrison’s, and she resents that. Loves to FLARP, usually with Harrison and Preston, and roleplay. It was her idea to mess with the humans

Nurf: Troll, Indigo

Has no control over his own strength, usually found bullying lowerbloods. When Preston broke off their red relationship, he nearly murdered someone. May or may not have pale feelings for Space Kid–SHUT UP HE NEVER SAID THAT. Despite being an asshole, he tries to keep himself in check

Daniel: Troll, Purple

Do I even have to explain? Can’t decide if he likes David as red, pale, or black.

Dolph: Troll, Violet

He likes drawing a lot, but wouldn’t mind murdering a bunch of land-dwellers if the chance came up. Has red feelings for Ered that she knows about but doesn’t care.

Ered: Troll, Fuchsia

Being the next heiress should be cool. Doesn’t care much about blood caste one way or another–she’s too cool for that. Everyone respects her


Imagine what a session for them would be like.

Imagine Nikki introducing them to Sburb and being super excited because ‘guys this will be great!!’

Imagine Max finding his house being torn up by a way too enthusiastic Nikki– 'sorry, I just really wanted to see what your bathtub would look like on your bed!’

Imagine Neil rolling his eyes at first but okay time out what the hell is that a meteorite.

Imagine each troll taking over a kid to mess around with, just like in the comic. (Harrison tries to troll Nikki, but Nerris does too, so most of Nikki’s trolling is the two of them just trying to outdo each other. Ered also joins in at some point, but very briefly)

(Space Kid reaches out to Neil at first but Neil just blocks him–after eight more tries, Neil unblocks him, but refuses to fall for this shit, and Harrison eventually takes over.)

(Max is forced to deal with Preston giving him the most dramatic, overexaggerated guide-through ('and here, you must off your physical form to achieve godhood! ah, such is the fate of us mortals–’ 'wait hold up are you telling me to fucking KILL myself’) as well as David’s failed trolling attempts.)

Imagine Daniel starting to kill everyone off in a fit of religious purpleblood madness–he starts with Space Kid, and everyone realizes too late that when they said they wanted Space Kid dead, they didn’t mean it like this. Nurf is horrified when he finds out, and probably ends up giving himself to Daniel (not on purpose). Jasper is the next to go, and Daniel nearly reaches Gwen too before David leaps into shoosh-pap action. Gwen doesn’t know how to feel about this (He saved her?? But now he’s with Daniel??? And she liked him?????)

Imagine Max being first to reach godtier because 'wow, all I have to do is kill myself? I wanted to do that a LONG time now’.

Imagine who else would make godtier. And what classpect would they be? I’m sure Nikki and Neil would join on after Max, as well as maybe Nerris and Gwen (hell yeah, immortality)

Imagine them all meeting up with the trolls at last, and huh, Max didn’t know that the ridiculous drama queen trolling him was this cute. And weird, Neil hadn’t expected the idiot claiming he was psychic to be so charming.

Imagine Max being stunned to see David because 'you look like my dad…only younger…and greyer…and stuff’, and being met with a blank look because 'what’s a dad?’


Slay me with those Campstuck-fueled headcanons