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i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time

  • Akuma victim: get ready to die Ladybug
  • Hawkmoth: wait did you just say die
  • Hawkmoth: I just want jewelry not murder
  • Hawkmoth: they're like thirteen what the hell
  • Hawkmoth: I thought you were mad about your parking space what's with the murder
  • Hawkmoth: okay you know what you're done for today de-evilize little butterfly come back home we'll try again tomorrow

let the flames of your passion grow.

I kinda lost all the motivation for this one, since I wasn’t very happy with it to start with, but thought I’d share it anyway since I bothered to do the lineart– I’m deep in Gotham season 3 hell right now and I’m losing my shit thanks to these two………………


Q: What do you like about Joshua/Jeonghan

JH&JS: I like everything about him ♡

The fan asked them the same question and received the same answer. <3

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Ohh gosh you are adorable and I love you and your great.

^ Someday I will learn how to accept compliments like these three. But for now…

*hugs u forever* *makes garbled noises and denial sounds* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GD & TOP off the record

**updated with clear fancam

Some facts about Klaine’s impact to be proud of:

Klaine are:

  1. Most reblogged Glee ship.
  2. Most popular canon ship on AO3.
  3. Glee’s only award nominated ship.
  4. 3rd most tweeted ship of all the time.
  5. Most tweeted Glee ship of all the time.
  6. Biggest amount spent per couple at Glee Auction. 
  7. Glee ship with the biggest amount of Google search results.
  8. Most popular Glee ship on
  9. Most popular glee characters (Kurt and Blaine) on
  10. Most popular Glee ship on AO3
  11. Most popular glee characters (Kurt and Blaine) on AO3
  12. Glee ship with the biggest amount of devianART results.
  13. Glee’s biggest amount of Liverjournal Community members.

Dragonescence look at what you’ve done. 

Hiccup would get himself killed Hiccup would have a blast with Aperture technology, and he would probably annoy GLaDOS to the point of madness. 

Also Wheatley would be terrified of him. 


This was supposed to be a continuation of my dancer virus headcanon, and I originally planned to draw more of Virus teaching Trip to dance, and eventually them dancing together, but for some reasons I don’t think I will. Still have this (he’s showing him how to place his feet properly)


“Shine brighter! Surprise me again and again!”

Happy Valentine’s day @tu-surak!!!!