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i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time

How many times do the members of got7 have to ask you to stop tagging them in ship posts/talking about ships to them for yall to actually stop. Look, if you wanna ship in private, or on here, whatever, I don’t care. But got7 has asked you and now I am asking you PLEASE DO NOT SHIP THEM TO THEIR FACES. DO NOT COMMENT SHIPS ON THEIR POSTS OR VIDEOS. DO NOT TAG THEM IN SHIP POSTS. DO NOT TAKE SHIP SIGNS TO EVENTS. DO NOT ASK THEM THEIR FAVORITE SHIP. DON’T. TALK TO THEM. ABOUT. SHIPS.

bts: [breathes]

other group stans: they would Not have been able to get /there/ if it weren’t for other groups 😤😠😡👺


For the anon who asked me to do a coloring tutorial :) If anyone wants me to do any more tutorials, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll try and get to it as soon as possible!

Everything I know about picking colors comes from THIS SYCRA VIDEO. The first eight minutes are really all you need to understand what I’m saying. I don’t do exactly what he does every single time, but I always keep it in the back of my head.

Some other things to note, I guess:

When I’m drawing from reference, I don’t use the eyedropper tool and sample colors directly from the photo. It feels kinda boring and lazy to me, because if I’m gonna have all the same colors as the photo, what’s even the point of drawing from a photo if the photo already exists? So I guess it’s an issue of style for me…

I change the colors of the lines before I do the overpaint bit just because it helps me when I’m blending. It’s easier to blend a skin colored outline into a face than a dark blue outline into a face.

…That’s pretty much all I gotta say about coloring. Hope this helps someone…

On the subject of being super nervous for the finale, here are some of the sad ‘what if’ scenarios for Ren and Nora I’ve been using to torture my friend. I’ll write exactly what I texted her.

Don’t think about Nora jumping in to fight to protect Ren and she gets killed and Ren is distraught and doesn’t want to live with out his best friend so he sacrifices himself.

Don’t imagine just a real close zoom in on Ren’s face as you can see the moment his heart breaks and then cut to the life fading from Nora’s eyes and he gets real teary and then pissed for the first time in the series. Or even the opposite, Ren tries to sneak up on it but gets killed. Nora goes berserk. What if she lost it and overused her lightning and fried herself or leaps at it and lets herself get stabbed to electrocute it. Make sure you don’t think about that.

So like what if they’re all bloody and shit, maybe some rain coming down and causing their blood to mix and stream along the ground together around them, and Nora just takes Ren’s hand and whispers “least i’ve still got you here wit me.”

I didn’t say they die that time. It’s not like I said they’re bleeding out on the pavement, torn up and maybe missing limbs, blood and tears stinging their eyes, crawling to each other to hold hands. Ruby and Jaune are still trying to fight in the back ground, but the noise dims and becomes a low buzz in the background as they stare at each other and think about how lucky they were to have found each other, besides losing everything multiple times and going through so much, at least they have each other right up until the very end. At least they don’t have to live without each other.

Consider Nora with a serious wound about to die and she tells Ren how much she cares about him and that he needs to ‘fight and stay alive, to be brave, live, please Ren’. She reaches up to touch his nose and her last words are a feeble ‘boop’. Cue lightning up ahead or something symbolic.

Alternatively: Ren has the mortal wound. Nora rushes to him, frantic, desperate to find help. He just pulls her close into a long, final hug, probably getting blood all over her. He tells her it’s okay, he tells her how much she means to him, how he cherished their time together, before going limp in her arms. 

In all seriousness, I don’t think they’ll die, this is just how my brain chooses to pass time, by making me sad.

I’ve seen a lot of posts about how Ciel wouldn’t have anything without Sebastian, and I don’t… disagree. The supernatural advantage helps, a lot.

But can we please talk about how much Ciel is giving Sebastian in return? And I don’t mean his soul. I mean Ciel is Sebastian’s whole reason for existing. Literally. Sebastian is Sebastian because Sebastian is what Ciel asked for. And he himself has said that he enjoys it.

Now, I personally think he more than enjoys it, I think he needs to be the perfect embodiment of what his contactor needs. And in Ciel’s case it’s a lot more than Sebastian simply being a slave to his “butler’s aesthetic”.

Ciel’s soul is “perfect” by Sebastian’s standards. And throughout the manga/anime has Sebastian shown anything resembling the adoration he has for Ciel’s soul in regards to another soul? No. What does that mean? What Sebastian considers a perfect soul is extremely hard to find. Will even said Sebastian was starving back when they were investigating the circus.

Where am I going with all this? Simple. Sebastian needs Ciel just as much as Ciel needs him, if not more.

I say “if not more” because Ciel could live without Sebastian (if he, for some unfathomable reason, decided that giving up his revenge and living happily ever after with Lizzie was a good idea) while Sebastian without Ciel’s soul… that’s a scary thought.


Jonah: So, today comes the newbie.
Brent: I heard he’s like the the new child prodigy or something very close to it.
Ethan: As long as my fanbase stays the same I don’t really care.
Jason: The guy’s old. He has a family. Your groupies won’t run away Ethan.
Ethan: He’s not older than us now. He was just discovered late, don’t understimate someone you don’t even know.
Jason: Jeez daddy, I apologize.

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Ohh gosh you are adorable and I love you and your great.

^ Someday I will learn how to accept compliments like these three. But for now…

*hugs u forever* *makes garbled noises and denial sounds* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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