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i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time


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Sammy Jam (Lampblack City Reprise)
themeatly games ltd. / WarWasp 26
Sammy Jam (Lampblack City Reprise)

(A revision of Sammy Jam for a revised Sammy Lawrence… From sheep to shepard, since those dark days down in Joey Drew Studios, Sammy has come a long way, in spite of, or perhaps because of his inky prison of a body. Who knew being a terrifying ink man could garner you so much reverence? And all it took was a little Ink on the streets for his flock to begin to gather before his anotherness. They came for Sammy’s power, but they stayed for his big ideas.

My brother (War Wasp) has been working on little tunes for Lampblack, as if they would be used in the hypothetical game, just because… it’s fun. He’s great at making music, but he hasn’t felt ready to share anything he’s made yet, until right now! Everything else he’s been working on is completely original, but in discussing what kind of music to do, I asked if he’d try out a “Sammy Jam” reprise for powerful-faction-leader-Sammy-Lawrence, as a step up from the original “Sammy Jam” which belonged to a pretty pathetic guy, and in my opinion he NAILED IT! What stands out most to me, besides it just being more energized in the best way, is that he turned those pieces of the original meant to be a little broken and deranged and turned them into powerful, intentional parts of the song; which totally mirrors how Lampblack!Sammy took his disturbed state and turned it into power. I can’t stop listening to this. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! -HG)

Why is there always an Intergalactic Alliance?

I think it’s funny that whenever anyone submits something about the greater interplanetary community, they always talk about “The Alliance” or something like that. I think that’s a very human idea, particularly modern humans. We’re a very multicultural society these days, and it’s a modern, HUMAN thing to reach out for peaceful coexistence and trade immediately. Who’s to say we aren’t the Great Uniter? That the rest of the species’ out there aren’t in stable, mutual distrust of each other, neither venturing nor attacking each other? In a state of mutual distrust, each stays within their own territory, aware of the others’ presences, and steering clear. Humans, equal parts adventurous, business savvy and greedy, are the first to actively seek out relations with the others, building trust and making money at the some time, until, before they know it, every bizarre on every planet has stalls full of extricated interplanetary goods and delicacies. Eventually a conglomerate of trading systems and species comes together, and who is at the head of this? The new superpower in the universe: Humanity. Eventually, though a combination of silver-tongues, strong arming, and the obvious advantages of being a part of such a community, almost every species is a part of this great coming-together, and when a group of non-members view this as a threat and begin aggressive counter-measures, The Alliance is formed. The humans, not the youngest species in The Alliance, but certainly not the oldest, are, as ever, at the head. To the species in The Alliance, humans are the Great Uniter, the one who taught them acceptance and strength in numbers. To those outside, they are fast-mouthed devils, vicious fighters, with powers of mind-control. To ourselves? Well, we haven’t changed since the invention of the silicone chip, have we?


Thank you for sending this in, @ freakinfishtank, it was really interesting to read! Most stories do have an Intergalactic Alliance, and I’ve never really questioned it, so I really like your take on this! It was a little difficult to read, since there’s only one large paragraph, but I really enjoyed it all the same! I’d love to see more stories by you, especially stories about how the Alliance was formed in detail, and maybe how each species ended up joining!

How many times do the members of got7 have to ask you to stop tagging them in ship posts/talking about ships to them for yall to actually stop. Look, if you wanna ship in private, or on here, whatever, I don’t care. But got7 has asked you and now I am asking you PLEASE DO NOT SHIP THEM TO THEIR FACES. DO NOT COMMENT SHIPS ON THEIR POSTS OR VIDEOS. DO NOT TAG THEM IN SHIP POSTS. DO NOT TAKE SHIP SIGNS TO EVENTS. DO NOT ASK THEM THEIR FAVORITE SHIP. DON’T. TALK TO THEM. ABOUT. SHIPS.


For the anon who asked me to do a coloring tutorial :) If anyone wants me to do any more tutorials, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll try and get to it as soon as possible!

Everything I know about picking colors comes from THIS SYCRA VIDEO. The first eight minutes are really all you need to understand what I’m saying. I don’t do exactly what he does every single time, but I always keep it in the back of my head.

Some other things to note, I guess:

When I’m drawing from reference, I don’t use the eyedropper tool and sample colors directly from the photo. It feels kinda boring and lazy to me, because if I’m gonna have all the same colors as the photo, what’s even the point of drawing from a photo if the photo already exists? So I guess it’s an issue of style for me…

I change the colors of the lines before I do the overpaint bit just because it helps me when I’m blending. It’s easier to blend a skin colored outline into a face than a dark blue outline into a face.

…That’s pretty much all I gotta say about coloring. Hope this helps someone…

Camilla, in full public view of the nohrian army & her siblings, grabbing Selena’s hand and kissing it, kneeling in front of her with her hand still held, bowing her head and beginning to recite the very same retainer’s oath Selena once swore to her, both blushing pretty furiously, as a way for the princess to try to convey the true, deep love and devotion she feels towards her retainer

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