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I'm passionate about marine conservation, but I'm afraid me eating fishes is worsening overfishing. Should I stop eating fishes?

Yes and no! Seafood is a tricky beast when you’re talking about conservation, because it’s not all created (or fished, or farmed) equally. Fortunately, there are several institutions out there who have made it their goal to help the everyday, average person make responsible, ecologically-sound choices!

The Monterrey Bay Aquarium hosts Seafood Watch, which is basically the be-all-and-end-all of this sort of thing. They have a free app you can download onto your phone (so you can check while you’re doing your shopping), but the site I linked to is also pretty great.

For example, I typed in “salmon” in the search box because it was the first type of fish that came to my mind and it gave me this:

[Text of the image: “ Look for “Best Choice” pink salmon caught in Washington with reefnets, sockeye salmon caught in Washington during the early summer-run with reefnets, Chinook salmon farmed in New Zealand and salmon farmed in closed tanks. Most salmon caught on the U.S. West Coast and in British Columbia is a “Good Alternative.” However, some sources of Chinook and coho salmon from the Columbia River, Washington’s Puget Sound and British Columbia’s South Coast are on the “Avoid” list. We also recommend you look for eco-certified Alaska salmon. Say, “No, thanks” to farmed Atlantic salmon unless it’s from Maine or sold under the brand names Verlasso® (Chile) or Blue Circle® (Norway).”]

When you click on the “View Salmon Recommendations”, it takes you to a whole big list of which types of salmon are the most ecologically-responsible varieties, and even goes into detail about why it’s considered the best. Like, it breaks everything down. Please feel free to play with that site. Lots of people worked very hard on it.

The National Aquarium also has Seafood Smart, which is their answer to Seafood Watch and focuses mostly on aquaculture (”fish farming”) as an alternative to wild-caught seafood. They don’t have too much on their site as it’s a fairly new thing, but there’s a link to email the Seafood Smart Department with any questions you might have about aquaculture.

I also just found a site called FishChoice, which has profiles detailing commonly-eaten types of seafood–both fish and shellfish! They have very thorough profiles for each, which you can find here for regular fish and here for shellfish. If you go to “Sustainability Summary” for your chosen seafood, you’ll see little links along the side saying “Find Products”, which will take you to a list of seafood suppliers who sell that particular sort of fish, from the specified location and method of obtaining.

The downside of FishChoice is that it appears to be geared more towards retailers or restaurants, but, you as a consumer can still use that information. 

How? Here’s how.

Go online and take an in-depth look at the places you buy your seafood from and see if you can find a list of their distributors (or just call them up on the phone and ask them, if you don’t mind phones). You can then cross-check with FishChoice and see if that distributor harvests or farms its seafood in a sustainable, responsible manner.

While you’re at the store, you can also look and see if you can find the Marine Stewardship Council’s logo on the packaging. MSC is a very trustworthy conservation group. Here’s their logo:

You can also look and see what other logos you can find on the packaging you have in front of you, research them, and make your decisions that way. 

I know this sounds like a lot of homework for one person to do, and hopefully as more people come to understand how important this is, the process will become more streamlined and easier on the consumer. The big-name aquariums and institutions are hard at work making the tools available to the average person, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Anyway, I hope this helped!

if its not in the best interest of the animal, that should be the end of the discussion
  • person: i'd like to keep x and y fish together, can i see your x and y setups? :D
  • me: x and y fish aren't compatible for a, b, c reasons...i know i'm raining on your parade but its whats best for the fish <3
  • person: thanks, but i've seen people do it so i'd like to try as well!

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What should I eat to lose weight?

Lean meats like chicken, turkey, fish. Veggies, if you can stomach them. Good carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc. Snacks like almonds, greek yogurt, etc. 

You don’t have to be 100% spot-on with your diet. Just try to eat well for 60 to 70% of the time and you’ll lose weight. If you haven’t already, switch to diet soda. Cutting regular soda out is amazing for your weight. Same with not overdoing it on calorie dense drinks like Lattes or Fraps. 

Vaping is yet to reach the English coast

  • Me: *Cant see the teaser for descendants 2*
  • Me: :((((((
  • Me: *Checks Instagram ten minutes later sees that Sofia have posted it on her Instagram*
  • Me: *Watches it*
  • Me: Okay cool evil laugh I like it, that bubble looks like magic that Ursula used in the little mermaid movie. Okay there is tentacles. Does Uma have tentacles? No they are on an isle without magic and it would have said so in the isle of the lost book when Ursula was mentioned. Wait does that mean Uma gets magic when she comes to auradon like Mal did? Does that mean she will have tentacles? Will Melody be the kid of Ariel and Eric or are they making a new kid? Why did this teaser involve tentacles? IS UMA A VILLAIN AT HEART OR IS SHE LIKE THE ROTTEN FOUR? Can she be best friends with Ginny or is that wrong? But she is the kid of Ursula so she should be evil... I wonder if she eats fish.
  • Me: This movie is going to fuck me up and be so good at the same time.
Truth or Dare

Warning: Sexy sexualness.

Based On:

“Me and my sister use to play this game,” You explained as you sat with Kili and Fili in the forest, “Then when we got older, we played it with boys….but we will keep this game above board, won’t we?”

“What do you mean?” Fili looked to his brother curiously, “It’s a game.”

“Do not worry about it,” You shrugged it off, knowing that at worst, you would likely be eating dirt, “It is called ‘Truth or Dare’ and–”

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Regrowing Store-Brought Lotus Seeds

I’m so fortunate to live close to an Indian supermarket. There are so many interesting herbs and spices to learn about. One day I spied a bag of kamal kakdi (scratches head). Turns out, they are lotus seeds. I read a long time ago that they can remain viable for over 100 years and will only germinate under ideal conditions. A bit of research told me that the black casing is quite hard and thus needs to be scarified to allow the water to penetrate the seed. And yes - that metal file (or a course sandpaper) is needed to remove this tough shell, no joke.

I soaked the seeds in a water bath close to my AeroGarden, which provided light and tangential heat. The water was changed frequently to prevent rot. Over the course of two weeks, the seed will swell up, maybe float, sink, crack open, then finally start pushing out a sprout. I left the seed submerged in plain water until I noticed a root system emerging around week 4. In some muddy, minerally, high-clay content soil, I planted the seeds in the widest and tallest glass containers I had. Then, I layered with play sand and river pebbles for aesthetics. After gently changing out the muddy water once a week, the micro dirt particles were washed away and the rest remained settled so the water was relatively clear. By ~week 8…my first lotus pad!

Truthfully, I have no friggin idea what to do with aquatic plants! Should I get a snail to eat the algae? Maybe some tiny freshwater fish? I may have successfully germinated these seeds, I still have yet to find out how the Desi folk uses kamal kakdi beej. I often see “peeled” creamy white dry seeds used in Far Eastern Asian cooking; these seeds were harvested with immature green shells as the young casing are easy to remove , but I’ve never seen mature lotus seeds used.

Does anyone else have insights?

#111 SHINee reaction to you breaking the news to them that you are expecting twins. Requested by Anon.


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You and Onew already found out that you are pregnant about three weeks into your pregnancy. Now another three weeks later you had to visit the doctor again. Onew was really clear about the fact that he wants to accompany to as many doctor visits as he can, so he is now waiting for the doctor to say something. A few minutes of silence went by where the doctor starred at the computer screen, before he faces you two to explain what exactly you two are seeing. ‘Over here’, he points at a few lines, 'You can see the heartbeats’. Onew won’t even pick the news up himself, but you will understand right away. When you looks over to you though he will notice that he seems to have missed something, 'Jagi … why are you starring at the screen so … surprised?’ Unsure how to explain it you will start to laugh with a few happy tears in your eyes, 'Heartbeats Jinki … plural’. He will look at you blankly for a good half a minute until he finally connected the dots, 'Two? Twins?’. Overwhelmed he will sit back on the chair leaning against the backrest. Over the last month he had gotten used to the thought of one baby, he had already read a lot of books and one didn’t scare him as much any more. Two on the other hand will be twice as hard to handle so a good amount of worries seem to come back to his mind. The doctor doesn’t seem to care to much and keeps on explaining what you two could already see on the screen. To calm himself down a little bit he will feel for your hand and once he found it he will hold it tight. 'Can .. you explain that again please? I was out for a second’, he will be honest with the doctor. Pushing his thoughts away he will try to pay attention to the doctor for the rest of the time. When the visit is over and the two of you finally sit down in your car he will look at you worried, 'Jagi … how can we manage two babies at once? … I can’t even hold one well … and it will be double the physical strain on you two … I am worried that you hurt even more’. Your calming smile will help him relax a bit, but your words are what finally put him back at ease, 'I am happy to have two babies inside me. I mean they are our babies right? We can do it. Let’s worry about those things later ok?’. He will nod at you smiling a bit, before leaning in to give you a sweet kiss, 'You’re right. Our babies. Our beautiful babies’.


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You hadn’t had many obvious symptoms of pregnancy which is why you found out about it really late yourself. Since this is big news you decided to go and wait at SHINees’ dorm. You and Jonghyun do live together, but whenever the schedule is really tight he will still stay there because it’s more convenient. It is already 2AM in the morning when you finally wake up from keys opening the front door. You stand up fast running to the door where you are greeted from SHINee looking really tired. Jonghyun will be the most surprised, 'Y/N … what are you doing here? It’s really late … you should be sleeping’. He himself is super tired and they only have 5 hours to sleep if they go to bed right away. 'I needed to tell you something … it’s important.’ Your serious tone actually wakes not only him, but the other up as well. 'You guys can go to sleep, we will talk in the living room’, Jonghyun will pat Key on the back signalling them to get ready for bed, before he grabs your hand and sits you down on the sofa shortly after, 'Okay what happened?’. He will sit down himself next to you by now really curious of what you will say. 'I went to the doctor today and he told me that we will have quite a big family in less then eight month from now’, you will grin happily as you are already looking forward to it. 'You’re pregnant?’, he will look at you with big  eyes, the tiredness gone for a moment. 'Yes’, you will grin as you see him finally realising what is going on. A big grin will form on his face at the thought of becoming a father to a little human. In his mind he replays what you had just said, just to get confused at one part of it looking at you a bit puzzled already, 'quite a big family?… does that mean?’. You will just grin and nod. 'TWINS?’, he will be on his feet faster then you could see as he shouts out his thought. It was no wonder that the two of you were not alone for much longer as the other four came running into the room confused and surprised. 'Say that again Jonghyun’, Key will be the one that was most vocal. 'I …’, he will pull you up from the sofa, 'Well not I, we … no not we either, but she is carrying twins. We will be parents in a few months’. The news hadn’t even fully sunken into his own brain and he was already explaining it to his members. 'Woow … our first SHINee baby … Congratulations’, Minho will grin widely. The others also congratulate and decide to talk about it once they are more awake. You and Jonghyun are alone again shortly after. Carefully he will pull you towards him to give you a warm hug, 'We are going to have twins’. The thought of starting of with twins makes him a bit worried, but the thought of getting a family with you makes up for that. A small happy tear will drop down on your shoulder as this is really is great news to him.


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You had asked him to come home right away after work today, as you wanted to tell him the doctors results yourself. When you told Key that you are pregnant a few weeks ago he took it really well, he  was grinning for the whole day making plans what to buy and what you will need. Since the day that you got typical pregnancy symptoms he had started to call the baby little troublemaker, as you felt sick a lot. He will come home his mood on a high as today was a good day for him, he will grin happily, kiss you and your belly, 'Good evening Y/N and our little troublemaker’. He will grin widely as he hands you the salad with fish he had picked up for dinner so you didn’t have to cook. 'I took the one with the fish since the doctor told you to eat it at least two times a week’, after he had put it into the fridge for now he will finally sit down with you, 'Now what did he say this time? Are you and our little troublemaker healthy?’. His arm will be around your waist as he pulls you close to cuddle a bit. 'Mh’, you will smile nodding, 'We are all healthy, but there was a surprise’. 'A surprise?’, Key will place a kiss on your head as his hand is caressing your tummy softly. He will look at you waiting for an answer as you sit up straight again, turning around to look at him grinning, 'We are going to have twins’. His Mouth will fall open for a second before he will burst out laughing, 'Double trouble?’. A soft kiss will follow his laughing, but a grin will stay on his face the whole time, 'No wonder that you felt sick so much more than usually described everywhere. There are two troublemakers in the end. That will be fun’. After a little bit of thinking he will look at you a bit concerned, 'But are you ok? It means your pregnancy and the birth of them will be even more hard and painful…’. 'As long as you will be there with me I am not scared about that at all. All I want is to see our little troublemakers and love them for the rest of my life’. He will nod, the smile back on his face, 'Of course. We stay together. But maybe you should eat fish three times a week then … I mean there are two to feed now right? Maybe we should ask the doctor again if we need to adjust your meal plan’. For a few minutes you two will sit there silently, cuddling as you two think about how your future will look with two babies to care for. The thought itself is exiting and yet scary, as it will be one of the biggest life changing events in your still young life. As these thoughts hit Key he will pull you a bit closer, tightening the hug.


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Due to his schedule Minho wasn’t able to accompany you to your six weeks check up at the doctors, so by the time he finally made it home he was already dying of curiosity. As soon as he had set a foot inside your home he will call for you, 'Y/N! I’m home. Tell me what the doctor said’. He will walk to the living room fast, placing a small peek on your lips as a greeting just to wait for you to finally tell him if everything is okay with you and the baby. 'Hey~’, you will smile at his cute behaviour, looking like he is almost bursting you decide to not tease him today. 'We are healthy and our babies are healthy and growing just the way they should’, you will smile softly waiting for his reaction. For a short while his smile will be gone, as his mind is trying to catch up to the information you had just given him. 'Jagi … did you say babies?’, he will look at you unsure if he had heard you right. As soon as you nod he will pull you into a really close hug, spinning you around two times, before softening the hug a bit, 'I …’. His eyes suddenly look quite wet from the happiness he is suddenly feeling. The thought isn’t scaring him the slightest, yes he pictures two babies to be more challenging, but it’s not something you two won’t be able to pull off. His hand will softly run over your hair, ruffling it a bit to make sure you don’t see his embarrassing happy tears. Quickly he will wipe away his falling tear before kissing you long and softly. After buying a bit of time he finally knows what to say, but his voice cracks up here and there due to his excitement, 'I … am really happy Baby. I mean … not only one, but we actually are blessed with two angels at once. Are you also happy Baby?’. His arms will be resting around your waist by now, having you in a really lose hug that gives both of you space to breath. 'Yes, I am really happy Minho’, you will lean your head against his chest. His hand will move upwards to rest on your shoulder to keep you in a hug that he hopes makes you feel safe and protected. After a few minutes of slowly swaying back and forth with his arms secure around you he will start to giggle at his own thoughts. 'What?’, you will ask with closed eyes feeling really relaxed right now. 'I just thought about it, but … we actually need to double our orders. We need two baby beds and we need double the amount of clothes and toys and …’, you shut him up with a sweet kiss because otherwise he would have not stopped talking. 'One thing at a time ok? Let’s not go overboard with this, let’s first make sure that they grow healthily’ 'Your right. As always’, another kiss will be placed on your lips before he will continue to grin dreamily.


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You had told Taemin yesterday evening that you have a doctors appointment today because you are way over your normal period schedule. With this in mind he had a hard time concentrating the whole day and he was more then happy that it was only dance and vocal practise today, if he would have had to hold an interview he would have done a terrible job. Like this him messing up the whole day didn’t affect to many people. But by the end of the day the members where slightly done with Taemin for the day. 'Let’s stop for today… Taemin won’t calm down anyway’, Onew says after a while sighing. It didn’t even take Taemin five second before he was gone and searching for a taxi to go home. When he finally arrives at your shared apartment he will be a little bit of a mess, his hair is tousled and his shoes got kicked off more than taken off. 'JAGI? Where are you?’, he started his search for you in the kitchen, but your voice will come from the bathroom. 'Hey’, he will greet you with a kiss and anticipating eyes, 'How did your appointment go? Is everything ok? I mean … you stated you think you could be … pregnant yesterday … are you?’. His words are so fast and slurred that you had trouble understanding him at all. 'Everything is okay Minnie’, you will smile and caress his cheek softly in the hopes that he will calm down a bit. Like this you are scared that he might faint once he hears the news. 'And … the other part?’, he will swallow hardly, 'Am … I a … father soon?’. When he started to talk you started to feel a bit worried if he would be happy, but when he asked if he will be a father soon his voice had a strange mixture of worries and hope. It sounded as if he actually hoped for your guess to be true. You stare into his eyes for a little while longer before smiling brightly and nodding, 'Yes Minnie. You will be a father, but not of one baby. We are going to have twins. Two babies’. His lips will form a bright smile, but his eyes will still be left with a bit of worry, 'I … am a father!’. The smile with quickly be followed by a giggle and his worried wiped away with one of his hand as he wipes away the forming tears, 'Not gonna lie baby I am a bit scared, but … wow … we are going to be parents of two’. His hands will hold onto the sides of your head softly as he kisses you showing you exactly what he is feeling at this very moment. Every worry and every joy he feels from this exiting news. 'Are you okay Minnie?’, you ask after the kiss is over and he looks at you lovingly. 'Yes… and you? It’s life changing news for you as well’, he will wrap is arms around your waist, now much calmer then before. 'I am a bit scared as well, but I guess that is completely normal for first time parents, independent if it is one baby or two at once’ 'My love is so strong’, he will smile and nod, 'and your right. It’s just double the work and double the joy’

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thoughts on the morality of eating squid?

Cephalopods, mostly squid, have so far been so heavily mythologised, from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea to just about every under water sci-fi. It’s put into the rankings of the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot. What’s different is that squids actually do exist. 

They don’t have the brains of octopus or the cuteness of cuttlefish. So they’re stuck as 20 foot monsters wrapping themselves onto submarines full of human adventurers disrupting their home and we’re meant to root for the humans to jab them in the eye?

I feel like eating squid is in some sense a metaphor of human conquering; anthropomorphic hatred. I don’t think we should be eating fish.

More on Healthy Living (It Actually Involves Medical School Classes This Time)

Somewhat ironically after my last post, we had a four hour session on nutrition this morning and have to do a project that involves tracking our diet and making health goals. After taking the assessment, I realized that I should definitely be eating fish and shellfish on a regular basis. I’ve always wanted to do that, but usually default to chicken because that’s what I’m used to cooking.

I also get to present a fake case about a first year medical student who’s concerned about her diet (sound familiar? Oh right that’s literally everyone) and is considering a juice cleanse. Obviously that’s extreme, especially when she reports eating 10 Oreos, a candy bar, a Klondike ice cream bar, M&Ms, and coffee with cream and sugar for dessert last night. But anyway the plan I made up for her included regular visits to a dietician, which brings me to my next point…

I. Love. Dietitians. I had one my senior year of undergrad as part of a New Years resolution (and because her services were free to students) and oh man I wish I had started seeing her freshman year. These are people licensed to help you stay healthy, and make plans to do that for you personally after getting to know you and what you like. It’s someone who’s there to hold you accountable, celebrate your accomplishments, and help you get back up when you fall off the wagon.

I think everyone should see a dietician because there’s always something you can improve on, even if that thing is allowing yourself to relax and eat a cookie. Also they’re super nice people.

nct127: In the end I drank Cola and juice!! Though I wanted to eat tteokbokki, you all should eat tteokbokki for snack~~ fish bread too, steamed buns too!! I was eating while looking at the comments, that’s right, I’m reading them well. If there’s anything you are curious about, ask me. I’m sorry i can’t reply to each one of you ㅠㅠ I have learned how to write hastags today haha👏👏  #will get fat… #want to eat#snshoney #fanshoney #NCT127 #HAECHAN

Translation: Esmee @ NCTINFO | Source: NCT 127 Official Instagram

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Vegan Outreach is an organization under effective altruism. I have a question, my friend argues with me all the time that I should eat fish because it's not meat. What do I say?

Fish are animals. A fish killed is turned in meat. Meat is animal muscle and flesh. Vegan don’t eat meat, It’s that simple really.

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This is honestly not trying to cause drama (and yes I know a lot of shitty messages start that way haha), just wondering why you make it of some importance that the flicker and fizz products aren't tested on animals, when your diet is largely based on animals and animal products (and therefore the death and sufferings of animals)? Sorry if this causes any offence, I think you're a really great person and your weight loss is incredibly inspiring x

Because I believe that humans are designed to eat meat & fish.

I don’t believe animals should be tested on for the sake of someone looking good.

Maybe it’s my step toward veganism? 

No but really, I don’t think it’s fair to combine the two. I eat locally sourced and reared produce wherever I can.

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Should I stop eating my beef and fish with salt, if I want to lose weight?

Salt contains sodium. Sodium is necessary at moderate doses in order for your body to work properly. 

As long as you don’t add tons of it and drink your water, you will be fine.

Here’s how you should lose weight: