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Shipping classmates-imagine your OTP
  • so yesterday my class and me went on a schooltrip to Paris to go to some kind of museum about the french monarchie and what they did in their freetime. At one point of our vistit, the guide lead us into big and classy looking ballroom or something, dimmed the lights, started playing music and said we should get a partner and dance. And during that little ball i heard two of the boyd
  • s, who are like best friends, say to each other
  • Dudebro 1: Bro, should we dance?
  • Dudebro 2: Only if I get to dance with you, Bro
  • Dudebro 1: Of course, Bro. Anything for you!
  • Dudebro 1 & 2: start to slowdance to the music.
  • Me: -sees and films the whole thing- That's so cute! I can totally imagine my OTP doing that! But i still have no one to dance with.
  • In the end i just kept on watching these two guys and two girls slowdancing with each other in a #nohomo way and was lonly for the rest of the ball in the corner of losers, losing my shit over OTP-feels

favourite films: pride and pejudice

He’s been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others… but then, so have I. You see, he and I are so similar. 


Summary: You severely misinterpret Bucky’s intentions during your weekly movie night.

Author’s Note: Written for @oneshot-shit‘s Valentine drabbles, with the given prompt “kisses.” This was too cute to pass up. This was taken from a post I saw on here a while ago, and if anyone has the link and can send it to me so I can give credit, that would be nice of you! Tags below the cut.

Words: 668

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“It’s a holiday invented by greeting card companies to earn money and make single people feel like shit.”

Bucky snorted from his place in the kitchen, digging through cabinets and the refrigerator. You heard the sound of wrappers and bags as he made his way toward the living room, arms laden with snacks as you scrolled through the Netflix queue, trying to find anything that didn’t look like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks book. Bucky sank into the couch next to you, making you jostle as he arranged everything for your weekly movie night. “I used to love Valentine’s day,” he said, taking a long drink from his glass. “I always had a date.”

“Of course you did,” you grumble, not looking at him. Still scowling, you groan aloud as you hit the ‘Romantic Comedies’ section of Netflix. Bucky opens one of his many snack bags, his arm over the back of the couch behind you. “Must be nice to always have somebody who wants to kiss you. I don’t even care about the chocolate and flowers, I just think it’s dumb that there’s one day a year dedicated to showing someone you love them when, really, you should be doing it any other day of the year too-”

You continue to ramble, finally reaching a category that isn’t centered around romance movies, not realizing that you’ve started leaning into Bucky’s side. Not that either of you would point it out or minded; this happened more often than not, the two of you snuggling together while the screen flickered with the choice of the week.

Last week, Bucky had chosen Lilo and Stitch and Pulp Fiction. With it being your turn, Bucky was fully prepared to sit through a romantic film. It was Valentine’s Day and he was certain that you, like every other woman he’d ever known, were going to force him to sit through something so sappy, he’d throw up. But this wasn’t the case, and he really should have seen it coming because women now were not like women in the ‘40s, at least what he could remember.

“I should have eaten lunch,” you were mumbling, frowning as you clicked the Sci-Fi section.

“Do you wanna kiss?”

Your fingers froze, thumb hovering over the select button. Your eyes were wide, staring at the cover photo for Alien v Predator. Heart hammering in your chest, you swallowed, gaping as you slowly turned toward Bucky.

“Kiss? Do I wanna-” His brow quirked and you mentally slapped yourself when you realized that he was holding out a bag in your direction: Hershey’s kisses. “Oh- you m- You mean, like, the- the candy.”

“What did you think I-” Bucky stopped, the plastic crunching in his grip. His cheeks flushed red and he cleared his throat. Embarrassment washed over you as you wiggled in your seat, trying to put just an extra inch between you and Bucky. But he remained still, glancing from the bag of chocolate to your face. “Or, um, yeah. Th- that, too. We c- we could do that.”


The two of you continued staring at each other, the awkward buzz fizzling until it popped, and you were both leaning toward one another. The bag of chocolate was forgotten when his lips grazed yours, so much warmer than you’d expected them to be.

Bucky pulled away first, his nose brushing against yours as he licked his lips. You inhaled deeply, eyes finding his. He smiled, wearily at first, but it spread into a grin when you smiled back. Slowly, you reached forward and dipped your hand into the bag of chocolate, tore off the wrapper, and popped the candy in your mouth without breaking eye contact. This prompted Bucky to laugh, and he reached for the back of your head, pulling you into another deep kiss. The taste of Hershey’s was more prominent now, and the longer his mouth remained against yours, the more you began to think Valentine’s Day wasn’t so bad after all.

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So here’s the thing...

First off, this is NOT directly related to the Sebastian fan encounter from today, this is an ‘in general’ post. 

I’ve seen some folks asking where to find Sebastian or other celebrities in places that they’re often seen. And I don’t just mean like a general area. They want streets that they’re often seen on.

Most fans, have done a very good job of respecting them and not sharing where  they were when they met someone, which is fantastic. Others not so much.

Please, PLEASE, if you happen to meet any celebrity, whether it be Sebastian, or Chris in an area that they frequent, PLEASE do not tell people where this is. 

Why? Because it can totally disrupt their lives. Many people will purposely go to an area just to try to find them, and if that happens to be around where they live, you’re not only disrupting their private time, but also their lives because how can someone be comfortable near their home if suddenly their fans are all over the area just trying to catch a glimpse? Also, how uncomfortable would you be if random people just flocked to where you frequented just to see you based on your job?

The film/television/music industry is VERY demanding, and time consuming and celebrities get VERY little time off and what little they do get off is precious, hell I work in the film/television industry and its demanding even just on the crew. So please, respect them by not flocking to where they may be, and by not telling others where you saw them if you do. 

If anything, as fans we should be trying to help protect them and their private lives. If you happen to run into them, that’s great! I’m happy for you, but PLEASE don’t go looking for them and PLEASE don’t spread the word of where you saw them if you did. 

I hope this didn’t come off as mean or something but I see this so often and it’s stuff like this that stops celebrities from wanting to meet their fans and maybe even hate their jobs.

{Reaction} EXO confessing their feelings

Disclaimer: I don’t own images/gifs used

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol had stayed up all night, composing a song that he had put all of his feelings and emotions into for you. When the time came for him to finally perform the song for you, he’d be incredibly flustered and shy, his heart beating fast as he concentrated hard on not messing up his words or the chords on his guitar.

Chanyeol: “This is for you {y/n} I hope you feel the same way.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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After receiving the worst possible advice from his fellow members, Kyungsoo decided to take matters into his own hands and put his cooking skills into action. He invited you over and cooked your favorite meal.

During the dinner, you noticed how much shyer than he was than usual.

{y/n}: “Is there something on your mind, Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo: Actually, there is something I need to talk to you about…”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun, being one of the more outgoing and forward members of the group came out with his feelings pretty smoothly and quickly, making sure to pull on your heartstrings with that charming smiles as he did so.

Baekhyun: “So… we’ve been friends for a while right? Well, I’m thinking we should take our friendship to the next level. How about we start with a date next Saturday? I’ll pick you up at 6.”

Oh Sehun

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He wouldn’t want to confess, the thought of being denied would be enough to turn his nose up at the idea. But one afternoon, the confession was almost pulled out of him on a rainy walk back to your apartment.

{y/n}: “You should have stayed at home, Sehun, you’re going to catch a cold.”

Sehun: “Do you think I want to be out here getting wet? I’m doing it because I love you, dammit.”

{y/n}: “You… what?”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing took the more traditional way to try and win over your heart by turning up at your doorstep with a bouquet of red roses and a charming smile as he asked for your hand.

Yixing: “I know it’s short notice, but I thought we could spend the day together. I also have something I want to talk about with you.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok would drop the bomb on you on  random afternoon you’re spending out together (more than likely in a coffee shop.) He’d be sipping his coffee before looking up at you with nervous eyes and and adorable smile before admitting his feelings honestly and directly.

Minseok: “I’ve liked you since the day we first met, but only now do I feel confident telling you how I feel so… should we consider this our first date?”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Before going on tour would be when Chen decides to confess to you. He’d be so worried about you not feeling the same way that he would purposefully tell you before he’s about to leave in case you found it weird and needed time to think. His way of confession would make up for the time of the confession though.

He’d work on a video, filming all the members saying how much they’ll miss you while their away before presenting himself at the end, confessing fully to his inner thoughts in the hope that he can claim you as his as soon as he returns from tour.

Jongdae: “I know I was a coward, leaving it until now to confess. But it’s because you mean so much I can’t face the thought of losing you. I love you {y/n} and I hope you feel the same about me.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao would more than likely, like Kyungsoo, ask the others for help and get rubbish in return. So, he’d decide on something sweet and original. He’d go into your place while you’re out and leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to the living room. In the living room at the end of the trail of petals would be a bouquet of roses and a little note that explains everything.

I’m so nervous to tell you how I feel in person, so here is the next best thing. I love you {y/n} I always have and I always will. I hope you will accept my feelings and let me take you out on a date next weekend.

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho is a sweetheart, and so will his confession. He’d decide on doing something more traditional too. He came to pick you up before driving you to a pretty beach just before sunset. When you’re finally walking through the lapping ways would he bring himself to bring up the topic.

Suho: “So {y/n}, Have you ever wondered what it would be like for us to date?”


Originally posted by parkchny

Luhan wouldn’t take the same route of confessing as the other members. He’d think pulling something romantic would be pointless. Buying pretty flowers or staying up all night to write a song wouldn’t make you like him anymore in his eyes, so he decided it would be more practical to take the more direct option.

You and him were sitting in his apartment, his arm wrapped over your shoulder as the two of you watched his new film.

Luhan: I like you, {y/n}, I think we should date like this more often.”

You: “This is a date?”

Luhan: “Do you want it to be? Because I do…”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would use his dancing to his advantage for this one. He’d decide on buying you both tickets to a professional dance performance to watch together and wait for the perfect moment to confess.

You: “The dancing is so amazing, almost like they’re really in love. It’s a shame it’s all just an illusion.”

Kai: “If you date me I can prove that not all dance partners love is just an illusion. I can show you some of my moves, maybe some of the more sexual ones, but perhaps not on the first date.” *winks* 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris wouldn’t be shy about his feelings, he’d come out straight forward with how he feels and as he doesn’t think that sentiments will help the value of your feelings. Like Luhan, he doesn’t think these big gestures will make much of a difference, if you like him, then you do, if you don’t, then no big romantic gesture is going to change your mind. 

Kris: “I know this is sudden, but I’ve liked you for a long time now {y/n}… So, I was wondering how you feel about going to the cinema this Friday night?”

I should really stop getting so personally offended when tv shows/films feature the Overly-Posh-English-Villain™ 

Dammit I am starting to like Mr. Ketch though, if only for the fact that he’s not pretending to be anything other than what he is - a killer, a grunt who follows orders and gets the job done. There’s something tragic about villains who truly believe they’re doing the right thing, but I do also love the twisted nature of villains who fully accept themselves as who they are, and Ketch doesn’t seem the type to adhere to a cause.

There was another post I’ve just read talking about taking on guilt, Mary’s role in Wally’s death, her and Dean feeling guilt over cas nearly dying etc and Ketch makes a really nice opposition to Dean in this regard. He’s even almost like demon!Dean - any remorse or guilt at causing pain to others or killing others just slips away. 

Dean sees it in Ketch and is appalled, despite on multiple occasions having committed such acts himself. When he goes out with Ketch, I wonder if it crosses Dean’s mind at any point that they are in fact similar, and seeing Ketch’s capabilities is reminding Dean how he too has been to such lengths. And what Dean is capable of has always horrified him - the guilt in this case has kept him human, even if it has driven him mad. (Suddenly reminded of that convo I was having about Michael and why he would create a weapon designed to torture, though we probably won’t hear another word about Michael in the show). When Ketch plans to torture the vampire in front of him, Dean stops Ketch, but when Ketch carries Pierce away at the end of the episode he simply swallows and remains silent. He does not feel that this is good.

The shot at the end of the episode with the Impala standing opposite to Mr. Ketch’s bike also reminds me of Jensen’s idea about Dean riding away on a bike by himself at the end of the series. Not that I think this is necessarily going to happen, it just offers a really nice visual metaphor of Dean standing with his family next to the car that represents his family, his soul, whilst opposite is the lone bike. The prospect of freedom, no ties, no guilt. *Note the Impala is also half in and half out of the warehouse, another visual tie to the Winchester’s current relationship with the BMoL. Maybe it’s gonna be more a case of which Winchester will take the bike…

Side note: What does Mr. Ketch plan on doing when all the monsters are wiped out and there’s no one left to kill? Since this seems to be his one motive at the moment…?

Ponle Vicks

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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Hispanic!Reader

Summary: The one where the reader can’t call off from work and Seb doesn’t know where the reader left the children’s medicine.

Note: I am going to be writing a mix of Hispanic reader inserts and reader inserts that are inclusive to everyone. 

Italics are reader’s mother. 

Translations: suegra = mother in law; Cómo está = how are you; mi hijo = my son; Ponle Vicks = put Vick’s on them; Dios mío. Lo logró mi madre. = my god. My mother achieved it. 

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There is a very, very long literary criticism post sitting on my dash right now about the failings? shortcomings? of The Force Awakens as a part of the Star Wars universe because it lacks the mythic quality of the originals. I realize this is an extremely superficial rendering of the post’s actual, lengthy analysis and argumentation, but that’s not what I’m here for.

What I am here for is to take up two bits from that very interesting post AS THEY RELATE TO ME, A FAN OF COLOR, PERSONALLY. 

The first is the assertion that:

“While The Force Awakens has its merits, they are few indeed, and the only one that deserves listing is the diverse casting.”

The second:  

Rogue One, on the other hand, does not fall victim to this. It does not claim to be a part of the Saga. It exists without intentionally altering facts crucial to the plot of the myth. It exists as a supportive side note only. The writers of R1 did not fall victim to the same hubris that haunts Abrams and Disney. R1 knows exactly what it is. It’s C-canon. Continuity to be utilized or ignored at whim, or as needed.”

To be perfectly honest, I spend a *lot* of time thinking about representation in the media; I don’t write about it very often because other people have done it already, and in far more eloquent ways than I can. But it’s an incredibly important part of how I think about my work as both a fan and a (temporary) academic. And it’s something that means a LOT more to me as a fan of color than just one line in a very, very, very long piece about why some people disliked TFA

Like the post’s original author, I too consumed a significant quantity of Star Wars material after watching the movies. From where I sit on my living room floor I can see my collection of EU novels–it’s not sizeable, but they are well-worn and loved. I played KOTOR and KOTOR II and cried over both. But unlike George Lucas, I never differentiated between the levels of canon; yes, I did take up particular aspects to be my own headcanons and resisted incorporating others, but for me, the most important thing about the EU novels and the games was being able to continue engaging with the Star Wars universe. 

Not the mythology that closed me out.

I love the originals. I have no idea how many times I’ve seen them, because aside from having them on VHS, I watched them every time they were on SPIKE TV in the early 2000s. I still plan to cosplay Cloud City Leia when I have time to make things again. They are a hugely important part of my identity (oh god why did I decide to go into an education phd when I should’ve done media studies, fml). 


I have never cried harder at a movie than during either TFA or Rogue One. (It was worse during Rogue One.) 

So many better authors than I, again, have spoken/written about how amazing it was for them to see themselves onscreen in a Star Wars movie for the first time. For Rey to be the central heroine of the new saga. So much of the press around Rogue One in particular is about the diversity of the cast. The cast members themselves shared anecdotes about being a part of something that reflects how global the stories of Star Wars really are (Diego Luna’s accent, for the most prominent example). 

For me, the diversity of TFA’s cast (and, obviously, Rogue One) is not just one line of praise. It is not, as Riz says, “an added extra.” It is everything. It’s about saying THERE ARE PILOTS AND MECHANICS AND GUNNERS WHO LOOK LIKE ME. THERE ARE PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO MATTER IN THIS HUGE AMAZING STORY THAT LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE LOVE. It is about opening up the whole GFFA in which the mythic Skywalker saga exists. The universe–the world-building, I’m not entirely sure what to call it here–is so much more to me than the central story of Luke, and Anakin. And that, too, is something the actors themselves have spoken about, that you really feel like you’re part of a lived-in world. 

(Shit, I’m getting off-track; there’s a whole other post about context that I dont’ have time to think about rn, I’m actually supposed to be getting ready for class. Suffice to say that the Saga doesn’t exist in a vacuum, nor do I think it should!)

Relegating Rogue One to “C-Canon,” to me, denies the significance of opening up the GFFA’s universe to be more inclusive. (Again, other authors have done quite a lot with the notion that the most diverse Star Wars film to date also…kills them all off, canonically supporting the white leads’ efforts.) It says that yes, you can come play in this universe so long as you don’t think you’re an important part of it. 

Rogue One made a billion dollars. I don’t think most people saw it–and its story of sacrifice and hope–as something to be ignored. 

So. TL;DR: I don’t take up Star Wars as just the central myth of Luke and Anakin, because it’s part of a much larger universe, a universe which is finally opening up to include more of the people who love it. The diversity and inclusion of the new movies is incredibly important to me, perhaps even moreso than the originals (which, again, I love). I mean–okay, sorry, this is getting into TL;DR territory in and of itself–I have loved Star Wars since I was twelve years old, I’ve always loved Luke in particular, and it’s only now, with these two new movies, that I’ve fallen this fucking hard headfirst into the fandom and show absolutely no signs of being able to climb out again. 

Look. I don’t mean this as a repudiation of the original post and its opinions; this is kind of the definition of YMMV, I think. But those two parts, and my own experiences with fandom and inclusion–this all kind of had to come rushing out. 

Damn, God, what a lazy unoriginal design, you can’t just put hair on a dog for no reason,do you even know about chekhov’s gun theory, psh. You can’t make a character weird without explaining it, otherwise you’re just gonna come up with something terrible, and uninspiring like Howls Moving Castle, which is absolutely not an award-winning well known movie that influences pop culture in anyway.

In all seriousness, people should not tell others’ what is a good or bad looking way to design, it’s far too subjective. I’m not a firm believer in Chekhov’s gun theory, I feel it is a very western way of looking at film, and grasping onto with with a closed mind is not a good attitude.Worlds that can take for granted all the nonsensical stuff surrounding them are very cool, I wish we could see that more in western cartoons and film. Put hair on your dog, put feathers on your elephant, express your imagination, and forget about biology and science for a little bit.

Le Chat Noir

SInce exams are over it’s time for me to write again! yaaay!! I missed this!!!

Since it’s Marichat May I decided to Get In On The Action and so here’s a fic for day 19 - identity reveal - which I’ve been planning for ages and it was pretty fun to write tbh

The title is a lazy reference to Le Chat Noir in Montmarte, which was one of the first cabarets. Titles are not my strong point, but eyyyyyyyy it’s doubly relevant

Also feel free to pop to my ao3

Le Chat Noir - a reveal fic with a bit of humour amidst the fluff (1959 words)

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I just want to take a moment to remind everyone to be respectful of VIXX when they go abroad (of course in Korea as well). I doubt that any of you need this reminder, but VIXX are people too and should be treated with respect and allowed privacy. Doing something like following VIXX to or from their hotel or just following them in general is an invasion of privacy. If you happen to run across VIXX, of course there is nothing wrong with that! However, please don’t film or photograph them secretly. Let’s make sure VIXX has pleasant experiences abroad so they want to come back!

#Choicesfilms update!

Re: #Choicesfilms

Oh my goodness, I want to thank all the amazing people who showed their support for this idea. Seriously, I did NOT expect this kind of reaction and how it has touched me so deeply, with the outpouring of enthusiasm and encouragement, especially considering I’ve only been in this fandom a few short weeks.
The unconditional kindness, generosity, support of this whole community is astounding! Despite all our sometimes drastic differences, none of that matters here.

Here I just wanted to add a little piece of something to this amazing comadrie and… I’m at a loss for words.
I want to give a special thanks to everyone who has volenteered to help in this project:
@hollyashton - @xo-endlessmayhem-xo - @raventear - @lacksubstance-productions - @roseplayschoices - @aleister-rourke - @whispersofaquarius - @aleisterrrourke - @justapapercut - @lararomay - @ladyashtonofcordonia - @lookatmychoices - @owleyes374 - @estela-montoya - @eleanorwiferley - @rr-roe-es - @piixelberry - @storiesbehindyoureyes - @zahranamazis - @julievasnormandy - @the-tonystarkening - @broke-choices - @witchofthewilcls - @diamondsaregold - @brandystanford - @choicesimaginesandmore - @angelschoice - @cheesepots - @turtle-brownie - @therachelverse - @arina-is-here

With special shout outs to @hollyashton who’s guidance and encouragement made me have the courage to start this.
And at  @xo-endlessmayhem-xo who helped me write this post and proof read it, and for her promise of future assistance as well. Thank you ladies! With my crazy life schedule right now I really appreciate the help.
And @cheesepots for being my muse and sounding board for ideas! Your energy is infectious!
And if I missed anyone’s name please dont take offense! This is all very new to me and I’m still learning how to use Tumblr in general!
So know I thank you too!

Now on to an update of what we are doing.

First, since this is a learning experience for everyone we should start off easy going, something we can point to and say “hey! I did that!” And to practice and and build from. And with one of our most  popular books: Endless Summer!
We will do the other books too, just after some thought, figured that one would be the easiest and most popular choice.
No hour long feature films. Yet. (Hey I can dream can’t I? LOL) But make a practice piece, like a trailer or such, with music and editing and voice overs, to get our feet wet.
Also should be ok to do this with Pixelberry, for we aren’t actually doing any story content, just a fan made tribute.
As @lacksubstance-productions so wisely pointed out we NEED their permission to do anything fancier. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.

So, we’ll be organising things, setting up voice tests and art submissions and ideas and brainstorming etc with anyone and everyone so please keep an eye out for the #ChoicesFilms tag.
And feel free to ask me, @arc-17 or @hollyashton or
(this ok Doggo?) @xo-endlessmayhem-xo for information or updates.

Cheers everyone!

anonymous asked:

can you maybe write sana and the balloon squad going camping together? and yousef/sana being madly in love but not telling each other? and yousef trying to impress sana so when for example she's listening to her favourite song by tupac, yousef starts to rap along knowing all the words and is like damn this is my fave song, you know it too? and also a bit of mikadam wouldnt hurt


Thank you so much for the prompt!

I hope you don’t mind that I added more couples to it!

I hope I don’t disappoint you and that you like it!!

Also I’m sorry if this is too long, I got really carried away


“We’re here!!” Eva yelled as she got out of the bus.

After a two hours trip they had finally arrived to the cabins.

Sana, Vilde, Noora, Chris, Eva along with Yousef, Elias, Mutta, Adam and Mikael had agreed to spend the last weekend before the girls had to go back to class at a camping in the countryside. Since they were so many people, instead of tents they had decided to rent two cabins, one for the boys and one for the girls. It was Saturday morning when they arrived and, even though they had to leave the following day they were all excited about this trip.

“Ahh I’m so excited for this, it’s going to be epic!!” Vilde squealed as she hugged Sana who hugged her back with a smile

“So, what should we do first?” Adam asked

“We should probably leave the stuff in the cabins and then we can decide” Noora said

“Always so efficient” Elias teased her “Okay boys, the one on the left is ours”

He started to walk towards the cabin with the boys following behind him

“We’ll meet you here in half an hour” he told the girls before entering the cabin


“Wow, this is such a nice cabin” Vilde said once inside their cabin

“Wait until you see the lake” Sana, who had been there before, said

“I’m liking the idea of the lake” Chris said

“That’s because you want to see Mutta shirtless” Eva teased her

“And I’m not denying it” Chris winked at her making all the girls laugh

“So what about you Sana Bakkoush, will this be THE trip for you and you know who?” Noora asked raising an eyebrow at her

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Sana said shrugging

“Oh come on Sana, you two have been talking during the whole way here” Eva said

“Are you finally going to tell Yousef you like him?” Vilde asked excited

“That’s the thing though” Noora explained “They both know they like each other, they’re just too shy to do something about it”

“Says the girls who’s been making eyes at my brother for a month now” Sana said smirking

“I have not”

All the girls stared at Noora with their eyebrows raised

“Whatever, we should get ready” Noora said rolling her eyes


Half an hour later they were all enjoying themselves down by the lake. Vilde and Eva were taking some pictures for their instagram accounts, Mikael and Mutta were doing some back flips while Adam filmed it and Chris cheered them. Elias and Noora were by the shore, he threatening her to throw her in the water and her acting like she was offending when she was clearly enjoying the situation too much.

Sana sat on the grass a few meters from them observing all of them with a smile on her face.

“Can I sit?”

She looked up protecting her eyes from the sun with her hand. Yousef was standing there, hands in his pockets, smiling.

“Of course” she said nodding

He sat down next to her leaving enough space between them for her to be comfortable.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked

“I actually am” she said looking at him “You?”

“I am now” he answered biting his lip

Sana smiled at him and blushed slightly. She looked at her brother and her friend down by the shore.

“How long till they finally admit that they like each other?” Sana asked

“I’d say that they’re going to end up together this weekend, but again, both of them are so stubborn” Yousef said

“Yeah, like it’s clear they like each other”

“Exactly, why don’t they just stop walking in circles and start dating?”


She looked at him, he already had his eyes on her. They both pressed their lips together and burst into laughs. They clearly weren’t the most indicated to talk about not admitting feelings and they both were aware of that.

“Wanna take a walk and explore the place?” he asked as he stood up and offered her his hand

“Thought you’d never ask” she said taking his hand and standing up


“You really know your way through this place” Yousef said impressed as they had been walking for awhile

“Yeah, we used to come here as kids. I never got this far through the woods though”

“You used to come here?” Yousef asked

“The cabin where you’re staying used to be ours actually” Sana said as she stopped walking to face him


“Yeah, we used to come here every summer but then we had to sell it and the ones that own the cabin where we’re staying bought it. They’re friends of my parents”

“Wow, I didn’t know that”

“I actually haven’t been in that cabin since I was like 12 or something”

“Why aren’t you guys sleeping there then?”

“Elias got dibs” she said shrugging “You want to know a secret?”

“Of course”

“Every time we stayed there I always slept in the room that is in the attic because I loved the views”

“That’s where I’m staying!” Yousef exclaimed


“Yeah, I can’t say no to an attic”

Sana smiled, it felt good knowing that they had one more thing in common.

“So, what’s the secret?”

“Oh, yeah, my parents used to measure my height in the door frame and when I found out we were selling the cabin I wanted to take the frame with me” she laughed a little bit embarrassed “You should’ve seen me crying because I couldn’t understand that I can’t take a door frame with me”

“Aww, I’m sure you were such a cute little girl”

“Yeah, but don’t tell anyone” she said pointing at him

“My lips are sealed” he promised placing his hand on his heart

Sana shook her head and laughed. They restarted their walk only stopping when they got to a place full of flowers

“Wow…this is…” Yousef started

“It’s so beautiful…It’s like that film…”


And in fact it looked like a scene taken out of that film. In front of them there were hundreds of blue and purple and pink flowers surrounded by trees.

Yousef took a few steps into the glade and bent down to take some flowers. He then turned around and offered them to Sana.

“They’re not bluebells but I hope it’s enough” he said shrugging with smile

“They’re perfect, thank you” she said taking them and smiling fondly at him


“Stop it, stop it Elias!” Noora said laughing as Elias kept splashing water to her

“Huh? Are you saying something? I can’t hear you over the sound of the water”

“Fine!” She said as she imitated his moves and started to throw water at him too

“Hey! That’s cheating”

Elias walked over to her and took her hands on his trying to stop her but instead they both lost balance and fell into the water with their clothes on.

“I can’t believe you did that!” Noora told him as she felt her clothes being soaked

“Me? You’re the one who made me fall” he said

“Whatever” she rolled her eyes and started to swim away from him


He followed her worried that she might be angry.

“Hey Noora wait, I’m sorry” he said placing his hand on her shoulder to stop her

Noora turned around with a smirk on her face and before Elias could react she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to the water.

“Oh game on” Elias said once he came back to the surface

He swam over to Noora and took her by the waist, lifting her over his shoulder upside down. He then started to walk further into the lake.

“No, no, no don’t you dare Elias”

“You started it” he said

“Fine but if I’m going down you’re going down with me” she said as she wrapped her arms around his waist

“Okay, I have nothing to lose” Elias said shrugging

He took a deep breath and went underwater taking Noora with him. They were both laughing once they came to the surface.

“Thank you” Noora said between laughs

“For what?” Elias asked confused

“For making me laugh, it’s been awhile and you always find a way to make me laugh”

“Noora, you deserve to be happy, you deserve someone who treats you right and who makes you smile”

“Someone like you?” she asked raising her eyebrows

“Well…yeah” he said biting his lip

Noora blinked several times trying to process his words, she wasn’t expecting him to actually admit it. She bit her lip as she got closer to him. She looked straight into his eyes and leaned in for a kiss wrapping her arms around his neck. Elias reacted right away and placed his hands on her waist bringing her closer.

“Woooohooo!!” they heard someone saying.

They pulled apart and looked at the shore. Vilde and Eva were dancing and jumping while Mutta, Chris, Mikael and Adam were clapping


“About time guys!!!” Mutta exclaimed before turning back to Adam, Mikael and Chris.

“Yeah, talking about couples that finally get together…” Chris giving him her flirting look™

Mutta looked back at her confused. He didn’t know what she was trying to tell him. He liked Chris, he had liked her since the first time they met but now he wasn’t sure if she was trying to tell him that she liked him back or if she was angry about something.

“I don’t…I don’t really know what you…” he stuttered making Adam and Mikael, who were watching the scene, laugh

Chris rolled her eyes, it was clear that words weren’t going to work with the boy, she needed actions. She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss.

“Wow…” Mutta whispered once they pulled apart “Does this mean that you like me?”

Chris tilted her head and glared at him, how slow could this boy be?

“Yes, I like you…do you like me?” she asked getting self-conscious suddenly

“Of course, of course I like you, have you seen you?” Mutta said like it was the most obvious thing in the world “You’re like perfect!”

Chris smiled feeling her heart making a back flip like the ones Mikael and Mutta had been doing a few minutes ago. She may act like she was the most confident girl in the world but when it came to real feelings, like the ones she had for Mutta, she could became the most shy person in the world.

“Can I kiss you again?” Mutta asked blushing

“You don’t have to ask”


“I’m telling you, I’m the best rapper of the squad” Yousef said as they reached the cabins

“Prove it” Sana challenged him

“What? Like right now?”

“Prove it”

“Fine…uhm…I don’t quite remember how it started but…” he took a deep breath before he started singing “You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit. Remember that. Mmm, yeah. Keep ya head up. Yeah.

Sana was already laughing, he looked so focused on the song.

“Shh, I’m trying to concentrate” he said before continuing “Our lifestyles be close captioned addicted to fatal attractions, pictures of actions be played back in the midst of…the midst of… mashin?

“Yeah, it’s mashin’” Sana laughed “Best rapper of the squad huh?”

“I know the lyrics, I just can’t concentrate with you laughing at me”
“And why do you think I’m laughing?” Sana said

“Wow, thanks, okay fine…I’ll see you…here I am trying to impress you with your favorite rapper and you treat me this way…cool Sana, just cool” he said as he took a few steps backwards towards

“Aw you were trying to impress me?”

“Don’t aww at me” he said pointing at her “I get awkward”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she said raising her hands

He squinted at her but then he laughed.

“See you later Sana”

“See you later Tupac”

The girls were sitting the couches when Sana entered the cabin. They were all talking about something very excited.

“What is going on here?” Sana asked

“Omg Sana! Where were you?! You’ve missed it!” Vilde said excited

Sana frowned and sat next to Chris.

“I was going for a walk with Yousef” Sana explained

“You too?! Everyone is getting together!” Eva exclaimed

“What? I’m not with Yousef…wait, what do you mean everyone is getting together? What happened?”

“Noora kissed Elias!” Vilde said

“And Chris kissed Mutta”

Sana widened her eyes and looked from one girl to another

“You are with my brother?!” she asked Noora first

“Well…yeah…kind of…I mean we kissed and then we held hands and he’s so sweet and…”

“Oh my god yes, finally!!” Sana stood up and hugged her friend, then she turned to look at Chris “And you, you go girl! Mutta is such a great guy! I’m so happy for you”

This time she went back to her place and hugged Chris

“What can I say? The boy couldn’t resist the temptation” Chris said winking at her

“Okay so what about you and Yousef?” Noora asked

“Nothing, we just went for a walk, that’s all.”

“Oh come on Sana! When are you going to take the final step”

“It’s not that easy…I just I get super awkward when I’m around him” Sana said

“You? You get super awkward? Have you seen him around you?” Noora laughed

“Hey, he’s not awkward he’s…cute” Sana said biting her lip

“Aw, everyone is finding their someone special except me” Vilde said with a sad face

“Don’t worry Vilde, we don’t need a man” Eva said placing her arm around her

Sana looked at them and smirked, there was so much truth in those words.


The sun had already set and they had already had dinner. Now they were all sitting around a campfire. The boys had spent 15 minutes trying to light up the flame, eventually Sana was the one that managed to make it work.

“Let’s play a game!” Vilde suggested “Let’s play Never have I ever”

“Vilde, we don’t drink” Elias said

“Me neither” Noora added

“And you know I don’t either” Sana said

“Well, you don’t have to drink drink, you can drink juice or water or something, the rest of us will drink. Come on it’s just for the fun” Vilde insisted

“Okay, fine, guys?” Sana asked the boys

“Game on” Elias said

“Everyone knows the rules right? Someone says never have I ever and say something and if any of you have done that you have to take a sip from your drink” Eva explained just in case

“Let’s play, let’s play!” Vilde said excited

“I’ll start…never have I ever…cheated on an exam” Noora said

Everyone except Yousef and Sana, who were sitting next to each other, drank.

“Oh boring!” Elias shouted at them

“Smart, not boring” Sana corrected him

“Okay my turn” Eva said “Never have I ever…been in love with my best friend’s sister”

Eva looked straight at Yousef while she said it, she really was rooting for him and Sana and well, it was kind of fun too.

Yousef chuckled and shook his head. He looked at Sana who was looking at him expectantly. He hit his cup against Sana’s and took a sip while looking at her from the corner of his eyes. Sana bit her lip and blushed looking at the floor.

“Never have I ever…” Adam started “been in love with my brother’s best friend”

Sana glared at him, were they all trying to set them up or what?

This time Sana was the one that hit her cup against Yousef’s before taking a sip as he grinned at her.

“Never have I ever liked someone from here” Elias said looking straight at Noora who was sitting in front of him

Everyone drank laugh and drank for their cups.

“Wait, who do you like?” Eva asked Vilde

“And you?”  Vilde asked her

Sana, who was hearing their conversation took it as an opportunity to talk, maybe it was her time to push them together

“Never have I ever…” she started “been in love with my best friend”

They were all expecting Vilde or Eva to drink, instead, it was Mikael the one who took a sip from his cup.

“Wait, who?” Chris asked

“Isn’t it obvious? It was Even right?” Vilde asked

As is someone had called him, Adam stood up instantly catching everyone’s attention.

“I’m not feeling really good, I think I may have eaten too much,  I’m just going to go back inside” he said

“Wait, want me to go with you?” Mikael offered

“No” he simply said and left

After an awkward silence the game continued.

Eventually Noora and Elias left to take a walk together and so did Chris and Mutta after awhile. Only Mikael, who had been extremely quiet since Adam left, Sana, Yousef, Vilde and Eva were left. The two latter were now pretty drunk, dancing and sporadically kissing.

Sana observed them as Yousef looked at his friend.

It was getting cold and Sana hadn’t thought of bringing a jacket so she started to shiver.

“Are you cold?” Yousef asked her once he noticed

“Yeah, kind of…but it’s fine”

“Here” he said taking his jacket off

“No, no Yousef, you’ll get sick”

“I’ll be fine, seriously, take it”

He placed it around her shoulders and rubbed her arms a little bit trying to make her feel warmer.

“Thanks” she said with a smile

“Hey Sana, can I ask you something about Vilde and Eva?” Yousef asked

“You’re going to ask me if they’re together?”


“Ahh, I wish they were” she sighed “They clearly have a crush on each other, actually I’m pretty sure it’s more than a crush. They’re perfect for each other but they’re too scared to admit their feelings and…come out”

“Yeah…I get what you mean” he said looking at Mikael

“Adam and him?” she asked

Yousef looked at her and nodded

“We know there’s something between them but I don’t even know if they know what that is”

“Guys, I think I’m going to sleep” Mikael said as he stood up

Sana and Yousef nodded and watched him leave.

“It’s so frustrating…I want them to be happy but I can’t really do anything about it, you know?” Yousef said

“I know, it’s the same with me and Vilde and Eva”

Yousef nodded and looked at the fire. Then he remembered something

“Come with me, I need to show you something” he said standing up



Mikael kept turning in his bed, unable to sleep. He shouldn’t have drunk from that stupid cup when Sana made that stupid question. He was just trying to be true to himself and all he had managed was to make Adam leave. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, it was too dark to see anything but there were some fluorescent stars stickers there that were slightly shining. He was focusing on them when he heard a knock on the door.

“Are you awake? It’s me, Adam”

Mikael’s heart skipped a beat when he heard his voice. He sat on the bed and took a deep breath.

“Come in” he said

He heard the door opening and a steps getting closer.

Adam stood next to Mikael’s bed, he couldn’t really see him but he knew he was sitting.

“I can’t sleep…mind if I join you? It always makes me calmer” Adam said kind of embarrassed

Mikael nodded, then he realized that Adam couldn’t see him so he mumbled a yes and made space for Adam in the bed.

Adam climbed in and lay down on the left side of the bed. Mikael lay next to him. They both were facing the ceiling.

“Those stars…was this Sana’s bedroom?” Adam asked

“Probably…” Mikael said

Then they both laughed and said at the same time

“Definitely Elias’”

Adam moved closer to Mikael, their arms brushing.

“I’m sorry I left like that” Adam whispered

“Why did you?”

“I was…I am scared”

“Scared of what?” Mikael asked confused

“Mikael…now that Even is back in the squad…I’m scared you and I…I mean…you two were the best of friends, the closest ones, you were always together. After he left you and me got closer and now that he’s back…I’m afraid I’m going to be replaced”

“Adam…Even and I were best friends and eventually we’ll probably be that again…but you , you’re different, you’re special”

Adam put his arm around Mikael’s shoulder bringing him close. Mikael rested his hand on Adam’s chest and buried his face on his neck

“That question…Sana’s question…” Adam said hesitantly “I should’ve drunk…because I am in love with my best friend”

He felt Mikael chuckle against his neck

“Good, ‘cause I am too” Mikael whispered in his ear pressing a soft kiss on his jaw.

Adam sighed in relief and hugged Mikael tighter, kissing the top of his head before resting his chin there.


“Eva, I think I’m super drunk” Vilde said as she laid on the grass next to Eva.

“I’m drunk too” Eva laughed

Vilde turned to face her and so did Eva. The blonde smiled and leaned in to kiss her friend like she had done so many times.

“Why does it feel nicer when I kiss you than when I kiss boys?” Vilde wondered

“Because I’m a super good kisser” Eva joked

“Eva…I’m serious…or I’m trying to be serious”

“Vilde…I don’t really know” Eva whispered as she brushed Vilde’s hair of her face “All I know is that I feel so good when I’m with you and I don’t want it to change”

“And what if it changed for the better?” Vilde asked

“You really think so?”

“I don’t know…maybe I’m just too drunk…”


“Or maybe not…”

“Come here” Eva said as she wrapped her arm around Vilde bringing her close “I don’t want to ruin our friendship”

“Me neither” Vilde said

“You’re the prettiest girl I know, you know that?” Eva said “And not only on the outside”

“I love you Eva” Vilde said as she planted a kiss on Eva’s lips.

“And I love you Vilde”

“Someday?” Vilde asked

“Someday” Eva agreed


“Wow, this certainly has changed” Sana said as they entered the guys’ cabin

“Yeah, but not everything is changed, come with me” Yousef said as he guided her upstairs until they reached the attic “Ready to see your old bedroom?”

“Yes” Sana nodded

Yousef opened the door and turned the lights on. Sana looked around, everything was changed. The walls were painted in a different color, the furniture was definitely new, even the curtains were different. She couldn’t help but feeling disappointed

“Everything’s changed” Sana sighed

“Again, not everything”  Yousef said with a smile as he leaned against the door “Look here”

Sana frowned at him but approached him. He pointed with his finger at the door frame. It took Sana a moment to realize what he was showing her.

“As soon as I came back from our walk I checked it, they’re still here Sana, the evolution of your height along the years” he said smiling “I have to say that you were quite a short girl”

“Shut up” she said slapping him in the arm playfully

“Let’s see how much you’ve grown up”


He showed her a pencil he had on his hand and raised an eyebrow at her

“You want to measure me?”

“Why not?”

She bit her lip and thought about it for a moment.

“Okay, let’s do it”

She stood against the door frame as he approached her. He leaned in and draw a line on the wood right above her head. Sana looked up at him, his face was only a few inches apart from her. Once the mark was made Yousef looked down at Sana and saw her staring back at him. He wetted his lips and swallowed

“Sana” he whispered “Can I ask you something?”

She just nodded

“That question…about being in love with your brother’s friend…who did you mean? And please don’t say Stephen Curry”

“You really need to ask?”

“I want to hear it from you”

“It was you, Yousef” she said biting her lip “I’m in love with you”

Yousef’s face lit up with her words.

“I’d ask you who did you mean when you drank but I don’t think Mutta, Adam or Mikael have a sister…” she said playfully

“I’m in love with you” he simply said

“Good” she said smiling widely

“Now what?” he asked

“Now…how about we take our own advice and take a step forward?” she said reaching his hand and intertwining their fingers

“You mean I can take you out on a date?” he squeezed her hand slightly

“I mean you better take me out on a date”


It was time to leave.

They were waiting for the bus to arrive, their stuff already packed. Sana stood on the grass once again observing their friends.

Elias and Noora were kissing leaning against one of the cabin. They would stop from time to time to look at each other and just smile. It had been awhile since Sana had seen both Noora and Elias so happy.

Chris and Mutta were sitting on the stairs of the cabin’s entrance talking and laughing about whatever random thing. Sana adored the way Mutta looked at Chris, he really seemed to care about her and Chris, she deserved the best of the world.

Vilde and Eva were sitting on the grass, Eva’s arm around Vilde’s shoulder, talking to Mikael who was also sitting on the grass holding Adam’s hand. Those two couples may not be that, a couple, yet, but they were going in the right direction. They’d make it work, she was sure of that.


“Best trip ever” Yousef whispered in her ear startling her a bit

She turned around and looked at him. He was smiling from ear to ear and she couldn’t help but do the same.

“Best trip ever” she agreed.


This is it!!

I really hope you’ve liked it!!

Thank you so much for reading!!♥♥

(The song Yousef tried to sing is Smile by Tupac)

Jikook rights

Okay don’t throw anything at me but did you ever think that it isn’t always bighit, that maybe just maybe Jimin and JK asked them not to be filmed(and the trip is not over they stay in that room for the rest of their time there I think so who knows maybe we will see something).  We have enough on camera to tell that these two have something special whatever it is.  Yes this is their *job* and they allow us into their lives like no other celeb does. I am happy and grateful for what we do get to see.  I WANT them to have their alone time because this is technically their vacation to wind down from such hectic lives.  We should be thankful that they even film these things to begin with.  I don’t need to see them cuddling in bed to know they already do that.  Don’t be angry at anyone.  They give so much to us already.

ID #89358

Name: Olivia
Age: 20
Country: Brazil

I have friends and family but most days I am lonely and feel like shit. I don’t really talk with people a lot, and never really have serious talks unless I’m drunk. I actually don’t mind being by myself so much, but it would be nice to make a friend I could write long ass letters to and really learn all there is to know about each other. I like the idea of having someone like that that is also a stranger, it’s the perfect combination really.
So I guess I should say something about myself or this will be useless. I’m a film student who doesn’t really know if she wants to work with film but also has no clue what else she could do. (did I just talk about myself in the third person? sorry about that) I like to take buses and listen to music, I can get pretty obsessed with things but I’m also not really passionate about anything (or anyone), I try not to complain but I wallow a lot and I’m really hyper-aware of all my flaws haha I just don’t do much about it.
I’m currently learning korean so it would be nice to have someone to practice it with, but I would be happy to talk to anyone that isn’t homophobic/sexist/racist cause I have 0 patience with that shit.

Preferences: Older than 18.

My part for the Makorra Gift Exchange thing going on at makorragiftexchange! I got space–cowboys / formerly americas–psycho. Unfortunately, I’m not a writer as much as I am an artist so I’m hoping to compensate with this here’s film noir-inspired one for you :)

It’s been a pleasure taking part in this! I’ve been a fan of this pair as well. I hope you like it! <3 

anonymous asked:

hi ! how did you do the 'texture' effect on your jasprose drawing ?? (sorry idk how to explain it) thank u & sorry for bothering you 🙇

No problem anon!

First open whatever you want to add texture to in a photo editor (I use photoshop, but I’m sure the process is similar in other programs)

I’m just going to use this document as an example.

Next, make a completely white layer on top of all of your other layers.

Then go to Filter-> Artistic-> film grain

You should put in values something like this:

The click “OK”

Your canvas should look something like this:

Make a copy of the grain layer and set the layer mode of one to multiply at full opacity and one to overlay at about 20% opacity

And you’re done!



For that drawing I also shifted the rgb layers a little before adding the grain effect.  You can read about how I did that here  (just the first half of the tutorial)


What made you join the fight to convince Disney XD to approve the third season of Wander over Yonder?

This is probably the most difficult question of this trending. And it’s not that I have nothing to say - does it make sense to talk about it? Most of those who read this post now know well why this cartoon has found a corner in our hearts. The amazing theme of travel of a wanderer through the whole Galaxy, space ships and captures of planets - of course. Bright and deep color palette, smooth and bewitching animation – definitely. Original, diverse and touching characters,  staying into our souls to the end - nothing would have happened without it. Creativity, humor, creators’ ability to experiment and self-irony. I can talk about this cartoon for hours and find all the new reasons for wanting it to continue.

But then I realized why this cartoon really stands out for me - morality. You know, it’s not very hard to put a good life lesson into a cartoon. Friendship, love, forgiveness are common themes, and here the WOY is not an exception. But I am now talking about other message, more atypical and bold for a show of this kind.

When did you start watching this show for the first time, what did you think it would be about? For sure about the space adventures of the wanderer and his struggle with the evil lord, right? So, we see the first minutes of the first episode. Here is the lord, here is his army, the oppressed people - everything is here. A stranger in a cowboy hat and a terrible-looking horse appear on a hill. Well, everything is clear, now the struggle will be and … it turns out that the stranger is a pacifist and rather helpless. Well, then the main work will be done by his friend Sylvia, and Wander will perform the role of comedian or generator of ideas (why not?). At first, it seems to be so, when suddenly … all this happens:

 At this moment, you realize that the show just fooled you. At first you don’t understand what is happening, everything that happens is like a complete nonsense. That’s only when you continue to watch the realization comes. I’m talking about the main idea of the show, for which we prepared the whole season 1 and which was voiced in the season 2: “An enemy is just a friend you haven’t made yet”. And now remember how often you heard something like that? Only Steven Universe come to mind (it’s interesting that the broadcast of these two shows started in the same year with a difference of three months). I believe that this message is genius and relevant, especially in our time. We all insist that we cannot judge a book by its cover, that we should not label people, we cannot blindly believe stereotypes about other nationalities, cultures, religions - but we don’t always do it. This also applies to our children as well.

I immediately remember the animated film “Zootopia”, where this topic was revealed. But Wander Over Yonder goes much further, I think. Here, Wander believes that he is right to the end, even when everyone around him tells that he is wrong, even his best friend. Where everyone sees only evil, he tries to see something more. Whatever people say, Wander is a wonderful character. He teaches us to be loyal to our ideals, but he does not impose his opinion on other people by force. The show makes us think, get confused, doubt the truthfulness of opinions. This is what the real work should do - it should make people look for answers.

This idea is amazing and deserves to be revealed to the end. You know, I have a little brother. And WOY is one of those shows that deserves to be watched. Sometimes I heard objections from my parents, who doubted its positive effect. But I always stood up to the end in this matter.

Sometimes I wonder why the cancellation of Wander Over Yonder has become such a big event for many of us? After all, there were a lot of good shows that ended before the deadline. Why are we trying so hard to protect this show? Why we are trying in every way to convince @disneyxd that we are right? Probably, the whole point is this - we are sure of our rightness. This is our ideal, and Wander taught us to believe in this and fight. We know that WOY is a wonderful show. We know that creators deserve to finish their story exactly the way they want. These characters deserve a worthy end to their histories, each of them. Here is my answer.

Originally posted by robotoco

The petition:

fabstingsgron  asked:

What are your expectations on Troian directing the episode?

I’m not expecting an episode filled with answers like the last episode, that’s for sure. Troian has no control over that. The episode may actually totally suck, like 712. Troian’ directing can only be as good as the material (the script) she’s given to work with. But, I’m expecting just beautiful shots. It’s really boring when a TV show is just a compilation of scenes where the camera sits still. The camera should pan across sets, zoom in to characters to show emotion, etc. Give us something to look at other than just listen to the dialogue of the characters. Also, since Troian knows the show’s story so well, I feel like she’ll nail the emotions. I feel like when they were filming on set, she would’ve been telling the actors “more emotion! More tears! Ok, too many tears! Now you’re furious! But now you’re happy, do a really big smile. Too big of a smile! Tone it down. Tone it up. A.D literally violated your body, you should be shaking” etc. So I feel like the acting might even be better next episode. Troian would’ve tailored everyone’s acting to the context of the scene, which not all the directors can do, but Troian can because she knows the girls so damn well. SHE is the one who’s worked with them everyday for 7 years, not the other random directors who alternate every 7 episodes.

But yeah, the main thing I hope everyone remembers is that if the episode sucks, we shouldn’t blame Troian because director =/ writer. Instead of judging Troian on the quality of the episode in terms of quantity of answers and plot progression, we should look to stuff a director does instead of a writer. But everyone already knows that, idk why I felt like highlighting it anyway haha

alluriart----old-deactivated201  asked:

Hello!!! I've been seeing a lot of little witch academia art on your blog, and I wanted to try watching it myself! But when i looked it up i was kinda confused because there was a lot of titles with Little Witch Academia: something or the other, and the most recent one was a movie...? but I also thought it was an anime?? Do you know where i should start?

Hello there! Well yes it can be quite confusing XD I started the series watching the 20-30 minutes short film made in 2013, then I noticed it wasn’t the series so I watched the first episode of the series and I was like ???? wh a t

So, basically, the 30 min short film is a stand alone movie they made prior to anything, so you can watch it and don’t miss anything about the actual story XD

Then in 2015 they made a 50 min movie called Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade and, again, you can watch that one whenever you want. It goes a bit more into detail with some characters but it should be fine. I watched that one after watching the tv series XD

Now, in 2017 they released a 25ep tv series on Netflix about it!

You can watch the series first, or the stand alone movies, and it’s all good don’t worry XD