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House Colors

Gryffindor red is the color of lips before a kiss. It’s the color bloody noses and skinned knees, of scabs forming over knuckles. It’s the color of floor length curtains and old rugs with too much fringe. It’s the red that tinges anger, sleeps at the heart of anxiety, and escorts love. It’s the color of a dancer’s dress as she spins in front of a window. The color of melted sealing wax. It’s a robin’s chest, a roaring crowd, and the hearth within an old stone building. It’s the color of home.

Slytherin green is the color of ivy wreathing windows. It’s the color of forest leaves and crushed grass, of pebbles covered in moss. It’s the color of forgotten old paintings and favorite coats with ripped pockets. It’s the green that bathes with jealousy, mixes with fatigue, and gleams next to excitement. It’s the color of a worn quilt. The color of nails tapping in anticipation. It’s the pine tree boughs, a whisper in an ear, and the world right before it rains. It’s the color of life.

Ravenclaw blue is the color of the sky a breath after dusk. It’s the color of the ocean and morning fog, of tears slipping down a cheek. It’s the color of wide eyes and the fresh sheets on a newly made bed. It’s the blue that swirls with sadness, smiles at greed, and dances with wonder. It’s the color of a ribbon marking a page in a book. The color of a fallen feather. It’s the hiss of the wind, the howl of a wolf, and a teacup set perfectly in the center of its dish. It’s the color of hope.

Hufflepuff yellow is the color of pollen stained fingers. It’s the color of dandelions and old parchment, of an unopened locket. It’s the color of fresh pie and old bruises. It’s the yellow that takes guilt’s hand, whirls with loneliness, and links arms with joy. It’s the color of dust drifting through sunbeams. The color of broken paintbrushes. It’s the whine of a teakettle, a pair of loved socks, and a wide open window. It’s the color of light.

when you’re home alone so sing at the top of your lungs and don’t realise that little kids are running around in the garden a few houses down and after the song’s over one shouts “whoever was just singing, can you come and sing at my birthday party?” and another shouts “you’re really good!”

I hate it when you tell people that you are bored and looking for tv shows to fill your time because you are too fatigued to do anything else.  And their response is to argue that you are bored because you are wasting time and you should be more productive.

Take a class!  Engage in a hobby!  Earn money!

Like can you stop trying to make me feel badly about myself for 5 seconds and listen to what I’m saying?  I’m too fatigued to create the new neural pathways needed to actually learn something new.  And I’m too fatigued to make my body work correctly.

But that’s ok because you feel better about yourself for putting me in my place, so at least I’m good for something right?

Conjuring Expectations

[When I speak of conjuring here, I’m using it as an umbrella term to describe any act of pairing a spirit with a physical person. It doesn’t matter what your method is, if it is a prebound spirit, how often you do it, or the price you charge.]

So, offering these services has recently become a bit…. trendy.

Personally I find this disconcerting. We like to stress that taking home a spirit can be a lifelong responsibility, so being the shop should be even more of a responsibility. It isn’t something to take lightly, once you offer the service you’ve taken on a huge responsibility towards your customer. The points in this post are a few, not all, of the things you should keep in mind if you wish to start conjuring for others.

Other posts on the subject, please give these a read! x / x

[These are my own standards. Take them as you will. If you don’t care if a shop meets certain standards in this post then that’s your opinion, although I recommend having high standards for the shops you work with. If you don’t think something in here should apply to you, actually meditate and do some shadow work on why this is, laziness and impatience is not a good reason to ignore something.]

Don’t do it on a whim.

Seriously. Don’t conjure on a whim. This isn’t something to start up because you’re bored one night. There are a lot of things you have to consider when you do this, and it’s going to take more than a couple weeks to make sure you’re not making a hasty decision. Honestly, I’d put the minimum decision period at…. Six months. Does this seem long? Good. It gives you half a year to see if you’ll back out and any other thoughts which arise. If you’re too impatient to wait that long then sorry to say but you’re making a rash decision.

Know why you are offering your services.

Seriously…. Why do you want to do this? I’m not saying to think about it for a day. I’m saying to do serous shadow work to get an honest answer about why you are doing this. Is it the money? The ego boost? To look cool? A white knight mentality towards spirits? None of these are good reasons. Make sure the reason you’re doing this is something you can truthfully tell your customers.

Practice frequently

That six month decision period? You should already know how to perform your services by then and should spend that six months practicing consistently. Daily, if possible. Your consistency here will show you how you will fare when you must do it on a consistent basis for customers. It’ll also show you how you’ll handle things when you hit a fallow period or block in your life. If you can’t keep up with the consistency now then you won’t later either, and likely you’re not ready.

Don’t learn to conjure just to open a shop

This ties in with knowing why you’re offering the service. If your motivation for learning the skill (or whatever other method you use; remember that it is an umbrella term in this post) is purely to open a shop later on, reconsider things. If conjuring isn’t something you honestly love to do now, you’ll hate it even more later down the road and shouldn’t be doing it for others. Have reasons for yourself, not for others.

Know your laws

Don’t open shop without knowing the legalities. Know both the legalities of offering metaphysical services/products and of selling in general. These include both your state and federal laws (if in the US, otherwise you’ll have to figure out on your own which laws apply to you), as well as the laws which apply to your individual customers’ locations. You need to read through the laws yourself, not just google the answers, otherwise you won’t get the complete picture. Also keep in mind that it isn’t any other shop’s responsibility to tell you what the laws say. You need to figure it out on your own. And even if your services are free, there are still legal issues pertaining to you within the US. Read up because the law isn’t going to be on your side.

You need to be a legal adult

There’s a very good reason reputable shops don’t sell to people who aren’t legal adults. It’s called legality. But your services are free? Well consider that when witches, pagans, etc refuse to teach minors, this is also for very good legal reasons. If you aren’t old enough to buy from a reputable shop then you aren’t old enough to offer your service. Anyone can practice spirit work but you need to be an adult to offer services. That’s just the way it works. If you can’t bear to practice spirit work without opening a shop then you need to reconsider why you are opening a shop, because that sure sets off some red flags. Teenagers don’t have a good grasp on long term consequences.

Another part of this is maturity. Not only is the estimate for the point of full brain maturity past your teenage years, but a teenager simply doesn’t have the life experience an adult has. If you’re still in high school, regardless of whether or not you’ve already turned 18, you do not have the life experiences that give you heaping loads of personal qualities and maturity. When high school ends life starts throwing at you a ballsack of responsibilities and worries: financials, living situations, college, jobs, your future in general. Do some teenagers have to deal with these things? Sure, but there’s no way of knowing if you legitimately have the maturity from handling these things or if you just think you do. High school environment does not give you the same maturity an adult environment will.

Look, go anywhere in public and you can immediately differentiate the group of high schoolers from young college kids. There’s a certain bit of immaturity in high schoolers and teenagers that doesn’t leave until you’ve graduated. If you want to argue that you’re not like those other teenagers then that’s a bit of a red flag towards the opposite. There’s a trend with teenagers to think you know the world when you really don’t. You’ll have a different perspective on your high school years later on.

Anyone can do spirit work. But a shop’s services, and by extension running a shop, is not an entitlement and can indeed be limited by factors like legal age.

Know the community

I’m not talking about tumblr. I’m talking about the wider community. Whether or not you agree with other sides, you need to be familiar with them to be well-rounded. Furthermore, your customers will not all be coming from the exact perspective as yourself, so you need to understand your customers who have learned from different places.

Conjure for more than your friends

Your customers will not be limited to your friend group. Conjuring for your friends is easy because you’re familiar, and likely compatible, with their energy. You know their personalities for when finding them spirits. This applies to doing bindings, too. You absolutely need to have a large portion of your pre-shop practice to be for people (preferably strangers who will give honest opinions from a point of experience) other than your close friends, otherwise you’re not really proving that you can do it for others.

Know a wide range of energies

People tend to hang around similar energies. Even if you stay purely on tumblr, you will come across many of the same viewpoints and energies. Explore outside of that circle. Meet a variety of people with a variety of ideas and energies. You must be able to work with the entire spectrum of people to be able to offer this service. And this isn’t something you can do in a day, it takes years to become familiar enough with so many energies to be prepared for this. And that’s… that’s sort of the point. You need all that experience. Also remember that you’re going to need to see the inner core of energy, not just what someone gives off on the outside. It’s happened to myself plenty of times where a conjurer doesn’t look on more than the outer shell of energy, and thus their work is mediocre and the relationship doesn’t last.

Know a wide range of spirits

This is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. You only want to offer white arts dragons? Fantastic, but you need to be familiar with more than that. Cute fluffy spirits aren’t the ones who will wreck you. You absolutely need to be familiar with the darkest, most dangerous spirits if you want to keep your customers protected from them. And… no, I’m not talking about hellhounds and demons. If that’s the most dangerous spirits you know, then you may need more experience. Tricksters and shapeshifters are another issue. When they are malicious, you’ll need to be a master to recognize them.

It will be an issue even if you insist they won’t approach you. There are people in this community who have the worst kind of spirits looking for any opening to harm them, and shops are a huge opportunity. These people might not tell you about it or might not even know, but you need to be able to recognize these spirits regardless, then be skilled enough to deal with them.

Dangerous spirits will not always look like monsters. Tricksters can reach the point of mimicking a spirit’s exact personality, energy, soul energy, even some memories. Spirits who are legitimately from safe species may be unsafe. For example, I had a spirit from one of the safest species I know approach my own shop. Nothing turned up through every one of my safety measures with checking them, but one of my other measures is to seek out others who have known spirits and interview them. Learned from a relative that this spirit had murdered their entire immediate family (not extended, which is why there were others who could tell me about it) then undergone surgery to entirely remove the memories from their energy so no one could know. And I was informed that their patterns suggested they’d turn similarly violent again and would enjoy every second of it. Yikes. Those situations happen more frequently than you’d expect and you’d better be able to recognize them.

Have large experience in spirit work not involving shops

You are not reselling another shop’s vessel, you are working with your own spirits. Have several years of experience in working with non-shop spirits. Ideally this would be consistent and purposeful. I’m not talking about speaking to one ghost who lived inside your house, I’m talking about purposely meeting new spirits and learning about them. Have experience in discerning their safety on the run. If never in those years do you encounter a malicious spirit, then…. Uh. That does not give much confidence in your discernment.

Have a master safety process

I’m not saying expert. I’m saying master. The worst of the worst spirits do come to shops looking for trouble and you need to see through their hardest disguises. Just talking to them and learning about them is not enough because they will readily put on sweet faces. Like I said, there are people in this very community who have these spirits after them. It’s your responsibility to not be a wide opening.

Offering a spirit shouldn’t be as simple as meeting a spirit on the street who likes humans then offering them.

Practice discernment. Lots of it. More discernment that you’ve ever practiced before.

People are trusting that you have absolute perfect discernment. You need to have foolproof discernment that comes from a large variety of methods. And this is something that you cannot learn immediately, it comes through years of practice. I’m saying that you need years of practice and they need to involve heavy discernment. I’m gonna be blunt, your spirits had better not be purely in your head and you should have people outside your immediate friend group (as they are very biased in your favor) verify them. If you’re gonna hit a “gosh is this all really real maybe I had better check” period, it had better not be while people are already trusting you to know your discernment.

Be emotionally stable and handle your mental illness

I am not saying you cannot practice spirit work with mental illness. Many of us do it and more shop owners than you know have serious diagnoses. But you need to have a firm handle on it. You absolutely have to know when you can and cannot practice and how to involve discernment. Say you suffer from hallucinations? Plenty of spirit workers have the same and they are fully capable despite it. They learn how to discern a spirit from a hallucination and their work is lovely. But you need expert discernment in telling your mental illness apart from spirit work and not letting it influence your senses, otherwise you are not practicing adequate discernment. Imagine your mental illness like a hurdle. It’s unfortunate that some people have more hurdles than others, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to overcome it like every other hurdle.

Emotional stability comes into play because emotions have a heavy impact of discernment. From confirmation bias to letting your emotions show you what you want to see, you can’t be slacking by letting emotions get in the way of discernment, proper safety checks, and your senses in general. You also cannot be making emotionally fueled decisions. Emotionally fueled decisions almost always throw discernment completely down the drain. More than that, they hurt people very often. There have been patterns in this community for years of people getting hurt because emotionally fueled decisions are made and real discernment is left to the side. “You’re abusing your spirits!” is the most common, said to both shops and regular spirit workers. Remember, confirmation bias is a definite thing (if you want the answer to be one thing, even subconsciously, that’s what you’re going to see because you’re biased in favor of that interpretation of the evidence) and your senses can and will be altered based on a heavy wanting for a particular outcome.

Related to this is that if you are constantly involved in drama or making drama-fueled decisions, you are probably not a good person to be running a shop.

Be prepared for this to affect you later in life

I don’t know what you want to do with your life, but chances are that you’re going to need to impress people. Employers, schools, anyone you want to sign a deal with. Sorry guys, but internet privacy doesn’t exist. Your privacy only exists until it is legal to sell your history and information to potential employers and etc groups and individuals. Imagine that everyone will be able to see you doing this. How is it going to affect you later? Don’t try and say that you won’t let it happen, just imagine that it will happen because it’s very easy to slip. Be fully prepared for the responsibility of others finding out about it.

Remember… some people may just think you’re weird, but others will see it as a malicious scam, preying on the mentally ill, or even a sign of serious mental instability. Don’t take it lightly, realize the full effect of others finding out and it affecting your life. If it causes anxiety now, imagine how it will feel if it happens. You must accept this possibility before continuing.

Have an understanding of the responsibility

This is one of the biggest responsibilities you could take. You are putting yourself in charge of someone’s safety, spiritual progress, and more. Just…. Do not take this lightly. Seriously.

me: I should go through all my fic and tag them with something to organize them

me: *trying to go through all my writing, ends up staring at myself in the mirror from across the room* why do you write so much??? what are we trying to do?? 

my creative engine: they must know

me: know what??

engine: know

Returning the Favor

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The next morning (after the events of “Beard Burn”), Steve’s girlfriend returns the favor ;)))

A/N: this is intended as the sequel to Beard Burn! Yay! Look i finished something that i promised i would do! Thanks again all you beautiful people for getting “Beard Burn” over 1k notes.  That’s crazy,,,

Warnings: all smut, some fluff.  oral sex (mr), language

Words: 2260

tags: @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @daybreak96 @doct0rstrange @trade-baby-blues @yourtropegirl @lipstickandwhiskey @captainumeboshi @emily-james-barnes

also: @bkwrm523 you seemed excited about this ;)

and @daughterofthebrowncoats i dk i just tag you in everything and this is blowjobs ;)

Read Part One Here

(I should have used this gif for the first one dammit)

The next morning, you wake before Steve, eyes fluttering open against the annoying morning sun; you’d forgotten to close the blinds last night.  You groan and roll over onto your back, hitting Steve, who immediately wraps an arm around your stomach.  You glance up at him, expecting to find him awake, but he’s still fast asleep on his side, one arm bunched under his pillow, the other now lazily thrown across your stomach.  You smile and reach a hand up to run through his beard.  He looked so cute like this, his mouth open, lightly snoring, eyes squeezed shut against the sun.

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We need to start some kind of huge xNTP chat thing where we all send each other memes at night because most of us honestly never sleep anyway, lol. Or just send them during the day. I don’t care.

**NOTE: This isn’t just limited to xNTPs, anyone can do this too. It just seems like something xNTPs would be more likely to join.

Look guys, I just really think we should buy David a pair of socks.

Or maybe two IDK.

But here’s the game, just as a starting point, we can discuss and refine the details.

So what we’re going to need is some sort of crowdfund, a pair of socks (or two), and one (or two) very brave people in Britain with a decent chance of actually meeting David.  

The game goes like this.  We all pitch in and buy a nice pair of socks in DT’s style (aka, Paul Smith, or something else interesting), these socks are purchased and sent to the home of the brave persons or people who will be meeting DT.  A note is put inside the socks saying something nice and vague.  Something like:

We thought you might enjoy these! Sincerely, the DT Fashion Fansquad

(note: I do not want my blog name involved, I don’t need that level of attention. But I do think we should come up with a name that is both silly and kinda mysterious.)

The brave people or persons present David with the sock gift WITHOUT explanation.  And (this is important) they live blog their experience in excessive detail so all of us not-in-Londoners can live vicariously.

Then we, as a group sit back, cross our fingers and watch to see if the socks ever appear.  

If we go with two socks then obviously it’s a race, if we go with one then it’s just a fun game of I spy and the first person to spot the socks wins.

Paul Smith socks are only $21 American (17 pounds) so all this fun could be had for the reasonable sum of $21-42.

Plus if we come up with a funny name for ourselves maybe we can make T shirts and start wearing them to appearances (although actually I think people should start RP Cosplaying him and showing up at cons. But that’s another idea.)

Anyway, that’s all.  Just wanted to get the idea out of my head.

Hey peeps, I have a bit of a small favor.

Can you just send prayers/good vibes my way? I’m not…I’m kinda low. Mostly okay, but it’s been rough the past week.

I overthink, I stress, and it kills my mood as well as motivation to draw. I keep feeling like I’m doing something wrong when I’m just doing what I love. And it hurts. This stupid loop I’m in.

So, apologies for such a downer post, but it’d be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for the support <3

Peace and Love,


arm’s length

There is something so very soft, and peach,
about your cheek resting inside my elbow.
Neither of us should be here.
I have work and you have class
and in three hours, my lover will call
to ask me how my trip is going.
I will not tell him about the perfect weight of your calf
resting over mine.
You and I don’t do anything: Of course not.
But we talk about it.
The I wish I could kiss you brings us closer than kissing;
we mumble the words and you drop your hand to my chest.
The months that pass between our visits ripple out like the water on a lake:
I saw you six months ago, and a year before that,
and two years before that. / The first day I met you,
we kissed in my living room,
before we discovered
how beautiful lakes could be. 

theultimateyandere  asked:

Hajimama, ever since my ex boyfriend broke up with me, I've been dealing with depression, anxiety, and feeling suicidal. I would tell my guidance counselors, but they did nothing when I told them that two people were being homophobic to me. And I reported them three times. I've also had trust issues ever since he broke up with me and told me that he never even loved me at all. What should I do?

I’m very sorry to hear that. Do you have the chance of going to a proper therapist? This might sound kinda superficial now, but I think it’s something that will get better with time. Not that that makes it any less awful, but you know… I can imagine that you’d get trust issues from something like that and I think it’s hard to get rid of those. Often people need to learn how to trust people again over a long, long time, so maybe try little steps to achieve that. Like instead of trusting people with your life right away, maybe try to trust them on little things and also try to trust your own gut feeling about stuff so you get some control and security about it as well. 

About the depression and anxiety: I know those bastards and I can only recommend to do stuff, even if you don’t have any energy for it. Try to admit to yourself that you did things well instead of focusing on the bad things (This is really hard, I know, and it needs a lot of conscious thinking and time) For many people it also helps to imagine their depression as a little monster sitting on their shoulder, which they can interact with, like when it’s telling you ‘Everyone would be better off with you dead’ you can reply to the monster ‘You know what, Brandon? Fuck off! No one needs your negativity here’ You know? Also try to make sure to keep up a routine, especially about eating and sleeping. 

Also I’d suggest you try to work with the break up, as in maybe writing down all the feelings you have about it and reflect on everything and why it was like that, so you can, someday let go of it, because that’s an important part of feeling better about a hard situation and feeling better in general. But I’d only suggest that when you’ve gotten a bit more stable, because otherwise that can go wrong very easily.

I hope you get better soon. Just know that I love you and you can always come to me if anything’s wrong (when my ask isn’t open just tag me in a post). Even with these tips, please try to see a professional about it if you can (and not that guidance counselor, they seem like a massive ass). I love you and please take care! I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you!

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These industry "receipts" that cris and aaron go on about larry sound like just plain old office gossip. Just because you work in the industry doesn't mean you are privy to the intimate lives of celebrities. Harry's sister who has denied larry more than once is a more credible source than someone working in the industry who claims larry is real. But larries are so desperate for receipts and validation they'll believe anything.

FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION THAT!!!! srslycris has been doing a fucking lot lately and she just reblogged this post:

I tried to actually see if this was in response to anything and the OP doesn’t even know? But I’m guessing someone is pretending to have insider info about gryles or something. Or is being so obviously fake that it’s making Larries nervous about how it makes the rest of their “~inside sources~” look, and they’re trying to trick their followers into thinking they’re not like that.

Because normally, they have no fucking problem talking about fucking sources, srslycris in particular.

remember this?? from like 3 fucking days ago??

And she went on to explain how she was SPECIFICALLY talking about behind the scenes?

remember when she endorsed lapelosa and her sources?

If “we’re all in the dark together” then who was feeding Cris information about the “modest audit”? As with lapelosa, they’re all happy to accept any sources or insider info as long as it tells them what they want to hear, until they can’t ignore how wrong they were. They have absolutely no judgment, and then they go on to say things like “someone I really trust told me.” Well, you trusted lapelosa. You trusted whoever said Modest was being audited. You trusted god knows who else.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY. This sudden rejection of “insider sources” is a total fucking contradiction of every time big larries have tried to make themselves sound important and authoritative and manipulate their followers by referring vaguely to “information” and “what they’ve seen” and “the stuff they know.” If big larries had been consistent in not referring to sketchy insiders from the fucking start, we would NEVER have gotten to this point, because the suggestion of unquestionable knowledge is what allows them to say shit like this and make their doubting followers feel reassured:

They affirm that they have no insider sources, no one who knows anything for sure, nothing reliable and solid. And yet srslycris is fine saying this. When the son they said doesn’t exist is over a year old.

Without insider sources, how many “louis licked harry’s nose” moments, how many confirmation bias posts insisting that something is photoshopped because you don’t understand how black clothes work (?????????), how many masterposts insisting that louis has never had a boner for a woman ever in his life, how much of that do you think is appropriate before you’re confident enough to insist that the statement a widow makes about his late wife’s life was lying about her grandson? With only rumors and hearsay and anonymous stories, when does it become appropriate to disregard a birth certificate so you have an excuse to harass young women?

They don’t know anything!! None of them know anything! They just try to create the impression that they do, so they can hold onto their audience when reality starts to set in. So people who would otherwise at least have enough doubts to stop insisting a baby doesn’t exist, can tell themselves “oh well that big larrie seems to have heard things that make them absolutely certain, and of course they can’t share them because it’s private but they say they know stuff and never doubt so I’m going to keep holding onto this fantasy.”

And here they are, admitting that they have no fucking clue what’s going on, as they try to tell their followers that their the only ones with explanations.

Why Every Single One of My Young Followers Should Watch Dawson's Creek:
  • Joey: I felt it.
  • Pacey: What?
  • Joey: This morning, in bed. Your arm brushed my arm and...I felt it.
  • Pacey: And what did it feel like?
  • Joey: It made me feel alive.
  • Pacey: ...
  • Joey: ...
  • Pacey: OK. Joey? I'm gonna kiss you now-
  • Joey: Pace-
  • Pacey: -JO? No. You can not say something like what you just said to me and not expect me to want to kiss you. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to kiss you in about 10 seconds. And if you don't want me to? Well you're just going to have to stop me.
  • Joey: ...
  • Pacey: ...
  • Joey: ...
  • Pacey: ...10.

if an employee has nothing to do with a change in the store (example: they stop selling a certain item, and u think it’s the best idea to complain to a cashier) ur better off…not complaining abt it? especially if ur being hostile, that employee can’t do anything 2 change it. also, if u ever see something that u don’t like and tell that same employee “i’m never shopping here again”, just know we…literally do not care. obviously there’s a difference when there’s a serious problem (it should be addressed) and boycotts r actually a viable method of protest BUT if it’s inconsequential and personal no one cares

Sketchdump #3 because I’m reading a very good fanfic on ao3 about Evfra (honestly, that story should be a dlc!) and I know I should do something else like work (as always) but who cares. Why are angarans so difficult to draw though… 

I forgot to put the link to the fic :’) Resistances and Dalliances by Gwyvian

castielfallenangelwinchester  asked:

Do you think we'll see Asmodeus at some point?


I hope so! They have been dropped into conversation enough that it feels like we should do.

What I find interesting is how I have this random hunch of how I view these Princes of Hell and their ‘place’ in the plot and position of ‘authority’ in relation to Lucifer:

Azazel > Dagon > Asmodeus > Ramiel.

What I mean by this is that Azazel is the most fanatical, Dagon seems quite dedicated and Ramiel just wanted to be left alone, kind of a loose canon. So I’m putting Asmodeus as kind of in the middle towards the bottom? He probably wants to be left alone-ish but in some kind of position, doing something relevant *whispers, part of the BMOL pleaaaaase*.

Or you know, Asmodeus is often linked to lust and I would love a lust monster storyline, lets be real….

- Renaissance Biblicism puts Asmodeus as linked to the deadly sin of Lust (they had 1 Prince for each of the 7 deadly sins).

- In the Talmud, the Malleus Maleficarum, Dictionnaire Infernale and many Renaissance and Middle Aged tomes he is associated with lust and debauchery.

So I do hope and think we will come across Asmodeus and hopefully it will link in to either the Lucifer or BMOL storyline quite well….

I mean we have all read the fics where Dean and Cas get hit by a love / lust spell. It would be such a waste if this didn’t happen ;)

No but seriously I doubt this will happen so much even though I so want it, but in his place within these ‘rankings’ of the Princes of Hell I think there is really some good story to come from this and potentially a BMOL tie - in.

There are lots of things we don’t know about yet that should come up over the next few episodes that could change a lot of plot points:

Asmodeus, the colt for Cas’s life, Mary’s real views on the boys, Dean showing his true self to Mary (and even potentially Sam), Cas coming back from Heaven, the choices around the Nephilim, Lucifer / Crowley stand off and who is actually in the lead here, the BMOL, the ‘old men’, Toni Bevell, the hunter network…. so many things to come.

It’s so exciting!

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Like I’m not big on putting on airs or anything but there is a baseline of common courtesy and when you’re hosting a party, the first thing you should do is take their coat (or at least tell them where they can put it) and the absolute next thing you should do is offer them a drink. If they’re taking care of their coat themselves, you should be getting them a drink while they do so. If it’s a larger event, you can get away with greeting them and saying “coats can go on the bed upstairs, there’s a cooler of beers and sodas on the porch, please help yourself!” But, the absolute BARE MINIMUM is that you have to have drinks physically present at the party BEFORE the first guest arrives. The absolute first thing you should offer any guest that enters your home is “can I get you something to drink?” and if you aren’t prepared for an answer other than “just water, thanks,” then you are definitely not prepared to host half a dozen guests for a movie night. Even if you specify BYOB ahead of time you should probably have something other than water in the house in case nobody thinks to bring their own bottles. And even if the plan for the party is to order food to be delivered once everyone is there, you gotta have some kind of snacks in play between “guests arrive” and “food arrives” or else people are going to get hungry and cranky and your party’s gonna suck

@allthosekaramels screaming "he wasn't abusive this episode"

abuse and toxicity in a relationship is rarely a 24/7 phenomenon, there are good times too. just because for one episode where he had less screen time he wasn’t awful to kara doesn’t excuse his abusive actions in the past. in a relationship, you should never have to wait for the good moments to come along, and with something you ship.. well, if a character you stan not abusing his girlfriend for his 10 minutes of screen time is something surprising to celebrate.. maybe you should rethink your stance