should i do all the dancestors

Would You Rather: Homestuck Canon Edition

1. Get a 12-book series about the Ancestors (including the Handmaid’s story, detailed full-page illustrations in more than half of the chapters, and lots of the heavier themes from the comic).

2. Read a full, “5”-act release of Hivebent on MSPA (in which we get tons of canon interactions and lots of epic battle scenes).

3. Play 6 more flashes of the Dancestors (in which everyone interacts with everyone at least twice, we get full characterization of everyone, there are canon titles for the Beforan ancestors, and we learn exactly what happened to Mituna).


4. Hiveswap releases at all.

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What's your sincere personal opinion about fanartists who are over 18/21 and draw graphic porn of Homestuck characters? Except for the Dancestors, all the 12 trolls and the 8 kids are underage and in both universes pedophilia is a taboo, as mentioned by Sollux to Kanaya once. What do you think about it?

I believe people should be able to draw whatever they like as long as they keep it away from where those who shouldn’t see it or don’t want to see it would find it.

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I really like Aranea but I don't at the same time because she's a huge 8itch for stealing the Ring of Life. Should I just give in to the amazingness of Serkets and like her????????

well, yeah, thats what makes her a well-written character.

generally, shes nice and friendly and helpful and talkative and a good person!! but she was sick of being forgotten about and being a “dainty” character and wanted to make herself important. She took great risks and thought if she was alive again she could play an important role in the story, which is kind of what everyone really wants, right? to be imoprtant. but she took that to drastic measures. most likely because she had been around vriska so much, who encouraged her to embrace her “badass” side. but keep in mind doing that is NOT what vriska wanted aranea to do at all. I like aranea a lot more after she stole the ring of life, partially because i like “bad” and evil characters a lot, but for more than just that too! Shes taking charge, and doing what she believes is right for her. Shes embracing her ancestry, mindfang did some pretty bad things and was a pir8! I like this a lot because it shows that even the calmest, nicest characters have a breaking point and arent always what they seem. Like she says in that one interactive flash when you meet all the dancestors, she was pretty much the most unpopular troll out of all her friends! she was tired of being like that, and did what she needed to do to make herself important. 

whether you like her or not is up to you, this is just what i have to say about it. in my opinion, aranea is great! (or should i say gr8?)