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When non-kin look at otherkinity from a biological or socio-political stand point instead of taking it on at an anthropological, psychological, or theological angle.

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I’m still sad but I’m happy to be alive tonight.

(TRANS) Luhan - 如果 (What If I Said)

My hand pauses midair, I can’t press ‘send’
Tossing and turning with unfinished dreams, even my pillow feels lonely
Memories come along, spilling over a thousand sentences
I keep the words I wish to tell you at the bottom of my heart
The text I write and delete, maybe white space explains it best
What if I said, don’t turn away and leave
We were once so happy
If young love is meant to end in parting, should I say it later instead
What if I said, don’t turn away and leave
I’m afraid of losing you, so I doubt you, so I run away
Fear of love after we embrace, you’re not the only one
Memories come along, spilling over a thousand sentences
I keep the words I wish to tell you at the bottom of my heart
The text I write and delete, I’m still not brave enough to say ‘I miss you’
What if I said, don’t turn away and leave
We were once so happy
If young love is meant to end in parting, should I say it later instead
What if I said, don’t turn away and leave
What if I said, don’t turn away and leave
What if I said, don’t turn away and leave
What if I said, don’t turn away and leave
We were once so happy
If our love is too young
What if I said, don’t turn away and leave
We were once so happy
If young love is meant to end in parting, should I say it later instead
What if I said, don’t turn away and leave

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That second link leads straight to this ask box that I am currently typing in... I hate the tumblr app.

Yeah it’s junk. 

I’ll copy/paste it. 


I was on IG. I made the mistake of looking on MM’s IG. Yes, there are crazy people over there. Everyone wants to tell everybody else how to behave. We are all adults here. MM is an adult. This is solved in two seconds. She can become private for a few days and erase all the garbage and also report those responsible. If you don’t want this crap on your account you are responsible for managing it. You don’t have to endure the crazies. All platforms tell you how to delete, block and report so you don’t need this garbage. You can message the platform, like Instagram, and tell them your problem if you need to. This is solvable.

I get questions saying why should MM have to do this? This isn’t her fault. No the behavior isn’t her fault. What she does about it is.
If there were no guidelines on the IG platform that would be different, but there are. If you sit and watch people burning down your IG account and do nothing, who should be blamed? Your account, not theirs.

some overwatch things

H-hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I had a couple things to talk about so I thought I’d make a text post….

Firstly thanks so much to everyone that preordered my overwatch charms, there was a delay on the manufacturing due to the charms I received being below my personal quality standard so I’m waiting for them to be remade in a satisfactory manner. They should be done soon and I’ll ship them out!! So sorry for the inconvenience.

 Also I really want to make a small overwatch zine this year so I’m now accepting overwatch requests via ask/message for things you’d like to see in the zine ;;; I feel like I draw a lot of classic outfit overwatch pin ups and I’d like to do some other things (like outfit swaps, original outfits, drawings that are more funny and less pinup-y) so if there’s anything you’d like to see please let me know and I’ll try to draw it when I have time ;;;

edit : temporarily turned anon asks on for this requests thing. I’ll turn it off if people abuse this, but I’m sure everything will be fine! ;;

(( is it too late for a munday selfie ))

(( yeah okay sorry im not funny here’s a more pleasant looking one ))  

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Restock Help?

I will be deleting this later but I will be reopening my storenvy store hopefully tonight but I just need some help. For those interested any particular charms I should restock>? I have only handful of the steves charms left you see.

10? or 20 AVAC standees up for preorder?  Thank you so much any help/comments below for those interested is appreciated.

Visiting a friend in Denver

She is married with a 3 yr old and an 8 month old and a huge house. Her relationship with her husband is one of those that I thought was only in parodies–he is terrified to be left alone with the kids, she could never possibly take a trip by herself because he couldn’t manage it alone, etc. The two of us went out to see the downtown and he was frantically texting her that the kids were stirring from their nap and she should return already.

I just…🙄🙄🙄

How can someone be successful in life and make a gazillion dollars at work and not be able to care for their own (healthy, developmentally-normal) children?

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I agree that MM should do her own blocking/deleting. But, I hate the fighting on her IG, and #1 reason it's done is to poke the bear and hope Sam comes out to defend her. And, this is where, sorry, she contributes to the damn game. Sam shouldn't have to say a word. He doesn't defend his own IG page to this nonsense, he doesn't defend Cait...

Trolls are trolls…they will pick anything controversial - shipping, politics, you name it…

All are sock accounts I imagine…clearly just designed to be nasty and from the couple of posts I have seen, they are being nasty about Sam not even the girl herself.

And yes, I agree, one of the purposes is to force Sam into action, as if that means he’s dating the girl instead of just being a decent human being who doesn’t want anyone abused…smh so hard…

As Eleanor Roosevelt said “nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent!!!”

The girl doesn’t have to stand for this. Be strong, take action, block, delete, disable comments…there are options available to her

It is sad that she should be forced to take action, but nevertheless she can take action herself, there are NO victims here!

Sending out Meat for Asks!

(( I just realized Meat’s been awfully shy and reclusive, and should really get off her butt to talk to other muses! If you’d like an ask from Meat please drop me a comment! Specifying who you’d like her to interact with would be helpful, but it’s not necessary.

Meat is a rather serious gal! She’ll tend to ask plot-driven or character-driven questions, but if she sees a good opening you might be at the receiving end of her weird sense of humor. ))

should I make a blog were I reblog only my art from this blog and say that my art blog,, or make a new blog were I do all my personal blogging and reblogs and make saskyang my art blog, or do you guys not really care about my clusterfuck of asks and art and reblogs on this blog,, it seems unorganised but i dunno I’m not very organised anyway

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Yolo-on-ice is a reposter who doesn't get permission from artists before translating and posting their work on Tumblr. Please delete their stolen work from your blog, they're so popular that it's quite disheartening to see the stolen art circulating around tumblr. Please don't reblog their work, yolo-on-ice is a reposter

!! done!!! everyone should pay attention to this ^^ keep telling me when I don’t pay attention pls I’m so tired these days I just read briefly and rb next thing yk you’ll have untagged nsfw or smth I’m sorry I hate being back at school god elle stfu ok ok yolo-on-ice needs to not fucking repost shit and other people need to not because that is BAD HEKC DON’T!! ugh✿

Hello lovelies!!

Ahh, I am so sorry for the radio silence lately…! Things should start to be back to normal for me soon, so thank you for your patience - you guys are wonderful! I missed you, and I hope you’ve been doing well!
I hope I haven’t missed too much, and if there’s something I haven’t seen or responded to, please don’t hesitate to let me know!
I’ll try to update soon!! ☆

I feel like I should try to write one main story for ES but like… I don’t know what to do? Like should I write it and like “rewrite” the actual game or should I do a post-ES spinoff? Or I could write a pre-ES spinoff for how I head canon that each character got where they are? Or if any of you have any ideas??

But yeah, would you guys be interested in me writing one long story that I continue all the time and then still do requests or should I stick to requests?

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Do you know any good bike fics?


lavinia rising

very dark, heed the warnings in the first chapter, the author messed up linking the chapters, but just delete the /-comingclean-/ part

neighborhood hero 

bdsm, electro play woops 

as you like it


among friends 

the cutting season

i actually??? don’t like this fic skjdfhksjd it’s Too Intense for me, but it’s long and very angsty and has a happy ending so i guess some people might like it. very graphic non con scene 

the world according to speedy the fish 


the green day kama sutra 

transferal, gift with purchase 

you’ll need an account to read these, d/s

that should hold ya over for a bit 

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I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, (Heck delete this if you want, this is just something I noticed) but Saihara's "eyelashes" aren't even attached to his eyes if you look closely enough, they're more like eyeliner. Also, I think Saihara's eyes are gray, and if he is their child, he should look eerily just like Naegi (unless he made his own changes, of course). Again, I'm sorry, but I wanted to get this off my chest.

Objection, sorry, but your rain is no more than a light drizzle  -

  1. Just because it looks like it doesn’t mean it is
  2. They’re not gray 
  3. Fujisaki? 

This first started as a complete joke but I will now defend it til my last BREATH