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simon appreciation week • day 6 simon + au

high fantasy au? au where warlock and vampire play d&d?? just plain crack au? we just don’t know

ok just imagine, simon running weekly d&d sessions for the entire gang at magnus’ (bc what these two have is a beautiful friendship in the making??). and after another game night, and one too many sangrias, simon – being ‘extremely persuasive’ – convinces magnus to portal him to an alternate dimension of faraway lands that is infested with mystical beasts & things. it works (r.i.p. portal lore) and now simon is in this high fantasy universe that is not unlike the one he’s been homebrewing for months now. awesome!

..if not for the fact that now simon’s in the universe of actual dungeons… and actual dragons.


A project I was working on, and should probably get back to work on sometime (maybe).

just a break- h.s imagine

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Harry and Y/N were the couple that everyone envied. Their love was something you only saw in fairytales. It was something your parents told you that once you found something so magical and so spectacular, don’t ever let go. It was them against the world. But what happens when everyone is waiting for them to crumble? What happens when the spotlight comes too much? What happens if your love wasn’t as strong as everyone thought it was?

“What happened to us?” Y/N whispered softly as Harry held her on his lap while sitting on the cold floor of his apartment. Harry sighed and closed his eyes while placing a gentle kiss on top of her head. For the past couple of weeks, the couple have been doing nothing but arguing with one another. Whether they were yelling about silly things such as not placing a dirty dish into the dishwasher or yelling about articles accusing things such as cheating; they were constantly yelling.

“I don’t know, love.” Harry sighed while playing with the ends of Y/N’s hair. “Maybe we should take a break..”

Y/N quickly turned her head and looked at Harry. “A break? I..I know we’ve been fighting a lot lately-“

“We’ve been fighting constantly, love” Harry said while looking down at his hands.

“I know but..a break? How is that going to make anything better? If anything it’s going to drive us even more apart than we already are!” Y/N exclaims while getting off Harry’s lap, tears already surfacing her eyes.

Harry quickly grabbed Y/N’s hands and looked into her eyes that once carried so much love for him but now held hurt from his words. “It’s not a permanent break, love! Maybe..maybe until I leave for tour, yeah? We just need time to cool off from everything! We need to figure out where we fit into each other’s life.”

Y/N choked back on a sob. “Where we fit into each other’s life? Harry, you’re my entire world. Is it because you want to see other people while you’re on tour? Is it because you don’t want to have to worry about the burden of your girlfriend back at home?!”

“You know I would never even think about someone who isn’t you! Why would you accuse me of that!” Harry stood up and began walking into the kitchen.

“Because you said you wanted a break! How is that supposed to make me feel..” Y/N shouted as she followed Harry into the kitchen. Harry turned back around and looked at his girlfriend of two years with tears in his eyes. “It’s supposed to make you feel loved. It’s supposed to show you that I love you and that I want this relationship to continue forever but it won’t if we’re constantly fighting. This break is going to give us that opportunity. It’s going to show how much we mean to each other.” Harry walked up to Y/N and grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. “Please Y/N. Please see it that way. Please see it as a way to bring us together again..” Harry cried while burying his face into the crook of Y/N’s neck.

Slowly Y/N wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck and pulled him closer. They held onto each other for what felt like a lifetime. “Okay..” Y/N eventually said while sniffing and rubbing her bloodshot eyes. “We’ll take a break.”

“Just a break..” Harry whispered into her ear with his closed.  

But it wasn’t just a break. After that night at Harry’s apartment, the two shared their “last night” together. That night, Harry showed Y/N just how much he meant to her again and again. 

Eventually Harry left for tour. Y/N cried into his arms at the airport while Harry shushed her and whispered, “Just for a little while, lovely.” But when Harry left, he left her physically and emotionally. His calls were rare and his texts were forced. Y/N was heartbroken. What became her biggest fear from the break came true. What was promised to be just a break turned out to be just the end of their relationship.

hey guys! this was my first imagine ever and i am so nervous about it! omfg as im writing this, my hands are shaking. please let me know what you guys think! please let me know if i should continue or not! thanks for reading! all the love, taylor.

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