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May I Deduce You? ~Sherlock Holmes Imagine~ Part 1

Hello humans! So this is from a short fanfic thing I had wrote and never finished so I though I would post it and maybe finish it? Let me know if I should continue it! :) I hope you guys like it :)

*Not My Gif*

I grabbed my coat and scarf, putting it on as I looked at the clock.
Perfect time to take a late night stroll to help me sleep. I took a
deep breath and opened the door, letting the cool night air hit my face.
I looked around at the empty London streets and smiled to myself. I took a
right and started walking down the long street. I walked to the end of the
road and took a right onto Baker Street. I passed a couple of black wooden
As I stared at the doors, I didn’t realize the man standing in front of me.
I stumbled back as I accidently ran into him.
“I am so sorry.” I said, looking down at the ground.
“No,no it’s fine.” He replied with a calm voice.
I started to walk on, when he spoke up again.
“Y/N?” He said.
I finally looked up at the man and recognized him. John Watson.
John and I had been best friends in school. Well, he was only friend.
After he went off to war, we stopped talking.
“John?” I replied.
“Oh my goodness! It’s been so long!” He said, pulling me in for a hug.
I smiled and hugged him back. After he pulled away, he smiled down at me.
“What are you doing out so late?” He questioned.
“Oh, just a late night stroll. And you?” I questioned.
“The same actually.” He said as he laughed a bit.
“So how have you been?” He asked.
“I’ve been doing alright. I work at the diner down the street and I live in a
small flat close to it. How about you?” I replied.
“Oh me? Uh, i’ve been doing well. After the war things were rough, but I managed.
I moved into a flat with a friend. We actually live right here.” He said, pointing
to the black wooden door with gold letters that read ‘221B’
“Would you like to come in?” He added.
“Sure.” I said with a smile.
It felt nice to catch up with John. I had missed him. I grabbed my necklace and walked.
He walked up to the door and unlocked it then lightly pushed it open. I looked in
and saw a small staircase that led up to the flats. I followed John as he walked up
the stairs. He opened the door and gestured for me to walk in first. I smiled. He was
always very poliet.
“John, I need you to-…You’re not John.” A man said.
The man was tall with brown, curly hair. His eyes were a beautiful blue-green color and
they were mesmerizing. He wore a purple button up shirt and black pants. His voice was very
deep and absolutly amazing. I stared at him for a couple seconds, before I looked away.
He never took his eyes off of me though.
“John? Who is this?” He said, still not breaking his stare.
“This is Y/N. We were friends in school. Y/N, this is Sherlock.” John said.
“It’s nice to meet you.” I said quietly.
He smiled and put his hands together.
“May I deduce you?” He asked.
“Excuse me?” I replied.
“Sherlock no.” John said as he sighed.
“I basically just tell you things about youself just by your apperance.” He said.
“ sure.” I said as I grabbed my necklace again.
“Well first off, you’re playing with your necklace. That’s a sign that your nervouse at what
i’m going to say. What are you nervous about?” He questioned.
“Umm-” I started to say before he cut me off.
“Also, by the way you’re standing up like you’re trying to impress me says your insecure about
your appearance or people skills, probably both.” he continued.
“Sherlock stop-” John said nervously.
“When John asked you to come inside, did you say yes the first time he asked?” He questioned.
“Yeah..” I said quietly.
“You live alone. Usually you’d say no the first time if you had someone to go home to. So you said
yes because you’re that desperate for human interaction.” He finished.
“Sherlock! Stop it now!” John practically yelled.
“Hey John.. I have to go..” I said with tears in my eyes.
I walked down the stairs and closed the door behind me.
“Not good?” Sherlock asked, clueless.
“No Sherlock! It wasn’t good!” John yelled as he ran down the stairs.
I couldn’t help but let a couple tears fall down my cheeks. I was so humiliated.
“Y/N wait up!” I heard John yell behind me.
I wiped away the tears and turned toward him.
“I’m very sorry about him. He’s always like that, especially in the late hours. He doesn’t mean to be
rude, he just doesn’t understand.” John explained.
“It’s fine. I kind of asked for it.” I said, laughing a bit.
“No, he can just be a dickhead sometimes. Here, how about we go grab a bite to eat? I know a 24 hour
chinease place.” He offered.
I smiled and nodded.
“Sure.” I replied.
He smiled and waved down a taxi. We got into the cab and John told the driver where to go.
I looked up at the flat window to see Sherlock staring at me.  

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