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Shiro No

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Words: 1,009

It was warm, warmer than it usually was in the castle, and Lance did not want to wear his jeans, long sleeved shirt, and his jacket. Luckily for him, he had bought some clothes last time they went to what the group had dubbed the ‘space mall’ and he couldn’t be more comfortable. He was wearing a shirt that was far too big on him that he may or may not have stolen from one of the others that was hanging loosely on his smaller form, a pair of jean shorts being held up by his belt that hugged the curve of his ass just right. What probably stood out the most, though, were the sleek, black thigh highs that traveled up the expanse of his legs. The stuck to his legs like they were just another layer of skin and god did they make his legs look amazing. There was even a small place between the thigh highs and his shorts, leaving just enough skin for the imagination.

He’s worn this shorts and thigh highs combo before and he could clearly remember feeling eyes on him half the day until the other’s had gotten used to seeing him dressed like that. Hunk had complimented him, making the Blue Paladin laugh and smile at his friend despite the heat rising to his cheeks. Pidge just gave him a thumbs up that he didn’t quite understand. Allura had ended up asking him to get her something similar to the outfit next time they went to the space mall so they could match and slay. He agreed without hesitation because they would rock this castle. Coran seemed to be sending evil glares towards the other paladins, even going as far as to tell Lance they weren’t allowed to touch, no one was allowed to taint his ‘son’. This just made the teen laugh for a second time that day.

The two others, however, were acting a little bit differently. He found Shiro often staring at him, a hunger in his eyes that sent chills through his body. Keith seemed to avoid him, face flushing ever so slightly when they’d end up being forced to talk when he was dressed like this. Lance would tease him about it and finally, after a few hours or so, Keith seemed to relax more around him.

Little did Lance know, the only reason the Red Paladin would start blushing, was because of what Shiro would say about the outfit. As soon as the Black Paladin’s eyes landed on Lance, his mind raced a thousand miles per minute. He didn’t even think of what he was saying when he spoke to Keith.

“God, those high thighs…I’d love to take them off in the bedroom…with my mouth…”


“Shiro, Lance is walking around in thigh highs and shorts again.” As soon as the words passed Keith’s lips, Shiro’s gaze snapped to the door to see just that. Those beautiful long legs hugged tightly by thigh highs, the shorts clinging to him in just the right places, the shirt he was wearing hanging slightly off his shoulder from how large it was. That’s when he paused. That wasn’t Lance’s shirt, not the one he wore last time. No, it was Shiro’s shirt. Where did he get Shiro’s shirt?

“Should I tell him to change?” Shiro’s lips curled downwards slightly at Keith’s statement and he simply shook his head slightly, waving a dismissive hand.

“He’s fine. He’s very fine.” The Black Paladin’s lips were curling upwards once more as he ignored Keith’s complaint and watched Lance move to talk to Hunk, a small sway to his hips. His heart hammered in his chest when the other looked at him and offered a small grin and wink before going back to talking to Hunk.

“Shiro, no-” Keith murmured, running a hand through his hair before following his friend’s gaze to the Cuban slim form. Sighing, he simple shook his head at the quiet murmur of ‘Shiro yes’ from the older male before moving to sit down when he noticed Hunk and Lance coming back to the table. Lance’s seat position shifted so he was sitting before Shiro now, a mischievous glint in bright blue eyes.

Lance’s seat was close to Shiro’s and he could feel the heat radiating off the smaller male, sending waved a warmth through his body. He moved a hand beneath the table to drum his fingers against his own thigh, trying to distract himself from Lance as he talked with the rest of the group. His shoulders tensed when he felt slim fingers wrap around his hand and slowly moving it so it was resting on the Blue Paladin’s thigh. Shiro’s heart hammered in his chest and his gaze darted to Lance for a short moment, just long enough to see the small curl of a smirk on his face.

As breakfast went on, Shiro’s hand was tracing small patterns and shapes into Lance’s thigh, trying to resist the urge to slide his hand just a little further between his legs. The smaller male simply talked to his friends as if nothing was happening, easily putting on a poker face despite how Shiro would squeeze the soft (yet also a little hard from his time as a runner as well as his time being a paladin) muscle of his thigh. Once breakfast had been finished, the group was finally dismissed and Lance pushed himself into a standing position, letting the Black Paladin’s hand slide off his thigh. As he walked to the door, he looked back at Shiro and offered a small smirk and a wink before leaving the kitchen.

Shiro’s heart hammered in his chest as he stared at where Lance had just been, his brain processing what happened over the past thirty minutes. As his mind finally caught up, he was quick to push himself up and followed where he was assuming Lance had gone to.

He was not going to tease Shiro and then think he could get away with it without punishment.


Shiro: I’m gonna fuck Lance while he’s wearing those thigh highs..


Eight years pt. 3 (M)

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This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! Also it got a little kinky, I don’t know what’s a little though…


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“Please, Y/N. I love you.”

Where they not the words you wanted to her since you had meet Jungkook? Yeah, they were but they’re a decade late… Where was he when you cried to your mom about being in love with the oblivious idiot. How were you even meant to react? Did you even still love him? You stood there gobsmacked at his confession.

“Mr Jeon, what are you doing here?” Hoseok asks as he walks up the hall to your door. Jungkook never takes his eyes off of yours.

“I had to speak with Y/N urgently.” You can’t take your eyes off of his either. What should you do? Go with Hoseok, or talk to Jungkook. Both men standing in front of you. The past came flooding into your heart, the pain he caused you. He didn’t even notice, did he even care? It was his turn to see you walk away.

“I think we can handle this tomorrow, or Monday Mr Jeon.” You grab your coat and phone, closing the door behind you. Jungkook looks hurt, now he knows how you felt all those years ago. Hoseok let’s you walk in front of him, his had landing on the small of your back.

Your date with Hoseok was great. He was legit sunshine. His laugh, his smile, the way he was so passionate about his work, it was so attractive. It was probably the best date you have ever had, but sadly your mind was still on a certain someone. Jungkook. 

He just wouldn’t stop invading your life lately. He was every where. The one place you felt safe, home, was now over taken by his sad face, and love confession. All you could think about was he actually tell you the truth. Did he love you?

You didn’t have sex with Hoseok. You didn’t feel it would be fair from him or Jungkook, or you. You needed to get your little shit of emotions together. Could you been in a relationship with Jungkook, is that what he wanted. Or did he want a quick fuck? There was a lot of questions to be answered, but once you open them there is no turning back.

Monday morning came way to quickly for your likely. You were nervous to say the least. Will it be awkward with Jungkook? Most definitely. You got dressed in your usual work attire, a tight black pencil skirt and a white blouse. Paired with black heels and your trench coat. You leave for work, your stomach in churning. Your first meeting was with Jungkook, your whole day was with Jungkook.

You go straight to Jungkook’s office to start your day. You say hello to his a assistant.

“He’s in a horrible mood today.” She in forms you. Well shit…. 

You knock his office door and walk in. He’s his back turned to you, texting someone. He turns and gestures you to take a seat, you do. It’s a few minutes later when he finally speaks.

“We have a meeting with the Lee’s in thirty minutes. Be ready.” He doesn’t even look at you. He can’t seriously be mad that you went out with Hoseok. He was there ready to take you out, you couldn’t say no. You dismiss your self and get ready for the meeting.

When the meeting started, Jungkook usual sits at the top of the table, but not today. He sat beside you. Which kinda killed you, because he was so beautiful. You never realised how much you missed him. He was your everyday for years, cutting that off killed you. Right now you just wanted to hug him, hear what he has to say, cry…. It was painful to see the once bubble of happiness, was now a cold stare that wouldn’t look your way.

When it came to your last meeting of the day, Jungkook only talked to you about work that was it. He didn’t even say good bye back to you when you were leaving. Tears were beginning to sting your eyes. You fled from the building, taking a huge gasp of air when you finally got out the door. Your phone started to ring, you didn’t even lot a the caller ID. You just answered.

“Hello?” You said trying not to sound like your about to cry.

“Y/N, thank god you answered. Our baby sitter cancelled on us and we need to leave for the ball in less then 20 minutes. Could you save us and baby sit the kids?” Seokjin asked he sounded desperate. 

“Of course I will. I’ll be there 10.” You hang up the phone and get in a taxi.

When you get to the door, you didn’t even knock and the door is flying open.

“”Thank you so much Y/N, you’re a life saver.” Seokjin says, as he helps his very pregnant wife out the door.

“We called a friend to help you with the two of them, there a handful for just one person.” Moonbyul shouts from the car.

“Okay thank you, have a good time.” You wave them off and close the door. You take your heels off your shoes and walk into the kids play room. Jinyoung and Mark jump up to greet you. You often minded them for Seokjin and Moonbyul. You were playing with them on the floor when the doorbell rang. You got up with the boys, you guessed this was your helping hand. You open the door… well shit.

“Jungkook, what are you doing here?” You ask opening the door wider to let him in.

“Kookie!” Both the boys shout and jump on Jungkook.

“Hey guys, It’s been a while.” He hugs both boys tight. The sight makes you think, what if it was you and Jungkook who had kids, were married, were happy… 

“Jin called me, he said you would need help with the boys.” He puts the boys down. “How about we go play.” Jungkook runs off with the boys. You decide to make them their dinner, you hadn’t eaten since lunch. So you were starving. You made do with what they had in their fridge. Whipping up a chicken stir fry.

“Boys, dinner!” You shout from the kitchen door. They come running in screaming, they take there seats. Jungkook just stands in the door way.

“I made you some too.” You say pointing to the plate on the table. You take your seat beside Jingyound and Jungkook across from you with Mark. Jinyoung was only three so you helped him eat his food. You could see Jungkook staring at you. It was intimidating.

After dinner the boys had made quite a mess eating, so you run them a bath. They played happily with there toys, splashing about, getting your blouse drenched. You and Jungkook dry the boys and put them to bed. Jungkook sings to them, your heart literally melted. You both leave them to sleep, and you go to wash the kitchen up. You don’t hear Jungkook walk in, until he’s putting his lips to your hear.

“You should probably change your shirt, I can see through it.” You whirl around. You had forgotten that you fot wet and that your blouse was white. You smack his arm.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” You ask, covering yourself with your arms.

“I wanted to see your bra.” He smirks. “It’s very pretty on you, you look… sexy.” He bites his lip. Fuck well now your panties are soaked too.

“Pervert.” You mumble under your breathe. You go and try to find a jumper of Jins you could wear. When you got back Jungkook was sitting on the couch watching the t.v. You sit on the other end of the couch.

“Jungkook, I um.. I’m sorry about Friday.” Jungkook wenches at the thought. 

“You don’t have to be. Was he able to satisfy your desire to have me touch you.” He snaps, obviously annoyed with you.

“I didn’t have sex with Hoseok and even if I did I have no reason to be sorry. I did nothing wrong. Your the one that just dropped a bomb like that.” You snap back.

“I dropped the bomb? You the one that said you loved me since we were little first, why can’t I do the same. I did, I do!” He shouts back. Your both to heated, that you didn’t notice Jin and Moonbyul walk in.

“Is everything okay?” Seokjin says, catching your attention. You stand up and make your way to the hall.

“Yeah of course. I’ll see you guys later.” You hug them both and grab all your stuff and leave. Your walking down the street to get a taxi, when you hear your name being called. You know it’s Jungkook, you can’t let him see the tears that are beginning to fall. Crying for him like you were eight years ago. You get in the taxi leaving Jungkook on the pavement, he was so close.

Work today fro you was much like yesterday, but this time it was you who was the quite one. Jungkook was respecting you at work, leaving you be. It wasn’t till you were cleaning up after the meeting that Jungkook spoke up. It was just you and him in his office.

“Y/N, let’s talk.” He says softly. You nod your head no and start to leave with your files. Jungkook rushes over from his desk and stands in front of the door. “Please, please just talk to me. Seeing you sad is killing me.” You look up at him, you can see the regret on his face.

“I have a meeting Sir.” You walk past him, opening the door and leaving. You weren’t ready. And not at work. 

It had been such a long day, you couldn’t wait to go home, eat take out and catch up on some dramas. As you walked out it started to rain very heavy, you groaned with no taxis in sight you start to walk, getting drenched. A black lamborghini pulls up in front of you, the window goes down.

“Y/N, get in. I’ll take you home.” Jungkook says with a smile.

“No, I can walk.” You bluntly say and start to walk in the direction of your home.

“Y/N, get in the car!” Jungkook shouts following you with his car. The rain is dripping down your face, your coat has failed you it soaked through.

“No!” You shout back continuing to walk home. Jungkook pulls over. He gets out of his car and runs over to you, his hair is already dripping wet. He steps in front of you.

“Jeon Jungkook are you crazy! Your suit is ruined now!” You shout at him for being so careless about his expensive suit.

“Yes I must be crazy, because I’m so madly in love with you and I keep letting you walk away from me. But that’s it!” He takes cups your face and kisses you. It takes you a moment before you start to move your lips against his, its passionate. It’s what you’ve wanted his your were fourteen, to kiss Jeon Jungkook. You put one hand on his neck and one hand in his hair, deepening the kiss. He wraps his arms around your waist, lifting you off the ground slightly. You both pull apart, resting his fore head against yours, he smiles.

“I’ve wanted to do that forever.” He kisses your nose, setting you back on the ground.

“Me too.” You giggle.

“Can I take you home.” He asks. 

“Yes.” He takes your hand and guides you to the car. Opening the car door for you, you slide in and he goes to the drivers side, talking his seat.

Jungkook doesn’t take you to your apartment, he takes you to his. As soon as he closes the door to his apartment, he’s kissing you. Taking off your wet clothes and his. He tears your coat and blouse off, still in a heated kiss. You kick off your heels, and push his suit jacket off and start to unbutton his shirt. He starts to walk you backwards to his bedroom. You finally get his shirt unbuttoned, pushing it off his broad shoulders. He pushes your skirt up your thighs, so he can lift you up. He has a firm grip on your ass, you wrap your legs around his waist.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” He smiles into the kiss, you can’t help but smile back. As he walks you through his apartment to get to his bedroom, you kiss down his neck. You make sure to leave marks where people can’t see them tomorrow in work. He sets you down on the queen sized bed. You back up till your in the middle of the bed, Jungkook crawls up you, leaving kisses and marks all up your stomach and breasts. He flips you over so your on laying on your belly, he unzips your skirt and yanks it down and pulls it off you. Leaving you in your black lacy lingerie. Jungkook bends down to kiss your ass and.. did he just bite it… Yep! You moan loudly, as he continues to grope, bite, kiss and smack your ass. It was so passionate, hot and kinky. Did you say kinky, cause it was hella kinky… not that you minded tho. He unclasps your bra and turns you back around.

“God, do you even know how much I dreamed about this?” He throws your bra away. He leans down to take your breast in his mouth, tugging on the nipple and sucking, while his fingers play with the other. Your a moaning mess under him. He starts to slid down your body, kissing down till he reaches your panties. He looks up at you and smirks. He starts to pull your panties down with his teeth, maintaining eye contact with you, fuck this boy has no mercy. 

“Baby girl, you’re so wet already.” Jungkook smirks up at you from between your thighs. He kissed your thighs, then finally he kisses your pussy. He starts to lick up and down your slit, making your hips buck up into his face. But he holds your hips down with one hand. “Don’t do that baby girl.”

“Sorry daddy.” Your eyes widen by that slip of the tongue, you put your hand over your mouth.

“Did you just call me daddy?” Jungkook says, stopping his tongue.

“Mhmm…. no.” You giggle. Jungkook chuckles.

“You can’t take it back now. And anyway, I like being your daddy.” He has a cocky ass smirk on his face, you love it. He starts to eat you out again. Slipping two fingers into your core, thrusting them in and out of you. He’s sucking on your clit, while his free hand massages your breast. Your moaning his name, along with his new claimed bed name. No one has ever made you feel as good as Jungkook is right now, hes making you cum so fast, you’ll get whiplash. Once hes finished licking up your cum, he takes off his pants and boxers, sighing in relief that the tight fabric is off, letting his erection spring free. He’s bigger then you thought.

“Fuck your so sexy.” You say, pulling him flush against you, grinding your hips up into him, making him groan. You both kiss, as he starts to push in your folds. He kisses down your jaw, as he waits for you to stretch to his size. He starts to move, kissing your sweet spot on your neck. He’s not pounding into like you thought he would. It’s passionate, slow, like he’s savouring every movement, every touch.

“I love you.” He puts his fore head to yours, looking into your eyes, as he fuck you deep and slow. Each thrust is hitting your g-spot each time, making your orgasm hit you. A wave of pleasure falling over the both of you. Your walls tighten around his member, making him cum inside you, his seed filling you up. He continues to thrust into you, riding out both your highs. He collapses on top of you, both of you panting from your orgasms. Your running your fingers through his hair, as he kisses your neck.

“I love you, too.” 

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Hidden || Part Two

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Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: In which Joe’s so enthusiastic about how great (Y/N) is, the rest of the boys get suspicious as to why jack hasn’t introduced them yet. 

Dedicated too: Everyone who requested a part two and/or supported the first part. I hope you all love this xo

“She’s fucking incredible.” Joe breathes out in shock as he walks into the living room of Caspar’s apartment where all of the boys were gathered. They all turn to look up at him with their eyebrows furrowed, all but Conor, who catches on immediately and smirks smugly. “She made brownies, and she played Fifa with us, and then she sketched me a tattoo because I said I’d always wanted one and it’s amazing and I literally wanna go and have it done now.”

“Oh my god, you lucky prick!” Oli huffs, glancing over at the rest of the boys who somehow still haven’t caught on. “You’re all such dumbasses, he’s obviously taking about (Y/N).”

Joe nods quickly, jogging over and taking a seat on the couch, passing Josh his phone and pointing out the photograph. “I managed to get her to follow me on Instagram, look how pretty she is.”

Josh whistles lowly after scrolling for a second before [passing the phone to Caspar who’s eyes widen as he scrolls up a little before passing the phone on and nodding in agreement. It was true, she was hot, and she had such a lovely personality it was crazy. “Jack’s such a dickhead, I can’t believe he hasn’t introduced us to her yet.” Mikey grumbles, scrolling up and down for a moment before passing the phone back to Joe. “Did you notice anything, unusual, about her? Any reason he’s keeping us away from her?”

Conor snorts, causing everyone to turn to face him. “Oh come on, do you seriously not see it yet? Jack isn’t trying to keep you away from her; she just has a busy schedule and any free time they have they spend together. Alone, like a normal couple.” He shrugs and picks up his phone, checking the date and time quickly. “She has today off so she’ll be at Jacks, I’m sure they won’t mind us popping over to say hello.”

Oli narrows his eyes at Conor and frowns. “You sure? I don’t wanna walk in on something disgusting.”

Conor laughs and shakes his head. “You guys are so stupid. I’ll just text him, so get ready. We’ll leave in a few.”

Back at Jack’s apartment, he glances over at (Y/N), who’s stood in the kitchen in her pyjamas with her hair up in a messy bun and dancing to the music playing out of the speakers as she began to make some milkshakes. They’d been craving one since the night before, and so she’d sent Jack on a quest to hunt down the ingredients and agreed to make them herself if he complied.

“Babe, the boys are all coming over; that okay?”

She looks up from the blender with a surprised smile on her face. “All of them?” Jack nods and smiles when she squeals in excitement and jogs over to the cupboards. “Okay, I’ll make enough milkshake for everyone.”

Jack stands up and walks into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around her and swaying them side to side, following the beat of the music. She hums in content, turning around in his arms and placing a small kiss onto his lips. “Should I get changed or anything?”

He looks down at her leggings and his shirt which hung off of her shoulders and shakes his head with a adoring smile. “You look beautiful; and I can almost bet that Caspar’ll be wearing pyjama pants when he arrives. So don’t worry about it.”

“M'kay.” She smiles, pecking his lips one more time before pushing him away slightly and laughing. “Go away, I can’t concentrate on the ingredients if you’re here distracting me.”

“Distracting? Me? Never.” He chuckles, but follows her orders and walks back over to the couch, glancing over his shoulder dramatically and blowing her a kiss which makes her laugh as she throws a few more Oreos into the mix. He turns off the TV and instead focuses on editing his new video, smiling a little whenever (Y/N) could be heard giggling in the background and deciding just to leave it in.

It wasn’t long before there was a knock at the door, and (Y/N) glances over at Jack quickly. “Want me to get it?”

Jack shakes his head and peels his eyes away from the computer screen, placing it down onto the table and standing up. “No, I got it princess.”

She nods silently and goes back to concentrating, pouring the exact amount of milkshake into each cup before adding whipped cream and crushed up Oreo for decoration on top; followed by long plastic straws and a small cherry. She was known for going way over the towpath everything she did and made, but that was just (Y/N).

The boys all flow into the apartment, and she greets Conor first, seeing as he walks straight into the kitchen to give her a hug, knowing exactly where she’d be. She hands him a milkshake and giggles when he kisses her cheek sloppily before running off to make himself comfortable in the den.

The rest of the boys were just as she’d expected, they were all funny and there was no awkwardness between them at all, she just seemed to fit into their little group. They seemed to appreciate the milkshake, especially Caspar, who was done within a matter of minutes and was already asking the boys for theirs.

She ended up playing Fifa with a few of them, helping Jack edit his video and even played a few drinking games, though she substituted her vodka for cranberry juice seeing as she had work early the next morning. Eventually the clock shows two am and (Y/N) and Jack are the only ones still awake, and she can tell Jack was just itching to snapchat the whole scene in order to embarrass them all.

She yawns and stretches her arms up, placing a kiss on Jack’s cheek before standing up and smiling down at him tiredly. “I’m gonna head to bed, you coming?”

He nods, eying the boys one last time before standing up and wrapping himself around you, guiding you away from the human puppy pile and toward your shared bedroom with apleased sigh. “They all really like you, told me that they wanted you to be their girlfriend when you went into the kitchen to grab the spare controller.”

She smiles in relief, pausing in the middle of the hallway and pulling Jack’s head down, pressing their lips together and humming against them. “I like them too, but I’m yours.”

He smirks and pulls her flush against him. “Mhm, and don’t you ever forget that.”

Good Girl Ch 34: Under The Table

“Are you being serious?” I beam up at the handsome man in front of me.

“Yes, but don’t forget, there will be a list of rules,” He tries to sound stern but I know he is happy to see me so excited.

“Thank you!” I scream as I launch myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He laughs and swings me around a couple times before setting me down on the marble. “When will she be here?”

“Youngbae will be here with her around ten after a meeting,” He glances at the clock on the wall. “We still have a few hours so do you mind tagging along with me to my work to grab a few things?”

I nod eagerly, “Of course!”

“Okay, let me change quick,” He turns toward the hall.

“Should I change?”

“If you want, you look beautiful like that,” He winks at me before continuing on his way. I look down at my ripped black jeans and t-shirt and decide I should change. After finding my way to the fully stock closet Jiyong so sweetly provided, I glance threw all of it until I find a basic black dress. I pull it on, loving the way it hugs me small figure. Jiyong doesn’t even bother knocking when he comes into my room dressed in a completely black suit. “Wow,” He whistles.

“Who picked all these clothes out?”


I cock a brow at him, “You picked out all of these?”

He nods, “I was very excited to have you all to myself in my home.” I say nothing as he walks over to the dresser built into the wall of the walk in closet and digs threw the first drawer. He returns to me with a golden necklace that he basically demands to put on me. I don’t put up a fight and turn around so he can put it on easier. “Perfect.”

“Thank you,” I hum.

“Grab a jacket, it’s still pretty chilly,” He tells me. I nod and pull on one of the many jackets in the closet. The ride in the elevator in quiet, as well it the walk out of the building. He had told me earlier that his work was only a few blocks down so he usually walks. Like last time he places an arm around my shoulders and pulls me close. My eyes mindlessly wander over the lit up buildings taking in the city life that has become foreign to me since my, um, situation began. We reached his office in no time; passing security and ridding up the elevator was an interesting experience with all the guards staring at me completely dumbstruck. Guess him bringing girls around is rare.

His office is covered in black marble with gold accents. I can’t help but stare out the floor to ceiling windows that stare over the city. In the distance I see a familiar looking building that makes me run up to the window like a child. My hands press up against the clean glass, my nose even gets smashed a bit in my eagerness.

He clicks his tongue at me, “Of course you saw it.”

“So that is their building?”

“Yep,” He hums.

“I had no idea your building was so close.”

“Yea, now when you get bored this summer you can just walk over here.”

I scoff, “You want to start a war don’t you?”

“Of course,” He smirks.

I’m about to scold him when movement on the couch catches my attention. A fat fur ball is sitting up, it’s slanted green eyes mirror my own. In childish excitement I rush over to the cat with a little squeal.

“Kitty!” I grin as I crouch down in front of the fur ball.

“Mojo,” Jiyong tells me.

“Mojo,” I coo at the cute kitty.

“I need to look through some files quick.”

I nod but keep all of my attention on the kitty that looks completely done with me already. It stands up and jumps down, it’s nails click quietly on the marble as it exits the room. I eagerly follow behind.

“Stay on this floor!” Jiyong yells at me as I go.

Like my daddies building, Jiyong is the only person on the whole floor. The massive golden doors that lead into Jiyong’s office are cracked open allowing both Mojo and I to slip threw into the massive lobby. Mojo scurries to the left down a hall. All the way down the hall he turns into a dark room that I blindly follow him into. Flipping on the light I see a long table with chairs lining the sides, it’s a conference room. Glancing around I see Mojo sneaking under the table.

“Come here kitty,” I call quietly as I follow it under the table.

It finally stops and sits, its eyes are fixated on me. He meows loudly, once, then twice. Scooting closer I’m finally allowed to run my fingers threw his amazingly soft black fur. The soft hum of its purr begins to fill my ears making me smile.

“Why is the light on?” A familiar voice asks with a bit of hostility in his voice.

“We were here earlier so we must have left the light on,” Daesung’s calming voice reasons.

“It looked like someone was in the office too,” Another bitter voice snaps.

What are they doing here?

“You guys,” Suho snaps back sternly, “I know we are all irritated about Jooyoung but we need to talk business right now.”

Kai scoffs, “Easier said than done.”

“I was undeniably annoyed when that little girl first started popping up in conversations but now I understand all the fuss,” Seungri teases them. Though what he saying may sound a little dickish, he had said it to my face yesterday so I mind it less.

“Watch your mouth,” Xiumin growls.

Seungri chuckles, “It’s a compliment, I swear. She is a very nice girl.”

“I still couldn’t care less about her,” Seunghyun interjects. I roll my eyes at him, what a cranky man.

“No one cares Hyung,” Daesung chuckles. “Now gentlemen, as much as we would all enjoy continuing this conversation we have things to discuss. Please take a seat.”

Shit, shit, shit! I pull the cat into my lap and curl into a ball, praying that they wouldn’t see me. As much as I am over joyed to be seeing them, well their legs as they sit on one side of the table, I have a very strong feeling they would not be happy to know that Jiyong just let me wander around his building unsupervised. I notice a familiar pair of long legs take the seat next to where I’m curled up. Daddy Yeolie. It takes all of myself control to not reach out and touch him, to not crawl up into his lap and wrap my arms around his neck. I missed them. I still miss them. I never realized how irritating it is to have them so close but not be able to touch them or talk to them. At least I can hear their voices, though they aren’t filled with their normal warmth, or any to be completely honest. The iciness in their voices makes me shiver.

On my other side are the four men I’ve come to know in the last two days. Closest to me is Daesung, then Youngbae, Seungri, and finally Seunghyun. They take up a small portion of their side of the table compared to the twelve men sitting across from them. The more I notice about the whole situation I realize there is no way I can get out of this without someone noticing. Then I remember Jiyong will be looking for me soon. I silently curse the cat in my lap for bring me here and curse myself for being stupid and following it.

“You told us that you found the man who sent the email,” Daesung finally starts their serious conversation. I nibble on my lip as I consider covering my ears but curiosity is tempting me to listen in until Jiyong comes for me.

“We did, it was a bit difficult but after an hour with us in the dungeon we were able to figure out who asked him to research her.”

“I heard about your extraction on the news,” Seungri chimes in. “Another club that will be closed down I guess.”

Another club? Did they shot up another club? I clench my fist as I resist the urge to come forward with my presence but I’ve already kept quiet this long.

“I don’t see how that is any of your business,” Kris doesn’t even try to hide the distaste for the younger man. “We got him and the information, beyond that, what we had to do is none of your business.”

The room is silent for a minute. My mind is racing with thought of what could have happened in the short amount of time I was gone. Luhan had told me about a small problem that they were going to take care of but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be dangerous. I know I’m stupid and childish for thinking that violence was just a rare thing for them. They’re gangsters. They are one of the biggest mafia groups in Asia, I just keep forgetting that or ignoring it.

“I don’t even know why I’m here,” Seunghyun grumbles as he stands up. “I couldn’t care less about that little girl so I’m leaving.”

“Have a good night Hyung!” Seungri yells happily.

“I see Jooyoung’s magic didn’t work on everyone,” Chen says once the older man leaves the room.

Dae chuckles, “He’s the only one. She even has Youngbae hyung wrapped around her pretty little finger.”

“As much as I love talking about how she has us all whipped I would like to know why some bastard was looking into her,” Youngbae finally speaks with a voice a cold as ice. I tense, someone is looking for me?

Suho clears his throat, “We found out he’s actually a member of Block B sent to not only find information about all of our relationships with her but he said he’s supposed to find an opening to have someone take her.”

“Don’t tell me that Zico bastard is seriously trying to fuck with both of us,” Seungri scoffs.

“We are going to be doing some more checking the next couple of days before we have our foot men step in. Are yours’ available to tag along with them as well?” Kris wonders.

Youngbae hums a yes, “That should be fine. Were you able to figure out if he knew anything more about her?”

“He knew a little more about her relationship with us. He wasn’t very good at his job, finding secrets or keeping them. The little that he did have was stuff that he could have gathered just from watching her or asking anyone at her school a few simple questions about her.”

Lay help him answer, “Other than for her birthday, close friends, and school they don’t know much else. I’m not sure how they were expecting this kid to spy on someone protected by both our groups.”

“He could be a newer member they thought was expendable,” Dae suggests.

“We are going to check into him more, he was too easy to catch and too break.”

Dae clicks his tongue, “By the way you’re talking I’m guessing he’s no longer with us.” I guess I’m not the only one who caught on to that.

“You would be correct,” Soo answers.

“A question for you,” Seungri’s voice is laced with mischief and from what I’ve learned from the others is that it means he’s up to something bad. “I haven’t been able to get in on any action lately, mind giving me some gruesome details?”

In a panic of not wanting to hear whatever they had done to this boy, I grab on to Daesung’s leg, finally telling someone I’m here. Where is Jiyong when I need him? Dae tenses under my touch before he slides a hand under the table. I offer up my hand with Jiyong’s ring on it so he can figure out it’s me. As his hand finds mine he freezes, his fingers feel the warm metal before holding my hand. His thumb makes small circles across the back of my hand.

“Seungri,” he says in the warm voice that I know. “We don’t need to hear about that right now. You should get your kicks elsewhere today.”

“Why are you being such a buzz kill today? I’m quiet sure you love to listen to the gore as much as me. Better yet, I have wanted to ask what the Choi’s son did to get such a shitty end. His mother was so heart broken I almost cried,” Seungri chuckles.

Next to me Chanyeol growls, “There was an incident but we handled it.”

“You call sending your friend’s head to his family’s door step handling it? I heard his teeth were ripped out, along with his eyes. Let me guess, you did the teeth. That’s your usual thing and the eyes must have been Xiumin hyung. Sick bastard, I heard he was still alive when you did it.” The amusement in his voice should disgust me but Jiyong warned me earlier about the younger man’s crude mouth.

“It got the message across to anyone.”

“What message is that?”

“Don’t touch our baby,” It’s Xiumin who snarls this time.

Once again the room is silent, Daesung’s hand holds mine tighter.

“Why so quiet now?” Kai sneers. “We’re sick bastards for tearing that boy apart limb by limb until you know that the same kid tried to fuck our baby.”

“He tried to what?” Youngbae mumbles so softly I barely hear him.

Daesung’s words surprise me, “And you only kept him alive for an hour?”

What the hell? Don’t encourage this stuff! I scream in my head at the sweet man I thought was the light in the darkness.

“It was an hour of hell,” Kris barks. “We made sure of that.”

“If it was us it wouldn’t have ended that quickly,” Seungri scoffs.

Kai is on his feet and slams his hands down on the table, “We were much more concerned about our baby being horrified of us and having a full on mental break down. So sorry if we didn’t torture that bastard enough for you but you know damn sure we made that short amount of time was the longest moment of that bastard’s life.”

“Kai,” Soo tries to calm the younger.

Kris makes Kai sit back down with a forceful tug before turning to my new oppas, “You have no right to call us into question about anything we do outside of our business. Even though we are working together to get rid of the mole in our midst, what we do with our baby is none of your concern.”

“You honestly can’t expect us to not worry over her,” Youngbae scoffs.

“You have no right to worry about her after only knowing her for a fucking day,” Tao sneers.

I can imagine the glare Youngbae is giving them, “We don’t need your god damn permission to worry about her.”

“She is safe with us. You have nothing to worry about.”

Daesung holds my hand tighter as if he can sense the panic growing in my chest. I know he wants to help get me out but we both know he can’t without causing some kind of scene. To be honest though, at this point I might not mind a scene as long as it gets me out of this room and away from this horrible conversation. I know my life of rainbows in sunshine won’t last forever but I don’t want it to end right now, not yet. I want so much more time with them. I know I’m not always the little girl they want but I try, I really do try to make them happy and feel needed. But maybe they will get tired of my stubborn big side and get rid of her, get rid of me.

Youngbae’s angry voice takes me out of the thoughts that are beginning to make me shake. “How can we not when her care takers are known for their violent and short records with women. You’ve already kept her for three months, how much longer do you think she’ll keep your attention? Are you going to get rid of her like you did with the other?”

“She is different, we aren’t going to-“ Suho tries to defend them but Youngbae doesn’t even give him the chance.

“You are going to throw her away? Then what are you going to do when you get bored. You guys always get bored. But you’re right, you can’t just throw her aside like the others, she knows way too much. So what are you going to do, kill her, torture her for information about us?”

By now tears are streaming down my cheeks. I try my best not to sniffle but Youngbae’s too truthful words are too much for me. I know the dungeon is the only place I could end up at this point, I’d be an idiot to think this would last forever but a girl can dream. But now this dream is turning into a nightmare as the idea of them not wanting me anymore fully sinks in. I want to reach for them right now. To beg for them not to hate me, to not throw me away. Even though they love me today, what about tomorrow, or next month. Is them planning things for me this summer planning too far ahead?



The room is silent.

“What are you doing here?” One of the men on my left yell. I curl tighter into myself, thanking Jiyong for everything. Glancing over my shoulder I see him standing in the doorway, his face is out of view but I can see his hands clenched at his sides.

“Where is Jooyoung?” Baekhyun is up on his feet as I imagine him staring at the doorway expectantly whether he’s happy or worried that I might have over heard, I’m not sure.

“She is safe.”

“Is she with you? Can we see her?” Soo’s sweet voice only makes me cry harder. I’m down here daddy, but I don’t know if I want you know that. I don’t know if I want you to know that I heard what you did. Will you be mad that I was here? Will you be mad that I already know how this will end for me? That I know what’s beyond the world of rainbows and sunshine that you made for me?

“I left her at my apartment,” Jiyong lies. “She’s napping.”

“You just left her? What if she wanders off?” Xiumin is on his feet now too.

Youngbae scoffs, “Afraid she’s going to take the first chance she’s got to run away from you?”

“I’m getting tired of your shit!” Kris roars.

“And I’m fucking tired of Jooyoung being afraid that you could kill her or throw her away because she’s not how you want her!” Jiyong snaps back.

“She told she’s afraid?” My dear Lulu asks.

“We’re leaving,” Suho deadpans. The whole line of men are on their feet now and begin to make their way out. Suho is the last out, he stops in the doorway and turns back to face the room. “Thank you for meeting with us, if you have any information please call us and let us know. Until then we will see you on Tuesday. And one more thing,” The politeness in his voice quickly slips away. “What we do or do not do with our Jooyoung is none of your fucking business. Whether we keep her as our baby for the rest of our lives or throw her away or sell her off or chop her little body into pieces is none of your fucking business. We both know that she is going to be the one to call it off with all of us. She’ll get tired of acting for us, I can already tell she’s not enjoying it as much.

“When that happens, our world will fall apart. We will have to do things we don’t want to think about now but it’s the only option we will have. She’s too well known in our world already, she’ll be come a target. We’ll end it when we have to, not a moment sooner. If she wants to go to you, we will give her the option but if not…” He pauses to calm himself. “Until that moment comes, she is ours. Got it?”

“Got it,” Jiyong echoes.

“Go back to her, to make sure she’s safe, okay? Your time with her is running out so enjoy it while you can because this will never happen again.” Suho’s voice cracks at the last word. I see him turn on his heel and quickly walk away. I don’t know how I feel right now. Tears are still running down my face but I don’t know whether it’s because I want to run to them or because one of them finally admitted it. They are going to kill me. Not now but after this is over, whenever that is, they are going to kill me.

“My love.”

Jiyong’s voice is the new light in my darkness. He must have seen me under the table and figured him kicking everyone out is my only way of escape without my daddies freaking out about me hearing this whole conversation. But now I can’t get myself to climb out from under the table. My mind is swirling its self into a dangerous web of fears and regret and worry. The four men are sitting in the chair in silence, having a mental debate on just dragging me out or letting me get out myself.

After what feels like forever I let out a sigh, wipe away my tears and finally let go of the whining cat that I’ve been holding in a death grip. All the men watch me with soft eyes as I scoot out and look up at them with probably red eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Seungri mumbles softly.

Youngbae hums an apology, “We wouldn’t have said that stuff if we knew you were here.”

“I know most of it anyway,” My voice is barely above a whisper. “I know that they will throw me away. I know that they will get tired of my attitude and that me not being afraid of them will get old. It’s just different hearing it out loud.”

Jiyong helps me up and gives me a tight hug, “Do you still wanna go out tonight?”

I forgot about that. I want nothing more than to go home to my daddies and curl into a ball for the rest of the week. But instead of saying that I nod. I want to go home but at the same time I don’t want to face them. To go home and deal with all the problems I’m constantly trying to ignore. Going out and getting completely shit faced with Jihyo seems like a horribly great idea!

With a deep breath I smile, “Lets do this!” I take Jiyong’s hand and lead him to the elevator with the others on our tail.

“Are you sure?” Dae worries cutely.

“You heard some pretty scary stuff about the people closest to you, it can shake a person up.”

I shake my head, “I knew scary stuff to begin with, I’m just stupid and pretend it doesn’t exist most of the time.”

“You are not stupid for doing that,” Jiyong tries to comfort me in the elevator.

Daesung nods, “You are just doing what it takes to survive.”

“I’m not doing it to survive I’m doing it because I’m fucked up in the head and don’t seem to mind that the only people who care about me are gangsters who kill for a living.” That I have to basically act like a child to get them to love me and to be honest, I don’t mind it that much. I love when they dote on me but at the same time I wish they would love the real me completely. That I will become whatever they want me to be as long as they promise to keep loving me. God what the hell is wrong with me? “I just need a couple shots of tequila and my best friend to be happy right now.”

They just nod. The walk home is quiet until Jiyong’s arm around me tightens, “If you want, you don’t have to go back.”

I’m surprised by his words, “What?”

“You heard me. You don’t have to go back to that house or that school. You can just stay with me forever.”

I don’t respond right away, I seriously consider his offer. Could I stay with him forever? He doesn’t expect anything from me, no baby talk or stupid rules. We could talk for hours about nothing, he would probably let me hang out with Jihyo more and he is always honest with me. But even with those things, I want to go home. I want my daddies, their warmth and comfort. Tonight will be my last hoar before I go back to rules and school and home.

“Maybe not now, but later,” He adds on when I don’t respond. “When you are done playing house with them, when you realize that they only love your little side, when you are ready to have someone love all you, my door is always open to you.” He kisses the top of my head softly.

I say nothing. Not even when we reach his penthouse, I go straight to my room to change into something more risqué than I would normally wear. After pulling on some high waisted black shorts and a crop top. Leaving my air a bit crazy is a lot easier than trying to style it again only to have it be messed up in the club. My make up is pretty basic, gold eye shadow and lots of eyeliner to compliment my cat like eyes. A knock at my door brings me out of thoughts, it swings open to reveal Jihyo in a similar outfit.

“Hello Sexy!” She squeals as she basically tackles me to the floor.

“You don’t look to bad yourself,” I tease as I sit us up.

“I’m beyond jealous right now!” She swats at me, “Where the hell did you get more hotties?” Seungri and Daesung are standing in the door with smiles on their faces.

“Don’t be fooled by their looks, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing,” I warn her.

She grins mischievously and suddenly I’m more worried about what she could do to them, “That’s what I was hoping.”

“You have an interesting friend,” Daesung pipes.

“I get that a lot.”

Ji glares at him over her shoulder, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, just that you weren’t what I was expecting.”

“Are you ladies ready to go?” Seungri beams at us.

“After the rules of course,” Youngbae adds as he joins them in the doorway.

Ji groans, “More rules!”

“Trust me,” I pat her back, “they will be a lot less strict than my other oppas.”

“I wouldn’t guarantee that,” Dae chuckles before leading us to the living room where Jiyong is waiting. They sit us down on one of the couches before taking their own seats either across from us or on the other couch like a bunch of dads.

“So rules?” Jihyo hums.

“I’ve heard you are quiet the trouble maker,” Jiyong eyes her up and down.

Jihyo feigns hurt, “Me? A troublemaker?”

Jiyong ignores her attitude, “No leaving the club without us.”

“Understandable,” Jihyo muses.

“Drink as much as you want, it’s on the house. Do not accept drinks from strangers. If a guy makes you uncomfortable please let me know and it will be handled.” I raise a brow at his words, something he automatically notices, “Depending on the severity of his actions will decide how it’s handled.”

“Sounds good to me!” Jihyo is on her feet.


Jihyo whistles, “Wow.” We both stand in the middle of the moving club in complete aw. The club is absolutely amazing and beautiful with just as beautiful people crawling all over the place. The dance floor is packed along with the many booths and the bar stools. Of course we have nothing to worry about with the owner holding on to my other hand leading us to the private balcony for VIPs only. With our own private bar and booth we are able to sit back and relax for a little while before Jihyo gets the itch to shake what she’s got.

I’m dragged along without much of a fight, the large amount of alcohol that we just drank seems to encourage it. We are both a giggling mess on the dance floor, spinning and screaming along to the music like the drunks we are. I barely notice the creepy looking guy sneaking up behind me and snaking his arms around my waist. His chest is pressed against my back as he begins grinding with me. Even in my drunken state I know I want nothing to do with this guy, I try my best to push him away but he’s a lot stronger than me. Thankfully that issue doesn’t last long before Jihyo is there trying to pry this bastard off me.

“Hands off,” She growls at him.

“Back off bitch,” The drunk man slurs.

“The lady said hands off,” Youngbae appears next to us and I breath a sigh of relief.

“Try finding your own piece of ass shorty,” The man laughs.

Suddenly the man is ripped off me and is on his knees with his arm twisted behind his back and Youngbae standing over him. “What was that?”

“Nothing man, I’m sorry.”

“Are you alright?” Youngbae pushes the man on the ground and steps over him to get to me.

“I’m fine Oppa, just a little dizzy.”

“How about you sit down for a little while?”

I shake my head, “I want to dance a little more first.”

He seems hesitant to leave, “Are you sure?”

“How about you dance with me to make sure no one else tries to bug us? Get one of your sex friends down here for her!” Jihyo suggests with a hungry look in her eyes.

“I don’t know,” Youngbae is hesitant to place his hands anywhere on Jihyo when she gets close to him.

Glancing around I see Jiyong at the main bar nursing a half empty drink, his eyes are locked on me. I wave him over, he of course rushes over to see what is wrong. The man who had been all over me is now crawling away at the sight of Jiyong, who does not look one bit happy to see any guy near me but what does he expect in a club full of drunks.

“Dance with me,” I demand the moment he’s close enough to hear me over the music. His eyebrows go up as he looks from me to Youngbae and Jihyo, who has somehow convinced the short man to grind with her. “Not like that, just dance.”

“Are you sure?”

“I prefer you to some stranger.”

“That means a lot,” He chuckles.

“You know what I mean,” I roll my eyes at him, “Don’t want me getting another admirer do you?”

He smirks, “Someone’s cocky.”

“Are you doubting me? I might as well look around for some other options for when my daddies get tired of me.” Though my tone is playful Jiyong can hear the pain behind it. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close so we are doing a basic slow dance in a crowd of thrashing bodies.

“You have me, you always have me,” He mumbles in my ear. “Not to mention that you won’t find anyone better then me in here.”

“Now who’s being cocky?”

“I’m not being cocky, it’s the truth. I’m the most dangerous monster in the whole country my Love.”

“I think your wrong,” I counter.

“Oh really? Who do you think could beat me?”


A soft chuckle leaves his lips. “What a smart little girl,” He muses as he leans in close again and rests his chin on top of my head.

Revealing Lunch- Kevin Hayes

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Ok so at least anon gave me the team too because I always get Jimmy and Kevin Hayes’ teams mixed up! So here we have some Rangers love! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: I’m so in love with all your imagines!!! Can I request one for Kevin Hayes from the NY Rangers!! And can it be about finding out the reader is pregnant but nervous to tell Kevin because it’s a newish relationship even though y'all have been friends for a while!! And can you include the team in there somehow!! Omg I’m sorry for this being so long!!


              You sat on the edge of the bathtub, your head in your hands.

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Allen Angel

To be alone with him (part2)

My lovely readers! First let me thank you so much! All the likes and reblogs brighten my Day! I really appreciate it! Now here’s the second part of my fanfiction. As fluffy and as sappy as the first part, but with a little more smut, so be warned! I’ve already a few ideas for new stories (Hint: owner’s Manual) I hope I will deliver fast! So, let’s get started!

An hour later I and my crew went to Jersey, where they would shoot the scenes for the Amity-Compound. The whole Team – Actors and Crew – would be staying at the same Hotel near the location. Because the Actors had still a few scenes to shoot in Chicago, they would arrive later that evening.

I’ve just settled down in my room when my phone ringed, it was a message from Jai: “Hey Babe, we’re nearly done. Do we met later?” I smiled absently. That Concert a day ago was a real boost for our blooming relationship. I wrote back: “Of course, can’t wait! I let them give you a spare key.” After that, I called the Concierge and let him do so.

A few hours later, still no one had arrived. Meanwhile, Jai had sent me another message that it would take them a little longer than expected, and that I should not stay awake for him. Sadly I changed into shirt and shorts and flopped down into the couch. Not soon after I felt asleep.

I woke up when two strong Arms picked me up bridal style. Finally, Jai had arrived! Tiredly I lend myself to his chest and he kissed my forehead softly “Go Back to sleep Babe, it’s late at night” Carefully he set me down on my bed and put the covers over me. When I noticed that he went away, I turned over “Please, stay?” I asked him. “Of course Babe, I’m just going to change, Ok?” A few minutes later the Bed bent down beside me. An Arm was wrapped around my waist and he draws me into him. I turned around and placed my head on his shoulder and a hand on his chest. Deeply I inhaled his scent and smiled. Jai led out a tired yawn and snuggled nearer to me if possible. Just seconds later I heard him snoring lightly, it has to be a hard day for him.

I woke up next morning to Jai stroking my back lazily. Yawning and stretching myself, I opened my eyes slowly. Jai laid on his back, eyes closed. I started to fondle the hairs on his chest and he smiled. “Morning Babe, you slept well?” I looked up to him and kissed him. “Better than in ages!” He propped himself up on his elbows “Me too! I think I like waking up next to you" I blushed and again his lips landed on mine and his hands sneaked under my shirt. I quietly moaned as he gingerly caressed down my spine to the hem of my shorts. Jai laid down on his back and dragged me on top, so I straddled him. I stretched my hands over his bare chest. Now I could take a good look at him. Short hair covers his broad chest and it looked like it was shaved recently. His hands rested on my hips, his thumbs stroking over the tender flesh. “Like, what you see?” he asked smirking “very much indeed!”

Now it was my turn. Slowly I laid my hands on the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. It had the desired effect: Jai led out a loud gasp “Wow (y/n)….I…..Wow!” He lifted himself up, put one hand on my back and fondled my breasts with the other. “you are so beautiful!” he whispered with arousal to my ear and nipped gently on my neck. I slowly rolled my hips over his crotch. Jai swallowed hard. “Go on and I can’t guarantee for anything!” he said huskily and looked me in the eyes with desire. I was just about to reply something when my phone starts to ring! A short look onto the display showed me that it was Joe from my Crew. I declined it and got my attention back to Jai. Meanwhile, his hands had slipped into my shorts and kneaded my butt. Just a few seconds later the ringing starts again! Jai sighed and stopped our passionate kiss. “Are you sure it’s nothing important?” I shooked my head and slowly started to kiss his jaw, his neck, down his throat, chest, and stomach. I had laid my hands on his boxer briefs as a loud knocking appeared on my door. I gritted my teeth “You got to be kidding!” Jai chuckled lightly “There must be someone who don’t want us to come close” Again it knocked, a little harder this time. Cursing I stood up, put my shirt back on and stomped to the door. I ripped it open and bellowed to the poor guy in front of it. “What??” Joe flinched. “Norman send me, a few problems accrued at the Dome.” I sighed “And you can’t fix them on your own?” He shooked his head “Ok, I’ll be right there”

I shut the door. Jai threw himself out of the Bed, came over to me and laid his hands on my hips. “I have to go too. Come, let’s shower together and we can continue what we’ve stated” He nuzzled his head into my hair. I grumbled “As much as I would love to see you naked under the shower, I have to decline. Our first night shouldn’t be a quickie Gently he brushed a stray of hair out of my face. “Impressing as always, Babe” I was confused “What do you mean?” He smiled “Well, till now every woman I dated couldn’t wait to bang me. But you’re different. You tell me what you think, regardless the outcome. I really like that!” I grinned “Oh, Mr. A-Class Actor likes my attitude. I have to be happy!” Jai laughed and kissed me “See, that’s what I’m talking about. All the other Girls I’ve been with would’ve done everything for me. They always tried so hard to please me, they almost lost their personality. I don’t want this, I’ve got a dog for that kind of behavior. But you don’t care how other people think about you. You are who you are. I think that’s brave, especially in this crazy business.” Now I become beet-red, I couldn’t handle so many compliments. I poked him. “Mr. Courtney, you’re not trying to complement me to your bed, don’t you? Because if you do, I have to leave immediately!” Jai laid his hands on my cheeks and brushed them lightly “I didn’t even think about that” Just as we were engulfed in another affectionate kiss my phone kills it again! Jai kissed my forehead “You should go” I nodded and asked if we see each other later. “Of course,” he answered “I get us something to eat and we could watch a movie if you want” I smiled “sounds perfect”. Reluctantly I went away from him, get dressed and headed out.

In front of the Hotel, I noticed a crowd of female fans. Some were there for Theo, some for Jai and even for Miles. They hold signs up in the air and bent their heads for a glimpse inside the Hotel. If they only knew that I just shared a bed with one of their favorite Stars, they would rip my head off! Smiling I stepped into my rented Ute and drove off to the Location.

An awful lot went wrong on set, and someone really made a mess. The Dome stood there, crooked and hunched, a few Glass-Panels laid shattered on the ground. That wasn’t a Carpenter’s work, but a butcher’s! Thank God none of my Crew members has caused this abomination. The Producers had hired a local constructor because of financial reasons. Now we had to fix it as fast as possible.

After we nearly ripped the whole thing apart and reconstructed it, we finally finished. Covered in dirt and sawdust I arrived at the Hotel again. There were still a lot of fans waiting for the Actors.

Tired I opened my Door and was surprisingly greeted with romantic music. On the floor, a path of rose petals led the way to the Bedroom. I was astonished, Jai seems to have a romantic bone. I went to the Bedroom and carefully opened the Door. But what I saw then, made me hold my breath: There was no Jai waiting for me, but an unknown, half naked Girl in lacy underwear! I turned around to make sure that this was indeed my room and then looked back to the intruder. “You aren’t Jai!” she shrieked in shock. I smirked, “Surely not, but neither are you!” She looked at me for a brief moment, before gaining back her confidence. “What are you doing here? “ She asked with a high pitched voice. Now I was angry “Excuse me? This is my room! You are the one who owns me an explanation!” She raised her head in ignorance “I don’t think so. This is Jai Courtney’s room and I’m his girlfriend. I would be very pleased if you could leave now!” She plucked her lingerie and repositioned herself on the Bed. I started at her for a moment in disbelief and left the room. Thank God I trusted Jai and didn’t believe any of it. Laughing to myself I went to Jai’s room for a quick shower.

30 minutes later the Actor arrived at the Hotel. Packed with two big Grocery-bags he stepped out of the elevator on our floor. Jai looked at me confused because I was sitting on the floor opposite my room. “Hi! Did you lost your Keys?” I showed him a wide grin “Not at all, actually, your Girlfriend threw me out” Now he was even more confused “My what??” I pointed at the door “Go, take a look for yourself” Jai dropped the bags, opened the door and we stepped inside. Astonished he looked around “Have you done that?” “Nope, nothing to do with that. Look at the Bedroom and you will find the cause” He stared blankly at me and opened the door. As soon as Jai stepped into the room I heard the fan girl warble “Jai! You’re here! Did you like what you see?” I snorted with laughter and followed my roommate inside.

He stood there, his jaw wide open. When the Girl saw me, her eyes darkens with anger “What is she doing here? Please Jai, throw her out!” Now he got his voice back “Why should I? The only one leaving is you!” She was not giving in yet “But Jai, look at her. What do you want with an ugly old hag like her? I’m much younger and all yours, if you want! we could be together!” When she started to peel off the rest of her remaining clothes, Jai finally had enough. He jumped beside the Bed, snatched her wrist and pulled her out. “The woman you’re talking about is my Girlfriend, and you are occupying her spot in that bed. Now, take your clothes and get the fuck out of here, or I call the police!” When she doesn’t go fast enough, he took her clothes himself and shoved her out of the room. After that, Jai took his phone and called the Production Company for further Security. When he hung up, he looked at me and held his hands up in defense. “Babe, you have to believe me, I don’t know who that woman was, I’m…” I stepped up to him and placed my hand on his chest to calm him down “Jai, if I would believe that this chick is your Girl, I would have left already.” He kissed me lovingly. “You’re incredible!” Jai wrapped his arms around me, hold me close and kissed me again, now passionate.

Slowly we moved to the Bed, hands roaming all over each other. Shirts, pants, shoes, socks…..Everything gets lost on the way. Gently he pushed me on the mattress and looked at me dreamy “Where have you been all my life?” he whispered and I smiled “It doesn’t matter, now I’m here” He just nodded and kissed down my throat, along my collarbone further to my breasts. He softly sucked on a nipple. I moaned and bend my back to get nearer to him. Jai growled, “Babe, I want you, now!” I took his face into my hands and pulled him up so he could look me in the eyes. Lovingly I kissed him. “So take what’s now yours!” Jai gasped and his eyes went nearly black. “(Y/N)!” he whispered hoarsely and took off his boxer briefs, his last remaining piece of clothes. Slowly he slid over me, but hesitated “Are you sure?” Jai asked guardedly and I nodded.

Suddenly our phones started ringing as if there’s no tomorrow. Jai’s head dropped onto my chest “Fuck off! This can’t be serious! Did they now what we’re trying to do here? They’re doing this on purpose, aren’t they?” I laughed “If you think so, now get off of me, as well as I know our lovely colleagues, they won’t stop bothering us” Grumbling he laid down beside me “but I don’t want to!” he whined. I petted his hair and kissed him on the forehead “Come on, let’s call them back, maybe it’s nothing serious” “As if!” he snapped. I reached for my phone and called back the shown number. It was Neil Burger, the Director himself, which wants me and my crew come to an Amusement Park. Because the Park staff has fucked up their schedule we had to rearrange our plans and a few Scenes had to be shot tonight. I sighed and hung up. Jai seems to get the same news. We looked at each other “Oh the joys of filming a movie!” I said with sarcasm. Jai rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth. “As far as I remember, there was nothing about chastity in my contract!” laughing I stroked his shoulder “ Ah, calm down, we can wait another day, can’t we?” I smiled and hugged him. He grumbled something inaudible.

I turned serious “Speaking of us, what is this, that thing between us? I don’t want to force you into something, not at all, I just want to know….” He looked deep into my eyes, lifted his hand and brushed gently over my cheeks “Remember what I’ve said to that girl earlier? I’m pretty sure about that. You are my girlfriend and I want to be in a relationship with you! That place in my bed? It’s yours and yours only if you want! You are intelligent, skilled, down to earth ad stunningly beautiful. You’ve got both feed on the ground and can be sassy as fuck. That’s all I wished for in a woman. And even it’s very early, and we know each other for just half a year, I can say for sure that I love you!” My mouth dropped and my Heart beats hard in my chest, I wasn’t prepared for that confession. Tears started to build up in my eyes. I pressed myself into his body and kissed him fervently. Snivelling I laid my forehead on his. “No one has ever said something like this to me. And yes, I love you too!”

10 Minutes later we were standing in the Lobby, waiting for his driver. Because of the Fangirl-incident earlier, we’ve decided to handle our relationship openly and don’t hide. That this would cause Problems especially with his female fans, we were well aware of, but I couldn’t care less. Also, I didn’t care about the paparazzi, who was now shooting pictures Jai kissing me on top of my head and hugging me tightly.

8 Hours later we haul our self into the room. Thank good, this time our bed was unoccupied. We showered fast and fell dead to bed. Jai snuggled into me, kissed my neck and already snored lightly seconds later. I laid my hands on his and fall asleep happily.

When I woke up next morning, his bedside was empty and cold. I instantly panicked. Did he make a run for the hills? Did he regret what he said yesterday? Would all have ended before it even begun? I propped myself up on my elbows and took a look around. On the chair next to the wardrobe, hangs his clothes. So if he doesn’t run around half naked, he should be here. But we are speaking of Jai Courtney, so…. Seconds later my sorrows were void. I heard him talking to someone at the door.

Packed with a big tray of food he came back to the bedroom. Jai smiled at me when he noticed that I’m awake “Hey Babe, slept well?” He puts the tray on the end of the bed and laid himself back beside me. He kissed me tenderly. Suddenly my stomach starts to growl. “Hungry? So I’m right in time! I’ve ordered us breakfast” There was everything on the tray: Fruits, sliced cold meat, cereals, eggs, bacon and even pancakes! We enjoyed it and just chilled because today was our day off!

After breakfast, we get dressed and visited a nearby farmer’s market. Our hands intertwined, we strolled along the huts, ate freshly made Chili and watched a rodeo. It was a great day, just enjoying each other’s company. When we head back at early evening, there was the usual crowd of fans waiting for him. Jai was in a good mood, talked to them, gives Autographs and took part in a lot of photos.

Meanwhile, I went back to our room. Now I wanted to be really alone with my boyfriend. I called Ben from my crew, left him a few instructions and told him that I was unobtainable this evening. Then I fastly cleaned up the room and sat down on the couch. A short time later Jai comes back with his phone on his ear. He seemed to be infuriated. Frustrated he throws the door shut. “No, Carl, I don’t want that! Honestly, I don’t care!…..That’s not my problem at all!…And that’s why I’ve got you for!….Don’t you dare to do anything like that! End of discussion!” He hung up and throws his phone to the sideboard. Jai sighed and flopped down on the couch beside me. “Whats up?” I asked carefully. He looked at me with worried eyes. Now I was afraid! I slid nearer to him and took his hand into mine. He cleared his throat “That was my Agent, Carl. Our relationship already reached the internet. He became aware of it and now want to release a denial. He thinks that it will damage my career at this point.” Sadly I looked down at the floor “I….I don’t want to cause you any problems. If I should leave, I….” I couldn’t go on because Jai seals my mouth a with a kiss. He caressed my face and laid his hands in my lap with mine “(Y/N), haven’t you heard me on the phone? I don’t care what anybody thinks about us, even if it is my Agent. If they only cast me when I’m single, then I quit! I’ve got the right for a private life! Of course, it’s great to be famous. Money, Stardom, fans, I really like that. Hell, I could have a new girl every night, if I want to!” I laughed a little “Oh hello Mr. Big ego!” He laughed too “you know what I meant! But that’s not what I want. I don’t want meaningless adventures or fast sex. I want something honest, something true. Someone to which I can come home to after a hard day. I lived before acting and I will live after it too. I’m not willing to hide you or our relationship just for the sake of a job. I love you and won’t ever deny it!” Tears of joy were running down my cheeks. Slowly I leaned into him “I love you too, and will always be there for you if it is thru acting or whatever job you have!” Of course, there will be a few bumps in the road for us. What will happen when he’s done filming in Chicago? Will I follow him to L.A.? Or maybe back to Australia? One step after another. For now, we’re just happy with each other.

Jai grinned and kissed me hungrily. I breake the kiss and let my finger wandering down his chest “So, just for you to know, I called my crew and told them that I’m not available this evening” Jai got a lusty shimmer in his eyes and his irises grew big with arousal. He growled, jump up and picked me up bridal style. He went to bed but stopped suddenly in front of the room’s phone. With a fast hand, he unplugged it. He smirked widely and gives me a short peck “No one will disturb us tonight. I’ll show you how much you mean to me!” Again he sets me down on the bed and laid himself beside me. Slowly we started to undress each other, our eyes literally stuck together. I laid myself back on the mattress, while Jai placed loving kisses all over my body. When he arrived at my panty, he softly caressed the hem of it with his thumbs. “So precious” he mumbled dreamily as he freed me from it. I moaned loudly and gripped the sheets as his head dived down my lap. I could feel Jai smiling “That’s just the beginning, babe….”

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Geekchic (Leonard Snart x Reader)

Requested imagine! My first one and unfortunately I accidently deleted the message from the anon (my sincerest apologies). But I beleive the imagine went something like this.
Imagine being a geek whose on the waverider and Leonard takes an interest in you.

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you have a lot of fun reading it! Keep those request coming and follow me for more fun things!

You were scanning through the Waverider’s database, which technically you weren’t supposed to do with out the captain present, when you felt someone staring at you. Quickly glancing over your shoulder to make sure Rip hadn’t walked in. Thankfully inserted of meeting the captain’s dark eyes you met the cool grey-blue eyes of Leonard Snart.

You turned back to face the computer. Grateful that it was one of the resident thieves who wouldn’t lecture you or run and tell the captain.

After a few minutes of still feeling his eyes on you. You finally spin your chair around to face him and ask, “can I help you with something Snart?”

“No,” he says his voice sending a shiver up your spine, “but maybe I can help you.”

“Help me?” you ask raising an eyebrow. “How?”

He smirks and slowly saunters over to you. “Stress relief,” he says when he’s only a few inches away from you.

“Stress relief?” you ask s faint blush appearing on your face. “I’m not going to have sex with you.”

He chuckles, causing your face grows redder and your body to heat up. “I was thinking something more social.”


“Drinks,” he clarifies.

You shake your head. “I’m not a big drinker… or really good in social situations.”

“How about dinner then?”

“Are you asking me out?”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he says before taking your hand and pulling you to your feet. “It’s the 70s I’m sure we can find somewhere to eat.”

“I should probably go change,” you gesture to your graphic tee shirt and jeans.

“You look fine. Just walk around like you own the place it’s what I do,” he tells you.

“Alright Doctor,” you say with a barely contained laugh.

With out missing a beat, and leaning down so that his lips are almost touching your ear, he replies, “if your lucky I’ll show you my sonic screwdriver later.”

“I-um-uh,” you stutter, you hadn’t realized he had been paying attention when you introduced the team to that particular show. But damn you were happy he was even if it meant you loose the ability to speak properly.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

(AU where Jack and Bitty basically have a meme son and Kent basically adopts a more awkward version of Dex)

Max Bittle Zimmermann is infuriating most of the time. He never seems to get nervous, angry, sad, and always has a stupid smirk on his face. It’s like nothing fazes him into a state of panic. Nothing fazes him into a state of anything. People always say that the only reason he has made it to the NHL is because of the Zimmermann legacy. When the press brings it up, Max doesn’t even show any signs of anger. His famous line, “My Papa was alright, I guess. It’s all relative.” has grown so popular its become a meme. A picture of Jack Zimmermann’s several Stanley Cup wins with the caption: “My Papa was alright, I guess.” He’s the spitting image of Eric Bittle, except for the fact he’s very tall. He’s known as the pretty boy of the NHL and not a lot of people take him seriously. Sometimes that’s warranted, though. Like the famous incident of Max Zimmermann throwing up in the Stanley Cup, because he was hungover from the night before. The most shocking part about that whole situation was that he played like his normal prodigy self.

Grant Parson is a spaz. An intense spaz that worries about everything. When Grant was a first round pick and went straight to Max’s team, it nearly sent him into an epileptic fit. It was just so ironic, Grant couldn’t deal with it. He also grew up with the guy, and Grant knew that Max loved hockey for sure, but it wasn’t his life. It was Grant’s life, though. Max always made fun of Grant’s red hair and said to him on multiple occasions, “You have so many fucking freckles man, like what the fuck is that?”

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kachikathy  asked:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANSWERING MY FIRST REQUEST!!! I couldnt be happier right now *ugly sobs* I have a few more reqs, if you dont wanna answer them all i understand! I just love the way you write <3 ANYWAYS *Tis about the same kind of MC from the first one* PRETTY plz make a HC of when MC has her first intimate/sexy moment with her MM boys (+Saeran), while she's being insecure about her looks, being chubby and all. **MC: "WAT IF THEY SEE ME NAKED AND GETS DIGUSTED OMFG"

//Awh! Hun, thank you so much! I love your request.


When the two of you began to get in a rather hot situation. He rid himself of his clothes almost immediately. 

So, when you hesitated to strip, he looked at you for a moment. Not really connecting the dots right away.

“Why aren’t you stripping?” 

You would squirm around uncomfortably, biting your lip nervously. 

“What…what if you don’t like what you see?”

His eyebrows furrowed. That didn’t make any sense. Of course, he was going to like what he saw.

Eventually, when he finally got that damn outfit off of you, he made sure you knew just how much he liked what he saw.


He was about to hop into the shower to get ready for his day when he decided that he was going to have a little more fun today~

He called you into the bathroom and asked if you wanted to shower with him.

When you declined he was confused. Had he said something wrong?

“What? Afraid of a little water?” He would tease.

You shook your head.

“That’s not it…”

He saw your eyes lower down towards your stomach, and he figured it out.

“You’re not afraid to strip are you?”

“I-It’s just…I’m not very pretty.” 

Zen literally looked so shocked, his mouth hanging open a bit.

“You know, I already like what I see~”

Later that day, you had to wear a scarf on a rather hot day to cover all of the marks that he left.


“MC! I’m doing all the laundry! Give me what you’re wearing~”

His voice sounded so cheerful, you could hear him working around in the washing room.

“I-I’ll be too cold if I do…” You insist.

He looked at you like you were crazy.

“It’s summer! You won’t be cold!” He laughs.

You fidgetted a bit, “I..uh..”

“C’mon, you!” He cheers, and quickly strips you of your shirt.

You quickly try to cover yourself, eyes becoming slightly damp from tears.

“What’s wrong?”

“I-I’m too heavy. I’m not pretty…”

He laughed, hugging you.

“You’re so cute! Are you kidding me?!”

The laundry didn’t end up being done…


You were watching one of Zen’s musicals with your girlfriend when you started laughing and spilled some soda on your shirt.

“Oh, I should go change…”

“Why don’t you just take it off?” Jaehee insists, smiling.

You blushed, of course, you were flattered.

But also very unsure.

“I-I don’t think that’s a good idea. I should change.”

“Is something the matter?”

“No, it’s just…uh…”


“You might not like how I look?”

She stared at you for a moment, almost in disbelief. 

“We won’t know unless we try will we?” She notes, smiling.

So you showed her.

The movie ended up paused. But the house was still loud with sounds~


Listen. He’s not the skinniest guy either.

Zen and Jumin and even Yoosung were in pretty good shape.

He usually just sat at home eating junk food.

So one day he noticed that you were staring at yourself naked in the mirror of the bedroom. You looked like you were crying a bit.


You gasped, quickly turning to face him. Your face was red and your arms tried to cover your body. 

“Don’t look!” You pleaded.

But he didn’t stop.

He took off his own shirt, revealing his chubby little tummy.

You couldn’t help but laugh a bit, he looked so cute.

The bedroom door closed.

You had a good time that night~


He didn’t really care how you looked. You had treated him with a kindness that was foreign to him and that’s what really mattered.

He loved your soul, he didn’t ever think about your body being a problem.

When things had gotten hot in the bedroom, he began to tug your pants down, much to your protest. 

You tried to get him away subtly, but it didn’t work. He was persistent. 

“Hn. Are you teasing me? I want you…~”

You blushed deeply, squirming a bit. He was really turning you on.

“Don’t be grossed out when you see…please.” 

He definitely wasn’t grossed out. He made sure to ravish every curve and fold of your body.

Let Them Listen (Matt the Radar Technician x Reader)

Notes: Ok before I post this I personally blame thank @faestae for her actions in the Sims that prompted me to write this, also there’s a bit of Triplet!Kylo and Triplet!Ben being mean to their younger brother so forgive me. Also kind of Exhibitionism and Voyeurism… Does listening count? Does listening have a different name?

Summary: Ben and Kylo have tormented Matt with their sexual endeavors for years and you decide it’s finally time they got some payback.

Rating: Explicit/Mature

You were finishing your first project at your new job when you heard a familiar text notification.

“sweetie can i go over for the night?”

“Sure babe, what for?”

“Kylo just brought his girlfriend home… So yeah, I need sleep for tomorrow.”

“K love, remember to bring your boxers so you don’t have to wear my boyshorts hahaha”

“I will never live that down huh? I’ll bring extra clothes to leave there, be there in a couple hours dear, gotta finish up work.”

“Sounds good, and don’t feel too bad, they made your ass look great ;)”

“Thanks lol”

You smiled as you saved your project and rolled your shoulders. “Finally, I should clean up before Matt gets here and order some take out.” 

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Silliness and Stolen Shirts

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Pairing/s: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov

Rating: T (Teen and Up Audiences)

Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff, Implied Sexual Content, Implied First Time, Boyfriend Shirts

Read it on ao3: (

It starts off as a simple mistake during the morning after.

Yuuri wakes up with sunlight on his face and a pleasant ache in his body, the covers warm around him. His hand reaches out for his glasses underneath his pillow and Yuuri blinks languidly as it slips on his face. Why, is the first thought that comes into Yuuri’s mind as he stares at the ceiling, is my bedroom white?

It takes him a full minute to remember three important things:

One, he is not in Japan and this is not his room.

Two, he’s in Russia for the competition set in a month and this is Victor’s room. Which also means he is lying on Victor’s bed with Victor’s covers surrounding him.

And three,

“Oh my god,” Yuuri breathes out in reflex, his eyes widening and a blush steadily growing on his face. He pushes the covers away and looks down at himself, where there are several tiny purple hickeys painted on his torso. Yuuri can feel his lips slowly stretching out into a big smile, giddy and disbelieving all at once.

It seems like last night isn’t just an elaborate fantasy dream.

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