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My Parents Decided to Watch Transformers Prime PART 3

You learn a lot about people by watching cartoons with them


Mom: “I think Megatron and Optimus are two sides of the same being.”

Dad: “In some states, they can get married!”


*Optimus and Megatron are fighting*

*Optimus pins Megatron to the ground*

Dad: “Then they kiss, right? I’ve seen this movie.”


Knockout: “Breakdown may not look it, but he’s a maestro behind the rotary buffer.”

Dad: “Ew! I don’t need to… that’s TMI.”


Me: “That was pretty funny when Megatron threw those two guys off the ship, expecting them to fly away, then one of them turned out to be a car and fell to his death.”

Mom: “He does what we all wish we could do, but know we couldn’t get away with.”

Me: UHHH?? Mom…?!