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Where the Fuck has Kiara Been?

Well as you may recall, her son with her one true love died in August. So, she’s been emotionally healing and just trying to get her shit together and focus on Finn (aka her other child) as much as she can. But you might also recall that Finn’s father is a piece of shit who left her without a trace and hasn’t been in contact since the day Finn was born. He’s also Tommie’s baby daddy. And you may also recall Tommie’s ultimatum and from the Christmas post…you see that she and Remus are on good terms now…lemme tell you how that happened…

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when guillermo del toro tweeted about lazer team my brain immediately went, “so….lazer team pacific rim au” so consider this, as envisioned by me, @raywood and @aerialfinish:

  • pacific rim au where the kaiju has killed too many pilots and nobody in the us could keep up with the only surviving pilot Adam
  • Herman’s a jaded ex-pilot who gets a pity executive position because of his injury, Hagan was his partner who’s trying to get back into the program after they could no longer drift and their team got nixed, Zach’s a new hotshot who knows he’s going to make it because he’s, like, The Actual Best even though behind his back people think he’s too volatile to drift with anyone
  • (nobody knows about Woody, not even the us government. but he’s there anyways because he’s the only person Herman wants to drift with, who cares if he can’t pilot a goddamn Jaeger, if you want Herman you got to count Woody in, that’s the deal)
  • none of them could still keep up with Adam, though
  • the solution is, of course, to make all five of them drift together
  • a conversation overheard in the united nations hallway:
    “those damn americans are doing again, sir. they’re breaking the rules.”
    “what is it this time.”
    “a 5 person Jaeger, sir.”
    “damn it.”
  • 80% of the movie is just the Jaeger tripping over nothing because five people are trying to control it
  • Zach tries to take a selfie inside the Jaeger, Herman keeps commanding it to run because, hey, large, working, non-limping legs, Hagan is screaming because every time he drifts with Zach he sees Zach’s fantasies about his daughter, and Woody is trying his best but he somehow caught on fire
  • a conversation overheard in the us base hallway:
    “is the Jaeger… facepalming?”
    “yeah, that must be Adam. he’s the only one who can actually control the thing.”
  • (the Jaeger was called Champion of the Earth, courtesy of Adam. Zach took one look at it, went “holy shit it has a laser!” and declared its name to be Lazer Team)

Honestly my favourite thing about Taylor’s cover of Riptide is the sincerity in her voice as she sings “I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations” and not necessarily in a lover way. More in a “society pits women against each other, and pretty girls are seen to be intimidating, so it is hard to start conversations” way. I mean, it can be interpreted to be someone singing about a lover, but I think that lyric also resonates with the majority of us either way. And with Taylor as such a feminist icon, I think it really throws that into light.