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This is a bit more open-ended than usual, but there's no one else I could ask. To wit: are there any particular moments in Series 4 that suggest or demonstrate to you that John really loves and/or genuinely cares about Sherlock? I guess secondarily, how do you read Sherlock putting off rescuing John from that well until after he dealt with Eurus In TFP?

Any particular moments? It’s hard to pick, it’s kind of infused through the whole thing, but okay, I’ll do my best.

In The Six Thatchers, John should be deliriously happy. He’s got what he wanted: the normal life with a job, a wife, and a new daughter, but he’s also got Sherlock, who is as committed to maintaining this careful and potentially awkward balance as he is. They still solve crimes together, and Mary and Rosie aren’t an obstruction. In fact, sometimes they join in! John’s devotion to Sherlock is pretty obvious from that alone, but Sherlock’s special place in John’s life is underscored by John asking him to be Rosie’s godfather. 

John should be happy, but he’s not. He’s never managed to get over what Mary did and who she really is. His happy life with wife and baby is a lie. As his trust in Mary continues to decline, his trust in Sherlock never waivers. John and Sherlock confront threats together as a team while Mary lies, drugs Sherlock, and scarpers. Sherlock, weird, rude, and difficult, is John’s stable rock, and Mary does not look good in comparison. 

After Mary dies, John blames Sherlock and cuts him off. I’d suggest that this is more indicative of how much John cares about Sherlock than otherwise. Not only because he thought Sherlock was a superhero who could could genuinely protect Mary and Rosie from everything forever, but because, as we later learn, the reason why John pushes Sherlock away stems primarily from his own self-loathing. John betrayed Mary, and his guilt and despair at not being able to live up to Mary’s, Sherlock’s, and his own expectations leads him to push away the things he loves most, including his daughter and his life with Sherlock. This is underscored by his goodbye scene in the hospital, where he leaves his cane as a silent final message: you saved me, I didn’t deserve it, and here I betray you. 

We’ve had Sherlock’s mind palace for a while, which is a wonderful way to see what’s actually going on in his head. In The Lying Detective, we finally get the equivalent for John: Mary. Hallucinated Mary isn’t a ghost or even a memory, she’s the honest part of John. And she adores Sherlock. She talks about him constantly. She watches him mid-deduction with love and delight. She recognizes that Sherlock knows John, understands him completely, but John disagrees. Sherlock can’t possibly know how worthless John is; like Mary, Sherlock believes he is a good, moral man, and John knows that they’re both wrong. The voice in his head says: Sherlock may be a monster, but he’s my monster.

The most dramatic indicator of how John feels about Sherlock is his confession and breakdown at the end of The Lying Detective. This is the first time John has been completely honest in this entire story. John hides his feelings constantly, he lies about them, even to himself. And in this scene he nearly does it again, he nearly walks away. Had he done so, I believe his relationship with Sherlock would have been essentially over. He would have grown more and more distant and dishonest until their connection was entirely lost. But out of love and faith, he finally, finally makes a different choice. He chooses to be brutally honest and vulnerable. He cries, but does not turn away. He lets Sherlock hold him. No one has or ever will be this close to John.

Sherlock does not put off rescuing John in The Final Problem. From the moment he realizes that John is in danger, all Sherlock does is try to save him. The problem is that the solution is Eurus. We know that he can’t rescue John without her intervention because he was unable to the first time; the puzzle is too complex for him, it will always be too complex for him. The mistake he made all his life was thinking that intelligence was the answer. When he was a boy he didn’t have the resources to do what he does now: he recognizes that it’s sentiment that will save John, not brainpower. He’s got sentiment in his tool belt now, and that’s because of John. John made him feel and taught him to be a loving and feeling person, and that’s what allows him to triumph over his much more brilliant sister in the end.

Wedding Day

Prompt: How about a Sherlock x Reader where it is the day of their wedding? And Sherlock is really nervous and John and Mary are there to help and loads of fluff? Please and thank you :P

A/N: I hope you like this, it’s late and I am tired!

Sherlock stood in front of a large second story window, looking down at the flurry of activity taking place in the garden. It was a beautiful day and he should have been feeling happy and excited, but the feeling he was currently experiencing could only be described as panic.
“Almost time,” a familiar voice said at the door behind him. He turned to see John standing there, wearing a tuxedo very similar to his own. Only the boutonniere was different. John’s was red, his own was white, which incidentally, was the color of his face.
“Jesus, you look terrible,” John informed him. “Did I look this terrified on my wedding day?”
“This is a mistake, John,” Sherlock said, feeling the perspiration forming under his crisp white collar.
“A mistake? You marrying (Y/N) is a mistake?” John asked, eyes wide.
“No,” he replied, starting to pace the length of the floor. “(Y/N) marrying me is a mistake.”
“I might have to agree with you,” John chuckled. “But, for some reason that girl is crazy about you and seems fairly excited to become your wife.”
“John, be serious,” Sherlock pleaded. “She deserves better, I should spare her, I should…”
“You should stop right now,” John said, his voice firm. “You adore her. She knows it. She brings out your… more human side… It’s a match made in heaven.
Sherlock opened his mouth to respond, but another knock at the door interrupted him. They both turned to see Mary poking her head in.
“Excuse me boys, John, we are having a slight problem with the bride…”
“Problem?” Sherlock demanded, crossing the room in three large strides. “What problem? Is (Y/N) having second thoughts?”
“God, no!” Mary exclaimed. “She’s beside herself with excitement, but, we are having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. John?”
“Coming,” he said, following his wife out. Before stepping into the hall, he turned back to Sherlock.
“She loves you,” he said pointedly. “You will be a good husband. You will give her a good life. Stop worrying.” Sherlock swallowed hard and nodded as John disappeared into the hall. He followed Mary down the long corridor of the manor house they’d rented for the wedding. (Y/N) and the rest of the bridal party were gathered the master suite on the other side of the house. Mary pushed open the door and John saw (Y/N) standing in front of the mirror with her white gown on, the long zipper down the back pulled about halfway up. (Y/N) looked as panicked as Sherlock had.
“I didn’t gain any weight,” she ground out at John. He held up his hands wordlessly.
“No, you didn’t dear,” Mary said, gently. “The zipper is stuck. I thought John might help give a tug.” John nodded and stepped towards his friend, careful not to step on the folds of her dress. He placed one hand on her hip and grasped the zipper in the other. To (Y/N)’s credit, the dress was loose enough, but the zipper seemed to be stuck on the lining. His strong, steady doctor’s hands gently worked the zipper up, slowly and surely to the top.
“There,” he said, smiling. “All zipped up.”
“Thank you, John,” (Y/N) gushed, turning to admire herself in the mirror. Sherlock was a lucky man, John thought to himself. This woman who had befriended them both had won the other man’s heart and John was unbelievably happy for them both. “How’s Sherlock?” She asked.
“Talking about calling it off,” John informed her. (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“You handled it?” She laughed.
“I believe so,” John informed her. “Can you girls give us a second?” He said, asking the other girls to leave. Mary nodded and shooed them out, leaving John and (Y/N) alone. “I think you should see him.”
“Isn’t it bad luck and all?” She smiled. John shrugged, “Take me,” she said, gathering up her dress and following him out the back door, around through a back hallway and back up to the room where Sherlock stood waiting, gazing out the window again. She pushed the door open and he turned when he heard the rustling.
“Hi handsome,” she smiled, taking in his long, lean form, looking dashing in a tailored tuxedo.
“What are you doing here?” He murmured, crossing the room to her.
“John said you were going to stand me up?” She teased. She reached up and brushed a curl from his forehead.
“Why do you love me?” He asked, his brow knitting with concern.
“Sherlock,” (Y/N) sighed. “I love you for a million reasons. If you don’t want to get married, we won’t. But I’d sure like to marry you. I got this great dress…”
“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, bending to kiss her. “I want to marry you. I just want you to be happy.”
“You make me happy,” she whispered back, pressing her lips to his. “We will be happy. We will fight, we will get irritated. You more than me, probably, but that’s OK because we will still be happy.” Sherlock smiled and kissed her again.
“God I love you,” he sighed.
“Save some of that for the ceremony,” she whispered. “I mean, that is, if you still want to marry me.”
“I do,” he replied and (Y/N) laughed.
“Save that for the ceremony, too,” she said, poking him in the ribs.
“I will,” he said, wrapping his long arms around her.
“Ok so, go wait for me at the end of the aisle, I will be the happy girl in the white dress walking towards you.” She kissed him again, quickly and turned to leave. Sherlock grabbed her elbow gently, stopping her. (Y/N) looked back at him expectantly.
“You always know how to get through to me,” he said, his eyes thanking her, his panic replaced with a nervous excitement.
“And to think you almost didn’t marry me,” she tisked. “Good thing you have a lifetime to make it up to me.”
“Good thing indeed,” Sherlock replied.

It’s Time

This angsty Watson family plot bunny wouldn’t leave me alone so I had to write it. It’s happy in some ways though. (And there’s also a mention of sherlolly) Hope you enjoy the range of feels! ❤️ 

John sighed, running hands over his tired eyes before looking over at Mary again.

“I can’t help feeling like I’d rather it was up to you,” he said with a little shrug. “Doesn’t feel like it should be my decision.”

Mary smiled kindly. “I know…I know. But, John, I do trust you to decide. If you think now is a good time, then I’m sure it is.”

“It’s been sort of hard for me to say,” he went on, trailing fingers through his short hair. “I suppose I don’t even know exactly what I’m presenting her with, though I can guess what some of it may be. I didn’t want to do it when she was really young. Thought it might be too painful and confusing. But she is sixteen now, so…”

“I’m sure you’ve picked the right time,” Mary told him, her tone reassuring. “She’s your daughter too, and you know her.”

“Right, I know,” he agreed, nodding. “It’s just- it’s still hard sometimes…making these decisions and figuring things out. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but it is.”

Mary gave him a watery smile.

“I know it is. But that’s ok,” she whispered. “It’s ok to miss me sometimes.”

The door unlocked and opened and John’s head shot up, prompting him to sniff away a bit of moisture that had begun clouding his vision.

“Hey, Dad,” Rosie said with a smile as she shut the door behind her and set down her school bag. “Thought you weren’t going to be home till later.”

“Yeah well…” John hoisted himself up from the couch. “I wanted to do something sort of…important and special today. It’s a kind of gift- a message for you. I saved it for a long time, but I think you’re old enough now.”

Rosie kicked her shoes off and approached her father, her blue eyes curious as she tucked some light curls behind her ears. “What kind of message?”

John rocked on his heels for a second, taking a breath of courage first.

“It’s um, it’s all set up on the laptop in your bedroom. It’s for you so I’ll let you watch on your own. We can talk after of course- about whatever you’d like but um, I think this should be between just you and her first.”

From the look in Rosie’s eyes, she seemed to already have a guess despite her hesitant question.


John gave his beautiful daughter a small smile and answered as audibly as he could manage without his voice breaking.

“Your mother.”

Rosie came back down the hall about twenty minutes later, just as John had put the kettle on. She came over to him in the kitchen, sniffling and a bit red in the face. John immediately wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight and stroking her hair as she let out a few more tears.

“Shh, it’s ok, it’s ok,” he whispered, feeling like the worst father in the world now. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry if that was hard to see.”

But when Rosie pulled back and looked up at him, she was smiling.

“No, it’s ok, Dad,” she said, shaking her head and wiping her eyes. “It’s more than ok. That was…that was amazing. She was talking to me. Mum was talking to me!”

John smiled, his shoulders sagging in relief. “I’m so glad you liked seeing it. That one was left especially for you, so I knew one day it would have to be time.”

Rosie took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Thank you for showing me. She was…she was so beautiful.”

“She certainly was,” John agreed wholeheartedly. “And you look just like her.”

He planted a kiss on her forehead and then smiled again. “So how bout some tea? And if there’s anything you want to talk about or ask me, I’m here and I’m happy to tell you whatever you want to know. Though, that message was from your mother to you, so if you’d rather keep it to yourself, I completely-”

“No, Dad, of course I want to tell you about it,” Rosie assured him while grabbing a couple mugs from the shelf. “It’s nothing secret.”

“Well then I’m happy to hear all about it,” he assured her.

“Y’know,” Rosie went on with a little laugh, “there was one thing that she mentioned and kind of seemed to know that really surprised me.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. Because I thought that Uncle Sherlock and Aunt Molly didn’t start dating till I was close to two.”

John frowned. “Right, yeah about then.”

“Wow.” Rosie chuckled again. “So how did Mum already know that they were in love?”

A smile spread on John’s face as he slowly shook his head and laughed. “Of course she knew,” he muttered to himself, and then looked at his daughter to offer the very simple explanation.

“Just one of the many ways that she was better.”

Mary’s Teacher 7/?

Oliver and Felicity’s relationship is tested when Felicity and Mary go back to school.

Thanks so much to @wherethereissmoak for helping me come up with the idea. Thanks to @magda1102 for the amazing artwork!

This is my submission for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon prompt: Choose.

Hope you like it! This is all other parts of the series are available on AO3.

                                       7. Back To School

Crisp leaves, cooler temperatures, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and new school supplies - all these things marked September and Felicity’s favourite time of the year.

She knew many believed January 1st to be the start of the new year but she always felt it was September. You get a fresh start with fresh students and nothing but possibilities ahead and truthfully as she headed to school she was as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Felicity got to her classroom early, excited to meet her new students. She loved teaching grade 2, the children were filled with wonder and she loved expanding their minds. As the students filed into her classroom, she thought of Mary and hoped her first day in grade 3 was going okay. Mary’s new teacher was Iris West and a friend of Felicity’s so she knew Mary was in good hands.

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Don’t Do This... (Part Two)

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: 1599

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Notes: None really, just wanted to write the second part! Hope you all like it!


Because if you walk out that door, I won’t wait for you to come back.


It had been a lie the minute you’d said it. Four days had passed since he left and you hadn’t heard anything from him. The first couple of days you had called and text him relentlessly, only taking breaks so you could cry. Today was the first day you had left your room since. Sam had brought you food but it had been left untouched. Dean couldn’t look you in the eye, let alone be in the same room as you. You hadn’t said a word to either of them. Instead, you had sat in one of the chairs around the map table and stared longingly at the door, only stopping to check your phone.

Any second now…

Five hours passed and nothing changed. Sam let you know he and Dean were going to bed and to grab them if you needed anything. You nodded, your eyes never leaving the door.

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Connection Chap Eight

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Chap Two. Chap Three. Chap Four. Chap Five. Chap Six. Chap Seven.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word count: 2193

Chapter Eight

Lines borrowed from The empty hearse in BOLD

(22 months later)

Your name: submit What is this?

A knock at the door stirred you from the reports covering your work side of the kitchen table. You glanced over to the mess on other side and smiled. Will, your fifteen-month-old son, was giggling as Mrs. Hudson tried to feed him breakfast. Another knock echoed through the flat and Mrs. Hudson stood up. You stopped her with a pointed finger. “Sit. You’ve done enough.”

She smiled as she sat back down and leaned toward the toddler throwing more of his breakfast than eating it. “As if playing with you is a chore.”

You shook your head as you stood and called out, “hang on!”

With a big smile toward the other side of the table, you asked the giggling, bright-eyed mess, “who do you think it is?” You were met with wet raspberries and messy claps. You chuckled as you walked backward through the kitchen door. “Don’t make any more of a mess on nana. I’m raising a gentleman.” He blew more raspberries and Mrs. Hudson’s laughter followed you into the sitting room.

You opened the door and frowned, “John? Why the hell didn’t you just come in?”

John smiled as he walked in glancing around as if he might see someone else. “Never know when you might be entertaining someone.”

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Okay, but like… I really hate 2.20 [What Is and What Should Never Be]. It hurts so fucking bad. Like, Sammy should be engaged to Jess and studying to become a lawyer. Mary should be alive. (i mean. i know she’s alive now and in the earth-2 place, but still.) John should’ve died peacefully, not because of Azazel. And Dean. It hurts Dean the most. He should get to have a happy life, with a cute girlfriend who understands him. With his family. 

But I guess him and Sammy didn’t get along, so it was just… so wrong too. 

And the part where he goes to John’s grave and just asks ‘why? why the hell do they have to give up everything for these people to live. why is it their job?’ 

They should’ve all had hunting/monster-free lives. But you know… It was never real. Dean was in the real world, and Sam was freaking out, and all those people they saved.. weren’t saved.

And when he sees the picture of Carmen in that beer ad after he got out of the wishworld…….. 


Dammit. This episode hurts.

but i guess i actually really love it. 

there’s also a cute brother moment at the end so it’s survivable.

how people normally react when their best friend gets married: “Yes, finally! He’s happy and found a person he loves! We are going to party so hard!”

how sherlock reacts: “John’s wedding has to be perfect. He found a woman he loves. I should be happy. Fuck, I need to practice how to fold these napkins. They’re not perfect. I should make 100 more of them, just to be sure. And I need to write a sad violin song. Maybe John will hear the subliminal message that I love him? And I am fucking up this best man speech right now. Shit. I should talk about murders. John likes murders. Well, not the fact that people died. Whatever. John and Mary are dancing and I want to chop my hands off with an axe. I can’t stay here. And John is going to be a father. Fuckedy bye. I am sad now.”

TFP Thoughts

There’s a lot of confusion and anger right now over TFP (understandably), however, attacking Moftiss is ridiculous and unnecessary. This season was phenomenal- no, it wasn’t what we were used to from the show but it wasn’t supposed to be. It was dark, raw, and emotional-the major plots came full circle and while there may have been plot holes in the finale- the show itself was incredible and in my eyes the writers did canon tjlc in the most sherlock way possible. There was never going to be an intimate physical moment-we’ve seen that by sherlock’s weariness of the subject of sex throughout the show. But this ending, while sudden and bittersweet…..gave us a glimpse of the future we wanted for the baker street boys. Mary gave them her blessing: “If I’m gone I know what you can become” (after which they shared a knowing smile) John and Sherlock living together, raising Rosie, and solving crimes. Now that Sherlock has understood his past, we see the human, emotional being he always was come to light-and we see him recognize that…he is finally allowed to feel. They are more than friends, they love each other and they are family- the way it should be and always will. That being said…….I don’t believe it is over and there are elements to come back to.
The writers have always said this wasn’t a detective show- it was a show about a detective…more specifically John and Sherlock’s relationship so it was upsetting to see Mary say “it doesn’t matter who you are” because with as much character development as we have seen throughout the show we know that its a lie-everything thats happened is because of sherlock’s past and who they are….it does matter. I am so happy to see them at peace…happy and living together, doing what they love with the people they love…the writers never told us john lock would be canon-in fact they said it would never be, but they always lie. Too many people are upset because they treated this as the end, and even though it felt like one, we don’t know that it is. If I were moftiss I wouldn’t want to come back to this either- they have given us so much and written an absolutely beautiful show with deep characters and intricate plots. They have said in the past that this was the story they wanted to tell and didn’t care if people liked it or not- it only mattered if they were happy with the product. They have ALL said (cast and crew) that they want to revisit sherlock, so don’t be so quick to assume this was the end.

Here’s some reasons why:

-We never met Harry

-It was never explained why Mary’s videos were titled “Miss Me?”/”Miss You” and where they came from/how they got to john/sherlock 

-We never saw sherlock resolve his relationship with molly

-We never saw Martin’s “big monologue scene” ????

-What was so “history making” about the ending? because while it could be interpreted as canon it was extremely subtle….

-Moriarty plot was wayyyyyyy too elaborate to be resolved so suddenly

-Rathbone Place ???

-Anemoi ???!!!

-Moftiss said something along the lines of “its not whether or not sherlock loves someone, its WHO he loves” and yes he loves his friends and family, they never deliberately answered this…again..vague

-Vatican Cameos

-Never explained how Eurus was in connection with Culverton??

Why TJLC is canon:

-Oscar Wilde reference

-The scene where sherlock angrily yells at Mycroft that John is family (to which he smiles)

-Sherlock never once pointing the gun in John’s direction

-Soldiers? Soldiers.

-When they watch Mary’s video, immediately after saying “I know what you can become” sherlock looks down at john and john smiles (Mary has ALWAYS been aware of John and Sherlock’s love for each other)

-rebuilding 221B exactly the way it was before


-raising Rosie in 221B (there are only two bedrooms) ????

Nothing has ever been certain on this show, we were never promised Johnlock. Yes this episode had it’s flaws but I cannot comprehend how one can view it as bad- it made me scream, cry (repeatedly), laugh, sob, leap out of my seat, sob some more…and bad writing could not be capable of inciting that kind of a reaction. I’m thankful for Moftiss, I’m thankful for Ben and Martin’s heart in staying loyal and repeatedly returning to do this show despite more pressing demands, and I’m thankful for the incredible show they’ve given us. 

Who knows if there will be an episode 4 or season 5, but for me…..Sherlock has been the best thing I have ever seen on television and I am in awe of Moftiss’ depth and dedication to the story. I hope this isn’t the end, but in the meantime take everything with a grain of salt (we’ve known that since the beginning) and for now, try and be happy with the evolution of Sherlock and John’s relationship throughout the show and where it has led them. John just lost his wife and it nearly destroyed their relationship beyond repair…John needs time, sherlock needs time, they need time to heal and get back to their routine where the love began….. Moftiss can’t make everyone happy, so they gave us an ending where we could interpret it as we choose and make Johnlock whatever we wanted it to be. xx

Growth, A Sherlolly Ficlet

Generally speaking, he disliked metaphors, particularly ones that compared human beings to plant life – specifically, he disliked metaphors that compared women to flowers. However, in this case he couldn’t deny the truth – Molly was blooming, there was no way around it. She was blooming with health, glowing with happiness, and the swelling of her stomach as their child developed within her – grew, if he wanted to keep the metaphor tidily on theme – was not only fascinating but could be said to have spurred his own growth as well. Emotional growth, of course, rather than literal physical growth as Molly was currently undergoing.

He felt movement at his side, the dig of an elbow into his ribs and reluctantly turned his eyes away from Molly, busy with paperwork at her desk and unaware of her visitors, to meet the knowing grin of his best friend. “It’s amazing, isn’t it? Watching the changes, knowing that pretty soon the two of you are going to be bringing a new life into the world?” His teasing tone turned wistful as he added, “Just wish I hadn’t wasted so much time with Mary.” His voice hardened as he added, “Don’t you make the same mistake, Sherlock.”

Turning his gaze back to Molly, Sherlock reached into the pocket of his Belstaff and pulled out a small, velvet-covered box, which he presented to John without looking away from Molly. “I’m not an idiot, John, I know when the best thing that’s ever happened to me has, er, happened. And no, it’s not for a case, it’s never been an experiment no matter what anyone thinks, and it’s certainly not just a favor I did for Molly to thank her.” His voice was dripping with sarcasm as he dropped the small box back into his pocket and gave a determined nod, squaring his shoulders as if going into battle. “Right. Good-bye, John, don’t think I’ll need your help with this little gardening project.”

“Gardening project?” John sounded bewildered, and Sherlock smirked.

“It’s spring, John. Time for grafting or some other ridiculous metaphor having to do with plants. My love to Mary and Claire, and yes, I mean it, don’t be tedious.”

John remained by the door to the morgue, knowing he should go but unwilling to do so. This was something he’d never expected to see – not only was Sherlock Holmes about to become a father, he was also about to…yes, that was definitely a “yes I’ll marry you” hug and kiss he was witnessing between the consulting detective and the heavily pregnant Molly Hooper! He finally turned away, grabbing his phone and sniffing loudly. “Mary? Yeah, love, you’ll never guess what Sherlock’s done this time!” His happy laughter echoed down the halls as he walked away, and anyone watching would have seen him give a rueful shake of the head as he said, “Yeah, you’re right, should’ve known you’d have guessed it straight off!”

MHR is important

John’s face when he’s watching Sherlock’s videocard for his birthday. At that moment Sherlock’s saying that John’s friends actually hate him. 

John’s face when he finds out Sherlock is not dead.

I see no difference (except the sad moustache).

Now, i some of us felt that reunion could be more touching and delicate. And that John was so overwhelmed with anger he didn’t have any other emotions. But according to John’s blog that face means this:

He was rude, yeah. Arrogant. Apparently lacking in anything resembling empathy. But I’d forgotten just how funny he could be. He was so charming”.

This is what he actually felt at the moment. He was mad yet immediately charmed by Sherlock. Hooked in a second.

Another thing I want to point out is AGRA foreshadowing in that blog. Not only John wrote that he didn’t like white or any other kinds of lie, but he marked Sherlock as the opposite of his future wife without knowing it.

He was everything a good person should be. He’d just often say what he was thinking rather than lying to protect our feelings. Maybe we should all be more like that? Maybe we should all be more honest?

Btw, this post is the first one where John somehow mentioned Mary (”And I’ve found someone. So I should concentrate on that”). So, she probably saw this writings of John’s at the start of their relationship but decided to keep lying to him.

Off-topic things that i like about MHR:

a) In the start of the post John just smashed the whole deduction method. I bet Sherlock was so pissed but secretly touched.

b) Lestrade and Mrs Hudson met Harry. Adorable. Pls let us meet her tooooo *whines*

P.S.: John’s blog is very important and I will keep saying that.

@the-7-percent-solution taggin you again, hello

Scenes that don't make sense if Johnlock is not going to become canon:

-Every prolonged look shared between John and Sherlock. All of the eye-sex.

-Opening scene in the unaired pilot shows the statue of Anteros. “In Greek mythology, Anteros (Ancient Greek: Ἀντέρως, Antérōs) was the god of requited love, literally "love returned” or “counter-love” and also the punisher of those who scorn love and the advances of others, or the avenger of unrequited love.“ (Source: wikipedia.)

-The scene in Angelo’s where Sherlock says that women aren’t really his area, and where John lets Sherlock know that he is also single and that “everything is fine.”

-Every time John says that “people will talk” and that they “need to be more careful.” (At the end of TGG, in TRF.)

-Irene: There’s a back door Dr. Watson, better check it.

-John: We’re not a couple.

Irene: Yes you are.

John: Look, who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes but if anyone out there still cares I’m not actually gay.

Irene: Well I am, and look at us both.

-Sherlock refusing to eat dinner with Irene.

Sherlock: Why would I eat dinner if I wasn’t hungry?

Sherlock often watches John eat while they are solving cases together, but he doesn’t eat because he is not hungry when he is focused on a case.

-Sherlock: If I wanted to look at naked women I would borrow John’s laptop.

John: You do borrow my laptop.

Sherlock: I confiscate it.

-Any scene where Mrs. Hudson thinks they are in a relationship despite having met some of John’s girlfriends and having known Sherlock for years.

-Also the fact that Sherlock never corrects anyone when they assume that him and John are in a relationship.

-John commenting and Sherlock’s attractive coat and cheekbones in THOB.

-Jealous John. John counting Irene’s 57 text messages. Making comments about Sherlock and Irene having a baby. Saying that Sherlock and Moriarty will be “happy together” in TGG. Saying that Sherlock and Mary should have gotten married. John looking downright upset and disgusted when he sees Sherlock with Janine in 221B. John’s face when Sherlock proposes to Janine.

-Jealous Sherlock. Sherlock crashing John’s date with Sarah. Sherlock being mean to John’s girlfriend Jeanette/forgetting her name. Sherlock getting extremely jealous of Major Sholto/googling him when John isn’t looking. Sherlock making a jealous blog post on John’s blog and calling his and Mary’s honeymoon a sex-holiday.

-John holding Sherlock’s sleeve in TGG when they are handcuffed together.

-Sherlock comes back towards Kitty Riley in the washroom to insult her and tell her that she repels him after she questions whether or not his relationship with John is platonic.

-Sherlock detecting when Jim is gay. Sherlock checking out guys with Janine/setting her up with them.

-Sherlock: I prefer my doctors clean shaven.

-John dreaming about Sherlock while he is in bed with Mary, has hand positioned over his crotch.

-Sherlock hearing John’s voice in his head in HLV.

-Sherlock: He’s the most unsociable man he has ever met? So that’s why he’s batting around him like a puppy.

Mary: Oh Sherlock, nether of us were the first you know.

-Sherlock: …your ex commander?

John: Ex? Ex implies that I have a current commander.

-Knee touch that seems like it was on purpose. John shrugs.

John: I don’t mind.

Sherlock: Anytime.

-Sherlock wanting to say in his best man speech that Mary doesn’t deserve John, but then changes his mind and says that now he can say that they deserve each other.

-Sherlock: Not you, not you, not you. You, it’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.

-Every mention about The Elephant in the Room. John Watson’s ambiguous blog post about The Elephant in the Room where he describes how Sherlock wants to tell everyone about it at the wedding but he can’t let him.

-Sherlock calling Mycroft during the wedding, only to have his brother tell him not to “get involved.” Sherlock denies any “involvement.”

-Sherlock looking heartbroken at the end of TSOT, staring after John while he dances away with Mary. Looks hurt when John jokes about Sherlock teaching him to waltz. Leaves wedding early.

-Magnussen calling John Sherlock’s, "damsel in distress.”

-Sherlock re-starting his heart when he hears that, “John Watson is definitely in danger.”

-Sherlock: John, there’s something I should say, I’ve meant to say always and I never have…

*Thanks to natka-natka-natka and sherlock-is-gay-post for giving me tips on the Statue of Anteros in Piccadilly. Tired blogging makes me lazy, thanks for catching my mistakes!

Sammy’s so broken up over his dreams. It hurts. And Dean doesn’t wanna go back home… I… Ow.

“I mean, I’m sure you have lots of happy memories here,” she says. Hah! Yeah, sureeee. They’ve have so many awesome memories in their old house…….

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Potentially Unpopular Opinion: Missouri needs to stop being such a bitch to Dean. Like, if she’s gonna be rude and slapping people around, she should do it to both of them. It’d seem less mean, ya know. But nope. She’s just calling Dean names and making him do stuff, yet he’s still trying to be perfectly sweet and nice. I really hope she doesn’t act like that in s13, or else I probably won’t like her that much. tbh. go read @thejabberwock​‘s stuff on missouri moseley, and you might realize why i find her to be so frustrating.

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Oh, oww. They’re seeing their mom for the first time in twenty-two years. And she’s a ghost. Their mom’s a ghost. And it’s so bitter sweet. This is pretty much the first time Sammy’s seeing his mom, and Dean hasn’t seen her since he was fucking four. Owww. 

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Also, can you believe Mary didn’t go vengeful for twenty-two years?? Maybe Mary in s12 infuriates me sometimes, and maybe she definitely didn’t always make the right choices, but she managed to stay un-vengeful for twenty-two years, so like… Kudos to you, Mary Campbell Winchester.

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And John… Why didn’t you go to your sons when you had the chance?? Now you’ll just be spending less time with them, unless you count all the time-traveling. You’ve got what… Until s2……??




Lately some puzzle pieces fell into place (at least in my mind) and now I feel ready to write down what I think could have happened after Sherlock got shot by Mary in CAM-Tower. It’s one of many theories out there. It’s about EMP/EDT. If you are into this … maybe you will like it. If you are not …. just skip it. My favourite line in Sherlock BBC comes from Mrs. Hudson: ‘Live and let live’   Never wrong to stick to that.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any theories as to why the Granada series omitted Watson's proposal? I thought it was the most profound moment in the original story- when Watson says he's got a marriage from the case but what does Holmes have and Holmes simply (and tragically) says he's got the cocaine. Wonder why they disregarded such a crucial plot point

Hey anon.

Well first, here’s what Michael Cox, the producer of the show, had to say: 

“I think that the great strength of all the stories is that the relationship between Holmes and Watson is simply one of the greatest friendships in all of literature. And it doesn’t quite work if there’s a wife around the corner. My theory is that Doyle rather regretted marrying Watson off.”

And then there’s Jeremy:

“She would have got in the way. Watson was always more in love with Holmes—in a pure sense—than he could have been with a woman.”

But also….

I was considering this a bit today as I was watching The Sign of Four, but I was thinking about it the other way around - I was questioning why they played up Watson’s “attraction” to Mary Morstan so much if they weren’t going to go through with the canon relationship he and Mary had. At first one would think it’s a nod to canon John/Mary, but if they didn’t go through with a full proposal/marriage, I look back on that episode and have to wonder, what then was the point? Although I have yet to watch any episodes after TSOF, I already know that John/Mary doesn’t happen in the Granada ‘verse, so if Watson’s constant comments and attentions to Mary in TSOF weren’t leading to a proposal during that episode or in an future episode, what did these moments offer?

This is what I think they offered (but I didn’t pay 100% attention to the episode, so this is upon one surface-level watch): an opportunity to see how Holmes reacts when his relationship with Watson is threatened (we’d already kind of seen the opposite with Adler…ish). At the beginning of the episode Watson tells Holmes he see sees a pretty lady crossing the street to perhaps come see him. What does Holmes do? He tries to reroute Watson’s attentions back to him. On the surface, he is “complaining” about how Watson writes about Holmes, but really he is reminding Watson just how romantically he writes and describes Holmes, and just how warm he thinks of him. He wants Watson to focus on Watson&Holmes. 

Then, when Mary is in 221B, and again Watson’s attention is strongly focused on her, Holmes ‘chastises’ Watson for how cluttered their flat is, not only again trying to attract Watson’s attention back to him, but perhaps to show Mary, this potential threat, that they are two men happily living domestically with one another. He also uses a lint roller to basically caress his body and just completely doesn’t focus on what Mary is saying but is trying to have the focus pulled back to him. 

Then at the end of the episode Holmes completely ignores Mary when she leaves the flat while Watson continues to make bisexual googly eyes at her. And then finally, Watson is watching Mary outside the window and commenting on her beauty, but Holmes again tries to pin the focus back on the two of them. He comments how he solved the case but that Watson will write it up. He mentions the romantic writing again, but really the focus is how they are the team - him solving, Watson writing, and that is how it is and will always be, despite any temporary romantic obstacles. While Watson looks out (with a rainbow in the shot), we see Holmes in a mirror perhaps affected a bit by how Watson had acted with Mary (maybe?). The last lines are so heartbreaking:

WATSON: *looking out window with a rainbow* What a very attractive woman.

HOLMES: *sprawled out on his bed* Was she? (a statement or a question?) I hadn’t noticed (HE IS SO SOFT AND SAD?)

And Watson continues looking out the window and smoking with that goddamned rainbow and Holmes is still sprawled on the bed. Honestly those two are stuck in hell. Wanting and needing to stay with one another but not being able to safely allow their feelings to come to the surface. Perhaps Watson is attracted to her, but it also seems like they are both mourning how it is okay for Watson to say this of a woman, but not be able to say this out loud about Holmes. They are sad and pining and while Watson may see opportunities for a second-level of happiness with someone else, he will always choose Holmes, even if it can’t be what they both want it to be in that kind of society. That’s kind of how I read that episode, at least. 

To end this rather long response (eesh - perhaps I just should have copied and pasted those two quotes instead of going on a rant), while thinking about all of this today I was also thinking of Liddy’s post on BBC Sherlock Mary being a personification of Victorian homophobia, and a representation of what really kept Holmes and Watson (and John and Sherlock) away from one another. It kind of all coincides into a jumbled mess of angsty feels….


I was rewatching The Sign of Three yesterday and I noticed something. Sherlock’s incredibly cheerful right after he shares Mary’s pregnancy with the newly-weds; although he knows he’s losing John he’s genuinely happy for them. But then there’s this part- he’s smiling as if he were the happiest person on the planet until he notices something on Mary’s face (first gif- he looks at her, studies her) and the smile disappears. After that he looks at John and the smile’s gone completely. He looks worried now. Almost as if he’s afraid of John getting hurt. We know he had absolutely no idea about Mary’s past, but what if he noticed she wasn’t exactly excited about the baby?

Here’s Mary reaction right after Sherlock tells her she’s pregnant. More than surprised she looks upset. She touches her lips as if she suddenly remembers something that makes her panic. After that Sherlock and John share a few glances, but Sherlock doesn’t smile any more.

Then he suggests Mary and John should dance. Upper gif is her reaction. She seems not only agitated but confused, as if she was deep in her thoughts. There are tears in her eyes which could be tears of happiness, but I think they’re not.

A while ago someone suggested baby is David’s and not John’s. I can’t find the link to that, but after watching this scene again it all seems plausible. Pregnancy makes Mary worried and the only explanation I can see for that is if the baby’s not John’s- we learn she wanted to move on from her past life, she loves John and I’m quite sure she also wants a family. So why would she be worried when she finds out she’s having a child with her husband whom she really loves? Unless she was having an affair, that is.

“He is an excellent antagonist, cool as ice, silky voiced and soothing as one of your fashionable consultants, and poisonous as a cobra. He has breeding in him—a real aristocrat of crime, with a superficial suggestion of afternoon tea and all the cruelty of the grave behind it. Yes, I am glad to have had my attention called to Baron Adelbert Gruner.”

Adelbert Gruner was the villain in canon story The Adventure of the Illustrious Client.

“Have you ever heard of Baron Gruner?”

“You mean the Austrian murderer?”

Gruner was from Austria, which is officially known as the Republic of Austria.

Adelbert Gruner, Republic of Austria


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John: Well, Sherlock, you almost killed yourself by taking an overdose just to find out if Moriarty could survive. I hope you’ve learned something!

Sherlock: I have, John. I have. (turns to face the audience as the camera zooms in and music swells) I learned that it’s wrong to take advantage of those who care about you. That you should never underestimate what the fairer sex is capable of. That it’s wrong to patronise and ignore those of a different gender when they are just as strong and clever as any man. I learned that there is a fine line between anger and devotion. I learned that there are many things which the heart knows better than the mind. I learned that bravery and friendship are the greatest weapons any army can have. I learned that the ghosts of our past do not have to define our future. And, most important of all, I learned that I do not need to be alone, for that is when I am most vulnerable, and I am as deserving of finding love and happiness as anyone else. I learned that I should trust in those that care about me, for there is no demon evil  enough nor powerful enough that I cannot defeat - with the power of friendship and true love!!!

John: ….




John: But what does any of that have to do with Moriarty?!

Sherlock: Oh, Moriarty? Yeah, he dead. Let’s go home.

I know we’ve analysed the scene at the end of The Sign of Three already but I’ve just watched it for the 100th time I guess and I noticed something about John, which I haven’t read before.

So when Sherlock tells Mary and John that Mary’s pregnant (and why is that such a suprise by the way, John is a doctor, he should know how these things work…) and then says “Well you hardly gonna need me around now there’s a real baby on the way”, John looks at him like that:

He doesn’t look terribly happy about what Sherlock just said. I’d like to think that he would have said something like “No Sherlock, you’ll still be my best friend, no matter what” if Sherlock wouldn’t have done this:

He laughed. He laughed like “Oh don’t worry, that was a joke, celebrate the pregnancy, ignore me”. And John does:

Then we see this:

John grabbing Sherlock’s nape. Because he’s so happy. So if he’s so touchy with Sherlock, what will he do to Mary, his wife? When I first watched this, I thought he would hug her, kiss her, anything like that. But:

Right. A pat on the shoulder. Because that’s what you do when you find out that your wife is pregnant…?! How romantic, John. And oh look:

He does the same to Sherlock. At the same time. Seriously, John?

And afterwards comes the scene we’ve already discussed in different posts. I’d like to think that it’s really the moment John realises that Sherlock has feelings for him. 

John was so focussed on Sherlock for the whole conversation, yet at this moment, he can’t even look him in the eye. That’s so weird. The conversation afterwards is also weird. John telling Mary how Sherlock and he danced behind closed curtains at 221B. That’s not how you react to the news that you will be a father.

This whole scene feels slightly off. John and Sherlock are the ones in the camera’s focus, not Mary, although she’s the pregnant one. John and Sherlock have one of their “we ignore the elephant in the room”-conversations. They touch a lot. The end is heartbreaking.

Yeah it feels weird and I don’t know what to make of that.