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Do you ever look at a picture you’ve seen a million times and then it hits you. Like yeah, you’ve seen it before, you’ve reflected and chuckled because of it, but then BAM in the face motherfucker. What what what is that bracelet even supposed to symbolise? No, but really?

I mean you don’t show stuff unless you want to attribute them with some kind of meaning. Or have them be important somehow, Chekhov knew what he was on about. So what’s this supposed to be? This seemingly random amulet. Friendship? Hope? A tangible link to Alice link to humanity and community? I hate to admit it, but the movie isn’t that deep. Also Harold, it’s a fucking rainbow. No matter how much you twist and turn, still a rainbow on her wrist. Throw in a drag queen in the background and this would be more flamboyant than the Salt Lake City from the pre-Apocalypse during Pride. Okay, that was mean, I’m sorry, but also - *awkward cough*

Fuckery aside, I really do wish I could have listened in to the creative roundtable discussion that went on before someone said, “so— maybe she should wear a rainbow bracelet” and then after a moment of quiet reflection they all nodded and went, “Great idea, Barry. Lets do that.”

So turns out Barry got hubris or simply was a greedy little sob, because it wasn’t enough for him to push the decidedly randomass idea of Alice wearing the bracelet (without them really doing anything with it in the story), no he somehow got his will done so completely that they ended up using a picture of it as official promo material. And not only was she wearing it, rather prominently displaying it, she did so while shaking hands with another woman and staring intently into her eyes in a way that probably make homophobes awkwardly sputter about wholesome gals being wholesome pals or cry out in conservative despair; “won’t someone think of the children!!”

Like damn, Barry no one should ever doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion, and us gays. Thanks, buddy. Perfectly superfluous storywise, but thanks.

And on an even more shallow note, I weirdly enough am a big fan of Milla’s veins. I appreciate that she really does look like a skinny little mutant freak who would and could kick your ass from here and into oblivion. That’s meant to be read as a compliment.

That’s right! Our mystery guest is Adam DiMarco!  Aka; Everyone’s favorite Magician, Todd! Who was kind enough to have a cheeky looksiedaisy at a couple of this weeks categories! So, for this (belated) ships week – Adam’s picked out a few of his fav pieces! 

(Though, we should add that he said, (and we quote), “honestly these are all so amazing and I hate picking a fav” 

But we, the mods of the welters challenge, made him pick because we’re slightly evil. 

Anyways! Without further adieu! 

Adam DiMarco’s Featured Picks of Ships Week (Not to be confused with the fandom featured picks)


Queliot by @alipeeps


Queliot by @evenhbech


(He couldn’t decide – so it’s a tie!)

AO3 tags by @magicianstextposts


So Easy to Close Off by @kings-of-fillory

Thank you, Adam, for taking the time to look over the fan content for the Ship week theme! (Make sure you guys head one over to Twitter and thank him, too! He’s super kind, and much like all of the wonderful content creators – he deserves loads of Appreciation! So, let’s cap off this week with sending him a bunch of thank you’s and “you’re cool”s! 

(And remember – even if he didn’t choose your piece to be featured, it doesn’t mean it isn’t wonderful.) 

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"Especially when you know that duskybatfishgirl is over 60! Makes it even more hilarious." Seriously? I'm a completely closet skeptic because ONE reblog of "before and after" pics of Ben's face got me MONTHS of nan hate after she saw it, made a post with my name in it, tagged all her uber-nan friends, and instructed them all to block me after letting them know how they feel about evil @#$%&'s such as me. She's the reason I'm keeping it in the closet. I have enough real life stress to deal with.

Yep, way before the sham she told me about her age. And that is even more embarrassing to act like an overentiteled bitch to way younger fans. She should know better.

To Be Loved

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: around 2835

Warnings: some fluff, mostly angst (i’m sorry), language, mention of injury and blood, demonic possession, mention of domestic abuse, mention of rape, Dean being a sweetheart

This story is told from Dean’s POV

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She was vulnerable. I knew that. That’s why I shouldn’t be looking at her like this, or even thinking about her like this. Somehow, I just couldn’t help it. I had been hunting alone with my brother for so long, but here was this beautiful, strong woman, always tagging along in the backseat of my Baby. How was a guy to help himself? Just watching her fight made me fucking hard. That had been awkward the first time it happened.

It was so wrong to feel this way about her. The whole reason why she was with us was that she had lost everything, and Sammy and I just didn’t have the heart to leave her behind after saving her on a hunt.

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can we not talk about jihoon like he’s this aggressive and entirely bitter person? i’m tired of it. yes, he’s salty sometimes, but some people make him out to be this evil person who hates everyone and i don’t understand why.

he doesn’t take shit, but he clearly likes the members. he does care about them. he’s not rude or violent.

when i made this post a few days ago, i very briefly mentioned that people should stop making the guitar memes. those are tiring. we’ve had enough, let’s not turn into the bts fandom with ‘no jams’ please. and one woozi stan wrote in the tags of that something along the lines of ‘i will NOT stop making the memes about him chasing people with guitars bc i appreciate boss ass memes and he’s a violent person and it’s hilarious’.

…… he’s not???

he has manners. he’s a nice person. and i hope to god that if he were a generally ‘violent person’ he wouldn’t have this many stans. if he were really a jerk like that, i hope he’d be called out for it and people wouldn’t find it hilarious. because when people are jerks, it isn’t hilarious or worth stanning them for. but if this misconception a lot of fans seem to have about him is what you like about him, that worries me.

10 Questions Tag

Again, I was tagged by @acebelle on my other blog. 

1. Does your OC have any flaws or is perfect in every way?

Every OC should have flaws… but I still need to dirty up Astrid a lot more than Her soul makes her evil

2. What kind of scenes do you find difficult to write?

Beginnings. I never feel one with the story enough to start it. 

3. Post a line from your WIP with no context.

Not from Waker: Just a little broke and endlessly more powerful.

4. Do you have any LGBTQA+ characters?

Astrid is demisexual, and Peter is pan, but there’s a cast of like five characters… who aren’t dead. Alina was bi/ace and Lana who is a character that predates the story was pan.

5. Where is your favorite place to write?

My bed…

6. Are you proud or anxious to show off your writing?

It depends on how well I know a person. I just heard from my class that my writing is really confusing so I probably won’t be showing it to anyone outside of my friend group for awhile

7. Has your own writing ever made you cry?

I haven’t yet gotten to a point where I’ve written a scene that was supposed to be sad (wait, i have written sad scenes but prologue scenes. Prologue scenes aren’t meant to make you cry though, so they don’t count), but chances are I would

8. What trope do you actually like?

I like chosen one tropes if they’re done responsibly and also ‘dragon hoarding gold tropes’ because dragons are awesome and sirens being perceived as beautiful but once you’re underwater their true image is revealed. 

9. What’s one piece of advice you would give to new writers?

Don’t take anyone’s advice as gospal because it isn’t. That works for them; it doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. 

10. What Hogwarts house would your protagonist be in?

Ravenclaw or Slytherin

Now my questions: 

1. When do you usually give up on trying to finish something and finally, finally go to sleep?

2. How long is your usual chapter?

3. What are your favorite kinds of symbols?

4. How did your story start? What was its original conception?

5. Is your protagonist a people person or an animal person?

6. What’s a random skill your protagonist has?

7. Why does your villain think they’re good? Or do they know they’re evil?

8. Can you write in silence?

9. What is your favorite ‘quiet zone’?

10. How does your protagonist handle hope?

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Star vs Secret Santa! ...but not really

So! Hello guys! I didn’t think of it but as soon as I did I was a little sad that there wasn’t a SvtFoE Secret Santa! Now it’s too late to make one since christmas is just around the corner but! How about a lil something else? All the Secret Santa stuff just for New Year! So you guys get more time to actually do the thing! We’re a weird fandom we are allowed to do a Secret Santa for New Year!

Everything you need to know (mobile friendly):

How this all works
Application Form
Participants List

I’m gonna be kind of a joker. If there’s an odd number of participants I’m gonna also take part in this.
If there’s not enough people at all I might as well just screw all this. So if you want something for New Year (and have the ability/time to participate with something in exchange eg: Drawings/Fics/Videos etc.) you can join this event!

Spread the word!

My icon is Star in a santa outfit because she is gonna bring you your gift

What went on between Stefan and Damon in 7x16 and 7x17 kind of baffles me.

The amount af times that Valerie and Stefan (and Rayna) put Damon down and made him out to be the worst kind of scum, and more importantly, the worst kind of brother there is… Have I been watching a completely different show for these past 7 years? Because what it sounds like, even from Stefan himself, is that Damon has chosen himself over Stefan at every turn. And we all know how false that is. 

Damon recently chose to go MIA for about 60 years, and I can 100% understand why Stefan would be upset by that (at that time neither of them knew that Rayna and thereby Stefan would die within a human lifespan). It was a bad and rash decision, but then again, he didn’t do that to Stefan. (Not everything has to be about Stefan…). It was about Damon being miserable and alone. In a way his brother couldn’t fix. And how he, understandably, felt like everyone would be better off without him. Including Stefan. And I can’t blame him for thinking that.

And maybe I’m missing something, but first of all: why exactly is it that Damon should be obligated to take the mark from Stefan - I get why he offered, because Stefan got it from saving him, but just the fact that Stefan gets angry when Damon hesitates… Why does Damon deserve to die more than Stefan does? Why does Damon not deserve to see the woman he loves ever again, to finally have a life and be happy? When Stefan actually tends toward thinking (subconsciously/because of the stone or not) that his life would in fact be better without Damon in it!?!?!


I can’t even put all of this into words properly. But I was just exasperated, again, over the way Damon is treated by the people around him - especially Stefan. As if he doesn’t love Stefan enough. As if he wouldn’t sacrifice the way Stefan would for him, As if he’s selfish, evil, wrong, unlovable. “Damon, my first instinct was to save those people, but yours wouldn’t be, what’s wrong with you, why can’t you do the right thing like me.” 

Like Damon is a monster who only thinks of himself. As if it’s a burden to love him, to be around him. Because no one should be made to feel like that. Especially not by your only family.

How I feel going through the OUAT Spoilers tag lately.



I seriously just can’t. I’m done with this tag for a while. There are other characters on this show right? At least I thought there were. I’m not so sure anymore.