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I was planning on writing about this a long time but,  hey,  Christine loves Raoul.  she is not the person to accept to marry someone without loving them.  I do not think it was an escape,  although,  parts of it certainly were.  she shouldn’t have accepted without getting closure about her feelings for Erik,  that part was clearly made in denial and in hopes of running away from what was so hurtful to her   (   reminder that Christine was the only one that didn’t think the Phantom was truly gone  ),  but she would never agree to marry him if she wasn’t sure she wanted to spend a lifetime with Raoul,  that she loved him.  it is a mix of both.  I think people often feel the need to put one relationship against the other to see which one is  “stronger”.   I believe it is possible to love two people with equal intensity but different dynamics without having to deem one as less or as “platonic” to explain the canon ending.  I mean, it is pretty easy to fall in love with Raoul considering that they have a past together, one full of happiness for the both of them.  he was her first love.  he is someone she feels easy,  comfortable with.  someone who makes her laugh and smile,  and most importantly,  he is brave,  generous,  kind.  Christine respects and admires him above all. it is also NOT about appearance or money.   she loves who he is — he is a BEAUTIFUL person,  always has been.  he was never ashamed of her social status,  he made her feel accepted.  he was her first best friend.  he made her feel safe.  of course she fell in love with him.   that doesn’t make her feelings for Erik less important, and vice-versa.

Christine never made a choice and that’s one of the many beauties this story gives you.  I don’t think she regrets her life with Raoul,  but that doesn’t mean she forgot her feelings for Erik.  that the possibilities weren’t thought during her marriage because they were.  and Raoul knew that.  so they have their own share of tragedy.   the cherished love that was lost brings them both pain,  in that sense, in two different ways.   I also think the opposite happens in the canon divergent setting where Raoul and Christine are not engaged, not married.  because I strongly believe they wouldn’t be able to spend time together as friends.  the idea that their love had to end for them to heal hurts them so much that their presence is no longer a remedy,  it is torture.  they couldn’t stand to be simply friends,  and their love also is the kind of feeling that doesn’t end easily.  in fact, it never will.  Raoul carries a great part of her with him.  so that’s why she would never want him close — especially if that canon divergent setting involves Erik in her life again. how unfair of her that would be.  how cruel, even.

anyway,  this is my  “Christine Daaé fucking loves Raoul de Chagny"  post.

Tui said she wanted to make some tribes without wings, but for the sake of convenience, (not having to lug Tsunami around Pyrrhia) she gave all the tribes the ability of flight.

so, ive been thinking of some revisions id make to the tribe abilities to even it out:

1.) Nightwings should breath smoke, not fire. So they can blind others & escape by clouding up a room / their enemies face. they should be nocturnal and able to see in the dark. 

Their prophecy/mindreading/flight abilities can stay

2.) Seawings should have wings that are only useful to navigate through water. their respiratory system should allow them to stay above water, but not for long (over an hour) before their gills would ache 4 water.

They still have light-up scales.

3.) SkyWings would still breathe fire whenever, and have powerful wings. They should also have complex respiratory systems that allow them to breathe normally at high altitudes with low-oxygen levels.. allowing them to live on mountaintops out of reach from the other tribes.

4.) SandWings should have wings. They should be cold-blooded (like lizards) and collect & radiate energy from sunlight. They may also have venomous (snake) fangs.

They can keep their scorpion barb. Also ability to survive long without water, and firebreathing.

5.) IceWings are kinda boring so they can keep their wings. Their eyes are more sensitive to light than color (with all that white snow), so maybe they’d be colorblind.

Also the freezing breath is debatable, but the gnarly sharp claws are realistic

6.) RainWings should have wings that can only be used to bend light. Also their wings should have claw hooks so they can climb. Maybe their fangs are so prominent that their mouths aren’t capable of speech. They communicate mostly through colors to express emotion silently.

They can keep their acidic venom.

7.) MudWings are fine. They’re like a happy medium of SkyWing and SeaWing, i wouldn’t change anything about them.

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idk why u hate SQ, yet u love CS. I mean seriously their relationship is based off of harassment and stalking (all of which were on Hook's part). Where as Regina and Emma are at a point in their lives where they respect each other. Plus both of them r Henry's mothers, which is an obvious sign they will end up together. The only thing Hook has ever done for Henry was almost get him killed. I also don't think its a coincidence they sent Sean away, Colin is obviously next. This is the SQ season

And I don’t know why you are coming in here, asking me this, when you know the answer.

“Regina and Emma are at a point in their lives where they respect each other.”

 (To Emma’s mom.)

“I mean seriously their relationship is based off of harassment and stalking”

Hook went to a party that he was invited to. And when has Emma told Hook to stop doing what he was doing? In fact, when Hook tells her that he will constantly think of her, her answer is, “good.”

Also, Regina was the one that dug up Emma’s sealed records and had Emma followed and photographed.

“Plus both of them r Henry’s mothers, which is an obvious sign they will end up together.”

Neal was Henry’s father, and the man that Emma was involved in and cared for. And yet, they didn’t end up together. Plus, the writer’s have said before that SQ will never be together romantically.

“The only thing Hook has ever done for Henry was almost get him killed.”

Last I checked, he was trying to get Henry out of SB out of fear that Zelena would use him against Hook and the others. He should have told Emma the truth from the beginning, of course, but he wasn’t trying to hurt him.

Also, Hook has lead them through Neverland, he got Emma to take the memory potion, he helped them against Zelena, and he helped Emma fix the timeline.

And if hurting Henry is something to hold against Hook, then you should hold Regina against the fact that she did kill Henry.

But I guess it’s okay when Regina is the one causing harm.

“I also don’t think its a coincidence they sent Sean away, Colin is obviously next. This is the SQ season.”

Nope, the writer’s have said before that SQ is not gonna be canon.

I know your probably a troll, but I’m just gonna answer this anyway.

but have you considered freddie for alana’s love interest

Bras and Self Care while Pregnant and Nursing

Smaller breasts tend to grow in size much more than larger breasts, however you may need to buy a bra regardless for your new size as the rib cage tends to expand during pregnancy. A good bra can help reduce nipple tenderness, and if your nipples leak during pregnancy or breastfeeding you may be more comfortable using a bra and breast pads. If you’re planning to nurse you’ll want either a bra specifically for nursing or with a stretchy front that can be pulled under and to the side of your breast. For nursing bras in particular because your breasts change so much when you first start nursing, you’ll want to buy them the last month of your pregnancy. Buy only 2 or 3 bras at a time just to make sure they’re comfortable and you don’t have too many when your breasts change again. To check a bra’s fit, fasten the outside row of hooks. Before you put the straps over your shoulders, bend forward so your breasts totally fill the cups. Then stand up straight and put the straps on your shoulders. For the right fit, you should have a little room at the top for when you start producing milk. If it’s too roomy go smaller, if your breasts are overflowing anywhere go larger. If you’re buying this during the last month of your pregnancy, having the strap at the outer hooks should fit snug, you’ll use the inner hooks after giving birth when your rib cage contracts. The band should be level all around or lower at the back. It’s best to get cotton or microfiber cups so it’s breathable and absorbent and non-elastic bands as it’s more supportive. If you’re nursing practice exposing the breast one handed as you’ll need to do this easily when nursing baby. Poorly fitting underwire bras can plug milk ducts and infections. The bend of the wire should be situated behind the breast tissue. If you have a lot of breast tissue below your armpits a soft cup bra may be best. While nursing you shouldn’t wear an underwire bra all the time or at night. When buying breast pads remember not everyone leaks, so don’t buy too many at one time until you know if and how much you’ll leak. Be sure not to buy plastic or waterproof liners as they can make nipples sore.

During the last month of pregnancy and while lactating do not use soap on your areolas and nipples as this can cause drying, cracking and discomfort. Every time after you nurse you can apply a few drops of breast milk to the areola and nipple too keep it from cracking. Most of the time cracking or nipple pain is caused by poor nursing technique. Check out this post for more information on technique. It may also be caused by a yeast infection of the nipple which may also mean baby has a yeast infection in their mouth. You can prophylactically put Nystatin suspension on your nipples at the end of feeding and let it dry. This doesn’t need to be washed off. If that doesn’t help, you may need an antifungal prescribed to you. If nothing else helps, it may be a bacterial infection. See a doctor to make sure. If your nipples are too painful to nurse you may need to pump for 24-48 hours to give them a chance to heal. If one is more sore than the other, use the not sore breast as your first breast for feeding. Using breast shields between feedings may also help.

Engorgement is when the breasts become swollen and tender, usually due to increased blood flow and production of milk. If your breasts become engorged while breastfeeding it may mean that you need to nursing more often. Sometimes breasts can become so engorged that the nipple is flat and difficult for the baby to latch on. Use a warm or cool compress before nursing and express about half an ounce of milk by hand or pump and it should become easier for baby to latch on. 

A tender lump in the breast with no redness, fever, or warmth, is probably a clogged milk duct. Be sure you’re not putting too much pressure on your breast when holding it, and that you’re emptying fully during feeding. Use a warm compress before nursing or massaging while nursing may help. If you get swelling, redness, or a fever it may be mastitis. You will need to use a warm compress, antibiotics (for 10-14 days), and rest. You can still nurse while on antibiotics, in fact not breastfeeding may cause an abscess. 

It’s important you get enough food and liquid while breastfeeding. It’s a good idea when you sit down to feed baby that you get 8 oz of either water, juice or milk, for you to drink as well. It’s a good idea to add 500 kcal a day to your recommended daily calories. Rest when baby is resting so you can feed when they’re awake.

Lactation doesn’t cause sagging, and if pumping or nursing is really painful you should talk to a doctor or lactation consultant.