should have thrown him out the airlock though

Lost and Found...

…but at what cost? 


The Furry Interceptor flew though space towards Korriban. Flynn had so graciously lent it to Krispin to go and attempt to rescue his daughter. He had said something along the lines of they’d actually let him land with no problems.

Krispin had insisted that he could go and retrieve their daughter perfectly fine on his own but Tsu had been persistent that he not go alone, but damned if he’d let her come along. He lost her once and he wasn’t going to lose her again. He had gotten in contact with Cadfayel and had convinced the former Jedi to come along with him. This arrangement  seemed to please her but not nearly enough as it should have.

Krispin was sitting in the cargo bay in a meditative position trying to stay calm and repress some of the less friendly instincts he was currently having.  Though every once in a while he could hear  Cad going at it with 2V-R8 and he couldn’t help but wonder why his brother hadn’t thrown it out an airlock yet.