should have some docs on for this one

anonymous asked:

Could you do Grimsley, Illima and Guzma taking care of an s/o who gets awful migraines? Thank you!

I have never ever gotten a migraine before, but docs said I’m very likely to get them now ; w; ~Mod Kiawe


  • Uncle Grimmy here probably gets migraines a lot. I mean, look at the poor old man!
  • If he does get them, he should have some meds around that he can MAYBE give to his s/o, but you gotta check the label and talk to docs blah blah HE’S NOT DUMN OKAY
  • His room is hella dark okay, he has his s/o lay in there and away from any lighting (except some very dim ones) and probably lets them choose one of his Pokemon to bring them stuff
  • Grimsley probably leaves them alone because he either doesn’t wanna deal with it or because he can’t really disturb them. Does tend to check up on them time to time.
  • He will not tease them and instead will act more serious because they are in pain and would likely want to kick his ass if they are made fun of right now
  • Meds. Blankets. Snacks if needed. Dark place. Lotsa water. 


  • I feel like he has gotten something similar, if not, actually gotten one before
  • I’m sure Ilima knows best on what to do when his s/o is suddenly getting massive headache pains
  • He dims the lights. Takes them to a quiet room. Just, find a place where they can lay down to rest.
  • Probably prepared with medicine, but I think migraines need their own specific meds, so he probably stock up on some just in case
  • If possible, Ilima runs his hands through their hair to try and calm them down, but if his s/o doesn’t like it or can’t stand it, then he’ll stop
  • Out of the three, he is the most caring 


  • Does not know what a migraine is. He probably doesn’t even know what is wrong with his s/o when they are groaning and crying from the pain.
  • Someone probably explains what’s going on and he is internally screaming because ‘WHAT DO I D O ???’
  • Both of them are locked in his room for the rest of the day or however long it take for it to pass
  • He tries talking to them, maybe to lighten the mood or get words outta them. Kicked out of his own room. 
  • Plumeria has gotten them time to time and gives advice and comfort to them both
  • Guzma will do anything for them, but really wants to be there for them because he is worried™
Unabashed Book Snobbery 2: GoT’s 10 Most OOC Characters

Spoilers only through GoT 5x05, with some book stuff thrown in that we feel really confident won’t spoil the show in any way.

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Anonymous said:
your top 10 about the characters most OOC from the show?

Once again, anon, well done. As soon as I saw this ask, I sent it over to my friend, and between the two of us, we painstakingly crafted a list. One Google Doc session later, we have the second installment in our series: Unabashed Book Snobbery. The following is a collaboration between myself and theculturalvacuum, who you should totally go follow right now.

Preface: this was a difficult list to construct, because while we feel very strongly about certain characters’ arcs completely missing the point of their book counterparts (Sansa is one the most egregious here, for example), we felt we really had to hone in more on characteristics. It was a painful animal to narrow down, but we feel fairly comfortable with our order. That’s not to say anyone off this list is without issue though.

Without further ado:

Honorable Mention: Arianne Nymeros Martell

Arianne’s whole thing is that she exists and she won’t let people forget it, so being nonexistent is WAY out of character for her. She would give Doran an earful if she knew about this.

10. Littlefinger

Littlefinger is a Sneaky Sneak. You could say this is pretty much true in both the books and the show, though what is sneaky about mailing a letter to one of your greatest foes that has a reputation for treason to let him know about your hidden asset is beyond us. Still…yes, both Littlefinger and his show counterpart, Batfinger, are indeed weasley-type characters. And both have incredibly inappropriate feelings towards Sansa Stark due to viewing her as an awkward combination of daughter and boyhood fantasy.

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Dr Anon (2) response

Ballsy:  In response to this Post:

Dr Anon here. I hope that people aren’t hoping I can make a seemingly nonsensical pregnancy time fit into what should be usually expected. Because, if anything is certain, there is NOTHING about this ‘pregnancy’ that makes sense from a medical perspective. Over the timeline specified by the nonny ask, there have been some wildly fluctuating belly sizes that are definitely not consistent with a normal gestational progression.

We went from flat on the Vogue couch pic (at most 3-4 months), to what looks like a 7 month belly at Bora Bora in less than a month. And then we went back to an, at most, 4-5 month belly papped at LAX a week later. Then we progressed to a 7 month belly (if we count the pocket based dress bluffing) at the palace 3 days after that. As always, we need to make allowances for clothing choices, except for the BB pics (more on that later), but consistency certainly does not seem to be a strong point in this narrative. Am guessing BC/SH and their PR are not getting any professional medical advice on how this should be played.

As to BB pics… well PR, I hope you’re listening here… That was a MASSIVE mistake on your part. Why, you ask? Because you provided me with a reference point on which to base my conclusions. You should have kept it nice and vague, hinted rather than shouted, because all you have done is thrown massive doubt into the mind of any healthcare professional with respect to this ‘pregnancy’.

I’ll say it now, if there is a baby, I have serious doubts that it will be biologically BC/SH’s.

And, let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are talking about a real living human being here. A human life who may be being used to promote a showmance. Think on that.

More Act 8 Updates

Yesterday I completed Draft 1 in a solid six hour writing session. (Okay, I did get up for food.) The dozen or so people who looked it over for me in the irc and via skype liked it a lot! It probably has a lot of work to do, but I like it a lot too.

Act 8 consists of 8 separate parts. Some of these are traditional panel sections, some are… something a little different, and even more of them yet contain or are flash games or animation. Despite that, believe me when I say I’m trying to keep the scope of act 8 feasible to complete within a year.

In a few days, my best childhood friend and general superhero Zyy will be making a forum that will be moderated by them and @bluebirdofgrumpiness. This will be the base of operations, but the general google doc will still be in use. And in a week or so, I should have the prologue and part one written and thumbnailed, ready to hand out to editors, writers and artists.

We also have an official tumblr, an irc, and more platforms are on their way.

This is ambitious. This is maybe even stupid, on top of my upcoming full time illustration gigs. But if I could stop myself, I would have already.

Cool shit; we already have a song written just for this project. Just for us! I can’t believe it. Please send @skeledot a warm thank you, applause, and digital roses. Beyond that there are already so many amazing artists and people that have shown their interest and you know who you are. I am thrilled to get to work with you.

I’ve already talked enough! So get hype, stay tuned, and thank you all.