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right? more! bodhi! please! and i’m still hoping for a proper baze and chirrut backstory that isn’t aimed at middle schoolers, something about their lives through whatever resulted in the fall of the temple, especially. and cassian, too, has hardly any backstory to speak of. jyn’s about the only one they’ve put any effort whatsoever into fleshing out what’s happened to her, throughout the movie AND her parents in catalyst AND presumably in the upcoming rebel rising

A year and a half ago I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. I didn’t like that, for some reason, so I decided to work on it. For years I had been told by gym teachers and coaches on my sports teams that I should run harder, get in better shape, etc… but because I’m me, and don’t take criticism well, I shrugged it off. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. In college, and for a time thereafter, I drank more than I probably should have. I didn’t even really think about it. 

I don’t remember when I even started thinking about it, or why. At some point, though, I found the drive to put whatever effort was necessary into being better at this one, absolutely meaningless thing. It wasn’t until I wanted to better myself for my own benefit that I found the motivation to get up at 5 a.m. and run, even when I didn’t want to.

Not only did I start dedicating mornings to the ritual of running, but I altered the rest of my life for it. I stopped drinking so much and stopped eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. I wanted to run a little better, so I learned how to really listen to what my body was telling me about my diet, my sleep habits, etc… I did end up running a mile without stopping… that came quickly, but progress is addicting so 1 turned into 5. That turned into 5, every day. Then, when 5 came easily, it turned into 7. I caught a passion for it, and I rarely go a day without it. I didn’t set out to become a runner, but now it’s the most important thing in my life.

A year and a half ago, I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. Today I ran for two and a half hours, bagged two peaks, and can’t think of anything I would have rather done with this day on Earth. 

None of you care about this (or should), but I just felt like reflecting for my own sake on something I am very happy about. 

Please go find something, if you haven’t already, that you’re motivated to work on and get as good at it as you possibly can.