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I wanted your thoughts on Dettlaff as a character? I believe he wouldn't have harmed anyone if not for Syanna's manipulation; it's just that, like, I don't understand him? I don't think B&W does a good job showing who he was prior to these events. We just have to take Regis' word for it, but I couldn't bc he's blindsided by his care for him? I got the impression Dettlaff can be nice but is also unstable? (Though I think it's mostly the stress from the situation) (gonna continue next ask)

Ultimately, I don’t think he deserved to die. And while I dislike Syanna, and believe not all female villains need redemption tbh, I didn’t like the endings. Like, he’s either dead or not. I think there were tons of ways to handle the situation differently. To bring up a point by ProperBirds recent video (And I’m paraphrasing) “If Regis could get the 50 years of thinking time, after being killed by the villagers for his mistake, why couldn’t Dettlaff?” “He didn’t need to die then and there!”

Continued-While I think him being hurt and betrayed explains his actions, it doesn’t excuse them.“Dettlaff isn’t adjusted to human society and doesn’t understand them.” “Vampires have different culture and different values unique to them as individuals, as parents really don’t play much part in care taking and etc.” I understand that, which is why the Unseen Elder ending makes me mad. Dettlaff can’t be reasoned with at all during that ending. to be continued again-last one I swear!

last 1-For the Unseen Elder ending, after making your case to him, it’d have made more sense to have him resolve the matter. Sure, it wouldn’t end in a boss fight, but like, not every game has to end with one big fight? given how the Elder is like I understand them not doing that. I don’t like or dislike him, I just dislike when ppl sweep the fact he almost razed the city under the rug. There should have been more scenes of him prior to B&W and it’s a shame there weren’t, he deserved better!

Oh my, this gotta be the longest ask I’ve ever gotten. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Anon! My reply is also pretty long, so head over under the cut if you want to read it.

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Everyone’s favorite asshole.

DINNER just became ready, so quick with the description. Ahem, today I made some Naraku icons and while going through the manga and all, asdfgh OF COURSE I had to draw this asshole here, Aizen, in one of Naraku’s FAMOUS outfits, though better should have drawn the Hogyoku or the Shikon no Tama, funny that both crystals are purple. Anyway this is for you ila / @deusuprema, I know Aizen looks kinda young here but w/e B’))) 

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i once spent like 6 hours in a furry rp chatroom as smaug. someone came in and was like wtf smaug that's bullshit gosh you should be blocked. and like literally all of the mods and regulars jumped in to defend me and stuff. it was pretty rad. it also made me feel powerful to have people call me smaug and also like I essentially turned everyone into my minions for the whole time. it was good fun. you should try it as pluto and let them think for a good half hour you mean the dog before you tell.

i will literally never do that chatrooms fill me w fear but thanks for the suggestion b

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What did you think of the Savitar/KF scene? I didn't get any shipbait from Savitar. Matter of fact I saw him pause when KF mentioned Iris and sharing all those memories. I don't think it was by accident. Savitar played it off like he doesn't care about Iris but I feel ultimately he will. Now as for KF, what was she doing? She seemed to be flirting and almost jealous. She's talking about Barry and Caitlin back at it and I'm like bitch please! 🙄 What was she trying to accomplish?

I didn’t either. I know people (including you, I see)thought she was being flirtatious/jealous at first, but I think that’s just how she talks lol. It definitely wasn’t written as something between them, and Savitar/Grant didn’t play into it at all.

I totally agree with you that there’s a beat there where Savitar doesn’t know if he can kill Iris, and he doesn’t answer the question either. He answers it with a question: “Why should I care about his love?”

I hope that ppl that thought they would have SaviBarry/KF be a thing feel assured it’s not happening. Ep showed how little Sav cares for KF, even as a co-villain. I was left with the impression that she was embellishing her relationship w/Sav. She told B that she & Savitar made a good team yet it was clear that Savitar is like nope. On one hand DP tried to play it flirty but it fell flat bc in the next breath she is asking him if he really wanted IW dead & talking abt how he feels all that B (1)
(2) it just seemed very inconsistent. Perhaps, that was the writers way of giving her a redemption arc. The thing is, her redemption arc will seem like KF became Caitlin again because she wasn’t cut out to be a villain. Even SaviBarry was like how you gonna call yourself KF and not kill anyone. They made her a wishy washy villain and that is unfortunate.

It wasn’t written to be flirty/sexy, but she may have played it that way. And I agree that this sets up her redemption arc - she won’t be able to kill Cisco or blow off his hands. And I hope she reveals that Iris is alive.

Hopefully after this episode people will no longer fear a KF/savitar romance. KF tried to be all chummy with him only to be slapped down​ to reality by savitar. If anything KF seems to annoy him lol.

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Recognition and Love :))

Recognition and love are for me, and I dare say a lot of people, a big reason we post our work on the beautiful walls that are our blogs, :)). And that is indeed what my ‘two trees in b/w’ series received. So very big smiles to all, as well as a big cheers :)), it’s a series that is very special to me,:)).
So to did my 'look into my eyes’ photo, and I will be sending thanks for that accordingly,:)). Awwwww, you should have seen my beautiful Fluffy 'The Dragon’ when I told her she made it onto LuxLit, her little eyes lit up,:)). We shared a moment,:)).
Ok, hello my friends,:)), I’ve been away from tumblr for a week or so, and I’m looking forward to catching up on all the beautiful work I’ve missed out on, and sharing my own love,:)), as well as replying to all the great comments and messages,:)).
I’ve been inspired by the upcoming Grey-Card exhibition of 'show us your favourite place in five photos’ to go back and refinish my Ireland shots, and more precisely my Cliffs Of Moher shots,:)). Choosing my favourite five is something that is proving harder to do, haha :)).
So anyway, I figured before I move on with any new work, I would spend some time posting some re-edits, and other shots that I may not have posted, of The Cliffs, a place that I love so much.
I hope they are enjoyed, and apologise in advance if anybody gets bored of my self indulgence, :)).

Take it easy my friends, and enjoy,:)).

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yikes dude maaaaybe it's alright that she's a little indignant that her work got dismissed as #porno by the new yorker. i mean, they implied the whole thing was the result of heteronormative sexual fascination w/ women and nothing else when no one on the creative team is a straight dude. i get that the "nerd homework" argument is tired, but like ... lepore really did not attempt to engage w/ the work at all and that has 2 b frustrating.

People who have given themselves medals for jumping over a bar that was ground-high can act indignant all they want– that’s still what it is.  

“This makes me feel bad” – fine.  “I’m upset by how this made me feel” – fine. But “me and the comics community think that there should be a call to action in this New Yorker article, the action should be that you spend more money on our product, and anyone who doesn’t spend time doing the requisite research to make that call is a high-culture snob GATEKEEPER” – that’s anti-intellectualism.  Expecting to get a medal just for showing up– “this comic doesn’t feature women contorting themselves as much as they used to”?  That’s anti-intellectualism.  Talking about how the comics community thinks that the only valid writing about comics is about LOVING COMICS…?  That’s anti-intellectualism.  (Talking about loving a consumer commodity as a default mode for a critical conversation?  That’s kinda anti-intellectualism but I can see how that one’s on the line or at least relatable).  Suggesting to people that non-straight non-dudes are somehow free from the gravity of a gross culture, and critiques just float right off them?  That’s anti-intellectualism.  Suggesting that people judging comics by a single issue instead of waiting 5 months and judging a whole series is somehow the act of a crazy person, instead of what every single person who buys a #1 issue does every month, month in and month out, to deflect a bad review?  That’s anti-intellectualism.  Trying to intimate that if you don’t get a piece of shit Marvel comic that you must be all anti-genre cinema, and somehow conflating your work with the entire Alfonso Cuaron library?  That’s anti-intellectualism.  Running into a museum with your pants off and pointing at your crotch and yelling, “I got your Descartes right here, nerds, therefore I am horny”?  That’s anti-intellectualism.  Yelling about “punching up and punching down” as if people’s status in life mattered more than their ideas and expression of those ideas?  Hey, Nerds– that’s anti-intellectualism.  Yelling that critical pieces for general audiences are somehow wrongful for having somehow emboldened off-screen boogeymen?  That’s anti-intellectualism.  Talking about how people need to “engage with the work” for a historically troubled slice of culture rather than considering that the work bears the greater responsibility in that equation?  You might be a redneck.  Me not being entirely sure whether anti-intellectualism is a word, or the right word?  That’s mostly just kinda pathetic after typing it out this many times…

I could go on.  People have feelings.  Feelings get hurt.  A certain amount of hurt is understandable and human.  But “whining about gatekeepers” in comics is more noxious than gatekeepers ever have been. “Other people are why comics aren’t better, not us!” I’m a bad person.  I’m not an empathetic person.  I’m rattlesnake mean at inappropriate times.  These accusations would all be true.  But the laughs– the laughs all feel pretty, pretty good. It feels like good medicine. I can not type enough haha’s.  My fingers would hurt too much.  My poor fingers.  I’m just thinking of my fingers.