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#79 with maggie and #73 with kara please? i know im asking a lot of imagines but ur such a good writer that i want to read more and more of ur stories❤️

A/N I’m glad you’re liking the blog:) same as last time, I’ll write Maggie’s imagine here and then do Kara’s on another post but I’ll tag you 

25. Maggie x reader

“It’s almost one AM, Maggs.” You say, elbowing your girlfriend in the side.

You had come over to Maggie’s to play video games and watch movies, but once you two started playing, neither of you wanted to watch movies. You’d been playing Mario Kart since 8:00 and both of you had gotten more competitive by the hour. 

“So? We don’t have anywhere to be.” She responded, shrugging as her car passed yours. “Hell yes! Suck on that, Y/L/N!” She teased, a smirk forming on her face. 

You chuckle, sticking your tongue out at her. Her smile was so captivating, and it almost made you lose track of what you were going to say.”I’m reminding  you of the time because the both of us have work tomorrow and I should probably get home and get to bed.” You say, your eyes fixed on the screen. 

“Oh, save it. You just want to get out of here so I can’t beat you in Mario Kart again.” Her car passed the finish line and she won…. again. 

You put your controller down on the coffee table and stand up, stealing a quick kiss on Maggie’s temple. “I’ll see you tomorrow, love.” You say, turning to walk towards the door, but Maggie grabs your wrist so you turn back around. 

“Why don’t you stay the night, baby? I hate the thought of you driving all alone so late at night.” The smaller girl stuck her lip out in a pout, which she knew you could never resist. 

You were reluctant to accept. Not because of Maggie, but because this would be your first night staying at her house, and you were nervous. “Ok, fine…” You agree, sitting back down on the couch and letting Maggie envelope you in a tight embrace. 

The two of you walk down the hall into Maggie’s bedroom and you take a seat on the bed as she gets you some clothes to wear. You look around the room as Maggie digs through her drawer. You’d been in Maggie’s room plenty of times before, but tonight it was like you were looking at it with brand new eyes. A tee shirt was flung at you, hitting the side of your face.

“Are you still with me, Y/N? Looks like you zoned out for a bit there.” She chuckles, starting to change.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired that’s all.” You lied. You were really just nervous, but there was no way you’d tell Maggie that. You take your shirt, bra, and pants off and replace them with one of Maggie’s old tee shirts and she does the same. Her tee shirt smelled just like her, honey and lemon. You never wanted to take it off. 

You climb into the bed, getting under the covers and Maggie follows suit, cuddling up to you as soon as she’s in bed. “Goodnight, Y/N.” Maggie says tiredly, her eyes already shutting. 

“Sweet dreams.” You reply before drifting off to sleep, yourself.

You wake up to an empty bed, much to your dismay. You wanted Maggie to be there when you woke up, but she must’ve already left for work. You get up and walk to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee and there’s Maggie, standing by the stove and flipping pancakes. 

“Hey, Y/L/N? How’d you sleep?” She asks as she puts some pancakes on a plate and sets it aside, turning the stove off.

You hug her from behind, kissing the side of her neck, all the way up to her cheek. “I slept fine. I do wish I go to wake up with you, though.” You state, resting your chin on Maggie’s shoulder.

“Well, I promise that next time, I’ll make that happen.” 

‘”How’d you sleep?” You ask her. 

“ I slept fine. I would’ve slept better if you would stop hogging the blankets!” She teases you,  turning around in your hold to tickle your sides. 

A blush creeps up on your cheeks and you smile sheepishly. “Sorry..” You say innocently.

“Yeah, You’re lucky you’re cute, Y/L/N..” 

I really really don’t understand people who say Ga Eun is weak and only Hwa Gun is helping the Crown Prince i feel like we’re not watching the same show?? Ga Eun saw her father get unfairly beheaded in front of her then got kicked out of her village but managed to build an entire new one in the middle of nowhere. And through all of this she stayed kind and generous. She chose twice to let go of the Crown Prince to honor her father and his dream of justice. She jumped in the water without hesitating to save CP too. And in the last eps when she was arrested for poisoning the tea and threatened with torture as well as when Dae Mok kidnapped her she stayed strong and bravely talked back to them, standing for the justice she believes in. So yes she cries. A lot. And i agree she should have had more screen time but she’s not a weak character at all, she may not be the best character in this show but she is way way better than obsessive-one foot in one foot out-jealous Hwa Gun, or the two guys who are fighting for her love for that matters.

Kagerou daze VI, Chapter 6: lost days — 5

Kagerou Daze 6 -over the dimension- masterpost

The setting evening sun made the quiet ghost town look utterly beautiful. Unlike in the olden days, not a single person was seen on the deserted path. The only things that still moved were those that had successfully evolved into creatures of different appearances – those who had already become the new rulers of that world, the various creatures known as ‘monsters’. Ever since the ‘monsters’ had appeared in that world out of nowhere, within merely one month, they had completely disrupted Earth’s ecosystem. Facing their impenetrable defense and vicious attacks, all beings with a physical body were at their wits’ end with extinction left as their only way… or at least, it was supposed to be like that. 

A lone girl was the only exception. 

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I know he didn't take Aki's place but the timing was pretty bad and well Yoshida took over and Yoshida admits he's bad at writing girls and thus he decreased Aki's role. I'm just trying to say it's a complex thing with Crow


Whenever I see Crow-sama and Aki’s names in vicinity to one another and they’re not positive and even slightly accusatory (”Crow caused Aki to get less development in S2” for example), that’s when the alarms ring off in my head tbh. 

It’s a complex thing and outside events forced the timing of some development (or lack thereof) to be awkward, yes. 

What’s not complex, though, is that Crow-sama had nothing to do with Aki not having development. He didn’t even have that much substantial development himself that was plot-relevant, so there’s just no way. 

Now, screen time? Yes, I admit Crow-sama got a lot more than he probably should’ve (taking it from Aki tho? still doubtful). Development tho? Nope. 

But people still say that and it really bugs me. 

Things we said today

Rating: PG

Characters: Damian Wayne, Tim Drake

Notes: Gen. Damian is 10-11 here. Filling rahndom’s prompt: In a fit or rage, Damian says: “WHY DON’T YOU SHUT UP DRAKE! YOUR VOICE IS DISGUSTING!” So Tim stops talking to him. FOR A YEAR.


It had been a week.

Just a week. Not even seven full days, really. Barely a week. It was just fine. They had spent much longer without talking, before.

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  I stood calmly among the line of Pokemon fans, waiting to get my long-awaited version of Pokemon X. My friend, Dalton, was in front of me, fidgeting with his fingers as he awaits to get Pokemon Y. Ever since we were little, we would always get opposite titles; I get Blue, he gets Red. I get Sapphire(which is still one of my life-long favorites) and he gets Ruby… You get the point, right?
  Anyway, we paid and got our games and all but ripped them in half to open them. We were waiting for his dad to get back to pick us up, so we started the games.
  I picked Chespin (since I love grass-types) and he picked Fennikin (since he loves fire types).

  We both goo-goo eyed at the new 3D graphics, being life-long fans of Pokemon.

  I just never imagined that it could all go wrong. I just wonder what I did wrong… Bah, I’m getting ahead of myself.

  Finally, we started to randomly make our teams. Once we had a randomly-caught team, we battled. He won by good luck and type advantages. Once we got back to his home, we started our adventure.

  “So, how do ya think ya get Sylveon?” I ask. Despite its girlish looks, I’ve always felt drawn to Sylveon, and have wanted one since I first saw the release of the information.
  “I’ll bet it has to do with the Pokemon Amie.”
  So I got online and looked up how to get one, being curious and having a very short patience. As it turns out – not that I thought he was wrong; I was pretty sure he was right – it was, in fact, in the works of Pokemon Amie.

  So I set out, bound and determined to find an Eevee. Finally, I did. A female at level 8. Luck was apparently on my side, because it only took one normal Pokeball to catch it.

  Now that I think about it, it probably had nothing to do with luck at all.

  Of course, I switched my newly caught Eevee into Pokemon Amie, playing with it and enjoying it immensely. I loved making faces with it, and every time it would cry, I couldn’t help but grin.

  Finally, I got it to evolve into Sylveon, and leveled it up quickly.

  I didn’t give it a name, since I never really enjoy naming Pokemon.

  Dalton rolled his eyes at my newborn obsession that was Sylveon. “You really love that thing, don’t you?”
  “C'mon, man, look at it! It looks so soft and adorable,” I fanboyed.

  “Starting to question why I still hang with you…” he mutters, shaking his head slowly side to side.

  I ignored him and played on, beating gym after gym, staying up all night, determined to beat this amazing game. It wasn’t long until I had a team of level one-hundreds.

  A male Talonflame, a male Charizard, a female Aurorus, a male Greninja, a male Chesnaught, and, of course, my female Sylveon.

  I believe it was in Dendemille Town when strange things started to happen.

  I was back home, lounging in my bed, trying to complete the Pokedex, as I always have attempted.
  ‘Sylveon is cold!’ appeared in a textbox. I blinked, wondering if I imagined it. I shrugged it off and continued, strolling around until I thought of new areas to search.

  'Sylveon looks sick!’
  This time, I knew something was up.

  Then all at once, it hit me. I was finally living through my own Creepypasta! I was always obsessed in reading them, especially Abandon Lonliness. If only I knew the true horror that lied within the minds of these story’s tellers…

  I rushed off to the Pokemon Center, logically thinking it would be warmer. When I walked in, the music stopped. Nurse Joy and everyone else was gone. There wasn’t any blood or bones or guts or gore like there usually typically was. No, instead, there was, in fact, a small slip of paper.

  My mind instantly went through all the possibilities that could lie within picking up the note; Sylveon with bleeding eyes and a decaying, gory body;it giving a creepy message like WooULDD yOU likE 2 DiE?; so on and so forth.

  Biting my lip, and preparing for the worst, I walk up to it and press A.
  'I love you! -S’ is what it read.

  I blinked. That’s it? Cute, but… Not what I had in mind at the time. Slightly disappointed, and being a bit of a horror-lover, I sighed.

  'Sylveon is rubbing against you!’ flashed onto the screen. I clicked A, and to my surprise, Sylveon was out of its ball and rubbing onto me like a cat. I could hear small purrs escaping through my speakers.

  'Sylveon wants to know if you love her.’ It gives me the Yes/No option.

  How many times have I read of this happening?
  Of course, I click yes.

  'Sylveon is filled with joy! Sylveon has a present for you!’
  A present? From what was happening, I guessed it to be something girlish.

  'Open Present?’ Yes/No.

  I press Yes.

  'Obtained Talonflame’s Heart!’

  … What?

  I stared, dumbfounded, for a few minutes at the game, then slightly grin. Alright, NOW we’re getting somewhere!

  Of course, I checked my team, and get surprised that my Talonflame is still there, though its small sprite looked… Different.

  I looked into its summary, and the image I saw shall forever haunt my soul for all eternity.

  The Pokemon looked… Real. As in, real-life real. I don’t know how else to explain it other than that. Of course, there was a huge hole in its chest with the heart missing, but with its insides hanging out and blood spreading across the floor beneath it. It had those fake eyes you’ll usually see on stuffed animals. I was horrified.

  Of course, I checked all of my other team. Everyone – including Sylveon – looked exactly the same. I exit out of the menus, and am greeted with another text.

  'Sylveon wants to know if you’re pleased with her gift!’ Yes/No.
  I pressed No.

  'Sylveon looks sad! Sylveon apologizes!’

  I went to Pokemon Amie to see if I could see Sylveon again, since she disappeared back into her ball.

  You can call me a sick bastard all you want, but when I looked in those sad eyes, I collapsed and forgave her instantly.

  I guess Sylveon sensed that I forgave her, because she smiled and did backflips. She even walked up to the screen, and started licking it.

  I leave Pokemon Amie, check my team, and find that Talonflame is gone, replaced with the words 'MissingNo.’

  Oh, dear God, no. The accursed MissingNo…. Ah, how many memories does that bring back?

  'Sylveon has a gift for you!’ the text exclaimed. 'Accept it?’ Yes/No.

  I closed my eyes, breathed in and back out, and pressed Yes.

  'Obtained Froabble’s tongue!’ the text exclaimed.

  The text disappeared, and a long tongue laid in front of my character. It wriggled and occasionally wrapped around my character’s leg. I felt puke rising in my throat because, again, it looked…real. It took me a minute to work up the courage to go look at Greninja’s summary.

  I wish I never did.

  He looked… suffocated and weird without his tongue. It was on its back, its right eye staring glassily at me.

  'Sylveon wants to know if you’re pleased!’ Yes/No.

  I close my eyes and think about it for a moment.

  “Maybe if I say yes, he’ll be satisfied and stop,” I say to the wind.

  As much as I hate to, I press Yes.

  'Sylveon is bursting with joy! Sylveon has three gifts for you! Accept them?’ Yes/No.

  I was completely horrified by then. What the hell was Sylveon thinking?! Better yet… What the hell was I thinking?


  'Obtained Chesnaught’s stomache!’ 'Obtained Charizard’s skeleton!’ 'Obtained Aurorus’s scales!’

  There was so much blood.. So much blood..

  Sylveon stood innocently on the counter. Bones, a stomach, bleeding scales and a writhing tongue lay all about my character, with blood everywhere now. I dare checked the summaries of all three: Aurorus looked like it was made of all bare muscle, writhing and squirming in pain, with a pool of blood all underneath it. Chesnaught had a bloodied spike laying in front of it, with its stomach area gaping open, guts and gore and fluids all spilling out. I couldn’t even recognize Charizard: it had been tore to shreds, its skin, muscle, insides, everything but its bones spread out everywhere. When I couldn’t take no more, I exited out of the menus, only to learn that Sylveon’s game of horrors was only beginning.

  'Sylveon wants to please her master! Are you pleased?’ Yes/No.
  I smash my thumb onto No.

  I swear to God, I have never seen anything look as sinister as the look Sylveon gave me. I don’t even know how to really explain it; you’d have to seen it to know what I mean. Explaining it wouldn’t help the matter at all.

  'Sylveon is disappointed. Do you care?’ Yes/No.

  Even after all that, I honestly had to press Yes.

  'Sylveon believes you. Do you want to be with Sylveon forever?’ Yes/No.

  I press No.

  'Are you sure?’ Yes/No.

  This continues for countless more times, until I finally pressed Yes.

  I should have just turned the game off.

  A laugh that sounded as pleasant as Satan’s crackled from the screen.

  'Lets be together… Forever…’

  The screen fades to black, and my game stops working all together. I still can’t get it to turn on.

  I can’t go anywhere without feeling a dark presence behind me now, though every time I turn, theres nothing there. But I can feel that there always is. People seem to ignore me everywhere I go now; its almost like they’re afraid of me. They can see me, no dought; I figured that out a couple weeks ago when Dalton looked me dead in the eye and said, “J-Just get away from me!”

  Its been months now. I stopped counting the days long ago. I can’t eat or sleep; it doesn’t seem I even need to anymore for some reason. I’m still unsure as to what I’ve done to deserve this. Whatever it is though, I hope to find it out some day to make up for it. Until then, she will watch me from those invisible shadows… And I may watch you from the shadows, too.