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Vader: [text] ok kenobi wtf r u losers up to this time????????
Obi-Wan: Good morning to you too, Anakin. 
Vader: ur best buddy bail fucking organa and his stupid friends and that SMARTMOUTH DAUGHTER OF HIS are up to SOMETHING and now i have to go to fucking SCARIF OK do u even KNOW how much i hate it there 
Vader: i am not going anywhere NEAR the beach that is for DAMN sure
Obi-Wan: Wait…what’s happening??! 
Vader: i WAS gonna get in a bacta soak 
Vader: u know because MY BODY IS BROKEN U TELL ME WHY
Vader: but NOW i have to go haul my ass allllll the way over there instead
Obi-Wan: Anakin, please: WHO is on Scarif and why???
Vader: idk a bunch of rebel randoms r trying to steal some shit and now it’s a ~whole big thing~ LIKE I NEEDED THIS TODAY

Vader: aggggggggggggggghhhh FML 
Obi-Wan: What happened???????????
Vader: FFS where do i even start
Vader: fucking krennic
Vader: i knew i should have choked that guy to death when i had the chance 
Vader: I TOLD sheev we should have cut this stupid project from the budget years ago and bought a foosball table for my room instead
Vader: im so cold and tired and this job is so BORING no one is even hard to fight anymore like ffs give me a CHALLENGE for once its been YEARS
Obi-Wan: Anakin: WHAT HAPPENED????!!!! Who did you kill??
Vader: y r u so concerned about my day
Vader: usually ur all ‘shut up anakin i don’t wanna hear about all the murdering u did im obiwan and im the perrrrfect jedi i only murder people SOMETIMES’
Obi-Wan: 🙄 Well maybe I’m taking an interest in your life. 
Vader:  😉 nice try babe.
Obi-Wan: Very well. Maybe I’ll see you soon enough. You never know. 
Vader: k see ya 😘
Vader: wait what
Vader: obiwan
Vader: obiwan???????

(For @yuneyn and her love of both Rogue One and Texting Vader.) ;)  

When I Was Your Man (Jacob Black x ex! reader)


Y/n - Your name  Y/l/n - Your last name   Y/e/c - your eye color                      Y/h/c - your hair color

Prompt - Songfic based on Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”. Jacob severely neglected the reader for Bella and they broke up with him. After this Jacob realizes how much he loved them through flashbacks due to certain items, the next time he sees the reader they’re with Embry…the wolf that imprinted on them.(A lot of gifs sorry!)

Word Count - 1,618

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“Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now“

Jacob turned in his bed and looked to the empty side, the side where Y/n used to sleep. His mind immediately flashed back to the good mornings they spent together, the mornings when he’d turn to see them with a goofy smile and a crazy bed head. The two would share a small kiss and Y/n would play with Jake’s hair while they talked, but those were the good mornings. Those were the mornings before Jake phased, before Bella clung to him, before he began to neglect the one person who loved him for someone who didn’t. Jacob blew the air from his cheeks as an aching feeling filled his heart, the bed felt so empty without his lovely Y/n……

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“Our song on the radio but it don’t sound the same”

Jacob, Quil, and Seth sat around in the Black’s garage as Jake continues tinkering on his car. The other two wolves did most of the talking and Jake would occasionally let out his input from his place rolled under the car, eventually Seth grew quite bored of the awkward silences and put on the radio. Jacob took a break and sat on the creeper while drinking some soda, laughing occasionally when Quil and Seth would burst into song when they heard specific lyrics of their favorite songs. The atmosphere was light and happy, buzzing with energy until the spokesperson announced what song the station was going to play. Seth and Quil watched as the smile left Jake’s face slowly, watched as the pain etched into his face with certain lyrics. He could see Y/n, singing along to the song as he drove them both on dates and the song played.
The way their y/e/c eyes would light up as they’d belt the lyrics, the way they’d dance in the passenger seat along to the beat and a blush would cover their cheeks when they noticed he was watching them. The aching feeling came back just a little stronger this time and Quil shut off the radio, sure Jacob liked the song but it just wasn’t the same without Y/n there…

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“When our friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down ‘Cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name”

Jacob hadn’t seen Charlie since before the breakup, neither of you had. People would always say that he and Billy Black were the relationships biggest supporters, they were the type that believed you’d get married. That’s why when Jake saw Charlie’s cruiser pull up a lump formed in his throat, at least Charlie wasn’t one for making a huge scene in public. He made it to the living room when the chief walked into the house, his dark eyes immediately searching for his friend and his kid. “Hey Charlie” Jacob greeted in a fake cheery voice, hoping to god that Charlie wouldn’t bring up Y/n at all. “Hey Jake, where’s Y/n? You and that kid share a brain” Charlie asked with a smile, a twinge of pain shot through Jake’s chest as he remembered the fishing trip they all went on a year ago.
Y/n had spent a good fraction of the time complaining about the bugs and sun glare, the other fraction though they had been absolutely adorable to Jake. He remembers their concentrating face, the way their nose would wrinkle and eyes would squint as they tried to patiently wait for a fish to bite their line. Charlie watched the smile fall from the young boys face in confusion, Billy sighed and gave Jake a sad smile “We broke up a few weeks ago” and Charlie immediately felt awkward and horrible. “I didn’t know kid, I’m sorry” The chief said sincerely and Jacob smiled a sad smile “It’s alright Charlie, you didn’t know”. Jacob was starting to understand why his heart hurt so bad when he thought of you…

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“too dumb to realize;That I should have bought you flowers; And held your hand
;Should have gave you all my hours When I had the chance;Take you to every party 'cause all you wanted to do was dance”

Only after the breakup settled with him did Jacob enjoy the pack mind, it was always clustered and he was always distracted from his thoughts. This was until Jared begged Jacob to run his rounds for him so he could see his imprint, Jacob only said yes because Jared was extremely persistent and who was he to deny Jared sex or love? His paws thudded against the ground as he ran watch for both him and Jared, his abnormally large wolf body wading through the trees perfectly as he kept his senses aware for the sick smell of leeches. His dark eyes skimming the trees around him so he didn’t crash suddenly when he saw an indent in one that made him skid to a stop, once finally stopped Jacob went over to the tree and got a better look at the indentation. An older mark showed that a heart was carved into an area where the bark was peeled off, inside the heart were the initials of Jacob and Y/n’s names.
A high-pitched wailing whine fell from Jacob’s wolf, the heart had scratches over top of it that looked a few weeks old. The scratches were made with a human’s nails, he sniffed it and it smelt of his sweet Y/n. No not his anymore, he ruined their relationship. He was too stupid to realize that Y/n needed him just as much as Bella did, maybe more. He realized that Y/n deserved him giving them their favorite flowers because the damn flowers always cheered them up, always brought the smile that Jake loved to their face. Jacob realized just how much Y/n loved PTA, realized that he should have held their hand instead of been texting and conversing with Bella. Jacob registered that he could’ve spent so much more time with his significant other between pack meetings and spending time with Bella, instead he spent all his extra time with Bella.
He could’ve stayed late with Y/n when they had dates or went to parties so they could dance, he knew how much they loved dancing and he could’ve let them do what they loved. Now he couldn’t do that though, because he broke them up with all of his neglect….

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“Now my baby’s dancing; But she’s dancing with another man”

Jacob picked at the muffin on his plate, ever since he realized everything he did his mood has been even worse. It didn’t help that no one knew where his best friend had gone last night, Embry had suddenly disappeared. “Jacob…” Leah sighed from beside him, patting his arm lightly because she understood how he was feeling now but knew it was his fault. “I’m fine Leah” Jake grumbled shoving another piece of muffin in his mouth, Paul snorted from across the table and shook his head while shoving food in his mouth. “Hey guys” Embry’s cheery voice called through the air and everyone erupted into questions, Jake though that Sam was going to kill him judging by his tone of voice. “I’m sorry Sam, I was with my imprint” Embry said scratching the back of his neck before the pack collectively asked “You Imprinted”. The lanky boy chuckled nervously at his packmates before glancing at Jacob, Embry gulped and sat as far away as he could.
“Yeah and they really like to dance, I didn’t keep track of time” After he spoke Embry grabbed some food and immediately looked down at it. Jacob heard ringing, his heart began thumping in his chest as that painful aching feeling filled his chest again but now it was four times as strong. He now knew why Embry sat away from him “Are you serious?” It came out a little colder than Jacob first expected and Embry shrunk slightly in his seat. “Yeah…everyone I imprinted on Y/n” Embry said and the pack double took, Jacob ran outside and phased before running into the woods. “It’s alright Embry” Sam said before following the extremely loud whines and yowls coming from the woods outside his house….

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“My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways; Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life; Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made, oh; And it haunts me every time I close my eyes”

Sam, Jared, and Paul followed Jacob into the woods and phased. They all stayed quiet as they heard all the thoughts swirling through Jacob’s mind, all of them whining as they feel the pain radiating off him. All he could think about was how much he fucked up, Y/n was the best thing that ever happened to him and he neglected them. They loved him and he loved them, he still loved them and he let it go on some schoolboy crush. He let Y/n go and now he could never ever get them back, he could never right the wrongs he’d done. He was so self-congratulatory that Bella had seemingly chosen him over the bloodsucker that he focused on her, not the one who actually loved him and cared for his wellbeing. Y/n was one of the strongest people in his life, they were his rock throughout everything and he broke their heart.
But now they were gone and never coming back to him, all because of him. Why was he such an idiot? Bella never loved him and now ruined everything

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“Although it hurts; I’ll be the first to say that I was wrong; Oh, I know I’m probably much too late; To try and apologize for my mistakes; But I just want you to know
I hope he buys you flowers; I hope he holds your hand; Give you all his hours; When he has the chance; Take you to every party: 'Cause I remember how much you loved to dance; Do all the things I should have done ;When I was your man ;Do all the things I should have done ;When I was your man”

Jacob was laughing for the first time in weeks, he and Leah had been joking around for a good portion of this bonfire when they saw two people walk down. Y/n was walking next to Embry and he wrapped his arms around their shoulders, Leah smiled and Jacob couldn’t help the sad smile that came to his lips. It was much too late for him to take back everything but he had apologized and they made up, slowly a friendship was blossoming. Embry was perfect for them, it was everything Jacob hoped would happen to Y/n. Embry gave them the attention they deserved, He bought them their favorite flowers on a daily basis, Embry loved showing them off and holding their hand, He took them to so many parties because both he and Jake knew how much Y/n loves parties. Embry did everything for Y/n and it made Jacob smile, he did everything Jake didn’t do when he was their man.

The Last Time You Kiss II

A/N: Sorry this took so long for me to get out… I know it’s another cliff hanger, so if you guys want a part three I will write one. The words in italics are lyrics just so you all know.

Thanks to @kimberleymayh for proof reading this piece of trash

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 974

Part one 

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You couldn’t sleep so you opened twitter. You planned on just mindlessly scrolling through tweets until you fell asleep, but that’s not what happened. All through your feed was accounts freaking out about the cover Shawn just put up, and how sad it was. The first thing that came to your mind wasn’t anything about the cover, it was these accounts. You didn’t remember following any of them till you went through some of their posts. They were people who supported your relationship, and would defend you. You never unfollowed them because that idea seemed rude to you. So you went through the tweets from these accounts more, and then started to roam everyone’s Twitter about the cover. You weren’t going to watch the video, until you came across a string of Tweets talking about who the cover was meant for. They think the cover was meant for you.That’s when you decided to check out what he posted on Youtube. You search his name and his account comes up. The most recent video was simply called ‘Shawn Mendes Cover’, which seemed a little strange considering he always put the titles of the songs in the title of the video. You ignore it and click on the video.

His intro stayed the same as it always did.

“What’s up guys, it’s Shawn” he seemed so upbeat and happy. You didn’t understand what everyone was talking about when referring to the video as sad. He continues talking, and that’s when he said the title of the song he was singing.

“Today I am going to be doing a cover of When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.”

Your heart dropped to your stomach. This is why the video was sad. This is why people are thinking the song is about you. It is a song about a breakup.

His eyes look straight into the camera when he says “I hope you enjoy.”

If your heart had already dropped to your stomach, it would now be on the floor. You know he wasn’t looking at you, but it felt like he was. It felt like he was looking into your eyes, the same way he did whenever he would sing your favorite song live. You paused the video and looked into his eyes. You remember the first time you saw him live after the two of you had became an item. You were in the front row, and at first it was a little awkward. At this time no one knew Shawn and you were together. Both of your families knew, and Shawn’s team knew, but that was about it. Shawn knew your favorite song on the set list was Ruin. He knew because he asked you out using the words, “Darling I’m the only one for you”. The entire time he sang that song, his eyes were locked on you.

You open your eyes, take a deep breath, and press play. The camera was propped in front of the keyboard, and your heart rate increased as he began to play the opening chords. He slowly inhaled and started.

Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now. Our song on the radio but it don’t sound the same. When our friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down. ‘Cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name.

Tears started to build up in your eyes. You hadn’t talked to Shawn since that night. The two of you hadn’t even sent one text message to each other. Neither of you liked each other’s Instagram posts, or favorited each other’s tweets. There was zero contact between the two of you since you walked out of his house. You kept listening.

I should have bought you flowers, and held your hand. Should have gave you all my hours when I had the chance. Take you to every party ‘cause all you wanted to do was dance.

You remember the first time Shawn held your hand in public. He had always wanted to make it seem like you two were just good friends, but the fans were getting on his nerves. The two of you had been walking in New York City, and people kept interrupting your walk. At first Shawn wasn’t too bothered about this. He loved his fans and enjoyed meeting them. But he was trying to be romantic, and it was hard to do that when people stopped him every two minutes to take a picture. So when the last fan in a group took her picture and kissed him on the cheek, he was fuming. He locked eyes with the fan, and grabbed your hand. He intertwined his fingers with yours, and pulled the two of you away for the rest of your walk.

You continued to listen to the rest of the cover. By the end, you were crying. It just brought so many memories back. But when Shawn sung the last verse, you could hear the pain in his voice.

Do all the things I should have done, when I was your man.

Those words made your heart shatter into a thousand pieces. Tears were now flowing from your eyes, and you needed to stop. But you didn’t stop it in time. You didn’t stop it before the last words fall from his lips.

“I love you”

Then the video just fades to black. You understand why everyone was freaking out, because you too were freaking out. Do you text him about the video? Is it wrong to assume the cover was meant for you? How are you supposed to react to something like this. You know you have to text him about the video. So you do. You send him one text and then go to sleep.

“I saw your cover on Youtube.”

Toshiya’s creativity Vol 03 My Favourite 1/2

Previously Toshiya said, “I’m interested in Rolex”. The person in charge of the editorial heard these words and made a promise “Someday we have to make something about it”. Finally, it was done in this issue. Sorry if this time our talk turned into a maniac talk (bitter smile) We also asked Toshiya about his personal time.

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Fabregas scores early, but Chelsea lose to Palace 1-2. 

On this day in 1981 - Ken Bates bought Chelsea for £1. Many years later, we’re *touch wood* on our way to winning the title once more. Listen, this defeat is nothing, 7 points clear at this stage when Conte’s only job for this year was to secure top 4 after the shambles last year is amazing. We played ridiculously amazing football, the amount of chances, should have had a penalty, I could go on but truth is they got lucky today.


Beer of the night

I wasted half this day. It’s been dark and damp a lot and threatening to rain half the time. But the weather wasn’t shitty enough that I felt good about watching Netflix for several hours. Not that it did stop me from watching Netflix.

Now, as I’m resigned to stay in and clean the house, here comes the damned sun. Since I’ve already opened the beer a motorcycle ride is ruled out. Plus I enjoy the soothing sound of the dishwasher in the evening; I don’t want to miss it. At least one of us is running today.

Twice this week some asshole broke some plates or bowls in the street around the corner from where I live. Maybe that caused my flat tire? Last night I heard another plate shatter. I don’t want to take any chances on another flat so this afternoon I grabbed a big broom and swept all the ceramic pieces out of the middle of the street. Two people driving by stopped and thanked me.

I should have had a tip jar!

The beer is St. Peters Brewery Dirty Tackle ale from Bungay, England. The green bottle has an oval shape when viewed from the top. Of course I really bought it because of the label. That picture reminded me of something. It took me a while to figure out what it was.

Who remember Wacky Packs? Trading cards or stickers with a stick of gum we collected as kids. The rugby player on the bottle, the one who’s getting his nuts crushed, has a face that reminds me of Wacky Packs.

White Rabbit - Twenty Nine

When Alice and Spencer dressed and left their bedroom, they were greeted in the kitchen of the main house by Rebecca and Lewis. Spencer could see Alice searching the room, presumably looking for Abby.

“Charlie has taken Abby with him on his morning chores,” Lewis told her, obviously clocking her search. “I thought Spencer could join me on mine whilst Alice reconnects with Rebecca.”

Alice felt uneasy about allowing Spencer to be alone with Lewis so early on, before remembering that he was an FBI agent and therefore trained to handle all sorts of situations, much better than she was.

“Okay, sure.” Spencer leant over to Alice, giving her a peck on the cheek and a reassuring squeeze on her arm before he walked over to join Lewis.

“We’ll see you two girls in the main hall for breakfast in about an hour.”

The men left and Rebecca turned to Alice.

“So. You’re back.”

“I am.”

“I hope you realise that you can’t just slip back into the role of his favourite. I put time and effort in after you left him to get to where I am now. I’m not giving that up Alice, not for you.”

Alice was taken aback by the hint of venom in her old friends voice, the steely glint in her eyes.

“And Abby doesn’t even know who you are so don’t for one second….. ”

“Becca, I didn’t come back her to claim Abby or Lewis. I came back because Spencer helped me realise that I’d made a mistake and that we needed to be here to help plan for the future. I’m not here to win my position of Lewis’ match back and I’m certainly not here to be Abby’s Mom.”

“You were barely that before you left.”

Ally tried not be hurt by the words. They were true after all.

“Becca. I don’t want to take anything away from you. If I did, would I have really come back here with my husband?”

Rebecca’s gaze softened and her tone became less harsh.

“True. So tell me about him, tell me how you met. He’s pretty cute.”

Alice saw a glimpse of her old friend as a girlish giggle left Becca’s throat. She pulled up a chair around the old wooden kitchen table and told her the ‘story’ of how her and Spencer came to be. Becca relaxed more and more as Alice weaved her web of lies convincingly, not noticing Abby and Charlie slip back in until the young girl climbed onto Rebecca’s lap.

“I’m hungry,” the young girl told her. “Can we go for breakfast now?”

“We can. Have you and Charles finished your chores though?”

The child nodded, Alice’s eyes watching her every movement. She’d seen plenty of photos of herself when she was younger and Abby was the spitting image of her when she was seven. It was weird, seeing the seven year old version of herself sitting on someone else’s lap. So very weird.

“Come on then, let’s go to the main hall. Breakfast should about be ready now anyway. Alice, there shouldn’t be too much of a commotion when the rest of the camp see you. There was a meeting before the boys went to fetch you and Spencer, the camp were told you were returning but not to bombard you with questions.”

What was strange was how Rebecca referred to Charlie and Eric as ‘the boys.’ Both were older than her, Charlie only by a few months. But it seemed she’d fully stepped into and embraced the role of Lewis’ partner, his match. And that role included replacing Marnie as the mother figure of the family it appeared.

Abby slid off Becca’s lap and started tugging her to the door, turning to look at Alice who hadn’t moved from the table. She was hoping to wait a few moments, to be able to catch Charlie alone.

“Are you coming with us?” Abby asked her. Alice nodded and stood up, following them out of the kitchen and outside, Charlie falling into step beside her as they walked across the camp to the main hall which was used for camp meals.

In the harsh light of day Alice could see how many of the huts appeared to be in disrepair, windows boarded up indicating they were no longer being lived it. The camp looked nothing like it had when she was here, it wasn’t bustling with life the way it should have been this time of day. She dropped to the floor, quickly tugging her shoelace loose so she could retie it, Charlie stopping with her as Abby and Becca walked on hand in hand.


“I know, I know. We need to talk. Me, you AND Spencer. We need your help.”

Their voices were low, Alice knowing she didn’t have much time.

“I’ll… I’ll think of something. I’m on gardening duty in the herb and vegetable garden later. I’ll suggest you two join me.”

Becca looked back, frowning slightly when she saw Alice knelt on the floor. Ally hauled herself to her feet, accepting Charlie’s hand to help her up and giving it a squeeze, whispering, “thank you.“

They quickly caught up with the other two, entering the main hall just as Spencer and Lewis reappeared. She didn’t know exactly where Lewis had taken him and she was having trouble reading the look on his face but when he saw her, he smiled and nodded, letting her know everything was okay.

They walked into the hall together, behind Lewis and Becca, and Alice stopped, a sharp intake of breath leaving her chest.

It was standard practice for everyone in the camp to have meals together, cooking duties shared on a rota. Occasionally, people where exempt and in the past when she’d been here before, they had sometimes eaten meals as a smaller group in the main house but it was very rare. As Alice looked around the room though, some familiar faces looking up and greeting her with a nod, she saw that it was only a third full.

“Is this….. Everyone?” she asked quietly.

Lewis answered her. “Yes my love. I was actually explaining to Spencer this morning about how the camp would seem very different from when you were last here and from what he was probably expecting. I thought Rebecca would have bought you up to speed on the events of the last five years?”

“We didn’t get chance to talk about it, Lewis,” Becca told him.

“Ah well. I’ll let Spencer explain then over breakfast and Charlie can fill in the blanks. You can all sit on the end table over there, with Abby. Rebecca, we should go and catch up with Oliver.”

Alice’s eyes narrowed slightly at the name of the ex doctor who had resided over the clinic, her quickly straightening her face to a neutral expression as Charlie led them away to their table.

Perhaps now she’d get some answers, not that they could talk much with Abby being there.

Into The Deep End - Chapter 58

Sasha has always tried to play it safe, to keep her life as simple and risk-free as possible. Things change, however, when she garners the interest of a handsome, charming, younger man from a completely different world than hers. As she starts to question her own rules, is she ready to take the biggest chance of them all? Will she let herself take that dive? Roman Reigns/OC.


Girl, I never thought that lovin’ you would hurt
(I did everything a good man would to make it work)
Girl, you should have told me you had second thoughts
(Like before I put the down on the house we bought)

Now I’m thinkin’ you and me was a mistake
(But then it hits me and I’m missin’ all the love we made)
Girl, I know that we’ve been goin’ through some things, yeah
(But the sun is always shinin’ even when it rains)

“…Yeah, it’s gonna be fun. Bring your family, bring your friends…it’ll be great cuz you never know what to expect in a live WWE show…alright, good…thanks buddy, appreciate it. Take care.”

Patricia walked into Alma’s living room, listening to Joe rounding up his phone interview. She didn’t need to see his face to know the perkiness in his voice was fabricated, like he was doing something he didn’t really want to do. The tired sigh he breathed out as he dropped his phone on the glass table in front of him and covered his eyes confirmed what she already knew. Her son was miserable, and he’d been this way for the past three days. He hadn’t told her anything, and at first she thought it was due to the whole Missy-Andrea crap going on, but she soon deduced that there were now problems between him and Sasha. From the abrupt changes of subject whenever she was brought up, to his constantly running to Alma’s house under the guise of visiting his father, and his reluctance to return home afterwards. She thought about leaving him alone to work it out for himself but evidently he wasn’t doing too well, so it was time for Mama to come to his rescue.

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She began to stand, empty cup in hand, as if to leave. The door opened and a gust of cold, December air filled the coffee shop. “I’m glad we did this. It was good to catch up with you again and, you know, just talk. Like we used to. I’ll see you around?”

“Wait, stop. I have to ask you something.” He couldn’t let her go without knowing the answer. “I’m so sorry, and this is stupid, but I…” he trailed off and she laughed.

“Just say it already.” She smiled and adjusted her bag on her shoulder.

“Do you ever think about me anymore?”

She froze. The smile dropped from her face and her posture became rigid. He could physically see her heart dropping to her stomach.

“Do I ever think about you?” She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Her expression wasn’t anger, it was deeper. Sadness, the strongest kind of sadness. In the same way a picture is worth a thousand words, the look on her face said more than every tragic poem about heartbreak ever could. It was the look of someone who had been broken, picked up the pieces, taped them back together, was fine for a while, then suddenly realized a chunk was still missing.

“I’m so sorry…” he whispered.

She nodded, deep in thought, slowly at first, then firmly as if she had made up her mind. “Of course I still think about you. How could you ask that? You and I, we were something special. Something you don’t find every day or every year, or even every life. I used to think we were the luckiest people in the world; we had each other. You got me. We could talk without talking. We said the same thing at the same time more than I could have kept track of if I’d tried. It was love, sure, but it was more. We were meant to be together; I don’t think I have to tell you that. When I see cheap gas station sunglasses it reminds me of the pair you bought on the way to the lake on our first date. I still remember what kind of dog food you alway bought and I remember what you ordered at Starbucks. 3 years is a long time but it’s not long enough to erase the mark someone left on your life when you thought they would be permanent. We used to just talk and talk and talk. You know what the problem with talking about everything with someone is? Then everything reminds you of them. It took me a while to find the strength to accept that we weren’t going to be the ones who worked out. I didn’t understand it. People who love each other a lot less than we did stay together, get married, are happy enough. I guess our fire was just a little too bright for that. Should have bought more sunglasses,”

She laughed here, a short, forced laugh. It was like ripping the bandaid off of a cut that was almost healed, letting all of the trapped pain rush out.

“But yes. Yes I still think about you. When things happen in my life, you’re the first person I want to tell. It’s been a while…I don’t know what you think is funny anymore or who you’ve kissed since me. Our lives, they split ways. We had our chance and it didn’t work. Once in a lifetime, maybe. Here’s the thing. If I could go back and do it all again, I wouldn’t do it at all. Because of you, I can’t date anyone else without trying to find the pieces of your personality in them. I can’t accept them for the person they are and start fresh because I’m always trying to find you. There isn’t another you. I think about you all the time. But I wish I didn’t.

—  A book I will never write
When he sees you at your favorite café and keeps visiting the café until he has mustered up enough courage to introduce himself to you

Thanks for requesting~ I hope this is okay and if not, please tell me and I’ll do my best to fix it/do another one ^^

i like this request so much oh lord omg shy eunwoo gives me life

Words: 1416

Fluff eunwoo’s so cute oh lord have mercy on me boy

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You sat at the corner table of your favorite café. Usually, you came with friends but today you were there alone, enjoying the silence of the small coffee shop. You came often because you walked past the café every day and you were in love with the menu.

You sipped your minty lemonade – that wasn’t exactly your usual order but today you felt like trying new things – and scrolled through Instagram. The lemonade was really sweet but it actually tasted okay when you drank only a little at a time.

A group of loud people entered the café and you looked up from your phone. Six guys walked over to the cashier and after looking at the menu they ordered. They were talking the whole time and were loud but you didn’t really care. You went back to looking at your phone and continued scrolling through Instagram while sipping your lemonade.

Dongmin looked around for a table to sit at and noticed you. He stopped for a while to look at you. Wow… He thought while looking at you who didn’t notice him staring.

“Hyung what are you doing?” Minhyuk asked, snapping Dongmin out of his thoughts.

“Nothing,” he said and went to sit where the others had already settled down with their drinks.

The five looked at him weirdly when he sat down.

“What?” Dongmin asked.

“You were totally just looking at her,” Bin discreetly pointed at you.

“I wasn’t,” Dongmin said, furrowing his eyebrows and taking a nervous sip of his coffee that was, unfortunately, hot and he ended up burning his tongue.

“You’re acting weirdly hyung,” Sanha nudged him.

“Could it be…” Jinwoo started and looked at the others before continuing. “Love at first sight?”

“Uuuu,” the other members teased Dongmin.

“Ah hyung,” Dongmin whined. “It’s not like that.”

“Sure it isn’t,” Myungjun chuckled and Dongmin turned a little to glance at you.

“Now that I think of it,” Bin looked at you too. “She’s really pretty.”

Dongmin nodded in agreement.

“Just go talk to her,” Jinwoo gently kicked Dongmin’s leg under the table making him turn around to look at him. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Dongmin said. “I could freeze and embarrass myself.”

“Then I’ll go talk to her,” Bin said and stood up but before he could start walking towards you, Dongmin grabbed his arm, pulled him back down and stood up.

“Fine, I’ll go,” he said and reluctantly walked over to your table. He was so nervous that his legs were shaking a little.

You had just put your phone away when Dongmin came over to you. At first, you didn’t notice him.

“E-excuse me?” he stuttered and you looked at him.

“Yes?” you looked at the tall boy.

He gulped nervously. “I-I noticed you w-were sitting b-by yours-self…” he kept stuttering and you barely understood him.

He’s handsome, you thought, admiring his face. You grew a bit nervous too.

“S-so I wondered i-if you would l-like some c-co-company,” his stuttering was getting even worse.

“Oh,” you said. “I-“

“I mean if you don’t want to it’s okay, I totally understand,” even though he stopped stuttering, he spoke so fast that you were having a hard time keeping up with him. “I mean, I am a stranger to you, I wouldn’t want to sit next to me either like, haha that’s crazy.”

You just looked at him. You found him weird but he was also kind of cute. “I was actually j-just about to leave,” you couldn’t help but stutter.

You felt bad for him when he started looking embarrassed. “Oh… yeah… it… seems like you are… uh… I’m sorry… for bothering you,” he mumbled and before you could say anything, he walked away while mumbling to himself.

The five members were chuckling when Dongmin sat down on his seat. He was feeling annoyed and embarrassed since he had embarrassed himself in front of someone like you. He angrily grabbed his cup of coffee and gulped down some of it before putting it back down.

“I can’t believe you made me do it,” he said, burying his face in his hands.

“You were like ‘c-can I-I s-sit h-he-here’,” Jinwoo teased him and the others laughed.

“Hyung!” Dongmin whined.

“I-it’s o-okay h-hyung,” Sanha put his hand on his shoulder and laughed.

Dongmin gave him a look and Sanha took his hand off of his shoulder but the teasing continued for a few days after that.

Dongmin slowed down when he was getting closer to the small café he had been visiting a lot recently. After what had happened the last time he went there with his members, he wanted to see you again and introduce himself properly. After seeing you a few times, he slowly became attracted to you and that was the reason he kept visiting the café.

He looked in from the café’s window. You were sitting at your usual table with a few friends. He entered the café and ordered a coffee before sitting down at a table where he could see you. He felt like a creep when he did that but since you never noticed him, he thought it was okay.

You laughed at something your friend said and Dongmin’s heart fluttered a little. He smiled subconsciously while looking at you. He was aware that many girls around him were looking at him because of his looks but he ignored them even though the people staring at him did make him a little uncomfortable.

He stayed in the café for a while and left after finishing his coffee. He had no intention of staying until you left or anything like that. He just wanted to see your face briefly for the sole reason that he was attracted to you. He was too shy to confront you just yet, so for now, he just visited the shop often to see your face and hear your voice.

I doubt she’s there… Dongmin walked towards the café. It was already 8 pm so he didn’t think you’d be at the café. He slowed down when he reached the small coffee shop and looked in from the window. For his surprise, you were sitting at the corner table where you always sat. He stopped for a while and looked at you. You were drinking hot chocolate alone and you looked tired.

“Welcome,” the employee behind the cashier greeted Dongmin when he walked in.

“Hello,” he greeted the woman politely, bought a bottle or cold water and turned to look at you.

Should I go sit at her table? The other tables are empty… Would it look weird? This is a good chance to introduce myself though… If I don’t do it now…

He had already walked over to your table before he could think about it. You looked even more tired than a few minutes earlier and Dongmin looked at you while standing there. Your eyelids felt heavy and you were having trouble keeping your eyes open. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Excuse me?” he carefully said.

You flinched when you heard his voice and sat up straight. “Yes?” you looked at the stranger with sleepy eyes.

“Can I sit here?” Dongmin asked, feeling a lot more confident than last time he spoke to you.

You nodded without thinking about it much. “Sure.”

He sat down opposite you and looked at you. You tried your best to keep your eyes open, not wanting to fall asleep in front of a stranger. You still had a lot of hot chocolate left to drink too, so you couldn’t exactly leave either.

“Did you have a long day?” he asked cautiously.

“Yes,” you smiled a little and he felt butterflies in his stomach.

You looked at him for a bit. “Ah,” you said and he looked at you. “I think we have met before.”

He blushed slightly. “Yeah, I once spoke to you before,” he said.

“Are you that cute guy who stuttered the whole time?” you asked and blushed after you realized you had used the word ‘cute’.

“I think the word embarrassing fits better,” Dongmin smiled and now you felt butterflies in your stomach. “I’m Dongmin,” he introduced himself.

“I’m _____,” you introduced yourself.

“That was a lot easier than I imagined it to be,” he chuckled.

You chuckled too. “Yeah.”

You two talked for a while about this and that and despite it being slightly awkward, you both enjoyed the short time you spent together that evening. 

I used to be afraid of this thing called love. I would make up these excuses to never come close to it or my emotions were never clear enough for me to truly open up to anyone. Lust over love, I secretly told myself, but deep down I hoped that lust and love would be one.

I once held hands with a man, no, actually he was a little boy. I once held hands with a boy who couldn’t keep his paws off my chest and trailing up and down my thighs. He touched the left side décolletage and I told myself, he must like me because that is where the heart is. It’s so close to the palm of his hands, he must want to hold it. But he did not.

I once held hands with a guy for half a night. We intertwined our fingers till three in the morning and laid on his bed till my best friends called. His hands never wandered and his lips only touched my cheek, my forehead, and my lips. And he tried to hold me and I wanted him too, but it was only for half a night. One of the most memorable half of a night I’ve ever had.

I once held hands, well linked arms with a guy I thought was a man. I mean, he was definitely old enough to be considered one but he, too, ran. I guess I wasn’t “mature” enough. But who’s the immature one who ran like his life depended on it? No calls. No texts. I wonder where he’s running to now.

I once held hands with a boy I should never have given a chance too. They say love is blind and now when I look at him, so was I. He held my hands and told me sweet nothings and after so many runners, I thought I had found someone who would stay. He seemed different, he seemed nice. I never had anyone who was that nice so I told myself that this would be different. But it wasn’t. It was the same. Worse of all, he made me hate him. And I never wanted to hate anyone.

I once held hands with a man who bought me a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake on our first date. And we sat in a coffee shop and talked for a couple of hours. That day, I wish time would have froze and we could have chatted some more. He grasp my hands right after my heart seemed too broken into pieces to be held again, but for him, I was alright. I was okay again. Soon after that, I found lust and love becoming one. Each time I saw him, I fell for him all over again, or was I just falling harder? I once held hands with this man who proved to me that love does exists.

I realize with each one, I am more opened. I am less fearful to fall. With each pair of hands I hold, I am braver and I want to fall. I want to fall deeper each time our hands graze and our lip meet. I want to hold hands with someone who will hold my heart too.

—  Ming D. LiuA Story A Day #134
My firm mattress

She’s with someone else tonight and I’m alone laying on my firm mattress. The thing about us is that it didn’t end randomly or unexpectedly, we didn’t wake up one morning and not love each other anymore; it was slow and painful. This gradual breaking apart and spending nights in tears because I knew what was coming but loving her too much to let go. Our good times leave me breathless, with too many memories that keep me up at night but our bad times turned me into a person I never thought I’d become. The confident girl that she fell in love with turned insecure because unwanted was the only thing I ended up being sure I felt with her. I know in the back on my mind that we would have never worked but this year and a half of pain but also the most pleasure I have ever felt in my entire life, made me so sure that I’d end up with with her. Thinking back I should have walked away before she ever had the chance to show me just how little I meant in her world. She’s far from a bad person but we both became people that each of us no longer loved in the same way. The big hearted person I am held on too long and here I am, hurting in a way that I never thought I’d have to hurt again. When I first met her I was broken and starting to heal and she helped me pull myself together. Now I’m left laying on a mattresses that I bought because I knew it would be better for her back, even though I prefer something a little softer, trying to start my life over without a person who I thought I’d get to spend the rest of my time with.


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