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WWE Rant

Where to start? Um, okay. So I heard that they are going to do a clean up in the Women’s Lockeroom, which means that they are going to fire women and hire other women. In my opinion, they don’t even need to. They only have 6-8 women on Raw and Smackdown Live, and the only women who are regularly on NXT are Asuka, Nikki Cross, Ember Moon, and Ruby Riot. That is a little bit when you think about it. They are gonna have the Bellas return, but honestly, I just don’t think that they should take out some incredibly talented women. And three of the women are those who have been in the company for a long ass time and have dealt with Vince’s petty ass for over a year. Also, the three of the women deserve better and they’re people who I look/looked up to for pretty much my entire life. Let me explain some more.

They want to fire Renee: Renee is somebody who I really love, and she has done nothing wrong with the company. The company is taking things away from her, like the opportunity to do Raw Talk and Talking Smack every week, and Renee loves doing those things. Now, they’re planning to fire her? Why? I don’t understand. She has dealt with Vince’s pathetic attitude ever since 2012, it’s dumb how they’re planning to fire her if they do this idea. She is the best interviewer in my opinion, and I love seeing her on Smackdown Live and Raw. WWE isn’t giving her any big opportunities, so it isn’t her fault that she is barely on Smackdown. Just because she’s an interviewer, that doesn’t mean that she should just leave the company. It’s just so freaking stupid. If they actually fire her, it will piss me off. Vince McMahon is just fucking crazy.

They want to fire Emma: What the FUCK? Seriously, Emma is one of the most talented women on Raw, and the reason why they’re not letting her show her full capability, is because Raw always uses the same four women: Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Bayley, and Sasha Banks. Emma even noticed this by saying something on Twitter, “Funny how women get all of these opportunities that I don’t get.” Also, Emma stated that wrestling is all that she has left, and everything else has been taken away from her. This proves that WWE doesn’t have a heart, if they’re actually wanting to fire her. She’s been wanting to wrestler for so long, and WWE is just going to take it away from her. It’s really dissappointing. Emma hasn’t even gotten a title shot, what the acutal hell? The last time she was seen wrestling was Main Event. Are you kidding me? I’m seriously so upset. I’ve looked up to Emma ever since her days back in NXT, where she was actually treated well. Emma deserves way better treatment. She has a lot of talent but Raw doesn’t seem to notice it.

They want to fire Natalya: WHAT HAS NATALYA EVEN DONE TO DESERVE THIS??????? PLEASE EXPLAIN WWE!!!!!! Natalya is a veteran and she’s dealt with the company for 10 years, I’m pretty sure. The last time she has ever gotten a championship was back in 2010. This proves that WWE only just cares about the women in NXT, and they’re not giving those women who have been in the WWE for so long a chance. They want to force Natalya to freaking retire. Why? Because you want room for more women? Bullshit. Natalya should be Smackdown Live Women’s Champion by now. She has been pushed in the back for so long, and WWE is just treating her like a freaking joke. This is why I’m just done with WWE. They’re never giving the women who are really talented a chance. Natalya deserves way better. She really does. She needs this win at Battleground, and I’m going to be so freaking upset is she loses. I’m just done.

Sorry if I went a little too far, but I needed to get this off my chest. It’s just my opinion, remember. There are probably some people out there who disagree with what I’m saying. Honestly, Vince McMahon needs to learn that there are multiple other women that he needs to put into championship matches. For example, Emma, Mickie James, Dana Brooke, Alicia Fox, Natalya, and Tamina. But, no. Vince McMahon doesn’t do that at all. It completely pisses me off. Also, you can show this to anyone. You can even tweet it to Vince McMahon, who knows? If this is the way he will treat the Women’s Division, then I am just done. So much for the Women’s Revolution.

abusive parents and their supporters: how dare those children have free will. inexcusable. in my times we were forced to respect those who beat us. and those children now can sometimes get away with being rude when the people in power aren’t watching? that is personally offensive to me, and i fully believe children owe complete respect towards people who couldn’t care less if those children died or not. that’s how it was and its how it should be!!!! i can’t stand seeing someone having more freedom than i had in that point in time because if i suffered so must everyone else!! or the world is unfair to me personally! things should align themselves so that i feel good about my experiences!!! children are bad and if we don’t keep them constantly terrified i will have to suffer thru knowing that they’re having more human rights than I, myself have had at that age! what am i supposed to do, consider that i have been treated wrong? no!!!! i will not do so!! punish those children immediately!!!

Still salty but last thing for tonight about the panel, I think they should’ve mentioned all the merch and new clothing lines stuff like on twitter or something??? It would’ve been cooler to answer fan questions or give more info on s2?? Like this is the San Diego Comic-Con which is hella big and popular, it would’ve made more sense to leave all that advertising stuff for twitter instead of keeping everyone’s hopes up. 

Fuck lazy coworkers

I get to go in an hour early tomorrow, and 2 of my coworkers are coming in to work on their days off to stop the impending apocalypse at my station. We only have 4 people who will work on the team decently well; me, a closer, a trainee, and the guy who has been off for 6 days. Obviously, the closer is limited on prep by the fact that he closes, but still gets more done than some of the people who should be doing prep. Everyone else at that station doesn’t do work unless you tell them what to do and then hold their hands. One guy even thinks he’s the best and will hover over other people to check on their work, “correct” them and teach them the wrong way to do things, argue with anyone who says anything because he’s not the one who said it, and acts like his shit don’t stink while being the laziest, most useless mother fucker in the world. I hope I get my transfer soon so I don’t have to deal with it.

So. Since we have to mess with recruitments anyway for gay awakening to get chrom special dialogue with his kids upon recruitment, I kinda feel like adding more recruitments just in general since I didn’t really like awakening’s “just chrom” system. What I’m planning on for sure is Lucina with all the second gens and Robin, gaius, and Cordelia for tharja. I’m also tempted to add the awakening trio recruiting each other and noire recruiting severa but that’s not for sure by a long shot.

Anyone have any ideas for recruitments that should have been in awakening? I wanna hear what people think. Not all requests will be implemented or anything but it’d be cool to hear others’ ideas.

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i've been wanting to use a ouija/spirit board for a long time and i'm wondering what should i do if i want to use it? there's no one in particular that i'm trying to reach, so do you have any tips? thanks

I would first check out @theouijagirl‘s blog. she has many posts on using the ouija board, tips on using it, and dispelling myths about them.

Mostly I would say if its your first time practice with other people, not because you are ‘prone’ or ‘weak’ but more because it takes a lot of energy and it can be draining. some people find when they play alone the planchette won’t move at all. But with other people there it has more energy for the spirit to move it about. Over time you can do it alone, but sometimes asshole spirits like to target lone and gullible players.

Remember that spirits can lie. They can tell you anything. Just like how you can go online and type out how you are an enchanted unicorn or something. Take what they say with a grain of salt. They don’t know when you’re going to die, they don’t know how the world will end, etc.

if they are listing things about you like your name or age, its because they likely know you. They are spirits who are already hanging about the area. They’ve likely seen you many times. Don’t act scared, especially not if they are trying to scare you.

If one gets aggressive, rude or just trying to scare you tell them to stop firmly. Tell them it is not appreciated and that you won’t talk to them again if they keep it up and if they continue tell them they are no longer welcomed there and if needed do a banishing. 

there’s no such thing as zozo/zuzu/xoxo/mama etc. one claiming to be that is lying and trying to scare you.

ouija boards don’t summon- they are like putting up a sign of ‘hey wanna talk’. only spirits in the area will be around to talk. they won’t summon things from other places and they aren’t a ‘door to hell’ or the spirit realm or whatever. they are a board game or a piece of paper.

Seriously tho, Captain Underpants was so well done that I honestly cried a little and laughed a lot more at the fart jokes. After the mess that was Maximum Ride, I got scared that No Nostalgic Property was Sacred

And they pulled it off exactly how it should have been done. Including involving Weird Al. Like. WEIRD AL. I knew it would be a good film once I heard Weird Al was involved. This is how to do an adaptation right.

The animation was just so gorgeous and perfect for the books, especially with its fourth wall humor which was what I loved about it. They translated it all so well into the film and threw in so many of the little running gags, like the weird signs, the sign changes, the framing devices… I adore it.

This was a film that cared, and that’s the most important part. It cared, and so I felt like I was cared about in turn.

I’m rambling about a film about a man in his underpants fighting a giant toilet that shoots toilet paper at children.

And I love it.

Religious fervor through brute force.

Harjatan knows no other methods.

For this one has worked well, to greater effect than his masters may have first understood.

From birth, he has been trained to demolish, to destroy, to be a force of pure destruction.

He knows no other methods.

And why should he?

For they have crawled into his thrall, from the oceans and lakes, from the streams and rivers.

Drums in the deep, here they come with gnawing fangs and teeth.


The denizens of Azeroth deem them a nuisance…

But under the hold of Harjatan they are much more than that.

Drown before him and his pretty queen.

Kneel before him and his pretty queen.

Die before him and his pretty queen.

She commands it.

She holds the strings controlling this brute.

Drums in the deep…

Here Harjatan and his murloc horde come with gnawing fangs…

And gnashing teeth.

(Hold fast, heroes.)

(Stars sing of you, guardians, gravekeepers.)

(You do not dance to the rhythm of drums, of destruction, of the deep.)

(Not yet, at least.)

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Maybe semi-urgent idk? I used to bind every weekday for like 8-9 hours sometimes longer and for a long time i didnt realize that my binder was actually a size too small, like a year of using it daily, but more recently i'm unable to bind longer than like 3 hours without pain and can only bind maybe once a week (i do have the right size now). I know none of you are doctors but do you think this could be a sign of a bigger problem? It's been like this for several months. Should i see a doctor?

//hi it’s the anon here from before asking if i maybe should see a doctor about the binding and if i maybe hurt myself. if possible could you maybe include some physical signs that i might have hurt myself? just common ones, unless what i described covers it enough?? idk sorry//

Hey, anon! To my knowledge, here are two common things that can go wrong while binding:

Compressed Ribs


  • loss of breath
  • pain throughout the back and shoulder
  • increased pain and pressure while taking deep breaths

Collapsed Lung


  • sharp, stabbing chest pain that worsens when you breathe
  • hacking cough
  • in serious cases, you will most likely go into shock but considering you’re sending anons I don’t think you’re in shock

Both these things are very serious and should be met with medical assistance. 

It is also possible that you have only lightly damaged your ribs which is not as serious but is still reason enough to go see a doctor and abstain from binding until you do. Some symptoms you should watch out for are: 

  • shoulder joint “popping”
  • muscle wasting
  • numbness
  • a headache
  • fatigue
  • weakness
  • lightheadedness/dizziness
  • a cough
  • respiratory infections
  • heartburn
  • abdominal pain
  • digestive issues
  • breast changes
  • breast tenderness
  • scarring
  • swelling
  • acne
  • skin changes
  • skin infections

Your chest is a delicate part of your body and due to you damaging it in the past, it is likely more delicate now. It isn’t surprising that you’re feeling pain now. I don’t want to scare you into panicking because it is likely some bruising or soreness, but it is always better safe than sorry. I have damaged my chest pretty bad from binding before (think of an unhealthy binding method and I’ve done it), and I had to take a couple months rest and use a heating pad for a while before I could start wearing my binder again but now I wear it every time I go to school or into town and feel no pain. If you talk to your general physician and tell them honestly all the things you have done in terms of binding, they will be able to help you without judgment. 

Stay safe! 

- Michael 

sometimes i think about how if the writers had given delphine an ounce of backstory they could’ve made the conflict so much more interesting.  if they had shown, not told or implied, that there was a figurative or literal gun to her head to become a monitor, to be cosima’s boss, to be the interim director, to do things for dyad that she didn’t want to do.  actually shown it.  the conflict would have been two women fighting for their own autonomy, the right to decide what they do with their bodies, who they do things for.  the conflict would have been two women finding someone who understood, who could help, who needed help, who was willing to help.  they would have found love and safety instead of more pain and fear.  who when they made one stride forward for one it was two backwards for the other.  the story would have been of two women fighting for each other instead of against.  it wouldn’t just be ‘what’s that crazy bitch delphine gonna do next’ because we would actually know her motivations.  we would know who she was outside of cosima and her own sexuality.  not only would she no longer be the untrustworthy or depraved bisexual but the conflict would have been deeper.  it would have brought up questions of who is right when neither party has a choice?  is there another choice?  whose priorities take precedence?  

it just would have been… more.

I told to myself that I’m going to write about the Archie Sonic Comics if the are getting cancelled.

Since the cancellation is now offical I will hold my promise.

That the comics would not come back was something that I slowly accepted. Each month of waiting longer that realization grew more.

If I think about it then  perhabs the cancellation of the german translation from the comics should’ve been a warning signal for me.

One the other side the number of sales of that translation wasn’t that great so maybe that was the reason, I don’t know.

Of course I’m sad that the comics are no more.

Some great stories that have been announced will (probably) never be made in comic form:

- Bunnie being summoned to Blazes world.

- How Mighty and Sonic met.

- A story where Sally is joined by Amy and Cream so they can find a way to repair Nicoles system.

- Baking Bad.

- The chance to see more about Cassia and Clove the Pronghorn sisters.

(Especially this saddens me because these two where one of my favourite characters of the new continuity.)

And many more.

I saw great potential in the reboot that to soon ended.

But perhabs one of the writers/artists etc. will publish what would’ve happend like Ian Flynn did (or tried) with the Lost Hedgehog Tales.

Maybe even a fan comic will be made who knows.

I want to say the following sentence:

Archie Sonic is not dead.

With every fanfiction, fan-art etc. everything that shows that we care for those characters they will live on.

Just because the main-source of their adventures is gone dosen’t mean it can’t be continued.

Give those characters who didn’t had the chance their own story.
And those who did, continue it.

As long as the fandom lives, so will they.

With that I will come to the end.

Thank you Archie Sonic Comics, for 24 years of awesome adventures and interestening characters.

I and many others won’t forget you.

people: speak tf up for what you believe in

me: jellal fernandes, someone whose childhood had been ruined by the dark magic of zeref worshippers, should have helped in the direct defeat of zeref. even when society didn’t seem to accept him even though he felt like he had no place in the world and deserved to die this guy helped to create a guild based on eradicating dark guilds and taught a former dark guild the meaning of true freedom and what it meant to live. he’d given them more of a purpose. crime sorciere’s motivations consisted of the ideal to repent for your sins with the hope that you’ll be able to “walk in the light” once more in the future and a big focus on defeating zeref. this was emphasized with jellal’s character the most. jellal could have joined natsu and played more of a direct role in killing zeref, sealing off jellal’s character development flawlessly by allowing him to fulfill a goal he and his guild have had for years now, and giving him the opportunity to reflect on his life and finally accept himself in front of us. but his potential as an individual character was ignored and taken from him and an anticlimactic battle with zeref was produced instead

I have been staring at walls, trying to decide if I should blast Linkin Park at full volume, just to listen you know, my coping mechanism suggests I should listen to the songs and sing at the top of my lungs but I swear I don’t have the courage to do so.

I hope you find peace Chester, God knows you helped us find some.

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How do you think Sansûkh breaks the mold for fanfic as we know it? I’m curious

Oh, am I glad you asked.

Originally posted by boldlygiffing

I should preface this by saying that it’s been a while since I’ve gone back and read the fic through, so this may be missing a few details that it otherwise wouldn’t, but that shouldn’t take away from my explanation about why it’s a game-changer.

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Important Blog Notice


I probably should’ve made a post about this a while ago, but I’m a pretty private person, and I’d hoped to keep things running as usual without bringing attentions to problems (but ignoring issues unfortunately won’t make them go away). 

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So… I had an idea for an alternate episode 67 of The Adventure Zone.

Lucretia ends up out of her bubble, and when Lup comes out, she still destroys that one pillar but another comes shooting down, and suddenly the entire IPRE crew has to fight together for the first time in years and everyone has these conflicting instincts. 

Barry and Lup are totally down to team up, but Lup’s been trapped in an umbrella; every spell she’s cast has taken way more power to get out than normal, so she’s casting stuff three or four spell levels higher than they should be cast.

Taako, Mags, and Merle are kicking ass together. Or they would be, but things keep slipping through. Are they fighting the way they were fifty cycles ago? Or a day ago?

Who leads? Who plans?

When Merle shouts for Taako to go high, Taako hesitates, and Magnus almost gets flattened by ‘x’

Davenport is still having problems. He remembers everything now, but it’s a fight to keep muscle memory from making him say 'Davenport’ every time he opens his mouth to cast a spell

And Lucretia is trying, she really is, and Taako and Magnus and Merle do have recent experience fighting with her, but Taako won’t let her at his back, and so much of her magic is defensive in nature that she just can’t be at the front.

It isn’t until Angus nearly dies, seems to die, for a moment, that everything falls into place.

Taako is a ball of rage and magic, creating weapons out of the rubble and flinging them at and through his enemies. Magnus is a dervish of blades, and even Merle is visibly furious, swearing under his breath as he crushes anything that gets within reach with his warhammer

Lucretia is almost sobbing when she reaches him, and her spell throws the enemy off of him, creating a shimmering iridescent bubble that encloses the two of them. 

Lup might not know this kid, but her brother, who has never liked kids, is furious and frantic and his casting is getting sloppier and sloppier as he tries to get to the kid and lucretia, so she clears him a path, walls of fire brushing the Hunger’s minions to the sides and creating a path for him to run down. 

 Davenport knows Angus. He admires the boy, in the way that any adult admires a child that not only figured out that something was wrong, but had managed to find exactly the right people to trust, even while they tried to push him away. Angus had never treated him like he was damaged, and for that alone Davenport was willing to use his strongest illusions to hide the boy from anything that could possibly hurt him.


Aidan: The cops are on it. They’ve been trying to track her down since she left.

Mina: Well, they’ve done a real bang-up job so far.

Aidan: Look, if you don’t have anything productive to contribute–

Mina: I’m just saying, pretty hard to get your hands on your kid’s inheritance if she’s missing. Maybe you should think about getting a real job for a change instead of ruining a kid’s life.

Aidan: [irritated] I’ve got somewhere to be.

Mina: What, more children to terrorize?

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What if Hux didn't know Snoke possessed Kylo to kill him? I'm picturing Hux going to Snoke for safety and Snoke does make the effort to appear to protect him. Yet when Kylo is in the presence of Snoke and Hux Snoke toys with him, wielding the Force to show him how he could hurt Hux worse - and yet Hux doesn't know, and continues to trust Snoke more than Kylo.

this is really fucking painful

Snoke takes pity on Hux (lies to him) and almost grooms him into thinking that Kylo cannot be trusted but he’ll protect him, and Hux thanks the Supreme Leader for being so understanding

Hux is stood by Snoke’s side when Kylo next visits his Master and as soon as he enters, Snoke speaks into Kylo’s mind and tells him that his sentiment would have been his downfall like it was Vader’s, and if Kylo should try to convince Hux otherwise then he’ll do more than just kill Hux…he’ll torture him for the rest of eternity