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journal ideas 2.0 🌻
  • my imaginary mini garden/terranium: step up your flower and plant art doodle and make a garden or terranium instead!
  • quick ways on how to save the bees: let this dedicated page serve as a constant reminder that you must help in saving the bee population
  • how do i plant my *insert plant here: i have this page called how i plant my sunflowers and it may also double serve as my seed count recorder. quick suggestion: do it in numerical bullet form
  • my pet profile: this is absolutely adorable if you make one for every pet that u have and add a little box where u can doodle em
  • soothing notes to self: one-liner reminders in bullet form to read and write regularly for a healthy heart
  • monthly goals: step up your monthly goals game by making mini squares and doodling your goals in every box instead of the old bullet way!
  • mini paintings: of absolutely anything: your pets, flowers, whatever that inspire the monet in you
  • pressable mini sentimental things: tickets, candy wrappers, tea packs, cute tags, book marks, mini notes, old stickers, stamps, flowers, leaves, petals, etc
  • what i love about today: write it down. like the old times. no need to doodle stuff, just narrate your day because there’s nothing better than raw stories.
  • what’s in my backpack: quick illustration of the stuff u have inside your jansport, kanken, whatever u bring in school or anywhere else!
  • my skincare routine: i dont actually have this page but it feels like a good addition because it’s a way of reminding myself that i have to care for my skin
  • small gestures of self-love: things that i plan to do for myself for optimal self-love!! more like a plan?
  • little things that i should do more often: things that you are going to do in the near future to live your life to the fullest and help you grow and become a better person
  • sunshines in a bottle: make mini bottles and paint each bottle with your very own version that reminds you of the good things that happened to you this week or month maybe!
  • the go-to art materials: an illustration + list of my favorite art materials that i use almost everytime! i wanted to add this page because it helps you organize your brushes or something
  • the coffee stars: rate and maybe even sketch the coffee shops that you’ve been to for the past few weeks! dedicate maybe 3 or 4 pages max for better effect!
  • weekly mantra: what is your chant for this week? write it down and make it look like art (i.e: through calligraphy, etc)
  • popcorn n flix: a movie + snack favorite list that should be done once a month!

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You want a train ticket? It’s yours, alright. You wanna get out of here? Done. I’ll lie for you. I’ll sneak you out. Hell, I’ll even drive you. If you want more, if you want to make sure whatever’s happening here stops, then I can help you with that, too.


She stepped through the diner doors, and I knew I was a goner. She had said that she had an errand to run, but I had no idea what she could possibly have to do that didn’t involve us. We always stuck together. The minute she walked through the doors, I understood.

“Oh boy,” I mumbled as I eyed her sauntering toward the table.

“What?” Sam questioned, turning his head in her direction.

“Whoa,” he mumbled as she approached the table.

“Sootch your bootch, Dean bean,” she laughed at me as she moved to sit beside me in the booth. I didn’t move.

“Dude,” she gestured, waving her hands so that I would scoot over. When I didn’t move she laughed. “Dean, pick your damn jaw up off the floor and scoot your ass over.”

I blinked rapidly and smiled, moving slightly to make room for her.

“Its just you look,” my breath caught in my throat as she turned to look at me with a smile.

“I look what, Dean? Like a girl?” she deadpanned, a look spreading across her face that said I was an absolute idiot.

I chuckled at that. I loved her sarcasm.

I narrowed my eyes at her, thinking before I spoke. “You look beautiful,” I breathed, reaching out to run my fingers through her freshly cut Y/C/H hair.

She tossed her head back in laughter. “It’s just a hair cut dude!” she exclaimed with a smirk.

“Its not just that,” I mumbled. When I started to pull her face to mine, her smile fell and her eyes darted to my lips.

Her eyes shot up to meet mine, full of questions, right as my lips met hers. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise at first then her hand landed on my thigh and her other hand gripped my wrist holding her face as she deepened the kiss.

She pulled away with a laugh. “All that because of a haircut?”

I smiled brightly as I brushed her short hair out of her beautiful face. “No. But it did make me realize that I’m tired of you not being mine. You take my breath away woman,” I said with a shaky breath.

“And apparently your words,” she laughed.

“Shut up,” I smiled, kissing her again.

“Maybe I should go run errands more often, eh Winchester?” she teased, her fingers slipping into my hair.

“You can do whatever the hell you want sweetheart as long as you’ll be mind at the end of it all?” I asked, a bit of fear slipping throw my typically tough facade.

Her face moved closer to mine, her lips just grazing mine, her nose brushing against mine. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to hear that from you, Dean. Say it again,” she whispered.

“You’re mine,” I growled, my hand landing on her neck and pulling her lips to mine again in a passionate kiss.

When we were both breathless she rested her forehead against mine and whispered, “I always was, Winchester. I was just waiting for you to see it too.”

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OMG ASK BOX IS OPEN YESSS!! how about a headcon of which candy wants to be an actress and she succeeds, how would the boys support her and if they would show her off and stuff like that;; by the way i love ur work keep it up! ❤️

AAAA thanks anon,, so basically famous Candy headcanons ? Though I’ll write them as actress headcanons since that’s whats listed,, enjoy.


  • Very good with keeping Candy going with her career, no matter the hardships.
  • Always encourages her to keep going until she’s reached her goal.
  • Likes helping her memorize her lines, he’s great at it!
  • Learned how to read faces better, to define the ones she’s making being such a great actress and all.
  • Doesn’t let anyone escort her anywhere but himself, you can try but he won’t let it happen.
  • Won’t really show her off ?? Not in a bad way - he doesn’t feel the need to trophy her like that.
  • Can’t stand paparazzi’s, too many people everywhere at once.
  • Asks her what it’s like to act on stage ?? He’s such a dork for this stuff.
  • Wakes Candy up when she’s been sleeping too long ?? Doesn’t think it’s healthy for her to do.
  • Doesn’t approve of her being the lover of any other guys in her acting like ?? No, he doesn’t like it.
  • Attends live action acting, time to time, but he prefers watching the recording for ‘suspense’.
  • Always prepared to aid her when she’s exhausted. He knows that feeling.
  • Knows the right words to say to make her feel better, similar to a therapist.
  • Couldn’t imagine being an actor and all of the work she has to do.


  • Thinking about being an actor or an actress makes him tired.
  • Can’t bring himself to how Candy could do all of that work.
  • Proud that she made it through all the acting and all those ‘idiots’ in her career.
  • Very good with acting in a certain character, he’s a great villain.
  • Is probably the one who makes sure that she wakes up on time.
  • Makes himself the privilege to hang out with her as long as he wants after she’s done working.
  • Wouldn’t blame her for sleeping all day after work. He would too.
  • Doesn’t let her be the lover of anyone in anyway - he’s her lover and he doesn’t have to act to show it.
  • Vaguely brags about her being on some TV show - he’ll tell the world that his girl works hard.
  • Sometimes asks what it’s like on stage ?? Not like he wants to be on it though.
  • Hates paparazzi’s. It’s like they NEVER go away.
  • Attends her live. Though he likes watching recordings with her.
  • Always encourages her with how far she made it and how he knows she can make it farther.
  • Never wants a career like that. Doesn’t even have to think twice to 'make sure’.


  • Interested in what happens behind the curtains, but still takes the show seriously.
  • Probably can’t watch a TV show without thinking about everything actors/actresses do.
  • Although everyone knows, he’s a great listener when she has to vent (or anything else tbh).
  • Sometimes forgets to wake her up for work - sets alarm(s) sometimes.
  • Gets concerned when she’s sleeping hours and hours on end ?? is she okay,,
  • Doesn’t ask her much about what it’s like acting. Deborah already showed him.
  • Good being a secondary actor for her ?? like he can play as the villain while she’s the hero.
  • Can actually remember lines she gives him. Thinks of them as lyric.
  • Isn’t comfortable  with her having to be a lover to another actor ?? Has limits on what happens.
  • Always walks by her side in case she isn’t comfortable with paparazzi’s.
  • In all honesty, he can’t stand paparazzi’s - probably even more than Castiel does.
  • Doesn’t watch much T.V in general, attends Candy’s live acting.
  • Has a thing for when she plays a role back in the Victorian ages/royal ages.


  • Very into 'behind the scenes’ in the movies/shows she does.
  • Stays behind her, doesn’t want to be in the spotlight ?? though he’s still there.
  • Would rather watch a recording of her acting, so maybe they could watch it together.
  • Indifferent towards paparazzi’s ?? he’s happy so many people like her but thinks they should chill.
  • Loves acting as the villain, it’s just so cool to him.
  • Gets pretty bored when she sleeps all day. Wakes her up sometimes in the 'nicest way’ possible, (usually kisses her awake).
  • Good with teaching her how to use props. Mainly swords (that he takes as 'light sabers’) or staffs.
  • Purposely messes up on his lines just to get a reaction.
  • Brags about Candy whenever she’s brought up. Both since he’s proud and then again, she’s his girlfriend so-
  • Surprisingly, he’s alright with her having to act as a lover to another actor ?? As long as they don’t take it 'too far’, he’s alright.
  • That kind of guy that surprises Candy at work with some lunches. lmao sometimes her boss gets mad when he brings junk food but he doesn’t care
  • Not very good at comforting her ?? Talks about how far she’s gone and how she shouldn’t give up. Probably cuddles her to sleep.
  • Tried on her costumes - for shits and giggles alongside cosplay.


  • Can’t comprehend how much work she does on a daily basis ?? Couldn’t handle that.
  • Very proud of her, he’s a proud mother boyfriend.
  • Has a '101 reasons why Candy isn’t playing as the lover for an actor’. He’s kinda insecure about it.
  • Ignores the paparazzi’s, doesn’t feel like he should have anything towards them.
  • Doesn’t mean to brag about Candy but he always talks about how great she is ?? Carries himself away talking about her.
  • Always attends the live acting, he loves seeing her in action.
  • Great at comforting her. He always knows the right words to say to keep her going.
  • Misses her when she has to work for all those hours,, even though it’s a little while.
  • Spoils her when she comes back home. Since he figures she too tired, he does EVERYTHING from cooking to cleaning.
  • Very good staying in character. Just not when he has to be the villain towards Candy.
  • Not very interested in what happens backstage ?? He likes to think of certain shows as a reality, he takes it seriously.
  • Claps the loudest in the audience. Both because of his strength and again, him being such a proud mom boyfriend.
Some rarely-mentioned signs that parents are abusive

I see a lot of lists of things that abusive parents do. But some things I have never seen in a list so far and I would like to add them, because according to the other lists, I’ve never experienced abuse from my parents. But just because it doesn’t appear on a standard list doesn’t mean it’s not abuse, so here is an addendum.

I think most of these points are specific for kids who are disabled, mentally ill or neurodivergent, and that this is the reason why they never appear on other lists. But these kids are especially vulnerable to (emotional) abuse, so I made this.

1. Shaming you for your disabilities, mental illness or neurodivergency. This includes undiagnosed conditions. If a parent sees that their child is having problems, they should try to help or, if they can’t, get external help.

It is not okay for parents to shame you for self-harming.

It is not okay for parents to shame you for having meltdowns.

It is not okay for parents to shame or punish you for things you cannot help, no matter how hard it is for them.

Yes, if parents do honestly have no clue what is happening, they might misinterpret your (re)actions. But no later than when they talk with you about it, they should eventually realize that you’re not doing it on purpose. Parents can and should get help from others and/or professionals if it’s too much for them.

2. Shaming you for mistakes. People make mistakes. Inexperienced people make more mistakes. Young people are by definition inexperienced. Especially those of us who are mentally ill, neurodivergent or intellectually disabled, (but really literally everyone) is bound to make mistakes while growing up.

You might not know that there is a difference between cleaning agents and shower gel. You might not know that lotion isn’t good for a potted plant. You might now know that there is a reason why the cat is in that cage. You might think that something is a good and harmless trick but it actually has really bad consequences.

You might not know these things even if everyone else your age does. It’s not your fault. 

It’s okay for parents to be angry, disappointed or shocked. It’s not okay for parents to let it out on you. It’s their job to teach you and if they didn’t do it correctly, it’s not your fault. 

(For example, I didn’t know that cleaning agents and shower gel are different things until I was 18. As a little child, I was told to stay away from cleaning agents and not to touch them and I was never told otherwise, so I just accepted that until I was taught otherwise by someone else.)

3. Breaking promises. This sounds vague, I know. And I know that sometimes promises can’t be held. Sometimes they are forgotten. Sometimes even parents don’t have the energy to keep up their end of the bargain. It happens.

But if it’s a constant pattern, if you are coerced into doing things you don’t like by promises that will never be held, it’s not okay any more.

4. Threats. It’s one thing to explain to a child or teen the consequences of their actions. It’s okay to explain that you need to study or else you will fail your tests and it’s okay to explain what happens then.

It’s not okay to threaten you with grave consequences for minor failures. It’s not okay to remind you of these consequences every time you do something wrong. It’s not okay to keep threatening you when you are unable to do whatever it is they want you to do.

5. Threatening you with things that should not be threats. It’s not okay to threaten a child or teen with doctor’s appointments, hospitals, psychotherapy or psychiatry. These things are supposed to help. You should not grow up to be afraid of needing a doctor or a therapist.

Seriously, instead of a parent threatening their child with psychiatry, they should just go there and try to get help for the whole family because it’s probably desperately needed.

6. Sudden and unjustified punishments. It’s not okay to suddenly punish you for something that has previously been okay. 

If parents are fed up with their children’s behaviour, they should establish rules and explain and justify punishments, and give their children a chance to actually comply (while also considering their children’s abilities).

(For example, as a teen I never helped with housework. I didn’t have the executive functioning and I never got taught how to do it. But suddenly I was punished for not helping with housework.)

7. Unpredictability. It’s not okay to suddenly change the rules without warning.

It’s not okay if it’s “You should go out more often” one day and “No you are not allowed to go out” the next.

Some parents have trouble offering a constant reliability due to their own illness/disability/neurodivergence. It happens. 

But the moment it makes you as their child afraid of their reactions, afraid that they might have a sudden change of heart, it’s not okay any more.

8. Assuming bad intentions where there are none. As I already said, people make mistakes. People even make stupid mistakes. People misjudge, miscalculate, people lose their temper. This happens to parents as well as to their children and everyone else. 

What is not okay is for parents to see you doing something wrong and immediately assuming you’re doing it to harm them.

(For example, I always stayed up late. My parent had trouble sleeping. When I made too much noise, they assumed it was intentional in order to deny them their sleep.)

9. “I want you to do the thing but I also want you to want to do the thing.” This is a tricky one, but I have heard this from so many people that I’m including it as an extra point. I think it’s actually some sort of double bind, because you can only do it wrong or do it wrong in a different way.

It’s okay for parents to demand their children do things they do not like, for example doing chores, doing homework and similar things. (However, it’s not okay to demand more than you can actually do.)

It’s okay for parents to ask their children to do them a favour, for example sometimes do a little more housework, helping them with other stuff, going to the store and so on.

It’s okay for you to not want to do something. It’s okay to do something even if you don’t want to. Actually, most favours work that way, you rarely ever like them but you do them anyway because you want to do something for someone else. Most chores work that way. Almost nobody likes doing the dishes.

However, it’s not okay to make you feel bad for doing something anyway. If you don’t like doing something, you don’t like it, and nobody has the right to demand you to feel differently about it. 

10. Making you feel bad for opening up to them. If you tell a parent about your experiences, your feelings, your problems and your secrets, they should be accepting and loving.

Punishing you for things they would have never known if you hadn’t told them is wrong. Shaming you for things they would have never known if you hadn’t told them is wrong. It’s a parent’s job to offer their child emotional support. It’s wrong for them to show you that you can’t trust them.

Are You Two Dating Now?

“Love? Can you grab the plates?” Joe calls out, glancing up from the food he’s cooking.

“Yup.” Y/N closes her computer, jumping up from the couch, she crosses the floor, her hand sliding along Joe’s back as she passes him, reaching for the plates. “Smells delicious.”

“We went Italian tonight!” He replies proudly, smiling over his shoulder at her.

“Always wanted to go to Italy,” She sighs, pausing briefly, plates in hand.

“I’ll take you one day.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Sugg.”

“Me? Never.” He chuckles, wrapping an arm around her waist as he pulls her to his side, placing a kiss on her temple. “This is one I will keep. I’ll get you to Italy, Y/N. Just you wait.”

“Mhm, sure.” She rolls her eyes, placing the plates on the counter. “Can we eat now?”

“Just have to dish it out. Go take a seat.”

“How did I get so lucky?” Y/N asks, sitting at the work top on the other side, “I have an amazing best friend who cooks me delicious food and promises a trip to Italy.”

“I know, I’m pretty amazing.” Joe answers, winking at her as he places a plate of food in front of her. “Enjoy!”

The little moments between them were so normal now, that they never paid attention to them.

Of course, the boys had noticed, wondering why the two best friends acted like a couple without actually dating, but Y/N and Joe just shrugged and said it was who they were.

How they acted with each other was just who they were, it felt right for them. They never considered that they might have real feelings, they were just part of each other’s lives, and it was left at that.

“You ready for bed?” Joe asks a couple hours later, looking down at Y/N, who’s practically asleep on his lap.

“Hmm, think so.” She mumbles, yawning lightly. “Unless you wanna finish the movie?”

“The movie will be there tomorrow, love. Let’s go to bed.”

Nodding, she sits up, stretching. “Your couch is too comfy. And so are you.”

“My beds much comfier though,” He tells her, holding out a hand to help her up.

“I know. I always sleep better in it than my own,” Y/N laughs leaning against him as he leads her up to his room.

Once they’re in the bedroom, she walks over to Joe’s closet, grabbing a random shirt before stripping out of her own clothes, slipping it over her head a moment later.

“Here,” He’s waiting for her outside of the closet, a warm facecloth in his hand, and she takes it with a smile, beginning to wipe the make up off of her face.

“Oh shit,” Joe curses softly, pausing in his movements of pulling the blankets back on the bed.

“What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to send an email. It’s pretty important, too.”

“Then go do it, and then come to bed.” Y/N tells him, walking over to wrap her arms around him, looking up at him. “You won’t relax until you do it.”

“Sorry,” He smiles sheepishly down at her, one hand reaching up to brush the hair out of her face, “I know you were all ready for bed.”

“It’s fine.” Lifting up, she places a simple kiss on his lips, “Go write your email. I’ll be here when you’re back.”

“Thanks, love.”

Neither think of the kiss that just occurred, another moment that just felt right for them.

And when Joe slips into bed beside her a short while later, he pulls her close, kissing her forehead softly.

“Night.” She mutters sleepily.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

And when he kisses her good morning, they don’t think anything of it either.

The shift in their relationship simply happened, and both accept it without saying anything.

“The boys are coming over for brunch,” Joe tells her, his fingers running along her arm.

“Then we should probably get up and get dressed.”


Yet they remain cuddled up in bed for a while longer, only dragging themselves out when Jack texts them to say that he and Josh will be there in ten minutes.

Y/N tosses her hair into a messy bun before pulling on her pants from last night, leaving Joe’s shirt on. He smiles over at her when she appears downstairs, commenting how nice she looks in his stuff.

“I should steal it more often.” She teases before going to answer the door as the boys arrive.

By now, the boys were used to the two acting like a couple, even if they didn’t really understand the relationship between the two, so no one batted an eye when they saw her wearing his shirt, or when Joe’s eyes followed her around the room.

And even when she wrapped her arms around him from behind, leaning against him while she chatted casually with Jack, the boys just took it in stride.

It wasn’t until they were cleaning up from brunch that the boys grew confused.

“You don’t have to do that, love.” Joe says to Y/N, trying to pull her away from the sink where she’s doing dishes.

“It needs to be done,” She laughs, flicking bubbles at him.

“Make one of them do it, then.” He grins, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

“Do you not want clean dishes?” She asks, her arms moving up to around his neck.

“Hmm, fair point.” Joe answers, leaning down to kiss her gently. “At least let me help?”

“Fine, you can dry.” Y/N tells him, lifting up to kiss him once more before she turns back to the sink.

The group of boys all stare over at them in shock and confusion, exchanging glances.

“Okay, what the fuck?” Caspar finally says, drawing the attention of the couple who aren’t a couple.

“What’s wrong?” Joe asks, taking the plate from Y/N, drying it.

“When did…that happen?” Conor asks, gesturing between the two.

“When did what happen?” Y/N glances over at Joe, but he shrugs, placing the plate onto the counter.

“You two just kissed.” Jack tells them, “I mean, we get you two are touchy and she wears your clothes and stays the night…but, you kissed.”

“Well, at least we know Jack can see.” Joe laughed, “But what’s the problem?”

“Are you two dating now?” Josh asks them, glancing between the two.

Y/N and Joe share a look, a silent conversation happening between them before she smiles, placing a soapy hand on his cheek as she reaches up to kiss him again.

“Suppose we are.”

“Guess so.” Joe shrugs, smiling fondly down at her.

“You two are so bloody confusing…” Oli mumbles, shaking his head.

Yet to Y/N and Joe, it all makes perfect sense.

Because it’s just who they are.

  • *One Drink*
  • Emma: I'm still mad you lured me out here you know?
  • Regina: Would you rather be dealing with a bar fight? I'm sure I could start one with you.
  • Snow: This drink is amazing!
  • *Two Drinks*
  • Snow: Incoherent singing.
  • Emma: How is she already drunk?
  • Regina *shrugs*: She must not have our high you want to take her home or stay here with me?
  • *Three Drinks*
  • Snow: You guys are so pretty...god I wish you two could find happiness.
  • Emma: Me too...I'm sorry you had to let Robin go...again.
  • Regina: And I'm sorry about're too good for him Emma.
  • Emma: And you're too good for Robin.
  • *Four Drinks*
  • Snow: Snoring.
  • Emma *laughs*: You look so beautiful like this.
  • Regina: Like what?
  • Emma: With your curls and that dress...all relaxed but hot.
  • *Five Drinks*
  • Emma: Thank you for bringing me out here. I needed this.
  • Regina: You're welcome. Are you okay?
  • Emma: I will be...what is in these drinks?
  • Regina: Alcohol...alcohol and more alcohol...maybe we should stop.
  • *Six Drinks*
  • Regina *drawls*: You're so pretty...why are you so pretty?
  • Emma: I don't know...why are you so cute?
  • Regina *laughs*: We must be magic!
  • Emma: Only together...
  • *They fall silent for several moments before turning to face one another. They move closer to one another before kissing.*
  • *The Next Morning*
  • Snow: We should go drinking more often!
  • Emma *smiles at Regina*: Definitely.
Cute INTJ things

INTJs normally:

*smacks into literally everything*

*trips over thin air*

*Loses touch with reality and gets lost in their thoughts*

*Mentally checks out of 90% of the conversations*                                                                  

INTJs suddenly one day:

“Oh my god look at the sky today, it’s such a beautiful shade of blue!”

“I loooveeee the feeling of the wind on my face. Love it.”

“Oooh thunderstorm! Thunderstorms are awesome.”

“Wow the world is so fucking beautiful I should go out more often and appreciate its beauty and learn to live in the moment”


request: jackson smutt

author’s response: thank you for requesting and i hope you enjoy!

otp(s): jackson wang x reader

genre: smut

word count: 3,012

synopsis: there’s a reason why jackson wang blushes every time he enters the cinema.

“so, this is why we’re sitting in the back?”
jackson wang stuffed his clammy, calloused hands into the confines of his pockets as he fought against the simmering heat beginning to mercilessly grip his whole fucking body. the pupils of his eyes struggled to remain trained on the wide screen several feet before him as fingers taunted the bulge fighting against the button of his pants. he was thankful for the speakers rooted in the corner of the theater, blaring distractions for everyone seated near him.

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Touchy, feely. [Jackson x Reader]

request by a super cool anon 

summary: You have been dating Jackson for  a year but you’ve known GOT7 since even before they were GOT7. One afternoon you and the GOT7 boys get a little touchy while hanging out. And this doesn’t sit well with your boyfriend… and it seems you are in real trouble.

genre: angst/smut 

a/n Mature content warning. if you’re not into it you should probably not read it lol. ~ JJ 

 You drove to the dorm and then buzzed yourself into the building with the code Jackson gave you.You knocked once on the door and it immediately opened before you tried knocking again. 

NOONA~” Yugyeom said giving you a running hug. It had been awhile since you’ve seen them. You let him squish you in his arms and yell “Gyeomie!” When he releases you are greeted by a hug from Youngjae, a high five from Mark, a tight squeeze from Jb, A cheek kiss from jinyoung and (just to piss Jackson off) Bambam kissed you quickly on the nose. “Yah Bambam!” You say more playfully then upset.  “Hey, babe.” You say as Jackson approaches the parade. “Hey, beautiful,” He says kissing you on lips. “Ewwwww” Bambam, Mark and Yugyeom exclaim. “Oh shut up you three.” 

They lead you to the living room where they set up a whole table of food, some board games, cards and soju (lots of soju). You looked back at Jinyoung who was behind you and who you suspected did most of the work and mouth wow. He winked at you and put his arm around your shoulder. “Guys this is amazing.” You all sit and eat as well as start taking shots. 

What you don’t notice is Jackson who is getting impatient at your skinship. But he doesn’t say anything since it has been awhile since you’ve seen them. Mark sat next to you pouring shot after shot both of you hammering them away at a staggering pace. Mark looks at you with a knowing look “Should we show them American style,____?” You nod back as everyone stares at you both. You grab the salt shaker and mark grabs a lime from the kitchen. You shake the salt on your collar bone. The boys sit in amazement watching Mark take a shot then lick the salt from your collar bone slowly and take the lime from your mouth. “What the fuck that’s so hot!” Jaebum says in a daze. 

 You guys play a bunch of random games when Mark suggests “Let’s play a game of dare. But if you don’t do the dare. You get hit in the butt” Everyone agreed excitedly. And immediately begun spinning one of the empty soju bottles to play. Except for Jackson who said nothing at all, but no one noticed. You end up getting hit on the butt by Youngjae and Mark for chickening out of their dares. It comes back to you again and it is JB asking this time “Okay _____, I dare you to makeout with Bambam.” You could feel your brain telling you “no” but you were drunk and everyone else (expect your boyfriend) was too. And your butt still really hurt from losing twice. So you say “Oh, what the hell” And grab the back of Bambam’s neck pulling him into a kiss that lasts 10 seconds.It is a sloppy, drunken and rough kiss  “I think that’s a success” Bambam says when you pull back. 

At this moment Jackson gets up without a word, grabs something from the counter and storms out of the apartment. You all sit in stunned silence. You can feel the alcohol still in your veins but this moment was enough to make you feel soberer.  

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Anytime He Wants

Summary: The reader and Dean are undercover as an engaged couple at a wedding reception. Something shifts between the two hunters. 

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,620

Warnings: ABSOLUTELY NONE. This is the fluffiest fluff to fluff. 

A/N: So this is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s RomCom Fluff Challenge, and I had prompt #70 from Sweet Home Alabama “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” (it’s bolded) This is also my first challenge ever. It was a lot of fun to write off of a prompt again! :) Hope this is fluffy enough for you, Mimi! Love you!

Dean Winchester is not a man who does relationships. He’s known for picking up girls in bars, leaving with them for a night and never seeing them again. So when you find yourself undercover, glued to his side as his fiancee for the evening at a wedding reception, it’s a bit weird to say the least. If you are honest with yourself, you have always harbored a crush for Dean since you moved into the bunker two years ago, you just never said anything for fear of ruining the amazing friendship the two of you shared.  

 Every time you’d overheard him flirting with some girl in a bar you had always wished he was flirting with you instead. The words he would use and how he would use them never failed; you knew that if he ever used his charm on you you’d be a puddle faster than anyone thought possible. You weren’t looking forward to him sweet talking you tonight though. The two of you were undercover and if he used it tonight it would just be part of that. Hearing him sweet talk you, only to know in your heart that he didn’t mean any of it would just be too much to handle. However, since the two of you had been at the wedding, he had yet to use any of his usual lines or tricks and it was making you nervous.

You will admit though, feeling Dean’s warm hand on the small of your back as the two of you socialize for the case is comforting. He’s letting you know that he’s right there and he won’t leave for anything. You’re admiring the ice sculpture picked out by the bride when you feel his thumb start to caress your back, and soon you feel a slight pressure to the side of your head. Dean pulls his lips away from your temple and leans down to whisper in your ear, “You know, I never did tell you how absolutely stunning you look tonight, y/n.”

You quickly turn to face Dean, a blush taking up residence in your cheeks as you look up into his piercing green eyes. Remembering to play along you weave your arm under his, and settle it around his waist, your eyes still on his as you smile shyly. “Thanks, babe. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would look. I don’t usually wear dresses like this, you know.”

He chuckles, a rumbling sound that rumbles through his chest and into your soul, warming you from the inside out. “This is true. Comes with the territory, I guess. Just means we should go out more often.”

The way Dean’s looking at you when he makes his last comment causes your heart to flutter, but before you can think too heavily on it Dean says, “Hey, would you mind dancing with me, y/n?” All you can do is smile and nod your agreement as he pulls you onto the dance floor.

As the two of you make it to the dance floor his hand finds its way back to the small of your back, gently pulling you to him, as his other hand grasps yours in his holding your entwined hands over his heart.  You free hand finds its way up to his shoulder. The two of you just sway back and forth for a bit, letting the music wash over you, no words needing to be spoken.

A couple of minutes pass, and as you are glancing over Dean’s shoulder you feel his lips close to your ear as he starts to speak. “I want you to know, that I was serious when I said we should go out more. We don’t even have to go out somewhere to go out. I just want to spend time with you with the intention of kissing you at some point.”

You suddenly inhale sharply and pull back slightly so you can look Dean in the eye, hoping he’s saying what you think he’s saying. “Dean, what are you saying?”

He smiles and softly squeezes you closer to him as he answers you. “Y/n, I’m saying I’d love to take you out. Go on dates with you. Do the romance thing with you. Babe, I’ve fallen for you, and I’ve fallen hard.”

Glancing down at his lips, suddenly you’re filled with skepticism. Now eyeing him, you arch your brow and question. “You? Want to be with me? Like, exclusive be with me? Dean, did you drink the punch? I hear a rumor that they spiked it.”

Dean shakes his head and laughs, then leans forward far enough that his forehead rests on yours. He smirks. “Yeah, I heard that too. But I haven’t had any because I wanted to be sober for tonight. It’s not every day you ask the woman you love to be your girl, now is it?”

Rolling your eyes you pull away enough to rest your head on his chest, your insecurities making themselves known. “Now Dean, why in hell would you want me to be your girl? I’m nothing special. I’m nothing like those girls you pick up in bars. I don’t have gorgeous long hair, I don’t have an hourglass figure, and I sure as hell am not a single digit size.”

You feel his body go rigid underneath your hands. His lips connect with the top of your head in a comforting kiss. “Y/n, is that seriously what you think?” He reaches a hand up, lifting your chin until you’re forced to make eye contact. “Of course you’re not like those girls from the bars. I’d hope to Chuck you’re nothing like them.” His eyes flicker back and forth between yours, trying to gauge how you’re taking his confession. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. Your hair is so adorable in the morning when you have your severe cases of bed head. And your hips? Holy shit they’re intoxicating, y/n.”

Hearing him telling you what he loves about you is almost too much, and you try to look away as you blush furiously. His grip keeps you from turning away, and he smiles. “Hey, I’m not done honey. The girls from the bars might be single digit sizes, but I can guarantee that’s probably their IQ level as well.” He moves his hand from your chin to lightly caress your cheek as his eyes flicker to your lips, which causes you to subconsciously wet them with your tongue. “You’re like a siren, babe. And there’s no way in hell I have the power to walk away. Not that I’d ever want to.”

Before Dean can say anymore, you raise up on your toes and press a kiss to his lips. Reaching up to wrap your arms around his neck, you press yourself even closer to him. He responds almost instantly by wrapping his arms around you and sucking on your bottom lip. The two of you don’t deepen the kiss, but keep kissing nonetheless until you both are desperate for air. Breaking apart, you smile up at Dean through your lashes. “So, what was that about wanting me to be your girl?”

“Y/n, I want you to be my girl. I want to wake up next to you in the mornings and love you forever.” He runs his hands up and down your back, his smile making you swoon in your head.

You press a chaste kiss to his lips. “And why do you want to be with me?”

Dean thinks for a second, looks into your eyes, and with the utmost conviction says, “So I can kiss you anytime I want.”  And leans in to place a kiss on your lips that is so full of love and emotion, and you’re thankful that he’s holding you because otherwise your knees would give out and you’d fall.

The kiss is making you dizzy, but you’re pulling away from Dean suddenly, you cock an eyebrow and stare at him. He’s got a shit eating grin on his face and you can’t help but break your stare and start laughing as you softly swat his chest. “Dean Michael Winchester, did you just quote Sweet Home Alabama?”

If at all possible, Dean’s grin widens as he winks at you. “Oh, baby. You know it. Sweet Home Alabama might be a chick flick, but I pay attention when you force me to watch those. Jake is a smooth man, and it worked like a charm. I mean, Melanie fell for it when they were six. But ignore the fact that it’s Jake’s line; it seemed like the right thing to say because it’s one of the truest statements I could come up with. Because if you’re my girl I get to kiss you, hug you, love you.. and love you, anytime I want.” His eyes darken as his hands gently slide down from their place on the small of your back to settle on your hips, his thumbs rubbing softly against your hip bones.  And y/n, that’s all I want. That’s all I’ve wanted for a long time.”

Your breathing hitches when you catch his intentions, and your heart soars. Hearing what Dean has to say makes you realize just how lucky you are to have him, and how much you feel the same way. Who knows, maybe you’ve felt the same way the entire time. But what matters is that right now, the two of you both know how the other feels and it’s a good thing. Smiling, you look up at him. “Well then, Winchester. Looks like we’ve got some making up to do.” You pull Dean down into another searing kiss filed with the promise of more to come.

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BTS Reaction: Seeing their girlfriends birthmark for the first time

||| Anon asked: Could you do a BTS reaction to their gf not wearing makeup for once and saw her birthmark that take up little less than half her face on the right side? |||

Jin/Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by bwiseoks

“You should go natural more often.“ 

Park Jimin

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

"You look cute. How come I never seen you like this before?”


Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by sonyondan

“I love every single one of your features, why would you cover it up?”

Suga/Min Yoongi

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

“If anyone dares say anything to you again, I swear they won’t be able to talk anymore.”

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by minsnuggles

“You’re different. Embrace it. Don’t hide it anymore.”

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by gotbangboys

“Aww Jagi, don’t be insecure about something that makes you special.”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jeonify

“You know what. That’s actually pretty cool.”

A/N: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions, mtl etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😉

mssawyerdanvers  asked:

We need an entire fanfic starring Alex and her glasses (ok maybe maggie and a bed too but details...) (referring to the adrian's one when they're studying! Alex would totally help out a college student).

(Prompt referencing this fic – )

When she first found out she needed them, she cried.

Eliza had gone on about how smart her little girl looked in glasses, and Alex just wanted to cry.

Because she got made fun of enough – she was enough of a nerd, it was hard enough for her to get through lunch without wisecracks or someone spilling a drink on her or general laughter sent in her direction – and glasses? Glasses would just make it worse.

It was Jeremiah that knew. It was Jeremiah that ordered her contacts. It was Jeremiah that fought with Eliza to get Alex to be able to use them, instead of her glasses, when she went out.

Vicky Donahue caught her in her glasses once. She’d dropped by unannounced and Eliza had let her up to Alex’s room without a second thought. It was nice that Alex had such a good friend now, after all.

Alex was laying on her bed, her nose stuck in an astrophysics book, trying to puzzle out the contradictions between the stories Kara told her about Kryptonian physics versus the Earth physics whose math she was scribbling into the margins.

“You wear glasses?” Vicky had asked, and Alex had jumped a mile high, moving to take them off immediately.

Vicky strode across the room quick enough to still her hands, quick enough to push the rectangular frames back onto her face, a small smile tugging at her lips.

“They’re cute,” she said, and Alex felt her face, her entire body, getting hot, felt an odd tugging sensation just underneath her belly, and she adjusted them like Kara did when she was nervous.

“You think?” she asked, and she’d never heard her own voice go that high.

“Yeah! You should wear them more often,” Vicky told her as she pulled Alex’s textbook into her lap before declaring it gibberish and that they should go grab some ice cream.

It was that, more than anything, that made Alex wear them a little more often at Stanford. In her dorm, at least. In her sweater and fuzzy socks and basketball shorts, one pen sticking out of her mouth and one pushed into her hair behind her ear.

They were replaced almost entirely by her contacts, though, when Eliza’s railing on her got too much. When I don’t understand how you could choose your own prestige over Kara’s safety, she’s languishing in Midvale without you, Alexandra became their every phone call, and the alcohol and the clubs and the attention from men with rough hands and cocky smiles at least made her feel… something. Sort of. Not really. But it was worth a try.

So her glasses, then, became standbys only for her worst hangovers, when dragging herself to the bathroom to slip in fresh lenses was just too much to ask.

And then there was J’onn, and then there was the DEO, and the days were so long her eyes would sting, but she would refuse to complain, and she would refuse to put on her glasses – or even acknowledge that she had them – until J’onn showed up, somehow, with her under-used glasses case and insisted that she take a minute to replace her contacts with her frames, because how could she expect to continue training when her eyes were that red, that painful?

He got her improved lenses after that, but he always made sure he kept a pair of glasses for her in storage, for those nights she insisted on working extra late, extra hard, extra, extra, extra.

But for the most part, still, her glasses still only come on at night, when she’s alone, when she’s huddled in her old Stanford sweater and sweatpants and no bra and a single bobby pin keeping her hair off her forehead as she loses herself in reading.

But then there’s Maggie Sawyer.

Because the first time Maggie sees Alex in her glasses – it’s late and they’re settling in for a night of snuggling, of reading, by the fireplace – Alex pads out of her bedroom tentatively, eyes wide, eyes nervous, pajama pants and gray long-sleeved shirt, biting her bottom lip slightly, because what if Maggie thinks she looks weird, what if Maggie thinks she looks ridiculous, what if Maggie thinks her glasses are stupid, that they make her less… perfect?

But when Maggie looks up, her breath hitches and her jaw nearly smacks onto the floor, and she gulps, and she splutters, and Alex reddens, because she’s still just getting used to being this vulnerable, still just getting used to being this… worshipped.

Because Maggie is rasping her name and padding across the floor to her and sweeping her hair away from her face and staring, staring, staring, because “Alex, you… you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“You don’t think they look silly?”

Maggie gulps and Maggie takes a long, slow breath. “I think they look like the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Alex’s heart flutters and heat pools between her legs. “Really?”

Maggie pulls back to take in the whole picture of Alex looking that domestic, that vulnerable, that trusting, that smart, that sexy, that perfect.

“Oh yeah.”

So she starts wearing them at night, to cuddle, to read, to talk by the fireplace, to have tickle fights and laugh, and she even starts wearing them to some game nights, and god is it a relief to not have to always have her contacts in, to always have her guard up.

She starts wearing them while Maggie fucks her, slow and steady and harsh and ragged; starts wearing them when she gives Maggie lap dances wearing nothing but her glasses and a slip; starts wearing them when she puts on a tight-fitting suit and takes Maggie out to dinner, and Maggie can barely speak the entire time, and they don’t even make it fully back into the apartment before she slams Maggie into the wall and gives her exactly what she knows she’s been wanting all night; she starts wearing them and nothing else on lazy Sunday mornings while Maggie makes breakfast and coffee and sweet, desperate love to her.

She starts wearing them to tutor Adrian – and, as it turns out as the term progresses, the small handful of friends he starts bringing by every other week, because our professor doesn’t make physics half as cool as you do, Agent Danvers – and she starts wearing them to brunch on weekends and to the park on evening strolls and to the grocery store with Kara, Adrian, and the woman she swears she’s going to marry one day.

Because glasses?

Glasses don’t make her less perfect.

Glasses make her her, and if it’s good enough for Maggie Sawyer, then dammit, it’s good enough for her.