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What art piece took the longest to do?

Jin: What art piece took the longest to do? Well I remember I did draw this like a year or 2 ago and it took me about 2 weeks?? I think..

Jin: Yoongi gave me a photo of us at the park and it looked really pretty but now I dont really know where the original photo went.. maybe its with Yoongi..
OH! and I did this digitally so it took me quite a long time


I love lesbian!victuuuri so much!!! ah, my heart! Viktoria would absolutely be that popular instagramer who’s been on there since forever and has her aesthetiqué down, all soft rosy colors just in case anybody is under the illusion she is anything but the world’s tiniest sweetest figure skater. Half her pictures are of Makkachin.

Meanwhile Yuuri only got an instagram cuz her coach/girlfriend insisted she’d be a natural at it. She has a totally on-the-nose description but is slowly getting the hang of it. most of the population of Hasetsu follows her. there is an online simultaneous mourning and celebration when everyone finds out she cut her hair as an echo of her coach’s career as well as a way to surprise Viki.

moodboards// viktoria played by Brittenelle Fredericks and yuuri by Son Hwa Min // moodboard asks are currently open

I feel like the entire The 100 fandom just needs a quicky reminder.

A lot of the characters on this show are supposed to be children!

This is easily forgotten because these characters are played by adults (which is a problem in media in and of itself but it’s the CW so what are you gonna do?). But it’s still important to remember:

Clarke is 18. Technically an adult but still very young to but running an entire group of people (that aren’t just other children). 

Octavia is 17 at most. 

Same goes for Jasper and Monty but I’d waver on the side of them being closer to 16. Same as Harper.

They are older teenagers capable of making their own decisions which means that they have to take responsibility for those decisions. It doesn’t excuse the shitty and problematic things that they do. 

What it does mean is that they are still learning. They are still growing into a whole person. They are going to make mistakes. Some of those mistakes, especially in these high stake situations, are going to have more intense consequences for them and others around them. But they are still in the process of learning who they are and the difference between right and wrong.

They are still learning.

Michael getting flustered on Letterman after David shows him a clip from his work on CBC, when he was 15 years old.

Taken from this video

So I accidentally entered a drawing in an art show today??? oops?? 


some unlucky kiddos :’)

The Force is with Me, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Chirrut Imwe from Rogue One. Portrait is from the waist up. Chirrut is wearing a dark sci-fi stylized suede tunic with leather straps and a molded sci-fi-armor gauntlet on his wrist. His blind eyes are cataract-blue with no pupils. His hair is shaved close to his scalp. The background is soft purple with a blazing white-gold sun.]

John Boyega’s only upcoming starring/leading role that he’s booked since starring as the male lead in Star Wars is in a movie that he’s co-producing. He’s literally having to make his own opportunities. Meanwhile, Daisy Ridley, who’d never been in a film before Star Wars, has 3 starring roles booked and is in talks for another. Hollywood is racist trash.