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I painted a little Rufus with some daisies and hydrangea flowers! 🌼
This was really fun to paint :>

Get well soon Stefán! 💜

[enter scene: garrison dorms, 10:45 at night, hunk bent over his desk and lance leaning against his back. they both seem tired.]

Hunk: Macklemore didn’t die so that’d I’d get a C on this essay… i’m going to stay up a little later so I can revise it. Is that okay, Lance?

Lance: If you fail it’s homophobia. Good luck, I’m gonna get my beauty sleep.

btw my friends, i’ll give you a little tip: if somebody tells you they’re open to different opinions, but shut you down as soon as you have a different opinion, or are just snarky and rude, they are probably manipulative people. get rid of those. you don’t need them. 

God today has been a good day but also really exhausting bc a lot of stuff and walking going on (or well, more walking than I usually do haha) but!!! I have great life news that you can find in the tags below haha

Bah, I’ve sent two asks and now this, I apologize for bothering you aheeeeh-
But the reasoning behind this is that I kept thinking about how Poppy would be down to help anyone with training,,, She’s not used to this-

Cal AKA Poppy Mun - Oh no it’s fine! I love interacting with other muns! In which I was expecting something completely different in my inbox from this. But regardless I love this!

Fanfic Requests are now OPEN!!

Ah finally! It’s been forever since I’ve allowed requests for fanfics, but now they’re finally open again! *throws confetti* 

I appreciate you all for being so patient. I know I had requests closed for a long time (over a year I think??? wow oops!) but now I’m back in fanfic writing business! 

Of course, before you request anything, I would like for you to read over my rules :) 

Regular Fanfics: 

  • I will NOT write for Hidashi. I’m sure you all know that by now, but I just want to make it clear. 
  • I will write for certain ships if you’d like, but I do NOT write smut! I’m still not sure if I could write that very well. So please, if you have a shipping request, nothing nsfw related. Feel free to send in all the fluff and angst you’d like!
  • Seriously, send all the fluff and angst you’d like. 

X Reader Fanfics:

  • I write for Tadashi, Hiro, Fred and Wasabi. As fun as it could be to write something for Honey Lemon and Gogo, I’d like to stick with the boys :)
  • Again, if you have a fluffy or angsty idea, send away! But NO SMUT! 
  • Make sure to send in a certain theme for either the reader or character of choice (like sad!reader or hurt!hiro for example) 

I’m really looking forward to getting requests again! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me!  


I am fucking livid.
Come to find out one of my dear friends deactivated her Tumblr because some others cannot take the fact that someone has a different opinion than the one you think is canon.

Because you think shaming someone that thinks differently is more important than school, uni, work, family.

I have an 11 year old daughter. If this happened to her, I would hunt you down and let you have it.

In fact, if you were in a state where bullying was prosecutable by law, I would get admins and police involved in a heartbeat.

And if any of you bullies see this, come at me, and not anon. I personally feel if you have to attack anon you are COWARDS.

The Assassin’s Creed fandom should be open to EVERYBODY, regardless of age, gender, color, culture, orientation or opinion.

*steps off soapbox*

Welp, since i don’t have a tablet yet the best i can do is traditional lineart and color in krita. I actually wanna test my hand redrawing this in a couple months so yeah, here it is.

The Lovely Gays™ aka Engel and Cyris belong to @windycube and @akiri-chann respectively!!

I have a friend who is a huge Bigbang fan and a Super junior fan as well, she is older than me and of course she started listening to Kpop when older groups were on the top. She is constantly saying that Armys are crazy, that BTS has copied some things from other groups such as Bigbang, that older groups opened the gate first for BTS to be what they are now and that Bigbang or other groups are and will always be the best, getting angry when they read international sites saying that BTS is the Best kpop group at the moment. To be honest I get It, you are not a fan of BTS and I understand where you are coming from, but that doesn’t mean that BTS’s achievements are thanks to other groups, they are they own band, what they had achieved is from their own fucking effort. I hate watching and hearing people from other fandoms underestimating all the hard work BTS puts on their music and their careers, getting mad because people around the world are saying that BTS is the best kpop group. I’m so.fucking.tired. Can you just recognize that this is the time for BTS to show their talent? I love Bigbang for example, they are incredible and I do think that they opened the gates of Kpop to international fans, BUT that doesn’t mean that BTS’s achievements are thanks to them. They are they own band, you can’t compare one with another because they are totally different even when they do have some similarities. Can you just acknowledge that this is THEIR TIME? Bigbang, super junior, SNSD, Shinee or whatever had already had their time on top, now is BTS and maybe tomorrow there will be another group on top. It’s a fucking cicle, even BTS knows that they won’t be on the top until the word ends. It’s just natural you know? Give the opportunity to other groups to show their talent, to show their music, I’m not trying to hate on nobody here, because I like so many groups and so many artists equally! And I know that sometimes there are people who do or say stupid shit that might place Armys as rude, but we are not all like that, It doesn’t matter who is first or who is second, we are all in this shit together, we all want to see our faves doing their thing, being happy. Can we just let LET THEM?