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hey! i’m ayana and this is my new writeblr. i’m still figuring it out, but i’m hoping to use this blog to store reference posts, find and post advice, talk about my writing/projects, chat about OCs and more!

hence, im very new and very much looking for people to follow! if you have an active writeblr where you talk about or have interest in any of the things below, please reblog!

- characters of color

- LGBT+ characters

- writing romance, crime, mystery, and/or contemporary (although any genre is fine, really!)

- tips and advice

- book-y aesthetics!

- you’re kind, would like talking to me about our OCs or projects, and would maybe wanna be friends

  • Sawyer: Listen freckles, it's true there are a lot of things against us but I know we can make this work. We will be like Romeo and Juliet.
  • Kate: Romeo and Juliet both commit suicide at the end.
  • Sawyer: That's the ending? So depressing. Why do people like that play so much?

something about kise tearfully saying “kurokocchi, light of my life-”

and then kuroko beating him up because he knows what comes next

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When is bad boys gonna be updated? 👀

When I’m well enough to write. I don’t have a timeframe - I have a chronic illness that limits my ability to function and writing is at the bottom of my priority list. As well as that, I made commitments to several zines and a big bang that i have to finish first before i can devote energy to Bad Boys.

'nother theory for arc

So everyone saying how DB in general can’t raise the stakes any higher than the current ToP because of how grand and big they made it compared to other seasons/sagas, but with the info we’ve been getting from the current arc, that might not be true, so I thought, what would be bigger than a tournament where each universe individually fights for survival?

A Universal rebellion.

To who, exactly, idk the Zen-Ohs, the Grand Priest, angels in general or someone even bigger that threatens the multiverse. And before you try to counter, HEAR ME OUT, I know Zen Oh can erase someone on the spot, but what other being we know thus far that can do that? The grand priest can’t. But he can manipulate Zeno. He can tell him “This universe deserves to be erased” and Zeno will just be like “oh you’re right BEGONE THOT” and zzzzip its gone. But what if because of Goku, this new source of a new perspective and mentality that Zeno ‘discovers’ in a way, he starts to see things different, cuz Goku has that sord of effect on his enemies and such, and Zeno begins to ‘mature’ and think something like “Wait a sec this universe could be interesting, I don’t wanna erase it now! Let me see it first now!” and wouldn’t be so persuaded by the grand priest (also yes this goes with the theory that the GP is behind everything yadda yadda ok), who wants to take control and overthrow Zeno. Also, because of this, the other Angels start to rebel as well and leave their respective GoD to join the GP and plan to destroy the remaining universes because they are too weak or too overconfident or some moral shit like that, but there’s one angel who doesn’t agree with this and SAVES the universes from them, that being our boy Whis.
SO WE HAVE AN ANGEL MONARCHY that wants to eliminate them but they can’t because only Zeno can erase universes, but Zeno is too stubborn to listen to them so they just keep him cornered or something somewhere while the universes try to think “oh shi what now”. And they have a simple solution, an asspull like DBS likes to do, GET THE SUPER DRAGON BALLS AND WISH AWAY THE ANGEL MONARCHY. THING IS, the GP knew they would make that plan, and SPREADS OUT THE DRAGON BALLS throughout the 12 universes (yes this would mean 5 universes would not get a dragon ball but the main chars and audience won’t know which) to make it even HARDER TO FIND and gather them to wish them away. So what happens next

And against time until the GP does something to stop them idk

SO ALL THE 12 UNIVERSES will have to band together to collect them and secure their multi universe’s safety, creating separate groups, different team ups, more character screen time, higher potentials, MORE FIGHTS, MORE UNIVERSE/WORLD BUILDING, the animators can go wild with creating alien races and planet environments, even cameos from other character races from DBZ, even GT, development, backstories to chars that didn’t get enough attention in the ToP, explanations to technics and motives, origins, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

I would go more into detail but this really started to sound like a fic that would take twice as long as the entire Harry Potter series SO DONE


Phil checking Dan out.

Like you mean it 😘

Thank you, @cuppa-tea-eh for that prompt! :) It was so much fun! (and whenever ‘it was fun’ it turns into… well, 3k this time. Whoops!) I also posted it on AO3 if you prefer to read it there… :)

Cho Chang. Cho Chang? Really? Cho. Chang!!

“Draco, are you alright?” Pansy was waving a hand in front of his face, scrutinising him intently. She looked worried.

“Cho Chang,” Draco muttered for the umpteenth time. Pansy sighed, letting her hand drop to her side and leaning away again.

“Yes, Draco, Cho Chang. But she said no. She’s already going with someone else.”

Draco couldn’t help but sneer. Thank Merlin Chang was already going out with Diggory! But Potter seemed to fancy her nonetheless. Draco had caught him staring at the Ravenclaw in the Great Hall several times. It made him want to dump his porridge on Potter’s head.

When he saw Potter the next day, he noticed how tense his shoulders looked, how he was walking with his head bowed. Draco would have liked nothing more than to go over there and end Potter’s misery. There were only a few minor problems. Draco had a reputation to uphold. He couldn’t just walk over there and ask him to the Yule Ball. Besides, Potter didn’t even like him.

The more Draco thought about the impossibility of ever being with the stupid Gryffindor, the angrier he got. As he watched Potter cross the courtyard, he acted on impulse. He scooped up a handful of snow and threw it with as much force as he could. It hit Potter right in the back of his head.

“Ow!” He whirled around and narrowed his eyes when he saw Draco sneering at him.

“Potter!” Draco didn’t even have to force his voice to sound gleeful, it was an automatism. “Could you be any more pathetic?” He approached Potter with a smart pace, flashing his ‘Potter stinks’ badge before he came to a halt in front of him. “How does it feel, Potter, to realise you’re not everybody’s darling?” He cackled scornfully, jutting his chin forward. “The Boy Who Lived… can’t even find a date for the Yule Ball.”

Potter glowered at him and Draco felt almost embarrassed about how much he was enjoying it.

“Oh, because everybody is begging you to go with them?” Potter said in a mocking tone. Draco straightened himself, attempting to look as superior as possible.

“Unlike you, I get to pick and choose amongst my devoted admirers.”

Draco scowled when Potter snorted.

“Right. The one devoted admirer being Pansy Parkinson. And you call me pathetic.”

Draco struggled to keep his composure. But he wouldn’t let Potter win.

“Should I build you a snowwoman, so you won’t end up alone after all? At least she’d have as much charisma as you.”

“Don’t bother, Malfoy,” Potter said gruffly. “Worry about yourself. I bet you can’t find someone other than Pansy who’d want to go with you.”

Draco felt his cheeks burn up. He didn’t want to go with Pansy but had already made his peace with it, seeing as the person he really wanted to go with wasn’t an option.

“I already told you, I have lots of choices,” Draco fumed. It was an outright lie and he suspected Potter knew it. The Gryffindor crossed his arms in front of his chest and gave Draco a speculative glance.

“Alright, let’s make a bet then.”

Draco pressed his lips together to keep himself from gaping. He squared his shoulders and forced himself to smirk.

“Sure. But if- I mean when I turn up with my date, who won’t be Pansy, you’ll kneel in front of me and kiss my hand.” Draco chuckled inwardly.

“What? I won’t be kneeling-”

“Scared you’ll lose, Potter?” Draco said tauntingly. Potter gritted his teeth.

“Fine! Since you seem to be so sure of yourself, I’ll make it easy for you. If I win, you’ll kiss your date in front of everyone! Like you mean it.”

Draco bit his lip. Potter wasn’t playing fair. He knew Pansy had a thing for Draco and she would kill him if he went to the ball with somebody else and kissed them right in front of her. But he couldn’t back down now.

“You’ve got yourself a bet, Potter,” he growled and stalked off to the Slytherin common room. What had he gotten himself into? This was bound to end badly. He knew it from the second he had agreed to this stupid bet and was proven right again when he talked to Pansy.

“What do you mean, you can’t go to the ball with me?” she screeched. Draco sighed.

“I made a bet with Potter,” he said, plopping down in an armchair.

“And that bet excludes me as your date?” She was probably going to start throwing things any second now.

“It does,” Draco replied. “Just ask Blaise or something.” It was obviously the wrong thing to say. Pansy’s face was red and blotchy, her nostrils were flared and her eyes look murderous.

“I will kill Potter for this,” she yelled and stormed off into her dorm. Draco let his head fall back and tried not to think about how Pansy would react if he actually had to kiss someone in front of her. Like you mean it. Potter’s words echoed in his head. That would be a tough sell. The only person he could imagine kissing in earnest was the one he’d had to beat in this stupid bet.

Draco looked around the Great Hall and wrinkled his nose. Finding a date to the Yule Ball had turned out harder than he had anticipated. Every single person he had asked was already taken, or at least they said they were, and time was running out fast. The stupid ball was tomorrow. His only consolation was that Potter didn’t seem to have had much luck either.

He didn’t know why he did it, what idiocy drove him to provoke Potter further, but when Potions class was over, he strode over to the Gryffindor and casually leaned his hip against his desk.

“Time’s almost up, Potter. We can do a test run if you like, to familiarise your knees to being bent.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Granger and Weasley blinking at him.

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” Potter said, standing up. “You on the other hand should probably take better care of these.” Without warning, Potter’s thumb was brushing Draco’s lower lip. “They look a bit chapped. Wouldn’t want your date to cut themselves on your lip.”

Draco could only watch Potter and his friends, who were still gaping at Draco, leave the classroom while he stood there, dumbfounded and rooted to the spot. His heart was about to jump out his chest and his legs felt like he had been hit with the Jelly-Legs-Jinx.

He was still slightly swaying when he found Blaise in the library.

“Got a date yet?” he asked, putting down his quill. Draco groaned.

“No. And Potter is driving me insane!”

“Honestly, you should just ask him to be your date and be done with it,” Blaise suggested.

“You’re very helpful,” Draco barked.

“Seriously, Draco, I swear to Salazar, if you don’t do anything about it and I have to endure you talking about him every waking minute until we finish school, I will throw myself into the Great Lake.”

“You know very well I can’t do anything about it,” Draco huffed. “And I do not talk about him that much.”

Blaise gave him an exasperated look and sighed.

“Why do you even like him?”

Draco frowned.

“How should I know? I just… do.”

Shaking his head, Blaise took his quill and stuffed it into his bag.

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I ever realized how strong Zavala is. Like, when the vanguard infiltrated the Cabal infested city and initiated an attack against a small group of Cabal, Zavala literally rushed up to one WITH NO WEAPON JUST HIS BARE FUCKING HANDS and was able to fucking forcibly make it shoot itself with it’s own weapon then uses that heavy ass gun that easily has to be 300 pounds to kill another cabal. Zavala had no power, no light. Cabal are 800 pounds. Zavala’s raw strength with no power is strong enough to handle something that is as strong as TWO FULL ASS GROWN GORILLAS WITH A LIFETIME OF OTHERWORLDLY MILITARISTIC TRAINING. 

Can you believe there’re still people who think Jeon Jungkook dislikes Park Jimin?



I mean-

Are they blind???



I don’t get it

How can they even think about Jungkook disliking Park Jimin?