should fear its people

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is louis real? i'm pretty sure he's the only person on the planet who can go from drop dead gorgeous to tiny cuddly boy or from hot as fuck footballer to cute giggly son or from scruffy jokester to loving big brother. how is it possible???

I have seen Louis with my own two 20/20 vision eyes on three separate occasions. I know people who have met Louis, and yet, I remain unconvinced of the validity of his so-called existence. Louis is an enigma. The Unsolved Mystery™ of unsolved mysteries. Jessica Fletcher couldn’t even solve this one. 

But let’s have a look at the evidence, shall we? 

Exhibit A: drop dead gorgeous

Exhibit B: tiny cuddly boy

Exhibit C: hot as fuck footballer

Exhibit D: cute giggly son

Exhibit E: scruffy jokester

Exhibit F: loving big brother

Conclusion: It is not possible. All of these photos are fake, none of these things happened, and Louis is not real. Case closed. In your face, FBI. 

but all jokes aside, this has such a mature and deep theme to it and this ain’t gon’ be all that coherent cause i can’t do that right now.

do sitting on the pole with ctvs as both an act of defiance, an act of showing their triumph and that the whatever they are championing for is more powerful than whatever the government has in plan, but can also be interpreted as him trying to find a place where he isn’t watched and really this entire concept can be interpreted as a shout-out to their celebrity life and how the media acts like the big-brother, ready to fight them and harm them the moment they stray from the rule or rather, the public-image that was pushed into them. the moment they no longer fit the idea society has of them, they are the enemy.

exo gathered at the same table, all of them, planning the coup  d’état. lay at the head of the table in that scene where the rest are nowhere in sight can be considered as him being the one behind the scenes, their secret weapon which is true, considering korean media has disregarded lay for years on end now and has downplayed his achivements without a second of hesitation or any shame.

chen in that crowD can be either interpreted as one of the many sacrifices, one of the many experiments or simply as one of the many a courageous soul that are ready for battle and his face is the only one shown, the one we can identify, to know he was there, a last goodbye if you may. the rest of the people are unidentifiable, just slaughter for the cause, and he might as well be lost amongst them.

kai climbing the police officers at the end of the video, staggering to reach the top means they have won the battle, but we don’t know the price they paid. literally. i see it as “men will always come triumphant against the government.” . the whole video has a v from the vendetta kind of feeling “the people shouldn’t fear the government. the government should fear its people” 

update: i can’t yet distinguish which member is the one to walk on the table but what if he is the last one standing? 

update: apparently, at the end of the table sit both lay and baekhyun, the only difference being that when baek sits, the members are gathered and he’s the only one not bruised and who has been shown not partaking in the fight. what if lay is the fake leader, sitting at the table and reminiscing about the time when he used to be the one they looked up to and baekhyun has taken his place, or lay dreams of being the leader of the rebellion but baek is, in fact, the one orchestring it? boooy.

update: saw on twitter that the only face we can see on the pile of bodies jongin climbs looks like baek’s …

But creative people should not fear failure. Creative people should fear the prescribed path to success - its narrowness, its specificity, its reliance on wealth and elite approval. When success is a stranglehold, true freedom is failure. The freedom to fail is the freedom to innovate, to experiment, to challenge.
—  Sarah Kendzior

Lost Songs of Anatolia (Anadolu'nun Kayıp Şarkıları) is a 2010 Turkish musical documentary film directed by Nezih Ünen.

The film features around 20 musical numbers shot on location in various places around Anatolia and examines the influence of ancient civilizations, rituals and mythology of the land on traditional music and dance.

Turkish composer, producer and arranger Nezih Ünen was inspired to make the film by Peter Gabriel’s Passion album, which includes Anatolian folk songs. Talking about the film the director stated, A hundred years ago, cinema and the music industry started to grow up and circulate freely. While the world was developing quickly in culture and arts, Anatolia was left to solitude despite all its riches, and We should dote on Anatolia, protect all its riches and hand down this heritage to the next generations. This is our primary responsibility… West lovers started to assume themselves as the lords of Istanbul. They look down upon the East and treat Anatolia as the ‘other.’ ‘The gentlemen of Istanbul’ who try to become Western without internalizing their own culture got stuck between East and West, the director said of the development of Turkish cultural attitudes since the foundation of the Turkish Republic. In fact, when I realize that I do not know Anatolian people, I understood that I did not know myself either. After I became aware of this, I decided to do something about it and started from the point I knew best, he added. Turkey should not be a country fearing the diversity of its people and their languages, the director stated confirming that that, Armenian songs would be performed for the first time in a movie. This is a beginning in Turkish cinema history. I hope this will continue.

Financial difficulties did not deter us from our way, the director said of the project which saw him spend eight years wandering from village to village compiling the folk songs of Anatolia. During this research he took recordings for 350 hours and compiled hundreds of folk songs from which he assembled the film.

a great Turkish song from the film

Watch the whole of it here (in Turkish)

My mom and I are looking into getting a rescue dog and turning him/her into a therapy animal for me (I struggle with depression/anxiety, and having an animal around would be extremely beneficial). So I’ve been looking online at the local shelters and pet rescue places, and I found this one dog, Arrow, who was absolutely perfect for our family: he gets along great with small children, other dogs, cats, AND horses! My mom liked the sound of him too, until she saw the picture.

Arrow is a pit bull.

And, like so many people out there, my mom refuses to get a pit bull because they’re “bad dogs,” prone to attacking anybody they see.

Oh yeah

Pitbulls are clearly terrifying animals.

How could anybody want a dog this vicious?

Clearly I should be fearing for my life.