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There are many different kinds of analytical essays, but this is a guide to the most common one, most likely your essay for a literature class.

1. Actively Reading

Most analytical essays are for some sort of text, some form of literature. Whatever it may be, read it once all the way through and then again actively, meaning you engage with the poem, story, or novel you’ve been assigned. The best way to do this is to write notes in the margins, identify literary devices, recurring images, and to highlight/underline excerpts that may be useful to quote later on.

2. Formal Analysis

This is when you consider the formal elements of your text, putting aside themes and other concepts that would be considered “content.” Formal analysis has two stages:

  1. First is a close examination of the working parts of a text: the literary devices, images, use of language, etc. In the formal analysis stage, you parse out only the formal components: rhyme, meter, recurring images of flowers, etc.
  2. Second, you must decide what effect these quirks in form have for the reader. The use of literary devices always has a purpose and/or intentional effect, and you have to decide what that is. The devices may be used for an overall effect, and smaller effects may culminate in some general effect.

3. Making Your Point

This is when you form an argument/thesis based on your findings. For example: In the poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” William Butler Yeats uses a variety of devices to express languor and the notion of an idyll. At this juncture, I have decided that all the literary devices culminate in this effect. After forming a thesis, it is now my job to make a case for myself and prove my thesis using evidence from the text. I will single out literary devices, describe their effect, find evidence in the text, and explain how that supports my argument:

  • Literary device #1: meter
  • Formal analysis: The anapest meter has an effect of slowing down the reader, as if they were trying to walk through honey.
  • Evidence from the text: “And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made” (This is where that highlighting earlier comes in handy!)
  • Then I should elaborate here (see my model for paragraphs) and explain how this supports your overall argument (see thesis above)

4. Structuring the Essay

The five paragraph model works well for a simple analytical paper. Of course you are not obligated to use it. If you are unfamiliar with it, it looks like this:


  • Hook
  • Thesis
  • Overview of points you will make

Paragraphs 2-4:

  • Transitional phrase
  • Claim
  • Supporting evidence


  • Quick recap
  • Restate your argument in absolute terms

5. Quick Tips

  • Don’t forget to use proper citations!
  • You haven’t really finished until you’ve revised and edited
  • Reading it out loud or having a friend read it out loud will help you catch mistakes
  • Avoid generalizations; stick to your topic
  • Write a hook that isn’t a bland platitude but something genuinely interesting
  • For more tips, check out my masterpost “Tips for College Writing (and All Good Writing) That You May Not Get in the Classroom

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chapter II: tell me about it, stud

read chapter 1!

summary: Eddie Kasprak and Richie despise each other, it’s just too bad that they’re anonymously best pals on tumblr. This is gonna be good…

warnings: mentions of broken arm???

a/n: whooo! finally done with this chapter! follow my amazing beta @losvcr

“I’m begging of you Mike, I need you at work!” Eddie talked into the phone on his couch.

Eddie heard Mike sigh, “Eddie, I’ve been planning this vacation for months. I’m only gonna be gone for four weeks. Besides, it’s not my fault you broke your arm while taking down the fairy lights. By the way, why did you try to take them down? You told me that they were one of the few things that lightened up your day.”

Eddie grimaced as he held onto his broken arm. “Just wanted a change of scenery. Mike, please. If I don’t have you at work, I can’t take care of the plants. I broke my dominant hand and I need to be able to lift the plants, sell them, water them, trim them, and plant new ones all at the same time!”

“I’m so sorry Eddie, but the answer is no. Just ask Richie to help.” The line went dead, and Eddie wanted to throw his phone across the room. He had asked Ben, Eddie’s other co-worker, before Mike, but he was visiting his parents in Maine for two weeks.

That was two weeks without any help and a broken arm.

He knew he had one last option, but that was unthinkable. Unspeakable. Never going to happen, ever. Like, hell no.


“-and I promise that I’ll stop insulting you for a whole month if you can just help me until my coworker gets back from vacation?” Eddie asked, avoiding eye contact with Richie as he stood in front of Richie’s desk.

“Eds, of course I’ll help you! We’ll be the best florist dream team the world has ever seen!” Richie exclaimed, throwing his arm around Eddie’s shoulders. Eddie quickly pushed him off and complained, “I am not a florist!”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, doll.” Richie said smugly. “So, when do I start helping?”

“Tomorrow, and I need you to be there at 7. We’re doing a Halloween sale, and you have to come dressed up.” Eddie said as he looked around the Classic Jazz section.

“Are you serious? I love dressing up! I didn’t know that you did fun stuff in your store!”

“Shut up. I do fun stuff all the time, dickweed.” Eddie insulted, glaring at Richie.

Richie grinned and taunted, “Now you hold on there, mister. You’re not allowed to insult me anymore, remember?”

“Unfortunately.” Eddie replied, grinding his teeth.

“I can sense some tension. Are you tense Eds?” Richie said patronizingly.

“Just peachy.” Eddie remarked. “Just come in costume at seven, is everything clear?”



‘Oh. My. God.’ Richie thought to himself, looking at Eddie in his costume.

Richie had spent the last night getting Bev to cover for him while he was helping Eddie, and listening to Cage the Elephant while having a slight mental breakdown over finding a last minute costume. He decided to go as a sheet ghost, which Richie thought was pretty hilarious.

When Richie walked into Rainbow Bouquet (which, really Eds? How much gayer could you get?) that morning, he was ready and filled with energy. Then, he saw Eds.

Eddie was talking on the phone with someone named Ben, in an oversized leather jacket, white tee shirt, leather pants, and combat boots. His curls were messy and the jacket was falling off one shoulder. ‘He looks insanely hot.’

Then again, it wasn’t unusual for Richie to fawn over Eddie. Daily. Possibly hourly.

Eddie hung up and spun around on his heel to face Richie. “Seriously, Rich? That’s your costume?”

Richie realized that Eddie couldn’t see his face under the sheet, and said, “Yep! Besides, what are you supposed to be? Faux Leather Man?”

Eddie’s face went red and he hissed, “No! I’m a greaser!”

“You look more like Sandy at the end of Grease.”

“Shut up, asshole. By the way, you can’t wear that costume for work.”

“Why? Need to uphold the fine reputation of Rainbow Bouquet?” Richie mocked.

“No, because the customers need to be able to see your face.” Eddie elaborated. “Come with me, I have some extra costumes in the storage room.”

Richie followed Eddie without question, and Eddie led him to a rack with about six costumes. “Take your pick.”

“Why the hell do you have a costume rack in your storage room?”

Eddie blushed and replied, “It’s fun to dress up in October. You never know when you’ll need a last minute costume. Mike, Ben, and I go to a lot of last minute costume parties and these always come in handy”

God, his blush is cute.

”Should have guessed.” Richie commented whilst flipping through the costumes. He picked up the one he knew he had to wear.

“This!” Richie exclaimed, holding up the 50s style letterman jacket and jeans. Eddie buried his head in his hands.

“We are not doing matching 50’s costumes!”

Richie grinned with wild eyes and insisted, “Oh, yes we are! It’ll create a theme! You’ll be Sandy and I’ll be Danny at the end of Grease!”

“No way in hell!


Eddie stood defeated at the cash register while Richie was watering plants in his “Danny” costume.

Fuck him.

Eddie got out his laptop, pulled up tumblr, and opened his conversation with trashmouthrt. He began to type out a message.



i’m working with satan right now.


Eddie saw Richie pull his phone out of his pocket and check it. Richie put his phone back and waltzed over to Eddie. Eddie quickly shut his laptop.

“Hey Eddie Bear, can I take my lunch break now?” Richie inquired, jumping up to sit on the counter

Eddie checked his watch. “It’s not even noon yet!” Richie threw his head back in frustration, which gave Eddie an exemplary view of Richie’s adams apple.

“Listen, toots. I’m helping you out with your store, on top of my own shop that I still have to manage. The least you could do is give me an extended lunch break.”

Eddie sighed and crossed his legs. “Fine, but you have to be back at 1:15. Kapeesh?”

Richie winked as he walked out the door. “You got it, babe.”

Eddie scolded himself for blushing at the nickname. ‘What’s up with me today?’ Eddie had always known that Richie was the kind of person that was universally accepted as “attractive”, but for some reason, he was paying close attention to details today. He noticed that Richie would click his tongue to the beat of a song, or bite his lip when he was nervous. It wasn’t unusual for Eddie to notice details about people, it was just unusual that he found those details so… endearing.

Shaking his head, Eddie opened up his laptop once again to find a new message.



that sucks for you man. i just started working with this guy, and he’s so damn cute

i finally feel like i have something to look forward to


Eddie felt a little sting of jealousy, then realized how stupid he was being.



are you serious? That’s great dude!


except for the part where he literally curses the ground i walk on

listen… do you want to meet up soon? i understand why you would be worried, but maybe we could meet in a crowded place and you could check with the cafe to keep the police on speed dial in case anything sketchy happened (which it wouldn’t) and i just want to actually talk to you in person


Eddie froze. This was a big step. A monumental step. It was a risk, and Eddie just didn’t do risks.

Eddie hesitated and typed out his reply.



ok. lets meet

you’ve got mail eds! masterpost

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From Me To You

Prompt: Ummm… can I get some LAMP set right after accepting anxiety with the sides finding little presents from Virgil who’s trying to say thanks for caring enough to bring him back. The others decide to show him just how much they want him there.  @bubblycricket

Additional request: fluffy af please. If there happens to be a moment where Virgil thinks he’s in trouble for it and then is wholesomely surprised when it turns out hes not, who would complain? @irrelevantbutfabulous

Pairings: LAMP Polysides

Genres: Fluff, romance, comfort 

Warnings: None come to mind, let me know if any are needed, will add

Word Count: 2808 (It ran away with me, I’m sorry)

Author’s Note: I am sick as heck and decided to use my time stuck in bed to write this. Special thank you to @tinysidestrashcaptain for coming up with the gift for Logan. I was super stumped by that.  I apologize if this doesn’t fit the prompt exactly.  There’s something about ‘little presents’ that didn’t translate to me.

Logan found them first.  He woke up promptly at 7:00am, cleaned and dressed himself, and was down in the kitchen for his coffee at 7:15am.  Once he’d finished his first cup of coffee and was preparing the second (black with five teaspoons of sugar), he finally noticed some oddly shaped packages on the coffee table in the living room. 

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leonhaxor  asked:

Say, hypothetically speaking, someone wanted to create a Toon Henry cosplay, and figured out they'd need Popeye-styled forearms (homemade, or janked off a Popeye costume from Spirit), a pair of pants with ink stains, a shirt half-tucked into said pants, an axe, toonishly exaggerated stubble, and short grey hair. Now, presume that cosplayer wasn't sure whether the shirt was short-sleeved or had them rolled up, and how high to make the stains on the pants. How would you advise them?

I would give the following advice to said, er… “hypothetical” cosplayer:

  • The shirt is meant to be up to interpretation, but whether you choose short sleeves or rolled up, there are definite cuffs on the sleeves!
  • For “staining” the pants, if you’re going for that cartoony hard-edged ink-stained look rather than the slight gradient you’d get from ACTUALLY using ink, I recommend using a combo of acrylic paint and solvent.  This tutorial should come in MIGHTY handy.
  • As far as the arms go, I recommend actually making them from scratch – upholstery foam sculpted into the lower arm shapes should do the trick, and if you make a sort of upper-body sock out of a pair of thick opaque tights (following this tutorial should help) to cover your entire arm from the shoulder down to the extra-padded upholstery foam gloves, that should cover that issue nicely.  This should also help if you plan to make yourself completely stark-white like he is in the black-and-white format!

For the arms, this is kinda an illustration of what I mean:

Your arm, from the elbow down.

Make kind of a cylinder out of upholstery foam, and fit it to your forearm.  (I recommend 1-inch thick foam for this part.)  Attach a thin fabric glove to the end of it, so that it stays on your hand.

Then, on top of the thin fabric glove and on the back of your hand, start adding more 1-inch thick upholstery foam in pieces to block out the shape of the hand you want.  Add some ½-inch thick foam to the underside of your palm and around your fingers to even out the shape of the hand, so that it makes a complete smooth shape all around.

After that, start sculpting it more finely, rounding out the shapes and blending them together. (Bonus points – add the elbow knob to the foam here, which I didn’t draw in these images!)

Once you have an arm shape you like…

… on goes the arm sock to blend the color with your upper arm and hide the edges.  At this point, you can paint on the lines of arm hair!

goghflorall  asked:

hey there!! what's your advice on becoming well-cultured?

hi! honestly im not very well cultured myself but i think probably the best way to become more cultured is through art. art comes in lots of different forms (painting, drawing, poetry, writing, music, dance, films etc.) and if you don’t want to actually make art, you can admire other people’s art! go to art galleries, buy poetry books, watch films, go to a theatre and see an interesting play. learning a new language is also a really good way to become more well cultured but it’s definitely more difficult

I’ve got you //Newt Imagine//

Requested by: @shiruisawesome123

Request: Hi! Could you please do a Newt x Reader (For Maze Runner) where WCKD gives Y/n all her memories so she can turn, but she doesn’t thanks to Newt <3 and she only shares that face with Newt and Minho (Who is like her brother). Please?? Also sorry this was a really long request…

Warnings: none

A/n: So I did something a little different with this one. My best friend ( @iconicgalaxies ) actually wrote the imagine and then I added to it so gotta give her credit for it as well! Hope you like it!


Your breath came out in short, shaky breaths as you followed the man you were forced to trust into a small, dark room. A single chair sat in the middle of the floor, facing a dark wall and the man motioned towards it, and despite the nasty feeling in your gut, you crossed the room and sat down. Your hands folded neatly in your lap and you closed your eyes peacefully, You didn’t want to see what would happen to you. As you stared at the darkness of your eyelids, the faces of your closest friends burned into your mind. You remembered how shocked and scared they looked as your name filled the hollowness of the room. You remember the feeling of hundreds of eyes on you as you stood up and you remembered Newt grabbing your hand tightly, stopping you from moving. You remembered how concerned his eyes looked as he looked up at you, his golden locks falling into his eyes.

“Don’t.” He whispered and you were overcome with sadness when you were forced to pull your hand away from his. You didn’t want to leave without them, but Janson wouldn’t let it happen any other way.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, torn at his saddened expression. You lifted your eyes and took a deep breath as you walked towards Janson and the collecting group of teenagers around him. You remembered the taunting hallways and the room where Janson explained that it wasn’t to a sanctuary you were going. You remembered the distraught faces of those who had once been ecstatic and you remembered the tears that had collected on your cheeks when you realized the last moments of your life were to be shortly lived.

You heard a door open but your eyes remained firmly shut. You knew this was it. After this, there would be nothing else for you. You inhaled sharply as you felt the prick of a needle against your skin and a tear fell past your already damp eyelashes. You felt the needle being pulled away and a moment later, the door closed again. You were ready.


“I’m worried about her…After what Tommy found with Aris, how do we know that’s not going to happen to her..?” Newt ran his fingers through his messy blonde hair, his eyes wide and frightened. He had been completely distraught ever since they led her away and it pained him to know that he couldn’t do anything to protect her. He didn’t even know if she was safe or not. Thomas sat beside Minho on the lower bunk of his bed, his face solemn and his heart heavy. Minho had his head in his hands and he carried an even heavier heart. You were always extremely close to Minho. From the moment you arrived in the glade, he had taken you under his wing and ever since then he had acted like a big brother to you. Losing you was heartbreaking for him.

Minho shook his head, “How could we just let her leave? We know we can’t trust these people and we still let her go! What if they hurt her?” he growled as he jumped to his feet, bawling his fists and looking towards Newt, a hopeless expression drawn on his face. They all looked at their leader, Thomas who was in deep thought trying to figure out what to do. “Alright,” he said, “We know where the room is….we can go look for her..”

The group was breaking every rule possible, if this place even had rules. By the time nightfall came, the group had devised a plan not just to find Y/n, but also to escape. They climbed through the vents under the bed, following Thomas to the place they hoped she would be. The place was so foreign to them they had no clue where they were going. It felt like the maze all over again. Thomas cursed under his breath as the group hit a dead end.

“There!” Aris pointed, another vent system. Newt had a terrible feeling in his gut as they followed Aris into the empty hallway and towards the door Thomas had described. Minho stepped beside Newt, giving him a sorrowful glance before heading towards the door.

“If we’re going to escape then there is something I have to do first,” Aris said as he started backing down the hallway. “Trust me, it’ll come in handy later.”

“Someone should go with him, so he’s not alone. Winston, you go with him.” Thomas muttered as he pointed towards Aris. “We’ll find Y/n.” Winston nodded before running after Aris, leaving the three boys alone in front of the door. Thomas pulled out one of the guard’s key cards from his pocket and used it to unlock the door. Timidly, Newt, Minho, and Thomas stepped into the dimly lit hallway. Another door opened and Minho and Newt stared in disbelief at what they saw. Rows of bodies were hung up on machines that glowed in the dark. Tubes and wires attached the bodies to the machines for who knew what reason.

“Check them, see if you can find Y/n.” Thomas said before disappearing into a row of bodies. Newt and Minho did the same. Newt’s eyes jumped from body to body. He recognized some of them as people in the cafeteria and he felt his heart pounding in his chest knowing that Y/n would be somewhere in the room. His heart nearly stopped when he saw a girl, her hair the same color as Y/n’s hanging in front of her face. He stepped towards her and slowly pulled her hair behind her ear.

“I found her!” Newt whispered loudly. Minho and Thomas were by his side in seconds. Minho began tearing the wires from your skin and Thomas carefully pulled away the tubes.

“We gotta get out of here.” Minho said quickly as your body fell into his arms. Newt nodded and started running towards the door again, Thomas hot on his heels and Minho trying his best to keep up. The moment they were all out of the door, a loud blaring alarm echoed through the hallways, startling all three of the boys. They began racing down the hallway, at this point paying no attention to how much noise they were making.

A loud crashing noise woke you up from your unconscious slumber. Your eyes fluttered open, and even though your sight was blurry, you could make out three figures rushing around a room. “Hurry up! Put it in front of the door!” You heard Minho shout. You winced from the pain in your head and tried to sit up.

“Y/n! You’re awake.” Someone said next to you. You glanced up to find Newt with a smile on his face. “Minho! She’s awake!” Newt shouted and Minho rushed towards you. “Y/n. Oh, my god.” he grinned down at you.

“What’s happening? Where are we?” you looked around to find you were in a strange room you had never seen before. You were on a bed, while Thomas ran towards the door trying to shove things in front of it like tables and chairs.

“There’s no time to explain. Can you walk?” Minho asked taking your hand. “Yeah.” you nodded as he slowly pulled you up.

“Minho!” Thomas yelled over the sound of fists pounding on the door. Someone was trying to get in. “Stay with her!” Minho shouted to Newt who nodded.

You swallowed and looked up at Newt with tears in your eyes. “I remember everything, Newt.” you said quietly. Newt’s eyes filled with concern as he looked down at you.

“Remember what?” He asked. Even in this frightening situation, he was able to give you his undivided attention.

“Before the maze. My memories.” You sniffled, a tear fell from your eye as you remembered the fear of your mother carrying you through a crowded street towards the people in masks, yelling at them and telling them you were immune.

“It’s alright, love.” he hugged you to his chest as you as you cried into his shoulder. You felt safe in Newt’s arms, something you rarely ever felt. You breathed in his scent and hid your face in his shirt. Just as the pounding started to get louder Minho and Thomas ran towards the window in the wall. They lifted up chairs and started banging them against the glass. Finally the glass broke, and smiles of relief spread over the boys’ faces. “Come on!” Minho gestured for you to come forward. He helped you cross over the broken glass and Newt followed closely. He stood next to you in a protective way, his body hanging close to yours. His fingers crept against the back of your hand. You were scared, no doubt about it. You quickly laced your fingers with his and squeezed his hand.

“Y/n, you okay?” Minho looked into your eyes after walking up to you. You let go of Newt’s hand to pull your him into a close hug. “I was so scared, Min. I was so scared I wasn’t gonna see you again.” you cried as you both hugged each other. “I was too. We’re gonna be okay. Now stay close to Newt, okay? He’ll keep you safe. Just don’t stop running.” Minho said as you two pulled away. You nodded and then grabbed Newt’s hand again. “Let’s go!” Thomas shouted as everyone ran for their lives out the door.


Hey there!

My study area looks like this just for now. I must work hard now, because the deadline for finishing the thesis is coming very fast…. Although I have written about one third of it, there is so much work to do! I am beginning to freak out, so I decided that some motivational deco should come handy these times…!

Wish me luck guys, and hang in there for those who are in the same situation as me….!


How do I care for a ChiRe baby?

This is for all the new carers out there, or anyone needing some helpful hints on how to care for your ChiRe!

(Please keep in mind I am referring to the ChiRe to be cared for as “your” ChiRe to simply say you are the one caring for them, not in any way, shape or form that you personally own them, as they are their own individual and there is ABSOLUTELY no power exchange here in the ChiRe community🌟.)

Section 1 

  • So first thing’s first; what is your ChiRe like? How old do they regress to? What do they like to do when they regress(draw, prance around, play with toys, etc.)? 
  • You should know these things about your ChiRe before you start to care for them. The most important thing is to talk to your ChiRe outside of regression and know what they expect, what’s comfy for them, and other important information such as their regression age. If your ChiRe is always regressed, which I know some are, do your best at talking to them, nicely, and let them show you what they like. It’s likely that if a ChiRe trusts you enough to allow you to be their carer, then they will comply and tell you exactly how to care for them!
  • So, I understand that all regressors and carers alike are all different people, and not everyone can follow a step-by-step rulebook on what to do.
  • However, there’s very important guidelines that you as a carer, have the responsibility of knowing how to do.
  • Carers have different roles in a ChiRe baby’s life. Some may take on a parental role, some may be the ChiRe’s datemate but care for them when they regress, some may be the ChiRe’s best friend, family member, or platonic relationship. Whatever the means, you as a carer are responsible for that ChiRe you agree to care for.
  • So that in mind, it’s okay for you as a carer to have your doubts and your own needs. But, you have to be understanding that your ChiRe has certain needs that also must be met. A ChiRe can regress and with the promise of a carer, expect you to put them to bed, brush their teeth, and other simple things of that nature. But if you don’t do those things, and a ChiRe expects you to, here’s where a serious problem begins to unfold. If you’re not able to be there for your ChiRe, something must be worked out between you and said ChiRe that’ll make it so something seriously wrong does not begin growing. Your ChiRe could fall into depression, feeling as though they are being neglected, they could lack to take care of themselves as they are not being guided by their carer, and lack of self-care could lead to illness, eating disorders(if the ChiRe needs you to remind them to eat/fix them a meal), and so forth- I mean, you see where this is going, of course.
  • You might also be caring for a ChiRe with a mental illness. This is especially important, (not to say that all ChiRe’s aren’t important, because they are!), however most mentally ill ChiRe’s require lots of extra special needs, that you must be willing to adhere to. If you agree to care for this ChiRe, you need to understand that this ChiRe is very, very tender and likely depends on you, and that isn’t your or their fault. It can be a good thing for the both of you if you understand what your ChiRe needs and you are okay with this. Make sure you talk to your ChiRe, as stated before. If you fail to be there for your ChiRe and you allowed them to depend on you, very serious things could happen to that ChiRe.
  • No one would ever wish these harsh things on the person they love and care for, Other solutions may be- having more than one carer for that ChiRe, setting up alarms for that ChiRe, or, in some cases, the ChiRe can not be regressed while you are away. Whatever works for you and your ChiRe is how it should be- and remember, it’s always best to communicate and tell each other what you need from one another. Caring for someone else is an important and a serious matter, please do not take it lightly, in the end you could hurt someone very small, and end up hurting yourself too.
  • So, are you ready to care for a ChiRe? If you think you are not able to, it’s okay. Gently let that ChiRe know that you aren’t stable enough to care for anyone else. Ultimately, you need to put yourself first before you take on the role of caring for someone else- you must care for yourself! But if you are ready, feel free to read on.

Section 2 

  • So now we know that you are able to care for a ChiRe- great! I’m already super proud of you for taking on such a unique and important role in someone’s precious life. Now, it’s up to you to make this a good experience for yourself and for your ChiRe! I’m sure, depending on the ChiRe, that they will help you through all of this- so please don’t think you are all alone. Your ChiRe loves and trusts you, and will likely understand your mistakes and help you to fix them. And please know it’s okay to make mistakes. However, if you make a mistake, don’t give up on your ChiRe- they love you, and I’m almost positive they forgive you and WILL help you! 
  • So now what? You’re ready to be a carer, you know your ChiRe and what they need, you feel confident and excited! Well I’m so glad for you, welcome to being a carer!
  • One of the most important things you have to do is wait for your ChiRe to be ready and how much they’d prefer you help them at first. Maybe they want you to watch how they regress first, and let themselves warm up to you. Or maybe they’re shy and need your help regressing in front of you. Whatever the case, it’s time to put in your best effort. If you are figuring out exactly what to do while watching your ChiRe regress, it could actually help to take notes, as silly as it sounds, it may come in handy in the future. 
  • You should plan a schedule for yourself to keep things from cluttering and clashing. Plan a time that your ChiRe agrees on when they should eat, play, nap if needed, spend certain amounts of time doing things they need, take their medicine if needed, when they should brush their teeth, get ready for bed, and sleep! Of course, you need to make sure your ChiRe is comfortable with you setting up a specific schedule. Some ChiRe’s might prefer to keep their normal schedule, one you might have to conform to! 
  • When everything’s all set, you can ease into starting the schedule and helping them to regress. It’ll feel funny at first, but you’ll soon start to see it is an honor to care for someone and very rewarding. (Hey, you might even get super cute drawings to put on the fridge!) 
  • You’ll have lots of fun with your new ChiRe! 

Section 3

  • Aside from all the good times you and your ChiRe baby are going to have, there will be harder days for you, and especially for your ChiRe.
  • Suddenly your ChiRe is upset. You can’t tell if it’s at you or something else. Perhaps the ChiRe baby won’t speak to you, is crying, or worse- having a panic attack.
  • I know this moment can be SUPER scary- and it may be hard for you to keep your own composure. But please, be patient. It can be a very tough life for someone who is regressed, and possibly mentally ill. The best thing you can do is be there for your ChiRe. This will allow them to trust you even more by showing them you will not leave them when they need you most. 
  • But first and foremost, you must know if your ChiRe baby wants to be alone or truly needs your help. Still, whatever the case, you still need to be there for them. Even if they prefer to be alone, you’d still might want to remind them that you’re there- don’t spam them- but make sure they know you care.
  • If you are with them in real life, and your ChiRe is comfortable with this, pull them into your arms and tell them you are there. Those are some of the most comforting words a baby who’s sad could ever hear. Shush them, tell them it’s okay, rub their back if they are okay with that. Let them know that you’ve got them.
  • If you aren’t with your ChiRe in real life, you can still do just as much to be there for them. Perhaps in a Skype call, or messaging them constantly to tell them it’ll be okay. 
  • Try offering them their favorite toy, snack, or stuffie (or if online, telling them to get their favorite toy/snack/stuffie and asking them to show it to you and explain it to you), offering to take them to play somewhere, play a fun online game with them, or even watch a movie with them of their choice! 
  • Maybe they need a relaxing bath with bubbles or a nice dinner, or even a nap. 
  • Whatever you do to help them, please don’t leave your ChiRe alone. They need your care in this, and just as much as they’ll brighten up your days- they need you for their darker days, too. 
  • These times are always hard, but all bad things will soon pass and hopefully quicker with your help. Just remember, everyone has their own healing pace, but it always helps to have someone there who loves and cares for you. 
  • Now things start to get tricky when it’s you that’s having the rough day and not the ChiRe baby. You may be sick, or something happened and you’re really sad and you might not be able to care for your ChiRe all that well. Believe me, it could and most likely will happen- everybody has off days.
  • The best thing you can do is understand you’re still responsible for your ChiRe, and you have to communicate your problems to them so they can understand and help you to the best of their ability. It’s a 50/50 effort, and even ChiRe babies must know that their carer can’t handle too much all at once.
  • The worst thing you can do is pretend nothing’s wrong. Bottling things up is never good and neither is keeping something important from your ChiRe, who may be a very, very important person in your life. Communication is always key! Your ChiRe will understand. They may even be able to help you while regressing. They might bring a smile to your face by making silly faces, sending silly messages, drawing you a picture, and so on. 
  • But remember it’s okay to have a bad day; for both sides. Always be there for one another, and everything should be okay.

Section 4

  • Eating. Meals are always tough, but if your ChiRe requires your help, it’s best to know the diet they are on and how to maintain it. 
  • Your ChiRe may not eat meat, or may eat too much of it- it’s time, if they are comfy with it, to help them adjust their diet if needed. Everyone should have at least 3 meals a day. If your ChiRe needs that help, sort out some meals for the next few days and keep them on a good schedule(one you can maintain as well as your own, of course.)
  • Make sure your ChiRe gets enough protein and enough veggies and all the vitamins they need. Don’t force them to eat, but don’t let them not eat either. It’s very important for them to get all the nutrients they need to grow!
  • If you’re with them in real life, it might be a good thing to prepare their meals for them, as well as making them happy while doing it- like nuggets shaped as dinos, mac and cheese and sprinkle brownies for dessert! You don’t want your ChiRe baby to get sick so make sure they eat as healthy as possible. Even if they don’t like veggies, make sure to sneak some in their meals as much as possible! 
  • If you’re not with them in real life, send them gentle reminders of what they should eat, how to make it if they need help, and guide them along. Maybe have the two of you eating around the same time! 
  • If your ChiRe baby is vegan/vegetarian, try preparing them some veggie nuggets, veggie burgers, or other meals they may like and make sure they eat lots of fruit and veggies and take all their vitamins. Have them drink a milk alternative or juice. But most importantly for everyone, is make sure they have WATER!
  • Lots of people don’t stay hydrated especially babies who can’t really care for themselves when regressed. It’s always a good idea to make sure your ChiRe baby has AT LEAST 11 cups of water a day- I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s VERY important! Encourage your ChiRe that water will help them grow strong and keep them feeling good!
  • Make sure you get the right amount of nutrients you need as well!! 

Section 5

  • Keeping your ChiRe baby entertained can be easy or hard depending on if you’re busy or not. This is why schedules are always important.
  • ChiRe’s have lots of different things they like to do, especially when regressed. You have to make time for them to play, color, and learn. You should always be able to do these things with your ChiRe. However, if you have things to do like a job or schoolwork, giving your ChiRe certain things to do while you are away may be super helpful. 
  • You could give your ChiRe some online games to play, some things to color or paint, or make sure they have a friend over or someone else to help keep them busy. While you’re with them, however, you should always try to spend time with them and keep them company- after all, you are their carer.
  • This part of the post won’t be very extensive, because I am not entirely sure what every single individual ChiRe is like! They all want to do different things, and it may also depend on the age they regress to. So of course, talk with your ChiRe about what they may like to do! 

Section 6

  • You should always make sure you have some time with your ChiRe. Not spending time with your ChiRe is very bad, as you already know I’m sure- it can lead to super bad feelings on both sides!
  • So make sure you always spend consecutive time with your ChiRe- help them to read, count, have them color for you, watch movies, play games, and all sorts of other stuff you and your ChiRe like to do together!
  • And if you think you’re limited because you’re online, that’s not true! Try video calling or voice calling, using sites like to watch stuff together, send each other pictures, and if you really like to, roleplay!
  • Roleplay can help with distance because you could say: Okay, time to brush! *picks you up and takes you to the bathroom to brush your teeth.*
  • Lots of people are familiar with this and it may seem silly, but it’s really helpful! It adds more to your words rather than simply saying “Okay, time to brush!”. It feels a lot more real and comforting, which is super duper important to someone who needs to be taken care of. However, it’s not a neccessity if you or your ChiRe don’t like it- it’s simply helpful for some!
  • Your ChiRe should be one of the most important things in your life, so please, treat them like they are a priority. Leaving them entirely out of your life and life decisions is not good, and can be very damaging. Remember that you are taking care of someone. That is someone’s whole life, please be a good experience for them, and for yourself.
  • Bed time- bed time is very important to me personally and is one of the most important times you can spend with your ChiRe baby. How they enter dreamland is so important and something every carer should be able to help their ChiRe baby with. Always make sure you read them a story, tuck them in with a kiss on the forehead, make sure they’re super comfy and snuggle them! It’s always the best time putting your ChiRe to bed! 
  • If you’re with your ChiRe in real life, take them to a park and push them on the swing, take them shopping, or somewhere fun where they can play and be themself and still have time with you! Spend some good time with your ChiRe, and please don’t leave them all alone! 

Let me know if I need anything else here, I can always add to this! But I truly hope this is helpful to some! 

As always, be safe and happy, and thank you for reading!~ 


For my recent color pages of Demon of the Underground, I still do all my painting in black and white, and then I do color flats on top of the painted art.  After that, I have a couple of layers with my shadow colors and a couple of layers with my lighting colors.  Today I decided to do some color studies where the only things I changed were my lighting and shadow layers, and the balance between them.   

Each iteration only takes about 5 minutes of fiddling, which should come in handy for setting up any future color scenes in the comic.  (The first image is just about what the actual page looked like.)

| Long-Awaited Savior: Part Eight |

Eight fucking chapters, you wonderful motherfuckers?! Holy shit. I had no idea this story would come so far. After a damn near month-long hiatus, this story is back and as awesome as ever. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This chapter is also long as fuck. Sorry, not sorry.

Check out previous chapters and the Masterlist

Characters: Negan (JDM) x female reader, Jovana (new OC), bit of Simon

Word Count: 3,741 (WTF?!?! THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM O.o)

Heads up: language (obviously), innuendos (obviously)

Chapter Summary: You are forced to trust your new roommate when Negan calls you both on a run, despite your injured leg. You & her are suddenly and unexpectedly faced with a life-and-death decision.

Part Eight: Hanging in the Balance

The awful clang of the morning bell dragged you mercilessly from your dreams once again, and you groaned in irritation. Wesley was almost always the focal point of your unconscious mind, but your encounter with Negan late last night had pushed your dreams in a different and much more pleasant direction.

The first time in fucking ages I have a sex dream and it ends prematurely. How fitting.


Sighing deeply, you clapped your hands over your face and rubbed your eyes in an effort to awaken them. After a few moments, you sat up in bed and tossed the covers off, groaning again in a pointless protest against mother nature. Letting your eyes trail around the room, you became confused at the sight of an extra bed, and as you wracked your brain for an explanation you caught a flash of movement out of the corner of your vision.

“What the- SHIT! Oh god… jesus… fuck… I forgot about you.”

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the 100 as things my boyfriend has said to me

clarke: she soaked her hair in blood, it suits her really nicely.

bellamy: i kicked my dog by accident, i deserve to die.

raven: you’re really agressive. what about gender equality and all that?

monty: are you the mysterious box of mickey mouse? because i didn’t know you had that in you.

jasper: i swear to god, if i try to kill myself tonight the bullet will probably get stuck inside of the gun.

murphy: i was right there, almost dying, and no one did a fucking thing. i mean, i wasn’t dying, i just had a flat tire, but same thing.

octavia: you should teach me how to swear in swedish. it’s gonna come in handy.

lexa: my teachers think i’m gay and i don’t know why.

finn: you told me you were going to shoot me, wasn’t i supposed to defend myself? okay. sorry.

Tips for changing schools!

It’s summer break and I know some people out there are making a move from one school to another. And I know from many, many experiences – it can be hard. So I decided to put together a bunch of stuff I learned from moving around and changing schools way too often (and also the internet).


  • Get to know your teachers! If you’re really brave, see if you can get a chance to talk to your teachers before your first class even starts. Some teachers are busy and might brush you off, but most would be flattered and impressed that the new kid wants to talk to them. Get an idea of what to expect from the class and what you can do to contribute and be a good student. If you’re not that brave, make a good impression during class! If there’s time, maybe even linger around after class ends to catch up. If there’s an after school open tutorial session, go and just talk to the teacher about anything. Being friends with your teachers is an awesome thing. They will be more likely to write you recommendations and help you navigate around the school.
  • Talk to your school counselor. Some schools might actually require you to do this – but if not, go anyway. Counselors write recommendations, and they usually know the school pretty well, so it’s a good idea to have them as your buddies. Also, counselors are there to help you figure out how to manage your academics. They might even pull some strings for you. I talked to my counselor when I changed schools in tenth grade, and he waivered an entire credit of PE to accommodate my schedule.
  • Ask classmates/schoolmates about teachers. This one’s kind of hard if you’re shy, but the nicer and more outgoing kids at your school would probably be happy to bitch on that terrible algebra teacher (as long as it’s not in their presence). And sometimes there’s that one teacher that nobody likes for really good reasons – and it’s definitely beneficial to get a heads-up on how to do well in a shitty class. Once, this really nice classmate of mine saw me eating alone during the first couple days of school and actually sat down next to me and gave me tips on surviving my teachers and it was so incredibly helpful.
  • Don’t procrastinate on anything. This is a common tip, but it applies especially when you’re adjusting to new environments. Different systems function differently, and sometimes they have different expectations. You might get away with turning in your forms a week late at one school, but face serious repercussions for the same thing at another. Also, it’s great to have a buffer time period if you accidentally do something wrong, simply because you’re new and don’t quite know what you’re doing.
  • Do some research beforehand. Find out the graduation requirements for your new school – they might be different. See what kind of credits can be transferred – and what can’t. Take a look at what kind of classes are offered, what kind of system the school uses (especially for international schools), what size you should expect the classes to be, etc. Think of what you imagine your school day to be like – and research accordingly. Figure out the logistics as best as you can.


  • Get. A. Map. Of. Your. School.Unless you’re some god of directions, you will get lost on your first day. Especially if your school is big. It’s okay if you get lost – but it just feel so horrible when you’re running up and down the halls five minutes after the bell rang and you’re forced to walk into a classroom or office to ask where your classroom is. Having a map on hand – even if it’s just for the first few days – is going to be a life-saver. (Honestly though, it’s okay to ask for directions. Nobody’s going to judge you for being the awkward new kid – everyone’s been there at one point in their lives.)
  • Get to know your surroundings. The area around your home, your school, and any other places you have to be regularly. You’re going to live here from now on, so find out what kind of place you’re living in! Get a map, or go out and explore. If you’re shy, it’s totally okay to just go out on your own – you don’t need a group or a date, just stay safe! Exploring is way easier at the beginning of the year, when schoolwork isn’t as hectic and the weather is probably more temperamental.
  • Explore for places to study or be alone. Nearby coffee shops, bookstores, libraries, or even the school cafeteria. Find a place early on where you can comfortably settle down and do schoolwork for a few hours. Do this early on, and you avoid the awkward nowhere-to-go feeling when you have some time off.


Honestly, the part where you struggle to fit in is the part that most people worry about when moving. But it’s okay! It’s awkward at first but it’s really not that hard.

  • Be yourself!!! Probably the most cliché tip when it comes to “fitting in,” but also the truest. Don’t feel like you have to lie or impress people in order to fit in. If you stay true to yourself, and you find people who appreciate that, then you will find the best friends.
  • Clothes. Know your school’s dress code. A lot of dress codes suck, but you probably want to avoid getting in trouble at your new school. One fun tip that I found about new schools is to wear a cool shirt, like something with your favorite band or TV show. People like to notice cool shirts, and if it’s about something that interest you, you’re more likely to find people who share your interest.
  • If you want to make friends, be friendly. Respect your peers. Say hi. If you really want to be friends with someone, talk to them!
  • Join sports/clubs that you enjoy. If something interests you, try it out, even if you’ve never done it before. Joining a club that interests you will help you meet people who share your interests, and then you have something in common with a potential friend outside of your classes. Joining a sport or club early on will also help later down the line when you’re applying for college – it shows that you’ve been involved in your school community. That being said, it’s totally okay to drop a club that you don’t end up enjoying or you feel is too much work. (If you are dropping out, however, make sure you do it before you have to sign up for any big commitments to avoid seriously pissing off peers and supervisors.)
  • Don’t get into a relationship too soon. You’re still unfamiliar with the social “scene” at the school, and you don’t want to have to deal with any possible drama when you’re still trying to adjust to a completely new environment. Also, new relationships amidst so much change in your life can get really messy really easily. Stick with making friends for at least a semester.
  • It’s okay to be the “new kid.” Only mean people will judge you for not fitting in right away – nobody should expect that from you. Nice people who enjoy helping others, however, will enjoy helping you and befriending you. Then you can make new friends!
  • Find other new kids. If there is new-kids-orientation, go attend it. You have so much to talk about and bond over and other new kids are sometimes the nicest kids and you will be good friends.
  • Lunchtime. The first few lunches might be a little awkward if you don’t immediately hit it off with someone. Lunch tables can be a big deal, and they can easily determine the cliques in the school (like in High School Musical). If you’re brave, go ahead and ask if you can join the kids at the table you want to sit at. If you’re more shy like me and okay with sitting alone, it’s not weird to be a loner for a few days. (This is where finding your own quiet place can come in handy.) Whatever you do, you should be fine as long as you’re comfortable.
  • Don’t stay too attached to your old friends. It’s really hard, I know, but sometimes you need to let go of your old life and move on to your new one. Stay in contact if possible, but if you slip out of constant communication, don’t feel too pressured to keep it up. Instead, find ways to engage yourself in your new community. I had one classmate who moved schools in her senior year (which seriously sucked) and throughout the entire school year she was much closer to her old school than her new one. As a result, she never fit in the new school, and always felt left out.

Happy summer and good luck!

anonymous asked:

I just got a drawing tablet for my birthday (same day as Pidge's which is awesome) and I am super excited to get into it! I love your art and it provides a lot of inspiration for me!! I was wondering if you had any tips on getting clean line art?

happy birthday! and congratulations! 

Seeing as i literally never actually do lineart, i don’t really have any tips for you there bud. I do know tho, that if you use sai, then

this little thing in the top of the program should come in handy. It stabilizes the lines you draw which should make it easier to make clean lines. I’m pretty sure other programs has the stabilizer option as well, however idk where they are on said programs. 
i never use it lmao, its why im a mess


Lisa Cuddy in every episode 7x07 “A Pox On Our House”

You know. Of course I know. Oh! Thank God! I thought I was just being paranoid. Why didn’t you say something? Because I wanted you to come to me and apologise. I can’t apologise if I haven’t done anything wrong. You lied to my face. To do my job. To save a patients life. Look I don’t wanna go all Godfather on you but this was business. I didn’t lie to you about something personal. You don’t get to lie to me about anything! I can’t compartmentalise my life like that. Well maybe you should practice cause it comes in handy.