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On Applying to 20+ Colleges

I completed 24 college applications, submitted 17 (to Princeton, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Rice, Amherst, Georgetown, Emory, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, UNC-Chapel Hill, UVA, University of Pittsburgh, Williams, Washington University in St. Louis, Harvard and Yale) and received admission to all except the last four.

N.B. Some of this info may be dated/inaccurate and 100% of it is tinged w/ my own bias.

Things To Think About

Why do you want to apply to so many colleges? 

  • If it’s hubris (i.e. “I want to collect admissions offers like trophies”) or fear (i.e. “If I submit more applications, I’m less likely to be shut out from every school I apply to"), stop and reevaluate. I applied to Vanderbilt even though I knew I’d never want to head south. The reason? It traditionally takes a lot of kids from my HS. Yeah, don’t be like me.

Do you really want to spend all that money? 

  • I ended up wasting $2500 (and that’s a conservative estimate) on 17 schools. I’ll only be attending one college in the fall.

That said…it can be done.

General Tips

  • The “Why Us” essay isn’t asking “why would you choose our college?” so much as “why should our college choose you?” Emphasize how you’ll contribute to the college—inside the classroom and out—by referencing specific programs, classes, and extracurriculars.
  • Creating a template is a major time-saver. Once you have an effective “skeleton,” all you have to do is insert school-specific details. 
  •  Stay organized.
    • Create a spreadsheet. These were my columns: College Name, Application Type, Application & Aid Deadline, Standardized Test Report, Transcript & SS Form, Recommendation Letter Deadline, Creative Writing Supplement (Y/N), Interview (Y/N), Merit Scholarship (Y/N), CSS Profile, FAFSA, Sticker Price, Response Date.
    • If you use Google Drive, create a folder for each college.
  • Consider making a CV/resume. Keep it short (~1 page). Possible uses: upload as a part of your application; hand it to alumni interviewer.


  • Don’t apply to Georgetown unless you really really like it. There’s a separate application (not Common App) that’s cumbersome to fill out, and you can’t access it until you pay the application fee (which also happens to be p expensive)
  • Optional essays are NEVER optional. Hopefully, this is obvious.
  • The more selective publics (UC Berkeley, UCLA, UVA, UNC, UMich) are more holistic than you think. They reject high stats kids on the reg (anecdote: a dude from my school who got into Caltech didn’t get into Berkeley; another who got into Cornell didn’t get into UMich) so PAY ATTENTION to the essays.
  • Alumni interviews don’t matter AT ALL unless you make a terrible impression—or possibly if you’re a borderline applicant.

N.B. Applying to colleges based on the perceived difficulty of the application isn’t the greatest idea. That said, for your reference:

Easy College Applications

Vanderbilt University

  • Very easy. Only a 100-word extracurricular essay, I believe. Unless you want to fill out a scholarship application.

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Also very easy. No supplement unless you fill out scholarship app.

Amherst College

  • Zero work if you have a graded school essay you’re proud of (can upload in lieu of a college supplement)

Harvard University

  • I think there’s just one supplement and you can write about whatever you want.

Cornell University

  • Just one “Why Us” essay

University of Pennsylvania

  • One “Why Us” Essay, unless you’re applying to Engineering or a special program like Wharton, M&T, etc.

Moderate College Applications

Duke University

  • Three supplements, I think. All fairly straightforward. There’s a diversity essay that’s optional (refer to the Miscellaneous section)

Princeton University

  • A lot of short, lighthearted questions (favorite keepsake, favorite movie, etc.) and an essay (they give you three prompts to choose between)

Stanford University

  • Three fairly straightforward, 150-word essays. There’s a letter to your roommate, an intellectual interest essay, and something else.

Emory University

  • Easy, short supplements, but there are three of them.

All the UCs

  • There’s one UC application for all the UC schools (Berkeley, LA, Irvine, etc.) so same essays and everything, but you have to pay an application fee for each school you apply to. There are a lot of questions (called Personal Insight Questions) so it’s not quick, but once you’re done you’ve covered multiple schools. Also, if you are applying, ask your counselor about the UC GPA.


  • Three short essays, one of which is “Why Major.” Another is an extracurricular essay. Don’t remember the third.


  • I don’t really remember the supplements, but they weren’t that bad.  

Difficult/Thought-Provoking College Applications

Yale University

  • This is hard because there are a ton of questions with 35, 100, and 150- word limits. “Why Yale” essay. Hard to come up with insightful answers/make an impression with so little space.


  • I personally wasn’t a fan of the cutesy/philosophical prompts, and the essays that I wrote (but ultimately never submitted) reflected my utter lack of interest. If you enjoy them, UChicago may just be the school for you :P

Dartmouth College

  • Only three short i.e. 150 word essays, but one of them referenced Sesame Street. Something along the lines of ‘It’s not easy being green. Discuss.” There was another one on describing a time when you said YES to something. Anyway, I disliked them and never completed my application.


  • I think there are three short essays, but they require a decent amount of thought. Although UVA is a public school, craft your essays well. The admission officers care a lot about them.

Williams College

  • There’s only one short supplement, but it’s a real pain. Hard not to veer into cliche territory.

Tedious College Applications

Columbia University

  • So many (five?) supplements. Some are generic though. “Why Columbia,” a list of books you’ve read/media you’ve consumed.  

Rice University

  • Also a lot of supplements. “Why Rice,” “Why Major,” Diversity essay, the famous box (where you can upload any image you want).
Tips for Seniors/Juniors in High School (Plan on Going to College) College Admissions Advice #1

So when I was a Junior/Senior i remember freaking out about what college I wanted to go to and what I wanted to be and whatever

NOW I know I want to be an educator and help teens through this time because I remember how stressful this process was.

So here’s a 10 Tip thread I made for Jr/Seniors in HS who plan on applying to college

Look first of all, let me just say a disclaimer: I am not a college admissions person, this was just my experience with the California’s college application system.

So in my experience: I had the luxury of applying to 10 colleges (8 pub, 2 Priv) all in California #blessfeewaivers

The schools I applied to all ranged from prestigious to average but most of them happened to be my safety schools.

I wanted to point this out bc that was one of the things you SHOULDN’T DO when applying to college.

  1. Don’t doubt yourself

When applying to college, many people get too caught up on rankings and whether they can get in the college or not.

And I was the same way. I even made a list


p>When I was applying to college the main factors I looked for in a school were:

  1. Prestige
  2. Size of school
  3. Weather
  5. Difficulty to get in
  6. How far was it from home
  7. Etc

So make a list of what you want in a college. Especially if you want to dorm. You know what you want whether it be a school by the beach, or a school in a large city etc

Colleges won’t fit everything on your list, but if they do, congratulations you have found your dream school.

  1. Apply to dream schools even if your dream school is insane to get into or it’s far away or whatever, apply to it!!


Your dream school is the place you feel like you’d flourish AND fits the criteria you have set for yourself

Nobody should ever make you feel ashamed of your dream school because in the end if you get in you’ll be happy

Also, apply to places even if you doubt you’ll get in. They may not be your dream school but they might turn out to be.

You’ll have a better chance of getting in if you apply compared to the literal 0 chance you’ll have if you don’t apply.

Just have the guts to apply to your “dream school” or a school you really like aight.

But also realize that if you’re applying to less that 5 schools, then maybe you should consider some safety schools.

  1. Apply to safety schools but not too many like me :)))))

These schools are not even schools that are low in “ranking” They are just schools you wouldn’t mind going to but the point is you’ll def get in.

  1. Apply to schools you feel are what you want without focusing on your major too much

Be aware that yes your major might “matter” but apply to places that interest you as a whole. Your major might change. Your school, probably not.

And know what your comfortable with. Personally, I wanted to go to a school close enough to come home on then weekends but still be able to dorm.

  1. Apply to private schools if you fit any of these 1. You got a dank scholarship 2. You’re not planning on dorming 3. Dream school 4. You’re rich 5. You got a fee waiver and why not

Private schools can be fucking expensive. They are smaller and have a “better quality education” but know that price is the main factor.

Many private schools in Cali offer really good education such as Stanford and USC

But unless they offer you a private school education at a public school price they can put you into some serious debt

Many of them also offer very little financial aid but do give out substantial scholarships. I was offered a $26,000 scholarship to a $65,000 school ???

So unless you have a fee waiver, applying to one of those schools and doing the work for it may not be all it’s cracked up to be in the end.

  1. Work on your personal statement EARLY ASF


Your personal statement is the only place in your college application that you can bluntly state: “IVE STRUGGLED IN LIFE PLEASE ACCEPT ME”

Depending on your past you either dread writing about you or you have nothing to write about.

But seriously start early. And if you don’t know where to start, just free write.

I had a dream and the following day I wrote about that shit and I actually used it in my essay. (As a metaphor)

  1. Apply to Financial Aid and Look & apply for scholarships!

My decision on the school I finally chose had SOO much to do with financial aid.

Some schools sometimes will offer you little to no financial aid and if your a broke bitch like me you’re counting on that financial aid

If paying for college is a factor in your decision plan ahead, like start now.

Career Centers are your holy grail when talking about financial aid and colleges in general.

Look for scholarships to apply to ahead of time and get all the shit you need in order for you to submit them. (Letters of Recs)

Speaking of Letters of Rec, if you are planning on applying to a private school, most likely they will ask you for 2 or more letters of rec

So… 8. Make a Bragging Sheet

A bragging sheet is like a resume but for high school. Make a google doc and put down EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE IN HS OR ANYTHING THAT IS WORTHY OF MENTIONING

For example - Associative Student Body 2020-2024 - (Leadership Role: if any) [And then put a brief description of what y'all do but in a profesional manner]

My teacher made me do this after I asked him to write me a letter of rec and it helped me sooo much bc

  1. This helps bc it will give your teachers (those who will write your letter or rec) something to say about you in their letter.

And make sure to give it to every teacher/ counselor that way they know exactly what they should put in your LetOfRec

  1. If you’re a person who has done a lot of activities in HS, this will help bc most applications will ask you what you’ve done

  2. Scholarships ask you what activities you’ve done in HS and you’ll have them all written down on this doc and all you have to do is copy it

It honestly comes in handy guys and it’s really easy to make. Google Bragging Sheet/Letter for more info about how to set it up

  1. Do test scores matter when applying to college? ACT? SAT? AP? Answer: Yes and No

AP scores only matter if the schools you’re applying to actually give you credit for the test you’ve passed

However, if you are planning to go to a UC, AP English Scores are SUPER IMPORTANT so pass them at least with a 3. Or retake them if you can.

AP scores are also important depending on your major. If you are heading towards a STEM major they can help you gain credit in that area.

As for SAT and ACT scores, they matter depending on the school you’re applying to.

Applying to a more prestigious school, and having a better test score puts you at a greater advantage

But there are many cases where people get accepted to their dream school having really good curricular activities and average test scores

  1. Don’t stess too much

The actual college application is fairly easy to navigate. Especially the UC app. But do not wait until the last day!!!

For a couple of years now the website to submit your application will crash the day the app is due so try to finish it at least two days before

But if you do your bragging sheet, those applications will be so easy bc all you have to do is copy and paste what you already have.

Colleges want to see that you saw high school as a 3 sided Pie Chart filling in Academics, Sports, and Extracurriculars

They want to see that even if you didn’t play sports, you excelled in academics or vice versa.

  1. In the end, any school is going to help you get to where you want to go as long as you also put in the effort to make your dreams happen.

Maybe some schools will get you there faster but how would I know, I’m barely starting that path myself lol

Edit: I’m so happy you all have found this post enlightening!! It makes me really happy to have passed on some of my wisdom. Go check out the rest of my posts if you want more detailed info and if you have any questions feel free to ask!!!

so like the college kid aesthetic for tim is like the best thing ever?? I just.:

¤ “please stop judging the amount of microwave meals I have. idk how to cook anything else”
¤ he may be rich but he isnt comfortable spending a lot of money?? so he goes cheap. sometimes too cheap. there’s a line, timothy. stop buying beer on a wine income.
¤ the majority of the money he DOES spend goes towards a) anonymously covering his friends student loans b) pizza when he doesnt feel like having microwave meals or c) hilarious gofundme campaigns
¤ he doesnt study at all until the last minute and then write the essay at 4am on 2 hours of sleep and a redbull
¤ off days are spent catching up on every hour of sleep he’s missed over the course of his life
¤ makes a lot of lowkey existential crisis jokes and casually mentions how much he craves death. bruce doesnt get it. should he be concerned or is it some type of joke that he’s not privy to?? he is concerned™.


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Using Fragments and Other Rules of Grammar to Break in Fiction

 A copy editor made a comment on my latest manuscript that pointed out, “this is a fragment.” Yes, it was a fragment. As a fiction writer, I’m allowed to break all the rules that I had to learn when I was in high school and college about writing an essay well. I’m not a journalist. I’m not a nonfiction writer. I’m not trying to get an A anymore. And I’m not sure I even believe you have to know the rules to break them (though I still have my own little pet peeves). 

Here is a list of rules I’ve broken and I think everyone should break:

1.      Writing fragments.

2.      Starting sentences with “and” and “but.”

3.      Splitting infinitives

4.      Using “they” as a gender neutral singular pronoun.

5.      Using shall/will the way you want, according to how you think those words “feel.” (Yeah, I’m going there.)

6.      Breaking the fourth wall.

7.      Writing about going to the bathroom.

8.      Using curse words.

9.      Spelling things wrong on purpose.

10.  Using “ain’t.”

11.  Anyways/anyhows/anywhos.

12.  Using words in the way most people use them instead of the way the dictionary defines them.

13.  Using big words entirely incorrectly. For funsies.

8.3.17// Good day for my writing but I'm so damned slowly! And I also had lunch with some uni friends, we chatted a lot, we had coffee and “Mohnkuchen” - poppy seeds cake, apparently quite popular here in DE - , we had such a nice time but my writing is suffering. I know, I know, students should treat themselves and don´t forget social life but I´m counting the days brokenly and it makes me so sick. 6000 Words in 10 days. LET´S DO THIS!  

Obsessed Part 1

A/N: Do you know how long this has been sitting in my drafts? I had to post it even if it was cringeworthy for me. My goodness I hope this is good. I’m sorry if it isn’t. I’m just now trying to commit to and improve my writing.

It was a bright and early Monday morning as you powerwalked your way to class already late for lecture. For some obnoxiously annoying reason you forgot to charge your phone last night resulting in you not having an alarm to wake you up in time for class. And here you are an hour late speeding up your powerwalk into a sprint, folder full of notes and mocha frappacino in hand. The same mocha frappacino that prevented you from being only thirty minutes late because you simply refuse to start any day without some source of caffeine.

The professor definitely is gonna have field day with me this time.

Your creative writing professor took pride in punctuality. She hated late students.

She hated you.

First impressions were everything and you had ended up being the only student late to her first lecture of the semester around a month ago. Thus resulting in you having to write an nice little essay for her about the importance of punctuality.

Don’t even ask about the word count.

College third years should know better,” she had said, “do you not want a career?

Bottom feeding, hag woman.

When you eventually break out into a full run, mid-blink you crash into something hard. You and what or whoever you crashed into, stumble apart and manage to not hit the ground. Your notes and precious mocha frappacino, not so lucky.

Oh my gosh!” you look up and notice that “something hard” is a very attractive, startled male with dark doe-like eyes and wind blown coffee colored hair atop his head. He was clutching a backpack, clad in a long sleeved shirt, ripped blue jeans, and a pair of tan boots. “I’m so sorry!” you apologize hands out in front of you in defense.

You reach down and quickly try to retrieve your notes, luckily your spilled frappacino didn’t get on it, but that didn’t stop dirt.


“I’m really sorry for running into you like that. I didn’t even see you come up..” you said as you stood back up, papers tightly held to your chest. 

The attractive doe-eyed stranger said nothing. He was just staring, mouth slightly open. Almost in awe.

“Ummm…are you okay…?” you say a bit flustered.


“Right, ” you say a bit uncomfortable as you look down at your watch and nearly flip. “Crap! I gotta go! Uh-sorry again! Bye!”.

As you raced away to make it to your lecture, you waved your hand back at the strange male although you faced forward, taking extra care to make sure you didn’t run into anymore strange people. Which is why you didn’t notice one of your notes falling away to the grass behind you.

As you continued to disappear, you didn’t notice the strange male walk over to the left behind paper.

You didn’t see him pick it up.

You didn’t hear him read your name of the paper in a low whisper.


“Yes!” you cheered throwing papers into the air in celebration, “I’m done bitches!”

Wednesday afternoon on campus and you had finished attending a good majority of your classes for the day. Since your night classes were but a couple to a few hours away, you were persistently working on a portion of an important assignment.

After three to four long agonizing days of anxiety, you had finally finished the written part of your project for one of your journalism-related classes you were taking this semester. Sure that was like only fifty-percent of the project completed, and there were more stressful parts of the project to work on, but so what?  To each their own.

Charming,” your best friend, Jimin commented, looking up from his cellphone at you in mock amusement, “But, don’t you have the presentation to work on still?”

Jimin, was currently sprawled out on your roommate’s bed, appearing to be patient whilst scrolling through his phone. Knowing him, he was probably extremely hungry by now. Thus explaining his dull mood. Jiminie ever so kindly accompanied you to your dorm during break, but that was probably because he wanted to bump into Suzy, your roommate, other best friend, and not-so-secret object of his affection. Not to mention she notoriously brought in lunch around this time.

You paused in the middle of your half-assed celebratory dance to frown at him. “Yeah, so? Don’t kill my joy.”

“Whatever,” he replied rolling onto his back immediately returning his attention back to the entertainment of his phone. “I don’t see why you’re celebrating over partially completed homework anyways. It’s sad really.”

You scoffed at him, picking up your now scattered work. “So easy to say when you’re an effortless medical student by day and a ballerina boy at night.”

Jimin turned on his side an glared at you. “You know I only do contemporary now as a warm up. I really wish that name would make its way to the grave. It’s been years.”

You snorted as you got up and made your way over to the table in front your bed to retrieve your phone ruffling Jimin's silver dyed hair when you passed him. He swatted at your hand immediately. “It’s been years, but you’re still ever so graceful, Ji-Ji!”

“Screw. You.”

Grinning to yourself, you picked your phone up, only for an Instagram notification to pop up.

@chim1013 liked a photo you were tagged in

Shit!” you heard Jimin mutter when you clicked the link in confusion.

You were about to make a comment when your attention was brought to the photo Jimin was apparently viewing from his feed. You didn’t recall being tagged in any photo recently.

When the picture came up, you recognized it as a photo on Suzy’s page from her family trip to Cancun from last summer.  You gasped and looked over at Jimin, who quickly met your gaze like a deer caught in the headlights. You needed confirmation, so before he could react you ran over and snatched his phone. 

Are you stalking Suzy’s Instagram page?!

“No-!” Jimin scrambled off of said person's bed and reached for his phone only for you to dodge, “I was on my feed and—dammit! Give it back Y/N!”

He nearly jumped at you, but you kept dodging his futile attempts to retrieve his phone. When you managed to get somewhat good distance away in the small dorm space, you were able to get a good look at the photo. Sure enough, it was the familiar photo of Suzy in front of some beach in a bikini with the caption, ’Missing my girls’ along with a series of emojis. You and a couple of other girls were tagged then. Jimin? Definitely not.

Jimin!“ you gasped again, laughing in disbelief, "This was from months ago!”

Give me my phone!”

“You perv!”

“Give it back!”

Jimin managed to tackle you onto your bed, where you both became a mass of fighting arms and limbs.

In the midst of the chaos, the dorm room opened.

“Ummm….should I come back later?”

Said chaos came to a halt, laughter and curses cut off simultaneously. Your roommate had come to the dorm to find you and Jimin in a very compromising position.

Suzy was currently standing in the doorway holding bags of food with an eyebrow raised and an amused expression to match.

Jimin, whose face was completely flushed, quickly released your no longer pinned down wrists and jumped off of you.

“I can explain!”

“Leave it to you two to have a party while I’m away,” Suzy sighed in a faux somber tone while pushing around her nachos. She occupied her bed along with her food, while you were sat in yours once again.

The three of you were currently eating the food Suzy brought in from a Mexican restaurant nearby the dorms. She got her usual nachos, quesadillas for you, and tacos for Jimin.

The taco eater, who was now sat in a chair between the beds with his phone back in his possession, sure enough was suckered into her shenanigans. It was always cute how flustered she made him.

“It wasn’t a party!” he quickly defended, almost choking on the taco he was eating, he then sent a pointed look your way,“Y/N just doesn’t have any boundaries in terms to privacy…”

You scoffed at him and pushed aside your already finished food. “What a hypocritical thing for a perv–”

“So Suzy! Speaking of parties-!” Jimin quickly cut you off, while you huffed in response.

He cleared his throat and quickly continued, “Uh… my friend Hoseok is having a party on Friday. Want to come? We can leave Y/N.”

Suzy giggled at Jimin’s antics, “How can I leave my number one wing woman?”

The beginnings of Jimin’s flirtatious smirk immediately dropped, “Wing woman?”

Usually whenever you and Sue went to parties and were ever in the mood for a different kind of fun, you would help each other out. It wasn’t a frequent thing. More like once in a blue moon. It had started out as a protection kind of thing to keep creeps away, but then it developed over time. If that makes any sense.

“Aw c’mon, Jiminie,” you said trying to rile him up, “haven’t you ever heard of the term ‘wingman’?”

Jiminy sent a deathly glare your way, “I am very much aware of the term, thank you. But why does Suzy need one?”

Suzy blushed and looked down at her hands,“Don’t make me say it, Jiminie…”

“Yeah, Jiminie,” you taunted, snickering when he raised his lip at you. “It’s obvious Sue wants to get it in…”

Y/N!” Suzy complained, while Jimin actually choked on his taco this time.

You nearly fell over your bed in laughter at their reactions.

Jimin and Suzy were so easy to mess with. You really wished they would just couple up already. But that was Suzy’s call and she had her reasons for being hell-bent on resisting.

“W-what?!” he said in disbelief trying to recover from his coughing fit, while Suzy’s face got even redder.

“Isn’t hooking up and booze normally the purpose of attending any college party?” you commented while sipping on a water bottle you retrieved from the dresser near your bed.

“Look who’s talking!” Jimin snapped at you, “You rarely ever go out and-” Jimin paused for a moment, then a devilish smile appeared on his childlike face.

It was an expression you didn’t like. You had seen that look many a time over the many years of friendship between you and the silver-haired devil.

You and Jimin had been friends practically since you both were old enough to walk. He was like the brother you never really wanted; and you meant that in a loving way. With the kind of brother-sister relationship you and Jimin had, every now and then he was notorious for ‘making you suffer’ for his benefit.

And since you were somewhat ‘cock blocking’ him from getting to his precious object of affection.

You had to be eliminated.

“Suzy,” he said grinning, “let’s not be selfish.”

Suzy frowned, the red beginning to disappear from her cheeks. “What do you mean?”

“It’s just that…” Jimin paused and sighed dramatically, “Y/N seems a bit—lonely these days.”

You stopped drinking your water to give him a look hoping his thoughts weren’t going where you thought they were. “Pardon?”

Jimin completely faced you smirking, “Hasn’t it been a while since you had any “fun”?”

Scoffing you rolled your eyes at Jimin and his games, “Did we not just go to a festival last week?”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. When was your last hookup?”

“None of your damn-”

Suzy gasped and pointed at you, “Oh my gosh! He’s right! I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen you with a guy! At least not since-”

You cut her off, “I don’t see why this is even a discussion! Can we not guys?”

“We can and we will!” said the silver headed devil, “Suzy we need to make it our mission to find Y/N some fun, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m in!”

“I’m not,” you deadpanned.

Jimin scoffed, “Your opinion will not be taken into consideration and it’s two against one.”

“This is stupid.”

“How? You were about to do the same for Suzy. We’re just trying to help you clear out the cobwebs-”

Jimin was cut off by the pillow you sent to his face.

“Come on Y/N!” your other traitorous friend whined, “It’ll be fun!”

You glared at Suzy, “Give me one good reason why I should go.”

Suzy turned to Jimin, who tossed the pillow back onto your bed with a sour look on his face. “Jiminie, aren’t you friends with Namjoon?”

“Suzy shut up.”

Jimin looked at her in confusion and replied, “Yeah, why-” then his eyes widened, “No way…”

This was the last thing you needed. You internally groaned. Suzy just had to imply to the silver-haired devil that you had some type of interest in one of his friends.

Kim Namjoon was one of the most popular guys on campus. He was intelligent gorgeous, and even produced music. You’ve tried many times to attempt conversation, but each time you’ve managed to look like a complete fool. Eventually, you gave up trying when your last attempt consisted of choking on the water you were drinking to ease your nerves and nearly spat up on the guy. He was totally cool about it. You? Completely mortified.

Another thing Namjoon was? A friend Jimin managed to gain when you two first entered college. They became practically brothers overtime. Thankfully you’d managed to keep your awkward interactions with Kim Namjoon away from Jimin. But now that Suzy somewhat let it slip that you possibly liked his friend? Well..

It was just the fuel he needed for whatever plans he was beginning to make.

Thankfully before the devil could speak, his phone rings and he picks up.

“Hello? Shit-! Sorry Kook! I’m on my way now,” Jimin says as he gathers his trash, “I’m like two minutes away!”

It was apparent that Jimin had to leave. You silently thanked Jesus.

“Who’s Kook?” Suzy piped up avoiding your glare.

After Jimin got rid of the remains of his food, he fixed her with a look of his own, “Someone irrelevant to you. And you–” he turned towards you and smirked, “we’ll talk later.”

You were about to snap at him when you remembered something, “Hey Sue have you checked your Instagram notifications lately?”

“Actually, no–”

And the dorm door slammed shut after Jimin’s speedy exit.

Dealing With the Monthlies

AN: I should be working on something else (an ongoing story, that essay I have to do if I want to go to college next year, etc.), but I’m writing this instead because I’m on a plane heading for Texas and my uterus is being an enormous bitch. Don’t have your period on an airplane, children, it’s absolutely horrible. Anyway, this is for my friend @tyranny-mutt, who has helped me improve my writing in many areas. And by ‘many’ I mean 'one’, but it was one that sorely needed improving. This is for you, dude.

Title: Dealing With the Monthlies

Summary: Kaiba and Yuugi aren’t dating. Really. They’re not. Yuugi’s only over there so often because Kaiba wants to Duel. They only slept together a couple times. Okay, maybe a lot more than, that but they aren’t a couple! Too bad Anzu isn’t buying it. (In which Yuugi suffers and Anzu forces Kaiba to be a better not-boyfriend)

Genre: Humor/Romance (for a… given definition of those words)

Characters: Kaiba Seto, Mutou Yuugi, Mazaki Anzu, Kaiba Mokuba Thief King Bakura

Pairings: Rivalshipping (Kaiba x Yuugi), implied Slateshipping (TKB x Anzu) (leave me alone I need this)

Warnings: Trans male character (Yuugi), not-straight people (everyone), a complete and total loser (Kaiba), and the Ultimate Mom Friend™ (Anzu)

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Castle Ficlet: A Persuasive Argument 1/1

A Persuasive Argument

A Reference Material Universe ficlet

This is ridiculous. He’s being ridiculous.

She hasn’t seen her boyfriend in almost a week, not since a date that had ended in him walking her back to her dorm, hiding his face in his sleeve to sneeze half a dozen times, and frankly the separation is getting a little old.

Fine, he has a head cold. He feels crummy, she gets it. Colds suck; they take days to build up, and then they linger for maximum misery. But he’s decided to hide in his apartment and wallow instead of taking some Dayquil and getting on with things. Like coming to class or seeing her.

And all of it with the explanation of “Well I don’t want to get you sick, too, Kate.”

Her boyfriend is an idiot. He’s sweet to think of her and put her health above his like that, but he’s still an idiot.

Of course she doesn’t want him to get her sick, but wouldn’t letting her help make it easier for him to get well faster? She can cook, but he won’t even let her come over to make him soup. She could rub his head and pamper him just a little bit, the way he always pampers her. But no. No, he’s suffering in silence, save for the occasional text to let her know he’s at least still breathing.

Well, enough of that.

She waits to text him until she’s outside his building, wanting to see if he’ll let her up or if she’s going to need to stoop to using the big guns: asking someone else to let her in and sneaking to his door.

How’re you feeling?

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anonymous asked:

Hi Emma! I've just started college and will be working on my first essay. However, I'm not too certain how do I start it to begin with. What should I do first?

Hi! The first essay in college is so difficult. I remember writing mine - I was panicking for about 3 days before I finally sat down to write it. I would recommend downloading my exam planner pack with includes an essay planner. This can help give you an idea of how to structure and map out the content you want to include. Generally with essays, I will spend some time annotating the question and looking at the marking guidelines. Obviously you want to answer the question with the things the markers are looking for! I would also recommend checking out my step-by-step guide to writing a 5 paragraph essay. A few people have critiqued this post and I understand that different universities and students have been taught different things when it comes to essay writing. This was what I was taught and feel it serves as a great starting point for formulate ideas and structure. Hopefully you can use or adapt it to suit your needs. I would look through your notes from lectures and tutorials to see if you’ve got any relevant information. I’m sure the essay warrants some of the readings and topics that have been mentioned so make sure to note down things that can apply. Essay writing, especially the first, can be super daunting so take a break every now and then. If you get really confused, walk away. Do something else for half an hour. Come back to it with a clear mind. If you’re needing a bit of a boost, I write (some) of my essays to upbeat music that is on my regular playlist - not ones specifically to promote focus. I find I type with the music and it just keeps me motivated! Once you’re all done, I suggest running your essay from so you can pick up any small grammatical errors you might have missed. Hope this helps and best of luck :-) x

Seventeen as things I've overheard in school

Seungcheol: “Guys, no tractor song. I forbid it.”

Jeonghan: “Soup is also a lesser-known contraceptive method. If you pour soup on your partner while having intercourse, they will stop having sex with you.”

Joshua: “Jesus asked you for your nudes?”

Junhui: “The name doesn’t matter as long as you follow it up with ‘the anti-masturbation dolphin’.”

Soonyoung: “We should just get a bunch of sheep, and train the sheep to fight.”

Wonwoo: “It’s a bromance novel!”

Jihoon: “I’m just going to write my college essay about my mob connections and subtly hint that if they don’t accept me I’ll have them assassinated.”

Seokmin: “Don’t make fun of him because he’s different. Make fun of him because he’s a brony.”

Mingyu: “Swan Lake? that sounds like a retirement home.”

Minghao: “Give me the goddamn pumpkin. I will cut you.”

Seungkwan: “If we fall too far behind, we’re gonna get yodeled by the spaghetti monster.”

Hansol: “See, there’s this substitute for tofu called meat.”

Chan: “Did you just dab to MLK being assassinated?”

Invincible Summer [Eggsy Unwin x Reader]

Author’s Note: Yo, guys… It’s currently 10:30 at night and I should be sleeping but I decided to write something small to post since I didn’t do anything yesterday. Basically college apps are eating all my time, and there’s one essay in particular I’m really working hard on–I’m talking a new revision every night until I submit the whole application. So that’s the type of writing I’ve been focusing on lately and it makes me too burned out to write something for this blog. I promise I’ll try to do more soon, if I see the work load lighten, but until then you might be getting shorter pieces like this more often. 

Word Count: 543

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Seventeen Scoups Scenario : “The Fever”

Anon: hello! can i request a seungcheol’s scenario? where he came home to his girlfriend passed out on the couch because of a fever, and she wouldn’t wake up for awhile. thank you! !

Hey! Here you go! Sorry it took longer than I had previously anticipated since I’m finally back in school lol XD anyways! Hope you enjoy it! <3 Luna 

Theme: angst, scenario, falling ill - note it’s really kinda cute…

Words : 894

*And as always! This is just a scenario, is in now way real and should not be treated as such! It is just my writing and is in no way meant to offend anyone! - gif by me!” 

“Hey Y/N!” Seungcheol called as he walked through the front door of the dorm. He had left you here early that morning while he went to practice. It was just a routine you guys had adopted - meaning it was normal for you to just not go home. Especially when you were working on essays for college - the atmosphere at the dorm just set you at ease. And, it kind of helped that they were hardly ever there until late in the evening.

Hansol strolled in casually behind him, nudging Mingyu and Wonwoo in turn mimicking kissing faces just to annoy Seungcheol. However, with their laughter he didn’t hear an answer from you. “Y/N? You here?!” Seungcheol called again, this time a little louder as he walked further into the main room.

You were on the couch. Your eyes closed, your breathing very, very shallow. “Shut up guys,” Seungcheol barked, shaking his head at how loud they were being. “Y/N’s asleep, can you guys just keep it down for once?”

They shrugged their shoulders. “Whatever, I’m hungry,” Hansol mumbled from the kitchen shortly followed by Mingyu who laughed harder for being told off. 

Seungcheol headed over to you. A small smile on his lips as he knelt beside you. “Hey,” he murmured quietly trying to wake you up as sweetly as he could. He knew how stressed you were. Your workload was piling up and you were becoming panicked by how much time you had left to finish it all. 

“Y/N,” Seungcheol sang in a teasing way, brushing your hair from your face. It never usually took this long to wake you. He stopped suddenly feeling the chill from your skin even with a layer of sweat that coated your entire body. 

Seungcheol panicked immediately. “Y/N?” he said a little louder this time brushing the hair from your face so he could look at you. “Y/N!” he called lifting your head. 

“What’s wrong?” Wonwoo shouted from somewhere inside the dorm, hurrying into the room with Hansol and Mingyu under all the commotion he was causing. “Shit! Is Y/N okay?”

Seungcheol didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what was wrong with you, or how to even wake you up. “I don’t know!” he managed, his hands shaking as he tried to move you. He was stilled however by Wonwoo’s hand on his shoulder.

“Y/N will be okay Seungcheol, don’t panic it doesn’t help anything,” Wonwoo said calmly quickly taking control of the situation. Which was rare for him, but since Mingyu and Hansol were just as confused he was the only one. 

Wonwoo was calm, yet stern enough to stop the immediate frustration in Seungcheol’s movements. But you can guarantee that he didn’t leave your side. 

The doctor seemed to take ages to arrive. Even after your assessment you still hadn’t woken up. The doctor was quick to assure Seungcheol however that you would be okay. All of the other members were back all of them equally concerned and worried as Seungcheol. You were his rock. Someone who kept him grounded when the stress got too much. He needed you. Except right now, you needed him.

“Make sure she takes this when she wakes up, it’ll bring the fever down. She needs to take it every four to eight hours,” the doctor informed Seungcheol with a sympathetic look in his eyes before leaving.

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AP Lang & AP Seminar Exam Tips

I took the AP Language & Composition exam last year and got a 5. I just took the AP Seminar exam a few weeks ago! So here’s my tips on how to ace those exams.

1. Pace yourself

You don’t want to be on your last ten minutes and realize you still have three paragraphs (or worse, a whole essay) to write. Keep an eye on the clock. If you don’t know whether there will be a clock in the room, wear a watch (as long as it doesn’t make any noise!)

2. Pace yourself.

The College Board guidelines on how long you should take per section obviously exist for a reason, but the College Board does not know you or your specific strengths and weaknesses. I tend to take a little longer on synthesis stuff than arguments, so I give myself an extra 5-10 mins on those questions and 5-10 mins less on argument. You know yourself better than anyone, so make sure you don’t accept the College Board time recommendations as the be-all, end-all.

3. Make sure you have a strong thesis.

Even on rhetorical analysis essays, you should have a thesis. Here are some examples of structures you can use:


We/(specific group or person if possible) should ___________ because _______________

Rhetorical analysis:

(Author) uses (strategy), (strategy), and (strategy) in his/her piece in order to (purpose).

4. Bring a pen that you like.

In the words of my Seminar teacher, “You write better when it’s with your favorite pen.” Make sure that it has dark blue or black ink.

5. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself.

Acknowledge at the beginning of the exam that you’re in for the long haul and be prepared to make yourself focus. I had to take all my AP Exams this year while I was super sick with a massive headache, but I told myself that I would relax afterwards. Make sure you are putting your all in to the exam while you can, and that will be reflected in your scores.

6. Do the harder stuff first.

This applies to any exam (always do free response first in math!!) but in Lang it is especially important. You have the most energy at the beginning of the session, so do the hardest essay first. If you have a type of essay you could do in your sleep, do that last when you’re tired so your skill can pull you through.

Hope this helps! Good luck to all AP students and I hope you get the scores you want in July!

anonymous asked:

Do you remember what you wrothe your essays about (not just the MIT short answers)? In your opinion, is it okay highlighting personal characteristics (way you view the world, interact with others, etc.) that weren't influenced by anything academic/extracurricular-related, or would it be safer to just talk about ECs and how it shaped us?

See these posts: 

How to Write a College Essay  

Common Application Essay

Stanford and Princeton Supplements

MIT Essays/The final breakdown of where I was accepted

Carnegie Mellon Supplements

If you have any more questions, just ask! Hopefully most of it should be covered in all that though. Come to think of it, I never posted my harvard supplements so if anyone wants those posted just ask.