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So on the last day of my senior year my graduating class decided to go out with a bang. We wanted to start a food fight. Word spread quickly through our cafeteria. All us seniors ditched our graduation gowns to keep them clean and also stored our books. They really should have seen it coming because most of us kept watching the clock. I don’t remember the time it was supposed to happen I just remember suddenly being hit behind my ear with a large glib of sour scream. It was unfortunately taco day. I threw a watermelon rind and dashed for the safety of the perimeter of our cafeteria, where most ran after the initial burst of activity. Only one kid remained in his seat, covered in lettuce and calmly eating his lunch. We applauded him. The staff working lunch visibly shook off their shock at what had just happened and ordered us to start cleaning up. I ducked into the bathroom to try to wash the sour cream out of my ear. I finally gave it up as a lost cause and went to the office to ask if I could go home quickly to clean up. The secretary, who had been my cheerleading coach and knew me well throughout my whole high school experience agreed because she knew I hadn’t been part of that mess. I grinned to myself the whole drive to my house. Then I had to explain to my parents why I was home and covered in food. The best part? Lunch was split up into three different groups. Group A had the first half hour, Group B, which was mostly seniors and therefore my lunch group had the next, then group C. They had to delay the group C lunch so the cafeteria could be cleaned. I didn’t even miss any class when I went home. So while others had to spend the rest of the day shedding cheese everywhere I had taken a shower. The graduating class after us wanted to do the same thing but that got stopped fast. We’re hella proud of our infamy still after all these years.

5 Signs You’re Dating a Henchman

Honestly, you should have seen it coming

1. He has cuts and bruises all the time and can never recall exactly how he got them.

2. He only pays in cash.

3. He owns more than one turtleneck.

4. He has no friends of his own.

5. He takes you away on a romantic weekend to his boss’ lair carved into the side of a mountain.


Cartoon Network trolled us. They played us like a goddamned fiddle. We probably should have seen that coming honestly, but damn, I was really hoping for an actual new gem. Oh well, it was still a cute episode. Let’s hope the next one is better.

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I'm here to report that I'm dying of laughter reading this blog, so thanks for that!

Dear shipmate,

While we are incredibly happy that you are enjoying your time aboard HMS Gilligan so much, we do try to ensure that death will not visit the ship. While we are, quite frankly, absolutely hilarious, we would like to take this opportunity to ask passengers to ensure that they are aware of the location of the nearest lifeboat in case of a hilarity-induced emergency. 

Let’s be honest here, the lifeboats are ugly as sin, especially when compared to the magnificence of HMS Gilligan herself. We’d rather not have to get these out, they’re an eyesore. 

Captain Morgan does enjoy these missions to rescue those affected by OBH (overboard by hilarity) though, he just loves the open seas so much! Captain Anderson gets a little seasick on such a small vessel, she really just wants to be back on the comfort of HMS Gilligan - a steady and solid ship.

Should a passenger be seen laughing so hard that they fall overboard, please raise the alarm quickly and calmly. HMS Gilligan leaves no man, woman, or other behind, and we will be sure to return to the overboard passenger in the orange horror as quickly as possible.

The overall wellbeing of our passengers is our priority. Enjoy yourself, but not so much that you die. No one wants that, when you could continue to enjoy the good-natured silliness that we curate!

Kind regards,
The crew of HMS Gilligan

*deeply exhales*

Look Sugar, I love you, and I don’t wanna hate on you, but that was kind of disappointing. Mainly because you got me all excited thinking that there was gonna be a new character/fusion, but in the end it just turned out to be a gemsona! Yes I probably should’ve seen it coming but STILL. REALLY???

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Besides that, it was what I thought a Ronaldo episode would be. Just kinda “meh.” There were some good moments like when Pearl messed up Ronaldo’s name, the cat fingers making an appearance, Ronaldo calling Connie Steven’s girlfriend (ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!), and the message at the end. 

However, it wan’t enough to make me forget about the Bloodstone incident and I’m hoping that Tiger Philanthropist will be a lot better then this.

i’ve changed the way i interpret comics a lot the past year and being more positive while reading comics has really helped me tbh. i still bitch a lot yeah but y’all should have seen me 2 years ago


Animated Heroines Appreciation Week: Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis - 2007)

Shut up, you bitches! YES, I’M IRANIAN AND I’M PROUD OF IT!

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him


Some time ago, our brother Branwell became involved with a married woman. Somehow that two-bit hussy Jane Austen found out about it.

Sometimes I think it’s weird that Zenyatta is as young as he is, cause he always seems so much more mature than you’d think a 20 year old would be, but then I see his emotes and

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