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i just started using watercolors, can you tell me about your process/share some tips?

Well first of all, congrats on trying watercolors! I’m by no means an expert yet but I’ll do my best to walk you through my process using some of the WIP pictures I have from previous pieces. There’s a ton to cover and I won’t get it all so feel free to ask more specific questions if you need help. 

My first tip would be to play with whatever tools you have to figure out what feels right for you. If you don’t have any tools yet, I suggest the Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box (pictured below) since it’s really nice quality, comes with a water brush, and usually costs like $15-$25 depending on size/where you buy it. If that’s still outside of your price range, the first watercolors I ever did were with old crayola palettes and it worked out fine, it just took way more layers and time to get the color depth I wanted.

As for paper, I’m still looking for the perfect one but just make sure it’s watercolor paper (cold press means there’s a texture, hot press is smooth) or multimedia and not like, printer paper. As long as it’s relatively thick, it should be ok but might buckle when too much water is added.

Don’t worry too much about perfection when learning how to use your equipment. Make lines, blend colors, try making washes, etc. When I came back to watercolors, I mostly did a lot of meditative painting, where I doodled whatever felt right. Some of them even came out real cool looking?? 

When I sit down to do a more detailed piece or commission, I have a five-part process I pretty consistently use these days. It goes like this: 

1) Traditional (or digital) sketch/concept phase. The below pic is from a pop-art commission concept where I really liked the flow of her hair.

2) Digital lineart (cleaning up/refining concept sketches)

3) Print the lineart and lightbox it to watercolor paper using either a hard graphite pencil (very light lines) or colored lead. I still lightbox with this ancient hunk of junk but you can even use a window or your computer screen (VERY CAREFULLY) to lightbox if you don’t have one. 

Here’s what some of my pieces looks like after being transferred: 

I think it’s important to note that you should keep a piece of scrap paper under your hand while working on the watercolor paper, since the oils in your skin can lead to areas where the paint won’t bind to the paper properly. I’ve had cases where I finished a background wash only to find an absolutely perfect thumbprint in the center of it. 

4) Ink the lines. Make sure your pens are waterproof. If they’re not, I’ll talk about a way to get around that later so skip right to painting for now. 

I used micron technical pens for the above piece. If you don’t know if you have waterproof pens, make a test chart like the one below. Mine involved copics, watercolor, and super heavy scrubbing to see how easily the pen came off when wet. 

I’ve also “inked” after painting by using more concentrated lines of watercolor instead of actual ink. The below painting was too cute and pastel and I didn’t want to ruin it with black lines, so I used that technique here (along with some red pencil)

5) Paint! I’m not really consistent with this step but my main tip is: BE PATIENT! If you want flat blocks of color, wait until each wash is fully dry before moving on to one next to it. If you don’t, they’ll bleed into each other. This is also true when trying to create shadows with hard edges instead of soft blending. Not being patient enough is my #1 cause of “crap I have to start this over”.

(The weird coloration on the lines above is actually dried frisket I put over certain sections of the piece to protect them but it ended up being more of a hassle than anything else for this style of piece.)

So, what if you didn’t have waterproof pens? You can easily reverse steps 4&5 and paint first, wait for it to dry very well, and then ink (shown below). 

The finished piece looked like this: 

I hope this was helpful!

If you want to see any of my WIPs/ask me questions, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram

Also, my commission slots are open and if you like my work and want to leave me a tip, you can always buy me a coffee :)

Stop policing in this fandom 2K17

People are allowed to not be happy and voice their opinions about it. If you’re happy about the news more power to you. I wish I wasn’t so petty. But don’t make other people’s opinions seem less valid.

  • Aoi: good morniiiing ‹‹\(´ω` )/››

  • I know, this is kinda out of the blue but Shōnan Duo*, RR**, team stage-right***, rhythm crew****. I mean, that guy literally has all of the GazettE, it’s not fair!
  • next time, I should tie that scrap of cloth as tight as I can ('ω')
  • alright, good night!
  • Reita: you're being way too greedy this early in the morning!
  • ________________
  • *Shōnan Duo = Reita and Uruha (Shōnan is a region in Kanagawa, Japan. Since Reita and Uruha were born around there, they are often called the Shōnan Duo)
**RR = Reita and Ruki

  • ***team stage-right = Reita and Aoi
****rhythm crew = Reita and Kai
Breathing Life

Dolls and poppets are utilized across many faiths, however often witches neglect to “breath life” into them. Not doing so doesn’t make them wholly ineffective, however going the extra step really amps up the potency, especially when using it as sympathetic magic or creating a protective being! It’s a relatively simple step, but highly dependent upon which path you follow. I’ll briefly cover my methodology.

Foremost, I would like to specify the difference between the two types of dolls I utilize. One being sympathetic magic, the one most often thought of when people think of dolls and witchcraft. Voodoo dolls. This is a misnomer, as the common portrayal off voodoo dolls in media have skewed the original purpose of such dolls. Originally the dolls were used by practitioners not to affect people, but as a guide to the sufferers ailments and treatments – more akin to a “medical chart.” However, they have since (and really, in European magical traditions for centuries) been used to heal or harm a specific victim in which the doll was made to their likeness. This is a sympathetic doll, made in their likeness, usually incorporating some sort of personal affect (hair, clothing, blood, etc.).

The second type, and the kind I most often use, are dolls not based on any individual, but instead exist to act as a guardian of sorts or facilitate change/growth/health/etc. These are unique and very much a product of your imagination. Create them to be whatever you see fit.

That being said, let’s begin;;

Sympathetic Dolls: Begin by first, stitching the doll together in the likeness of he/she you wish to influence. You can be as general or as specific as you want – matching hair, eyes, facial features, build are all common concepts. Traditionally the dolls were stuffed with Spanish Moss (most probably due to the abundance in the American South) however you can stuff it with anything you have on hand. If you have anything of the persons, now would be the time to use it, hair can be wrapped and stuffed in the doll, pieces of their clothes can be folded and placed inside, blood should be on a scrap of cloth, dried and then added.

Once the doll is complete and you’re satisfied with its image (in truth, dolls have been made out of anything and everything, the only crucial step is the following), you must give it life. For sympathetic dolls, this can be as simple or difficult as you wish. I prefer to take the simple route and sit with the doll and focus intently on the person you wish to connect to it. I then mentally stitch the spirit of the person to the doll (either at the heart or at the feet – as a short of shadow). Vocalize your intent and revel in your creation.

Conceptual Dolls/Guardians: These are my personal favorites to create, in all honesty. I find poppets to be a lot of extra work, however they are useful in remote healing/hexing. These, as I mentioned, are beings of your thoughts. Tulpas, in a way. Begin by gathering your materials and ideas. Create a doll to symbolize whatever you wish to accomplish. As far as this tutorial goes, I’ll use the example of a Guardian or a doll for protection. It can look however you wish, and be as simple as sticks tied together, to the most intricately created doll you could muster. I, personally, stick with a small doll (no bigger than 8 or 10 inches) with yarn hair, simple clothing and a painted face. I often stuff mine with herbs associated with my will, as well as batting and sometimes stray scraps of fabric.

After your doll is complete, take it to the Crossroads. It can be a door, a gate (I use the gate of a remote cemetery near me), a cemetery, even a maternity ward if you’re that committed and light a candle. Fill your mind with intention, then connect with the energy of your crossroads. Feel the planes converge, and bend this erratic energy to your will, funneling it through your consciousness and into your doll. See the energy shape, bend, coalesce into a being of your intent and give it a Name, as there is much power in a Name. Connect its energy to our physical plane by allowing it refuge within the fabric of the doll you have created. Leave a gift at the Crossroads, and blow out your candle, sealing in the doll’s spirit. Use it as you desire, but do not neglect it.

Thus ends this tutorial!

Best of luck,



Slight Language Warning/Trigger Warning

“Hello Internet! Today I’ll be playing cards against humanity again with a special guest…” Dan trailed off as you sprung up from his feet doing jazz hands and finger guns to the camera. You quickly sat next to Dan on his bed.

“Hey everyone!” You smiled into the camera.

“That’s right it’s (Y/N) or (Youtube Name) as some of you might know her,” Dan announced placing an arm around your shoulder and pulling you into his side.

“Or you might know me as his girlfriend, he’s obviously forgetting he had one,” You pouted as you played with your hands.

“I’m sorry but according to the fandom I’m gay,” He responded pressing a kiss to your forehead causing you to laugh quietly. He quickly pulled out the cards and presented them to the camera.

“So we’ll be playing with the first addition and a custom deck by one of my fans,” Dan replied, hesitating slightly as he said the words.

“You can only assume this will be horrible,” You laughed as you pulled out a black card.

“It’s a shame kids these days are getting involved with blank,” You giggled slightly as you and Dan pulled out 5 white cards each.

“Oh god this person’s deck is horrible,” Dan told you, shocked.

“Horrible bad or horrible offensive,” You asked, raising an eyebrow to him.

“Both,” He gulped as you both played your cards. He handed you his card as you read them out.

“It’s a shame kids these days are getting involved with Santa’s Dark Side,” You chuckled slightly, you had read out your card first.

“It’s a shame kids these days are getting involved with Pedophiles!” You yelled slightly out of shock causing Dan to laugh hysterically.

“I can’t believe you’d do that Daniel!” You told him, red taking over your cheeks.

“Sorry, I just love to see you flustered,” He grinned before kissing you softly. You smiled lightly into it before you broke apart and looked at the camera.

“We’ll have to edit that out,” You smiled.

“I think we should just scrap this whole video and get Phil to join our game,” Dan grinned as he turned his camera off before grabbing your hand, the cards and dragging you out of his room.

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Im gonna say this to you. That photo you uploaded of ennard bd baby bonding tore me apart. I honestly love your stule of baby and seeing her be torn apart like that got me a littpe down. Baby ia my favorite and i think its sad to see that happen to her. You dont have to answer this ask!

Heh, yeah sorry ‘bout that. For having such a cute style, I sometimes get some pretty dark ideas for drawings. Especially when it comes to my fav characters. Sorry for making you (and probably some others) feel bad! To make up for it, here’s a happy fixed Baby!:

I even gave her some hot chocolate!


jun my Love my An gle


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Chloe at 2a and ladybug at 5c??

I realized a moment too late it was 5c instead of 2c ^^’

I’m not taking more requests, just finishing the one’s left C:


Well, I don’t like drawing food. There are many things I am not good at drawing… Like that table. It’s going to tip over cuz it’s lopsided. XD

Anyway, more combining of prompts.

Fancy Dinner Date. I imagine that this is like their Christmas Date, per Hanzo’s request.

Also, Thank you @dragoocchi for the kind words and lovely compliments! I’m trying my hardest to spread the Healing Arrow love! <3

Thank you to everyone for being so patient with me as I slowly get through the rest of the prompts.

Edit: I was going to give Angela a long dress because it suits her graceful and elegant form. BUT… I wanted to draw that footsie going on under the table. I suppose I could have just given her a dress with side slits (reminiscent of her default skin…), but OH WELL. Hindsight is 20/20.

i am beyond sick of looking at this so im just gonna….. leave it here….

idk i thought it’d be fun to do a sort of redraw, but use ellie’s new design instead of her old one (spoiler: it wasn’t. it was torture)

Sketchvember 23 ft. a dancing 21stCen. Kix 🎶❤

Love at First Video Part 30: Say that Again?

Misha Collins x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

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Shivering, you pulled the blanket up to your chin, trying to figure out why you were so cold. Usually you were kicking off the covers, being kept warm by the personal heater you called Misha. But you didn’t feel his arms wrapped around you. Rolling over, you felt the empty side of his bed, the sheets cold to your touch. Wherever he was, he had been gone for a while.

Yawning, you grabbed Misha’s robe from the chair next to the bed, slipping it over your shoulders before making your way downstairs. You had skipped checking the bathroom, as the light had been off. The first floor of the house was darkened, except for the sliver of light shining out from underneath the door to Misha’s study. Glancing at clock on the microwave in the kitchen, you weren’t surprised to see that it read 1:15 A.M.

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Divisive rhetoric

Politics is divisive. That’s kinda the whole point. People disagree, people vote and lines are drawn and what not. That’s all part of the system.

I find that there’s a particularly problem both with unionist rhetoric and the way it’s portrayed in the media. To both sides, the other side is divisive.

So when Scottish Labour and the Tories come out calling the SNP divisive, it kinda leaves me scratching my head. My first reaction is to be like, “Well fucking duh? You have a different view, of course you see it as divisive.”

Then we go another step and suddenly we don’t want anything divisive to happen at all. “You can’t have a referendum because it’ll be divisive.” Well yeah…yeah it is. That’s kinda the whole reason we do this voting thing.

The reason why Scottish Labour and the Tories have made capital out of this is because they like the idea of not having to argue for the union again. It’s becoming an increasingly difficult thing to actually argue in favour of.

So we get pumped up rhetoric on how in 2014 families and friends were torn apart by the horrific divisiveness of the referendum. We get Scottish labour and Tory candidates coming out saying they no longer speak to friends or family.

Who’s the divisive one when you cut yourself off from family and friends because you have a political disagreement?

This nonsense rhetoric has to stop. Since the dawn of decision making, there has been divisive choices. Do you think the French aristocracy looked out on a revolution and said, “Well guys this is getting a bit too divisive can we just stop?”

Imagine a world where no one could exercise their democratic right due to division. “General elections should be scrapped.”


“Too divisive.”

I think there needs to be some serious thought on this because it’s ridiculous that one side of an argument are able to excuse themselves with ‘its divisive’ and one isn’t.

You could say…it’s divisive.