should be killed

Me, in season 1: I ship Leonard Snart and Sara Lance to hell and back.
The writers: Let’s kill Snart after we give the fans a kiss and “Me and You” (these words are going to hunt & hurt me forever).

Me, in season 2: I think I ship Mick with Amaya. Damn it, I want this. I need this.
The writers: Let’s kill Amaya. And let’s make it painful for the fans, make Snart do it.

Me, in season 3: Well, let’s see who else is going to die this season.

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Why isn't Asgore stronger than Toriel? If killing makes you stronger in Undertale, then Asgore's stats should be very high after killing six humans. But instead he and Toriel have both have 80 attack and defense. Either Toriel is much stronger than Asgore, and it took killing six humans to become as strong as Toriel, or Asgore and Toriel have taken the exact same number of lives (that is to say, none at all).

(undertale spoilers)

Actually, killing alone does not make you stronger in Undertale. Killing increases your Execution Points. Then a certain number of EXP will increase your Level of Violence, which increases your stats.

The question now is, how much EXP is required for a Boss Monster to gain LOVE? Unfortunately, this is not known. The only one to ever gain LOVE in the game is Frisk, a human. It’s hard to compare a human with a boss monster, which is “the strongest type of all.” We are unsure of exactly how much EXP a human gives a monster.

Furthermore, Asgore is stronger than Toriel. According to the game’s code, Asgore’s ATK is 10. Toriel’s ATK is 6 (or 8 in hard mode). There is also the possibility that the monster checks are not very accurate to the monster’s stats, considering how high these ATKs are compared to the programmed attacks. Read our theory on monster checks for possible reasons for this.

It is unacceptable…

…to call anything that isn’t sensory induced a meltdown.

No ifs ands or buts

I don’t give a crap what they do at your place of employment if you work with autistics/others with sensory issues.

I don’t care what parents around you call things.

You need to start doing the autistic community a favor and call only actual meltdowns meltdowns. We have enough problems with cops/the mental health community/the medical community/the education community/residential centers/etc abusing and/or killing us for mistaking our behavior for other things. This doesn’t help us.

If you call tantrums/any bad behavior meltdowns, you put us at risk. When we need help coming out of the meltdown, instead of people reacting calmly like they should, we already see hostility and punishment. Kids should not be sent to the office and punished for something they cannot control. Adults and kids should not be arrested/restrained/killed for something they cannot control.

Again, this is something we CANNOT control.

Coldflashwave prompt

I need, like, a season 1 Grimm AU where Barry’s mother is a Grimm, and that’s why Eobard kills her. He’s a wesen that she’s been trying to track because he’s been killing people, so he goes after her. And after she’s dead, Barry is taken in by Joe and has no idea what he is but he does know that the man who killed his mother changed. His face changed. 

Many years later, Barry starts seeing things. Things that can’t be explained and that nobody else can see. Terrified that he’s losing his mind, he tells no one about it. Until the day he comes face to face with two suspected thieves that show him the truth. 

Leonard Snart convinces his long time partner that they should help this Grimm, not kill him. Having an actual, real-life Grimm depend on them for information would change the game forever. However, it soon becomes difficult to separate their feelings from business when it comes to Barry, especially when it becomes clear that Barry clearly cares about them and has a knack for attracting the nastier Wesen to himself.

  • Leonard Snart:  half-Zauberbiest (uses his powers for thievery) 
  • Mick Rory: Blutbad (with a penchant for fire)
  • Barry Allen: Grimm (untrained, unaware)

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You should probably just kill yourself, it would be better for the world. Do it live online, so you can get the attention you crave but most importantly just kill yourself. Matter of fact get as many of your true crime buddies to take the pack with you. Don't punk out, do it. You alive is meaningless, you're better off killing yourself that way you get a memorial and ppl will gave to finally acknowledge your starved for attention ass. Pills, rope, knives, guns or water, Your choice creepy. Do it

I’m screaming this is so funny lmfaooo who hurt you?

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apparently laci green is having a live debate with an anti-sjw youtuber named blaire white. do you think laci's even capable of debating someone properly? it's been a while seen I've watched or read her posts. wondering if I should kill time watching this

Idk whether she’s capable of it (my opinion of Laci Green: her videos are peppy, well-made, and annoying af; her apologies tend to be Bad; fuck her for that time she posted weight loss photos in the th*nspo tag and defended it w/”I was trying to add a different perspective”). But regardless of how well Green debates, I don’t see the value in live-debating some anti-sj youtuber. Like holy shit, why doesn’t she just go read a book? lol

The Request

You stood in the darkness but weren’t afraid. You wanted to be here and waited for the figure to appear.
“A human?” Said a voice in the shadows. It’s deep voice echoed around the massive space “here in the void?”
“Show yourself, Dark!” You growled.
A short chuckle rang in your ears.
“Some say bravery is a flattering term for stupidity” Said the voice “I should kill you where you stand for being so insolent but I sense something…” A man appeared in front of you. He was smartly dressed but looked distorted. He towered over you but you stood firm and stared back at him with a determined glare. ”……That rage. It could almost match my own"
“Take it” you said bluntly.
Dark frowned and nearly took a step back, surprised at the request.
“You want me to take your rage? Why? You could do great things with that amount of anger on your own.”
“I wouldn’t be able control it if it was unleashed” you replied.
Dark appeared behind you and gripped your shoulder gently.
“You know what it means if I take it?”
You nodded.
“You’re willing to let me in?”
“Yes” you felt your heart sink a little. You didn’t want it to come to this but you had no choice, you needed Dark to help you.
Dark’s neck twitched and he smiled.
“Keep still” You’d be the first of many to accept him. Once he had enough willing puppets, he’d be powerful enough to escape the void and wreak havoc on the one who put him here.

bitch you thought

So I found this picture on 9gag and what do you guys think? Its just a joke picture so there is no need to be angry about it.

Credit goes to Michael J Larson from Devientart