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Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Medications
  1. What is the purpose of this medication?
  2. When should I take this medicine? Should it be taken with food, or should I avoid eating before or after taking it?
  3. How long will it take for medications to have an effect on my symptoms? Which symptoms are most likely to be relieved?
  4. How will I know this medication isn’t working for me?
  5. What are the side effects? Will they go away? If they don’t go away, what can I do about them? Which side effects should I report immediately to my doctor?
  6. What are the risks of not taking this medication?
  7. How long will I need to take medication?
  8. What happens if I drink alcohol or use other drugs while I’m taking this medication?
  9. Are there other medicines, including over-the-counter drugs, that interact with this medication?
  10. What are the dangers of missing dosages of medications or taking more than prescribed?
  11. If I feel like quitting my medications, what should I do before stopping? 

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✿ 64 MarcoAce

64. Clinging hug

Marco has long since gotten used to some very overexcited greetings. He’s had Luffy fling himself out a window to say hello, Thatch almost fall down a flight of stairs, Haruta jump off a flight of stairs, and Ace usually barrels straight into him, sometimes sniggering and picking him up, laughing about how light Marco is. 

But this is weird, even by his usual standards.

Ace continues to cling to him, arms wrapped tight around his torso, and Marco can’t help but awkwardly pat his back, asking, “Are you okay?”

“My grandfather wants to meet my fiance.” Ace says to Marco’s shoulder, and Marco frowns, leaning back to stare at Ace.

“You don’t- have a fiance.” 

Ace casts him a pleading, desperate look, and Marco’s eyes go wide. 

Please!” Ace begs before Marco can scrounge up anything in his defence, “He’ll kill me for lying to him. Or at least make me do a training session with him! I’m fit but I’m not that fit!”

“Why did you lie in the first place?” Marco hisses, looking over Ace’s shoulder to see a ridiculously buff old man grinning at the both of them, his lips stretched as wide as Luffy’s usually went. 

“He keeps setting me up,” Ace whines.

“Just tell him no, yoi!” Marco says back, nose crinkling, but sighs in defeat and can tell Ace feels it when he’s gifted with a beaming smile and Ace quickly latching onto his hand. Ace bounces onto his tip toes and presses a quick kiss to Marco’s cheek.

“I owe you one.”

“Fuck yes you do,” Marco mumbles in reply, before giving Ace’s grandfather his most disarming, mild smile. “Hello, sir. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Ace’s grandfather laughs uproariously, “No need to be so falsely polite! I know you were trying to get out of this for months. All those trips right when Ace was supposed to bring you to dinner-” he slams his hand into Marco’s back, and Marco’s almost sent stumbling, looking up to see Ace’s grandfather still grinning, the hint of pissed mania to the glint of his teeth. “Can’t get out of it now, boy.”

While Ace’s grandfather laughs, Marco glares at Ace and hisses, “I’m gonna kill you.”

Ace grins sheepishly. “Love you too, birdbrain.”

a birthday gift for our dear boy!! watch as I trip over this messy ass second sketch and how many characters more than usual it has


The Colbert Report || 2005.10.19

Freedom Fact (Fract):

America’s 50 states are each better than the next, no matter what order you put them in.

“General Hera...”

Days, weeks, months have passed.

Hera had been busying herself with her new position, a General in the nascent “Alliance to Restore the Republic”. Also known as, the “Rebel Alliance”.

She had been into a lot of meetings, and briefings, and debriefings. She had lost count and all of those blurred into a kaleidoscope of blurry memory.

“General Syndulla, to the main briefing room, please.”
“General Syndulla, Admiral Ackbar is looking for you.”
“General Syndulla, can we have your approval for this plan?”
“General Syndulla, we need your expertise to extract our agents.”
“General Syndulla…”
“General Syndulla…”
“General Syndulla…”

They all faded into the back of her mind.

The Rebellion felt different, felt empty, felt… so detached.

Without Kanan on her side.

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Company - Part 5

Summary: You’re the new forensic scientist at CCPD and have to share the laboratory with Barry Allen for a while. The thought of that doesn’t please him too much, but that’s only until he meets you.

Pairings: Barry Allen x female reader

Word count: 836

A/N: I’m sorry this part is kinda short, but I thought if I kept going it would be way too long lol There’s more to come in the next part, though! I hope you like it, let me know if you do :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12


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Donnie I need help, my teammate is being so damn retarded. He freaking went to wall and tried to stick his, his, uh ding dong in the wall. Yeah after the last accident at boot camp. So this was the work of a 10 year old. Should I report him or with my authority make him do 50 pushups? - ozzy

Hostess dessert cakes should never go anywhere near a wall.

Why not do both? 

Below the cut is exactly 50 gif icons of the love of my life, Douglas Booth, in interviews and other non-acting endeavors. I created them merely for RP purposes but feel free to use them to your heart’s desire just don’t claim them as your own. I’ve made some of the original gifs in this hunt, but there are also others that do not belong to me, so credit goes to the original gif-makers as well. XOXO, Penelope.

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Hakuouki Event 2013

So I’ve just finished watching Hakuouki Sakura no Utage 2013 hyu hyu~

Kakkoii, cute, awesome seiyuu ossans are L.O.V.E XD Cant help itttt i wanna write some recaps on parts that I particularly love.

They were divided into two groups; Shinsengumi & Oni group. During the game corner, they play.. uh something like One in a Million thingy? I’m not sure what’s it called in English, but anyway, they need the audiences to co-operate. The lesser the number of audience saying ‘YES’ (by raising their penlight), the higher the chances to win.


Yocchin wrote: My friend!

He looked around to find the all Hakuouki members had their hands raised up high (^ o ^)/

HAHAHA. Because they *are* friends. So cute but also funny, they were not helping at all though. They need lesser count to win the game!

Apparently people from the back seat raised their penlight. Then he started calling out his friends’ names XD
Yocchin: Who came? Ishi? Who came today? Who came?
Yocchin: Oh its you, who are you? *checks the screen*
Yocchin: Suzuki? I dont know. I dont know who are you but, thanks.

(I think they are all pretty much blinded by the stage lighting, they cant see the audiences’ faces)


And TsudaKen-sama. He wrote his line while standing up straight like that, alksjdhkajsd WHY YOU SO COOL. He need not to do anything, he is cool and sparkly just the way he is XD

Miki-san: No matter what he does, he is so cool, like a picture.
Shinsengumi members: Yes so cool. Cool.

TsudaKen wrote: 'People who are more than 175cm high’
In which the other members just had to join in and raised their hands too :p

Miki-san: But someone if clearly lying here (YOCCHIN PLEASE HAHA XD)

And everyone started to attack Yocchin
Miki-san: You’re lying aren’t youuu?
Yocchin: No, no, don’t get me wrong but if you look properly I am actually quite tall. (NO HAHAHA)
(chii: OMG LOOK, Yusa-sama, you so kakkoii over there *smacked* XD)

And another favourite part of mine was during Yusa-sama’s turn. He went forward and while adjusting the mic..

Yusayusa: The mic is too low.
Yusayusa: *and he glanced at the members at the back (Yocchin? XD)*
Yusayusa: The mic is too low.

And after repeating that same line twice, Yocchin bursted in his Heisuke voice

And everyone went BWAHAHAHA like that XD www. So precious~

Yusayusa: Eh? (But you said you are) taller than 170cm..?
Yocchin: Yes, yes (uso :p)
Tori-san: That person (Yusa-sama) is about 190cm
Yusayusa: Yes, sorry, I’m about 190cm++ :p

EEE they are all ADORKABLE OSSANS! And the topics they chose for the game are so interesting HAHA :p

Okay, because I am suddenly so tired (and I should be doing my reports) I’ll stop here, JYA! (lol what’s with this ½ hearted recaps)