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Imagine a ghost coming into Amity park and literally everyone is freaking out but Wes is just there like “See. No sign of Fenton. Anywhere.” Then Phantom comes into the sky and everyone cheers like hell yeah and Wes is STILL going on like “LOOK HERES PHANTOM BUT NO FENTON” Then Danny being the little shit that he is planned all of it and walks up behind Wes and is like “Oh wow Phantom is really kicking some ass” and Wes just screams.

‘Kiss Me’ Fic - Zen

(Based on the ‘kiss me’ HC by @mysticmessengersreact)

You can find that >here<

Looking at him made your heart ache. Never before in your life had you experienced a crush like this. Every little thing he did caused your heart to jump. When he flashed his perfect smile at you, you were pretty sure your heart stopped. Right now you were sat in the car with Zen, singing along to cheesy songs. Most of them were his own songs. Every now and then he would shoot a glance your way, catching you staring at him with a smirk on your lips. There had been so many times you wanted to make a move, confess your attraction, but Jaehee’s words always stopped you. She always told you about how a scandal or relationship would hurt his reputation. You knew his fan girls wouldn’t be happy if he had a girl in his life. But for the first time since your crush had started to develop you weren’t thinking of that. Instead you were thinking of how amazing it would be to just press your lips against his. Throughout the day at the mall you had imagined being with him, how different would it be trying on stupid clothes and annoying other people with your goofiness if he was more than just a friend. You were so lost in thought about how your life would be with him by your side you didn’t even realise he had pulled up outside your home. Clearing his throat he turned to look at you, “looks like we’re here now.” You smiled in response and he got out to walk round and opening your door. “Thank you,” you managed to get out as he took your hand and escorted you out of the car. He was such a gentleman. Usually guys that were as attractive and talented as him were narcissistic and unkind. Although Zen was undoubtedly narcissistic, he had a genuine heart of gold. He was a diamond in a pile of rocks. As you walked side by side to your front door he continued telling you about his new role. He had started telling you about it in the car when his song came on and you both got lost in singing it together. Although you would never be as good as him at singing, you didn’t care, it was nice to just have those carefree moments with him. As you reached your door he finished what he was saying. “Yeah so hopefully it’ll go really well. It’s been a while since I had an opportunity as good as this one…” he trailed off, examining the curiosity on your face. The way he looked at you took your breath away. If you had any self control left, it was gone now. “Kiss me,” you whispered just loud enough for him to hear. His eyes widened in shock, and instantly your body filled with regret. How could you be so stupid? Why would he ever want to kiss you. A smile crept across his face. “If that’s what my lady wants,” he muttered, getting closer and closer to your face by the second. Before you knew it his lips crashed into yours. It was hard and gentle at the same time. All those moments you had wanted to throw yourself at him had built up to this. Wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him in closer. Despite the passion between you, it was clear he wouldn’t go any further due to his gentlemanly nature. 

This was as good as you would get. For now.


Hello. It’s me. Trash.
And this is my YOI shit post. Hi.

How Destiel Should Happen

honestly if/when the writers of Supernatural decide that Destiel should be cannon, I don’t think they should make it a big deal. It shouldn’t be this huge revelation to everyone. Dean wouldn’t want it to be that way, that “chick flick” moment. 

It should just gradually happen. In episodes where Cas isn’t actually in them, Dean should mention him more. Like if he just got off the phone and Sam is wondering who it was, Dean should just say “Cas was wondering how things were going.” Or Dean chuckles softly to himself and Sam asks what is so funny, Dean shakes his head and says “i just remembered something Cas said.”

Then it should be phone calls with Cas and Dean revealed, like Dean explaining the job to Cas. Cas giving Dean his opinion. At the end of the phone call Cas should say “just be careful, Dean.” 

Episodes where Cas is involved Dean should be more aware of Cas, where Dean eyes trail Cas so should the camera. They should be constantly brushing against each other and at times completely forget Sam is there. Even in conversation, Cas and Dean should banter back and forth with smiles on their faces as Sam stands in the background, rolling his eyes. 

Then the hand holding should take place, like in an episode where Cas and Dean have to pretend to be in a relationship. Somehow the gesture sticks even outside of the job. No one says anything because it just happens and no one sees it being wrong. 

Finally in an episode where a huge fight is about to go down, Cas and Dean have to be separated for the plan, Cas should turn to Dean and say “please be careful.” Dean would look at Cas carefully and caress is cheek, “always am.” 

And they kiss. A quick simple kiss of pure affection. Nothing too big and no one says much about it. Because everyone knows that’s how it’s suppose be, Cas and Dean are suppose to be like this.  

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  • Someone: *ships something I don't ship*
  • Me: That's awesome, man. Good for you.
  • Someone: *proceeds to bash and ridicule other ships*
  • Me: What the heck, man! Not effing cool!

Makoharu Day 7: Free Day


Makoto drags a reluctant Haru to a college party so he doesn’t have to go alone, but Haru ends up getting drunk off his ass because he got bored and sympathetic students handed him drinks to get him to lighten up. Makoto finds out obviously, and takes him back home.

Makoto is not impressed.


I wish I was able to have participated in all seven days, but I am thrilled to have joined in for some of them! This event was the perfect thing for me to get used to being on Tumblr, and interacting with other cool fellows. 

Until next year.

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Just watched battle in three dimensions and oh my god it was such bullshit. I have no idea when it was made but it is completely out of touch with the rest of 8th team. Like all that gritty realistic battles we all enjoyed had been replaced with an insane mind numbing amount of plot armor and out of character actions, it just seems like it was made for the newer fans of gundam. Such bullshit.

It’s a short film bundled with a special Blu-Ray set, don’t expect too much for a fan service OVA…

imo the way cars should be built is you should have a bunch of cannons all facing each other each loaded with a different car part and then they all fire at once and the pieces collide and the car is assembled in midair and thats what i think the automobile industry should do from now on. thanks for listening


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