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And another thing I love about Wonder Woman is that it gently introdces some familiar tropes and the quickly shuts them dowm in favor of sincere and meaningful characterisation. 

The four male supports are the prime examples:

1. First, you have Steve, the Het White Male and you’re thinking oh I bet he’s a dick, lets get ready for some mild seualisation if not actual sexism. But?? Steve Trevor is a Pure and Good Man who supports and respects Diana and is actualy relationship goals????

2. Then, you have Sameer, and at first you think, oh hell the North African Con Man trope, but it turns out he’s a talented linguist who dreams of being an actor. Beautiful

3. Next you have Charlie, the Alcoholic Scotsman. But it turns out he drinks because he is facing some pretty serious mental health issues, and all his friends support his recovery and care for his emotional wellbeing !!!

4. And then you have Chief, and you’re surprised becasue first of all this is a Native American Character played by a Native American. And then!! He isn’t the Medicine Man, or the Spiritual Guide but a man who had everything taken from him by white people and is just trying to make something for himself. Fucking pUre.

Ok so it’s the classic story of a young maiden wants a thing and a witch is like “promise me your first born child” and the maidens like “k” and that should be enough but no the witch keeps coming around like “yo where’s my first born child pls” and the maiden is like “bitch I don’t even have a boyfriend” and the witch keeps coming back and being like “how’s the bf search?” And just being generally annoying. then she just keeps coming round and hanging out and they fall in love and the first born child is already the witches and everyone lives happily ever after


“It would be my pleasure.”